Saturday, December 31, 2022



Friends, on behalf of everyone here at WaddyIsRight -- so, me -- I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2023!  The Chinese say it's going to be the Year of the Rabbit, which hopefully means lots of breeding, because you've been underperforming in that department.  Get cracking!!!  Frankly, it looks like 2023 is going to bring us a nasty recession, plus wokeness galore and interminable bloodshed in Ukraine, but there's always room for hope, and there's always a silver lining, too, even on the darkest of days.  We're all in this together, and that certainly brings me comfort.  I hope it does for you as well.  God Bless!

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Not So Cool Nowadays


Friends, purchasing a Tesla automobile was never the practical choice.  It was always about image and making a statement.  That statement used to be: "I'm cool and futuristic and care about Mother Earth and you apparently don't, you disgusting fossil, you!"  Now, though, that Elon Musk has revealed his capacity for bucking the progressive norm lefties are turning against him in a big, big way.  Driving a Tesla is no longer a form of virtue-signaling.  Now it's a mark of shame.  Long story short: you could get some great deals on second-hand Teslas in the near future!


In other news, poor Ukraine is still getting pounded, and the West is still making sympathetic noises about how Ukraine is ever so brave and Russia is sure to buckle under any day now.  So...nothing new in the news, in other words.


Will the Biden White House cooperate with efforts by the Republican House to engage in genuine oversight of executive branch functions?  Uhhhh, maybe.  They're fully on board, so long as all requests are made in "good faith".  No wiggle room there, clearly! 

Finally, the full-fledged Democratic and establishment Republican assault on George Santos, incoming New York Congressman, is interesting, because it demonstrates the determination of the in-crowd to retake control over the House ASAP.  Make no mistake: the GOP majority in the House is going to be a major headache for Democrats and for Joe Biden.  They'd like to chip away at that slender majority any chance they get.  Now, does Biden himself tell daily whoppers about his own past?  Sure, but that's adorable.  Everyone agrees on that.  It's different when Republicans do it.  Then, why, it's positively criminal!  The real question is why so many Republicans are amplifying these leftist attacks on Santos.  I presume the reason is because they get their news from the same sources!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2022 in Review: Hail Biden, Ruler of All He Surveys!


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show in a fascinating retrospective re: the major stories of 2022, including the Dems' surprisingly strong performance in the 2022 elections, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and much, much more!  Brian and I marvel at the fact that COVID, which dominated the news for so long, has practically evaporated as a central theme in recent months.  Boy, do the American people have short attention spans or what?  It can make your head spin at times...


And here's an excellent analysis of the government's involvement in promoting censorship in social media -- which is the only front on which we have a chance of punishing the masterminds of censorship for their misdeeds, in my humble opinion.


Finally, Elon Musk's "soft underbelly" may be his stakes in SpaceX and Tesla, both of which are fundamental to the strength of his corporate empire and to his self-image as a visionary change agent.  The Left will do its best to punish Musk rhetorically and financially for his impertinence, and I would not be in the least surprised to see federal, state, and local (deep blue) prosecutors take a hard look at Musk for potential criminal violations either.  These people play hardball!

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas!!!


To all my favorite right-wing nutjobs, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We'll always have "the Gipper", and more importantly we'll always have each other, and that makes our eternal struggle that much easier to bear, doesn't it?  Speaking of eternity, don't forget to put a little "Christ" in your Christmas, k?  Take care!

Friday, December 23, 2022

Failure to Launch?


Friends, my latest article explores the very real possibility that Elon Musk will flop as the savior of your cherished right to free expression.  It's kind of a downer, but it injects a dose of realism at a critical moment, I feel.  Frankly, it's shocking how normalized censorship has become, and how mortified people become when they have to confront views different from their own.  Musk can't fix that.  I'm not sure anyone can.  It may literally be in our DNA.  C'est la vie.

Elon Musk: Fair-Weather Friend?

