Friday, March 26, 2021

Look Out! It's a White Guy!


Friends, if there's one thing that the mainstream media has taught us, it's that white males are all that's wrong with America: we're racist, we're sexist, we're homophobic, we're Republicans, we're conservatives, we're Trumpers, and, to make matters worse, we're responsible for all the violence in this country -- or, at least, all the violence that's worthy of reporting.  No wonder people hate us!  This article exposes how empty and silly part of this narrative is: whites simply aren't responsible for even a proportionate amount of violence in this country.  We're remarkable only for our quiescence, in fact.


In other news, "President" Biden held a press conference!  I listened to a small part of it.  Sure, he's a national disgrace, but I found it interesting that at least the press was, uh, pressing him on a few points.  They seem to have forgotten about COVID -- Sleepy Joe's got that licked -- but the border crisis is finally on the MSM's radar, and they don't like how little access they're getting to migrant facilities.  Good for them!  Do your job for a change, you hacks!


Biden says he plans to run again in 2024.  Can you imagine?  Soon these press conferences will feature smelling salts and a fainting couch... 

Polls differ with respect to Biden's approval rating, of course, but most agree that it's headed down.  That's what you would expect, after all.  The honeymoon period is ending.  My take: without rising approval numbers, Biden's chances of strong-arming his radical agenda through the Senate grow dimmer and dimmer.


And even if Biden does tame the Senate, he'll have to contend with a federal judiciary stacked with Trump appointees.  Can we count on them to uphold the Constitution and stymie Bidenism?  Heck, no.  We can't count on "conservative" judges for anything...but there's always a slight chance that they'll have a good day and slow down the express train to Bolshevism a tad. 

Great news for those of you who are card-carrying members of the KKK (which I assume is most of you): Georgia has reinstituted Jim Crow!  About time, right?  Of course, I jest, but the apocalyptic rhetoric coming from the Dems because of Georgia's new election integrity measures really takes the cake...  I mean, Dems, why not compare Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to Super Hitler, while you're at it?

We got an unusual mea culpa from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently: he admits that Twitter's persecution of the New York Post over its reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop was a "mistake".  On the other hand, it was a "mistake" that went on for two weeks, and for which no one was held accountable, and which Twitter reserves the right to repeat, whenever the political interests of the Left demand it.  In other words, the standard for the suppression of tweets is...whatever Twitter says it is, moment to moment.  Of all the Big Tech slimeballs, I think Dorsey might be the King of the Slimeballs.

And here's an article that addresses how we can respond to, and even win a few victories against, wokeness and "cancel culture".  The upshot?  Don't give in!  In fact, give as good as you get.  Make them sweat, for a change.  I couldn't agree more, except for the fact that, sometimes, when you stand and fight, you lose.  On the other hand, when you surrender every time, you lose every time.  Food for thought.


  1. Comrade Dr. Nick

    I'm all for getting on with the revolution and liquidating enemies of the people, mainly white reactionaries. The man I think who can handle this better than anyone is People's Commissar for Transportation, Comrade Pete Buttigieg. All tracks will be cleared for his special armor clad train which will tour the country continuously from 2022 to 2024 eliminating all resistance in (ironically) Red States. Enough of this about The Trump train. So, let's get on board Pete's Bolshevik II Express and Make America Communist Again (MACA).

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "Ah fie, attainted Georgia! We thought you had acknowledged your historical and continued perfidy by giving the righteous complete, unassailable control of the Senate and joining in the acclamation of our exalted standin, uhhh, leader that is. But then you go and do egregious injustice by requiring voters to prove citizenship and thereby disenfranchising illegal aliens! We thought you could be trusted with the very limited self government we already allow our vassal states but, not so. OK, we'll take you in hand again in order to advance your "reeducation" agwinst your still insolent popular will! See ya soon.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I have long advocated and have occasionally practiced, aggressive argument against leftists. So many of these college and "university" Presidents are spineless defeatists. Surrendering to students,of all the by definition immature impressionable whelps so many of them are. Its good to hear of faculty showing some resolve against this. Students should be held to the limits defined by their youth and inexperience. In leftist states this is unlikely but in common sense states with uncharacteristically leftist state "universities" citizens should bring pressure to bear on them through their legislatures, which control their budgets.

  4. Oh, Ray. Your nomination of Pete Buttigieg as Biden's enforcer begs so many questions about the nature of the Buttigiegian secret police. Shall they be named...Butt Force? Butt Patrol? Butt Squad? Butt Bureau? And not only that! I wonder whether solar panels could actually move an armored train... Possibly, but only very, very slowly. I could go on, but you can spin these speculative tales far better than I, Raymundo!

    Jack, as I'm sure you know, the Left, which so recently adored Georgia, is now apoplectic with rage against the Peach State. No penalty could possibly be harsh enough to slake their thirst for vengeance. As for the illegal aliens, I'm afraid we still haven't found a good way to prevent them from voting, although, at least in Georgia, imposing state oversight over local elections officials could be part of the answer. In other states, it could be most of the problem!

    And you're right: higher ed will kowtow to the woke multitudes endlessly, unless we hit them where it hurts -- in the pocketbook. I've decided on no more donations to my alma mater, which grows more "anti-racist", i.e. racist, by the day.

    1. Comrade Waddy,

      Your attitude has been noticed by the People's Bureau of State Security (formerly known as the FBI). Insulting our glorious leaders will not be tolerated. I think it is time for you to be re-educated in one of our Corrective Labor Camps in North Dakota.

  5. Nick, you made an error -- the national disgrace is Trump!

    1. Comrade Carveth,

      Your error has been noticed. Former State Leader T**** is now a nonperson, and will soon be erased from all history books by the People's Directorate of Education. Any future mention of him will be punished by "liquidation" or imprisonment. Do not mention "him" again. Thank you Comrade Carveth. This is you first (and last) warning.

  6. Rod from Jack: Have you received your "disgraceful" Trump enabled vaccine yet?

  7. Ray, I look forward to my all-expenses-paid junket to North Dakota! Lots of solid patriots up in those parts. I can't wait to break bread (and/or rocks) with them.

    Rod, Trump may not be America's favorite son, but he's just a private citizen now. It's Sleepy Joe who's on the hot seat.

    Jack, I get my second shot on Wednesday -- Trump be praised!