Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"America's Dad" Beats the Rap


Friends, we here at WaddyIsRight convey our hearty congrats to Bill Cosby, who today was freed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  What Cosby did or didn't do to all those women I haven't a clue, but I'm a fan, as you know, of the "innocent until proven guilty" paradigm of American justice, and it certainly appears as if, in this case, Cosby was the victim of prosecutorial misconduct.  Of course, in the grand scheme of things, he hardly got off scot-free.  His reputation is shot.


In other news, here are TWO articles about the mainstream media's relentless (and most futile) assaults on Ron DeSantis.  Ron is the new Don, you might say!  I assume he takes it as a compliment.


Here's a chilling analysis of the faults of America's youth: they seem remarkably blasé about working...and they seem to have a boundless sense of entitlement and a great reverence for socialism.  All in all, it sure looks like a recipe for the decline and fall of Western Civilization!  Of course, we would have said the same thing about the "Flower Children" of the late 60s and early 70s...and America survived them, did it not?


The NSA is denying that Tucker Carlson is a "target" of their investigations...but it isn't denying that it has read or is reading his personal correspondence.  Interesting!  Of course, all the NSA needs is a "suspicion" that Tucker is communicating with shady foreigners, and...presto!  They're in business.


Here's a wonderful reminder that all those trillions we spent during the pandemic were, in fact, "the greatest wealth transfer in history," and it will turn out to be mostly a transfer from the have-nots to the haves.  So much for "reducing income inequality", huh?  That was always a crock. 

Finally, those "migrants" at the border are really starting to pile up!  It's not a "crisis", though.  Oh no.  Nothing to see here!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The "Yellow Peril", Then and Now


Friends, it's no secret that Asian-Americans were, historically, subject to rampant and intense discrimination.  It's also no secret that they've transcended those obstacles and become, on average, more educated and wealthier than whites.  As our nation's most successful citizens, Asians ought to view this as a land of opportunity.  They ought to want to maximize their individual liberty, minimize government regulation and the burden of taxes, and emphasize individual achievement so that they will be rewarded for their hard work and exceptional merit.  In other words, Asian-Americans ought to be conservative Republicans.  Instead, the vast majority of Asians vote for Democrats.  In fact, the GOP's share of the Asian vote has declined since the 1990s.  The recent surge in media coverage of "Asian hate" is naturally designed to reinforce this trend.  Leftists want Asians to be as fearful of "white supremacy" as humanly possible, and for all the obvious reasons.  The fact is that, by not competing vigorously for support from Asian-Americans, Republicans are blowing one of the great opportunities they have to make inroads among racial minorities.  Fortunately, there's hope.  In California and beyond, Republicans are starting to target Asian-American voters.  They need to continue to do so, and they need to do it on a much larger scale.  Democrats want to lure every non-white population group onto the same metaphorical plantation of government dependency where, sadly, most blacks now live.  We can't let them do it.  The future of the GOP -- not to mention the future of the country -- relies on our ability to attract higher and higher levels of minority support, and our ability to prevent the dastardly Dems from gaining a monopoly on the political allegiances of non-whites.  Let's put our backs into it, shall we?


This fine article exposes the hollowness of the DOJ's lawsuit targeting Georgia's recent election integrity bill.  Why, it's racist because...everyone knows Georgia is racist!  Sure, the provisions are unremarkable and in fact commonplace in American elections, but we all know what happens when white Georgians pass laws and such: white supremacy!!!  Yeah, right. 

As this article suggests, the Dems are taking some BIG risks by pressing ahead with their massive spending plans, despite the uptick in inflation.  They're betting that unlimited federal spending won't ever have a fiscal downside...and I guess they must be assuming that, if we have serious inflation, they'll find a way to blame Trump for it, or maybe they'll weaponize our economic insecurities in order to lure us even deeper into the morass of socialism.  On that score, they may be right.


Tucker Carlson says that the U.S. government is spying on him.  Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't, but it's the kind of charge that makes someone look loony, so I would be careful, if I were him.  In effect, though, Carlson and other conservative journalists have to act with extreme caution at all times, because it's a given that powerful forces in the establishment are always trying to silence and/or destroy them.  Personally, I think it's a small miracle that Tucker is still on the air, and Fox News is still clinging to its semi-conservative worldview.  You better believe that the lefties are working diligently to change all that. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

American Justice: Blinder Than Ever?


Friends, my latest article is based on several of my recent comments about the rank injustice of the suspension of Rudy Giuliani's law license in my home state of New York.  I argue that Rudy Giuliani is among the first of what we can safely assume will be many casualties in the war to defend our liberties against neo-Marxist depredations.  Expect it to appear soon at World Net Daily.

Rudy Giuliani: Martyr for the Cause

Question: what's the difference between one of America's most respected prosecutors (and most successful mayors), and a disgraced attorney chased out of the legal profession for his rabble-rousing mendacity?

Answer: five years of Trump.

Why "five years of Trump"?

Because our nation's jarring experience with Trumpism was enough to convince leftists to throw all notions of fairness and tolerance out the window, and to dedicate themselves to the obliteration of their political enemies by any and all means necessary, including disbarring their rivals for exercising their right of free speech, and obstructing the access of conservatives to legal representation. It's part of the Left's new scorched earth approach to self-empowerment and totalitarian dominion. Worse, it's just beginning. We can expect even more egregious acts of persecution to follow.

The decision of five judges of New York State's Supreme Court to suspend the law license of Rudy Giuliani is an outrage. It is viewpoint discrimination, pure and simple. It presages a political purge of the legal profession that would, if carried to its logical conclusion, be fatal to American democracy. The law and the justice system would become playthings in the hands of neo-Marxists, notable mainly for their searing contempt for all forms of dissent. It would be only a matter of time, in fact, before these fanatics would turn the weapons of disbarment, censorship, intimidation, and worse on each other. American politics would become a circular firing squad. “Cancel culture” would, in due course, erase every one of us.

