Saturday, July 31, 2021

History On Trial


Friends, these days every kind of speech you can imagine is potentially offensive, and historical analysis is no exception.  It came as only a minor surprise, therefore, to learn that a Jewish scholar was recently censored by Instagram for sharing completely objective and unprovocative historical observations about Adolf Hitler's accession to the leadership of the Nazi Party in 1921.  As this article goes on to point out, it's not that Instagram bans all mention of Hitler.  Seemingly, the post in question got caught up in the site's imperfect algorithms that are designed to intercept content that is "white supremacist" or otherwise undesirable.  And that's an issue, because increasingly decisions about what views can and can't be expressed on social media will, inevitably, be made by computers, not people.  And that leads us to an interesting question: who do we conservatives trust less to make such judgements: (leftist) people, or the computers that these (leftist) people program to do their bidding?  It's a Sophie's choice situation, no?


In other news, the re-proliferation of mask mandates is making big news.  The federal government is pushing masking and vaccination, and some stores are following suit, but Walmart, apparently, has decided not to mandate masking in any of its stores, including those in "high risk" areas for COVID.  That's significant.  Walmart apparently thinks it can push around its employees, but not necessarily its customers.  That may not be a particularly moral distinction, but it probably is a realistic one.  On the other hand, red states are being proactive about criminalizing mask mandates, which would essentially head the CDC off at the pass.  We could soon see dueling state and federal mandates, therefore.  It could be a real mess -- I mean, bigger even than the current mess!


There's no question that, in a fair, one-on-one fight, Liz Cheney is a no-hoper in 2022 to get the Republican nomination in order to retain her own seat in the House.  The only danger is that the anti-Cheney opposition will be hopelessly divided.  I agree with President Trump: we can and will unify to ensure that this doesn't happen.  Maybe Liz will run as an independent anyway?  Best of luck to her.  I feel confident that her days are done in Wyoming, but her role on the national stage in 2024 is a big question mark.


There are several sharp turns that the "experts" took in early 2020, and then in the summer of 2021, regarding the origin story of COVID-19.  First they were open to natural or lab-based explanations of the origin of the disease.  Then they unified around the idea that the virus came from bats, and any suggestion to the contrary was a "conspiracy theory" --  and probably racist too!  Then, just as suddenly, the scientific community became agnostic on the issue, and chose to admit that the lab origin theory might just be plausible, after all.  These shifts are curious.  Certainly they serve to reduce the credibility of "experts" in general.  They also may be suggestive of behind-the-scenes coordination of the COVID narrative -- maybe even illicit coordination that eschews almighty SCIENCE in favor of political correctness.


Finally, conservatives are rightly focused on the violations of free speech perpetrated by Big Tech, but, as this article points out, they should also be concerned about efforts to "debank" the right -- meaning to deny conservatives access to banking and a wide array of financial transactions.  It's all a part of the "Great Shunning" of right-wingers like you and me that is only in its infancy, and could therefore get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Breaker! Breaker! You Got a 20 on Sleepy Joe?


Friends, remember that awesome show from the late 70s, called "B.J. and the Bear", about a trucker and his pet chimpanzee, roaming the highways and byways of America, looking for love in all the wrong places...  Well, apparently Sleepy Joe remembers the golden age of truckers, because he's convinced himself that he was one.  You can't make this stuff up!  Someone should fiddle with the knobs on the CB radio in Biden's head -- something ain't right up there...


In other news, a whole bunch of Republicans are asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, because "Congress and the States have shown that they are ready and able to address the issue in ways that reflect Americans’ varying viewpoints and are grounded in the science of fetal development and maternal health".  Yeah, I guess all that's true, but to me the bigger issue is the Constitution, which is supposed to decide these questions.  Sorry, but a right to an abortion just ain't in there!  And that should be that.


The Dems are attempting a slick maneuver in Congress whereby they pass an infrastructure bill with some Republican support, and then they pass another bill with even more spending that Republicans wouldn't agree to in the first bill.  And presto: the Dems get everything they want!  That's the way it's supposed to work, anyway.  The problem is that every single Dem in the Senate needs to play along, and our old pals Manchin and Sinema aren't.  That puts the whole enterprise in jeopardy, because the Dems in the House won't pass Bill No. 1 unless Bill Nos. 1 & 2 pass through the Senate first.  The Dems are in real danger of getting none of what they want, therefore.  The country, however, is still in danger of them getting most of what they want...but hey -- what's a little more debt?  When you're headed for bankruptcy anyway, you might as well go all out...


Some Republicans in the House are asking why Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who are effectively caucusing with Democrats as far as the Jan. 6th committee is concerned, are still in the GOP Conference.  It's a darn good question!  They shouldn't be.  They can form their own little conference: the Purified Republicans, or maybe the Democratic-Republicans, or maybe the non-Republicans.  We here at WaddyIsRight call them what they are: Pelosi Republicans!


Living in an apartment is pretty nice, but the downside is that every month you're expected to pay rent.  Luckily, the Dems have an answer to that problem: abolish evictions, which is to say: abolish rent!  Sure, apartments would in no time be characterized by Soviet Bloc-style delapidation, and most landlords would be destitute, but that's a small price to pay for "housing equity".


The self-righteousness and arrogance of progressives knows no bounds.  They hurl the most childish insults, and then congratulate themselves on their own wisdom and maturity.  There's only one answer to such egomania: beat them good in several election cycles in a row.  Only a massive slice of humble pie could even begin to bring these space cadets back down to Earth. 

How would you like to live in a world where the government could micromanage, based on its perverse "green" ideology, what you can and can't plug into your own wall sockets?  Bad news: you already do live in such a world!  Blue states are banning certain types of computers, because they draw too much power.  Are you kidding me?  You know what really draws a lot of power: electric cars.  Maybe we should ban them too.  Oy.


