Thursday, September 30, 2021

God Bless Manchin and Sinema


Friends, who would have thought one little elevator could contain the fate of the nation within its four walls?  And yet this elevator in the Capitol did exactly that.  While it isn't certain that Nancy Pelosi can shoehorn those two massive spending bills that Joe Biden is hawking through the House, it's likely.  Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have been entirely consistent from the start of the process, however.  They won't vote for a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill that vastly expands the welfare state.  In fact, they might not even vote for a bill half that size.  Pelosi and Schumer, though, just keep on chugging, oblivious to Manchin and Sinema's opposition.  Why?  Given that they have basically zero Republican support for the reconciliation bill, presumably Nancy and Chuck have been playing chicken with Joe and Kyrsten.  Presumably they assume that if they can get the precious reconciliation bill to the edge of passage, no Democrat would dare oppose it, because if they do the entire progressive wing of the party, and most core Democrats, will despise them with every fiber of their beings.  Manchin and Sinema would be primaried when they are up for reeelection, and they would therefore face political death, if not actual death at the hands of leftist militants.  Despite this intense pressure to toe the Dem/progressive line, however, Manchin and Sinema aren't budging -- and thus the centerpiece of Joe Biden's first term agenda is on the brink of total ruination.  Why, you ask?  Can't the Dems just agree to spend slightly less and bring Manchin and Sinema along?  Not necessarily, because hardcore progressive members of Congress have been insisting on a great big price tag, or else they'll take their toys and go home.  The upshot here is simple: Manchin and Sinema are threatening to spoil all the Dem/progressive fun, and to scupper their plans to make big government bigger still.  Worse, if Dems can't pass meaningful legislation, even when they control both houses of Congress and the presidency, then why should voters retain them in office?  The Dem establishment assumes that, if these bills aren't passed, the Democratic base's enthusiasm will collapse, and the GOP will gallop to victory in 2022.  Maybe.  I mean, 2022 is a long way off.  The opposite assumption -- that passing these bills will cause the electorate to reward Democrats with reelection -- may be just as flawed.  One thing is for sure, though: if Manchin and Sinema sink the infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill, moderates and progressives in the Democratic caucus and in the Democratic Party as a whole will blame each other.  The Bidenist consensus on the Left will collapse in a heap...and it's hard to see how Republicans wouldn't be in a strong position to benefit from that.  So our message to Manchin and Sinema is short and sweet: keep on keepin' on!  The nation needs you to sink these awful, spendthrift bills.  And we, America's conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpers, will thank you for it!


It will come as no surprise to those with their heads screwed on straight that the net effect of the Black Lives Matter movement was to get more black people killed.  Now we know how many.  It was 62% more.  That's an extra 2000+ black people murdered, all so Democrats and progressives could virtue-signal about how much they hate the "racist" police.  Disgusting! 

Our old friend John Durham is showing some signs of life.  Will it amount to a hill of beans?  Probably not, but it sure would be nice if those who concocted the Trump-Russia hoax faced some accountability, wouldn't it?


Believe or not, the Biden Administration doesn't allow every border-hopper to stay -- just the vast majority of them.  That's sorta refreshing.  It means there's always the slim chance that Biden and pals will have an epiphany and will start to do their jobs and police the border more effectively. 

Did you know that refusing to grade black people differently than white people is a potentially fireable offense for a college professor?  It is!  And reminding SJWs that Martin Luther King supported a colorblind America will really get them steamed...and you into hot water.  Tread carefully.


Hey, have you been wondering when those geniuses on the Left would decide that the American flag needs to be canceled, and would then proceed to design a new one?  Wait no longer!  Their first drafts are in... 

Australia is emerging as a cautionary tale about what happens when a country takes COVID precautions to a fascistic extreme.  The crazy part is that Australia hasn't suffered that many cases or deaths, so why are such extreme measures needed to force compliance?  The question answers itself: because we, "the experts", said so!!!


Lastly, a lot of polls are showing public support for "vaccine mandates", but there's another way to ask the question: do you support firing people who refuse the vaccine?  On that question, most Americans are clear: they view termination of "anti-vaxxers" as wrong anf excessive. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Mandate My A**!


Friends, the battle over vaccine mandates is really heating up, with a growing number of nurses and other professionals resigning or facing termination rather than submit.  That's one of the hot topics that Brian O'Neil and I cover in our latest Newsmaker interview.  You won't want to miss it.  We also talk about the politics of abortion in Congress, the prospects for the passage of the Dems' massive new spending bills, the prospects for a civil war within the Democratic Party and the progressive movement, the precarious position of General Mark Milley, who's managing to offend both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, the inveterate Trump-hatred of Liz Cheney and the Bushes, and more!

When the conversation turns to history, Brian and I focus on the tumbling stock market in September 2008 and the prospects for another recession in the near future, the poisoned Tylenol scare in 1982, the resurgence of the space shuttle program after the destruction of the Challenger, the Babi Yar Massacre on the Eastern Front in 1941, and the earth-shattering ramifications of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact and the partition of Poland in 1939.  

Whoa!  Seems like only a world-class bonehead would miss a show like that!


In other news, lefties are hypocrites!  They "cancel" anyone who doesn't pass their purity tests, but they exempt their own heroes from those same tests.  Check out the proof:


The Left is increasingly hostile to natural gas, which is the main reason why we've been able to lower carbon emissions in the last twenty years.  Will they succeed in creating a wind-and-solar-or-bust energy grid in future?  Much depends on whether they pass their monstrosity of a "reconciliation bill" in the weeks ahead... 

Arizona's maverick Senator Kyrsten Sinema is being put "on notice" by her state's Democratic Party operatives.  They're threatening her with a vote of no confidence if she doesn't support ending the filibuster and passing the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill packed full of progressive priorities.  Will she stand up to them?  Let's hope so!  Frankly, these Dems are right that if this bill doesn't pass their party will be in hurting shape.  Let's make it so!


