Friday, March 19, 2021

The New Normal Isn't Normal At All


Friends, the "trans" agenda has gone way, way beyond allowing people to redefine their gender identity.  It's now about insisting that you, and all of us, must agree with and support anyone who is "trans".  Failure to do so is "hate", and expressing disagreement is "hate speech".  Check out this article about a father who is facing jail time for resisting the court-ordered "transition" of his daughter into masculinity.  In fact, not only is he unable to prevent this transition -- he's not even allowed to speak out about it!  Granted, that's Canada -- a socialist dystopia if ever there was one -- but if you think this sort of thing can't happen here you're in for a rude awakening!


The national and international politics surrounding access to coronavirus vaccines is getting darn interesting!  So far Israel, the U.S., and the U.K. are the world leaders in providing their populations with the vaccines.  Countries that are lagging are starting to confiscate the limited supply, therefore.  It appears we're using our stockpile of AstraZeneca vaccine to strong-arm Mexico into deterring Central American migration.  And this is just the beginning!  If there was ever an object lesson in why you DON'T want to be dependent on other countries for critical medical supplies, this is it.


This piece is full of nonsense.  It's an argument for slavery reparations.  It's worth a read, however, because it attacks the issue from a direction that could be fruitful for the Left.  Giving giant checks to every descendant of slaves in America is probably infeasible.  Changing the ground rules for everything from education, to hiring, to health care, to welfare, to government-backed loans is eminently feasible.  Basically, instead of cutting checks the government could mandate discrimination -- "positive" discrimination in favor of blacks.  And, if in favor of blacks, why not in favor of every "protected category" that lefties so admire?  This is the future, folks: "antiracism" requires us to treat whites as second-class citizens...and anyone who objects is a white supremacist.  Simple as that. 

Don't look now, but "President" Biden just pulled a Jerry Ford: he stumbled on the stairs leading up to Air Force One.  Quick, reporters: look away!  Wanna take bets that SNL will start making fun of Biden for his clumsiness?  Yeah, right.  They wouldn't dream of it.


The rapidity with which the Left was willing to blame the recent killings in Atlanta on "white supremacy" is enough to make your head spin!  These people define the term "rush to judgement"... 

"President" Biden has made it clear: all men accused of sexual harassment are presumptively guilty...except, one assumes, Biden himself.


And this one is well worth a few minutes of your time.  The Left is peppering major corporations with shareholder proposals to advance their agendas of "climate justice", "racial justice", "trans justice", and other forms of justice which are, of course, the opposite of justice.  Why is it only the Left, or mainly the Left, using these strategies?  How about a shareholder proposal to ban race preferences?  I'd like to see that!  How about you? 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re: Joe Kerensky's self effacing tasking of Cuomo :One must wonder how long the radical left personified at the Naval Observatory (VP residence) will tolerate gaffe prone Joe as their obsequious front. All this condemnation upon accusation of any politically incorrect (for the left an offense's criminality under law does not impeach it; it must also bear the imprimature of heresy leveled by the elect) offense is coming back to bite them. Well, naturally; those released from common sense standards, including law, by Marxist presumption, consider themselves free to indulge in that which they blithely employ to destroy unbelievers. But foggy ole Joe has no fell intent or clear comprehension of the totalitarian intent he has enwbled. And in that he may convince hisfar left handlers that the time for his dreamy retirement is at hand .

  2. Nick,

    It is merely a matter of time before the holiness spiral of the Left reaches the event horizon and begins it's destructive concentration of everything within it's gravitational pull into a leftist singularity. The Right's last moment to fight back is nearer than many suspect, though the sudden outpouring of resolution from previously irresolute Republicans bodes well; the Right can only fight effectively if some legitimate authority authorizes resistance, and we may well see someone speak in time. There is still hope that we may yet avoid the fate of the East.

    In a healthy society the judges who dared make such a ruling as would deprive a father his rightful authority over his daughter in such a flagrantly tyrannical, usurpations and totalitarian manner would rightly fear for their lives. As it stands the Canadians are cowed and their masters know it. Meanwhile the Fortifications and armed guards surrounding DC suggest that our own would-be masters are not nearly so assured of the docility concerning their own subjects.

    The rhetorical, legislative and material preparations being made strongly suggest that the Left is deeply aware of how shaky their legitimacy is with their rivals, and how unsure they are of whether or not they can actually win if the matter is forced to a resolution earlier than they would like.