These five judges allege that Rudy Giuliani made false statements about the election of Joe Biden to the presidency, and these statements "damage the proper functioning of a free society". They further allege that Giuliani's statements “directly inflamed tensions” that contributed to the lawlessness of January 6th.

That is a stretch. As Jonathan Turley – no fan of Giuliani – demonstrates, “America's Mayor” was no more guilty of inciting the Capitol Riot than countless Democratic lawyers and politicians were of fostering the BLM riots of 2020.

Were some of Giuliani's claims about the 2020 election false? Absolutely. Lawyers make false statements routinely. Whether Giuliani made these statements in error, or in bad faith, however, is something that only Giuliani himself can know for sure. And it is something that the Supreme Court of New York State barely bothered to investigate.

Meanwhile, we might ask these questions: How many Democrats made false statements about the 2016 election, with the intention of casting doubt on the legitimacy of Donald Trump's victory? How many Democrats made false statements about Donald Trump's supposed subservience to Vladimir Putin, with an eye to portraying the sitting President of the United States as a traitor? How many Democrats made false statements about the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia, and continue to deny that Brian Kemp is that state's rightful Governor? How many Democrats continue to make false statements about the content of the various election integrity bills under consideration in state legislatures? (Biden himself misinformed the American public about Georgia's law.) And, lastly, how many Democratic lawyers/politicians have faced discipline for these infractions, which similarly "damage the proper functioning of a free society"?

Answer: none.

Rudy Giuliani faces persecution for the simple reason that his advocacy of the rights and interests of Donald Trump and Trump supporters offends the Democratic elite. The suspension of his law license is illegitimate and wrong, therefore. Republicans, conservatives, and lovers of liberty in general should see it for what it is: a direct attack on our constitutional rights and freedoms, and an effort to silence us.

We must stand with Rudy, therefore, while we still can.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred, and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at World Net Daily: 


In other news, check out this fascinating McLaughlin poll.  It shows Biden's approval rating still at a relatively strong 55%, but it also shows Donald Trump in great shape to win the GOP nomination in 2024...and in good shape to win the general election, especially if Kamala Harris is the Dems' standard-bearer.  Perhaps most importantly, McLaughlin shows Republicans narrowly ahead on the generic ballot for 2022, and a GOP win in the midterms would be HUGE! 

Here's some insight on Ron DeSantis's biggest dilemma: he probably wants to run for president, but he doesn't want to run against -- or antagonize in any way -- DJT.


Here's a terrific exposé of leftist disinterest in the fate of the thousands of black men murdered in this country each year -- almost exclusively by other black men.  If it ain't "racist", it ain't news.


I've been impressed by the courage of Senators Manchin and Sinema, who are standing up to the far-left and refusing to "nuke" the filibuster.  Here's an article with a contrary point of view.  This guy thinks that Manchin will ultimately cave and give progressives what they want.  I'm not so sure.  If he was going to relent, it seems to me that now is the time: probably the only time when it would make any difference (or maybe not, if Sinema stands firm).  Yeah, Manchin voted to begin debate on the Dems' election takeover bill, but that's a meaningless procedural question.  When the chips have been down, Manchin has been a stand up guy -- so far.  He's a politician, though.  You never know.


This report isn't quite as "explosive" as it's billed.  Yes, China has mentioned the possibility that future bioweapons could be designed to target specific ethnic groups.  That isn't the same as creating such weapons, though!  As a matter of fact, any major power would be remiss not to consider the full range of potential bioweapons.  Now, in all likelihood, COVID-19 wasn't designed to kill the maximum number of Caucasians...but imagine if it had been!!!


Arizona, a la Florida, is attempting to make it mandatory for public schools to teach "the evils of communism".  These legislators mean well, but good luck injecting some common sense into our (neo-Marxist) curricula.  Hamstringing woke educators is worth a try, I suppose, but I'm beginning to think that the whole enterprise of public education may be fatally flawed.  Can we be surprised that government-run schools ultimately support the relentless expansion of government power?  I suggest we abolish the public schools and give every parent a voucher to use in a private or religious school of his/her choice.  What better way to forestall "communism", am I right? 

Yup, Western Civilization is circling the drain, BUT the nuclear family, somewhat to my surprise, is making a comeback!  Of course, the other side of this coin is that simply having children has become passé... 


It's a miracle!  YouTube has banned a left-wing organization!  I guess this means that Google is ever-so-slightly concerned about projecting an image of even-handedness.  Personally, though, I'd rather they just stopped censoring us altogether! 

Finally, a professor in Mexifornia has praised Stalin as "one of the great leaders of the 20th century"!  Now, I will come to this egghead's defense, insofar as I agree that Stalin was a "great leader" -- he just wasn't a good leader.  We could say the same about Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Barack Obama -- you get the idea.  Now, Prof. Foot-in-Mouth also claims that Stalin was a "great listener".  Here he might be on shakier ground.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

How the Mighty Are Fallen


Question: What's the difference between one of America's most respected prosecutors (and most successful mayors) and a disgraced attorney chased out of the legal profession for his rabble-rousing mendacity?  Answer: Five years of Trump.  Why "five years of Trump"?  Because our nation's jarring experience with Trumpism was enough to convince leftists to throw all notions of fairness and tolerance out the window, and to dedicate themselves to the obliteration of their political enemies by any and all means necessary...including disbarring their rivals for exercising their right of free speech, and obstructing the access of conservatives to legal representation.  It's part of the Left's scorched earth approach to self-empowerment and totalitarian dominion.  Worse, it's just beginning, and we can expect even more egregious acts of persecution to follow.

Jonathan Turley is no fan of Rudy Giuliani, but he's as troubled by New York State's harsh measures against "America's Mayor" as I am, and for many of the same reasons:


In other news, Trump is back!  Trump rallies have resumed, and they look a lot like they did in the 2016 and 2020 election cycles.  The media will be thrilled!  Finally, they have someone to hate again...and someone to juice up their sagging ratings.