The American Booksellers' Association, a locus of wokeness, is helping white women unpack their "privilege".  How thoughtful!  And racist.  And sexist. 

Finally, that very same reconciliation bill, of which we spoke above, is getting poor marks from swing district voters.  Some say the bill and its spending priorities poll very well.  As usual, it depends on how you ask the question.  If COVID is going strong in 2022, and the U.S. economy isn't, no amount of spin will save the Dems.  Mark my words! 

Monday, September 27, 2021

To Protect and Serve


Friends, it's no secret that our public schools interpret their mandate to be non-partisan and non-political in very esoteric terms.  That is, they define all leftist causes as "non-political", and all conservative, or NORMAL, causes as not only political, but offensive, and probably white supremacist to boot.  Here's a case in point.  BLM symbols are welcomed in the classroom, but pro-police symbolism is verboten!  And these people think they have the moral authority to educate the next generation?  I think not!


Leftists at ASU are doubling down on their demand that BIPOC students be able to screen who is allowed in the "multicultural center" on campus and exclude whites, at their discretion.  Once again, pro-police symbols are ruled out of bounds.  I sure hope the legislature and Governor of Arizona weigh in on this outrage. 


Sleepy Joe has gotten himself in a little hot water by claiming -- absurdly -- that his enormous "human infrastructure" spending bill actually costs...nothing!  Wow.  Trillions of dollars are conjured out of existence, just like that!  A neat trick.  The truth is that the Dems' bill costs way more than the sticker price of $3.5 trillion, and the last thing our country should be doing given its current deficit is expanding the welfare state.


What happened to all those Haitians camped out in Del Rio, Texas?  The vast majority of them were simply released into the general population.  You can forget about ever deporting them.  No wonder tens of thousands more are on the way!  On the plus side, are you looking for a quiet, isolated spot to retire to?  Consider Haiti!  Pretty soon there won't be anyone left there.  Just palm trees and white sandy beaches, for miles and miles. 


Finally, given the accumulation of failures and disasters, it's only fitting that "President" Biden's approval numbers are at a record low level.  How long can he go?  Time will tell.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Deutschland, Deutschland -- Unter Marx!


Bad news, friends -- it looks like Germany is succumbing once again to the siren song of Marxism.  It appears that the country's next government will be led by the socialists in the SPD.  Drat!  That's another pillar of Western Civilization toppled by the Bolshies.


Politico is sounding the alarm over the Biden Administration's distressingly "harsh" immigration policies.  You heard that right!  The progressives and migrant activists are applying strong pressure on Biden to let everyone in this country and to open that border as wide as it will go.  Biden is in a no-win situation here, to be sure, and that's well-deserved, but the scary part is that he might bow to leftist demands and open the illegal immigration spigot EVEN WIDER!  Yikes. 

Liz Cheney -- bless her heart! -- is back on 60 Minutes, fuming at DJT and portraying her own run for reelection to the House as a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.  The sad part is that she probably thinks, and CBS probably agrees, that she's helping herself politically by appearing on 60 Minutes and trashing Trump.  Man, she really doesn't know her own party very well, does she?  Oh, and she's also backtracking from her original opposition to gay marriage.  What a shock!  I'd say her migration into the Democratic Party is "progressing" nicely.


Did you know that there's currently a gas shortage in the U.K.?  Pretty wild.  It's that pesky supply chain again.  It keeps acting up. 

Is Biden losing popularity?  Duh.  We all know the answer to that.  If the 2020 election were re-run today, 5% of the electorate would abandon Biden.  That's a big deal!  Whether they would migrate to Trump is another matter.


The coming week will feature a lot of high stakes votes in the House of Representatives.  Moderates may cave to the whims of Nancy Pelosi, but progressives are proving harder to corral.  And remember -- getting these awful bills through the House is the easy part!

Friday, September 24, 2021

ASU's New Slogan: "Whitey, Get Out!"


Friends, I'll be shocked if this story doesn't make your blood boil.  It's about students of color at Arizona State University trying to bully and shame two white students into leaving a designated "multicultural space".  In other words, black students demand segregation in ASU's academic facilities, to provide them with a safe space where they can escape the crushing burden of toxic whiteness.  Man, how times have changed, right?  These white students ought to file complaints against the black students who accosted them in what can only be described as a "hate crime", albeit one which the haters deliberately recorded, because they believe they were the victims.  Outrageous!  And this is the thinking that predominates on all too many of our college campuses...


Equally repugnant today were "President" Biden's remarks about the Border Patrol "strapping" Haitian migrants from astride their horses.  Will Biden face media pushback for spreading this "fake news" about our brave Border Patrol agents?  Of course not.  He will, however, be criticized for not rolling out the red carpet for every Haitian who wants to come to America. 


Madame Vice-President Harris, a.k.a Kam-Kam, is equally misleading on the issue: 

Have your doubts about whether Fox News is really on the side of conservatives and Republicans?  I don't blame you.  Stories like this one will make you want to cancel your cable subscription...


Finally, everyone knows that Sleepy Joe's poll numbers are on a ballistic trajectory aimed squarely at the number zero.  What's interesting in this poll is how much Democrats have lost faith in Biden, validating the thesis in my recent article! 

The Blue and the Gray Becomes...Blue Versus Blue


Friends, it's the moment you've all been waiting for: my latest article is finally ready, hot off the presses!  As you'll discover, I foresee a lot of self-inflicted wounds, turmoil, and backstabbing for our Dem/progressive adversaries.  In fact, I think they're about to self-destruct in historic fashion.  Read on and see if the picture that I paint can warm the cockles of your heart...

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Forget Robert E. Lee -- How Racist Was His Horse?


