Saturday, February 27, 2021

The End of Free Speech?


Friends, of all the depressing changes washing over this country, none is more mortifying than the Left's blithe abandonment of our traditional commitment to free speech.  The idea that the public sphere must be cleansed of "hate" and "lies" and "disinformation", while well-meaning, is completely inimical to the maintenance of free speech.  Few on the Left seem to understand this.  Some do understand it, but clearly don't care.  They view the sacrifice of our freedoms as the price we must pay to achieve a neo-Marxist utopia.  Anyway, I suggest you read this piece.  It talks about the stakes of this battle.  The central point is a simple one: freedoms are easy to lose, and tough to regain.  So buckle up!


When we talk about the censorship and bias in Big Tech, we usually focus on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc etc.  Fair enough, but Wikipedia is also a very influential clearinghouse for information.  I use it constantly.  This article says it's the 13th most visited site on the internet.  My information is that it's the 5th most visited site.  In any case, it outpaces even porn!  That's saying something.  Ergo, when Wikipedia decides to start curating the sum of human knowledge in order to protect lefty snowflakes from the mental anguish that evenhandedness causes, we're all in a heap of trouble!


In this piece Tucker Carlson exposes the utter absurdity of the Left's narrative on "oppression".  In essence, they view the most privileged people in America as victims, and ordinary working class folk as black-hearted overlords.  The sheer cognitive dissonance is amazing! 

Finally, this article explores the fact that two of our leading candidates for the presidency in 2024 (three, if you count Marco Rubio) hail from Florida.  That could make them bitter rivals.  I hope it will make them close allies.  My ideal scenario for 2024 is that a still-strong DJT will throw his weight behind Ron DeSantis.  Maybe Don, Jr. as VEEP?  Hey, let's make a deal...  Why not?

Friday, February 26, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II: Her Bloodlust is Insatiable!


Friends, I'm sure we can all agree that statues are second only to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the list of the greatest threats to human freedom and well-being.  That's why I'm so glad that a statue of the Queen was recently beheaded in Canada -- where they know the meaning of "Sic Temper Tyrannis"!


In other news, while the media swoons over King Cuomo and his impressive collection of body bags, many red state governors are getting the job done, COVID-wise.  You'll never hear about them on CNN, needless to say, unless it's to insult their "hateful" rhetoric or their spouse's appearance or their cat's breath.  Ergo, you might want to read this article.


Don't be fooled by the polls indicating widespread public support for Biden's COVID "Relief" Bill.  Sure, people like free money.  It doesn't seem to have occurred to them that the borrowed funds need to be paid back.  Likewise, they haven't heard about all the waste and political payoffs in this bill, nor are they aware of the growing racialization of public finances.  Here in Rochester, NY, there's a new vaccination center open that I can't utilize, because I don't live in the right zip code.  Expect more racial and socioeconomic targeting of government programs and spending in the years to come.  The new line is that non-racialism is racist, after if you don't like being discriminated against, why, you're racist too! 

In other news, if you want to know what it's like to be a white staff member at a super-woke elite liberal arts college these days, check out this resignation letter.  It's a bit long-winded, but it's amazing the pressures that are brought to bear on people to conform in higher ed.  I'm very thankful that I don't work in a hothouse environment like the one that prevails at Smith College.


Behold, the thought police are cracking the whip even in the Valley of the Genesee, my old stomping grounds.  Failing to accept transgender orthodoxy means, apparently, that you're unfit for the teaching profession... 


Our hero Ron DeSantis is giving the Left a knuckle sandwich at CPAC.  He's hitting all the right notes, wouldn't you say? 

The deterioration of conditions at our border is unfolding faster than many of us predicted.  What's worse, from Biden's perspective, is that he'll soon be subjected to insistent demands from both wings of his party: moderates will want him to crack down, and progressives will want him to ease up and let everyone through.  The inflation/interest rates/fiscal crisis may be months or years off, but the border crisis is already here and it's guaranteed to get worse.  How long can the media ignore it?


Finally, poor Mitch has cracked open a newspaper, it appears (since I assume he can't work a computer), and read the latest polls.  As a result, he's ready to let bygones be bygones, as far as Jan. 6th goes, and he's prepared to support Trump in 2024, if he's the candidate of the GOP.  I guess that's progress.  The tortoise is retreating into its shell.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Nuke 'Em Back to the Stone Age?


Friends, in our recent election, Joe Biden proved he was tough as nails, wrestling the mighty Donald J. Trump into submission.  Admittedly, he did it mainly from the comfort of his basement, but hey -- whatever works!  Now Democrats are questioning whether Sleepy Joe has what it takes to exercise sole authority over our nuclear weapons...  What?  Surely Joe's wisdom and judgement are beyond questioning, no?  It's curious.  Maybe they're afraid that one day he'll skip his Metamucil and nuke France?  And, really, would that be so terrible?


In other news, it's official: progressivism causes homosexuality.  Or, at least, there's a strong correlation there.   I swear, if we keep going at this rate, Western Civilization is going to lose the knack for sexual reproduction.  We'll have to grow our babies in pods.


In a similar vein, we live in a time when even cookies have strident political views.  Wow! 


President Trump is officially back in the endorsements game!  Good for him.  Does he aspire to the role of kingmaker...or does he insist on being king?  Maybe we'll find out in his upcoming CPAC speech. 

And finally...there are some scary numbers here regarding the expansion of the money supply.  Sooner or later, the world is going to look at our fiscal management and recoil in horror.  The only question is: how long will it be before we hit the wall?

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

"Hate": It Ain't What It Used To Be


Friends, Big Tech, and society in general, are cracking down on "hate speech" and "disinformation".  Nobody likes "hate" and "lies", of course, but the problem is that we are a very, very long way from agreeing on what they are and when they're present.  No matter: progressives have complete faith in their ability to know "hate" and "disinformation" when they see it.  I mean, it's not like a leftist has ever made a mistake, right?

A case in point: Amazon, one of the world's largest booksellers, is culling all content that "we determine is hate speech ... or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive."  No potential for dangerous overreach there, right?  We simply CANNOT allow the Left to become the referee in questions of what speech is permissible and what isn't.  As soon as we lose that battle, the war itself is lost.  In fact, the war itself is futile.