Finally, speaking of cars, the average price of a new car in the good ole USA has hit a record high: over $40k!  Yikes.  Part of the reason is all the federal requirements that carmakers have to adhere to.  Part of it is also inflation, and a "chip shortage" that, for retailers, is actually a blessing in disguise.  My advice: drive an old car like I do.  It'll get you from Point A to Point B just as easily, and often much more stylishly!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Spaceballs, Part Deux: Jeff Bezos Has His Sights Set on Uranus!


Friends, Ronald Reagan famously said that the astronauts on board the space shuttle Challenger had blasted off in order to "touch the face of God" in space.  That makes me wonder -- did Jeff Bezos think along the same lines?  And, if so, given his massive ego, did "touching the face of God" mean merely...touching himself?  It's a brainteaser, isn't it?

My latest article discusses Bezos' voyage into orbit in the context of the monopoly and crony capitalism that Amazon, Inc. practices.  See if you don't agree with me that Blue Origins' achievements in space are laudable, but Jeff Bezos' moral fiber is somewhat threadbare.




In other news, pay close attention to Sleepy Joe's tumbling -- well, slipping -- poll numbers.  Every time Biden's job approval edges down, an angel gets its wings! 

This is an analysis of the CDC's recent about-face re: masking for the vaccinated.  I agree with the conclusion: the credibility of the experts is wearing thin at this stage, and I have serious doubts that, if Americans are goaded to "mask up" yet again, compliance will be anywhere near what it was before.


Finally, Republicans are calling on the Biden Administration to do more to free the Cuban people from communist oppression.  I'm no fan of communism, but I'm skeptical that more can or should be done.  I mean, is it really our business to provide internet access to the people of Cuba?  And would it make a profound difference if we did?  Either the Cuban people have the cajones to stand up for themselves, or the regime will probably succeed in reimposing its authority -- that's the reality.  The other question is whether anyone inside the regime is considering "flipping" to the opposition.  That's where street protests and revolutions get interesting, after all... 

Throw the Bum Out?


Friends, as California Governor Gavin Newsom invites bums and bum-ettes worldwide to come live in the Golden State, the current unfortunate inmates of Mexifornia are growing disenchanted with him.  The latest burst of COVID-19 probably doesn't help matters.  Polls indicate that backers of the recall of Gov. Newsom have a chance at victory.  You probably wouldn't want to bet on the recall, given the deep blue complexion of California, but if I were Newsom I wouldn't be resting easy either.


Speaking of polls, the public's optimism is heading south, and so is its opinion of Dear Leader Sleepy Joe.  Any reduction in Biden's approval rating, even by a point or two, has real political consequences, especially to his agenda in Congress.  Check it out. 

No doubt you've heard: the CDC is recommending masks for all -- even the vaccinated -- in areas where the "delta variant" is surging.  I say: good luck with that!  People got vaccinated on the understanding that vaccines work, which they kinda do.  Asking vaccinated people to live by the same rules as unvaccinated people makes little sense.  Requiring anyone to wear masks, when the only people getting serious cases of COVID these days are those who've chosen -- for better or worse -- to leave themselves unprotected, makes even less sense.  I predict that, if there's a widespread effort to enforce masking on the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, millions will respond as the Sheriff of Los Angeles County did: with a big, fat shrug.


Finally, Twitter is at it again, banning any form of "news" that it considers harmful to the integrity and legitimacy of our Bidenist overlords.  For shame.  Now more than ever we need the courts to enforce and protect our First Amendment rights! 

Monday, July 26, 2021

No Wonder Station Wagons Went Out of Style...


Friends, it wasn't so long ago that Mom and Dad would pile in the ole station wagon with Fido and their 2.5 (or 3.5, or 4.5, or 5.5) kids and "See the U.S.A. in [their] Chevrolet".  Well, no more.  Station wagons are passé -- and so are kids.  Fertility rates are crashing to record lows, and in most U.S. counties there are now more deaths than births.  That makes immigration (legal and illegal) about our only hope to avoid a serious demographic decline.  "Super!" says every Dem/progressive in existence, who can't abide the idea of more icky white people anyway.  Let's just replace native-born Americans with Mexicans, Nigerians, and Bangladeshis instead!  It's a novel concept, but I fear it won't be an adequate subsitute for the good, old-fashioned methodology of sexual reproduction.  But then again, sex and gender aren't what they used to be, and it may not be long before we forget how to make babies.  C'est la vie.  Arguably, homo sapiens had a good run.  Maybe it's time to start cloning dinosaurs and let them have another shot at being our planet's apex predators, huh?  My advice to Mr. and Mrs. T-Rex: keeping up with the Joneses is all well and good, but you just haven't lived until you've seen a little baby T-Rex, with those big, watery, pitch-black eyes, staring up at you, knowing that he/she will someday grow up and bite the heads off of velociraptors, just like you did in your salad days...  Bottom line: be fruitful and mutliply, people (and dinosaurs)!!!  It's our prime directive.


In other news, Don, Jr. and Ron DeSantis are tops among Republicans in terms of net favorability.  Meanwhile, Liz Cheney is trolling the depths with a -43 rating!  Ouch.  What does this mean?  Not much, except that Don, Jr. and Ron DeSantis have a leg up, if DJT decides not to run in 2024...but what are the chances of that? 

Speaking of everyone's least favorite Republican, Liz Cheney, she and Adam Kinzinger, Trump-haters par excellence, will be the only GOP Congressmen on Nancy Pelosi's Jan. 6th Committee.  Shame on them.  I fully support efforts to remove these renegades from their appointments on other Congressional committees and sub-committees, which are in the gift of the Republican leader.  Simply put, Liz and Adam aren't members of the Republican Conference anymore -- not in any meaningful sense.  They're creatures of Pelosi, and they should share her fate in 2022: forced retirement and disgrace! 