Friends, just when you think the Left has reached an all-time low in terms of woke idiocy, they always find a way to plumb new depths.  Witness the recent decision to end the use of horses by Border Patrol agents trying to manage the chaos in Del Rio, Texas.  Horses, as you know, when ridden by white people, are darn scary, and presumptively they are also tools of "white supremacy", fascism, Trumpery, yada yada.  That's why this decision makes so much sense.  Maybe next we could ban white men from serving in the Border Patrol?  That would also help the Dems improve the "optics" of their enforcement measures (such as they are).  And image is, needless to say, far more important to these Dummkopfs than national sovereignty.  Goes without saying.


Meanwhile, the DHS is curiously silent on the number of Haitian migrants who've been released into the general population.  I guess they're too busy not doing their jobs to count... 

Meanwhile, Biden's own envoy to Haiti has quit, because he views the deportation of any Haitians as inexcusable.  Thus, the Biden Administration is taking fire from both sides: from those who believe in border integrity, for allowing so many illegals to stream in, and from the "migrant advocates", for not allowing more to stay.  What's Sleepy Joe to do?  Sink like a stone in the polls, that's what!


There are some tentative signs that Gov. Abbott is getting off his duff (metaphorically) in Texas and taking action to defend the very same border that Biden and Friends have left unguarded.  Good!  We need much, much more of this, and if the courts want to slap the Lone Star State down, I say, "Bring it on!"  I just hope the Texas National Guard doesn't deploy any horses to the border, though.  That would be racist.  Those horses are incorrigible... 

There's evidence today that public opinion hasn't just taken a major turn against Joe Biden.  It's also taken a decisive turn in favor of Donald Trump.  People are beginning to think that Trump's tweets, while occasionally disagreeable, weren't as bad as Biden's gross incompetence.  Remember back when the United States was a country, with laws, borders, a military (subject to civilian control), a viable currency, and what not?  Yeah, let's go back to those good old days, shall we?  It can't come too soon.


Speaking of our hollowed-out, woke military, this article absolutely skewers our recent turn towards political correctness in the ranks.  Who would have thought that pregnant women would someday represent the tip of the spear, huh? 

Finally, the abrogation of journalistic standards by the mainstream media during our last election was obscene, as you all know very well by now.  The new editorial "standard" by which our newspapers, broadcasters, and news websites operate is very simple: if it smears Trump and/or Republicans, run it!  If it harms Biden or the Democrats, bury it...or blame it on Russia.  Disgusting!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Illiberal Education: The Decline of Free Speech on College Campuses


Friends, here are two articles about a fascinating new study on the extent of the threat to free speech on American unversity campuses.  The first details the steady rise in self-censorship among college students, as they perceive (correctly) that their heterodox views are unwelcome.  The second discloses a shocking statistic: most college students now believe it is appropriate to "shout down" a speaker with whom you disagree, and about a quarter believe it's acceptable to use violence to prevent someone from speaking.  And "the children are our future", people!  Yikes! 

What does the latest research say about racial differences in I.Q.?  This article lays it bare.  The writer isn't thrilled about the racial divergences that Charles Murray discloses in his latest book, but he doesn't dismiss them as "fake news" either.  The concentration of high intelligence among whites and Asians, if it's true, has massive implications for the Dem/progressive program of "equity" (at all costs), so these issues should be taken seriously...and discussed with the utmost delicacy, needless to say.


George W. Bush is going out on a limb for...Liz Cheney?  Really?  And Karl Rove is coming along for the ride?  Liz has raised a ton of money, and thanks to "Dubya" she'll rake in even more.  The problem?  Wyoming is a super-conservative, very Trumpy state.  I'm not sure Cheney would have much of a chance in any Republican primary anywhere in the country, but in Wyoming I don't like her chances one bit.  And I honestly don't know why any Republican worth his salt would support her.  Even if she's right, in terms of substance, about Trump's shortcomings and misdeeds, how on earth does it help the Republican Party to beat that horse to death, over and over again?  My prediction: 2022 will complete the evisceration of the RINOs.  Trump may or may not run, but almost all his enemies will have been chased out of the party by 2024. 

Finally, we've talked about it before, but the COVID strictures that have been enforced on children are both illogical and cruel.  Moreover, these "safeguards" are making our children sicker, lonelier, dumber, and, as you see here, fatter than they would be if we simply let them get on with their lives.  Many children may never recover from our well-meaning efforts to "save" them from a virus that barely threatens them in the first place.  It's beyond tragic.

Throwing the Border Patrol, and America, Under the Bus


Friends, Democrats and Bidenists are very concerned about the crisis on our southern border -- more specifically, they're concerned that we're not treating the endless waves of illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande with sufficient courtesy and mildness.  Heaven forbid!  That's what's behind the latest dustup over the "whipping" of Haitian migrants, despite the fact that no one was whipped, and there were no whips present.  Doesn't matter.  The "optics" offended the Left, and that's what counts.  Meanwhile, new cross-border invaders show up by the thousands every day, and the Biden plan to deal with this calamity is, by and large, let them stay!  What could go wrong, huh? 

In other news, here's a great article by a friend of mine.  He argues that Sleepy Joe's failures in Afghanistan will come back to haunt him, especially since they feed into a narrative about Biden's gross incompetence.  I agree that the theme of incompetence and failure will persist.  I'm not so sure that Afghanistan, per se, will be a big issue in 2022 or 2024, but all that could change if a major Islamist terrorist attack occurs on U.S. soil...


Justin Trudeau has been reelected as Canada's Prime Minister.  Yuck.  What are those Canucks thinking???  We should learn from the missteps of Canadian Conservatives, though.  They towed a relentlessly moderate line against Trudeau, and they went down to defeat.  Sometimes, taking a milquetoast approach doesn't cut it. 

The Space Force is getting closer to choosing a new uniform, and it may please those of us who think that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time.  So yeah, maybe America is going down the tubes, but we'll be well-dressed for the occasion, and isn't that a significant source of comfort?


