Thursday, March 18, 2021

Windy City Waddy


Friends, I've long since grown weary of lording it over my fellow Western New Yorkers: their fawning obsequiousness fills me with ennui.  Ergo, it's time to conquer new worlds.  Case in point: I was recently interviewed by the hosts of "Chicago's Morning Answer" on AM 560.  The topic was my article on Gov. Cuomo and why he should remain in office -- until New Yorkers throw him out in November 2022.  Listen in and experience the unbridled eloquence!


In other news, "President" Biden may be looking for a way out of the looming cataclysm at the border.  As I predicted long ago, the only way for Biden to play Mr. Nice Guy at the border AND keep the numbers of migrants vaguely under control is to outsource enforcement to Mexico.  Moreover, the only way to convince Mexico to play "bad cop" versus the Central Americans is to give it something it wants.  Turns out that "something" is COVID vaccines!  The New York Times puts a nice spin on it here, but this is at bottom a very cynical gambit by the Biden administration.  If it fails, a full-blown humanitarian and political disaster will ensue. 

Good news!  While the NYPD has given up looking for murderers and what not (that's "racist", as you must know by now), it's determined to root out meanness and "hurtful" behavior.  Whew!  That's reassuring, because the only kind of trauma that truly moves progressives is psychological trauma, presumably since, safe in their gated communities, they can't imagine any other kind.


"Making liberals cry again" always was the number one reason to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.  Well, the election didn't quite work out as we planned, but there's an upside: since Trump left office, CNN's ratings are circling the bowl.  Hooray! 

In response to "President" Biden's accusation that he is a "killer", President Putin of Russia recently advised Biden to "stay healthy" (wink wink?), and he furthermore challenged Biden to a live debate.  Presumably, Putin wishes to underline the fact that Biden is a) old and feeble, and b) incapable of (coherent) dialogue.  Could this be just the beginning of verbal (and literal?) fireworks between our two countries?  It's sad to say it, but half of America will be rooting for Putin in this contretemps.  Count on it!


It appears that, in effect, Dan Bongino has been chosen as the heir to the radio empire of Rush Limbaugh.  Congrats, Dan!  I enjoy your website immensely, and I'm sure you'll deliver a good thrashing to the lefties every weekday.  Take no prisoners!!! 

Finally, the Dems, in a rare act of magnanimity, have decided they were wrong to suggest that any election result, once it has been certified, should be viewed as sacrosanct, and any attempt to overturn it is tantamount to "insurrection".  In fact, they've discovered that certified election results are utterly bogus -- when they indicate that a Republican has won.  Boy, I'm glad we cleared that up!


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Congrats on your interview on Chicago radio; I hope it presages much more national attention to your writing and your views. It is a pleasure to be able to comment at your site. Bongino, he's agood man.Our side is still very alive and kicking.

  2. Many thanks, Jack! I dunno if it's the start of a trend, but I hope so.