Monday, March 1, 2021



Friends, we here at WaddyIsRight hereby congratulate the Republican Party and the conservative movement on a successful CPAC gathering, which demonstrated that, despite the disappointments of 2020, we're far from licked!  In addition, we officially recognize Donald J. Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as co-winners of CPAC.  DeSantis finished a strong second in the straw poll, so we chose to award him with the coveted Caucasian Baby you see above.  Way to go, Ron!

In all seriousness, I regard the results of the straw poll as significant.  Yes, if Trump runs in 2024, he's the clear favorite.  Trump hasn't declared that he's running, however, there are a lot of reasons why he may not, and a lot of circumstances that may intervene between now and then (like vengeful prosecutors), so it's telling who's attracting Republican/conservative notice besides Trump.  Of course, no one likes to peak too early.  DeSantis will be targeted relentlessly by the "mainstream" media (famous for its "objectivity"), and he may, perforce, become rivals with Trump himself, although I doubt it.  The smart Republicans are assuredly not those who are picking fights needlessly with Donald Trump and his legions of supporters.  In that sense, I agree with Lindsey Graham: we need to get along, and we need Trump and Trumpers fully on board in 2022, 2024, and beyond.  We also need those RINOs (God help us!), plus plenty of independents, and a few conservative Democrats.  Hey, that's just simple math, people.  I don't make the rules.


  1. Trump got only 55% of CPAC attendees, who are his people. Only 68% of them thought it was a good idea for him to run in 2024.

    DeSantis had a much better CPAC than Trump, but he is so closely tied to Trump that getting more than the Trump base is a heavy lift for him. He will ride the Trumpism train for a shot at 2024, but that is a train to nowhere.

    1. Rod

      I'm always "amused" at your comments. You make statements and then just leave them hanging. What do you mean when you say that DeSantis will "ride the Trumpism train for a shot at 2024, but that is a train to nowhere"? Why is it a "train to nowhere"? Because you say so? How do you know what DeSantis will do or not do between now and 2024. Are you a political analyst or "prophet" of some kind?

    2. Ray,

      Remember, Rod hates, "...punching down." as per his own admission in the last thread.

      Of course I cannot help but interpret this strange response to losing arguments, except to think that perhaps something akin to the following is happening:


  2. After he left the Presidency, John Quincy Adams did not feel it was beneath himself to run for Congress, which he did, serving in that body from 1830 until his death in 1848. Perhaps Trump should consider doing the same thing. Why not?

  3. Dr. Nick

    I have a question? Does that little Caucasian baby in the photograph mean that baby is White (sorry I meant white)? Don't all white people come from the Caucasus Mountains area? Isn't that the same area Stalin was from? Thank you.

  4. DR. NICK

    I have another question. Why is it that Left-wingers are such assholes? Is it in their DNA and they simply can't help it? Is there some sort of vaccine I can get to make me immune from them? Thanks.

  5. Ray from Jack: Stalin cwme straight from hell and was of no race, being inhuman.

  6. Rod, you speak with a lot of confidence about the outcome of an election three years and a half years away. I gotta imagine that, if Trump can very nearly beat a progressive dreamboat like Biden, then a slightly less offensive version of Trump, like DeSantis, could win the ultimate prize. I gotta imagine you know it, too.

    Oh, Lee. Ha! You're going to give Rod apoplexy. Luckily his Obamacare will cover it.

    Ray, I'm pretty sure Trump would NEVER run for anything other than president. Talk about lèse-majesté! His sense of dignity would never allow it. I could see Mayor of Palm Beach MAYBE. As a lark.

    It's odd that whites are referred to as Caucasians, isn't it? You can read about the term here: The old idea, as you probably know, is that all Europeans, Middle Easterners, and Central Asians are "Caucasoid", and they do bear some physical resemblance to each other as well as sharing some linguistic roots. None this, apparently, has anything to do with an origin point in the Caucasus.

    Why are left-wingers such assholes? Historically, I'm not sure the generalization would be supportable, but as the years tick by it becomes more and more so. I would say the root of this evil is the Enlightenment, and the leftist's conceit that his opinions are facts, and those who disagree with him are by definition irrational. Once you make this leap, utter contempt for all dissent becomes a cardinal virtue.

    Jack, I fear Stalin was all too human, although thankfully not a typical representative of our race. He's as fine an argument for the death penalty as you'll ever find, though!