Friends, back when Barack Obama was president, he was smart enough to perceive that slavery reparations were a "nonstarter" politically.  In fact, proposing them would be "counterproductive".  Well, now Obama believes that America is ready to fork over trillions of dollars to people on the basis of their skin color, on the (often groundless) assumption that their poverty was caused by the oppression of their enslaved forefathers.  Now, has America traveled depressingly far down the path of reverse racism?  Yes, it has.  Is America dumb enough to embrace the cause of slavery reparations?  That I simply don't believe.  In fact, I suspect the Dems and the Left are once again overreaching and over-promising.  I predict reparations will help to sink them in 2022, in fact.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Waddy is Left! Or Is it "Waddy HAS Left"?


Friends, I'm nothing if not flexible.  When the Bidenist stormtroopers break down my door, I'll proudly profess my undying loyalty to Never-Slept-Once-in-his-Life Joe.  I'm no idiot.

On the other hand, we conservatives, patriots, and Trumpers have to assess our options carefully, as this country descends incrementally down the rabbit hole of neo-Marxism.  In fact, we even have to be prepared to ask: does America deserve our fidelity and respect, when it's rapidly becoming a place in which people like us aren't welcome?  It's a question worth asking, no?

That's why my latest article tackles this epic conundrum in a humorous way.  In essence, I expand on my recent suggestion to Ray that, perhaps, the USA and Central America ought to engage in a little population exchange.  America wants all the Hispanic "refugees" it can find, but it also wants to rid itself of as many white, Christian conservatives as it can tactfully disgorge...  I see the groundwork for a beautiful compromise, don't you?

Read all about it...

Hey, Central America! Have I Got a Deal For You...

Recently, the Biden administration rolled back key elements of President Trump's strong border enforcement policy — an approach that saw illegal crossings fall. Now, the drumbeat of changes is starting to imperil more than just border security: our national security hangs in the balance.

Biden has decided that “asylum seekers” will no longer wait in Mexico, and they will no longer have to prove that they are victims of political persecution. Instead, merely fearing criminal and/or domestic violence, or claiming to fear it, will do. In addition, construction on the Wall has been halted; deportations, even of criminals, have been sharply curtailed; Obama-era “catch and release” programs for recent arrivals have been resumed; immigration agents tasked with homeland enforcement have been reassigned; a path to citizenship has been proposed for every illegal immigrant currently in the country; and the prospective Attorney General, when asked if illegal immigration laws would be enforced at all, could only reply “I don't know”.

For those concerned about the security and integrity of our border, these are all red flags. For aspiring illegal immigrants, however, they are like manna from heaven. The number of people surging across the southern border has already picked up. It threatens in the next few months to become a veritable tidal wave. Most will come from Central America, but increasing numbers are also from as far afield as Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Needless to say, the more the Earth's poor feel that they will be welcomed in the United States, the more they will come.

Republicans, who are much more likely than Democrats to be concerned about this problem, are unfortunately powerless to do anything about it. Democrats and progressives, who tend to regard illegal immigrants as morally and culturally superior to benighted “Anglos”, control the presidency, all federal agencies regulating migration, the House, and the Senate. Thus, if they wish to open the door to illegal migrants — even millions or tens of millions of them — “We the People” can do nothing but sit back and take it. In 2022, assuming our elections are at least vaguely fair, we might reacquire a voice in these matters, but until then we have to accept that a “refugee” tsunami is headed our way.

As it turns out, this is just one of the reasons why Republicans and conservatives are despondent. Frankly, our views have become an irrelevance not just in immigration matters, but in all policy areas.

For instance, the Biden administration is plowing ahead with plans for ruinous levels of new federal spending. The $1.9 trillion COVID “Relief” Bill is just a down payment. Massive outlays on “infrastructure”, green energy, health care, free college education, and “social justice” initiatives like slavery reparations are in the pipeline. Anyone with sense can see that inflation and higher interest rates are coming...but, as usual, there is nothing we can do about it. Combine this looming disaster with the unprecedented threats to the unborn, to Second Amendment rights, to free speech, to religious liberty, and even to our basic ability to operate businesses and to make a living, and it's easy to see why many patriots are questioning their futures in this country.

As if all this were not bad enough, there is also the growing stigmatization of dissent to consider. Conservatives are increasingly being hounded from the public sphere, banned from social media platforms, fired from their jobs, and derided as “traitors”, “white supremacists”, and “extremists”. The bar for such accusations, needless to say, is low, and it sinks lower every day. Those of us who voted for Trump find ourselves not just on the losing end of a presidential election, but despised and persecuted in our own land. We were driven out of most educational and cultural institutions long ago. Now the business and political worlds are conspiring to make our isolation complete. No, we're not like the Jews in Nazi Germany, but we often don't feel welcome in our own communities anymore either, and that's a sad thing to admit.

And so, a ready (if “outside the box”) solution presents itself! If soon the cities and villages of Central America are to be emptied of their “huddled masses” — that is, of every intrepid/beleaguered soul who imagines that life in America may offer a ray of hope — then it is inevitable that vacancies will arise in these tropical locales.

Might I suggest, therefore, that, instead of suffering from depopulation and destabilization, the governments of these Central American nations should seize the opportunity that 74 million forlorn Trumpers represent. Most of us, after all, are industrious, conscientious, law-abiding, family-oriented, God-fearing, honest, and decent. We're exactly the sort of migrants that any country — except America, apparently — would want. Why not make an even trade, therefore? Biden's USA wants all the impoverished Guatemalan subsistence farmers it can get its hands on, and American conservatives want a fresh start, a fair shake, and a land of opportunity and relative freedom in which they can pursue their dreams and live according to their values. Who's to say, then, that Make America Great Again (MAGA) couldn't just as easily become Make Guatemala Great Again (MGGA)? 74 million Trumpers would go a long way to breathing new life into a region that has long fallen short of its promise. What say you?