Recently, Elon Musk, Twitter's new master, has been intimating that he would like to step down as CEO of the social media platform. That's not entirely surprising, as Musk always intended for his role as “Chief Twit” to be temporary. Musk, however, only took the helm at Twitter in October, and so for him to be sponsoring polls already about whether it's time for him to step aside suggests a degree of uncertainty about his future with the company. He may even be feeling some remorse about his decision to take on the herculean challenge of saving free speech online. The sheer number of vitriolic attacks that have been launched against Musk in recent weeks by the mainstream media, by Democratic politicians, and by opinion leaders across the world, must have been deeply shocking to a man who, only recently, was being feted as Time's “Person of the Year”, and who historically elicits more plaudits than paroxysms of outrage. Elon Musk is now reaping the whirlwind that is the inevitable fate of anyone who threatens the hegemony of the left-leaning cultural, economic, and political elite, and he doesn't seem to enjoy it one bit! Who could blame him if, in the end, he mounts a strategic retreat?

On the face of it, one might assume that the world's richest man is in a uniquely strong position to thumb his nose at the progressive nags who are accustomed to running the media, social media, and, well, more or less every major institution in existence. Yes, Musk can afford to buy Twitter, as he has proven, and he can afford to run it at a loss, perhaps indefinitely. Musk also can draw on a reservoir of good will that many well-connected people feel towards him, based on his history of technological and commercial achievement and, frankly, based on his past embrace of many causes beloved of leftists. Musk's assets are not unlimited, however, and even he may fear ruination if he pushes his luck too far.

Consider the fact that Musk is massively exposed to the risk that big government will turn against him. Musk benefits from enormous tax breaks and subsidies, flowing from local, state, and federal government, and one of his biggest companies, SpaceX, is hugely reliant on federal contracts. Moreover, since most of Musk's wealth resides in Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, it is worth remembering that the company's customer base is comprised mostly of affluent, highly educated, and liberal-minded people whose increasingly negative perceptions of Musk could imperil (and already are imperiling)Tesla's business model.

The risks to Musk may go beyond the merely financial, however. Musk recently suspended several prominent journalists from Twitter for sharing a website that tracked his physical location. He appears to take seriously the idea that his political and philosophical adversaries are prepared to share “assassination coordinates” online in a way that jeopardizes his safety and that of his loved ones. That may be paranoia, or it may not be, but increasingly Musk is among the world's most hated men, and, unlike many other men on that inauspicious list, he does not enjoy Secret Service protection. That's food for thought, at the very least.

In addition to all the objective factors that might lead Musk to pull back from his campaign for free(r) speech, one must also recall that Musk has never been temperamentally disposed towards ideological combat. Musk is a futurist and an entrepreneur. He is also something of a technological and corporate dilettante. He is currently leading no less than six companies, some of which are household names and some of which are more quixotic than economically viable. If ultimately Musk were to step back from his latest venture, Twitter, it would not be the first time he has done so, and it probably would not be the last.

All in all, conservatives and lovers of liberty have always had excellent reasons to doubt Musk's devotion to their cause. As Musk takes more and more incoming fire from leftists, it would hardly be surprising if he began to reassess his commitment to the goal of protecting and enhancing freedom of expression online.

Is Musk a fair-weather friend to the right? The question presupposes that he was ever a friend to begin with, but certainly his constancy is, and always was, doubtful.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9. 

Voila! Here it is at American Greatness: 

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Merry Christmas, Nicolae!


Friends, although the subject isn't all that festive, on this week's Newsmaker Show Brian and I reflect on the lessons of the Christmas Day executions of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena in the course of the Eastern Bloc's single bloodiest revolution of 1989.  My takeaway: life sure does dish out a lot of "peaks and valleys"!

In terms of current events, Brian and I cover such topical issues as: the prospects for the prosecution of Donald J. Trump, and the potential consequences thereof; President Zelensky's self-congratulation/panhandling tour in Washington, D.C.; the political and legal ramifications of the release of Trump's tax returns by vengeful Democrats; and Elon Musk's (fading?) enthusiasm for free speech.