Finally, check out these extraordinary poll numbers.  Most Americans have seen Joe Biden as more likeable than Donald Trump since time immemorial.  That's why the Democratic Party chose him as its standard-bearer in 2020.  It certainly wasn't because progressives love Biden!  Now, though, thanks to recent setbacks and a slight uptick in nostalgia for the golden age of Trump, DJT narrowly beats Biden in terms of favorability, and most Americans believe that Trump was a better president.  This is big, people!  Biden's fall from grace has been rapid and dramatic.  None of this guarantees Republicans victory in 2022 or 2024, but it does give us a huge opportunity.  If Trump plays his cards right, he may have a very good shot at reelection -- and if the Dem candidate is someone even less popular than Biden (Kam-Kam comes to mind), then Trump's chances go up even more.  And, if there's a major terrorist attack, or a flood of new "migrants", or more crime, or a neverending pandemic, or a recession, then Trump could even be the oddsmakers' favorite in 2024.  Imagine the Dems' horror!!!

Monday, September 20, 2021

The Silent Victims of Affirmative Action


Friends, the repackaging of racial quotas as "equity" isn't fooling me, but unfortunately it is fooling a broad swath of the American public.  As hiring and promotion decisions are increasingly based not on recognizing merit, but on achieving some "diversity metric" that shifts depending on leftist whims, more and more Americans will be left out in the cold.  They will be denied opportunities and recognition that they deserve, based solely on their race or gender.  And that, in case anyone has forgotten, is wrong, period.  What makes this insidious trend hard to combat is the fact that the vast majority of such decisions occur behind closed doors, and the vast majority of victims don't even know they are victims.  Occasionally, though, we achieve brief moments of clarity, as you'll see here:

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Can the Dems Ride COVID Hysteria All the Way to Victory in 2022?


Friends, many of you are responding to the Biden Administration's increasingly authoritarian, coercive approach to combating the COVID pandemic by asking, "What are they thinking?  Don't they know the American people won't stand for such tyranny?"  Well, you might want to start asking the opposite question: Are Dem mandates actually smart politics, designed to distract us from their policy failures and weaponize COVID, once again, against Republicans and conservatives?  It sure looks that way.  Consider that most Americans truly are scared out of their wits by the pandemic.  Polls show that strong majorities of voters support almost any COVID mandate you can think of.  Ergo, the Dems have decided that, if they can't beat COVID, they'll join it -- metaphorically, at least.  They'll utilize the opportunity that an ongoing pandemic affords them to expand government spending and oversight, to dictate massive changes to daily life in the name of "public health", and, above all, to blame Trump, Trumpers, and "right-wingers" everywhere both for initially causing the pandemic and for exacerbating it by failing to comply with the mitigation measures recommended by scientists and doctors.  It's a line of attack that worked pretty well in 2020.  Can it work again in 2022, even 2024?  We shall see.  The difference this time is that Americans are feeling some pandemic fatigue.  They're tired of being bossed around.  The other difference is that the Dems are now in charge of our pandemic response, broadly speaking, so our failure to contain COVID cannot but be seen as, in part, a reflection on Joe Biden's leadership, or lack thereof...


Here's another lefty analysis, this time about why General Mark Milley was right to assure the Chinese that, if Trump ordered an attack against them, he (Milley) would give them advance warning.  What a stand up guy, huh?  The rationalizations here are something.  Sure, avoiding war with China is a good idea.  I guess, by that logic, any U.S. Navy Captain who sails his ship into Shanghai harbor and surrenders it to the Chinese is a big-time patriot, because he's reduced the chances of naval warfare between our two countries.  Uh huh.  Milley is a scoundrel, and the fact that the Dems don't care is genuinely scary.  For them, Trump-hatred is the ultimate, and maybe the only, test of one's virtue.  Fidelity to the Constitution is an irrelevance, from their perspective, because Donald Trump was never really the legitimate president anyway.  Any military officer who refused to follow his orders was, in effect, a hero to the Left.  Is it time, therefore, to consider General Milley for the Order of Lenin?  I think so! 

And you can file this one under "we see (only) what we want to see".  The mainstream media is struggling mightily to conceal the mess on our southern border from the American people, and the worse that mess gets, the less attention they pay to it.  Is there a breaking point, however -- a point beyond which even the Bidenist hacks who run the mainstream media will have to acknowledge that, uhhh yeah, the border is kinda porous, after all?  We shall see.

Friday, September 17, 2021

The GOP: Trumpier Than Ever!


Friends, many of us suspect that RINO Trump-haters like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are not long for this world, politically speaking, because their outspokenness re: the "insurrection" dooms them to defeat in any Republican primary.  We shall see.  Anyway, yesterday Trump scored an easy win over another of his Republican critics: Anthony Gonzalez, the Ohio Congressman.  Gonzalez was among only ten House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump for "inciting an insurrection".  Seeing the writing on the wall, though, Gonzalez has decided not to run for reelection.  Good riddance, Tony!  Not every Republican has to love Trump, but casting your fellow conservatives and Republicans as traitors and slavering domestic terrorists isn't helping matters any.  We hope you enjoy your early retirement!  Maybe you can get a job as a commentator at CNN?


In other news, it appears that many restaurants in NYC aren't enforcing the ordinance there that insists that only the vaccinated can dine inside.  The legality of many vaccine mandates is iffy, to say the least, but even if they are found to be legal they may not be enforceable, in a practical sense.  How many policemen want to go around writing tickets for "failure to be vaccinated"? 

Finally, great news for anyone who believes in fiscal sanity: Senator Joe Manchin is sticking to his guns, and to his opposition to the Dems' pie-in-the-sky $3.5 trillion spending bill.  If he means business, then Biden's signature proposal, and the lynchpin of the Dems' plans to expand government, is sunk.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Are Conservatives Too Wimpy To Tackle the Left?