Heck, we could probably sweeten the deal still further: Biden and the Dems would presumably be happy to throw a few trillion dollars (what's it to them?) at us would-be exiles, and the countries that agreed to take us in, to grease the wheels of this ideological cleansing. It's a small price to pay to rid yourself of millions of “deplorables”, right?

All this, of course, is mostly tongue-in-cheek...for now. We conservatives are not yet ready to abandon the country we love, but we are ready to begin asking the question: will it someday abandon us?

Donald J. Trump is not the only patriot, therefore, who may eventually find that the prospects of a life in exile are arguably superior to the constant derision, harassment, and persecution he faces here at home. It's a big, wide world, after all, and sunnier climes abound. The United States of America has been the “shining city on a hill” for over 200 years, yes, but, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end...

Food for thought.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at Townhall: 


In other news, Emperor Cuomo's sins appear to be catching up with him, although his approval rating is still above 50%!  What a state, huh?  You can kill old people and hide their corpses, in effect, and the voters still like you, as long as you have a "D" after your name...  Oy!

Keep a close eye on the Dems' efforts to pressure cable providers to drop conservative news networks.  Congress probably won't be front and center in this effort.  I expect the agitation of leftist grassroots activists will be more significant.  Boycotts, tweet storms, picketing -- this sort of thing gets the attention of big corporations, and the lefties are masters of it.  Their chief goal, as always, is to destroy the opposition.


Finally, conservatives of every stripe are uniting to protect election integrity, and for good reason.  If we can't trust that our elections are fair, or at least minimally fair, we'll never win another important state or national election again.  This one is non-negotiable, people!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Have a Coke and a Smile...You Racist Bastard!


Friends, few products are more quintessentially American than Coca-Cola.  That's why it's so fitting that Coke recently tipped its hand on the question of whether white people suck.  (Spoiler alert: of course we do!)  Coke has gotten in hot water for a training program for its employees that encourages them to be "less white", meaning "less arrogant" and "less oppressive" and "less ignorant".  Well!  When attitudes like these contaminate the American corporate world, in addition to our education system, our media, and our popular culture, you know that our society is pretty darn sick.  The question is: can we even hope to recover from such a serious malady?


This poll exposes why it's suicide for the Republican Party to disrespect Donald Trump.  He remains, by far, the most powerful and most popular Republican in America.  If he were ever to leave the party and strike out on his own, the Grand Old Party would be toast.  Ergo, the only kind of Republican who can win in 2024 is the kind that has DJT's blessing. 

Mark your calendars: Trump will be speaking at CPAC on February 28th.  It will be his first address since leaving office, and it will, we assume, set the tone for the role he intends to play in public life going forward.  My guess is he'll be up to his old tricks and letting the Dems, the media, and social media have it.  I expect him to deliver some devastating broadsides to his enemies.  Should be fun!


The pernicious and highly inconsistent censorship on major social media platforms continues.  Expect it, in fact, to get worse before it gets better.  The Left is demanding that the suppression of conservative speech should increase, as a matter of fact, and the inclination of Big Tech seems to be to comply (eagerly) with such requests.  This makes it more necessary than ever for us to find alternative platforms, in anticipation of our permanent and total expulsion from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc.


Finally, the situation at the border is getting worse by the day.  The good news is that border chaos will give the Biden administration severe political headaches.  The bad news is that, by the time the American people realize that the integrity of our borders has been sacrificed (again), there may be enough illegal aliens voting that we will have lost our ability to change course.  It really is plausible that millions, or tens of millions, of "asylum seekers" could soon be headed our way.  That's a tidal wave of humanity that our social fabric and our economy might not survive. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Blast His Carcass Into Space?


Friends, the title of this post might have alarmed you.  Well, it should!  The pettiness of Trump hatred knows no bounds, apparently, because now some Dems are proposing -- with a straight face -- that "twice impeached" presidents be banned from being interred at Arlington National Cemetery, along with a long list of other potential honors.  Keep in mind that impeachment is tantamount to indictment.  Donald Trump has merely been accused of crimes.  He's never been convicted.  Not even of jaywalking or speeding.  Nonetheless, the Dems feel his horrific crimes against leftism justify shunning him not only in life, but also in death.  But hey, at least the lefties are consistent: they don't much care for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln either.  They haven't dug up their bodies to be spat upon yet, but give it time.  They'll get around to it.


Keep a close eye on this story.  The Dems are getting excited about the possibility of slavery reparations.  I mean, why not?  Trillions for "COVID Relief", for infrastructure, for health care, for green energy.  We might as well throw a few more at black America, right?  The moral and practical problems with slavery reparations are too numerous to mention here, but politically this issue could play out in a very interesting way.  Black Democrats will be expecting a big cash payout, and frankly they're unlikely to get it.  This looks to me like a classic no-win issue for Democrats.  Note that the relevant bill has many sponsors, but quite a few Congressional Dems are steering clear of it.  Any controversy that splits the Democrats is a win for the good guys. 

Trump skeptics in the Republican Party, like Mitch McConnell and Nikki Haley, must be sweating bullets, because they thought they had DJT on the run, and now he's set to come roaring back.  Can Nikki and Donald kiss and make up?  We'll see.


This is a great article.  It makes the point that our public discourse is dominated by entrenched narratives.  How do they get entrenched?  Well, it's the mainstream media that does the digging, so to speak -- and then we conservatives are stuck trying to climb out of the hole.  The flowering of alternative media sources is part of the answer, but we conservatives and patriots need to be bolder in rejecting MSM narratives at the moment of their formation.  All this nonsense about an "insurrection", for instance, should have been laughable at the start.  By piously shaking our heads and lamenting the "uprising", we were arguably doing the Left's work for it.  Call a riot what it is: a riot.  Our democracy was never in any danger, except from those who would manipulate its laws and deny democratic rights, including free speech, to those who disagree with them.  I think you see where I'm going with this...


Keep a close eye on the border and on developments in immigration policy.  The Biden administration has a tough balancing act to perform.  It wants to implement a kinder, gentler policy with respect to "asylum seekers", but it doesn't want to foster a human stampede at the border, which could easily happen if the poor people of planet Earth decide that America is "open for business".  Immigration too is an issue that could split the Democratic Party wide open. 