It's not a show you want to miss, if you care about America.  You do care about America, don't you?  I thought so!




In other news, this article asks the most important question about the Hunter Biden laptop-social media censorship scandal: what makes anyone think that, having manipulated the news cycle once -- successfully -- to rig an election, the powers-that-be won't simply do it again, and again, and again?  Ms. Morris suggests that Congressional legislation can prevent the "deep state" from perpetrating such outrages in the future.  I'll believe that when I see it!  First, a divided government will never pass such legislation, because the Dems see no problem with government sponsorship of censorship or with the kneecapping of conservative journalism.  In fact, they define pretty much every narrative that offends or irritates them as "misinformation", which is of course fair game for censorship, or worse.  Did the FBI and other government agencies stage-manage the explosion in online censorship that developed in 2020?  Sure.  They admit it.  They're proud of it!  And they'd happily do it again.  Heck, they never stopped doing it, and they probably never will.  So my guess is there won't be any legislation designed to keep deep state bureaucrats out of the censorship business, and thus we can safely assume that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now, there's a possibility, albeit a slim one, that SCOTUS might try to insist on some guardrails when it comes to collusion between government and the media/social media.  That would be very welcome.  There's also a slight chance that Republicans, when and if they ever take control of the White House, will use their domination of the federal government to cajole media and social media organizations into covering some stories and ignoring others, or into amplifying some voices and silencing others.  That is, someday, we "right-wingers" might decide to play the game of politics by the questionable "rules" that the Dems are now laying down.  Wouldn't that be interesting?  Can you imagine a Facebook or a Twitter that silenced people for sharing "misinformation" about, say, Trump's connections to Russia, or police misconduct, or crime, or inflation, or "the climate emergency"?  Whoa!  That would be something!

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Afghanistan? Never Heard Of It...


Friends, we fought a twenty-year war to stamp out Islamist terrorism and Taliban fanaticism in Afghanistan...and then our Bumbler-in-Chief decided he'd had enough.  He abandoned the people of Afghanistan to their fate, except for the handful he granted asylum here.  The steady revocation of the rights of Afghan girls and women since then would, you would think, be of interest to the party that tells us to "believe all women" and that it supports women's rights and empowerment (although, to be fair, it isn't quite sure what "women" are).  Nope!  Female Afghans are on their own, and, as you'll see here, the mainstream media has memory-holed both the West's crusade for freedom in Afghanistan, and President Biden's hasty and disastrous retreat from that part of the world.  Now the Taliban is running rampant, and no one in authority in Washington, D.C. takes even the slightest responsibility for these outrages.  Of course, Biden's record in Ukraine, despite oodles of self-congratulation, is no better: he precipitated a vicious war and has created no realistic path to victory for Ukraine or for the resumption of stable relations between the world's only two nuclear superpowers.  Simply put: the Biden foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster, and sadly Republicans and the media have shown little interest in holding this administration accountable.  What will it take to drive these issues home?  Incoming ICBMs???


In other news, Elon Musk seems to be looking for someone to take the helm at Twitter.  That doesn't necessarily mean that his commitment to free expression is about to evaporate entirely, but it probably does mean that he wants to put some distance between himself and the red hot issue of content moderation.  If I were Musk, I'd be craving a brief respite from the mainstream media's relentless attacks against him personally, against his companies, and against Twitter 2.0.  Unless there is such a respite, the Left is probably building up to major boycotts of Twitter, plus a full-on global regulatory assault.  I bet Apple and Google are also already conversing (secretly) about a coordinated strike against Twitter in their app stores.  The next few weeks will be critical.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Having Second Thoughts, Are We?