Friends, leading conservatives, and rank-and-file Republicans, have been accused for decades of wimpiness -- the suggestion being that we roll over, or at best we wag our fingers spinelessly, as radical leftists infiltrate all our institutions, cancel and humiliate their enemies and critics, and twist America into a neo-Marxist hellhole.  There's a certain amount of truth to the charge.  Conservatives are generally polite, deferential, compliant, and risk-averse.  And that's the point of the Dems' obsession with "white supremacy" and January 6th, after all: they're trying to bully us into silence, into crawling back under our rock and staying there.  And, in a distressingly high number of cases, those tactics will work.

All this is the subject of this fine article.  Check it out:


As the controversy over General Mark Milley's demi-treason intensifies, President Trump is reminding us that Milley didn't tell him anything about his overtures to China.  No kidding!  Why would he do that?  My response is simple: Milley is a disgrace and a political, partisan, ideological hack -- and, yes, a "nutjob" -- masquerading as an Army General, BUT he was also DONALD TRUMP'S CHOICE to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff!  And what does that tell you about Trump's judgement???  Nothing very flattering.  The truth is that one big reason that Donald Trump is no longer president is because his administration was shot through with closet Bolsheviks plotting against him.  The least we could have expected of Trump, if you ask me, is that he might have purged the highest ranks of the military and the bureaucracy of traitorous Marxists...and yet he didn't achieve even that.  If Trump wants another shot at the presidency, he better have a far better strategy for how to ensure the loyalty of his aides and advisors.  Otherwise, a second Trump Administration would be an exercise in futility. 

Much attention these days is focused on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who refuses to endorse the Dems' $3.5 trillion spending package.  Senator Sinema of Arizona is also a holdout, though, and, as Bernie Sanders admits at the end of this article, both of the Dems' big spending bills face defeat unless both Manchin and Sinema fall in line -- and fast.


Remember when Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the election -- probably handing a "victory" to Joe Biden, despite the story's complete accuracy?  Well, now they say, "The intelligence community made us do it!"  This naturally comes as no surprise.  OF COURSE lefty spooks would be helping Joe Biden in the election's 11th hour.  Turns out they were spreading "misinformation", but hey -- once the votes are counted, no one really cares, do they? 

Finally, if the 2024 GOP primary was held today, the winner would be...well, you already know the answer.  The interesting thing is how little progress other potential candidates for the nomination have made.  I even see signs here that Ron DeSantis's grip on second place in Republicans' hearts is loosening.  If it ain't Trump, I have no idea who it will be, but I'm pretty sure Trump wants it to be Trump, and so that's by far the most likely outcome.

TV: A Faltering Medium?


Friends, as you will no doubt know, the TV business ain't what it used to be.  Millions of Americans are switching off the goggle-box in favor of streaming services and other, more technologically advanced, entertainment options.  Broadcast and cable TV audiences have shrunk, in many cases, therefore, and what audiences remain are harder to measure than ever.  My latest article tackles the declining accuracy of the fabled "Nielsen Ratings", and what needs to be done to restore confidence in TV ratings, which are critical to advertisers, in particular.  It's not a partisan political issue, per se -- although the Nielsen Company is deplorably woke -- but it's an interesting one.  This article was published by "The Center Square", a news website I had never heard of before, but which I'm very glad to be featured in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Turning the Tide


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil will, as usual, knock your proverbial socks off (your literal socks should be unaffected). In terms of history, Brian and I discuss the German defeat in the aerial Battle of Britain, caused as much by German hubris as by the balance of forces; the deployment of tanks for the first time ever at the Battle of the Somme in 1916, and all that armored warfare meant for 20th century conflict; and the role of the mass media in determining the outcome of the U.S. Civil Rights movement.

In terms of current events, Brian and I cover the politics and legality of vaccine mandates, whether or not conservatives can be fired because of their opinions, the searing contempt that leftists have for Trump supporters, Republicans, and conservatives, the future of the internal combustion engine and your own gasoline-powered car or truck, and more!  

Don't miss it.  You'd never forgive yourself if you did...


In other news, the dastardly Dems won the recall election in California -- handily, by the looks of it.  This proves little, except that California is a blue state, Larry Elder is a less than ideal candidate for high office, and Trump-hatred remains a powerful motivator on the Left.  To those of you who live in the Golden State, you have my sympathy!


The news about General Mark Milley's overtures to communist China, and his planned defiance of the lawful orders of his Commander-in-Chief, is extremely troubling.  I echo the sentiments of Senator Rubio -- although merely firing Milley may be insufficient.  A court-martial may be in order? 

Finally, while the Dems crow over California, they might want to gird their loins for a tough campaign in 2022!  Biden's numbers are looking worse and worse.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Friend or Foe?


Compadres, the recent publication of a report detailing contacts between some of the 9/11 hijackers and various Saudi nationals was, we assume, meant to cast the Saudi regime in a bad light, and presumably was meant also to justify the Biden Administration's pivot towards Iran and away from "The Kingdom".  Well, I'm not buying it.  For all the talk of Saudi complicity in the 9/11 attacks, no one has ever demonstrated that the Saudi government had foreknowledge of the terrorists' plans or approved of them or abetted them in any sense.  I view Saudi Arabia as one of our strongest and most reliable allies in the region -- and, as the Iranians flex their muscles, aggravating the Saudis makes less and less sense all the time.  I said as much in a recent interview with Sputnik News.  Check it out:


The insane COVID restrictions that have been inflicted on America's children since March 2020 truly boggle the mind, and their long-term effects on child development are scary to contemplate.  As this article suggests, it's time to SAVE THE CHILDREN -- from the adults trying to muzzle and imprison them! 

Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida is trying to pare back his state's testing requirements for children.  In other words, he's not a fan of standardized tests.  I respectfully disagree.  Results on standardized tests correlate very well with academic performance and intelligence more generally.  The movement to abolish testing is tantamount to an attempt to abolish merit, objective standards, and competition.  Ultimately, we need to know who's succeeding, and who's failing.  I can't think of a better way to find out than...with a test!


