Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Problem With White People


Friends, no one likes whitey -- that's for sure -- but luckily critical race theory has come along to explain to us crackers why we suck so badly, and how we can apologize and prostrate our way to atonement.  Praise be!

Here's a great article on the wokeness-as-new-religious-othrodoxy paradigm.  The fanaticism and fervency of CRT's adherents may not be explainable in any other way.


The demonization of whites, and the assumption that all people of color are victims of "white supremacy", is a doctrine that is accepted in some unlikely places these days, including in school districts where you'd expect teachers and administrators to tread more lightly.  Is your child being subjected to this kind of indoctrination?  Find out! 

One thing which sustains CRT and "anti-racism" is the money to be made in hectoring self-hating white liberals about their "privilege".  It's a booming industry!


Luckily, President Trump appointed some solid conservatives to the federal bench, and they're doing what they can to protect us from blatant discrimination, like the undisguised bias in the recent "American Rescue Plan," which posits that white men should always go to the back of the bus.  We need to reaffirm constantly the principle of equal treatment, because without it we white conservatives will be voiceless, jobless, homeless, and friendless, and quick! 

Here's a VERY interesting poll.  COVID anxiety is receding...and worries about crime are rapidly escalating.  Most independents, moreover, view President Trump as better on crime than "President" Biden.  The Dems really are turning America into a place that looks more like San Francisco, Portland, and Chicago...and we hope the voters will notice and recoil!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

There May Not Be Any Black People Left When BLM Is Done "Saving" Them


Friends, one year has passed and so it's time to reflect on the legacy of the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Floyd's clearest legacy is the vast political movement that he helped spawn, led by Black Lives Matter and its offshoots.  Their activism, in turn, while it didn't abolish the police, certainly cowed them.  And that Pyrrhic victory over policing led, inexorably, to a rise in crime that -- you guessed it -- has killed literally thousands of Americans, many of them black.  If you like irony, you'll love this: BLM is, whether it realizes it or not, exacerbating and accelerating the murder of black people in this country.  Only when BLM crawls back under its rock, and the police are given freer rein to enforce the law, will black communities see relief.


Some of you will consider this non-news: Donald Trump, all things being equal, would like to be president again!  Of course, four years is a long time, so we'll have to wait and see if conditions are propitious in 2024, but if I were a lefty I'd be a little worried.  Maybe lightning could strike twice? 

Facebook has lifted its ban on posts that claim that COVID-19 was manufactured in a lab.  Well well!  Does this mean that Facebook's labeling of previous posts along these lines as "misinformation" was itself...misinformation?  Maybe!  And this is just one of many problems with censorship: it presumes the infallibility of the censors, when, as we all know, "the truth" is a slippery concept and our understanding of it "evolves", as Facebook puts it.  No kidding!


Colleges are already coming pretty close to requiring their faculty, staff, and students to subscribe to leftist doctrines surrounding issues of "diversity and inclusion".  Once upon a time, creating an environment wherein everyone was treated equally might have been sufficient.  No more.  Now you must foster an atmosphere in which the victimhood of certain categories of people is constantly referenced, and the fault of whites must be incessantly acknowledged.  Failure to comply will elicit the harshest penalties.  To put it another way, if you're not "with" the Left, you're against it.  What's next?  Woke loyalty oaths? 

In other Orwellian news, USA Today will allow opponents of transgender orthodoxy to voice their opinions, BUT it also reserves the right to edit their words to avoid offending male women and female men.  Nice!


This is a story worth pondering.  There are many ways to silence and destroy your enemies.  Censorship in the media and social media is one.  Another is to deny organizations and companies of which you disapprove the ability to borrow money, transact deals, or do business in a normal way.  Just imagine how hard life would be if no bank, credit card company, or insurance company would give you the time of day...  In the future, whole industries may suffer this fate, possibly whole political parties, and certainly proscribed individuals.  The sky's the limit.  The Left loves to shun people.  Trust me -- it's only getting started.  When it's done, some of us won't even be allowed to talk to ourselves. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Separate and Anything But Equal


Friends, a generation or two ago Democrats were demanding an end to discrimination.  Now they're demanding compulsory discrimination...because they get to decide who's on the wrong end of it.  How times change.  Make no mistake: "positive" discrimination, i.e. bias in favor of people of color, is built into the Dems' "American Rescue Plan", and thus we need to work hard to nip this trend in the bud lest discrimination creep into more and more federal programs and policies.  Luckily, the Supreme Court has an opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of "affrimative action" and all racial preferences.  I hope it does, because otherwise this country -- in which whites will soon be a minority, and are increasingly (and openly) despised -- is destined for discord on a gargantuan scale. 

This story is fascinating and deeply troubling.  It's about how Facebook spent hundreds of millions of dollars in 2020 trying to coopt local elections officials and engineer a Biden victory.  There's little doubt, in addition, that the strategy worked.  Maximizing Democratic turnout in a few key areas, and minimizing the number of mail-in ballots that were rejected because of flaws, gave Biden the slim margins he "won" by in states like Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.  Now, how would the Dems feel if it was right-wing organizations or individuals funneling money to elections officials?  Speaking of which, why aren't we conservatives throwing money at red jurisdictions to help them boost turnout?  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.


There are various practical reasons why the Left has started to pull the strings in corporate America, which used to be so Republican-friendly.  One is that leftists are far better at activism, and activists know how to manipulate shareholder meetings and corporate boards.  Check out this story: leftists are literally maneuvering oil companies into pursuing their own self-annihilation.  Impressive! 

Today we got some interesting poll results.  One, most GOP voters want Trump to run again in 2024.  Two, most voters overall dislike Trump and aren't very inclined to support him.  And, three, crime is an issue of rising importance, and despite the media's efforts to demonize police and excuse criminality, voters understand that the first duty of a politician is to promote order and public safety.  If crime continues to worsen, you can expect it to be one of the major themes of the 2022 and 2024 election cycles. 

