Friday, December 31, 2021

Rose Nylund Struck Down -- St. Olaf, Minnesota In Shock


Friends, many of you will echo my condolences to the family of legendary actress Betty White, who died today.  As a fan of the Golden Girls, I enjoyed White's acting talents immensely.  "They don't make 'em like her anymore" is the stock phrase one would expect to hear on occasions like these.  In this case, the axiom fits.  White was entertaining, personally pleasant, and never hectored the American people once.  She will be missed!


In other news, here's more evidence that the lefties have gone bonkers.  The cause?  Trump Derangement Syndrome, aggravated by acute January 6th anxiety attacks.  This guy argues (with a straight face) that the events of January 6th, and the related threat to "American democracy", are, in combination, the biggest news story of the post-World War II era.  No hyperbole there! 

We've chronicled the many ways in which the political, cultural, and economic establishment interfered in the 2020 election to ensure that Joe Biden would "win" it, but here's a new wrinkle: the FBI may well have concocted a plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and sprung these revelations on the American people weeks before the election, as a sort of donation-in-kind to the Biden-Harris campaign.  Shocked?  You shouldn't be.  Trump haters thrive at the highest levels of federal law enforcement.


I see more and more stories like this one, which claim that Hispanics are tilting decisively towards the GOP.  Would I like to believe them?  You bet!  It's not easy, though.  Non-whites have shown a stubborn allegiance to the Democratic Party and to the Left.  My guess is that Republican gains with Hispanics in 2022 and 2024 will be more marginal than massive...but that could still contribute to solid GOP victories, and that's where the rubber meets the road.


AOC is claiming that we conservatives only criticize her because of our "deranged sexual frustrations".  Interesting!  Is my conservatism rooted in deep-seated sexual perversion?  Sure.  But I like to think I'm unique among conservatives.  Maybe I've been kidding myself all these years?  Yikes!


January 6th is going to be one fascinating day!  The Dems will mark it with vigils aplenty, reflecting on how close we came to fascism, mass murder, universal armageddon, etc.  Trump will mark it with a press conference in which he doubles down on all his (dubious?) claims about the 2020 election and gives the Washington press corps the middle finger.  Sounds like I should hit "record" on my VCR!


How should scarce anti-COVID treatments be parceled out?  According to race and ethnicity, of course, since "systemic racism" is a major risk factor for...well, every disease you can think of.  The growing racialization of American health care ought to scare the hell out of us! 

And finally, in news affecting the young, did you know that abortion is, globally, the leading cause of death?  I sure didn't!  I mean, I knew that abortion was widespread, but its demographic impact and its moral gravity are greater than I ever would have guessed.  And, in a related story, 400,000 "anchor babies" are born to non-U.S. mothers, giving birth in the U.S., every year.  That's a high number, especially when one considers that people authorized to live in the U.S. -- citizens, for instance -- have so few babies to begin with.  And, as we now know, that's partly because they'd much rather have abortions!  What a world.  What a country. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Genders Aplenty!


Friends, for those of you having fun exploring your various options re: gender identity, there's exceptionally good news: the Guardian has shut down its Person of the Year online poll, because cisgender monster and trans-denier J.K. Rowling was in the lead.  Bravo!  We here at WaddyIsRight applaud the obliteration of free speech in the interests of diversity, equity, inclusion, yada yada.  It's long been clear that making decisions democratically can lead to systemic nastiness.  That's why we need to put the enlightened vanguard of Neo-Marxists in charge, and everyone else can tremble and obey!  Amen.  I mean, A-women?  No no, that won't do.  Circle back to me, okay?


In other news, the anti-democratic rhetoric of the Dems is reaching new heights every day, and their Trump terrors are getting the best of them.  The irresponsibility of their claims is breahtaking...but where does it all lead?  Maybe we don't want to know!?!! 

Contrary to what you may have seen and heard from the MSM, America doesn't suck!  In fact, despite the proliferation of wokery, there's still a lot to like about the USA.  Check it out:


The title says it all: "Why China Got Away With It".  Sad to say, but the article kinda writes itself too: China "got away with" COVID because China is big and rich and no one in the global elite wants to take it on. 

What do you call a married couple walking alone on the beach, fully vaxxed and masked regardless?  Lunatics, of course!  Luckily for the Bidens, lunacy is in fashion this season.


How much does "Meta", a.k.a. Facebook, disapprove of "vaccine misinformation"?  Enough to censor accurate information, unrelated to vaccines, just because it might be mistaken for vaccine heterodoxy.  Like, if Trump were to say, "The sky is blue," everyone knows that what he really meant was "The COVID vaccines are filled with Chinese microchips, and you should storm the Capitol NOW!" 

You may have heard that there's a big surge in children hospitalized with COVID.  What you didn't hear is that the number of children hospitalized because of COVID is infinitesimally small.  In other words, sealing off your kids in a COVID bubble is counterindicated by common sense!

Monday, December 27, 2021

Nancy Pelosi's January 6th Bombshells Are Big Fat Duds


Friends, you can't blame the Dems for trying to distract us from the myriad crises besetting America and the world now that "the adults in the room" are back in charge, but their efforts to paint the events of January 6th as an "insurrection" and to tarnish the whole Republican brand as traitorous haven't gotten them very far.  The generic ballot polls we see every day are ample proof of that.  Of course, the Dems can always persuade themselves that the "smoking gun" is coming any day now.  Uh huh.  Sure it is.  Good luck with that.