Finally, did you know that you can be fired from your job just for asking questions about the wisdom of recognizing transgender "women" as women?  Your company might even ask your opinion...and then you could be terminated for having the temerity to express it!  Alaska Airlines sounds like a business that no conservative, and no Christian, should ever patrionize. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Can Democrats Sell Ice to an Eskimo?


Friends, the Dems face a serious dilemma in 2022: their party is led by a man who is increasingly unpopular, and who more and more independent and swing voters consider incompetent and befuddled, at best, and tyrannical and mentally unfit, at worst.  So what's a lefty to do?  Obviously, you can't give up the ghost and hand both houses of Congress to the GOP.  So you do what smart progressives always do: you try to change the subject.  You try to fight on more favorable ground.  You concede that Biden is a dolt, but you point out that the party of Trump, "white supremacy", and insurrections is a thousand times worse.  The article below is about how the Dems may tackle this challenge.  The arguments for reelecting Democrats may seem absurd to you and me, but we shouldn't underestimate them.  We should see these attempts at misdirection coming, and we should be ready to defuse them.


In other news, Democrats and liberals really, really hate us.  They see Trump and Trumpers as analogues to Klansmen, Nazis, and the Spanish Inquisition.  (Sorry -- the "Hispanic" Inquisition.)  There's good news here, though: Dems and progressives are so unhinged in their hatreds and detached from reality that they may truly believe that all they have to do is say "January 6th" and the American electorate will fall at their feet in November 2022 and beyond.  Or they may think that, as long as Trump remains the standard-bearer of the GOP, they have nothing to fear from Republicans.  They may, in short, be that dumb.  And that's something we can use to our advantage. 

Finally, if the Left has its way, the gasoline-powered automobile will be a relic of the past, and in the foreseeable future too.  Personally, I have nothing against electric cars, but I don't much relish the thought of being forced to drive one, and nor do I think that such mandates and regulations will have any measurable effect on "the climate", writ large.  Anyway, if you enjoy driving cars and/or trucks powered by fossil fuels, then make sure you don't reside in California or New York by 2035.  Find yourself a nice, deep red state to hunker down in.  You'll be glad you did.

The Children Are Our Future



Friends, I'm sure you've seen this gem already.  Where are all the kiddies with "We Love Biden" t-shirts???  Curious, isn't it?

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Twenty Years, Going On A Thousand...


Friends, I was never as obsessed with the damage done to our country by Al Qaeda terrorists on 9/11 as many conservatives -- it seems to me that we overreacted to the threat of terrorism, which has always been, in the grand scheme of things, minimal -- but nonetheless it strikes me as extraordinary how focused our country became on defeating Islamic terrorism in the immediate aftermath of those attacks, and how indifferent we are to the same threat today.  We are, it seems, a people with astonishingly short attention spans and horribly attenuated imaginations.  For a while after 9/11, we spent money wildly, we thrust ourselves in innumerable foreign conflicts, and we overrode many of our own liberties, because we simply couldn't imagine that any concern or challenge could be as important as sticking it to Osama.  Well, fast forward to 2021, and we're as fixated on COVID now as we were on Al Qaeda then.  Sure, both terrorism and viruses are nasty, and both will kill you, especially if you get spectacularly unlucky, or live life with utter carelessness, but the truth is that heart disease, and unemployment, and divorce, and moral depravity, and drugs, pose a far greater danger to the average American than terrorism or COVID ever will, or ever could.  There are dangers and challenges that we face every day, and that we dismiss, or that we overlook, because of their prosaic nature.  And then there are those extraordinary threats that come along very rarely, but which, because of their novelty and their peculiar horrors, rivet us and ensnare our subconscious. These burgeoning obsessions, though, are often, in themselves, more of a genuine threat and/or burden than the shadowy perils that are their putative focus.  I mean, how much damage has the fear of COVID done versus COVID itself?  You tell me.  I guess what I'm trying to say is this: the greatest takeaway from 9/11 and its long aftermath for me is that people are dumb.  And, the more frightened we become, the dumber we get.  That much, I suspect, will never change.

In other news, here's a great article on the corruption that is seeping into Hollywood via Red China.  "Corruption" may be a strong word, though, because for the most part China doesn't have to pay off Hollywood bigwigs.  The tantilizing promise of vast profits in the "China market" is enough to convince most big studios to cave to China's demands even before those demands are made.  If there's one iron rule in this topsy-turvy 21st century world of ours, it's this: the Chinese get away with EVERYTHING.  Why?  Because everyone wants a piece, however small, of their ever-expanding economy.  It's that simple.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

History Done the Right Way -- The WaddyIsRIght Way!


Friends, check out my latest article, soon to appear at World Net Daily.  I argue that President Trump is right to rally to the defense of Robert E. Lee, Confederate and American hero, and the Left is wrong to try to divide us into historical and contemporary heroes and villains, based solely on race, gender, and identity politics.

Robert E. Lee and the Lessons of History

President Trump once again has placed himself on the right side of history, by lamenting the recent removal and desecration of the Robert E. Lee-on-horseback statue that adorned Richmond, Virginia's Monument Avenue.

Trump declared that Lee “should be remembered as perhaps the greatest unifying force after the [Civil] war was over, ardent in his resolve to bring the North and South together through many means of reconciliation and imploring his soldiers to do their duty in becoming good citizens of this country”.

No one could have said it better. How indeed can we bring America together in the 21st century by canceling the very heroes who dedicated their lives to the task of national reconciliation and renewal? And, if gentle souls, pious Christians, and selfless (if flawed) patriots like Robert E. Lee are beyond the pale, who will be left to admire?

More importantly, though, we should reject the latest campaign against Robert E. Lee and Southern pride for the simple reason that it is inspired by the same neo-Marxist ideology that underlays critical race theory, which is currently warping the minds of America's schoolchildren.