Lastly, while things here on Earth seem to be pretty crappy, it's all sunshine and lollipops on Mars.  Congrats to NASA on landing its Perseverance rover on the Red Planet.  It's going to be a long time before you can buy a ski chalet on the Martian slopes, but every year we get just a little bit closer...

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Eternal Dittos, Rush!


Friends, all of us, I'm sure, are united in conveying our condolences to the family of Rush Limbaugh, who passed away today of lung cancer.  I haven't been a regular listener of Rush's show since the 90s, but I happily concede that Rush had a formative impact on American politics and the conservative movement.  Simply put, as mainstream media bias escalated in recent decades, conservatives had one and only one hope of remaining relevant: they needed to develop alternative media outlets and new ways to get out their pro-America message.  Rush was on the front lines of that transformation of the media environment.  Many others have taken the ball and run with it, but Rush was among the first pioneers.  In a very real sense, therefore, Rush saved America from leftist conquest and tyranny.  We all owe him a debt of gratitude, and we must hope that many more journalists and commentators will follow in his footsteps.  Godspeed, Rush!

Always Fight A Land War in Asia?


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil is nutritious food for your brain.  In our "This Day in History" segment, we cover the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War, which split the communist world (and not for the first or last time) and humiliated the People's Liberation Army of China.  I argue that China's crash program of modernization and Westernization since the late 70s can be seen, in part, as a response to its derisory performance versus the Vietnamese.  Thanks, Vietnam!  You woke the sleeping dragon.  Also in our "This Day in History" segment, Brian and I examine the presidency of Thomas Jefferson and the bitter conflicts between Federalists and Democratic-Republicans in Jefferson's day.  Trust me, "fake news" and threats of "insurrection" aren't a recent invention!

When we cover current events, Brian and I talk about the fallout from the latest sham impeachment of (ex-)President Donald Trump.  I suggest that Mitch McConnell crossed a line in castigating Trump, who will be, for the foreseeable future, the dominant figure in the GOP.  We also ponder U.S.-Russian relations and the successes (and disappointments) of Trump's America First foreign policy.

Check it out!  Your life will never be the same if you do...


In other news, read President Trump's statement on Mitch McConnell and why he's a dodo-head.  It's a very interesting essay -- much more comprehensive than we'd get in a mere tweet! -- but leaves out some important considerations, like McConnell's herculean work confirming conservative judges and Justices, and the all-important Capitol riot!  Trump may prefer to forget that ever happened.  I suspect that will be tough sledding.  Nevertheless, Trump makes a number of excellent points, but his main one is this: McConnell, and those like him, were happy to work with Trump and accept his support when it was convenient for them, and now they're stabbing him in the back, and spreading lies about him in the bargain.  That's not very admirable behavior, and it's not going to bring the party together either.  Sorry, Mitch, but you've officially bitten off more than you can chew! 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Should THIS Be the Face of the GOP?


Friends, I've been a supporter of Mitch McConnell for a long time, since his Machiavellian attributes have been undeniably useful to the Republican Party and the conservative movement.  I believe we may be approaching a moment in which the Senate GOP would do well to consider new leadership, however.  McConnell is growing less and less popular by the day, and his strident condemnation of President Trump creates the potential for real dissension in the party.  McConnell probably feels that the party needs to exorcise itself of Trump in order to rebuild its image with the American people.  Well, convincing Trump not to run in 2024 may well be in the party's interests, but McConnell should consider the wisdom of the old adage that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with grease.  Lambasting Trump will only make him mad...and, when he gets mad, he gets even!  That's a recipe for internecine strife in the GOP.  I would prefer, therefore, a Minority Leader who respects the pro- and anti-Trump factions in the Republican caucus and in the party as a whole, and who doesn't stoke the fires of Trump-hatred.  The bottom line is that we need Trump and Trump supporters if we're to win any elections going forward, and Mitch McConnell has arguably burned his bridges with both.  That's the subject of my most recent article.

Ditch Mitch!

Question: What do you do when virtually no one likes you?

Answer: You tell the few people who do like you to take a flying leap!

That, at least, is Mitch McConnell's answer to the question.

For years, Mitch has been one of the least popular politicians in Washington, D.C. — in a town where most big-name politicos are way underwater in terms of favorability to start with.

Recently, Mitch decided that, with no one left in his corner except hardcore conservatives, he might as well go out of his way to alienate them too, by deriding (ex-)President Trump as our Instigator-in-Chief. By parroting the Democrats' talking points about the recent “insurrection”, in other words, Mitch ensured that conservatives would come to loathe him almost as much as liberals always have. Brilliant!

All this would be funny, of course, if it weren't also tragic, both for the country and for the conservative movement. After all, nowadays, the Republican caucus in the Senate is the one thing standing between the Democrats and total mastery over the federal government. In fact, not only does every Republican have to hold together to stop the Dems from packing the Supreme Court, adding new (deep blue) states to the Union, and abolishing the filibuster. Republicans also need at least one Democrat — Joe Manchin, we're looking in your direction — to prevent this cascade of calamities. Thus, it is critical at this juncture in our history that Senate Republicans be well led. And these are the circumstances in which Mitch McConnell, in a fit of pique about the Capitol riot (as well as in the aftermath of the debacle in Georgia which cost him his Senate majority), decided to start an open feud with our former President, who is by far the most popular Republican in the country, and who may well be its standard bearer for a third time in 2024. Incredible!

McConnell's remarks after Trump's recent acquittal, to the effect that the ex-President was “practically and morally” responsible for the riot because, for months previously, he had made comments about the 2020 election which were false and tended to rile up his base, are seriously galling to most Republicans, and for good reason. Yes, Trump spoke often and heatedly about the “stolen election”, but by no means were all his claims “baseless”, as the media would have us believe, and apparently as Mitch himself believes.

Trump pointed to the frightful bias in media coverage surrounding the election, and rightly so. Trump pointed to the extralegal shenanigans that occurred in the administration of the election and the counting of votes in many states, and rightly so. He pointed to statistical anomalies, troubling witness testimony, and the stonewalling of election monitors and of efforts to audit the vote, and rightly so.