Recently, Sputnik News solicited my views on the Dems' January 6th fiasco, and I really let Pelosi and her minions have it!  Check it out:


In other news, my prognostication that the Dems might destroy democracy in order to save it is getting some validation from Kam Kam herself.  She's opining that the alleged threats to American democracy -- voter ID?  only giving people a month to vote? -- are the biggest single threat to our national security.  And, in case it hasn't occurred to you, if your opponent in the democratic process doesn't play "fair", that raises the question of why you should continue playing the game...  Likewise, here's an article in Mother Jones about how despicable an institution the U.S. Senate is.  Again, such wild rhetoric can, and perhaps someday will, justify executive action to reformulate or abolish the Senate.


There was some good news in 2021: the mainstream media is attracting a lot fewer readers and viewers than in 2020.  That continues a long process of decline.  This article doesn't even consider, however, the rise of alternative media.  For instance, Fox's viewership is in decline, but Newsmax, OAN, and other unabasedly right-wing outlets appear to be surging. 

Remember when J. K. Rowling got pilloried for advancing the outrageous, heretical notion that there are only two genders?  It appears the vast majority of Americans agree, and among those who agree most strongly are black Americans!  If Republicans were smart (a big "if"), they would press hard on these social issues in the black community, because many blacks are not at all in sync with the "progressive" social-cultural agenda of the Left.


Speaking of protected groups, how would you feel if your school district started paying teachers differently based on their race?  Great idea, right!  Add in a little de facto segregation, and we're right back in the 1950s -- America's golden age!  The weird thing, though, is that it's the Left insisting on racial discrimination these days, to correct the wrongs of "systemic racism".  No thanks! 

Lastly, as bad as economic conditions may seem, it's worth reflecting on the fact that we live in the richest country in the world, and the richest country that's ever been.  What's more, the world as a whole has made incredible economic progress, thanks largely to the wonders of modern technology.  China and India, for example, which a few decades ago were impoverished backwaters, are now challenging G7 powerhouses like Britain, France, and the USA for economic supremacy.  By and large, this is a sign that we humans, for all our moping, are still achieving remarkable feats and exponential growth.  We're a plucky bunch!  We're so inventive and irrepressible, in fact, that even a plague of Democrats barely slows us down...

Saturday, December 25, 2021

A White Hot Christmas


Friends, what could be more Christmasy than...Florida?  That's why I'm pleased and proud to bring you Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's Christmas message to his constituents and to the American people.  Ron is right (in more ways than one): we are truly blessed to live in a country where the free exercise of our religious beliefs is possible.  And, as Governor DeSantis points out, the celebration of Christmas in this country began way back in 1565 in the city of St. Augustine.  What a long, strange trip it's been for American Christendom, but we're still here and going strong!  Thanks be to God.


In non-Christmas news, lefties are fit to be tied, and the object of their wrath, for once, isn't Donald J. Trump!  It's poor ole Joe Manchin, whose only crime was...not to support the entirety of the left-wing agenda in the Senate.  I think that's called "using one's judgement", which is kinda what we pay all these Congressmen and Senators for, am I right?  Give Joe a break, Dems.  Or, better yet, keep giving him the finger.  That ought to speed his conversion to the GOP, for which we will thank you profusely. 

So what's the Dems' follow-up to the evaporation of their hopes for the "Build Back Better" Bill?  Why, it's to talk in even more breathless tones about abolishing the filibuster and federalizing elections to "save democracy" from GOP "voter suppression".  Of course, with Manchin and Sinema regularly straying off the reservation, the chances of finding 50 votes to gut the filibuster are slim to none.  Someone should probably explain to these Dems how math works.  50 - 2 = 48!  48 < 50  Ergo, abolishing the filibuster ain't happenin'!


Here's another article by my amigo Charles Lipson.  He argues that Kamala Harris isn't the victim of racist, sexist journalism.  She's just a trainwreck of a Vice-President.


What's wrong with the debate over CRT?  Too many white people saying what they think, obviously!  In fact, "too many white people" pretty much sums up the left-wing perspective on the debate over...everything.  Boy, is it me, or is "anti-racism" looking more like racism every day? 

Finally, Larry Summers, a leftist Harvard economist who worked in the Clinton and Obama Administrations, is warning that runaway inflation AND a recession may both be in our future.  What???  I didn't read that in the New York Times or the WaPo.  He must be delusional!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

To Jab Or Not To Jab?


Friends, as the Dems and their desiccated standard-bearer sink ever lower in the polls, they take some comfort in the fissures that beset the GOP and the conservative movement.  For instance, they hope that we will spend most of the next three years fighting over the legacy and the future of one Donald J. Trump.  Heard of him?  Yeah, he does tend to get people riled up.  They also hope that our pro-science and anti-science wings, as they see it, will go at each other.  And we have to admit: they have a point.  There is significant disagreement in the Republican Party about the efficacy of the vaccines.  Most of the GOP establishment is thrice jabbed and proud of it, while many rank and file conservatives are avoiding the vaccines as though they were the plague.  Trump himself figures in this dichotomy, as he proudly asserts ownership, politically speaking, of the vaccines, but demurs on the question of whether people should be compelled to take them.  The Dems are clearly hoping that COVID, one way or another, will be the stumbling block that prevents the GOP from flourishing in the months and years ahead.  The bad news for them is that the thought processes of American voters are mind-numbingly simplistic: if things are going badly, then the party in power suffers for it.  The voters, especially in 2022, probably won't care much what Trump does or says, and all the COVID hysteria in the world won't persuade them to vote for a party that fails to deliver on its promises.  But perhaps the key word there is "probably".  No one knows for sure.