Those "Trump judges" have come through for us on a few important occasions since "President" Biden took the helm.  They failed us after the November 2020 election, of course.  Will they deliver major wins on race preferences, abortion, or election integrity going forward?  Stay tuned. 

Finally, the Dems and lefties love to remind us how beset our country is by "systemic racism".  How do we know that racism is there?  Well, people of color are poorer, sicker, less educated, and more ensnared by the criminal justice system than white people -- ergo, RACISM!!!  In fact, the Left feels comfortable in assuming that any policy or organization that doesn't produce agreeable outcomes for people of color must, perforce, be saturated with white supremacism by default.  Voter I.D., for instance, applies equally to people of all races, but, because Dems insist that it's harder for non-whites to obtain I.D. (for some reason), voter I.D. laws impose a disproportionate burden on people of color and are, therefore, RACIST.  Simple, really.  


Well, consider the irony: countless Dem and leftist policies impose similar burdens on non-whites, disproportionately.  Who is most affected by "defunding the police" and "depolicing"?  People of color living in crime-ridden neighborhoods, of course!  Does that make BLM "racist"?  Well, duh.  BLM was already racist.  It's right in the name.  But I digress.  Consider the recent tidal wave of "lockdowns" that washed over our country, which were harshest in blue states and deep blue cities.  Evidence shows that these lockdowns harmed people of color disproportionately.  Well well!  I guess the Democratic Party really hasn't learned any lessons from its long history of support for "systemic racism", has it?  It was the enemy of the Black Man 150 years ago, and it still is today.  Only its rhetoric has changed.  I mean, the Dems' own perverse "logic" convicts them!


I jest, in part.  The point I wish to make is that "racism" can be inferred into almost anything and anyone, if one is of a race-obsessed frame of mind.  In fact, though, in a free and just country like ours, every one of us, and each of our institutions, should be assumed innocent of racism and discrimination until proven guilty.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Lockdowns, then, were, generally speaking, a bad idea for Americans of all races.  Those lockdowns obviously weren't conceived with any racist intent, however.  And that ought to mean something.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Straight to the Moon!


Friends, Sputnik News has once again blasted Dr. Waddy and his basketball-sized ego into the stratosphere!  Specifically, I recently weighed in on the sheer outrageousness of the New York State Appellate Court's suspension of Rudy Giuliani's law license.  It's viewpoint discrimination, in my opinion.  Check it out:


Isn't it funny how Democratic lawyers/politicians never "lie" in a way that harms the public interest?  Uncanny, when you think about it...


In other news, socialism is on the rise, and leftists are thrilled, especially with its popularity among the young.  Apparently our neo-Marxist educators are doing their jobs with aplomb! 

Happy Birthday to "climate change", which turns 33 today!  And guess what?  33 years after "our betters" began to hector us about climate change, carbon emissions are still going up, thanks to China, India, and the Third World in general.  Nice work, tree huggers! 


Trump rallies are BACK!  Presumably, this presages an intensification of Trump's outreach to voters, leading up to...another run at the presidency in 2024?


Trump has taken one major step in making himself a viable contender in 2024: he's decided to use Rumble instead of YouTube, where he is of course banned because he poses such an imminent threat to public safety.  Frankly, I'm surprised it took DJT this long to settle on a revised social media strategy. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland is suing the great State of Georgia because of its recent modest reforms to its election laws.  They're "racist", naturally!  Let's hope those Trump judges give this lawsuit the boot ASAP.


Finally, a would-be cop-slayer has been caught in Georgia.  He appears to be associated with several black separatist groups.  Black "hate groups" are surprisingly common in this country.  The Southern Poverty Law Center used to keep track of them, until it discovered that it was more "woke" to pretend that only white people and conservatives can be racist.  Trust me, you'd hear a lot more about these black "haters" if the media reported, well, "the news", but not much hope of that.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Five Years On: Britain is British Again!


Friends, on the five year anniversary of the Brexit referendum that resulted in a surprise victory for the "Leave" faction, WaddyIsRight applauds the courage and steadfastness of the British people!  The elite tried every trick in the book to manipulate/intimidate the Brits into staying in the E.U. -- and they replied, "Sod off, globalists!"  Bravo.

Here's a brilliant analysis of the legacy of that glorious day:


Today we got word that Rudy Giuliani will no longer be allowed to practice law in the State of New York, because his supposed falsehoods about the 2020 election "damage the proper functioning of a free society."  Ha!  And what of Democrats' falsehoods about Jan. 6th, or about election integrity bills introduced in various states, or about the results of the 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia?   Do they jeopardize our sacred democracy?  Nah.  Dems never lie.  That's a given. 

Shockingly, a socialist is set to become the next Mayor of Buffalo.  I deplore this travesty, and I sincerely hope the good people of Buffalo will find a way to avert this catastrophe.  If necessary, a write-in campaign should be mounted to reverse the rising tide of Bolshevism.


DJT is throwing cold water on the idea that he might be the next Speaker of the House.  I can't say I'm surprised.  Donald Trump presumably sees himself as our country's past and future president.  All other offices pale in comparison. 

Finally, given the horrors of our recent "insurrection", it's surprising how few people have been convicted of any crime.  This story catches us up on the legal mechinations surrounding some of the accused.  Note that one defendant, in pleading for leniecy from the court, essentially declared that she was voluntarily undergoing reeducation and attempting to purge herself of Trumpism.  Sad to say, but that's probably an effective strategy if one's desire is to avoid jail time.  Nonetheless, the American people may well get to render the ultimate verdict on Trump, Trumpism, and Trump supporters.  2022 and 2024 will tell the tale.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hitler's Romantic Weekend


Friends, what could be more heart-stirring than spending a few days in the City of Light...after you've just conquered it?  Few of us ever have that singular pleasure, but Hitler did.  And that's after fighting for four years in the trenches of the Western Front just to hold onto a few square yards of French mud, too.  One can hardly imagine his glee -- not that he betrays much giddiness in this famous snapshot.