In education-related news, here's a great analysis of how progressives' use of race preferences in college admissions actually sabotages many black and brown students who, if they attended an institution more in line with their level of ability and preparation, could be more successful in life.  But helping people succeed was never the point of affirmative action in the first place: the point is to burnish the "anti-racist" credentials of higher ed administrators.  In that narrow sense, affirmative action is working like a charm!


And here's a piece of good news: more and more parents are bypassing our woke, neo-Marxist public education system by homeschooling their kids.  Now, if I could figure out how babies were made (I know storks are involved somehow...), I might have kids of my own -- and, if I did, I'd be strongly tempted to homeschool them.  Increasingly, it's the right choice.  Someday, it might be the only choice left to a responsible parent.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Nikolai Waddy: Russia's Favorite Son


Friends, when I'm not taking calls from apparatchiks on my rotary phone, I'm giving interviews to Sputnik News, dispensing my unique brand of analytic excellence to an international audience.  Check out this article in which my commentary plays a prominent part.  It suggests that the harsh penalities meted out to Jan. 6th rioters, and the lenient treatment of anti-police rioters, suggests a two-tiered system of justice in this country, not to mention a whole lot of political favoritism towards rabblerousers on the Left.  It makes a darn good case!  See if you don't agree...


Here's a superb article written by a confidante of mine that suggests a saner, more rational, and more patriotic approach to how classroom teachers could approach the topic of race, compared to the intentional mischief-making of those who push CRT.  And that's followed by another article by a gentleman of my acquaintance who persuasively argues that rational discourse is steadily breaking down in this country, and the rise of political violence is inevitable as civil society crumbles.


In other news, the Cleveland Indians have bowed to pressure from "anti-racists" and renamed themselves the "Cleveland Guardians".  Guardians of what, precisely?  Political correctness? 

A federal appeals court has found the CDC's eviction moratorium unlawful.  It's about time!  How many landlords have been bankrupted by the (socialist) social engineering of our overlords at the CDC?  How many hotels?  Restaurants?  Bars?  Cruise operators?  There's no question that the limited legal authority of public health authorities was massively overstretched during the pandemic.  It may be again, so we need the courts to weigh in double-quick!


Finally, it's not a good sign for the Dems when the President of the United States gets people to turn off their TVs.  Ratings aren't everything, but there's little question that Dem/progressive enthusiasm is flagging compared to 2020.  The only thing that could get lefties fuming again is a strong dose of Donald J. Trump!  Honestly, Trump hatred is the best thing these nutters have going for them.  What will the "Trump Effect" be in 2022?  No one knows.  Least of all Trump. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Is the "Lost Cause" About To Be Rediscovered?


Friends, you might be forgiven for assuming that we'd nipped the idea of secessionism in the bud way back in 1865, when the Confederate States of America went down to defeat in the Civil War.  Not so!  As this article shows, ideas for redrawing the borders of our states and/or separating some of those states from the Union, are proliferating.  What's more, as you'll see in the second article, it isn't always right-wingers who are proposing secession.  Some black -- sorry, Black -- activists also like the idea of creating "autonomous zones" in which they would hold sway.  We conservatives might like to have an "autonomous zone" or two of our own!  Imagine what we could achieve if the lefties would just leave us alone... 

In other news, as you may have heard, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has effectively purified the Dems' new Jan. 6th committee of troublesome Republicans.  Good for her!  Now the Dems can spin their insurrection fairy tales without any grumbling from us.  More power to them!  What I find funny in this article is Pelosi's stated reason for refusing to allow two Republicans to sit on the committee: it's their "statements made and actions taken", you see.  Very illuminating!  Thanks, Nancy, for elaborating such a clear standard for when we Republicans aren't worthy of participating in the democratic process...


That Gavin Newsom is a real piece of work.  Having already flooded his state with belligerent homeless people, now California's Governor is issuing an open invitation to all the homeless people of the world to come live in the Golden State.  Wow!  What could possibly go wrong??? 

In COVID news, Sweden appears to be sitting pretty.  Congrats to the Swedes!  Meanwhile, U.S. life expectancy fell notably in 2020, due mainly to the dreaded virus.  Interestingly, though, it fell more for men than for women.  In fact, there's a huge and growing gap between male and female life expectancy.  You might almost be tempted to conclude that this is a society that practices systemic sexism -- against men!  But that would be crazy, right?  Lastly, based on the fact that only half of one percent of all COVID deaths in Texas now involve vaccinated people, you'd have to conclude that these vaccines work pretty darn well.  I support the right of all Americans to decide for themselves whether they get vaccinated, but the numbers don't lie: if you get "the jab", your COVID worries are more or less over. 

Finally, given that we've almost completely abolished all those ridiculous interstate travel restrictions that so bedeviled us last year, it's more than a little incongruous that the U.S.-Canada border remains closed.  Hey, Biden and Trudeau -- maybe it's time to get a clue?  It makes very little sense to wall off two countries from each other when their vaccine and virus metrics are so similar.  I'd say it's time to LET THOSE CANUCKS ROAM FREE!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Civil War 2.0?


Friends, it goes without saying that all us Trumpers are bloodthirsty super-racists and traitors and what not.  That's why it's no surprise that one of the Left's favorite themes right now is the Civil War, and how Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters are basically neo-Confederates who hate democracy, want to re-institute slavery, and have our AR-15s pointed permanently at America's beating heart.  Well, that's a half truth!  You can't blame the dastardly Dems for spinning fairy tales about how malevolent we are, though -- it's either that or talk about Biden's favorite flavor of ice cream, and no one wants that.

In this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil, we talk about the Dems' use of Civil War tropes to malign conservatives, and we also cover plenty of breaking news, like the outcry over federal-Facebook collusion to suppress free speech, the meandering journey of the Dems' "infrastructure" bills through the Congressional meat grinder, Dem/progressive despondency over their inability to crush the GOP once and for all and institute socialism, the prospects for regime change in Cuba, and my latest article about the hard times that the establishment has fallen on, due to its declining legitimacy.