SALT I: Fewer Nukes, More Eyebrow Hair


Friends, the signing of the first Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I) in May 1972 by Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and U.S. President Richard Nixon marked a major milestone in the Cold War.  D├ętente took hold, offering the two superpowers the opportunity to resolve their differences through negotiation rather than armed conflict and possibly even nuclear war.  Most importantly, relationships of trust began to forn between U.S. and Soviet leaders, paving the way for the unraveling of Cold War tensions in the late 1980s.

This is just one of several scintillating historical topics covered in this week's Newsmaker Show.  Brian and I also tackle: whether a war similar to the Vietnam War could occur today, and the 1924 bill restricting immigration from southern and eastern Europe.

When the discussion turns to current events, Brian and I take no prisoners.  We take on hot-button topics like: the death threats against Senator Rand Paul, the legitimacy and prospects of the proposed Jan. 6th Commission, the future of the filibuster, the prevalence of hypocrisy among Democratic and Republican politicians, the crime wave in America's cities and its political lessons and consequences, new theories about the origin of COVID-19 and Chinese culpability, and whether or not Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will succeed in stopping Big Tech's persecution of conservatives.

Man oh man!  You don't want to miss a show like this one.  Tune in today!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Backlash Against Comrade Zuckerberg


Friends, ever since the social media titans decided to become sentinels of orthodoxy and openly persecute, censor, and expel conservatives, the question has been: how would Republican elected officials respond?  By signing Florida's landmark social media freedom bill yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis fired a shot across Big Tech's bow.  No longer will they be allowed to deny access to their platforms, particularly to candidates for public office.  Will it work?  That we don't know, and there will be lots of legal wrangling to decide the issue.  At least DeSantis is trying, though.  If he fails, it's no exaggeration to say that American democracy is endangered.  If the "loyal opposition" can't share its ideas with the public, it won't get far.  We'll thus be one big step closer to a one-party state.


In other news, Senator Rand Paul is getting death threats (again).  Given the apoplectic hatred that burns in the hearts of many a "progressive", it's no great surprise.


The rise in crime is becoming an issue nationally that could -- could -- sink the Democrats, but only if the public is permitted to know about it.  It's also getting some attention in the special election that's taking place in New Mexico on June 1st.


The battle over the Jan. 6th Commission is heating up, and the GOP appears ready to filibuster Nancy Pelosi's bill.  That should sink the idea, unless a last-minute compromise emerges.  And really...what's the need for a commission anyway?  We already know that there are legions of angry people in this country on the Left and on the right, and that quite a few of them hate Congress and would love to storm it.  Ergo, the Capitol needs adequate security!  Problem solved. 

U.S. embassies have already been encouraged to fly the rainbow flag, so why not the BLM flag too?  Super!  Maybe the Black Panthers flag next?  Or maybe we should just skip ahead and fly the Chinese flag or the Soviet flag?  That's where this insanity is heading.


Lest we forget, BLM is a radical, racist, and Marxist organization.  Its racism is in the name, for heaven's sake!  Our only consolation lies in the fact that the Dems seem to have realized how embarrassing a lot of BLM's rhetoric (and rioting) is, and they've issued orders to their paramilitary wing to stand down.  Oh, joy!  But how long will this respite last?  Answer: until the militants get new marching orders. 

Lastly, here's a thought-provoking piece that challenges all of us to rise above our very modern and very American urge to resent those who have wronged us.  It illuminates the path to a restoration of America's spiritual strength, yes, but it's almost certain to fall on deaf ears, because victimhood and resentment lie at the center of our contemporary worldview.

Monday, May 24, 2021

America's Favorite Professor Visits Maryland! (Marylanders Flattered and Awestruck)


Greetings, friends!  


I've just returned from a fascinating journey to Baltimore, Annapolis, and the Antietam National Battlefield.  Maryland has much to offer, historically!  


From top to bottom, you can see here: one of the many monuments at Antietam, where in September 1862 the U.S. suffered its bloodiest day of battle ever; the Maryland State House in Annapolis; the central hall at the B&O Railroad Museum; and the Star-Spangled Museum at Baltimore's Flag House, where the seamstress who made the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the infamous British bombardment in 1814 lived.

Sure, Maryland is a cesspool of progressivism now, but once upon a time it was the proud home of patriots and lovers of liberty galore!  It's a very pretty state too.  It's well worth a visit.  Put it on your list!

Friday, May 21, 2021

The Bay Area: The Land That Law Enforcement Forgot


Friends, Frisco is a tough place to be a cop -- just ask You Know Who.  And, as challenging as it was in the past, it's getting worse and worse, because its woke residents are insisting that the police stop enforcing the law, and the courts stop punishing lawbreakers.  Well, I certainly can't imagine any potential downside to those policies, can you?

I jest.  My latest article discusses the rapidly collapsing retail sector in San Francisco, which is a result of a spectacular (and entirely predictable) rise in shoplifting.  I draw some surprising political lessons from this unfolding tragedy.

Doubling Down on Failure in America's Cities

Recent news that Walgreens has now closed 17 of its 70 stores in San Francisco due to “out of control” shoplifting probably didn't wow many Americans, but it's additional confirmation of a fact that's become painfully obvious in the last few decades: Democratic and progressive policies in deep blue areas are increasingly making life for ordinary citizens unlivable.

In San Francisco, the problem goes back to a weak-on-crime limousine liberal philosophy that would have been familiar to Dirty Harry as he patrolled (fictionally) the mean streets of Frisco back in the early 70s. Then, starting in the 80s, Californians came to their senses and cracked down on violence and criminality. Even Kamala Harris got in on the act, rising in Golden State politics based on a reputation for toughness as a prosecutor and then as California's Attorney General.

Give them enough time, though, and the bleeding hearts will always return to their roots. In 2014, California voters passed a proposition that made it a misdemeanor, instead of a felony, to steal anything worth less than $950. The idea was, of course, that no one – especially not a person of color – should face imprisonment or be burdened with a rap sheet because of mere thievery.

The problem, of course, is that making the consequences for theft less onerous encourages the less honest and scrupulous among us to steal. San Francisco deadbeats seem to have gotten the message. Losses to shoplifting in San Francisco Walgreens and CVS stores are several times what they are at typical drug stores, and the costs of security in the Bay Area are sky-high. Increasingly, retail chains are reaching the obvious and inevitable conclusion that doing business in San Francisco is impossible.