In voicing these concerns, Trump was only acting according to his political interests and in accordance with his First Amendment rights. Indeed, does anyone doubt that, in a similar position, Democrats would have voiced many, if not all, of the same concerns? And they would have been entirely within their rights to do so. After all, the right to free speech would not exist, if it were not intended to allow Americans to communicate unpopular and even incendiary ideas. Likewise, the right to challenge elections, the opportunity to litigate them in the federal courts, and the procedures to contest the certification of the electoral college in the Congress, would not exist, unless the Framers and the authors of the relevant statutes had not intended that candidates for office might occasionally make use of them, and inevitably they would do so under contentious circumstances. No, President Trump did nothing wrong in contesting the election — and he did nothing that Democrats have not done themselves in prior election cycles, and will do again in subsequent ones.

Moreover, if the rhetoric surrounding Trump's effort to contest the election grew pointed at times, that too is standard operating procedure in modern politics. Last time I checked, we have the right as Americans to speak our minds, and to grow agitated about it, just so long as we don't cross the line into violence or illegality. And Trump, not to mention Senators Cruz and Hawley, certainly never crossed any such line. That ought to settle the matter.

Frankly, though, even if Mitch McConnell was right, and Trump pressed his case about election fraud beyond the point where it was likely to do any good, or used rhetoric that was, by some definition, “over the top”, that does not make him responsible for the illegal actions of his followers in the course of the Capitol riot, any more than it would make Democratic politicians responsible for the shooting of Steve Scalise or for the carnage that beset our cities in the summer of 2020, because of their rhetorical flourishes (usually misleading, although not always “baseless”) about Trump-Russia collusion and police racism. For, surely, if we were to apply Mitch's pious standards re: the dissemination of misinformation and the cultivation of anger to Democrats, not a one of them would be left un-impeached...not that this seems to have occurred to Mitch himself.

The bigger point is this: the Republican Party may well be one in which Trump-lovers and Trump-haters can coexist, but it is unquestionably also one in which the former massively outnumber the latter. It is incongruous, to say the least, therefore, for someone who seems to regard President Trump as a criminal and a scoundrel to lead a caucus dominated by those who proudly supported him for the last four years, and who may well do so again in 2024.

What makes the situation insupportable, however, is the fact that McConnell's infamous facility for parliamentary maneuvering, which was always his trump card as the leader of his caucus, is now in jeopardy. That's because Mitch's uncanny ability to organize the Republican caucus will inevitably be severely compromised both by his personal unpopularity (even Kentuckians have parted ways with him!) and his forfeiture of the status of “honest broker” between the pro- and anti-Trump factions of the party. McConnell, arguably, was just what Senate Republicans needed, back when Trump was President and McConnell himself was tolerated, if not always liked, by GOP Senators of every ideological stripe. Now, though, by declaring his abhorrence for Trump, McConnell has become a lightning rod and a liability. For this reason alone his fellow Republicans would be justified in replacing him.

Reasonable people can disagree about the merits and demerits of President Trump, as a leader and as a man. One thing which has become clear in the last four years, however, is that those who deprecate Trump have bleak futures in the Republican Party, especially in its upper echelons, because, in effect, by rejecting the head of the party, they are also rejecting the party's base and the populist, patriotic values that animate it. In other words, you cannot hold Trump in contempt without implicitly condemning his supporters as well.

In choosing this path for himself, Mitch McConnell has, whether he or his GOP Senate colleagues yet realize it, destroyed his viability as Minority or Majority Leader. It's time Mitch returned to the backbenches, therefore, and allowed a more pragmatic and genuinely conservative, Trumpian figure to succeed him.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Get Trump, Part 37


Friends, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again, right?  That's certainly the Dems' philosophy.  Having failed to impeach and remove (or disqualify) Trump twice, they've got a few more cards up their sleeves.  They've got multiple criminal investigations in the works with Donald J. Trump in the crosshairs.  This is just one of them: an attempt to charge him with suborning election officials in Georgia.  The problem: he didn't explicitly threaten or attempt to bribe anyone, and he wasn't asking that he be falsely declared the winner.  He genuinely believed, based on the evidence, that he had won.  No matter.  Let's try to make it stick, shall we?  The scary thing is, depending on the jury, it might!


In other news, Florida isn't alone in taking on Big Tech these days.  Many states are pursuing legislation to rein in the digital persecution of conservatives.  As the Rod Man argues, not all these laws will pass, and even if they do they might not pass the legal and constitutional smell test.  Be that as it may, social media companies ought to be feeling the heat, and that in itself is progress.  What we need, more than anything, is for people all around the world to vote with their feet and flee these woke platforms for greener and freer pastures. 

Mitch McConnell, to his credit, did not vote to convict Donald Trump of "incitement of insurrection", but it's clear he did so on a technicality.  McConnell regards Trump as "practically and morally" guilty.  One has to question whether such an impassioned Trump hater, who went out of his way after the Senate's vote not to build bridges in the party but to rail against DJT, is capable of leading the Republican caucus in the Senate.  Look for an article on this topic from me in the very near future. 

Lastly, this is an article that ought to send chills up every conservative and patriotic spine.  Lefties have gotten very good at gaming the system for their own benefit, in this case the levers of corporate power.  They've successfully pressured most of our large corporations to parrot the agendas of environmentalism, social justice, enforced "equity", gay and transgender rights, and even Trump hatred.  If we conservatives don't get back in the game soon, we may find ourselves shunned by every major institution in the country...and that's no way to "Make America Great Again"!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

57 Angry Men (Some of Whom Were Women)


Friends, the fiasco is kaput, so to speak: the Senate trial of (ex-)President Donald J. Trump for "incitement of insurrection" has ended in acquittal, as almost everyone knew it would.  Fair enough, since there was no incitement and no insurrection.  This means that Trump is free to run for federal office again.  It also means, of course, that the Dems and lefties are free to hound him as a private citizen, and to try every trick in the book to ruin him, personally, professionally, and criminally, if they can manage it.  Luckily, he can afford some good lawyers.  He'll need them.