It's a bang-up show, as always!  Tune in now and get banged!


In other news, congrats to Jeff Bezos for blasting himself into space!  Finally, a rich white guy catches a break...  It's a shame, however, that Bezos felt the need to virtue-signal more or less simultaneously by handing giant checks to a black guy and a Hispanic guy, respectively, to spend on the charities of their choice.  I mean, shouldn't a trip into space be about space, instead of "equity"?  Truthfully, Bezos probably takes a transactional view.  Handing over cash to left-wing activists amounts to "protection money" designed to shield Bezos from Bolshevik persecution/vengeance.  In that sense, it's money well spent. 

Here's a good analysis of the dreaded "Delta variant".  It is a threat -- to those who haven't been vaccinated -- but it's doesn't represent a dramatic shift in the pandemic landscape.


Lastly, racial harmony ain't exactly blossoming under Biden.  Quite the contrary.  The fact is, though, that Democrats can give themselves a pat on the back, because their constant cries of "Racism!" and "White supremacy!" are designed mainly to foster a siege mentality and constant anxiety among blacks.  It's working.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Is the First Amendment On Life Support?


Friends, pretty much everyone agrees that the First Amendment is one of the cornerstones of American democracy and freedom.  Pretty much everyone also agrees that our right to free speech is not unlimited, in the sense that there are indeed contexts in which a person's speech can be regulated, either by public or private authorities.  In-between these two areas of concurrence, there is a massive gray area, in which, some would say, the Left now lurks, eagerly whittling away at our First Amendment rights until they effectively mean nothing.

Ben Stein, for instance, argues that the collusion between the Biden Administration and Big Tech, designed to censor "disinformation", defined mostly by governmental experts, amounts to a death knell for free speech.  He has a point.  He's a little too quick to give up the fight, however.  Yes, the Supreme Court, for instance, has never weighed in on the issue, but to my knowledge it's never been asked to do so.  Trump's big suit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google gives them just such an opportunity.  They need to rise to the challenge.


Meanwhile, in California, a state Appeals Court has ruled that a law that punishes "misgendering", i.e. using the pronouns applicable to a person's biological sex instead of their preferred gender identity, violates the First Amendment -- not so much on the face of it, but because the law was overly broad.  Well, I say that any attempt to force Americans to bow to the gender ideology of the Left, and to endorse the fantasies of the "transgender", would be a violation of the First Amendment.  You can make up any gender you like and claim to be it.  What you can't do is force me to agree with your delusions! 

A Capitol rioter has been sentenced to prison.  It's a mild sentence, however, and most troubling from my perspective is that the defendant endorsed the legitimacy of "President" Biden to obtain a lighter sentence.  Call me crazy (you wouldn't be the first), but I think we should punish criminal acts, not criminal thoughts.  The assumption by so many lawyers defending the Capitol Rioters that a late-stage conversion to Bidenism will elicit the sympathy of the court is more than a little chilling.


Hey, guess what?  Most polling is biased in favor of Democrats!  Gee, what a revelation.  We knew that in 2016, of course, and we were proved right.  Most of us strongly suspected it in 2020 too, and we were again proven right.  As President Trump has observed, however, many polls are "suppression polls".  They're designed to discourage Republicans and conservatives by persuading them that their candidates are destined to lose.  Increasingly, though, these suppression polls don't work, because the "good guys", i.e. us, are mostly tuning out the mainstream media, and we recognize polls from CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post, for instance, as garbage, and rightly so.  But don't worry: you'll see the same bias in 2022 polls as well.  The media will try to create the illusion that the election will be close and the Dems are in striking distance of improving their majorities in both houses.  And then, assuming our elections are still vaguely free and fair, the voters will create a nice, big Red Wave.  Just you wait.


Finally, the Dems' latest line is that anyone who questions the "integrity" of our elections, and of our elections officials, is an insurrectionist, traitorous scumbag.  As this article points out, Democrats themselves have done so in the recent past...and in fact they're doing so in the present, as they suggest that mild election integrity reforms will yield a system of elections that excludes people of color and thus "destroys" American democracy and makes the results of our elections illegitimate.  The Left is good at this, however: they love to accuse us of misdeeds of which they are equally, or much more, guilty.  They can always rely on the media to conceal their hypocrisy, which makes the strategy viable.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Doom and Gloom


Friends, it pains me to relay this news, but a certain air of pessimism is starting to dominate in leftist circles.  Not only are we right-wingers succeeding in "killing democracy" by introducing election integrity measures at the state level, but the glorious promise of Bidenism, and the tantilizing possibilities raised by Democratic control of the House and Senate, are coming to naught as gridlock descends on Washington, D.C. yet again.  The Left can sense its moment of opportunity slipping away...and it depresses and scares the hell out of them!  Check out this article from the Guardian and commiserate, if you choose, or laugh uproariously, if that's more your style.


In other news, the shift of wealthy and well-educated Americans towards the Democrats is creating a new class divide in America -- and the Left is struggling mightily not to notice it. 

Finally, remember how just days ago the Biden Administration gave Facebook and other social media companies their marching orders, telling them to intensify their efforts to crush "disinformation"?  Well, now Facebook is pushing back, refusing to take the blame for the spread of anti-vaxxer propaganda.  Facebook says it's doing a great job of telling us what to think, and "President" Biden should chill out.  Is this mere theater, or will genuine conflict arise between the (Bolshie) Dems and Big Tech?  Remember, these companies have already gifted the White House to Joe Biden and the House and Senate to the Democrats.  That's the truth.  Now the Dems choose to bite the hand that feeds them?  Consider also that Facebook, Twitter, et al. need to ponder what their fate will be should the GOP recapture Congress in 2022 and the presidency in 2024.  They can't afford to expose themselves too nakedly as the handmaidens of neo-Marxism...or can they?  Assuming the GOP is a spent force, they can be as woke as they please.  They still might not appreciate being the Dems' whipping boy, however.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

The New Face of Fascism


Now, friends, don't get me wrong -- I love our Dear Leader as much as the next guy.  I mean, it's the law, right?  Nevertheless, the Biden administration's "guidance" to social media companies about which posts and voices they ought to censor and/or silence is more than a little creepy.  As many have observed, it flirts with direct, state-sponsored abolition of the First Amendment.  Among other things, it might strengthen the federal case Donald Trump is making that his own eviction from Facebook, Twitter, etc. was a violation of the First Amendment.  Judges and Justices, we're looking for some relief here -- for a principled stand in favor of free speech.  Can you help us out?


