Sunday, March 7, 2021

Finally! The Left Clarifies Its Position: Sexual Assault Laws Should Apply to ALL Mammals


Friends, no doubt you've been asking yourself: can a giraffe be racist?  Can a lemur be homophobic?  Can a skunk commit sexual assault?  Of course, the answer to all these questions is an emphatic: HELL YES!  The Left is determined to protect us from all real and potential violations of our sacred human rights.  Uh, scratch that.  Mammalian rights.  Moreover, violations of wokeness shall be punished with severity no matter the species of creature involved.  Case in point: Pepe Le Pew, the world's most famous skunk, and a Looney Tunes character famous for his, hmm, "aggressive" pursuit of his beloved Penelope (a kitty cat), is now being added to the ever-growing list of CANCELLED cultural icons.  Thank heavens!  I was considering getting fresh with a feline myself, but now that the Paragons of Virtue have sounded off on the issue, I'll leave Princess Puss-Puss well enough alone.


The dangers posed by Critical Race Theory and cancel culture are naturally concentrating the attention of a great many conservatives these days.  That's as it should be, because these ideas threaten to drive us permanently from the mainstream -- in fact, that's their point.  Check out these articles that lay out the stakes, and discuss how we can rally to the colors of Western Civilization while there's still time.


You ain't seen nothin' yet -- at the border, that is.  The Biden administration is making it increasingly clear: if you're under 18, or you show up at the border with anyone else under 18, you're going to be released into the general population of the United States.  As this settles in amongst the world's poor, you better believe the numbers flooding across the southern border are going to spike, and far more than they already have.  Get your spare bedroom ready, folks!  It's going to be occupied soon, whether you like it or not. 

Well, we saw the writing on the wall several weeks ago, I think.  The Biden COVID "Relief" Package is going to become law, and thus we're $2 trillion closer to bankruptcy.  Yay!  What's more alarming is that the Dems still haven't given up on scrapping the filibuster and passing everything else on their progressive wish list: from the "Equality Act", to election reform (i.e. fraud expansion), to infrastructure spending, to gun control.  Senator Manchin isn't 100% reliable on these issues either.  Remember, he said he wouldn't support a COVID Relief Bill that wasn't bipartisan.  How long did that position last?  Surrendering the White House to Biden was bad enough.  Letting the Dems pass any legislation they please through Congress would be MUCH, MUCH worse.  Our only hope then would be that SCOTUS would nix the worst of these new laws.  Friends, my advice: write to Senators Manchin and Sinema.  Give them the courage of their convictions, and encourage them to uphold the filibuster.  Our country's future may depend on it. 

It's official: Lisa Murkowski will have some big guns pointed at her when she runs for reelection in 2022.  I'm speaking metaphorically, of course.  President Trump has announced that he will campaign for whomever emerges as the bonafide conservative challenger to Murkowski.  I say: let 'er have both barrels, Mr. President!  We can surely do better.


More proof that "anti-racists" don't have a sense of humor:


And a hearty bon voyage to Nigel Farage, who is retiring from elective politics on a high note, having helped Britain win its independence from the European Union.  So far, I'd say Brexit has been a resounding success, although in the thick haze created by COVID it's a little hard to tell. 

This one is interesting: DJT is asking the Republican Party and its fundraising arms to "cease and desist" from using his name to drum up donations.  More accurately, he's asking that the GOP seek his permission before trading on his name.  That's fair enough.  It's clear that there will be a grand battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party, after all, and Trump wants to play a part in it.  The least we can grant him is ownership and authorship re: his own voice.


Is Mitch McConnell thinking about throwing in the towel?  Not necessarily, but he is considering how his successor will be chosen in Kentucky.  That's good.  We need all hands on deck in the U.S. Senate, so the last thing we would want is Kentucky's Democratic Governor choosing a McConnell stand-in. 

Lastly, perhaps you, like me, assumed that Mike Pence was toast in the GOP.  Well, Trump himself seems to think otherwise.  Jason Miller claims that Pence is still the odds-on favorite to be Trump's running mate in 2024.  I dunno if I agree with Trump's logic, but at any rate it would be silly to dismiss Pence out of hand.  He could still be our V.P. selection in 2024, or even our presidential nominee.  He wouldn't be my first choice, but there can be no doubt that he'd be a huge improvement on Sleepy Joe.  That's a low bar, admittedly.