As Elon Musk stretches his legs rhetorically and defies woke orthodoxy, we on the right are inclined to praise him.  So be it.  It's worth remembering, however, that Musk didn't get rich by flying in the face of the global elite at all times.  For one thing, he's a friend of Red China, as you'll see here:


Finally, in case you've wondered how all those bogus stories about Trump-Russia collusion blew up in the mainstream media, a lot of it has to do with the insidious connections between elite "journalists" and Democratic hacks.  Read all about it (if you dare): 

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

End of an Era


Friends, I'm sure we can all agree that communism was terrific and had basically no downsides.  Case in point: the majestic/hideous "Palace of Parliament" built by communist Romania's kindly dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, although tragically he was shot by "pro-democracy" rebels on Christmas Day, 1989, and never got to see it completed.  


The sad fate of Romania's workers' paradise is one of our topics on this week's Newsmaker Show, and, in the rest of our This Day in History segment, we also cover the (rhetorical) formation of the "United Nations" in 1941, plus the subway killings attributed to (or blamed on, depending on your politics) Bernie Goetz, way back in 1984.

In our segment on current events, Brian and I hit all the high points: Joe Manchin's decision to plunge a dagger through the heart of the "Build Back Better" charade, DJT's plan to hold an (irascible?) news conference on the anniversary of the January 6th "insurrection", the politics of Trumpism and the COVID vaccines, Kyle Rittenhouse's legal options, the perils of inflation, the even greater perils of Dr. Fauci, and the future of the pandemic.

Holy moly!  Who could resist an action-packed show like that?  


Santa says: listen to the Newsmaker Show, or receive a lifetime ban from Santa's Village!


In other news, here's an interesting article written from a left-of-center perspective that forecasts that, slapped down in their ambitions to transform America legislatively, the Dems may go even further to the left, and may become even more unhinged.  I tend to agree! 

And here's yet another anti-SCOTUS article emanating from leftist circles.  It advises Congress to constrain SCOTUS's power, which of course becomes less likely by the day, as the Dems lose their grip on the House and the Senate.  That leaves only the executive branch to "stand up to" the high court.  And someday soon it may!


In COVID news, here are two articles indicating that omicron doesn't run rampant forever, and when it does infect people it is far less likely to send them to hospital and/or the morgue.  This is, in short, very good news...not that the MSM will spin it that way (unless Biden's poll numbers demand a change in course).


Meanwhile, the Church of England's pope-lite, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is advocating vaccination and decrying anti-vaxxers as sinners and as un-Christian.  This is, of course, part of the Anglican Communion's long-range plan to ensure that absolutely no one attends their services ever.  They're well on their way! 

And it looks like Pfizer's miracle anti-COVID pill will be coming soon to a pharmacy near you.  I wonder: will anti-vaxxers also take against this COVID treatment, or will they embrace it as a brilliant end run of the vaccines?  We shall see.


Finally, our old friend Elon Musk, Time's Man of the Year, is showing off his penchant for free-thinking once again.  This time he's denigrating CNN, the official news agency of leftists everywhere.  This guy's got moxie, people!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Lest We Forget


Friends, the Dems have been telling us, since November 2020, that only a rank traitor would question the results of a U.S. presidential election.  Well, another conservative amigo of mine has written this excellent article, in which he reminds us that the Dems mounted a campaign in late 2016/early 2017 to convince Trump electors to break faith with Republican voters and reject Donald Trump in favor of Hillary Clinton (or anyone who wasn't Trump).  Quite a few Dem loonies (so quite a few Dems) actually believed it might be possible to subvert the certified election results in 2016.  They failed, luckily, but that tells you all you need to know about how sacrosanct elections are to the Left.


Omicron is...omnipresent!  It took omicron all of one week to become, by far, the dominant strain of COVID-19 in the USA.  What isn't clear is whether all these new cases will translate into more hospitalizations and deaths.  If South Africa is any indication, that might not be true.  Stay tuned!  And, frankly, prepare to get COVID, because it's spreading like wildfire.  The good news: only a handful of people have died of omicron so far, so your odds of living to see another day are pretty good. 

Finally, this poll will make the lefties' eyes bug out.  It says that, if the 2024 election were held today, and Trump and Biden were the candidates, Trump would best Biden handily.  I mean, we're talking an 8 point margin here -- which is too big to negate even with "vote dumps" galore!  This bodes well for 2022 and 2024, of course, but it also means that the Dems and the progressives will be reaching even deeper into their bag of dirty tricks.  Beware!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Mountaineer Who Stole Christmas


Friends, in case you've missed it, the Left is fuming.  That's because one of their own, Joe Machin of West Virginia, has finally announced his opposition to the "Build Back Better Bill", also known as the reconciliation bill, which was supposed to found several new social programs and elicit so much enthusiasm and gratitude from voters that the Dems would cruise to victory in 2022.  Well, so much for that!  Progressives are irked, to say the least.  They voted for an infrastructure bill, which most of them regarded as a gift to Mitch McConnell, on the theory that in return they would get a massive expansion of government social programs via the BBB bill.  Turns out they got zip.  Kudos to Joe Manchin, therefore, for derailing the signature legislation that was supposed to create Joe Biden's "legacy", such as it is (or would have been).  Kudos to Manchin, more importantly, for being a brake on the Dems' spendthrift madness.  America owes you big-time, Joe!


In other news, here's a great article by a friend of mine about the importance of crime in the upcoming election cycle.  The Dems ignore the public's fears re: physical security at their peril!