Below you'll find an outstanding, data-based analysis of the outsized role played by independents in our federal elections.  The writer argues convincingly that Bidenists and Democrats risk alienating independents as they pursue bold, transformational, and extremely progressive reforms.  Independents have already soured on Joe Biden.  The Dems, moreover, show no signs of reversing course.  They seem to think that demonizing Republicans is the answer to all their electoral problems.  Granted, they have a massive megaphone with which to make their case, but come on -- how long do you think you can ride Trump-hatred and cries of "Racism!" to victory??? 

Inflation is real, and inflation in house prices and rents is in some areas extreme.  The geographical distribution of rent increases is fascinating.  It looks like people are fleeing major metro areas for smaller cities.  Gee, I wonder why high taxes, wokeness gone berzerk, and constant shootings don't appeal to people?  Odd, isn't it?


There has been a surge in the number of coronavirus cases recently in the U.S. and beyond, caused primarily by the spread of the much-ballyhooed "Delta variant".  From what I hear, though, this variant is less deadly than its parent.  Be that as it may, Los Angeles County is responding by reintroducing mask mandates -- even for the vaccinated!  And the Los Angeles County Sheriff, to his immense credit, is saying his officers won't be enforcing the new mandate.  Wow!  In France, by contrast, "vaccine passports" are the order of the day, and discrimination against the unvaccinated is intensifying.  Will this eventually happen here too?  We'll see.


Finally, my home away from home, South Africa, is beset not only by the dreaded virus but also by violent protests and looting in the aftermath of the jailing of the country's former president, Jacob Zuma.  What a mess!  Here's hoping that calm can be restored soon. 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Looking Down From The Commanding Heights


Friends, it's time for the "big reveal": my latest article is ready for your perusal!  This time I expand on a theme I developed yesterday: the curious incongruity between the power and the powerlessness of the modern elite.  See if you don't find my analysis jaw-droppingly insightful...

For the Establishment, These Are the Best of Times, And These Are the Worst of Times

A few years back, leftists began calling the richest and most powerful among us the “One Percent”, to distinguish these arrogant neo-aristocrats from the downtrodden multitude, i.e everyone else. It didn't take long, however, for many of the most privileged “progressives” to realize that they were the “One Percent”, if indeed that term has any objective meaning. The terminology was quickly abandoned, therefore. Now liberals congratulate one another on being “woke” instead – a distinction that the well-heeled and well-connected can earn just as easily, if not more easily (thanks to the infinite avenues for virtue-signaling that wealth and power afford), than the huddled masses. Crisis averted!

However one chooses to define “the establishment” and the elite that towers over it, however, it is becoming more and more apparent that the ruling class has arrived at a crossroads. It has, since the outset of the pandemic, and especially since the enthronement of Joseph R. Biden as King-Emperor of Wokery, flexed its muscles and reveled in its mastery as never before. On the other hand, as the saying goes, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. The establishment has seldom been more nervous and defensive – even downright scared of the hoi polloi that writhe beneath it – and for good reason.

Why would we say these are “the best of times” for the left-leaning establishment? Because, for one thing, it successfully defeated its nemesis, Donald Trump, in 2020 and reasserted its monopoly on governance at the federal level. It accomplished this feat by the flagrant coordination of almost every lever of institutional and cultural power available to it: it formed what Time magazine termed a “well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information”. All this was done to ensure a “legitimate” outcome to the 2020 election – and the establishment was never in any doubt about the result that such a contest would produce. Trump would lose.

Such institutional and cultural collusion would have been inconceivable were it not the case that, increasingly, the establishment viewpoint dominates every major institution and nexus of power there is in American society – which, of course, on one level, is no surprise at all. That's why it's called "the establishment", after all. What is rather shocking is the ease with which non-establishment voices are being silenced and deliberately excluded from the media, social media, our education system, Hollywood, and beyond. These are sectors that used to be open to a degree of pluralism. No more. Add to all that the fact that government has grown by leaps and bounds (it now consumes roughly 45% of GDP), and the authority of government over even the most private aspects of our lives has, thanks to the pandemic, grown too, and you'd be hard-pressed to think of a time in our history when the powers-that-be were more, well, powerful. Bully for them!

On the other hand, there is the sobering result of a recent Gallup poll on Americans' confidence in the major institutions that dominate our politics, culture, and economy. This poll illustrates the abject failure of the elite in building trust in, and legitimacy for, the very foundations of its power. From Congress, to the courts, to the presidency; from Hollywood, to higher ed, to social media; from corporations, to cable news, to the banking system – all these props of the established order enjoy less legitimacy and less confidence from the American people now than almost ever before. Yes, the establishment still tells us what to do and what to think, but the truth is that a very substantial fraction of the American people (based on the last election, you'd have to say...47%?) simply aren't obeying or even listening anymore. And even Democrats, who loathe all the people the elite tells them to loathe, and who trip over one another to be, or at least to sound, politically correct, don't repose great confidence in their "betters". Just 25% and 35% of Democrats express confidence in “television news” and “newspapers”, respectively, for instance. No wonder, then, that progressives are wringing their hands about past and future “insurrections”, and about the imminent collapse of “democracy”. To them, these words signify nothing more than the retention, or forfeiture, of their grip on power, which means also their grip on public opinion, which has never been shakier than it is today.