Of course, left-wing weak-on-crime policies have had similar effects for decades, and in the last year the costs of “defunding” and demonizing the police have become more and more apparent. Crime rates in cities like San Francisco have soared. Urban residents thus face a lot more than mere inconvenience in their purchases of medications and toiletries – they face substantially increased risks of assault, mugging, carjacking, rape, and murder, because Democratic politicians are more concerned with the rights of criminals than they are with the rights and quality of life of law-abiding citizens.

A Republican or a conservative might be tempted to object at this stage, “Ah! But there's a silver lining, surely. The decreasing livability and increasing lethality of deep blue jurisdictions proves, as mere rhetoric never could, the utter absurdity and toxicity of 'progressive' policies”. Furthermore, once voters experience this epiphany, we would expect them to draw the appropriate conclusions and “throw the bums out”, replacing leftist, Democratic leadership with solid Republicans.

If life were fair, and people were sensible, this argument would hold. Well, life isn't, and people aren't.

The sad fact is, when naive and/or extreme Democratic and progressive policies lead to disaster, the Democrats and progressives, instead of being exposed as charlatans, rise to the occasion and find ways to redirect the public's ire. What that means, in practice, is that the left-wing Democratic politicians and activists – who are charlatans, but who aren't fools – concoct alternative narratives that explain the shuttered storefronts, vicious crime sprees, and frightful unemployment rates in their own backyards. These narratives pin urban blight on, you guessed it, the Left's favorite boogeymen: conservatives, Republicans, white people, the rich, corporations, Christians, gun owners, etc etc.

In the case of the shrinking retail economy of San Francisco, Democrats and progressives will inevitably fall back on that ultimate chart-topper of the left-wing hit parade: “systemic racism”. Surely, the argument goes, Walgreens' refusal to serve the mostly BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) population of the City of San Francisco is a reflection of their rapacious capitalism, rooted ultimately in their (conscious or unconscious) racism and their enthrallment to America's original sin of white supremacy. The result of Walgreens' departure from certain San Francisco neighborhoods will, after all, be to deprive people of color of necessary services, and anything that harms minorities is, ipso facto, a product and a proof of ingrained American racism. Case closed.

The sad part, from the dyed-in-the-wool critical race theory perspective, is that Walgreens could have done the right thing: it could have absorbed the losses associated with shoplifting in mostly BIPOC communities, viewing it as a form of reparations for the long history of injustice and oppression visited upon hapless minorities. It could have passed along the cost of those tacit reparations to its (mostly white) customers in other, less sticky-fingered neighborhoods. No harm done.

But instead Walgreens chose to punish the good people of San Francisco for their trivial infractions of outdated, racist laws. Shameful!

The fact is, therefore, that, while Democratic and progressive policies have utterly and consistently failed to solve the problems of urban America – instead, they have exacerbated them – the likelihood is that Democrats' unbroken (since 1964) control of San Francisco politics will continue, and it may even be further entrenched. Meanwhile, Democrats' iron grip on urban American politics in general seems destined not just to persist, but to extend itself gradually into our increasingly diverse suburbs. Democrats will not be punished for their failed policies, in other words – they will be rewarded! That's because registered Democrats, who predominate in urban areas, accept almost unanimously the pack of lies about American racism, and the wickedness of conservatives, that Democratic politicians have been feeding them for decades. The real world performance of Democratic policies is, to these diehards, irrelevant.

This realization can only serve to depress those of who believe in conservative principles and in good governance, but there is a slim ray of hope. If urban America and the Democratic Party are beyond salvation and immune to reason, as it appears they are, moderate and independent voters are another story. These relatively open-minded, and unquestionably decisive, voters may not find the Democratic/progressive false narrative about urban blight compelling. When Democrats propose to these ordinary Americans that, against all the evidence of our senses, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and New York are models for what a truly progressive America could and should be like, they may just recoil. If so, then conservatives will have a chance to propagate their own narratives, and to expose the last several decades of Democratic rule in urban America for what it was and is: a travesty of epic proportions.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at WND: 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Mea Culpa


Friends, seldom do the Dems ever admit fault, but they are willing to own up to some failures in the 2020 election cycle, it seems.  They expected to gain seats in the House of Representatives, and yet they lost about a dozen, giving the GOP a very solid chance of taking over the House in 2022.  How did it happen?  The Dems admit that their polling was off, specifically insofar as it didn't account for the enthusiasm that President Trump was able to generate on the right.  The Dems also credit the GOP with formulating some artful "lies" in 2020: namely that Democrats are "socialists" and they support "defunding the police".  Oh yeah -- not a grain of truth there!  In any event, the Dems are tacitly admitting two things: Trump is a lot more popular with voters than they imagined possible, and attacks against the police have been, are, and will be in the future, major liabilities for the Democratic Party.  I wholeheartedly agree.  We should never waste an opportunity to remind the voters that the Dems are the party of criminals, while the GOP is the party of law enforcement and good, old-fashioned American justice.


In other news, about 20 rural counties in eastern Oregon appear to wish to secede from that state and join Idaho...for all the obvious political, cultural, and ideological reasons.  This effort, under present circumstances, has very little chance of succeeding, BUT it bears watching, because, if the chasm between red and blue America continues to widen, one potential resolution would be a thoroughgoing reevaluation of state boundaries, and a substantial boost to state sovereignty, so that patriots and Bolsheviks could essentially go their separate ways -- and as few people as possible would be displaced, if a rejuvenation of federalism proved insufficient, and a national divorce ensued.  Sound far-fetched?  Never say never!  Many a country has broken up before.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Honkies Unite?


Friends, the anti-white racism of the Left has grown so naked and obscene that even journalists are offended by it.  Oh my!  Chicago Mayor(ette) Lori Lightfoot recently announced that she will only grant interviews to "BIPOC" (black and brown) reporters.  Say what?  Increasingly, the Left's answer to "systemic racism" is...more racism, but refusing to talk to journalists only because of the color of their skin is pretty outrageous, even for them.  I commend Lightfoot for her honesty, though.  If only more Dems wore their searing race-hatred on their sleeves, we could end "progressivism" once and for all!