The Shape of Things To Come


Friends, although we Americans bat around alarming words like "fascism", "communism", and "dictatorship", the truth is that we have no direct experience of anything resembling these horrifying concepts.  We compare the minor frustrations in our own lives to the agonies of people living under authoritarian and totalitarian systems because we're...myopic and infantile.  There, I said it!  The question remains, however: can dictatorship -- real dictatorship -- ever take root in American soil?  I believe it can, and I believe we're flirting with the destruction of American democracy in the forseeable future.  My latest article examines whether the Left might decide to pursue anti-democratic, extra-constitutional solutions to the "problem" of conservatism/Trumpism as early as 2022 or 2024.  Some will scoff.  I say: it's better to be prepared for the worst, even as we hope for the best...  See what you think.

What is the Next Step in the Evolution of Left-Wing Authoritarianism?

Conservatives have watched, with varying degrees of horror, as leftists have, in recent years, embraced radical ideas and schemes such as: court-packing, abolishing the filibuster, lockdowns/mandates, censorship on an industrial scale, cancel culture, critical race theory, abolishing the police, open borders, runaway spending, the stigmatization of dissent as “insurrection”, “white supremacy”, “fascism”, and more. Left-wingers have talked openly, and sometimes gleefully, about how richly we, their conservative enemies, deserve slow and painful deaths – and, when in a feisty mood, how they would quite like to be the agents of our demise.

Much of the time, we on the right are inclined to scoff at such wild-eyed pronouncements, but should we dismiss them so lightly? Consider the apocalyptic, hectoring tone of so much political analysis on the Left these days. This is a small sample of some of the recent articles that left-wingers are gobbling up:

How to Tell When Your Country Is Past the Point of No Return”

The GOP is an Anti-America Party”

Democrats Need a Three-Year Plan to Save Democracy”

We're Edging Closer to Civil War”

American Democracy is Tottering. It's Not Clear Americans Care”

"The GOP is a Grave Threat to American Democracy"

Such breathless analysis expands on the line that Nancy Pelosi's January 6th Committee pushes on a daily basis: that Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters are anything but a loyal, honorable opposition in America. Instead, we are un-American, unpatriotic, immoral, and indefensible. We seek, in fact, to negate and destroy everything which this country stands for.

For some on the Left, presumably this is hyperbole. For all too many, it has become the substance of their (hateful) ideology, or, given the fervency with which they hold such views, we might more accurately call this virulent anti-Republicanism a dogma, to which leftists practicing “true religion” invariably assent.

Many have tried to describe, or trace the origins of, these leftist delusions, but few have asked the more pressing and germane question: where do they lead?

Conservatives need to take this issue seriously, because, regardless of how most Americans may vote in 2022 and 2024, increasingly, the majority of our political, cultural, and economic elite devours incessant, toxic propaganda that demonizes Republicans and conservatives in horrifyingly stark terms. America's opinion leaders are thus being primed, at least potentially, for extreme, extra-constitutional measures designed to keep the insurrectionary, white-supremacist, fascist horde at bay.

For instance, suppose, just for a moment, that Republicans capture the House majority in 2022 and a narrow majority in the Senate. They proceed to obstruct the Biden Administration's legislative agenda and most of its executive and judicial appointments to boot. Sensing that his old adversary – emphasis on “old” – is stumbling, Donald Trump makes the fateful decision to run again for the presidency. As the campaign unfolds, it becomes painfully obvious to the Dems that their worst case scenario, a second term for Donald J. Trump, is a realistic possibility. As the election nears, in fact, that possibility becomes a probability. The Left, and the entire Democratic establishment, go into panic mode.

The question we need to start asking is: how do Democrats, terrified of an imminent revival of Trumpism, and absolutely contemptuous of the intellectual, moral, and human worth of their political opponents, react?

Does President Biden deploy the military to intimidate Trump voters into staying home on election day? Does he deploy thousands of rioters across the country to accomplish more or less the same thing? Does he detain Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans and conservatives, to prevent them from campaigning effectively? Does he, before the votes are even counted, declare the results from some states preemptively void, because of alleged “voter suppression” or other irregularities? Does he, à la 2020, mobilize Democratic state legislators to send alternate slates of electors to Washington, D.C., to obscure who the victor was or will be in the electoral college? Does the FCC pull the rug out from under the conservative media at a critical time in the campaign, perhaps in combination with the coordinated suspension of all elected Republicans' social media accounts? Does the Biden Administration strong-arm corporate leaders into condemning Trump and Republicans as far too “dangerous” to be allowed back into the halls of power? Does Biden order the military or the federal bureaucracy to re-run the election in the critical states where the Democratic candidate fell short?

If all these expedients fail to scratch the Left's anti-Republican itch, why not simply ban the GOP as a terrorist organization or as a threat to public health? Follow that up with an inspired economic stimulus measure: the construction of thousands of reeducation camps across the country, where Trumpers can be deprogrammed and liberated from their cult of personality. Hard cases could be strapped to windmill blades and left to rotate in the fresh air until they beg for green energy... The possibilities for retribution are truly limitless!

The obvious objection to all of these fanciful (?) suggestions is, of course, that the American people, as faithful exponents of democracy, would never allow such chicanery. They would rise with one voice to condemn any effort to thwart the will of the people.

But would they?

Does anyone doubt that the same Democratic base which spent four long years despising every second of the Trump presidency, and accepting uncritically every anti-Trump narrative which arose, and supporting unstintingly every act of “resistance”, would hesitate to endorse any stratagem, no matter how unconventional or controversial, in order to deny Trump a second term? Does anyone think that the rights or feelings of Trump supporters would weigh on the consciences of these leftist true believers even for a moment?

A more serious objection is that the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, would surely step in to disallow extra-constitutional, authoritarian maneuvers such as those contemplated above.

Indeed, for all of our country's history, up to now, an adverse SCOTUS ruling would have definitely shut down any attempt to impose a dictatorship. But can we rely at this juncture in our history on the moral probity and self-restraint of Democrats to prevent them from testing, or exceeding, the legal and constitutional limits on their authority?