All this and more is covered in this week's Newsmaker Show, starring me and Brian O'Neil.  In terms of current events, we dissect the hypocrisy and rank stupidity of the Left on issues of race and gender, the use of hyperbole in political rhetoric, the fate of the Dems' election takeover bill in the Senate, the impact of rising inflation and crime, the exploitation of January 6th by the Left, and the truth about "right-wing" violence in America, which is incredibly rare.

And in our "This Day in History" segment, we talk about the fateful conversation between President Nixon and H.R. Haldeman in the Oval Office on June 23rd, 1972, later refered to as the "smoking gun" that doomed the Nixon presidency; the elevation of Gamal Nasser to the Egyptian presidency, prior to the Suez Crisis; and Hitler's curious package holiday in Paris in June 1940.

Don't miss it!  Tune in today.




In other news, the Michigan Senate, which is GOP-controlled, is slapping down persistent rumors that massive fraud was perpetrated in the state in November 2020.  The findings don't eliminate the possibility that individuals may have cheated, but it does make it harder and harder to sustain the notion that the Democratic Party stole the election outright.  My own view is that, while there are plenty of valid reasons to believe that the 2020 election was "rigged", many of the wilder "conspiracy theories" about election fraud are likely to be false.  C'est la vie.


Not surprisingly, the American people have very little faith in the mainstream news media.  And this, for Republicans and conservatives, is actually very good news. because, if the voters believed what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC were telling them, we'd be sunk, for sure.  Their skepticism, on the hand, will drive them increasingly to alternative media sources, where the right-wing perspective flourishes. 

The Buck Stops Here


Friends, I hereby convey hearty congratulations to Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, who stood together to block the upper house from undertaking consideration of the Democrats' radical election takeover bill.  Thanks to these steadfast Republicans, elections will continue to be managed by the states, as the Constitution originally envisaged.  Of course, the existing system doesn't guarantee free and fair elections, but it's certainly preferable to the alternative of federalizing our entire electoral infrastructure.  Now, of course, lefties will redouble their efforts to torch the filibuster, and thus secure passage of their desired election reforms by other means.  It sure looks like they're destined to fail in that regard too.  Good!  Conservatives and patriots have every reason to rejoice.  This time, the filibuster did its job: it prevented a bad bill from becoming law.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Law and Order: Back in Fashion?


Friends, it's a given that the Dems aren't likely to embrace the law enforcement community, or lose any sleep over the lawlessness washing over urban America, anytime soon, but ordinary Americans, and especially independent voters, may feel differently.  Consider the pusillanimity of Democratic politicians when it comes to enforcing the law (against anyone other than political conservatives), coupled with the frightful rise in violent crime in many urban areas.  Surely, any sane citizen-voter would want government to protect him from this upwelling chaos, would he not?  If I were the Dems, I'd be nervous.  Sooner or later, people might start to notice what Democratic rule actually leads to! 

Poor old Mike Pence is still trying to square the circle of his desire to become the standard bearer of the GOP in 2024, coupled with his poor relations with Donald Trump and Trump supporters.  At best, one could describe the attitude of most Republicans towards Pence as "ambivalent".  That's simply not good enough.  The star of Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, seems to be rising still.  In fact, more Republican activists are comfortable with a DeSantis candidacy in 2024 than a Trump candidacy.  Pence is on the list of contenders, yeah -- he's just near the bottom. 

Finally, I'm half-inclined to commiserate with former Senator Rick Santorum, who was fired by CNN merely because he spoke the truth about the minimal influence of Native Americans on the broader American culture.  Duh.  We're not speaking Navajo right now, are we?  On the other hand, CNN paid Santorum as a GOP contributor for one reason only: because he would regularly badmouth President Trump.  Santorum was, from CNN's perspective, a useful idiot.  Now he's just an idiot.  That's progress.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Boris's Bloopers


Friends, my latest article focuses on the politics of race and gender, and on some particularly dim-wittred remarks recently made by the "Conservative" British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  I love what Boris had done to the Labour Party (here's hoping they never make a comeback), and his herculean efforts on Brexit are much appreciated, but he does have a very suspect "moderate" streak in him.  It's important to call him out when he strays off the reservation.

Let's Be Honest: Establishment Views on Race and Gender are Asinine and Hypocritical

Recently, at the G7 summit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a Conservative and, allegedly, a “conservative,” declared that the main post-pandemic aim of world leaders must be “building back greener, building back fairer and building equally and – how should I put it? – in a more gender-neutral and perhaps a more feminine way.”

He certainly did not realize it at the time, but his statement was a shining example of the moral and intellectual muddle that defines the ideology of the left-leaning global elite. His views and proposals are as senseless as they are destructive.

Let's unpack his stupidity line by line.

First, the Prime Minister did the usual bowing and scraping to the cherished ideal of a “green” transformation of the world economy, which would halt the allegedly fatal effects of climate change. He went on to sing the praises of “fairness” and equality, which might refer to the goal of reducing income inequality or might be an allusion to the even more fashionable obsession with “equity,” which implies the (enforced) equalization of outcomes between people of different backgrounds. In practice, it means race and gender quotas and the abandonment of objective standards of merit.

The truth, though, is that, whether or not Johnson's ideals are worthwhile, they are simply incompatible. Consider the fact that global income inequality has not been rising in recent decades. It's been in steady decline. Why? Because of the rapid development of what used to be known as the Third World.