Here's an article by a leftist about the upcoming Supreme Court case that could result in the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  In other words, the so-called "constitutional right to an abortion" could be, well, terminated, and the states would once again be able to restrict abortion as they see fit.  As this handwringing Bolshevik points out, this could easily result in the banning of abortion in virtually every Southern state.  Presumably, the consequence would be a new industry devoted to ferrying abortion-seekers from the benighted South to the abortion-rich North.  In the meantime, the nation would have removed a great miscarriage of constitutional justice: whatever you may think of abortion and women's rights, the fact is that abortion simply isn't in the constitution in the first place!  We need to return to a straightforward, commonsensical interpretation of the constitution, and to prohibit judges and Justices from adding their own spin to the intentions of the Founders.  I say: let's end Roe v. Wade once and for all!  


On the other hand, we on the right should understand that, if SCOTUS obliges us on this issue, feminists will be enraged, and the Left will be roused from its torpor.  We could face greater headwinds in 2022 and 2024 if the lefties are baying for blood...  Be that as it may, we need the Supreme Court to step up and start defending the constitution as written.  That's a principle worth fighting for, and thus I'm willing to accept whatever political blowback it entails. 

This is a very interesting poll, which indicates that President Trump has the edge over Kamala Harris in a hypothetical 2024 matchup.  That's a big deal.  Admittedly, it's just one poll, but if Trump is still electorally viable after all the slings and arrows that the Dems and the establishment have sent his way, then not only is there hope for Trump -- there's hope for America, because it means the elite has much less control over public opinion than the 2020 election might suggest.  It also means the "insurrection" narrative has changed exactly ZERO minds.


Finally, President Trump is chafing at the announcement of the New York State Attorney General that she has initiated a criminal probe of the Trump Organization.  He views this, naturally, as political persecution.  That the Left would come for all Trumps, knives out, was a given, but what we don't know is whether any of these legal vendettas will hit paydirt.  No doubt the Dems feel that an incarcerated Trump, or even a prosecuted Trump, would be far less likely to pose a danger to whomever tops the Dem ticket in 2024.  Maybe.  Who's to say Trump couldn't win an election from behind bars?  He's broken most other taboos!  The other possibility is that the American people will come to agree with Trump that he's been railroaded.  Of course, the media will struggle mightily to dispell that impression!

Monday, May 17, 2021

Biden Unmasked?


Friends, it was mighty bold of Sleepy Joe to announce that vaccinated Americans (and therefore most Americans) can go unmasked, even indoors.  On one hand, this is the news that many Americans have been yearning for...but, on the other hand, most "progressives" cling to their masks like they were magical talismans, not to mention emblems of their exalted moral and intellectual status.  Many lefties are refusing Biden's advice (which is also the CDC's advice).  "Follow the science" has become "better safe than sorry" and "heaven forbid that I take off my mask and anyone mistake me for a Trump supporter!"  It will be interesting to see how this shakes out, because for the first time significant daylight is opening up between Biden and his core supporters.

Speaking of which, Trafalgar finally has some polling on Biden's "presidency" (such as it is), and the results are most intriguing.  Trafalgar, lest we forget, had some of the most accurate numbers state-by-state in 2020, and it also correctly forecasted narrow Dem wins in the Georgia Senate races.  Whatever Trafalgar says should be taken with the utmost seriousness.  And what does Trafalgar say about Biden?  In essence, that he's in mediocre shape.  His approval and disapproval numbers are both in the high 40s.  Nothing to write home about.  These are, in fact, numbers that portend serious trouble for the Dems in 2022.  Bring it on, I say!


In other news, "hate speech" ain't what it used to be.  A Spanish politician was suspended by Twitter for avowing that (wait for it) men can't get pregnant.  How dare he!!! We are literally getting to the point where speaking the truth, or refusing to peddle lies, is punishable by social death, or social media death, which some might say amounts to the same thing.  Twitter should be ashamed.  It isn't.  Pregnancy is, in my view, one of the weakest links in the Left's new orthodoxy on "gender identity".  I can, as a male, imagine that I'm a woman all I like, but I still can't make babies, right?  Reminding any trans person of this basic biological fact is bound to trigger we're all enjoined to shut up about it, and about so many other things!  Screw that.  The second we allow the Left to scare us into silence on issues of "gender identity", they've already won the debate, and on an issue this fundamental we can't afford to lose.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Be Prepared...For Wokeness


Happy Sunday, friends!  I wish I was in a position to bring you only good news, but that wouldn't be very newsy, would it?

The Boy Scouts are joining the chorus of institutional voices declaring their support for BLM and for "diversity and inclusion".  Boy, do we hear those magic words a lot these days!  What do they mean exactly?  Ah, but that's the point: their meanings shift depending on the group in question.  When black Americans are at issue, "diversity" means "celebrating" and "affirming" black culture (assuming there even is a "black culture" separate from American culture), but, when white Americans are at issue, all the positivity drains out of the "diversity and inclusion" narrative and we start wringing our hands and looking for ways in which white people can become less white -- and less, well, present in modern society.  "Too many white people" is a refrain you'll hear from countless progressives.  So, in short, the fact that the Boy Scouts are trumpeting the nonsense of critical race theory, BLM, and the 1619 project is darn depressing.  Just what, you might ask, does a white boy scout have to do to earn his "diversity and inclusion" badge?  You better believe it won't be affirmational.  It'll be apologetic.


Speaking of which, one of the most immediate fears of conservatives ought to be that resistance to the Left's neo-Marxist "diversity" agenda will be interpreted as "extremism" or "hate speech" and viewed by establishment actors as grounds for dismissal from one's job, removal from social media, or worse.  So far the leftists haven't pressed their advantage and chased conservatives out of every institution in America, at least not in a wholesale fashion, but it's imperative that we call them on these tactics when they use them.  A trickle of firings and deplatformings could so easily become a flood.  Stay watchful! 

