Sunday, March 21, 2021

Off With Their Heads!


Friends, "cancel culture" grows more merciless by the day.  The latest casualty?  Western New York/Southern Tier Congressman Tom Reed, who has cancelled himself because of an incident between him and a young lady back in 2017.  Reed seemed set on running for New York Governor in 2022, and he had even moved substantially to the center politically in recent months to make that bid more realistic.  Reed was one of the first Republican Congressmen to endorse Donald Trump in 2016, so his descent into RINOism of late distressed many of his constituents -- and it didn't exactly endear him to me either.  Be that as it may, the destruction of a political career over a misadventure in a bar seems profoundly unfortunate.  Tom Reed may be incapable of forgiving himself, but I for one say he deserves a second chance, especially given how contrite he is about his mistake.  In any case, repairing his relationship with his loved ones is ultimately more important than running for any office.  I wish Congressman Reed and his family all the best.


  1. Nick,

    At least Cuomo has the balls to tell the shrieking blue-haired school marms to go to hell. Oh well, we knew Tom was useless, God has given us an out.

    - Lee

  2. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: I'm really sad about this development; he appears to have confirmed it happened. Maybe he could earn a second chance; at least he won't need a 15009th chance like Cuomo. I want to find out more about Elise Stefanik, an apparently enthusiastic Trumpian, who is considered a prospect. The Dem candidate will probably be of theNapoleonic cast they seem to have permanently embraced.

  3. This is The American version of a Communist regime non-person. Same thing. Comrade whoever, screws up and gets sent to a labor camp, or gets "liquidated". In the U.S. he/she just fades out of sight after making the obligatory "public grovel". I have to hand it to Jimmy Swaggart though. He was "defrocked) but just went out and started his own church, and has bigger bucks and more prestige than ever. Ha! Ha!

  4. Dr. Waddy fromJack: This speculation only on my part; I have no knowledge of former Senator Young's views on this: I would love to see Tom Reed's discreditation open the way for her to return to public office. If she ran for Congress she would certainly win. She is an indefatigable voter favorite in our area and would be an outstanding addition to a GOP House in 2023 and would protect the seat against unrepresentative Dem incursion. Governor? She was a leader in the State Senate until the Dem tidal wave crested. Would she have a chance? Perhaps against Kathy Hochul, a most un "NewYawky" person. Perhaps the electorate has had its fill of the overinflated egos it has empowered in this "Empire" principality and would welcome a down to earth daughter of rural life. My thoughts only.

  5. True, Lee. Cuomo has moxie. Anyone can see that. Reed's situation is odd, on the face of it, so maybe there's more to the story than meets the eye. In any event, WNY can do better. I agree 100% on that score.

    Jack, I know you were a Reed fan. Probably you met him in person and found him likeable. I know the Wolfingers were impressed by him. Clearly the man has demons. Let's hope he finds peace and fulfillment in retirement.

    Ray, as I think Swaggart, Cuomo, and Trump have all proven, America rewards shamelessness!!! Maybe not always right away, but we do like a good comeback story. Plus, we should never underestimate the power of those simple words, "I'm sorry." They can be immensely disarming. Not to mention the fact that God ALWAYS gives second chances. If He can forgive us, then surely we ought to be prepared to forgive one another...

    Hmm. Cathy Young, huh? Interesting suggestion. I guess she resigned because of some intraparty squabbles... This could be a chance for a comeback.