More and more people in Latin America, Asia, and even Africa are enjoying modern, middle class lifestyles, and fewer people than ever are hungry and destitute. One of the biggest reasons for this transformation is the ability of developing countries to industrialize, urbanize, and make agriculture more efficient. To do so, however, they need access to energy, obtained overwhelmingly from fossil fuels, to power cities, factories, vehicles, personal electronics, and more. The quickest way to short-circuit the phenomenal progress being made in these developing countries would be to impose punitive anti-carbon policies on their upstart economies.

We in the developed world can (barely) afford to pay through the nose for energy produced by solar panels and windmills. Developing regions assuredly cannot.

The world probably could be made “greener,” i.e. less dependent on fossil fuels, therefore, but only if the vast majority of countries, and the vast majority of people, were willing to become poorer in the bargain. Is this what Boris Johnson really wants?

The more straightforwardly nonsensical claim made by Britain's Prime Minister, though, was the idea that the world needs to become “more gender-neutral” and “more feminine” simultaneously. It does not seem to have occurred to him that one cannot minimize and maximize the impact of gender in the same breath – or, rather, one can do so in purely rhetorical terms, but it beggars belief that a coherent policy could arise out of such balderdash.

What Johnson means, of course, is that we need to make the world more friendly to transgender people and to women (the “oppressed”) and less in thrall to men (the “oppressors”). And, to that extent, Johnson is merely giving voice to what now seems the stock assumption of most establishment thinkers: that race and gender are mere theoretical social constructs, BUT they nonetheless magically acquire solidity and permanence when we are talking about categories of people we either like (non-whites, the transgender crowd, and women) or don't like (white people and men). Then these categories tell us precisely whom to praise and to condemn; whom to reward and to penalize; and whom to shift to the center of public policy and debate, and whom to marginalize. Race and gender are, in other words, purely imaginary, fleeting, and meaningless...and they are at the same time the most important things in the world and define our position in it.

Got it? Good!

To be sure, Boris Johnson's pronunciamentos are utter folly. One might be tempted, then, to take solace in the fact that, like virtually everything that is said at a G7 summit, his remarks were mere hot air. They will have little impact as individual nation-states pass laws, appropriate funds, and make policy decisions.

The sad part, though, is that the West, and the world, are increasingly run by men (and, yes, it's still mostly men, even if they're ashamed to bear the stigma of their “toxic masculinity”) who champion such convoluted, and often divisive and toxic, ideas.

Even sadder must be the realization that Boris Johnson supposedly represents the “stodgy” political right. How much more unhinged, self-contradictory, and asinine, therefore, are the ravings and dogmas of the Left?


Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at Townhall: 




In other news, the Washington Post (of all media outlets) is exposing the hypocrisy of Democratic Senators who want to trash the filibuster...after praising it just a few years ago.  I guess "Jim Crow" is all in the eye of the beholder, huh? 

And here's a really thought-provoking article about pandemic politics and how the elite weaponized the coronavirus to entrench itself in power and expand its wealth.  That, in a nutshell, is the biggest problem that we "small government" conservatives face.  Every crisis -- and I mean every crisis -- is an excuse for the bureaucratic-corporate elite to expand their control of our economy and society.  I mean, when does government ever shrink, right?  The last year or so has seen one of its biggest expansions in history, in fact.  Will we ever go back to the good old days of spending just 30% of GDP on government?  I doubt it.  We're at 45% now.  And climbing.  Scary.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Aren't White Ladies THE WORST???


Friends, last Halloween you might have seen some trick-or-treaters wearing this popular mask.  You guessed it: they were pretending to be a "Karen", an entitled, angry, racist white woman.  Of course, the stereotype of a "Karen" is itself racist, but it's anti-racist racism, so it's cool.  I'm glad we got that settled.

Who's the biggest and baddest Karen of them all?  It's looking like the answer might be: Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D - Arizona).  Now, you wouldn't think that an avowedly feminist and bisexual Democratic Senator would even make the list, but Sinema's insistence on bipartisanship and upholding the Senate's tradition of the filibuster is making progressives hopping mad.  Sinema and Joe Manchin are standing in the way of the enactment of many elements of the progressive agenda.  Ergo, Sinema's a baddy, and all baddies are racists, ipso facto.  Calling an old white guy like Joe Manchin a racist is a no-brainer, but it looks like now the LGBTQ+ heroine Krysten Sinema is in for the same treatment.  She's got "toxic white lady energy"!  You can't make this nonsense up, people.


In other news, and relatedly, we're getting poll numbers that prove that leftists are becoming disspirited about the slow pace of change under Bidenist rule.  Congress is supposed to be grinding conservatives underfoot and instituting universal Bolshevism, but, because of the filibuster and Sinema and Manchin, it's no dice.  This was inevitable, of course.  Biden and his cronies on Capitol Hill could never be woke enough to satisfy the true believers.  There's bound to be a reckoning. 

More good news: most Americans don't like Big Tech and want these massive companies broken up.  This is, in addition, a bipartisan movement.  Will it someday bear fruit?  I hope so.


Also, most Americans are increasingly comfortable with resuming "normal activities" now that we have the coronavirus on the run.  I went to a car show last night and virtually no one was wearing a mask.  It was a refreshing change! 

Normalcy may be returning in the good ole USA, but Canada is clinging on to its pandemic anxieties for dear life.  


Eh.  Who needs Canada anyway?


The U.S. military believes that China has no imminent plans to attack Taiwan, and it may even lack the military means to take the island by force.  Interesting.  It seems to me that there are a lot of unanswered questions about today's military balance.  For one thing, virtually all advanced countries are bristling with sophisticated anti-ship missiles.  Assuming that the missiles will "always get through", modern navies are in big trouble.  That's a potentially flawed assumption, however, as anti-missile tech has also greatly improved.  The future of places like Taiwan may very well come down to this: who has more and better missiles, and would China risk frightful losses among its amphibious expeditionary force...and possibly the destruction of that force and of its navy before any of it ever got near Taiwan?  Someday we may find out. 