I don't have a definitive answer to this question, but I do know that the leftist/Democratic leaders who will make such calls in the years to come are the very same people who, in their spare time, read articles such as:

The Case for Ending the Supreme Court As We Know It”

The Supreme Court is Drunk On Its Own Power”

The Courts Have Served As an Anti-Democratic Force For Much of U.S. History”

The Supreme Court: Anti-Democratic, Anti-American, Immoral?”

The Supreme Court Does Not Deserve Our Trust”

Still think that defiance of SCOTUS's authority is unthinkable? Guess again.

The sad fact is that Democrats, as the party that currently wields executive authority, have vast powers at their disposal that could allow them to obstruct the democratic process in 2022 or 2024, and thus deny the American people the chance to restore Republicans, conservatives, or Donald Trump to political dominance. We would be foolish not to anticipate some of these potential Democratic moves, and to contemplate how we, as conservatives, could or should react to them.

Like it or not, in Biden's America, just as in Trump's America, norms are not what they used to be. To put it another way, in 2022, 2024, and beyond, all bets are off.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


You can read a slightly shorter version here, at Townhall: 

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Save Us, Nick Sandmann -- You're Our Only Hope!


Friends, the power of the Left is founded on words, and their ability to use words with impunity to denigrate conservatives (FALSELY!) as racists, sexists, insurrectionists, fascists, white supremacists, domestic terrorists, etc etc. 99.9% of the time, they hurl these accusations, which generally have either no basis in facts, or the most tenuous basis imaginable, without any fear that they will experience meaningful consequences -- except, of course, that they will be admired by their left-wing confederates for delivering a roundhouse punch to the face of the "far right".  The exception, in case you haven't noticed, is young Nick Sandmann, who was pilloried by the media as a racist because he...stood there and smiled pleasantly while a Native American activist and a slew of black separatists tried to intimidate him.  What the media did and said was outrageous, sure, but was it more outrageous than what they do on a daily basis to more or less everyone who dares to defy neo-Marxist orthodoxy?  Somehow, at any rate, Nick Sandmann has succeeded in extracting massive settlement payments from several major "news" organizations.  And let's not kid ourselves: these race-baiting charlatans will never regret their smears, but they do, and will, regret paying through the nose when their lack of professionalism and inveterate meanness is exposed.  Long story short: whatever magic formula that Sandmann's lawyers have found to make the mainstream media pay a price for its endless lies is one that more and more conservatives need to deploy on a much wider basis.  This is one of the few ways that the MSM will ever face anything resembling accountability.  So I say: bravo, Nick!


In other news, the anticipated "red wave" in 2022 gives us an opportunity to pick up LOTS of critical governorships.  Could even New York and California be in play?  Oh, I'd like to think so!!! 

The hard work of erecting a conservative "shadow economy" and "shadow culture", wherein we will be safe from cancel culture and leftist persecution, continues apace.  Truth Social -- hurry up!  We're eagerly awaiting you.


Finally, how does the Biden Administration get away with its complete failure to enforce our country's immigration laws?  Simple!  The mainstream media refuses to report on the problem.  Now, if you dare to wave a strip of leather anywhere near an "irregular migrant", the media will never shut up about it!  The border crisis itself, though?  Eh.  They're not interested. 

Friday, December 17, 2021

The "Green" in Green Energy Stands for...Your Tax Dollars!



Friends, it struck me recently that, to give the WaddyIsRight commentating empire a boost, we really need to get more solid conservatives opining.  Now now -- I know what many of you are thinking.  "But, Herr Professor Doktor Waddy, your honeyed words are transcendent! No one can hold a candle to you! Why would we ever waste our time reading others people's opinions?"  Sure, I get that.  Nevertheless, I feel that expanding our circle of commentary will be healthy and productive.  Who knows, even I might learn something! Ha ha! See, I made a joke there... Still, let's give it a try, shall we?


Our first guest essayist is Norm Ungermann, a former Allegany County Legislator from Cuba, New York.  Norm was kind enough to provide this short bio: "Nick,  I grew up on a dairy farm in Cuba NY , graduated high school, served in the US Army from 1962 to1964, began running an old Oliver cletrac when I was 13 loading coal from a train derailment.   I took some mechanical engineering at RIT. at night, worked for various construction companies and started my own excavating company in 1973 right after hurricane Agnes  48 years ago. I used to teach a forestry road building course for the New York State College of Forestry and the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association . My lesson plan is published in the Caterpillar Tractor hand book for land improvement. I served for 12 years as an Allegany County Legislator retiring at the end 2017. Our company does soil and water conservation work , all kinds of site work and currently produce approximately 150,0000 ton of aggregate annually .  We employ eight people."


Norm's article concerns the many limitations of "green energy".  Hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to add comments below.


The Uproar over Global Warming

In recent months, there have been several editorials about global warming – with one writer saying that conservatives and right leaning people are where all the lies come from. Because of that, I would like to put my .02 cents into the debate.

It is correct that the planet has warmed in recent years, but is it catastrophic? Over the last two million years, the land mass we know as NY, has experienced several Ice Ages, interspersed with warm periods. Gigantic glaciers covered the state, then retreated, each time wiping the landscape clean, changing the course of rivers, widening valleys, and exposing pre-glacial rock formations such as those visible at Rock City Park in Olean. Any geologist of your choice agrees that the last melt off in this area started around 22,000 years ago, taking 12,000 years to melt a several thousand foot thick glacier stretching from Long Island to Ohio. Was this melting caused by man? I’m reasonably sure there were not that many people around. Since this process took 12,000 years to complete, it is doubtful that any single cause was the culprit, but rather the constant natural evolution of our planet by things beyond our control. As the old saying goes…”If you don’t like the weather in Western NY, wait for a while, it’ll change.”