It's disappointing that no less than 7 Senate Republicans voted to convict.  Truthfully, though, if every Senator who loathed Trump and viewed him as a venomous, populist toad had voted his or her "conscience", he probably would have been convicted -- easily! -- and hanged to death from the Capitol flag pole.  Official Washington really, really doesn't care for Trump, in case you've failed to notice.  All along, the only ones who've truly been in his corner are ordinary Americans, those 74+ million "deplorables" who made him President in the first place.  They're not going away, and apparently neither is Trump.

Speaking of which, Trump is already teasing his return to public life.  Will he be merely the Influencer-in-Chief, a kingmaker, or will he, in fact, for run for office himself?  Time will tell.  One thing's for sure.  He's coming for his enemies, especially the RINOs who, as he must see it, "stabbed him in the back".  If the Dems pursued this impeachment farce hoping to ignite a civil war in the Republican Party, the truth is they may well get it.  That chagrins me.  I believe pro- and anti-Trump Republicans need to work together, if we're to defeat the evilest stratagems that the Dems have in store for us in the next two to four years.  In my view, there's room in the GOP for all, but I recognize, just the same, that Trump-haters aren't representative of the party's rank-and-file.  To some degree, a reckoning between Trumpers and those GOP Congressmen and Senators who supported impeachment is inevitable.  I have a feeling I know who will come out of that melee victorious.  Care to place your bets?

Friday, February 12, 2021

Take a Chill Pill


Friends, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: there's simply nothing more dangerous in this world than someone who thinks he's rational, but in point of fact is hysterical, or at least wholly captive to his emotions.  "Progressives" fit this description perfectly, and their case for impeaching and "removing" ex-President Trump is a case in point.  Now, if someone was actually guilty of "inciting" an "insurrection", wouldn't it make sense to wait until a full investigation was completed?  Wouldn't it be sensible to interview a witness or two and/or examine documentary evidence?  Nah, not the Dems.  Not the progs.  They know Trump is guilty because they feel it in their bones, and their idea of making their "case" is to play on the emotions of the jury -- the U.S. Senate -- and of the American people foolish enough to watch at home.  Let's face it: the case against Donald Trump is monstrously weak.  It's based on the idea that Trump said some false and bad things, and then people who agreed committed crimes.  Ergo, Trump is guilty of incitement.  That would NEVER fly in a court of law, and it doesn't pass the smell test here either.  This trial is the Beltway Dems' last big push to get their pound of flesh from the man they most hate in the world, and as usual they're failing.  Now, whether their worst nightmare comes true and DJT rises from his political grave to haunt the Dems in 2024...we'll just have to wait and see.


This is an article well worth reading.  It lays out the stark differences in the severity of the pandemic-related recessions in a variety of Western countries.  Note that, here in Trumpland, our downturn was among the shallowest.  Give credit where credit is due?  After all, failed businesses, lost jobs, and dashed dreams have a real impact on human well-being.  From what I can tell, even lefties are starting to realize that. 

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Baby Yoda -- Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?


Friends, this universe of ours is becoming less and less friendly to conservatives, patriots, Trumpers, and plain old people of common sense every day.  What's worse, though, is that the Star Wars universe isn't any better!  Disney has fired Gina Carano, a star who appears in the popular series The Mandalorian, for suggesting that those who try to blacklist and silence conservatives are repeating the mistakes of Nazi Germany.  Gasp, right?  Surely, no one on the Left would ever take the name of the Nazis in vain...  Lucasfilm had the gall to suggest that Carano's remarks were anti-Semitic, when it's clear that Carano simply indulged in a rhetorical comparison that is incessantly repeated among progressives.  The truth, of course, is that Carano doesn't fit the Hollywood mold, and so Disney has been itching to fire her for a long time.  Another one bites the dust, eh?  Add Disney to the long list of companies that hate America, conservatives, and free speech. 

I couldn't agree more with this article.  The idea that what occurred at the Capitol on January 6th was an "insurrection" is absurd.  Did a single "insurrectionist" fire a single bullet in attempting (supposedly) to overthrow the U.S. government?  Was a single Congressman or woman, or a single staffer, injured or killed?  Yes, there was a riot at the Capitol.  We have lots of riots in America, sadly, and 99% of them are caused by the Left.  Let's get a grip, shall we?


Critical race theory will, over the next four years, be rammed down our throats so often, and so rudely, that many of us will need reconstructive throat surgery by the time President DeSantis takes the Oath of Office.  Sad, but true.  This article makes the excellent point that America just isn't a racist hellhole.  Yes, many benefit from claiming that it is, but the evidence is mighty thin, and it's getting thinner all the time. 

Is America circling the drain, fiscally speaking?  You better believe it.  Even before the Dems commit us to an extra $2 trillion in spending, we're already looking at a $2.3 trillion deficit this year.  Yikes!  It's all fun and games with interest rates close to zero, but someday they'll go up, and the budgetary pain will escalate.  Bottom line: our deficits are in WWII territory.  The coronavirus stinks, but does it justify WWII-level spending?  Heck, no!  If this is our reaction to every crisis that comes down the pike, we'll be bankrupt in no time.


Lastly, rumors are circulating that the Never Trumpers are thinking about splitting away from the GOP and starting their own party.  Interesting.  Of course, if they were going to do it, it would have made a lot more sense back when Trump was on the ballot.  Be that as it may, I think it might actually help Trump and the Republican Party if they pulled the trigger.  These elitists don't carry much political weight, in my view, but to the extent they they would pull votes from anyone, my guess is it would be mainly from Biden (or Harris).  In essence, I believe there's a Trump vote in America, and an anti-Trump vote.  Thus, the more you split the anti-Trump vote, the better chance Trump has of victory.  Now, assuming our next nominee isn't Trump, the logic doesn't necessarily hold...but even in that situation I suspect a divided field would be beneficial to the right.  So...Romneyites and Bushites, do your worst! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

King For A Day?


Friends, the powers-that-be were undeniably taken aback by Donald Trump's victory in 2016, and they reacted with predictable horror and sanctimony.  They also mobilized as never before to ensure that this outrage would never be repeated.  My latest article is about the extraordinary measures taken by some of the most powerful forces in our society to engineer Biden's win and Trump's loss in 2020.  In that respect, it's a cautionary tale for all Republicans, conservatives, patriots, and Trumpers.  I also, however, contemplate how close all this establishment might came to total defeat in 2020 -- and thus how tenuous is their hold on power.  It's an intriguing juxtaposition, to say the least!