Calls to abandon academic standards, and especially standardized testing, are growing louder and louder.  How are we ever to implement "anti-racism", for instance, if black people are asked to fill out bubble sheets and answer questions?  That's textbook white supremacy!!!


It's official: "Juneteenth" is now a federal holiday.  That happened mighty quick, didn't it?  The vast majority of Congressional Republicans voted for the bill, incidentally.  Now, on the face of it, there's nothing wrong with celebrating the end of slavery in the USA, but the fact is that a short time ago most of us had never heard of "Juneteenth", and we certainly didn't understand its significance.  Apparently "President" Biden was among those who found "Juneteenth" inscrutable.  Let's also admit that most politicians and more than a few non-politicians are now embracing Juneteenth for one reason and one reason only: virtue-signalling.  We can't possibly pass up an ideal opportunity to demonstrate how "anti-racist" we are, right?  Let's also remember that we already have a federal holiday that focuses on our country's struggle to achieve racial equality: MLK's birthday.  Now we have two holidays on the theme of race, plus Pride Month, plus Women's History Month, get the idea.  The progressives won't be happy until EVERY conversation we have, and every day of the year, is devoted to America-bashing and pillorying white racists, i.e. anyone who doesn't endorse neo-Marxism and reverse racism.  Republican politicians may think they can get a little political cover by voting for the Juneteenth bill.  They're wrong.  The harrowing cries of "Racism!" will never stop.  They're the heart and soul of the Democratic Party and the progressive movement, after all.  Get used to it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

That Giant Sucking Sound


Friends, back in 1992 that great American patriot and escaped mental patient Ross Perot warned us about "that giant sucking sound" produced by the departure of American jobs for allegedly greener pastures in Mexico and elsewhere in the Third World.  Well, outsourcing is child's play compared to the economic devastation inflicted on our nation, and on our world, by the Chinese coronavirus.  China has a lot to answer for, assuming the rumors are true and COVID-19 was designed in a lab and released accidentally, followed by the mother-of-all-coverups.  For instance, the toll on American small businesses has been horrific.  Massive corporations, on the other hand, have in many cases benefitted.  And thus the concentration of wealth, and the rise in inequality, continue apace.  Lefties allegedly care about such problems.  Of course, they don't really care.  They want power, and now they have it.  The rest is mere trivia.


Every conservative's favorite Governor, Ron DeSantis, has signed a bill mandating a moment of silence in Florida public schools.  I applaud the effort to reinvigorate the faltering morals of our youth, BUT the micromanagement of what goes on in classrooms is a little troubling.  Sadly, we conservatives are coming to assume that teachers are the natural enemy of decency and truth, and so the only way to ensure that students receive a non-Bolshevik education is to prescribe for educators exactly how they should do their jobs.  The sad part is that the underlying assumption is probably valid.


Real progress is being made on the development of a bipartisan infrastructure bill in the Senate.  Is this good news or bad?  That's hard to say.  Obviously, on one level, the last thing our country needs is to spend more money.  On the other hand, the only way Biden and the Dems will get a bipartisan bill is by compromising on A LOT of the items on their wish list.  Progressives, in addition, will fume, because moderate Democrats made a "deal with the devil", i.e. us.  Overall, I'm inclined to see the progress in these talks as a confirmation of Dem weakness...and that fills me with good cheer. 

Our buddy Rod informs us that we don't know squat about critical race theory.  Maybe we do, and maybe we don't, but according to this poll most Americans think they know what CRT is, and they don't care for it.  In fact, a majority of Americans have a "very unfavorable" view of critical race theory.  Maybe that's why the Rod Squad is so desperate to reframe the debate?


America's moral values are circling the drain.  That's the view of the vast majority of Republicans, and it's the view of many Democrats and independents as well.  Now, you know me: I'm the eternal optimist, so I think a lot of our doomsaying is misplaced.  On the other hand, I do view our nation as morally debauched.  It's our material circumstances that I view as overwhelmingly favorable, much as we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Champion of Liberty Returns From the Cradle of Liberty


Il Professore enjoys some fine dining and sophisticated boozing at Maggiano's.

"Where everybody knows your name..."

The obligatory visit to Harvard, where, once in a while, and purely by accident, some learning takes place.

History in the midst of modernity.

San Adams was a real troublemaker.  Those revolutionaries took extraordinary risks, and on a certain level they were getting bent out of shape about actions, like excise taxation, that wouldn't even raise an eyebrow these days.  "Liberty" means different things to different people, and we've become accustomed to a very high level of taxation, regulation, and surveillance.

I pose with John Harvard.  No doubt he's thrilled to see how woke his namesake institution has become.  You have to admire his stoic attitude.


Hi, friends!  Long time, no see.

I'm back from Boston, and I learned a bunch about the city's critical role in the lead-up to the Revolutionary War.  Those Bostonians were irascible!  They would riot at the drop of a hat.  Nancy Pelosi would have made short work of Sam Adams and Paul Revere, needless to say.  Or maybe it's the other way around.  I guess we'll never know.  Anyway, Boston is a charming city -- very walkable and full of history and great architecture.  I was hoping to see the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, but, like a lot of lefty meccas, it's been completely shuttered for reasons of pandemic virtue signalling.  Maybe next time...  I look forward to a return trip.

In the meantime, it's great to be back amongst my bosom buddies, and you can anticipate lots of insightful commentary in the days ahead -- mostly from you, but a little from me too.

To that end, check out this article on surging inflation.  Is it just a flash in the pan, or could it produce serious political headaches for Democrats (and serious pain for ordinary Americans)?  Some say the moment of truth is already here.  Personally, I enjoy paying more for things.  Makes me feel like a big shot! 


In other news, Don, Jr. is weighing in on who the 2024 GOP presidential nominee ought to be, assuming his father doesn't run.  His answer is completely unsurprising, but says a lot about who's riding high these days among Republicans.  It may even give us some insight into how DJT himself is thinking. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hasta La Vista, Baby!