President Trump is saying that he has no wish to turn the GOP into a Trumpian cult of personality.  Let's hope that's so.  He sure sounds like he intends to run again in 2024, however, which will inevitably cause a lot of soul-searching among Republicans, and it will also cause more than a few to leave the party for good.  You can bet that the media and social media will do everything in their power to amplify these centrifugal forces on the right.  Our mission, therefore, is: to resist taking the bait and to stay focused on blocking the Dems' big government and woke agenda.


It's one thing for colleges and universities to consider applications from students who haven't taken the SAT or ACT.  It's another to prohibit colleges and universities from even looking at those test results.  California (surprise surprise) is taking the view that the SAT and ACT are demonstrably "racist" and thus using them in any way constitutes discrimination.  That's because, try as they might, the people who construct the SAT and ACT haven't been able to design a test on which black and Hispanic students do as well as whites and Asians.  Ergo...racism!  Of course, by that standard, virtually any test is "racist" and abhorrent, and we might as well get rid of the concept of "merit" altogether.  Surely law schools and medical schools should stop considering results on the LSAT and MCAT, right?  Surely all civil service exams should be scrapped.  Surely testing those who wish to drive a motor vehicle is just another sly way of excluding black people from driving opportunities and forcing them to ride the bus.  Surely even blood pressure tests are suspect, since they routinely show black people with higher rates of hypertension.  The only acceptable "anti-racist" response?  Stop all standardized testing, and all testing in general, and hand out jobs, promotions, and, yes, driver's licenses and blood pressure pills, based on approved metrics of "equity", ensuring that each race and ethnic group receives a proportional share.  Ah, but even if we can agree that 13% of brain surgeons shall be black, to which particular blacks shall we hand the scalpels and the cranial saws?  Why, let's have a lottery!  What could be fairer, right?  Every profession will be a perfectly blended ethnic mosaic...and once in a while brain surgery might even do more good than harm!  It's a brave new world, folks.  Brace yourselves.


Finally, our old pals Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney just can't help themselves: they're still chattering away about the January 6th "insurrection".  What's funny, though, is that Liz Cheney seems genuinely to believe that she can take on President Trump single-handed and either prevent him from becoming the GOP nominee or win the nomination herself.  Clearly she hasn't reviewed the recent polls indicating that she's despised by Republicans, in her home state of Wyoming and nationally.  Republicans don't want to grovel at the feet of the establishment forever because a handful of Trump supporters broke the law on January 6th!  We want to unite in opposition to the destruction of our country.  What's so hard to understand about that??? 

Friday, May 14, 2021

Trumplicans Are Here To Stay

Friends, there's a group of RINOs trying to make trouble by saying that, if Trump doesn't hit the highway, they'll secede from the GOP and form a third party.  Well, we've heard this song and dance before.  It's a warmed over version of the Liz Cheney Tale.  I, for one, am not impressed.  Sure, Trump's continued influence in the party will cost Republicans some votes.  That's abundantly clear.  What's equally obvious to me is the fact that the party can't do without Trump's energy and that of his supporters.  Renominating Trump would be risky.  Nominating Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney or Jeff Flake would be akin to resigning ourselves to the fact that the Republican Party will be a permanent loser party, always politely disagreeing with our socialist masters but never raising its voice (or winning an election).  Bottom line: we need to stay on Trump's good side, and to maintain the loyalty of Trumpers, or we're sunk.  That's the analysis I gave Sputnik News in a recent article:

In other news, congrats to Elise Stefanik, who is the new Republican Conference Chair in the House of Representatives.  Elise's main qualification is her determination to unite Republicans, instead of dividing them and chastising those who don't see things her way.  That sounds like a brilliant start to me!

In an extremely significant move, Walmart, our biggest brick-and-mortar retailer, has announced that it will no longer require vaccinated shoppers to wear masks.  Hooray!  I, for one, will be shopping more often at Walmart, as a result.  Other chains are implementing similar policies, or considering doing so, while still others are sticking to their guns and saying, "Masks forever!!!"  You can just imagine how those woke brains are straining, can't you?  "But my mask is my COVID deflector screen, and the surest sign that I'm way better than everyone else.  Can I really stop wearing it? Woe is me!"  Psh!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Down with Liz! Up with Zil!



Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show tackles all the leading issues of the day, including the ouster of Liz Cheney as Republican Conference Chair in the House of Representatives.  I argue that anti-Trumpers are welcome in the GOP...but Congresswomen who pick constantly at the scab of Trumpism and Jan. 6th are not helping the party advance its agenda and defeat socialism.  Ergo, Liz needs to go as Conference Chair.  When the people of Wyoming have the opportunity to replace her with a more bonafide conservative, that sounds like a smart move to me as well.

Brian and I also talk about the vaccination of school-age children against COVID-19 and the progress of the vaccination campaign in general, Dr. Fauci v. Dr. Paul, and the state of the Left's ongoing tirade against law enforcement.  When will the boys in blue get some relief?  Answer: when the Democrats and progressives stop needing minority votes.  So...never.

In our "This Day in History" segment, Brian and I talk about the Nazi invasion of France in 1940 and the degree of historical knowledge possessed by rising generations, the strange case of Rudolf Hess, history's most star-crossed amateur pilot, the presidential aspirations of Pat Buchanan, and more!

Listen in now, before the global frenzy to do so crashes the internet!




While you're at it, read this GREAT article about America's ambiguous position in the none other than Brian O'Neil's brother!  I agree with this analysis: America is culturally broken and thus in a very poor state to defend its global hegemony.  On the other hand, we have an elite that regards America as the glue that holds the world order together and is likely therefore to favor foreign interventions without thinking out the risks, costs, and lack of unity at home.  This could be a recipe for some big messes in international affairs, and some big embarrassments in foreign policy and on distant battlefields.  Stay tuned. 