Leftists believe that history is nothing more than a pantheon of heroes and villains, chosen by them, to drive home the more fundamental lesson that all of us are defined by our racial, ethnic, religious, and gender-based identities, which in turn cast as either victims or oppressors, as good or evil, for all time, regardless of any actions we take as individuals in our own lifetimes. In other words, we study history for one reason only: to remind ourselves how right “progressives” are when they castigate us for our “whiteness”, our Christianity, or our Y-chromosomes, or when they praise us for our BIPOC heritage, our secular humanism, or our femininity or our status as “transgender”.

Elements of history that portray any kind of ambiguity, on the other hand – like Robert E. Lee, who was both a traitor and a patriot, a slaveowner and a champion of liberty – are to be erased, or demonized, because they confuse the issue. And “the issue”, in case any one is in further doubt, is the ongoing moral imperative, as the leftist sees it, to take up arms against the forces of “white supremacy”, Christian fundamentalism, patriarchy, and homophobia/transphobia, which, we're constantly assured, still dominate very aspect of American and Western culture. Yeah, right!

Robert E. Lee is a historical luminary beloved especially of Southern whites, and we all know which side of history's moral ledger these reprobates belong on, as far as the Left is concerned. Southern whites have no right to feel pride or self-respect, as the progressives see it, because their history, and their current social standing, are permanently stained by the sins of slavery and racism.

Of course, one could say exactly the same thing about the Democratic Party, which stood for generations for both slavery and segregation, but if there is one thing that the Left believes in almost as fervently as its binary/Manichean interpretation of history's moral lessons, it is double standards. Thus – presto! – the Democrats get a pass. The South emphatically does not.

There is, however, a deeper truth in American and Western history, and it is one that the Left is laboring mightily to obscure. It is the simple fact that all of us, in terms of our national, racial, religious, gender-based, or familial history, have ample reason to feel both pride and shame. There is no Southerner alive, of any race, who is ignorant of the horrors and injustices that some of his ancestors committed. Likewise, we – all of us – can point with pride to forebears who exemplified some species of excellence, or virtue, or wisdom, or courage, and we are entitled to do so. We take the good with the bad, in other words.

The Left's latest victory – against a mute, impassive, utterly defenseless statue – should not deflate us. They won this battle, yes, but they will not, they cannot, win the wider war they are waging against the human condition itself.

They might wish to imprison half of America eternally in the chains of shame, based on identity politics alone, but the basic truth of our individual and collective moral complexity will always set us free.

Simply put, we are all oppressors, and we are all victims. We are all good, and we are all bad. We are mere mortals, so how could it be otherwise?

Robert E. Lee was a great man partly because he never believed that he was or could be anything but a poor sinner. It's that humility that Lee's modern detractors entirely lack. And for that reason we are right to oppose their arrogant dictates and demands with every fiber of our beings.

We are equally right to pity them, however, for, in denying the agency and humanity of their enemies, they also inevitably deny it to themselves. How sad.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at WND: 




In addition, check out this story, about a sweeping new initiative from the Biden Administration to pressure the unvaccinated to "get the jab"...or else!  You know my view: I'm pleased as punch to be pumped full of Pfizer, but I'll defend to the death (or at least to mild discomfiture) your right to stay unvaccinated. 

It looks like Biden and friends have been rescued (from their own incompetence) by the courts, which are mandating the renewal of President Trump's Remain-in-Mexico policy for asylum seekers.  Good!  The migrant activists will be hopping mad, but maybe this is the first step to getting back control over our borders.


Finally, we all know that, in terms of national politics, what happens in red states and blue states is pretty redundant.  It's the purple states, the swing states, that determine victory or defeat on a national scale -- and in those critical states Sleepy Joe is way, way underwater.  I can just see the beads of sweat breaking out of the foreheads of the Rod Squad... 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Taking "Desecration" To A Whole New Level


Friends, authorities in Richmond, Virginia have long been painting obscene messages, as it were, on the canvas of the famous Robert E. Lee statue there, but today they took their dissrespect for the dead to a whole new level by removing the statue and cutting it into bite-sized pieces.  And thus Robert E. Lee, who President Trump has rightly praised as "the greatest unifying force after the [Civil] war was over, ardent in his resolve to bring the North and South together through many means of reconciliation", is chucked into the dustbin of history.  He deserves far better.  Shame on you, Richmond!  Let's hope the GOP takes back the Virginia Governor's mansion and the House of Delegates in November 2021.  That would teach the enemies of our nation's glorious heritage a valuable lesson!


Here's an impassioned letter from a college professor who is resigning his position to protest his institution's subservience to wokery.  What he has been through as a defender of liberty is chilling -- and consider that he, unlike most Americans, is protected by tenure!  How much more vulnerable, therefore, must be the vast majority of conservatives fighting the good fight against cancel culture, political correctness, and "diversity, equity, and inclusion", a.k.a. race-baiting, misanthropy, and victimology...


It's a shame what's become of the NFL, which I still very much enjoy as a spectator.  Here's hoping the woke messaging pushed by the League will be less strident this year than last. 

As signs multiply that the Dems may be unable to pass either the $1 trillion infrastructure bill negotiated with some Senate Republicans or the $3.5 trillion monstrosity that they've cooked up on their own, Chuck Schumer seems to be betting that sheer bluster can get the job done.  He doesn't have the 50 votes he needs, but he thinks that, if he pretends he does, peer pressure can get Joe Manchin to fall in line.  I wouldn't bet on it!


Things are getting ugly, polling-wise, for Sleepy Joe.  It bears mentioning that this poll assumes a national demographic baseline of 10 percentage points more Democrats than Republicans, which is a farce.  In other words, Biden's true "pole/poll position" is actually worse than these numbers make it look.  Of course, much can change between now and November 2022, but the deteroriation in the public's appraisal of Joe Biden and Co. has been rapid and severe. In my view, only the definitive end of the COVID pandemic between now and the mid-terms could meaningfully alter the political environment in the Dems' favor.  On the other hand, plenty of other things could go wrong, potentially worsening the Dems' prospects.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The U.S. Constitution: Wastepaper No More!