The Grand Old Party: Royally Screwed, Or Soon To Inherit The Throne?

Since President Trump's — disputed, but definitive — defeat in the presidential election as of the early morning hours of January 7th, Republicans have been more than a little shell-shocked. Not only did they surrender the presidency and the Senate to the Democrats, all in the space of a few hours, but they were blamed for an “insurrection” to boot, threatening serious, even permanent, damage to their brand. It sure looked like the GOP world had come crashing down.

What's more, a majority of Republicans emerged from the carnage of election 2020 fervently believing that the contest had been “rigged”. Although these claims of election fraud and malfeasance have been pooh-poohed by Democrats, progressives, journalists, and social media watchdogs, the truth is that the press and Big Tech did take unprecedented action to shield the Democratic ticket from scrutiny, while politicians and election authorities worked feverishly to alter the terms of the election itself to Joe Biden's undeniable advantage.

What's worse, these strategies worked. Thus, going forward, Republicans and conservatives naturally assume that the Left, having gamed the system successfully in 2020, will double down on these nefarious tactics and “rig” the next election even more emphatically.

In other words, as futile as our efforts seem to have been in 2020, in 2022, 2024, and beyond, Republican losses may be virtually guaranteed. The system's bias in favor of Democrats may be so ingrained as to be indefeasible. Republicans might as well apply for asylum in Brazil, or Russia, or Hungary now, while the getting's good.

As if to confirm this bleak narrative, Time's Molly Ball recently published a piece that revealed the contours of a “conspiracy to save the 2020 election” (from Trump), involving coordinated efforts by left-wing activists, labor groups, social media companies, journalists, political veterans, and even major corporations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These unlikely allies had two things in common: a disdain for Trump and a desire to frame the 2020 election and to manage news and information so as to assure his defeat.

As Ball puts it: “...the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

Ball claims this unholy alliance wanted only to “fortify” the election, not to rig it. Be that as it may, the group never seems to have considered the possibility that, in a free and fair election, they might lose. In fact, they had plans for massive street demonstrations in the event that it looked as though they were losing — an eventuality they planned to fight tooth and nail.

How, Republicans might reasonably ask, are we supposed to stand against such a formidable assemblage of establishment forces? How was Donald Trump ever supposed to prevail against such a cabal? And, now that the powers-that-be have so successfully mastered the levers and springs of “democracy”, why should they not use their dominion to throttle the GOP once and for all? Surely it would be naive to imagine that we could win another consequential election ever again.

And yet...

Compelling though this narrative might be, it misses a crucial realization: based on Molly Ball's own telling, and by the conspirators' own admission, their victory in 2020 was a very near thing. She recounts a number of points in the 2020 race and its aftermath where the narrative and circumstances threatened to spin out of the control even of these ingenious masters of fate.

What's more, we have only to contemplate the raw results of the 2020 election to perceive just how close the Left and the establishment came to their worst nightmare: defeat on all fronts.

Donald Trump came within 42,844 votes of flipping three critical states that would have given him an electoral college victory — and that's despite the avalanche of questionable, mail-in votes that Biden received.

Meanwhile, Republicans came within just 31,751 votes of taking a majority in the House of Representatives — despite predictions that Democrats in that chamber would easily pad their advantage. The slightest alteration in the winds of political fortune, therefore, could have reelected Trump and turfed Nancy Pelosi out of the Speakership.

Assuming we grant David Perdue a handful of extra votes in November 2020 as well, and thus a win over Jon Ossoff, Republicans would have recaptured the presidency, the House, and the Senate, just like in 2016, except that in this case the establishment would have seen the calamity coming, would have organized every possible resource and subterfuge to prevent it...and would have failed anyway. That's how close Trump and Republicans came to victory, and how close our most powerful enemies came to ignominious defeat.

What we have in these two stories, then, is two competing and seemingly opposite narratives, yes, but also two halves of the same whole: the Yin and the Yang of modern American politics.

On one hand, never before have dominant political, economic, and social forces colluded so fully, so nakedly, and yet so masterfully to stage-manage a federal election. Given the sophistication and the sheer clout of these worthies, it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine that any man, any party, or any movement could long defy their will.

On the other hand, we live in an age when Donald Trump and the Republican Party, despite these ferocious headwinds, and despite the adverse conditions of a global pandemic and a severe recession, could and did improve their standing in the House of Representatives, gain seats in state legislatures, and come within a hair's breadth of winning complete control over all levels of government. A more stunning demonstration of the powerlessness — of the insignificance! — of the establishment would be hard to conceive.

If this surreal juxtaposition has Republicans and conservatives, not to mention Democrats and progressives, out of sorts, it's because it should! These are, so it seems, the best of times, the worst of times, and without a doubt the weirdest of times by a country mile.

To every Republican, conservative, and Trumper who would his scratch his head, therefore, and ask himself whether he should despair or rejoice, I say: both, and simultaneously! The moment demands nothing less.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480.


And here it is at American Greatness: 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Down with the Bourgeoisie?


Friends, there are some great stories out there today that really got my creative juices flowing...  For one, take a look at the rise of Elizabeth Warren.  She'll be serving as the matronly voice of conscience for many progressives over the next four years.  Among other things, she wants a "wealth tax".  That means that millionaires and billionaires would be paying a tax of, say, 2% on their total assets every year.  It's been tried before elsewhere and wasn't a great success.  It's also very unlikely to make it through the House or the Senate.  The point, then, isn't so much that a wealth tax could come to be -- it's that it would be DELIGHTFUL to watch the Dems wrestle with the issue.  There's simply no way that the Democratic Party could come to a consensus on whether to stick to the rich, when so many rich people are major contributors to the Democrats themselves!  This is just one of the fault lines that will help bring the Dems down in the years ahead.