Friends, being a social media baron ain't no picnic, particularly when you use that influential platform to annoy the powers-that-be that run our (left-leaning) government, culture, and economy.  Elon Musk is finding out how many resources the ruling elite has to blacken the name of someone who offends them, and who threatens to break their monopoly on the terms of public discourse.  The establishment may ultimately succeed in destroying Twitter itself, but much more likely is a scenario in which they bully Musk into receding into the shadows at Twitter and thus into allowing Big Tech bureaucrats to once again run the show -- and, more importantly, to make decisions about content moderation.  That moderation never ceased at Twitter.  Now it just has a distinctly, and somewhat erratically, Musky aroma.  In the long term, Musk probably should play less of a role in deciding who gets to speak on Twitter, and who gets the axe.  Who replaces him, though, and what sort of rules obtain on the platform -- the answers to these questions will reveal who will ultimately prevail in this battle over free speech.  Truthfully, there's a good argument to be made that the battle is already lost, because not even Musk actually believes in free, untrammeled speech, and in any case the window for free expression is likely to narrow as time goes on, not expand.  Nonetheless, in the short term we may still find that conservatives get a marginally fairer shake under Musk.  I mean, things could hardly get worse, compared to the Jack Dorsey days, could they?  Could they?

In other news, the January 6th committee is poised to finalize its work and to make several criminal referrals to the Justice Department regarding Donald J. Trump.  Of course, most of what the committee did was posturing and hot air, but the DOJ now has a very consequential decision to make: to prosecute or not to prosecute.  My take: Trump isn't guilty of breaking any laws relative to January 6th.  He engaged in protected, if provocative, speech about the 2020 election.  Big deal.  That's no "insurrection", and if the DOJ charges Trump for insurrection or anything related, it faces the real danger that it will fall flat on its face.  On the other hand, the goal may be to tie Trump up in legal knots so that he can't pursue a viable presidential campaign in 2024.  Of course, putting Trump on trial could do the opposite: it could make a martyr out of him and thus guarantee that he will be the GOP nominee, and, if he is, no one can guarantee that he will lose...  My view is thus that charging Trump would be unjust, unwise, and profoundly dangerous for the future of the country, since it would put us more firmly in banana republic territory than we've ever been before.  Is anyone at the DOJ listening?  I hope so.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

The Four Horsemen of the Woke-pocalypse


Friends, pessimism abounds nowadays, with, as per this poll, 39% of Americans asserting that we are in the "end times".  Many of them are Christians, and thus their catastrophism conceals a more fundamental optimism.  Christians believe in the "good news" that God, through His Son Jesus Christ, can overcome what appears to the "end of the world" and can secure redemption and eternal life for believers.  Personally, I've always felt it was more than a little speculative and possibly even self-serving of Christians to believe that they were/are living in the "end times".  I mean, every epoch seems frightfully important to those who live through it.  In the end, though, not everyone can be right about the "end" being "nigh".  Anyway, what interests me more than theological/eschatological conjecture is the surging catastrophism gripping secular leftists, a.k.a. "humanists", these days.  A huge number of non-believers, especially young people, assert that humanity is nearing the end of its tether, partly, but not exclusively, because of climate change.  I wonder: how serious are these doomsayers, and how much do they live their lives based on the supposed imminence of said doom?  I mean, if the Earth really is about to self-destruct, do these woke loonies truly want to spend their last moments...donating to the Biden-Harris campaign, or reading the Washington Post?  Seems like a rather pathetic way to bite the big one, does it not?


In other news, it's been quite amusing to watch lefty journalists clutch their pearls regarding the "free press", based on the fact that a few of them briefly got suspended from Twitter, when, back in October-November 2020, a massive campaign unfolded to censor legions of reporters, and a whole newspaper, for the unforgiveable crime of telling the truth about Hunter and Joe Biden.  I guess it's all a matter of perspective, huh? 

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Saint Joe Welcomes Weary Travelers (All of Them!)


