Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ready for Primetime?


Friends, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is strongly suggesting that, if Donald Trump doesn't run again in 2024, he will instead.  Now, I find myself at a disadvantage here.  I don't watch the news, so I've never heard Pompeo speak.  I know he makes Democrats and progressives hot under the collar.  That seems like a good start, but I'd be interested to hear your impressions of him.  Is he a solid enough conservative and patriot?  Could he win a national election?  Should he be considered, therefore, an A-list candidate?  Tell me your thoughts!


  1. He has some characteristics and markers in his history that indicate he would be a strong choice, among them:
    - Mid-tier officer in the Army; The last place you find more soldiers than politicians is the mid-ranks of the Officer corps. Once you get into the upper ranks, General and up, you get mostly politicians. Granted, he was a low rank mid-tier, but it bodes better than a high-ranker, considering the criteria for advancement into the upper echelon is a function of conformity and mediocrity over individual initiative and exceptionality. Also, #1 in his class at West Point.
    - Member of the Italian American Congressional Delegation; Indicates a healthy ethnic pride, which is always a good sign.
    - A reputation as a Trump Loyalist; Loyalty, particularly when loyalty is unpopular as it was to be loyal to Trump, says volumes.
    - His degree at West Point was in Engineering Management before getting his law degree; His degree implies real competence, not the ability to play with concepts like most of our lawyer elite. It also indicates that he is a more concrete thinker.
    - West Point/Harvard; He's a member of the elite, but all meaningful opposition to the elite must come from within the elite. His potential candidacy passes the smell test for being functional.
    - His tenure as CIA Director and Secretary of State led to not major interventions or foreign ops that destabilized the world.

    Conversely, some things that don't bode well:
    - Heavily tied up with the Koch Brothers, Bain, Lockheed, and other components of the Mil-Ind Complex. Could be worrisome.
    - He's wrong on Edward Snowden; This indicates he still carries some traces of Swampiness.
    - Deep in bed with Israel (a foreign policy albatross around out neck).

    That's the importance pieces, as far as I can tell.


    1. Lee

      I'm curious to know why you think Pompeo is "deep in bed with Israel"? Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Lee. I learned a lot from this analysis! I'd be interested to know who YOU favor in 2024...

    As for "deep in bed with Israel", who in DC isn't? That seems like a job qualification these days.

    1. Dr. Nick,

      On that note, what do you think U.S. policy towards Israel should be?

      I can deal with Mike Pompeo as President. Yes, I can deal with a rerun of Trump, if that is what it takes.

  3. Ray,

    Dr. Waddy took the words out of my mouth. He mouths all of the pro-Israel talking points, which is really no different from most of our leadership class.


    1. But don't forget that The Left usually mouths all of the pro-Palestinian Arab (Muslim) points. So in that regard, The Left is generally anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. But you know, there are a lot of people who are simply fed up with The Israelis and The Palestinians, and don't see why they need to support either peoples. There are times when I fit into that category, probably more than I realize.

  4. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: First, thanx for all the info on Pompeo. I always had a good impression of him but did not know very much about him. He appears to be a very solid guy! And to me, support for Israel amounts to support for civilization and measured human progress.

  5. Ray, I can deal with...almost anyone. Even Biden, in point of fact. What I can't deal with is Dem control of the presidency, of Congress (minus a filibuster), AND the courts. All that, plus domination of our culture, would mean lights out, America.

    What should U.S. policy towards Israel be? Realistically, I guess we have to keep sending them several billion in aid every year, even though they clearly don't need it. Otherwise, I say let the Israelis do whatever they like on their own soil. The West Bank and Gaza are disputed territory, sure, but unless the Arabs plan to retake them (not likely), then in effect Israel is sovereign there. I always prefer a live and let live policy. I say let's be friends with the Israelis, and let's be friends with the Arabs. And, if and when the two groups can't get along, let them fight their own battles.

    Ray/Lee -- I think the Israelis are realistic enough to understand that it doesn't much matter which party is running our federal government. Neither one is going to cut off Israel. Once upon a time our support for Israel cost us dearly in the Muslim world, but nowadays I think the world has given up on the Palestinians, for all intents and purposes. Sad to say, but their rights and aspirations were chucked in the dustbin of history a long time ago. We might all be wise to move on.

    Jack, yeah, in a sense the Israelis are the representatives of Western Civilization in the Middle East. On the other hand, I think their treatment of the Palestinians has often verged on the barbaric. Give them credit, though -- they know how to play the Holocaust card to get themselves out of almost any scrape. Right now I'd say Israeli's position in the region is virtually invulnerable. From a position of strength, they may be able to make nice with most Arab nations (think: the Abraham Accords). That would be a positive development.