Adios, friends!  I'm off to Beantown for a few days -- think of it as "opposition research".  I won't be active on the blog meanwhile, but I should have some great photos to share when I return on Monday.

Try to behave in my absence, okay?

Until we meet again...

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Chinese Bats Sue Fauci For Defamation


Friends, as you know, Chinese culture has a long history of honoring the noble bat.  At least I assume it does.  Chinese culture has a long history of everything.  That's why it makes so much sense that Chinese bats are up in arms about Western attempts to smear their hard-won reputations by blaming them for causing the COVID-19 pandemic.  Best of luck to you, bat plantiffs!  I think you've got a strong case.

The degree of culpability that should attach itself to Dr. Fauci, and other "experts", in misleading the public about the coronavirus and its origin is a subject that's being debated far and wide these days.  Naturally, it's a topic of discussion on this week's Newsmaker Show as well.  In addition, Brian and I talk about: the prospects for a Donald Trump House Speakership in January 2023, the increasingly precarious political position of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the Left's over-use of charges of "Racism!", the futility of Biden-Harris's efforts to undo the damage at the border, the possibility that the Chinese could become aggressive in retaliation for any punishment they receive for "concealing" COVID's true origin, and the lack of accountability for those who have smeared Donald Trump for the last six years.

When we get to "This Day in History", Brian and I tackle the historical legacy of the anti-communist, anti-Russian campaign of Senator Joe McCarthy in the early 1950s, and the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

Don't miss it!  Tune in NOW!!!  Right now.  I mean, this instant.  Do it!  Do it!  DO IT!!! 


In other news, here's a fascinating exploration of the decline and fall of meritocracy in America.  The consequences are only beginning to be felt.


Could the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade in the near future?  Maybe.  If so, it looks like about half of America will be pleased, and half will be incensed.  That's par for the course. 

Is inflation on the horizon?  Sleepy Joe says, "Nah."  Deutsche Bank says, "Look out!  It's coming right for us!"


Lastly, Democrats are jerks.  Arrogant jerks.  Arrogant, intolerant jerks.  What's more, they admit it freely!  Check it out: 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Make Nigeria Great Again!



Friends, as you know, I've always been a fervent and devoted Nigerian patriot.  My heart practically bleeds green and white (but not black -- that would be racist)...


That's why it's so refreshing to hear that Nigeria has banned Twitter!  Why?  Apparently, Twitter censored a post by Nigerian President Buhari, and the Nigerian government took matters into its own hands and "suspended, indefinitely" Twitter from the internet.  


Bravo!  As Trump points out, there's no reason why more countries couldn't follow suit.  It would serve Twitter, and other social media companies, right... 

In other news, while the election audit proceeds in Maricopa County, questions persist about vote-counting in Georgia.  The Dems are dismissive, as per usual...but, of course, if everything was above board, they have nothing to worry about.  A 12,000 vote margin is awfully tight, though.  Even a little chicanery could prove significant, at least to the retrospective narrative of what happened in 2020.


It looks like Hunter Biden is a potty mouth...and possibly a RACIST to boot!  He's the gift that keeps on giving for conservatives -- not that the mainstream media will ever pay him any attention. 

Reverse discrimination is de rigueur in academia, but it's seldom as naked as this.  Eek!


Finally, Donald Trump is taking a position on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: he doesn't care for them, mainly because he sees them as competition for the U.S. dollar.  He's not entirely wrong there, although the dollar has always had competition, and lots of it.  Securing the dollar in future isn't a question of proscribing or hamstringing other asset classes, in my view -- it's a question of not printing too many dollars, not borrowing too much money, and maintaining the "good faith and credit" of the U.S. government.  Bitcoin, in other words, is the least of our problems, in terms of our nation's fiscal health. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Texas: Redder, Despite Being Browner


Friends, we reflected before on the victory of the GOP mayoral candidate in Ft. Worth.  It turns out that Republican wins in the Lone Star state went much further, and there are encouraging signs that Hispanics are continuing their rightward drift.  Long may it last!


As you know, lefties say that the filibuster is...racist!  Of course, they say everything is racist, so that's not news.  Here's an interesting article that explores the long, complex history of the filibuster, which of course Democrats have been happy to use to their advantage in the past, and which they now find monstrously inconvenient. 

Joe Biden is -- gulp! -- riding high right now, but for various reasons, as this article suggests, he's likely to have hit his high-water mark.  Even assuming the economy and market remain robust (a big assumption), it's going to get harder and harder for Sleepy Joe to enact his agenda.  This article suggests that, if he gets his precious "infrastructure" bills passed, he can consider himself a success.  I disagree.  No one cares about infrastructure.  The Dems had big plans when they sailed into Washington as its new lords and masters in January.  If all they get out of it is a few bridges and subsidizied child care, they will have come up practically empty.  ** Note: there's a bonus insight at the end of this article: the Speaker of the House need not be an elected member of the House.  Wow!  Ergo, Trump could emerge as Speaker after January 2023 even if he doesn't run at all. **


Good news: Jeff Bezos will soon be blasted into space!  The jokes practically tell themselves, right?  Here's hoping that the vast majority of Big Tech tyrants join him in the vaccuum of space very soon. 

The "progressive" attacks on poor Joe Manchin are growing more strident by the day.  Of course, this comes as no surprise.  Failing to end the filibuster and shove wokery down America's throat is tantamount to "white supremacy", dontcha know?  If Joe is smart (and I wouldn't go that far), he'll join Team GOP, and quick!


Finally, good ole Liz Cheney is at it again.  Anyone who meets with or humors Donald Trump in any way is "inexcusable", in her eyes, because he was guilty of "provoking an attack on the Capitol".  Note to Trump: maybe it's time to consider running for the House from the great state of Wyoming???  Just sayin'...

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Battle to the (Political) Death?