Friends, Democrats believe in hospitality -- so much so that they refuse to enforce immigration laws and invite pretty much anyone to hike across the southern border, claim asylum, and take up residence here.  And the world is listening!  People are coming by the millions.  You thought we were setting records for border encounters in the first two years of the Age of Biden?  Psh!  You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

The steadily worsening situation at the border is one of the topics we cover on this week's Newsmaker Show.  In addition, Brian and I dissect the dynamics of the looming battle royal between Donald J. Trump and Ron DeSantis.  Based on the polls, it looks like momentum is shifting.  We also discuss the potential for an omnibus spending bill that would deprive the incoming Republican House majority of any and all fiscal leverage from now until September.  Now, why would any Republican agree to that?  Can you say "pork"?  Finally, when we get to "This Day in History", I suggest an important lesson that we ought to learn from our precipitious withdrawal from Iraq under President Obama in 2011.

It's the Newsmaker Show at its best -- as you'd expect, since I'm the featured guest!




And here's an article well worth reading.  It asks the truly germane question about social media censorship: when it occurs at the behest of government officials, does it violate the Constitution's guarantee of free speech?  That is, does Big Tech-Deep State collusion to censor conservatives (among others) represent a "conspiracy against civil rights"?  Now, I won't be holding my breath in terms of the goal of holding any federal officials accountable, but, unless someone is, we can more or less guarantee that there will be censorship aplenty in the years to come. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Is the Dam Breaking?


Friends, I've been scarce lately.  Sorry about that.  As you know, I live life in the fast lane, and sometimes that makes blogging tough.  Nonetheless, I'm back, and what's on my mind is the seismic changes in the attitudes of Republicans to Donald Trump and his viability as a 2024 presidential candidate.  Depending on the poll you consult, Trump is either ahead, behind, or way behind, and that's a pretty big margin of error, as I'm sure you'll agree.  In any case, at least some of the polls indicate that substantial numbers of people who used to be Trumpers -- me, for instance -- are ready to jump ship and plunk for someone like Ron DeSantis, who seems less error-prone and more, well, successful as a politician.  I've always assumed that at least half of Republicans would stick with Trump come hell or high water, and in the end that may prove to be the case.  To that point, consider what effect it will have when the DOJ (almost inevitably) prosecutes Trump.  The nation's Trump weariness may escalate, but a lot of Republicans and conservatives will automatically gravitate towards a man they regard as the victim -- indeed, the greatest victim of all time -- of leftist chicanery.  In a perverse way, therefore, Trump may be hoping that the Justice Department (ham-handedly) pursues him, because it might be the quickest, easiest way to redefine the terms of a race that's increasingly slipping out of his grasp.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Shifting Sands of Social Media


Friends, I bade the Twitter-verse a not-so-fond "Adieu!" back in January 2021, when the platform booted our sitting president for no better reason than that he announced he wasn't attending Joe Biden's (tainted) inauguration.  In the past few days, we've seen some fascinating examples of Twitter's erstwhile leftist bias, which, under Elon Musk's stewardship, may now be behind us.  Twitter isn't perfect in the new scheme of things, largely because it's a creature of Musk, and Musk is far from perfect himself.  Be that as it may, Twitter is taking up the mantle of free speech and basic fairness, not to mention pluralism, which the Left used to consider a virtue and now considers an existential threat.  They are right to do so!!!  The Left's primacy is undergirded by its (practiced) ability to cajole and manipulate the rest of us into silence.  Musk is to be commended for his efforts on behalf of democracy and liberty, therefore.  The fact that leftists are trying to obliterate Twitter and consign it to the dustbin of the internet is no accident.  It's all part of their totalitarian scheme to bury any and all ideologies and value systems other than their own.  We can't let them win!  That's why I'm back on Twitter, as of today.  I doubt I'll be terribly active, since I never cared much for tweeting in the first place, but I'm back in the game, nonetheless.  I encourage you to sign up for Twitter as well, in order to do your part to keep virtual liberty alive -- in an age when in-person liberty is hanging on by a thread.  In short, I wish Musk well, and in my own small way I'll do what I can to make the new-and-improved Twitter a success.  It would not be an exaggeration (believe it or not) to suggest that the future of mankind may rest on whether Musk surmounts this challenge, which, in its own way, is far more formidable than, say, going to Mars.  Musk will need the help of his friends along the way.  He can count on me!