Twice in my 78+ years, I’ve seen it snow on the 4th of July. Once when I was 10 or 11 years old, and again in my 40’s. I also remember a day on our family farm when I was a kid, that it got pitch dark in the middle of a summer day. The radio said it was because of a forest fire in Canada that’s smoke was eclipsing the Sun - which brings me to the forest fires out west. Could it be there are too many proponents of “forever wild” that we see more of these fires than before? When forests are not managed and/or harvested, naturally dying debris becomes the fuel for these fires to quickly start, spread, and hard to control. Perhaps the “tree-huggers” and local governments that ban forest management practices are instead responsible for these fires.

The premise of “green energy” is a nice idea, but are we creating more problems that those that come with fossil fuels? Green energy comes with plenty of drawbacks. The construction of wind and solar equipment alone requires the use of some hazardous materials, and particularly for solar, the use of many precious metals (unearthed and mined extensively all over the world). Worse yet, installation of these wind & solar fields compete for the same land that grows our food supply – seems everyone wants flat, well-drained soil to build on. Then, and perhaps worst of all, is what to do with the wind & solar apparatus after its (blink of an eye) 20-25 year service life? This equipment is largely unrecyclable and massive in size. How is this waste disposed of? We have only just begun the “wind era” locally, and after a few short years there is already a HUGE pile of windmill waste waiting for disposal, clearly visible from I-86 near the Bath, NY exit – take a look for yourself, before debating me on how good for the planet green energy is.

Also, if we went 100% “green”, our power at best would be intermittent. This fall, on a parts run to Batavia, I drove through the Town of Sheldon and saw dozens of windmills, and looking southeast towards Bliss, dozens more. It was a beautiful sunny day, and not a single windmill was turning – not one! If the windmills aren’t turning due to too much or too little wind, you can bet there is a fossil fuel generating station somewhere picking up the slack, so that no one is without power. Solar panels aren’t much better. We have too many days when the sun doesn’t shine, not to mention shorter daylight hours due to our latitude, and during winter months snow & ice can cover them for days at a time. So what happens when they are not generating the needed power supply? You guessed it – that old fossil fuel generating station is picking up the slack that wind & solar can’t provide. I read an article in one of my trade magazines about the City of Atlanta doing a study on what material had the least environmental impact for use as paving for highways and parking lots. Concrete won out, one of the reasons being, they found asphalt (black in color, like solar panels) raised the ambient (surrounding area) temperature by several degrees, while concrete did not.

AOC has made the statement that we need to get rid of all the cows to solve greenhouse gas issues. Maybe 20,000 years ago the dinosaurs passed too much gas, and caused this problem? How does one not see the foolishness of these statements? Just like going from energy independence a short time ago, to now asking our enemies to pump more oil and natural gas for us to buy, the fools can’t see the tie to inflation? But what do I know – I’m just a dumb bulldozer driver from Cuba, NY.

Norm Ungermann

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Every Democrat's Favorite Republican


Friends, it's become more and more obvious the high esteem in which Democrats and mainstream media talking heads hold Liz Cheney, one-time Republican stalwart and current GOP turncoat and January 6th Committee luminary.  Not surprisingly, therefore, Liz is raking in the cash -- from people who hate the Republican Party and all that it stands for.  As the article below makes plain, the same people who donate big-time to the Lincoln Project, a cabal of anti-Republican Republicans, are writing checks galore to Liz Cheney.  Thus, it's only natural that real Republicans are calling for Liz to be expelled from the House Republican Conference, of which (irony of ironies!) she was the chairwoman just a few short months ago.  Boy, oh boy!  How quickly the wheel of fate can turn... 

In other news, although media polls aren't unanimous, they are arriving at a consensus: Republicans are favored to win in 2022.  Given the pro-Dem bias built into so many of these polls, I'm feeling very good about our chances.  One thing is for sure: all the media's obsessive moaning about January 6th seems to be going nowhere with the American people.  The Dems themselves are more convinced than ever that Republicans are traitors and scoundrels, but unless the voters agree all this caterwauling will come to naught.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mask Up, You Stupid Trumpers!


Friends, the latest Newsmaker Show addresses what has become a big issue once again for New Yorkers, Californians, and many others: the dreaded mask mandates.  Will they be enforced?  Can they be enforced?  We'll have to wait and see.  As I opine, however, public opinion has started to shift, and fewer and fewer Americans are appreciating the Democrats' COVID authoritarianism.  Perhaps we've turned a corner?  In addition to mask mandates, Brian and I also cover the Dems' "insurrection" fairy tales, inflation, the rise in violent crime, and the lack of serious engagement on the latter two issues coming from the political elite and the mainstream media.

When we turn to This Day in History, Brian and I cover the "official" end to the Iraq War in 2011 -- how well did that turn out, Obama? -- the Carter Administration's recognition of communist China in 1978, where we stand as a country with our precious, but tattered, Bills of Rights, and the 1998 move to impeach Bill Clinton.  


It's a veritable flurry of top-flight analysis!  Tune in today.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Will the Savior of the Democratic Party Please Step Forward?


Friends, Jen Psaki assures us that Uncle Joe is running for reelection in 2024, but even most lefties are inclined to scoff at that idea, especially as the man's poll numbers plunge ever lower.  Thus, the speculation about who might arise to save the Dems' tarnished brand in 2024 is already underway.  Who would you like to see as the Dem nominee -- assuming, of course, that Beelzebub is unavailable?