And in that strange incongruity – the seeming omnipotence of the modern establishment, versus its paper-thin legitimacy – we can perceive the outlines of our collective fate (or can we?). One is reminded of the totalitarian sway of the communist regimes of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc satellites, which seemed utterly unassailable, until one day it and they melted away before our eyes.

One should not underestimate the immense resources that the establishment can bring to bear to buttress its power and moral suasion, nor its determination to do so. Nonetheless, if I were a pillar of the establishment, I'd be pretty nervous right now!

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at WND: 




When you're done oo-ing and ahh-ing over my latest article, consider these three BONUS articles.


The first deals with a theme near and dear to my heart: nuclear energy.  As many of you know, I'm radioactive...and PROUD OF IT!  I jest.  Actually, we're all a bit radioactive.  Just a smidge.  The point is that we derive enormous benefits from nuclear power, and yet attitudes towards it remain depressingly small-minded and cringing, despite the fact that, in an age when supposedly "climate change" poses an "existential threat" to mankind, we ought to be cranking up our use of nuclear energy.  Oh well.  Human beings are reliably dim.  What can you do, eh? 


The second article comes to us from the fertile mind of Pat Buchanan.  His analysis is spot on, as far as it goes.  "President" Biden's apocalyptic rhetoric, painting Republicans as segregationists and traitors, is politically risky, if the goal is to serve the legislative agenda of the Democrats and burnish the personal popularity of Joe Biden.  There's an alternative explanation, though: Democrats are talking about Republicans as monsters, as "insurrectionists", as white supremacists, because they believe that's exactly what we are -- and the survival of our Republic requires our...political elimination?  I mean, listen to what Biden says.  He surely couldn't countenance sharing the political stage in a democracy with the likes of you and me! 

Lastly, this one is good for a chuckle.  Shark advocates are trying to rebrand "shark attacks" as "incidents" and "interactions" and "negative encounters".  We shouldn't see sharks as adversaries, after all.  Or, to put it another way, HAVE YOU HUGGED A SHARK TODAY?  Give it a shot.  Remember, a shark is just a fish...that identifies as a man-eating lion.  Try to be accepting (you big jerk).

Thursday, July 15, 2021

It May Not Look It, But The Establishment Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes


Friends, for "the establishment", that merry band of globalists and elitists that smugly rules over us, these are, to borrow a phrase, the best of times and the worst of times.  Why the best?  Because the establishment defeated its nemesis, Donald Trump, in 2020 and reestablished its monopoly on power at the federal level.  It also increasingly dominates every institution we have -- which of course is no surprise.  That's why it's called "the establishment", after all.  What is rather shocking is the ease with which non-establishment voices are being silenced and deliberately excluded from the media, social media, our education system, Hollywood, and beyond.  Add to all that the fact that government is growing by leaps and bounds, and the authority of government over even the most private aspects of our lives is growing too, thanks to the pandemic, and you'd be hard-pressed to think of a time in our history when the powers-that-be were more, well, powerful.

On the other hand, polls consistently show that those very institutions through which the elite wields its power -- from Congress, to the courts, to the presidency, from Hollywood, to higher ed, to social media, etc etc. -- all enjoy less legitimacy and less confidence from the American people than ever before.  Yes, the establishment still tells us what to do and what to think, but the truth is that a very substantial fraction of the American people (based on the last election, you'd have to say...47%?) simply aren't obeying or even listening anymore.  And even Democrats, who loathe all the people the elite tells them to loathe, don't repose great confidence in their "betters".  So, in that sense, you'd have to say that the establishment's sway over you and me has never been shakier!  It's a wacky incongruity, no?

Along those lines, behold this recent Gallup poll, which indicates that Americans' opinion of almost all our leading institutions is low...and heading lower!  If I were a pillar of the establishment, I'd be pretty nervous right now!


Among the venerable institutions that you might want to start scoffing at is Wikipedia, which is one of my go-to sources for information.  Well, "information" is the ultimate battleground these days, so naturally the Left has tried to plant its flag on Wikipedia's virgin soil...and they've been largely successful.  You've been warned! 


In other news, rumors persist that the 2020 election might not have been 100% above board. I know -- if this were Twitter, I'd be covered in "fact checks" by now...  See here some of the latest developments in Georgia and Arizona: 

The lengths to which lefties will go to demonstrate their subservience to wokeness is sometimes comical.  Check out the latest fit of groveling from the American Booksellers' Association...  It almost makes you feel sorry for these wackos!


The amazing part of the story below is that some of the illegals crossing our southern border are still -- believe it or not -- being "turned back".  What an oversight, right?  I'm sure the Biden administration will get this straightened out sooner or later. 

Good news!  The NFL is doubling down on wokeness.  Apparently their ratings just weren't low enough last season.  They're trying to make the glorious sport of American football positively unwatchable, I guess.  Oy!


The U.S. Secretary of State is inviting the United Nations to investigate our ongoing problem with "systemic racism".  Oh good!  That's bound to go well, and no doubt their inquiry will be 100% objective too.  It's beginning to be clear that the Dems' constant trash-talking of America is having a serious effect on how other countries perceive us -- and amazingly they don't find our self-flagellation endearing!  How odd. 

Those Texas House Dems are still doing the rounds in DC and avoiding Texas like the plague.  Can they hold out long enough to scupper Texas Republicans' election integrity bill?  Probably.  Now that it's a point of pride, I'd expect the Dems to fight tooth and nail.