Friday, December 9, 2022

Schumer's Burden


Friends, we've reflected on how some states are trending "purple".  Georgia is an obvious case in point.  So is Arizona.  Witness the fact that the Grand Canyon State's senior U.S. Senator Krysten Sinema just announced that she's leaving the Democratic Party to become an independent.  She will, however, still caucus with the Democrats, like Bernie Sanders and Angus King, meaning that the Dems' functional 51-seat majority remains intact.  On the other hand, Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, will have to shepherd mavericks like Sinema and Manchin towards legislative consensus if he wants to get anything done.  On the other other hand, there isn't much prospect of legsilative progress in the next two years anyway, given the fact that government is now divided, so it might not matter.  On the other other other hand, with a 51- or a 50-seat majority, the Dems seem to be able to approve as many federal judges as they like, which means, in turn, that the federal judiciary, which rules America (in case you hadn't noticed), will trend bluer and bluer -- and, if we don't retake the Senate and/or the presidency in 2024, ultimately even the Supreme Court may slip beyond our grasp.  Bottom line: the Dems' current Senate majority is shaky, but strong enough to facilitate their gradual conquest of pretty much the only citadel of power they don't already control: the judiciary.  And that ain't exactly good news, is it?


Here's a truly great analysis of the political/constitutional significance of the "Twitter Papers".  Most of what Twitter did in 2020 and beyond was odious but allowable, in our democratic system.  What some federal officials did to encourage censorship may not have been allowable in the least.  That's a crucial distinction. 


In other news, we're getting more insights via Elon Musk on how "shadow banning" has worked at Twitter in the past, and how often conservatives were its victims.  DJT is outraged -- no surprise there -- but most of us will be utterly unsurprised that Big Tech has been gaming public discourse all along.  The important question going forward is whether they will stop (NOT!), whether they will go easier on conservatives (possible), or whether they will ultimately go "all in" and crush the right and all free-thinkers like bugs (probable).  Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

A Broadcast That Will Live in Infamy


Friends, today's Newsmaker Show is at least 12% more ambrosial than normal, thanks to elevated levels of intellectual brilliance and verbal artistry on my part.  You're welcome!

This week, Brian and I tackle the (expected) political demise of Hershel Walker, the need for the U.S. to end its reliance on Chicom computer technology, the shocking reversal of the PRC's "zero COVID" policies, the future of communism in China, DJT's suggestion that reelecting him is potentially more important than fidelity to the U.S. Constitution, the significance of the new presidential primary calendar on the Democratic side in 2024, and how the "Twitter Papers" will and won't impact American politics.  Whew!

Finally, when we hash over "This Day in History", we address the U.S. declaration of war against Japan on December 8th, 1941, and the lone Congresswoman who voted no, as well as President Nixon's policy of "Vietnamization" and its prospects for ending the Vietnam War in our favor.

Would it be a productive use of 24 minutes and 3 seconds of your time to listen in?  Well...  If it was 24 minutes and 4 seconds, I might give you a pass, but come on!  Do it for America!




In other news, Western Civilization may be collapsing in a heap, but the machinery of the state grinds on, and history continues to unfold.  A case in point: the British are slowly making the transition from featuring the Queen's visage on their coins, stamps, and what not to featuring "King Charles III" instead.  The graven image of Charles that they've chosen is a bit unflattering, I feel, but there's no escaping the fact that he's old, so we might as well learn to accept it, no? 


Here's a fascinating new poll indicating GOP voters shifting support to Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump.  Keep in mind that different polls are getting sometimes wildly different results. 