  1. Speaking of 2024, Senator Lindsey Graham stated recently that President Trump is the most electable Republican candidate in 2024. I have to say, and although I have thought about other GOP candidates, that Graham is right about this. No one really comes close to Trump. I hope Republicans realize that the Democrats will no doubt attempt to "rig" the 2024 elections. If they didn't do it in 2020, they will certainly do something in 2024. The very thought of another Trump administration must turn them purple with rage.

  2. Oh, quite purple, yes! And you're right about the cheating: that's what H.R. 1 is all about, and if there's any bill that would tempt them to abandon the filibuster, it's probably that one.

    Is Trump the most electable Republican? That I doubt. We have a lot of fine candidates in our stable. Trump both attracts and repels voters, and not, I would say, in equal measure. His numbers have been underwater pretty consistently. We can do better, politically speaking. That doesn't mean I believe Trump can't win in 2024 -- just that I can imagine other Republicans winning more handily.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: We MUST face it;we must go toe to toe, brow to brow, with the America hating left! They purpose our complete subjugation; what more need we see tobe convinced, CONVINCED,
    of this!? Who else hasdemonstrated such fearless, resolute disdain and complete selfsacrificing defiance and compreheneive opposition to the tyrannical Left? Donald Trump. If he runs,back him! If he endorses, support him/her he trusts.Its simple;we have the gutsy leader we have hoped for after years of Rinos and semi Rinos. Give him the resolute faith he has given us, at very much sacrifice to him and his family.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: And if his endorsment lights on Pence, for the VP or the top spot, so BE it! Trump/ Pence was a great team, since despite the differences in their personalities, they worked well together! A President Pence with Donald Trump's backing would do the real America proud! But if its Donald Trump again; then forward unto the breach (which will surely be obvious after years of presumptuous leftist misrule).

  5. Jack, I wouldn't hesitate to vote for either of them. What choice would I (and America) have? We'd be perched on the precipice of perdition!!! Seriously, I can gird my loins for four years, but eight? Then it would be time to head for the hills.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The left is going for the haymaker and right now our chief hope lies with Manchin and Sinema, despite the doubts raised by their refusal to torpedo this catastrophic power play.One or both must jump ship or the scale might tip beyond recovery even before th'22 election. Schumer is in full totalitarian mode. New York is our country's curse. Maybe Farage could move here!

  7. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack:On Fox today the Texas Lt. Governor said the situation on the border is not a crisis, it is catastrophic. But then what does "he" know?! He is of a politically proscribed group and isby definition to be disdained. The stats are hair raising. This invasion is not a miscalculation by kumbayaa touchy feelies. This is fully purposed by the American left which cynically "guides" our largely uncomprending puppet President. They intend to advance the day of complete dissolution of our society and polity by the enablement of unendurable conflict, as per Marxist custom. They expect to restore order through Marxist dictatorship. For a multifaceted civilization, this requires subversion on several fronts and the destruction of our border and the condemnation of those who lawfully defend it opens a perhaps decisive front. Even should democracy survive, millions more Worker ant Dem voters will obtain!

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I cannot believe but that Texas is going take unilateral action soon, which maybring it in conflict with the hard left which owns our "Commander in Chief". As always the left is overreaching and it is pushing the real America apace and beyond endurance . It wants a po!itical showdown!

  9. Ha ha. Yes, we could use a Farage right about now! Pity we don't have national referenda here. Then again, I should be careful what I wish for.

    Manchin and Sinema have said they're opposed to ending the filibuster. That's good. The danger is that the Dems will find a way to finesse the question. "Let's just PARTIALLY suspend the filibuster. What's the harm?"

    Your analysis of the debacle at the border is sound, Jack, and parallels my own in my most recent post. The Dems must be calculating that any criticism their policy engenders will be nullified by the transformation of the electorate it unleashes. They could be right. The only way to short-circuit their stratagem is to WIN BIG in 2022 and 2024. These Bolshies are playing for keeps! Can the media be trusted to ignore the crisis on the border indefinitely? That's another key question.

    Can Texas do anything to save itself from a flood of illegal immigration? I doubt it, short of secession... States don't control who resides within their borders. They don't have custody of illegal immigrants. They can't punish violations of federal law. Seems to me their hands are tied.