The respected Heritage Foundation has created an "Election Integrity Scorecard", which I suppose our Dem friends would prefer to call a "Voter Suppression Scorecard", but hey -- to each his own.  Its findings?  The Golden State leads the nation in watering down election integrity measures.  No surprise there.  If there's a place where fraud really does run rampant, it's probably in California.  Be that as it may, if there's fraud to be found and punished, we have to admit that our side could be working a lot harder to do so.  Where's the beef, Trumpers??? 

Democratic rule=economic, social, and political collapse and dysfunction.  It's really that simple.  The residents of deep blue areas seem immune to experiential learning, but here's hoping the rest of America has more sense.


CNN has immense influence over America's perception of the news, and even over the world's perception of what's going on in America.  The irony is that, increasingly, no one in America watches CNN! 

Don Lemon recently asked why Jen Psaki condescends to allow Fox News reporters (ick!) to ask questions in the White House Briefing Room.  I pose the opposite question: why do Republicans dignify questions that emanate from the "mainstream media", which long ago ceased to practice anything resembling professional journalism?


Inflation really is the primary issue that could bring the Democrats to their knees in 2022.  What's worse, once a cycle of inflation commences, it can be very hard to get back under control.  Could inflation, coupled with slow growth, be America's (miserable) fate for years to come? I'm very concerned that it could be. 

Good news!  Vaccinations, which appear to be effective in preventing hospitalization and death related to COVID-19, but are strongly opposed by tens of millions of Americans, will soon no longer be the only arrow in our quiver to deal with the pandemic.  New treatments are about to be deployed that may make COVID-related deaths a thing of the past.  With any luck, the omicron variant, which appears to be remarkably mild, may also play a constructive role in ending our pandemic nightmare.  Fingers crossed!


Finally, you may have heard that Elon Musk has been named as Time Magazine's Man of the Year.  It's a bold choice, considering that Musk refuses to endorse the public health orthodoxy surrounding lockdowns and mandates.  Musk, for all his faults, is a man who thinks for himself and speaks his mind.  And somehow, despite those unforgivable sins (from the Left's perspective), he manages to be popular and successful!  Marvelous!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Stronger Than Ever


Friends, thanks mainly to the ineptitude of Democrats, Republicans are riding high in CNBC's latest poll, with a record ten point lead on the "generic ballot" question for 2022.  And this is what the Left's own data is telling us!  Man, oh man!


Among the biggest takeaways from the CNBC poll is the fact that the pandemic is no longer Americans' top concern.  Now, it's inflation that's worrying us more.  To date, the Dems have been downright dismissive over concerns about inflation.  Likewise, they deny that there is a "crime wave" or a problem at the southern border.  As the voters' skepticism rises, even self-satisfied Bolshies will have to ask themselves whether living in denial is the best approach to electioneering... 

Another poll is revealing that Americans' trust in our major institutions, including the military, the presidency, and the Supreme Court, continues its precipitous decline.  As Republicans, we might be inclined to see this as "good news", because an angry and dissatisfied public is likely to support a change in leadership.  That's true, as far as it goes, but when the American people lack confidence in ALL of their institutions, it becomes much easier to convince them that system itself, or the Constitution, is the problem.  I worry that the Dems, once they realize how much the electorate has turned against them, will make a move against democracy itself.  At the very least, they could declare Donald Trump, or even mainstream Republicans, "out of bounds", and forbid us from running in 2022, 2024, or beyond.  They're pretty close already to condemning us as outlaws and traitors.  Why not go all the way?


Speaking of the delegitimation of Republicans, conservatives, and "dissent" in general, some establishment Republicans are actively aiding in the process.  Mitch McConnell and the Dole family seem to regard casting doubt on the results of the 2020 election, and participating in illegal acts of "insurrection", as the same thing.  That sort of fuzzy thinking is totally un-American, in my view, because it can (and is intended to) prevent Americans from exercising their right to free speech. 


In other news, there IS a crime wave, much as some leftists continue to deny it.  Some other progressives, however, are starting to wake up, as their own environs become less safe, and as their friends and family members become targets.  Most leftists are too ideologically committed to the lionization of violent criminals to change course, but moderate and independent voters are a whole different story!


There's very bad news for those of us who live in the Empire State: an indoor mask mandate has been reinstituted for all businesses.  I thought the days of donning a face diaper when I visit the grocery store were over.  It will be fascinating to see if people comply, and if businesses pester them to do so.


As we all know, Jussie Smollett's faked beating at the hands of Trumpian racists/homophobes was eagerly and uncritically embraced by almost everyone on the Left, including "President" Biden and "Vice-President" Harris.  After all, when the news tells us what we want to hear, it HAS to be credible, right?  These people ought to have egg on their face.  Instead, they're utterly unashamed, and they're primed and ready to jump on the next race hoax bandwagon. 

Finally, congrats to Kyle Rittenhouse, who is officially out of the social media doghouse.  If I were him, though, I'd sign up ASAP for Trump's "Truth Social", where free speech and the right to defend oneself probably won't be equated with "white supremacy".

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Reading Japan the Riot Act


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is another humdinger!  Brian and I cover all our bases in terms of breaking news: we talk about the universal vaccine mandate in New York City, the curious fate of the Brothers Cuomo, the legacy of Bob Dole, the red hot race for Governor of Georgia, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the potential for war between Russia and the West over Ukraine.  My my!

Then, when we turn to This Day in History, we cover the groundbreaking INF Treaty between Reagan and Gorbachev in 1987, the U.S. declaration of war against Japan in 1941, and the announcement of Nixon's policy of "Vietnamization" in 1969.  It's a veritable cornucopia of 20th century historical analysis!