I think we can all agree that the problem with social media is that it just doesn't censor conservatives enough.  Luckily our Dear Leader Sleepy Joe is on the case.  His administration is giving Facebook, Twitter, et al. helpful hints in how they can stifle heterodoxy even more effectively.  Yay!  If this keeps up, conservatives might have to "self-deport" themselves from the internet.  I'd suggest the trusty U.S. Mail as a fallback option, but Big Brother is probably reading that too -- with extreme prejudice! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How We Got Here: Russia, Russia, Russia


Friends, I actually have nothing to say about Russia, per se, but I do highly recommend this fascinating analysis, which apparently has gone viral.  It connects the dots for us "right-wing nutjobs" and illustrates how, after the Trump-Russia hoax, which was enthusiastically embraced by the entire Washington and media establishment, it's relatively easy for conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpers to believe that the powers-that-be would stop at nothing -- nothing -- to ensure the defeat of Donald Trump and the enthronement of Joseph R. Biden.  Moreover, our belief that the 2020 election was less than "free and fair" has substantial merit.  It's a long read, but a worthwhile one.


In other news, YouTube has been fined by a court in Dresden, Germany for suppressing a video about an anti-lockdown protest.  Boy, when the Germans start talking down to Americans on the topic of free speech, you know we're in trouble! 

The MLB All-Star Game, which was moved out of Georgia because of that state's allegedly heinous and racist election reforms, has notched record-low TV ratings.  Pro sports in general are suffering from a major ratings decline, and many believe that insufferable wokeness might have something to do with it.  Personally, I'd say baseball is just boring to watch...but the wokeness doesn't help any!


Tucker Carlson is calling out the Dems for their "hysteria" concerning the election integrity measures under consideration in various states.  Their apoplexy over modest changes to election procedures is pretty puzzling, it's true, but then again the narrative matters more to the Left than the truth, and it always has.  They want to justify radical federal legislation to impose centralized control over all American elections, and you can see why: Trump proved that the American people aren't nearly as subservient to their establishment masters as was once believed.  The Deep State wants to make sure that there won't be any more surprises like 2016 ever again.  For all the Dems' huffing and puffing, though, it sure looks like their cherished election takeover bill is going nowhere...and red state election integrity bills are going to take effect, whether the lefties like it or not.  Of course, if they don't like it, there's a simple solution: show up and vote! 

My hometown of Rochester, New York is in the news again...for its outrageously high crime rates!  Hooray!  I don't know what all the fuss is about.  A little gunplay now and then keeps a man on his toes, right?  Be that as it may, I wish the Rochester Police Department all the best.  They have a tough and thankless job to perform.


Finally, BIG KUDOS to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has held that restrictions on the gun rights of 18-20 year olds are unconstitutional age discrimination, in effect.  Damn straight!  Why college-aged Americans always lie down and take it while politicians (usually lefties) trample their rights, I just don't know.  I say the 2nd Amendment applies to every adult citizen and legal resident.  I mean, what's the point of having a Bill of Rights if the government gets to pick and choose to whom those rights apply? 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Hallelujah! The Texas House of Representatives is Democrat-Free!


Friends, ordinarily we would celebrate when Democrats choose to expel themselves from any legislative chamber -- and compliment their patriotism and good judgement! -- but in this case Democrats in the Texas House have only removed themselves from the state to deny Republicans the quorum they need to pass election reform bills.  Democrats claim these bills are "Jim Crow 2.0" and their sole purpose is to make it impossible for minorities to vote.  The truth, of course, is that it is easier today to vote in America than ever before, and these bills won't change that except in the most marginal ways.  For the Dems, therefore, this is about political theater, above all -- it's about fostering support for their election takeover bills at the federal level.  They would like, ideally, to subordinate elections officials nationwide to woke federal bureaucrats and even woker election activists and lawyers.  They may even believe their own propaganda that American democracy will collapse in a heap if their precious bills aren't passed.  News flash: many states have passed election integrity bills before, and Dems cried bloody murder, but voter access improved and turnout increased!  So take a chill pill, Dems.  You probably will lose the 2022 elections, but that's because you stink.  No byzantine conspiracy is required for the voters to put you in your place.  It's called "democracy".  Get used to it. 

A Trump-hating Republican, former Senator Jeff Flake, is getting his just reward: exile in Turkey.  Bon voyage, Jeff!


We're creeping closer and closer to televising Supreme Court hearings, and I have very mixed feelings.  On one hand, it's clearly undemocratic for these black-robbed elitists to hold sway over our country and to experience zero accountability for their (often) terrible decisions.  On the other hand, televising the procedings will hasten the abandonment of whatever decorum manifests itself in the deliberations of the high court, and it will subject the Justices to unprecendented public scrutiny, and thus probably to a certain degree of harassment and intimidation, which I strongly suspect will encourage them to vote as leftists would wish them to.  All in all, I'd say the Court's legitimacy is already hanging by a thread, and televising the proceedings won't help a bit. 

Unsurprisingly, more and more Americans are coming to the conclusion that COVID-19 was engineered in a Chinese lab, and the Chicoms therefore bear some responsibility for the disasters that have befallen us in the last 18 months.  A majority of Americans think the Chinese should pay up in the form of reparations.  That'll be the day!  The more pressing question is: will the U.S. government ever upbraid China -- let alone stand up to it and demand redress?  Don't hold your breath.


Cornel West, anti-racist racist extraordinaire, is resigning from Harvard because it's all Jim Crow-y.  What a hoot!  When these left-wing nutjobs aren't stewing in their hatred for conservatives, Republicans, Trumpers, and honkies, they're frothing with rage at each other.  Hilarious! 

There's one upside to communist rule, apparently: less social media!  Cuba is restricting access to platforms like Facebook to reassert the government's control over information and prevent the organization of anti-government protests.  Why didn't Trump think of that???


Inflation isn't all in your head, folks.  It really is heating up, and it's exceeding wage increases, which means that real wages are falling.  Think about that: wages are falling at the same time that the economy is going great guns...  The experts keep telling us that it's just a passing fancy.  Everything will settle down in a few months.  Presumably, those are the same experts who tell us that the federal government can spend unlimited trillions without any consequence whatsoever.  We shall see. 