The Lowest Common Denominator


Friends, meritocracy has long been a part of the American creed.  We're supposed to compete with one another, to strive, and may the best man win, right?  Occasionally, the best man might even be a woman.  With God, all things are possible!  The point is that, since the days of Jefferson, we've dreamed of making America an aristocracy of talent -- of creating the conditions so that the best and brightest among us can rise to the top.

All that is under threat, because the dastardly Dems are allergic to merit.  When they hear "merit", they think...white supremacy!  Or, almost as bad, Asian supremacy.  That's because, when you test people, including children, for educational attainment or other forms of merit, not every racial and ethnic group achieves the same results.  Imagine that!  Horrors.  For progressives, the solution is simple: stop testing!  Don't judge people based on objective criteria.  Judge them on subjective criteria and struggle mightily to find that all racial and ethnic groups are equally great in every way.  Okay, maybe sometimes people of color are better than white people -- that's permissible -- but never worse, surely!  The end game here, as usual, is the demolition of the educational project itself.  We'll end up sending kids the message that hard work and natural ability don't  pay off: it's all about checking the right boxes, in terms of your background and your ideology.  And, make no mistake, America works as well as it does because we've been a nation that rewards merit.  Once we stop doing so, everything around you is going to start grinding to a halt.  The distinction between living in First World America, and Third World Honduras, will evaporate overnight.  For shame!


Newt Gingrich says it well: the hypocrisy of the "Facebook Oligarchs" in silencing Trump while they allow total scumbags to have a field day on their platform is, or ought to be, "a national scandal".  Instead, half the country cheers the obliteration of its own liberties!  Sad. 

Lastly, the good news is the Senate likely won't advance the Dems' pernicious "voting rights" bill.  The bad news is that even Newsmax is repeating the propaganda line of Bloomberg and the mainstream media, as you see here.  They're repeating the lie that voting rights are under attack, which couldn't be further from the truth.  Every time an ineligible voter votes, my legitimate vote is diluted.  Thus, I, a law-abiding voting citizen, benefit from efforts to ensure election integrity, just like all my law-abiding, voting neighbors, of every race, color, creed, and partisan affiliation.  Okay, maybe not the Dems -- they thrive on cheating, and they only care about winning, but you get the idea...

Monday, May 10, 2021

They Walk Among Us


Friends, I'm torn.  On one hand, I'm vaccinated.  I didn't hesitate to get vaccinated, because it seems to me that a lot of the widespread myths about the coronavirus vaccines are nonsense.  "Gene therapy"...  Yeah, right!  A vaccine just trains your body to be ready to fight off an infection.  It doesn't alter your DNA.  It alters your immune system.  Sometimes people have reactions to vaccines, it's true.  In almost all cases, those reactions are mild or insignificant.  In a handful, they're bad.  Overall, vaccines are one of the main reasons why we live, or tend to live, to ripe old ages nowadays, instead of dying at 30, like our ancestors.  Personally, I'm a-okay with getting vaccinated.  And I did get vaccinated.  I'm still here...

On the other hand, this is a free country, right?  We keep saying that, so it must be true, or at least semi-true.  Millions of my fellow Americans don't feel comfortable getting vaccinated for COVID-19.  The development and testing of these vaccines was abbreviated.  Many people don't believe that the disease poses much risk to them.  Others resent the social and even legal pressure that's being placed on people to get the vaccine.  Fair enough.  To each his own.  Yes, everyone who refuses to get vaccinated makes it harder for society to reach herd immunity, but, if the vaccine works and doesn't tend to kill people, over time those doubts ought to recede, and more and more people will "get the jab".  So be it.

Here's a poll that reveals who it is that's refusing to undergo vaccination.  It's an interesting list.  We're told that Republicans are the problem.  Well, Republicans are among the most vaccine-hesitant, but interestingly more women than men are too.  Aren't women supposed to be smarter than men?  They're certainly more mask-compliant and COVID-wary, in general.  Maybe women are just good at being scared of things, including vaccines?  Could be.  Note that single women, who are supposed to be among the wokest among us, are also among the least likely to get vaccinated.  Curious.  Note also that the poor are particularly reluctant.  There are some key Democratic constituencies on this list!  To make a long story short, lots of people don't want the jab, and for lots of reasons.  I guess that's the equivalent of saying that human beings are a complicated bunch, and, personally, I wouldn't have it any other way.  


I hope, at the end of the day, that most people decide to get the vaccine, and that COVID goes belly up, but let's get there the right way, shall we?  Let's give Americans a choice.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

"Follow the Science" and Other Myths


Friends, for the better part of a century Freudian psychoanalysis was considered more or less bulletproof, grounded as it was in biological and medical science.  Today it's widely considered quackery, grounded in little more than the perversions of Sigmund Freud and the heartfelt desire of his adherents to make a quick buck by charging neurotic housewives for "talking cures".  Our perception of what is "scientific", in other words, and what is true, evolves over time, and often we look back on the supposed verities of "science" and cringe.

Well, that is no less true today, given the myriad ways in which science can be bent to follow the dictates of political ideology, corporate greed, personal ambition, and even conventional wisdom.  What follows is an article that explores in a very compelling way the state of modern "science" and its strengths and weaknesses, but most of all its vulnerabilities at a time when "truth" is the most valuable commodity of all.  One of the author's most insightful arguments: nowadays a sense of crisis -- permanent crisis -- drives political change, and we often seek to ratify our sense of threat by claiming that anyone who doesn't share it is an enemy of "science" and of "truth".  No kidding!


Here's an article that suggests that eliminating standardized test scores from the college admissions process will get colleges and universities what they want, in the short term: more minority students.  What it won't achieve, in the long term, is more minorities receiving degrees and enjoying lifelong careers in prestigious fields...which you would think would be the point, no?


