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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The More, The Merrier


Friends, there's awesome news today: thanks to the good folks in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there's now precedent for the legal recognition of polyamorous and/or polygamous relationships!  We figured this would be the next shoe to drop after gay marriage, and we were right!  This means I'm one step closer to the harem I've always dreamed of...  I have to admit, though -- I'm a little wary of marrying human females.  In my experience, they're highly overrated.  Can I marry a litter of puppies instead?  Puppies are adorable.  Alternatively, I'm keen on robot women.  They're way more compliant than "traditional" women...  Anyway, baby steps, right?


In other news, President Trump was asked to name the rising stars in the GOP, and at the top of his list was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis!  That shows excellent taste.  I still have a premonition that DeSantis could end up being the Trump-approved candidate in 2024. 

More good news: the U.S. military just got a little more fat-chick-friendly.  How, you ask?  It decided that, from now on, men and women will be judged based on separate standards of physical fitness.  No word yet on how many push-ups "trans" soldiers will be expected to do...  My guess is zero.


Mexico's leftist president is conceding the obvious: Biden's perceived laxity is fueling the migrant surge at the U.S. border.  It sure looks like the Biden administration is looking to Mexico to save it from its own stupidity and cowardice, too.  Good luck with that! 

I agree with President Trump that Mitch McConnell has outlived his usefulness, but he's making all the right noises when it comes to H.R. 1 and all the other horrible bills that the Dems are pushing right now:


Lastly, my hometown of Rochester, New York made the news today, as did the very grocery store where I shop!  Wow!  My neighborhood Wegmans was briefly besieged by BLM protestors, you see.  How exciting!  Wegmans is a cool store, as any Western New Yorker will tell you.  There are much worse places to be trapped... 



    A press conference. The podium is empty. A man enters from the left and begins speaking.

    Senator Mitt Reed of Kentucky: "Harken brethren, do mine ears deceive me?! Tis the cry of, "SLIPPERY SLOPE, SLIPPERY SLOPE!" from the lips of our fair cousins! I must admit, I find myself sympathetic to their impeccable reasoning, for we less advanced White Supremacist Americans have been crying, "Wolf," about how undesirable their proposals will turn out for some time.

    The Senator pauses for dramatic effect. TOTALLY FAIR MEDIA CONGLOMERATE AI cameras swarm around him, their blue-haired tranny 65 IQ “operators” drool out their newest pronouns to one another.

    Senator Mitt Reed of Kentucky: I for one would not wish to find myself 'pon the wrong side of history! Nor should you my fellow White Supremacist Americans!

    The Blue-haired trannies begin shouting, “Nazi!” at one another in the background while Federal Micro-Aggression police units move in to, “deescalate,” the violence taking place.

    We must be sure to maintain our glorious tradition of standing athwart their nefarious designs, but never impeding them! Now, if you will excuse me, I'm late for my Cucking. So glad we can protect this time honored institution against the Progressive Scheme to introduce and normalize LESBIAN Cucking. Now gentlemen, please pipe out my wife. No, no, all at once, I insist!"

    - Senator Mitt Reed proceeds to put on his, "white guilt" sackcloth and sit in the corner while his wife is obscured from his sight by a swarm of shirtless illeg--. Americans, I meant Americans. Please, I won't commit any more hate-crimes…



  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Well if one wishes to destroy one's own civilization from within, because you just KNOW that clears the way for an infinitely better one, because, well, your "feelings" compel you so, why what better way than to ridicule, excoriate, subvert, suppress and finally, outlaw(with a vengeance!) fundamental institutions of the present condemned culture! The left has made multimillenial incursions on the institution of marriage ( "oh no well, its not perfect you know, as are all of our objectively unsupported dreams, so must go!).

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Now that the door is wide open, why, anything goes! "The only catch is that once we leftists have destroyed your world, you will be ushered into OUR world, in which be assured, there will be VERY well enforced standards of conduct in all aspects of life, public or private! Our present iconoclastic campaign is but a means to overpower you who cannot comprehend our totalitarian intent! So much for uhhhh, "marriage".

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: What's next? "Well, how about all those childhood fantasies which lulled us into comfort with our reprehensible lives. Oh, the assault on Dr. Suess is but our opening salvo. Stand by for onslaught on traditional Disney, on Popeye and on Dick andJane in all their no doubt depraved reality! There is nothing "sacred" which is not our target. "Sure is alot of handy stone in Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame, yes? "

  5. Dr.Waddy grom Jack: DeSantis is getting alot of attention and is displayig alot of Trumpian "thumb in the leftist eye" moxie. He is an exciting prospect.

  6. What a delightful play! Like all great drama and literature, its genius lies in its timeliness and relevance... It made me wonder: perhaps the "problem" of marriage and relationships could be solved simply by marrying all sentient life to...all other sentient life. We could meet up in one giant fleshy pile, once a year, and express our love in physical form, but otherwise concentrate individually on smoking pot and looting. I think it could work!

    Agreed, Jack -- the Left's social agenda seems calculated to blow up every venerable institution of civilized life that they can find...and the project is well-advanced! Marriage is so discredited that fewer and fewer people bother with it. Soon gay and polygamous marriages may be the only marriages left!

    I'm glad to hear you like DeSantis too, Jack. I'm ready for the Republican presidential debates NOW, although I recognize that we won't have any clarity on 2024 for a long, long, long time.

  7. Dr.Wardy from Jack: How long before the following is proposed: criminalzation of traditional marriage; with marriage proposals defined also as "sexual harassment". Heterosexual relations will require a license granted only after successful completion of rigorous training in politically correct procedure. Each act must be thoroughly documented and reported; responsibility for this rests solely with the by definition aggressive male partner.Occasional exception may be granted to demonstratedly subordinate and apologetic men .

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: We must not be concerned about realistic differing standards of physical fitness for our military social change engine,leading nevertheless, in the hallowed spirit of "affirmative" action, to necessarily equal or superior rank for "protected" classes. Why we may count on our enemies to observe politically correct deference to those of our forces who demonstrate less upper body strength in close combat, since it is "irrelevant". And of course, since they oppose us, they are by definition morally superior and can be assumed to be of better character. See, its so simple when you stop thinking about it and embrace sweet surrender to leftist justice!

  9. Great idea, Jack! If we surrender to our enemies on the battlefield automatically -- in deference to their moral superiority -- then our physical strength, or lack thereof, will be irrelevant!