Finally, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says we're "on the precipice" of retaking the House and Senate in 2022.  Well, we are.  We're also, as the Rod Squad keeps reminding us, "on the precipice" of losing the Senate in 2022 decisively, so that the Dems can abolish the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, add some new states, and settle in for a generation of misrule.  Everything is on a knife's edge these days.  So, yes: victory is possible in 2022.  It may even be probable.  But it won't come easily, and no one should rest easy, least of all us "insurrectionists" and "domestic terrorists", who are already skating on thin ice.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Andrew Cuomo Won't Be Denied


Friends, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a well-deserved reputation as a tough-as-nails political brawler.  If you push him, he pushes back...and generally it's YOU who tumbles over.  Check out the latest developments (and non-developments) in the New York Attorney General's investigation into Cuomo's alleged misconduct.  The Dems in New York are in an awkward predicament: many have called on Cuomo to resign, but most Democratic voters in the state remain enamored with their Fearless Leader.  The NY GOP eyes an opportunity, naturally, but it's not at all clear that New York will ever "quit" Cuomo, or vice versa!


In other news, the people of Cuba are getting hot under the collar, and it's not the tropical temps this time.  Could the communist regime be in real danger?  In many ways Cuban communism has endured far longer than it should have.  At a certain point, only the naked use of force would be capable of sustaining such an antiquated, reactionary tyranny.  Are the communist grandees on the island prepared to use whatever means are necessary to keep themselves in power?  Stay tuned. 

Is "climate change" real?  Probably, but it may also be a really minor concern, all things considered.  In fact, it could even be a net plus.  Read all about it:


It's become increasiongly clear that Democrats nationwide intend to keep running against Donald Trump, regardless of whether Trump himself is in office or even on the ballot.  That's understandable.  Lefties see the world in stark Trumpian/anti-Trumpian terms.  Here's a Republican who's attacking on an unconventional front: he's trying to tie his Democratic opponent to Trump, presumably to delegitimize him with progressives and Trump-haters.  That's a surprisingly smart move! 

Richard Grenell, former Director of National Intelligence, is rightly calling for a full investigation of allegations that the NSA leaked Tucker Carlson's private communications to friendly (i.e. left-leaning) journalists.  We need to get to the bottom of this, and we need to put maximum heat on the NSA, to ensure that such tactics are never repeated.


Finally, here's a great analysis of President Trump's lawsuit against Big Tech.  Basically, Trump is arguing that social media companies are censoring him on behalf of, and in collaboration with, agents of the U.S. federal government and the Democratic Party.  And that, in turn, would make such censorship a violation of the First Amendment.  Is he firing blanks?  I'm no lawyer.  We'll have to wait and see. 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Chicken Soup for Trumpers' Souls


Friends, as you well know, conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpers tend to be pretty depressed these days.  I mean, we're living under Bidenist tyranny, after all.  The strange truth, though, is that a lot of Dems and progressives are down in the dumps too.  Why?  Because they're mentally ill?  That's only half the story.  Lefties are also feeling some "buyer's remorse" over the 2020 election.  They voted for the permanent enthronement of neo-Marxists, after all, and for the total debasement and destruction of their enemies.  They voted for the radical transformation of America into a socialist paradise.  They had, in short, high expectations of what a victory over Trump and Trumpism would mean...and now they're stuck with the harsh reality of what it means to "govern" America.  It means, by and large, frustration and disappointment.  The system is basically designed to obstruct "progress" and meaningful change.  What's more, the Dems' majorities in both houses of Congress are razor-thin, and their "victory" in the last presidential election, for all their huffing and puffing, was by the skin of their teeth, too.  Worst of all, they don't control the federal courts, which have the final say on, well, everything!  Thus, more than a few lefties are growing restless, and they're coming to realize just how inconsequential their historic "victory" in 2020 really was.  When you, as a conservative, Republican, and/or Trumper start to feel morose about our country's predicament, therefore, remember this: a lot of Dems and progressives are just as despondent as you -- and for equally valid reasons.  Take pleasure in their pain!  It's only human...


In other news, it turns out men were more adversely affected by the pandemic, at least in higher ed, than women.  No doubt the Dems will rush aid immediately to us downtrodden males, right?  Ha!  Guess again. 

Charlottesville, Virginia today completed the obliteration of its statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson -- and they threw in Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea for good measure.  Next: the retirement of the American flag flying over city hall, and its prompt replacement with the proud banner of transgenderism.  Hooray!


Finally, President Trump gave a rousing speech to CPAC-Dallas, and he easily triumphed in their straw poll.  Ron DeSantis was a distant second.  That about sums up the GOP presidential sweepstakes at the present moment: the 2024 nomination is Trump's for the taking. 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Alaska Can Do Better


Friends, our conservative compatriots in Alaska have a big opportunity in 2022: they have the chance to send Lisa Murkowski, RINO extraordinaire, packing, and they can replace her with a bonafide lover of liberty who more genuinely reflects the values and priorities of the "Last Frontier".  Murkowskism has been an embarrassment to the Senate GOP, frankly.  Lisa Murkowski voted against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, and for the impeachment of Donald Trump.  What else do you need to know?  It's high time we terminated her employment as a U.S. Senator.


"President" Biden is making some rhetorical moves to rein in Big Tech, but don't take any of it too seriously.  Executive Orders, lest we forget, are mostly for show.  Until Congress passes major anti-trust legislation, or until the courts change their attitudes to social media companies, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will continue to pose a grevious threat to American freedom and democracy. 

Finally, this poll should come as no surprise: 58% of Americans view the media as "the enemy of the people".  Well, the miracle is that anyone still listens to the nonsense that these charlatans peddle daily.  The sad fact, though, is that the "news", as it's framed by woke journalists, is still consumed by millions of otherwise decent Americans every day.  Thus, winning these unfortunates over to the truth will be no easy task.  They are thoroughly -- and in some cases irredeemably -- brainwashed.