Finally, those greenies are at it again!  This time they're gluing themselves to one of the runways at Munich's airport.  I wonder what would have happened if these activists had tried a stunt like that in Hitler's day?  My guess is there would have been a lot of jet engines clogged with hippie bits...  I'm just thinking out loud, of course.  I would never recommend any course of action that would damage a valuable jet engine.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

It Ain't So Peachy No Mo'


Friends, I knew as soon as Georgia abandoned the Confederate battle flag in its state flag, circa 2001, that the state's days as a bastion of conservatism were numbered.  Flags are mere symbols, of course.  More important to changing the cultural and political complexion of Georgia has been the state's rapidly evolving demographics.  Georgia used to be three-quarters white, and one quarter black.  Now it's about 30% black, but, because of the huge growth in the Hispanic and Asian populations, a bare majority of Georgians are now non-Hispanic whites.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out what this would do to the fortunes of Republicans in the state.  Georgia used to be red.  Now it's decidedly purple.  Give it a few years and it could be blue, unless the GOP figures out how to compete for the support of non-whites and young people, of course.  Anything's possible.  Don't get me wrong: the GOP isn't dead in Georgia.  The state is very winnable in 2024.  What's more, we captured the governorship, both houses of the state legislature, and most of the Congressional seats on offer in Georgia in 2022.  That's all super.  Be that as it may, we have to accept that some parts of the country are, slowly but surely, slipping away, as other parts become more Republican than ever (West Virginia and Ohio come to mind).  So hey -- sunrise, sunset.  It's the cycle of life.


In other news, Lee Zeldin has decided not to challenge Ronna McDaniel for the chairmanship of the RNC.  Okay, but it's hard to believe that Republicans would double down on a milquetoast Romneyite who has led us to disappointing election results in three straight cycles.  I mean, isn't that the definition of insanity? 

Dear Leader Joseph R. Biden, greatest president of all time, is getting closer and closer to declaring his candidacy for reelection.  Run, Joe, run!  America needs you.  More to the point, the GOP needs you.  You're the best thing we have going for us these days.


Case in point: Biden's tone-deafness knows no bounds.  He recently demonstrated absolute contempt for Americans' concerns about border security.  Of course, his party as a whole did the same thing in 2022 and got rewarded for its arrogance with an expanded Senate majority, so maybe there's a method to Joe's madness.  Hey, when you control most of the levers of power and of public discourse, I guess you can afford to tell the huddled masses to "eat cake" now and then.  Must be nice to be that self-satisfied, huh? 

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Chipping Away At Our Military Strength


Friends, my latest article concerns a topic that probably isn't keeping you up at night, but might be worrying a great many of our top military commanders: it's our reliance on chipmakers connected to the Chinese Communist Party to produce the electronic "brains" of so many of our weapons systems.  What if the Chinese decide to cut off that supply, or, worse, what if they engineer a way to manipulate the weapons systems themselves?  Fortunately, moves are afoot to cut off our military supply chains leading back to Red China, and I support them.


In other news, DJT has, in a rather ill-considered outburst, called for the "termination" of aspects of the U.S. Constitution dealing with elections, in order to reverse the monstrous wrong of his own defeat in 2020.  Now liberals -- in the ultimate irony -- are coming to the Constitution's defense.  This is yet another instance of Trump tripping over his own message, if you ask me.  What's more, I would say to Trump: "You know, you were President of the United States at one time.  If you think aspects of the Constitution need to be suspended to ensure that truth, justice, and the American way prevail, you probably should have done so yourself!  Whining about it ad nauseam AFTER you've left office accomplishes nothing."  But that's just me. 

Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Democratic Party Comes Full Circle


Friends, it's extraordinary to reflect on the fact that the Democratic Party, which was founded partly to justify and protect the institution of slavery, is now going well beyond the embrace of equal rights for black Americans to enthrone them as the key constituency that will choose future Democratic nominees for president.  Why do I say that?  The Dems have made the bold decision to put South Carolina first on their presidential primary calender going forward.  In the past, it's been Iowa and New Hampshire that have led off the presidential selection process.  The move to South Carolina is earth-shattering, insofar as the vast majority of Democratic primary voters in that state will be black.  Blacks are obviously an enormously important part of the Democratic coalition that, oftentimes, powers Team Blue to victory, but they aren't a majority of Democratic voters on the national scene -- not by a long shot.  The Dems are thus taking a calculated risk in giving blacks such an outsized role in their nomination process.  This change will naturally be to the advantage of Dems, such as Joe Biden, who, for whatever reason, have cachet with black voters.  It will be decidedly disastrous for those effete intellectual white liberal types, such as Pete Buttigieg, who couldn't light a black voter on fire with a gallon of gas and a box full of matches.  Suffice it to say that the Democratic Party will never be quite the same, and someday the Dems may have cause to regret this shift, which could just as easily hurt them as help them, in the grand scheme of things.


In other news, while polling indicates that Governor Ron DeSantis has a certain momentum on the right these days, he's still eclipsed by the towering presence of DJT.  Is Ron worried?  He doesn't seem to be.  Who knows -- the DOJ could come along to level the playing field...  Then again, a fistful of indictments might actually make Trump's poll numbers go up!  These days, all bets are off. 

Right now the lead story in conservative circles is Elon Musk's release of internal Twitter deliberations on the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 election.  My take is a little different than most: I see nothing all that newsworthy in these materials.  Sure, the Dems and the Twitter elite conspired to rig the discourse leading up to the 2020 election.  Duh.  We already knew that.  What would be truly interesting is if there was evidence that either prominent Dems or their pals at Twitter knew at the time that they were lying through their teeth.  On the contrary, the likelihood is instead that they believed what they wanted to -- that suppressing the Hunter Biden narrative was "responsible", appropriate, and in the national interest.  These people don't often lie, in my estimation, or commit fraud, for the simple reason that they wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face, which it often does -- uselessly, as it turns out.  Will heads roll?  Will indictments fly?  I seriously doubt it.  The dastardly Dems will get away with this outrage as they get away with almost all of them.  In the next election cycle, in fact, they'll probably be even more aggressive and shameless in manipulating "the news", because now they know it works, and they know that no harm will come to them when they do it.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

They Mean Well?


Friends, file this one under "the truth is stranger than fiction".  Kanye West, who is black (although the NAACP may revoke his blackness any day now), is praising Adolf Hitler, who was not black and didn't particularly like anyone who was.  Now, Kanye is right that not everything Hitler said and did was bad, but how many brownie points is anyone going to earn by coming to Hitler's defense?  Answer: not many.  I'll give "Ye" credit, though -- he really knows how to stir the pot!


In other news, as I predicted, the PRC is backing off on its "zero COVID" obsession, and none too soon if it wishes to keep its writhing multitudes in line.  The bigger problem for the Chicoms is that their country's economy, which was been going gangbusters since the late 70s, may finally be hitting the skids.  Ergo, their problems may be just beginning. 

The January 6th committee has had its fun trying to pin the dastardly "insurrection" on Trump and on Republicans in general, but now it appears that the House GOP is planning to turn the tables and put the committee itself under the microscope.  Bully for them!  The January 6th committee was a travesty from the start, and I'm sure many aspects of its behind-the-scenes machinations will be an embarrassment to the Democrats and to democracy itself, but did anyone on or around the committee break the law?  Let's find out, shall we?


Finally, artificial intelligence is on the way, whether we like it or not.  So too, one imagines, is the synthesis of human intelligence and computing.  That is to say, sooner or later, people will have their brains hooked up to computers, which will enhance their memory, perception, and/or cognitive function.  Polls say most people aren't thrilled about this prospect, but when you consider how many millions of Americans are more or less symbiotic with their smartphones already, I suspect our doubts will quickly fade.  It's a brave new world, friends, and it's about to get a whole lot braver.