In other news, it's one step forwards, and two steps back, for our old friends at Fox News.  They've fired Lou Dobbs, who was one of their most pro-Trump hosts, despite his high ratings.  Fox is supposedly trying to win back conservatives, in the wake of their election night betrayal.  Well, moves like this won't help.  I've steered clear of Fox since Nov. 4th, and I have no inclination to return. 

Trump's legal team in the Senate apparently plans to use the "But you did it first!" defense.  They will argue that Trump's "incitement" on Jan. 6th was actually much milder than language used by Democrats themselves when half the country was in flames back in the summer.  Rand Paul is pointing out this hypocrisy too.  It's a great line of attack. 

This story is really something.  A Los Angeles Times op-ed writer was triggered when her Trump-supporting neighbors plowed her driveway for her.  I mean, talk about a passive aggressive act, right?  Her "torment" in dealing with people who dare to think differently than she does mirrors the fragility and sanctimony of so many progressives!  Maybe she'll get a Pulitzer for her whining?


And on the opposite side of the country, the New York Times isn't showing any better judgement.  They fired a journalist for using a naughty word in the context of a discussion about naughty words.  Cancel culture is really getting cranking these days!  But this is good news, in a sense: when it's lefties themselves that start to get cancelled, and actually that's been happening for a while now, the media might start taking cancel culture seriously as a problem.  And eventually the Left will run into the same problem that Stalin did with the Red Army.  Once you've shot everybody, there's no one left to salute you... 

Lastly, everyone is wondering about Trump's next move -- no one more so than Trump himself.  Apparently the wheels are turning down in Palm Beach.  Trump will reappear on social media, for sure.  It's just a question of where and when.  I'm more than a little curious, because, whatever platforms become the new centers of conservative thought, I want to be on them.  Parler?  Gab?  Telegram?  Trumpbook?  Tritter?  Trumpazon?  Troogle?  We shall see!

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Long and Lonely Walk to Nowhere


Friends, that's Mike Pence pictured above, doing his duty as President of the Senate, and thus presiding over the Congressional certification of Joe Biden's (contested) win in the electoral college.  You have to wonder what was going through his mind...  "Will Trump voters ever forgive me?"  "Will I be the instant favorite for the GOP nomination in 2024?"  "Will the editors of the New York Times and Washington Post finally be nice to me now?"  "Finally, I get my revenge on Donald Trump!  No more losing at golf to that a**hole!"  Be that as it may, it sure looks like Pence is setting himself up for a presidential run in 2024.  He's ensconcing himself at some premier right-wing think tanks, and he's ever so eager to campaign for GOP candidates in the 2022 cycle.  Me, I'm ambivalent.  I don't think Pence was ever a true ally of Donald Trump, and thus his disloyalty is a distinct turnoff.  In addition, I frankly believe that, if Trump had a path to retaining the presidency, it ran through Pence, and the fact that Pence joined the chorus of voices trying to persuade Trump to hit the road is or was historically significant.  Truthfully, our democracy may have shriveled up and died on January 6th/7th, and if so Pence shares the blame.  On the other hand, Pence is a patriot, a devout Christian, and a man who struggles to do his duty, even when the contours of that duty may be unclear.  I don't hate him, but neither am I ready to hand over the fate of the nation to him.  He's a little too swampy for my taste.


In other Trump-related news, DJT has resigned from the Screen Actors' Guild, which looked certain to expel him anyway.  He resigned with his customary grace, needless to say!  Now, Donald Trump isn't perfect, but the blacklisting of Trump -- and many Trump supporters, including Marjorie Taylor Greene -- ought to trouble us, because it's the thin edge of the wedge.  Lefties would like nothing more than to marginalize ALL conservatives and label us as "racists", "insurrectionists", "conspiracy theorists", "QAnon", "white nationalists", etc.  And why not?  Demonizing your enemy works like a charm! 


In yet more Trump-related news, the American people are split on whether Trump should be convicted in his upcoming trial in the Senate.  There are some interesting findings in the poll below, and then again the poll by and large tells us what we already know: that roughly half the country LOATHES Donald Trump and supports his conviction on pretty much any charge, no matter how fanciful. 

SCOTUS refused to save Trump's bacon in 2020, and that was a severe disappointment to many of us.  Luckily, however, some of the election-related cases that stalled in 2020 are still active, and the Supreme Court has an opportunity, therefore, to clarify just how flagrantly states can violate their own election laws and still contribute to the proceedings of the electoral college.  No, SCOTUS didn't want to "intervene in an election", but it might well make a major contribution to keeping future elections free and fair (relatively speaking).  Fingers crossed.


There are worrying signs at the border.  We may be resuming the "catch and release" policies of the Biden administration.  If so, expect an extended family of Guatemalans to be living under your front porch very soon!


Ever wonder how you can run for re-election, get 12 million more votes than you did before, and still lose?  This should explain it:


Keep an eye on Joe Manchin.  He voted to begin the process of "reconciliation", which could lead to passage of the Dems' $1.9 trillion COVID "Relief" Bill.  The key word there is could, because Manchin insists on bipartisanship, and thus, if he balks, without him the Dems would only have 49 votes for their massive bill.  (For those of you who learned math in the public schools, 49 is less than 51). 


Super-fantastic news!  Parler is soon to return!  I look forward to that.  My advice to all conservatives is to wind up your politically-charged pontifications on Big Tech social media platforms, because sooner or later they will either come back to bite you, or you'll be deplatformed.  We right-thinking patriots need to find other platforms where we're not treated like caged animals.  My hope is that Parler has a bright future as the home of us Twitter exiles who enjoy a little free speech from time to time. 

Finally, if you want a good laugh, read this article, which is about why black people are always right, and white people are always wrong.  It's dripping with condescension and undisguised racism, but it represents how many progressives see the issue of race these days.  One's moral rectitude and self-worth is a factor of one's skin color.  That's pretty much it.  If you're white, even if you're trying to be an "ally" of people of color, you can safely assume that you're doing it wrong.  Incidentally, this article uses a term, BIPOC, which some of you may not know (I didn't).  It stands for "black, indigenous, and people of color".  Next time you want to virtue-signal, toss it out there!  Impress your friends.  Not your black friends, though.  They'll be seething with rage because of your inauthenticity...