Lastly, this article gives a good sense of the media landscape as the dust settles from the 2020 election.  The upshot?  Without anti-Trump angst to buttress the level of public interest, ratings for most mainstream media outlets have crashed, but, more importantly, their partisan and ideological biases remain naked and extreme.  I thought that the media's constant shilling for Biden might cease, once he took office.  I was largely wrong.  The media continues to see Joe Biden as "their man" in D.C.  They shield him from criticism and lavish him with praise.  Very gradually I expect their love affair with Sleepy Joe will abate, but they seem to realize how fragile Biden himself is, and Bidenism too.  The GOP already looks like it's capable of winning one or both houses of Congress in 2022.  Journalists and news editors are drawing the appropriate lesson: if they don't engage in a permanent and frenetic campaign to prop up progressivism and the Democratic Party, both are in danger of losing sway, which is another way of saying that conservatism, populism, and the Republican Party all have a lot of life left in them.  The media is acting like it knows this all too well. 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Har Har Har, Elon


Friends, this Saturday I might watch SNL for the first time in years.  Normally, it's a woke snoozefest, but this week the host is none other than the world's second richest man (nice try -- better luck next time): Elon Musk.  Musk is a titan of industry and a skilled self-promoter, in addition to being a visionary futurist.  He's also been sponging off of taxpayers since the beginning.  He's a complicated fellow, in other words, and my latest article, published by the New York Daily News, is a reflection on that paradox:


In other news, here's Liz Cheney's recent WaPo op-ed on why the GOP needs to purge itself of Trump and Trumpism.  I won't waste my time debunking all its claims, but suffice it to say that plenty of Democrats have opined that past U.S. elections were tainted and/or illegitimate, including the 2016 presidential election and the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.  Fretting about election integrity and unfairness just isn't that unusual in America, so Liz Cheney needs to get off her high horse and chill out.  She won't be conference chair for long, and that's entirely appropriate.  She won't be in Congress for long either, but that's a different story.  Now, if a Republican hates Trump, as far as I'm concerned they're still welcome to be a Republican...but they don't represent the party's mainstream, and if they pick fights with DJT on a constant basis they're essentially doing the Dems' work for them.  How do you know if a Republican is really, at heart, a Democrat?  If they start publishing op-eds in the Washington Post, that would be a big clue...


It looks like fellow New Yorker Elise Stefanik is the favorite to replace Liz Cheney in the Republican leadership.  Apparently she's not as right-wing as they come, but that's cool: the GOP is a big tent, right?


Here's an interesting reflection on how banning and censoring content has become our default expectation in the modern age.  Sad. 

Here's a study of who posts political rants online and who doesn't.  No surprise here: the most extreme among us are also the most outspoken -- and Dems and liberals feel more comfortable letting it all hang out online than Republicans and conservatives.  Gee, I wonder why?


Finally, Kudos to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for signing Florida's new election integrity law, which enacts modest changes to ensure the security of drop boxes and to prevent ballot harvesting, as well as to prohibit the mailing of unsolicited absentee ballots.  None of this will prevent Floridians from exercising their right to vote, needless to say, but all of it will be compared to "Jim Crow", as per usual.  Come on, Dems!  Find a new line of attack. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Facebook Doubles Down on Thought Control


Friends, today Facebook decided to uphold the "indefinite suspension" of Donald Trump that it instituted back in January in response, supposedly, to the Capitol Riot and Trump's complicity therein.  Probably many of you are completely unsurprised that Facebook decided to keep the suspension in place.  I'm a little surprised, and I'm extremely disappointed.  Facebook's lack of respect for free speech and open dialogue, and for views that conflict with leftist orthodoxy, is upsetting and deeply worrying, given the pervasive influence of social media and Big Tech.  It's a very bad sign for the health of our democracy and for the future of liberty.  I'm in such a black mood, in fact, that I posted a long rant on Facebook -- my last political declaration ever on that platform, as I solemnly avowed.  See what you make of it.

"Here's the bad news: I'm about to go on a political rant.
Here's the good news: it's the last one you'll ever see from me on Facebook.
Today the Facebook "Oversight Board" announced that it was upholding, for now, the "indefinite suspension" of Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts imposed in the wake of the Capitol Riot on January 6th. It did challenge the "indeterminate and standardless penalty" of "indefinite suspension" and require Facebook to clarify its position regarding Trump within six months. Facebook could, in the end, decide simply to ban Trump permanently. It probably will.
Progressives and Democrats will cheer this decision. They will cheer it because they hate Trump, and anything that hurts Trump fills them with joy. That is a short-sighted position to take.
Trump was "suspended" in the first place because he is supposed to have encouraged or condoned the Capitol Riot, and because he violated Facebook's (and Twitter's, and YouTube's, get the idea) policy on "civic integrity". The policies designed to suppress violent and hateful content, and "misinformation", are, however, moving targets, and the response to Trump's tweets and posts certainly did not accurately reflect the objective meaning of the words he shared. Trump NEVER called on anyone to use violence. At the rally before the riot, he asked his supporters to remain peaceful. He later called on the rioters to respect and obey the Capitol Police, and to go home. He sympathized with their cause, undoubtedly, but he did not endorse their methods. In the days after the riot, Trump posted innocuous tweets like, "I will not be attending the inauguration." As leftists are wont to do, they applied the most tortured reasoning to conclude that, "I will not be attending the inauguration" actually means "I won't be present on January 20th. Kill them all! Kill them all!" Needless to say, Facebook and other social media companies never applied the same "logic" to Democrats and progressives who voiced support for BLM, despite the fact that BLM demonstrations often become violent and lead to illegality. Facebook's "indefinite suspension" of Donald Trump was not, therefore, based on the fair application of an objective standard. It was based on animus towards Trump, and towards the movement that he represents. Facebook and other social media companies espied, in the days following the Capitol Riot, an opportunity -- a chance to rid themselves permanently of a man they despised, and to cleanse American political life of Trumpism. They jumped at the chance. That's what happened in January of this year. Since then, Facebook, and other social media companies, have simply dug in their heels and refused to admit that they were wrong.
We should reflect on what this "policy" means. It means that, whether you like Trump or not, a man who is respected by and represents a large fraction of the electorate is excluded from political debate on some of the most important platforms in our democracy. It means that, going forward, Facebook and other social media companies will claim total discretion in deciding what information is "misinformation", what transparently non-violent tweets and posts are, in fact "violent", and which voices are admissible in public life, and which are not. Conservatives are worried, because seemingly no conservative is safe in the universe of social media, now that it has become a safe space for progressives. Progressives themselves ought to be worried, however, because, if they think that the arbitrary power of social media companies, which is now used against Trump, can't and won't be used against them, they're very naive.
The sad part is that we had another choice, another path that we could have followed. We could have upheld the principle of free speech and freedom of conscience. We could have declared that the domain of social media is and should be, like the internet as a whole, open and unfettered, and that anyone would be free to share whatever ideas they pleased, the only rule being "caveat emptor". We could have treated the American people like adults, challenging them to "moderate" their own content, and regulate their own consumption of information and opinions. Instead, we chose to demand of "the authorities" that they remove, disable, censor, suspend, or cancel whomever says things we don't like, regardless of the consequences to quality discourse and to diversity of opinion, which is, for some strange reason, the only form of "diversity" we can't abide. In short, we took the easy way out. We'll surely regret it, in time, but apparently not yet.
So...does this mean I'm leaving Facebook? Not at all. Facebook is a wonderful thing. Half the planet is on it for a reason. It's a great platform through which to connect with new people, cultivate friendships, bond with family, and record one's accomplishments, hopes, and dreams. I will use it for all those purposes.
What it isn't is a free and open space for dialogue and debate. Instead, it's a place where political discourse is rigged, and where, in essence, progressive views are welcome, and conservative views are not. What Facebook appears to want from conservatives like me is that we should post vacation photos and cat memes all we like, but on matters political we should...shut up. I plan to oblige.
What I won't do, of course, is retreat from political life, stop voting, or silence myself in platforms where debate and discussion remains open and vital. Neither should anyone else. The stakes are much too high.
I hasten to add that this has NOT been a post about Donald Trump. It's been a post about the kind of democracy and society we want to live in, and whether we can tolerate views and opinions that differ from our own, or whether we insist they they be banished from our sight. It saddens me immensely that Facebook, and America and the West more generally, have chosen to go down this dark path of intolerance. We will rue the day! But, apparently, as I said, we're not there yet."
-- Nicholas Waddy, Facebook Post, 5 May 2021 