Care to tune in?  Of course you do!


In other news, how intolerant are young leftists?  Mighty intolerant!  Check it out: 

Have you heard about that unfortunate "parade crash" in Waukesha?  Maybe not...because, if it doesn't serve the Left's agenda, it might as well have never happened in the first place.


Finally, Apple's "all in" with communist China.  And no one should be the least bit surprised. 

Monday, December 6, 2021

Farewell and Godspeed, Bob Dole!


Friends, Senator Bob Dole, the Republican standard-bearer in the Year of Our Lord 1996 (it seems like several lifetimes ago), has died at the age of 98.  In more ways than one, he belongs to a different era.  He was not, as our own era demands, an ideological firebrand.  He was instead a seeker of consensus, a moderate.  He was a World War II vet, in an age when a Vietnam-era draft dodger could easily win election as President, and then re-election (to our everlasting shame)!  He was also a man, as you see here, who could laugh at himself, and that frankly is true of fewer and fewer politicians, and fewer and fewer ordinary Americans.  We take ourselves, and everything else, deadly seriously, and our outrage meters are always turned up to maximum intensity.  Above all, though, I would like to congratulate Senator Dole for having the wisdom, foresight, and dedication and loyalty to the Republican Party NOT to condemn or disown Donald J. Trump.  So many Republicans of the old guard looked down their patrician noses at "the Donald", and secretly (or not-so-secretly) aided Biden and the Democrats in 2020.  Dole, however, understood that, while Trump's style may be coarse, he still represents conservative values and policies as well as firm opposition to wokeness and socialism, at a time when our nation can ill afford to knuckle under to either.  Kudos, Bob, for staying true to your beliefs, to your party, and to your nation!


In other news, New York City is once again ahead of the curve...the curve of left-wing authoritarianism, that is.  Mayor DeBlasio, in a clear sign that he's running for Governor (!), is insisting that all private employers require their workers to be vaccinated.  That's potentially hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, in other words, who could soon be out of work!  What a nice Christmas present, Bill... 

In case you haven't heard, Devin Nunes is leaving the House of Representatives to head up Donald Trump's brand new social media conglomerate, which seems like it will be making a serious effort to compete with Twitter and Facebook.  Hallelujah!  We need to break the back of Big Tech, and fast!


If you pay attention to the mainstream media, you know by now that the lefties are publishing a lot of articles and giving a lot of breathless interviews about how exasperated they are with how "political" and "partisan" the Supreme Court has become.  In other words, when the Left doesn't get its way at SCOTUS, SCOTUS is derided as an obstacle to progress and a servant of crypto-fascism.  The Left is honestly talking as though the high court is on the verge of forfeiting its legitimacy -- and thus its authority?  I mean, they better watch themselves, or someone might accuse them of....insurrection!


Republicans are feeling VERY optimistic about 2022, so much so that the NRCC is expanding the list of House seats it will try to prise out of Dem hands, from 57 to 70! 

Perhaps you've heard: David Perdue, former Senator from Georgia, has decided to challenge Brian Kemp, the sitting GOP Governor, for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  Trump is elated!  There's a very good chance that Kemp and his handmaiden Brad Raffensperger will both go down to defeat to Trump-backed candidates.  And that's probably for the best, because RINOs aren't going to cut it in terms of policy, and they aren't going to bring out the base, either.


You already knew it, but the Biden Administration has virtually eliminated the concept of "deportation".  As a result, almost every illegal immigrant, no matter how undesirable, no matter how many crimes he may have committed, can count on the fact that the Bidenists will allow him to stay in this country.  No wonder the flood of new illegal immigrants just keeps getting worse...  There's no sign of a meaningful change in direction at the top, either.  Biden can get away with this blatant failure to enforce the law because his friends in the media turn a blind eye.  Consumers of the mainstream media, in fact, barely know that anything has changed at the border, or in the lax enforcement of immigration laws.  They don't hear a thing about it. 

Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Russkies Are Coming!


Friends, don't look now, but it's not just Guatemalans charging across our southern border.  It's also "migrants" from every corner of the globe, including South America, Asia, the Middle East, even Russia!  When you fling the door wide open, surprise surprise -- a motley crew of international rejects stumbles in.  Many of the Biden Administration's missteps will be relatively easy to reverse, once we restore "responsible government", but chances are we'll be saddled with millions of additional (illegal) residents and their progeny for generations to come.  Is this part of the Dems' evil plan to win a "demographic victory" over the GOP?  Maybe.  One can argue that the plan is working, too!


We hear shockingly little about the COVID situation in other countries, because we're too busy being afraid of our own shadow here at home, but the fact is that some countries are just now bearing the full brunt of the pandemic.  Vaccination clearly hasn't shielded the world from some pretty severe impacts, and there isn't much reason to think that COVID will be defeated soon, either. 

Biden is struggling with every segment of the U.S. population, but of particular interest is the disillusionment of young Americans with our Geezer-in-Chief, since young whippersnappers supported Biden and Harris overwhelmingly in 2020.  This poll also reveals that most millenials and...sub-millenials believe that America's democracy is sick.  They're right!  They also assert that America isn't the "greatest country in the world".  Oh yeah?  On that score, they're grossly mistaken.  For all our ills, we still kick butt, and in a big way.  I mean, all those babushkas wouldn't be toddling over our southern border if the good ole USA didn't have a lot to offer, right?


Finally, you gotta love it when woke, self-satisfied academics expose themselves as hacks and cretins.  Once again, a phony study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.  It made the cut because -- how shocking! -- it told the eggheads want they wanted to hear: that nasty, wicked conservatives are taking over everything...  What a joke!  Literally.