Friends, behold my latest article!  It's about wild -- or is it so "wild", after all? -- speculation that Donald Trump could run for the House in 2022 and try to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  What are the odds, huh?  Read on and find out...

Trump v. Pelosi: A Marquee Matchup for the Speakership?

Last week, Donald Trump was asked on Wayne Allyn Root's radio show about the notion that he should run for the House of Representatives in 2022, with the goal of helping Republicans take the House majority and replacing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. He responded enthusiastically: “very interesting”, he said. Compared to suggestions that he run for the Senate, Trump acknowledged that “...your idea may be better.”

None of that is a firm declaration of intent, mind you, but it's more than enough to get our speculative juices flowing.

For Trump, a run for the House would have several benefits.

One, he could almost certainly find a district in which he could win handily. Republicans, and especially rural Republicans, adore him. The vast majority of Republican primary voters want Trump to remain the dominant figure in the party. Moreover, Trump likes to win. Running for the House in 2022 would be the easiest, quickest way for him to get back into national politics and to resume his winning streak.

Two, Trump undoubtedly wants the midterm elections to be nationalized and to vindicate him personally. If he was a candidate for the House in 2022, presumably every House race would become, by default, a referendum on Trump. If Republicans took the House majority, therefore, as currently many forecasters predict, then Trump could claim that the nation had chosen Trumpism over Bidenism/socialism. He would thus be in an ideal position to run again for the presidency in 2024.

Third, control of the House would give Republicans a platform from which to deliver a ceaseless series of attacks on Biden administration policies. Since it's increasingly obvious that the media won't be asking uncomfortable questions of our new progressive overlords, it behooves Republicans to wrest back control of at least one House of Congress, so that they will have the PR wherewithal and subpoena power to expose the contours of Democratic misrule.

Lastly, a Trump run for the House, and implicitly for the Speakership, in 2022 would provide Trump with one critical advantage: it would pit him against one of the few American politicians, Nancy Pelosi, who is as unpopular as he is.

According to RealClearPolitics, Trump and Pelosi are both “underwater”, and by almost exactly the same amount, in terms of favorability: -13 or -14 points. This is far more attractive political ground than Trump was fighting on in 2020, for instance, when he faced an adversary who was broadly popular and (somewhat incredibly) still is. Right now, Sleepy Joe is +12 in favorability.

He's +80 in irritability, but that's another story.

Why are Nancy Pelosi's numbers so poor? It's not hard to figure. She's an imperious, Bolshevist crone. She's exactly the kind of enemy one would pick, in fact, if one could pick one's enemies – and in 2022 Donald Trump does have that luxury.

If in many ways, therefore, it looks like a run for the House (Speakership) in 2022 is a slam dunk for Trump, it's worth reflecting on a few of the flaws in this audacious plan.

For one thing, nationalizing, and Trumpifying, the 2022 midterms risks bolstering Democratic/progressive turnout...big-time!!! Trump has shown an incredible ability to turn out legions of conservatives and Republicans, some of them first-time or infrequent voters, but he has shown an even greater talent for motivating Democrats and independents of almost every stripe to show up at the polls (or, more likely, cast a mail-in ballot) in order to vote against Trumpism and its partisan incarnation: the Republican Party.

I mean, let's face it: 81 million Americans didn't vote for “Sleepy Joe” in 2020. They voted, by and large, to reject and repudiate Donald J. Trump. Quite a few of them would be game for a repeat performance.

The danger would be, therefore, that a Trump run for the House would nationalize and energize the contest just enough to get tens of millions of Trump-haters to the polls, but not enough to get Trumpers to vote en masse, not for Trump himself, but for milquetoast moderate Republican House candidates who might or might not be enthusiatic Trump backers.

In other words, a Trump run for the House (Speakership) might well succeed in putting Trump in the House, but it might backfire on a grander scale and lead to massive Democratic victories in 2022, including an expanded House majority, an expanded Senate majority, and from there the elimination of the filibuster, the packing of the Supreme Court, the liquidation of the bourgeoisie, etc etc.

These concerns must be taken seriously. After all, to the extent that the GOP is identified, going forward, with Trump and Trumpism, Republicans must acknowledge that the association carries with it considerable risks and potential downsides.

Who would ultimately win a Trump v. Pelosi rumble for the Speakership? Since public attitudes to both figures are largely “baked in”, presumably it would come down to the state of the economy, the country, and public opinion in the Fall of 2022 – an imponderable, to say the least, in June 2021.

As for the real possibility of electoral Armageddon for Republicans, that might or might not faze Trump, but there is one last consideration that could prove decisive for him: a run for the House, after one has served as President of the United States, is almost unheard of (John Quincy Adams being the sole exception to the rule). It would involve a degree of lèsemajesté . Would Trump, the alpha male par excellence, submit to such a debasement? Would he do so, especially at the ripe old age of 76, when there are other Republicans, like Ron DeSantis, who would happily fight tooth and nail in the political trenches on Trumpism's behalf, while the elder statesman himself pontificates on the sidelines? That remains to be seen.

All in all, the idea that Trump should run for the House (Speakership) in 2022 is not as fanciful as it sounds. Donald Trump, and Republicans in general, would be foolish to dismiss it out of hand.

A House run would be an “outside the box” play, to be sure, but, if Donald Trump has proved anything in the last six years, it's this: the old rules no longer apply.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480.


And here it is at American Greatness:


In other news, Joe Manchin has confirmed that he won't vote for the Dems' atrocious election-takeover bill.  This means the midterms in 2022, and the presidential election in 2024, might just be decided by...the voters?  Hey, stranger things have happened. 


And here's the article that got me speculating on a Trump run for the House in 2022:


Lastly, more good news out of Texas: the GOP won the mayoral race in Ft. Worth, America's 12th largest city!  Hooray!  GOP wins in America's big cities are rare enough.  This is one to celebrate!