Friends, I was honored to be present when the legislature of Cattaraugus County, New York recently passed a resolution affirming its commitment to the U.S. Constitution, declaring that it will be a "constitutional sanctuary" resolutely opposed to the infringement of our sacred rights, and rewriting the county's mission statement in tribute to the principles of limited government and maximum freedom.  It was a great pleasure to see the organizing efforts of "We the People", a local, grassroots organization led by the redoubtable Brenda Hanson, bear fruit.  It was frankly flabbergasting to see the County Legislature vote unanimously to support the U.S. Constitition, and to lay the groundwork for further acts of resistance to federal/state tyranny.  Bravo!  Those of you who live in other counties and states should consider following in "We the People's" footsteps...

The Wages of Cancel Culture


Friends, have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the wrong end of "cancel culture"?  Here's an article that describes the ordeal brilliantly.  This brave soul managed to transcend his own cancellation and come out of the experience stronger than ever.  As he points out, that's not what usually happens.  Typically all that's left when the Twitter mob is done with you is the wreckage of a once-promising life, career, and reputation.


Speaking of cancel culture, would you believe that being pro-life is a career-ending offense?  Oh, in some quarters it is!  Witness this gaming CEO and his misadventures. 

Our old friend Robert E. Lee got cancelled years ago, in most cases, but his statue in Richmond, the old Confederate capital, is only being torn down tomorrow.  It's the end of an era.  Or, to look at it another way, it's the beginning of a new era: the age in which only "woke" manifestations of history are permissible.


I swear, we're getting to the end of this "cancel" bit...  Bear with me.


It's looking more and more like men might be cancelled in American higher ed.  They've been shrinking as a share of college students and college graduates for decades (not to mention of professors and administrators).  It's getting to the point where two-thirds of degrees will soon be awarded to women.  And does academia have a brilliant plan to save men from their "systemic" underrepresentation?  Hardly!  Many leftist ideologues celebrate the terminal decline of the male sex.  Besides which, wouldn't it be better to replace men with some new transgender formulation anyway?  There could be women and...non-women.  Better yet: women and drones!  We could learn a thing or two from our bee cousins, surely. 

How determined is the leftist media to portray Republicans/conservatives/Christians/rural residents as ignoramuses?  Very!  They've fabricated a narrative about stupid Trumpers guzzling horse medicine en masse to satisfy their own vanity and spite.  Now they've got egg on their faces, because so few of their claims turn out to be true.


Congrats to the Lone Star State for making passage of its new election integrity bills official!  Only a cretin would think that the lack of, say, drive-through voting will cause a catastrophic, or even noticeable, decline in voter turnout.  Personally, I'm confident that the GOP will perform very well in the 2022 and 2024 elections in Texas, but that's not because voting laws were tightened up incrementally.  It's because the Dems are demonstrating every day how little they can be trusted to lead our country. 


Here's an excellent argument, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, for vigorous new federal regulation targeting Big Tech.  Now, I'm usually no proponent of more government, but realistically we may have to concede that allowing these massive tech conglomerates to run rampant could be fatal for freedom and democracy.  Ergo, it's time to act. 

Finally, one might well ask: "Where in the world is Kamala Harris?"  She's been virtually invisible ever since Sleepy Joe stubbed his metaphorical toe in the sands of Afghanistan.  One of two things is happening: Kamala wants to avoid the mess "President" Biden has created, OR Biden wants Kamala out of the way because he's afraid that calls will grow for him to step aside in her favor.  It's possible, of course, that both of these things could be true.  Either way, it's amusing to see team "Biden-Harris" fracture so publicly.

Monday, September 6, 2021

What Were They THINKING???


Friends, it was just months ago that tens of millions of Americans -- most of them women, to their eternal shame -- streamed to the polls (or licked a stamp) to cast a vote for Joe Biden, savior of America's "soul", the one man who could drive a stake through the heart of Trump-ula (that's Trump + Dracula, in case my witticism eludes you)...  Now, quite a few of these Biden voters feel duped.  They feel a keen sense of regret.  Zogby Analytics is measuring this regret, and the results are quite stunning.  Bidenists across the board are getting ancy, but men, urban residents, people of color, and young people are among those most likely to experience buyer's remorse when it comes to Sleepy Joe.  It bears repeating that the last election was decided by the slimmest of margins, in terms of control of the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  Ergo, the political migration of even a million voters, let alone the tens of millions implicated in this poll, is potentially catastrophic for the Democrats.  Food for thought!


Here's an interesting piece about the persistence of chip shortages that are making it impossible for the public's demand for new cars to be met.  COVID is at the root of a lot of our supply chain problems, but it's not all about China.  Many key ingredients in the global supply chain come from elsewhere in Asia, and some of these countries are getting hit by the dreaded virus now more than ever.  This, I suppose, is but one of the downsides of a globalized, interconnected, interdependent world: when things go south in Manila, or Kuala Lumpur, or Taipei, we feel it here too.  The solution, as always, is to drive a 1993 Cadillac Sedan de Ville.  I guess there's a chip in there somewhere, but it's probably just a moldy old potato chip.  Problem solved! 

One of the principal signs that we've got Biden on the run, politically speaking, is that he'll start to reconsider some of his most boneheaded policies, like our open border with Mexico.  It looks like his administration is now tinkering with the idea of resuming Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy for asylum seekers.  Personally, I think my approach to illegal migration, which is trebuchet-based, would work better, but we'll take what we can get!


Is China getting pushier with Taiwan, partially in reaction to perceived U.S. weakness in the wake of our exit from Afghanistan?  This bears watching. 

Finally, it looks like a lot of Americans will be celebrating Labor Day by...getting off their duffs and working for a living!  Those enhanced unemployment benefits that have paid millions to twiddle their thumbs are finally expiring.  Expect much better service at your favorite diner!