Your thoughts???

In other news, Trump himself is reacting to Facebook's decision...and not happily, as you might expect:

He's finding workarounds to his eviction from social media, but if you ask me these Plan Bs don't really cut it.  The audience for social media is HUGE.  No conservative politician or thought leader can truly prosper in modern society unless he can leverage social media.  The Trump phenomenon seems to defy most laws of gravity, but I doubt it can defy this one. 

You may also want to check out this excerpt from a book on climate change.  This scientist is very brave to defy the doom-and-gloom orthodoxy of climate catastrophe.  The least we can do is listen to what he has to say:

Here's an intriguing tidbit: the Biden administration is considering subsidizing the nuclear power industry.  On one level, this comes as no surprise, since Biden is throwing money in all directions anyway -- why not chuck a few wads of cash into the reactor chamber too?  On another level, though, it's counterintuitive, because lefties have been blocking the expansion of nuclear power for decades.  One of the main reasons we're so dependent on fossil fuels, in fact, is because the progressives drove a stake through the heart of the nuclear power industry back in the 80s.  Will the green fascists grow irate over this move, therefore?  Will Biden be hoisted on his own petard?  We shall see.

Finally, the U.S. trade deficit reached another record high!  Hooray!  What this means is that our primary export -- money -- is in greater demand than ever.  For the moment, in other words, the Chinese are sending us loads of crap, and all they want in return is U.S. dollars -- you know, those silly little green things we print by the trillions?  What a deal!  Make it rain, Uncle Joe...  Surely, this gravy train will never end.  Right?  RIGHT?  RIGHT??? 

Monday, May 3, 2021

The Democratic Party: Racist To The Bone?


Friends, we Republicans and conservatives love to remind Democrats that, for most of America's history, theirs was the party of racism and segregation, whereas the GOP was founded on an anti-slavery, egalitarian agenda.  Of course, these are the 2020s, not the 1920s, so these historical allusions wear thin after a while.  Nonetheless, the Dems are still obsessed with race, and they never waste an opportunity to exploit racial grievances or inflame racial animosities.  


For instance, the bar for leveling accusations of racism has been lowered by the Dems, as we all know.  Disagree with the Bidenist agenda in even a minor way?  Why, you're a racist monster, of course!  Care about election integrity?  Why, you're reimposing "Jim Crow"!  Sure.  The funny thing is that one of the main justifications that Dems and progressives use for their constant cries of "Racism!" is the concept of "disparate impact".  Why, for example, is Voter ID "racist"?  Because, they say, black people are less likely to have ID.  Ergo, voter ID laws are a way to disenfranchise black people.  Never mind that such laws apply equally to everyone, and that virtually everyone has ID -- even a slight demographic variation in the impact of the law (proven or theoretical) is enough to condemn it as "racist".

Consider, then, this excellent article, which points out that Democratic pro-lockdown policies, and especially the insistence of blue states and cities that public schools must meet virtually rather than in person, has had devastating effects on the educational attainment of millions of children.  Moreover, these blinkered, irresponsible policies have disproportionately affected minority children.  Ergo, by the Dems' own logic, school closures and educational lockdowns are RACIST!  That's right: they're even ALL CAPS racist!  (That's pretty darn racist.)

The truth, of course, is that a great many Democratic and progressive policies disproportionately harm minorities.  Defunding the police sure as heck does!  So why do we not hear constant castigation of the Democratic Party as "racist"?  Because, as any woke journalist or professor will tell you, Democrats, progressives, and people of color can't be racist.  They enjoy a sort of qualified immunity granted to them by the high priests of wokeness (who happen to be lily-white, but never mind that).  What a system, right?

In the end, the Dem/progressive worldview, especially on matters of race, is sustained by doublethink and willful hypocrisy.  Whatever and whomever the lefties don't like is RACIST.  Whatever and whomever they do like is anti-racist, ipso facto.  And, if you believe that nonsense, I've got some lovely beachfront property in Karl-Marx-Stadt I'd be happy to sell you...