    - Lee

    1. Lee

      No matter what, if The Right (whatever that is supposed to be in the U.S., let's say the so-called Republicans for convenience) get back in power at the political levels, so what? Unless you have control (and I mean an iron grip) on the media and education, to name a few, being in power does not really mean anything, now does it? The Left also has the support of High Tech. Apparently, The Left has really learned what it means to control, while The Right must still believe that this is some sort of a damn game. The Left is also a major "player" in our sports business now. In addition, The Left has also comfortably "infiltrated" Christian churches. Sorry, but whoever rules must control everything, in every sense of the word. The Right began loosing the game when they actually believed that compromise was possible. And very soon, our Armed Forces will have been "brain-washed" to serve The left. Go figure.

    2. Ray,

      I don't fundamentally disagree. The Republicans, being Law and Liberty conservatives coming from a classical liberal tradition, are ill-equipped to combat the fanaticism of the Revolution and Equality left; only fanaticism beats fanaticism, and only in Throne and Altar can we find the fanaticism needed to win and the American tradition is, historically, antithetical to the temperament needed for such an endeavor.

      We're likely screwed, but in the words of Tolkien, "Actually I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so that I do not expect 'history' to be anything but a 'long defeat' - though it contains (and in a legend may contain more clearly and movingly) some samples or glimpses of final victory."

      If we must lose I pray that we at least comport ourselves with the dignity and honor to be expected of our lineage, "We are the sons of the Crusaders and we shall not recoil before the sons of Voltaire.” — Count Charles Forbes RenĂ© de Montalembert.


  3. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Perhaps we ought to return to the medieval practice of the disputatio. It required a principled argument to present time honored authority to back it. The left finds truth only in its incidental "feelings"!

  4. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: The disputio allowed the tactic of"reductio ad absurdum", the use of logic to discredit an opposing argument by carrying it to an absurd conclusion. The left is especially vulnerable to this and knows only resort to charges of personal offense when opposed.Perhaps the Enlightenment, by retiring the disputatio, paved the way for the counterintuitive neo Marxism reflected in the Canadian case.

  5. Anonymous from Jack: Your comparison of the left to a black hole is well taken. It is very understandable to see many of the legal, political and cultural anomalies we see now as beyond reasonable explanation. I blame the credulous faction of thr baby boomers for this embrace of reflexive Marxist humbug. There were so many of us that our '50s blessed childhood naivete , which made us fresh meat for university Reds in the 60s, had an incalculably inordinate and malign effect on Western civilization.

  6. Jack, you may well be right that Sleepy Joe will go the way of the dodo bird, but, as Stalin proved, just because you form a circular firing squad doesn't necessarily mean that the party won't go on for a long, long time...

    Lee: I agree that the "progressives" are seriously ill-at-ease and seem to feel they need to crush free-thinkers and patriots and Christians underfoot while they have the chance. In that sense, I think the Trump years scarred them severely. What depresses me is how much their fears of "right-wing extremism" are purely delusional. I don't think there's more than a handful of conservatives in this country willing to risk life and limb for the sake of principle...

    Ray, I agree that even our minimal toehold in most major institutions is slipping. "Resistance" will be academic if we have to pursue it as lone wolves.

    Jack, rational disputation could reduce many leftist talking points to tatters -- no doubt about it. No doubt this is exactly why their best rational argument is, "Shut up!"

    1. Nick,

      Aye. Panem et Circenses are the somnambulant keeping us docile while the poison continues to eke it's way into us from the I.V. drip. Barring the upsetting of our apple cart of distractions, most American Conservatives are stuffed shirts who quail even at discussions of resistance. "Oh yes, it's just awful, but you know how upset Linda would be if I got fired, and Johnny and Susie are about to head off to college (Socialist Slut Camp), and I just couldn't put their futures in jeopardy."

      And so in the words of Solzhenitsyn, speaking of what it was like for the Russians later on sitting in the gulags, "We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”


  7. Lee, if you expect the forces of decency and common sense to lose -- spectacularly -- then at least you won't be disappointed when it happens, and you may be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't. Expect the worst, hope for (and pray for) the best, right? Losing with dignity is something to aspire to, as well. I would disagree, however, that only "throne and altar" can inspire conservatives to meaningful resistance to leftist tyranny. Nationalism and fascism spring to mind as alternatives.

    Boy, that Solzhenitsyn quotation is HARSH! But maybe he's right: maybe we all get what's coming to us in the end. The Soviet case may hold out some hope, too: in many ways, the Soviet people didn't liberate themselves from communist oppression. The oppressors simply lost their nerve and their self-belief. That could happen with the American Left too. Of course, it might take 70 years of non-stop horror before they have an epiphany...

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Soviet experience was the product of Marxist unleashed putative vindictive onslaught. Their 19th century dreams were loosed upon a nation which could not comprehend their unprecedented iconclasim. Its morally freed murderous potential was proven under Stalin, for all time!