Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Love Bites?


Friends, you guessed it -- that's the iconic kiss between Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honecker in 1979.  It's symbolic of the awkward embrace between the USSR and East Germany, which took its most tangible and historically ominous form in their joint membership in the Warsaw Pact, a military alliance that rivaled our NATO.  Well, in today's Newsmaker Show, Brian and I tackle the termination of the Warsaw Pact in March 1991, along with many other intriguing historical developments, including: the construction of the Eiffel Tower, Spain's expulsion of the Jews in 1492 and the history of European anti-Semitism, the reign of Oliver Cromwell in England, the long battle over Irish "home rule" and the future of Northern Ireland in the age of Brexit, and the extent of public support for Britain's (socialized) "National Health Service".

Believe it or not, we also tackle some current events, including: China's deceptive PR on green energy, the threat China poses to its neighbors, and the notable constancy in US-China and US-Russia relations, despite occasionally hot political rhetoric.  We also discuss Cuomo's ongoing travails with women accusing him of inappropriate behavior, and his wily survival strategy.

Man, oh man!  What a lineup.  Only a crazy person wouldn't listen to such an informative show, am I right???


In other news, bankruptcy gets a little closer every day! 

And, in case you had any doubt, even the WaPo agrees that Biden's claims about Georgia's election integrity reforms are bogus:


Great news!  There will be soon be a lot more potheads in New York State!  In other words, Cuomo's reelection committee is about to get a big shot in the arm.  Meanwhile, the mayor of my hometown, Rochester, New York, is proposing that marijuana revenues be used to fund reparations.  Man, we truly do live in the best of all possible worlds...


We could soon see the reemergence of Trump rallies!  That would be a huge relief to CNN and MSNBC, which have missed Trump (hatred) terribly.  Heaven knows nobody's tuning in to watch Biden mumble his way through a speech.


In its ongoing effort to embody the spirit of Big Brother, Facebook won't allow anything "in the voice of Trump" on its platform(s).  What a mockery of democracy and free speech!  FB ought to be ashamed. 

Finally, you'll be pleased to learn that the flag of transgenderism is flying proudly over the White House!  Really, though, shouldn't there be separate flags for L, and G, and B, and T, and Q, and...whatever else the Left is celebrating these days?  In addition, surely we can't forget the BLM flag, and there ought to be a flag to fete Asians as well (just, for the love of all that's holy, don't make it yellow!).  Oy.  When will the virtue signalling stop???

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Guess What, Joe? We're Laughing At You, Not With You


Behold!  As promised, I bestirred myself to write an article, and here it is!  I analyze how SNL's recent satire of Biden portends real problems for Sleepy Joe, insofar as, even hermetically sealed in his protective bubble, he's only been modestly popular.  Exposed to the light of day -- and to comedic, not to mention editorial, scrutiny -- he'll wither instantly.  It won't be pretty either.  I predict that Biden's average approval numbers will soon dip below 50%, and with that decline all hope the Dems have of passing most of their harebrained agenda will go up in smoke.  In short, things are looking up!  See if you don't agree...


In other news, you might enjoy this preview of Governor's races in 2022.  In 2022, control of the House and the Senate will be on the ballot, for sure.  In addition, we need to keep our eye on races for Governor and even Secretary of State, because these state-level officials help to oversee elections, and as we all know unless the 2024 election is fair we haven't a snowball's chance in hell of winning it...which we need to, if this country is to avoid falling into the pit of Bolshevik despair.  Ergo, these state-level races matter! 

Here's Tucker Carlson's (characteristically brilliant) take on the legacy of George Floyd's death.  In essence, the politicization of Floyd's demise, and the demonization of law enforcement, have led inexorably to a rise in violent crime and the consequent victimization of thousands of innocents.  So, if the goal of BLM and its fellow travelers was to kill as many black people as possible, so far they're doing a bang-up job!


Finally, if you listen to liberals (and I'm not sure why you would), you've heard that Georgia's new election law is just like "Jim Crow", i.e. just like early 20th century segregation in the Deep South, which systemically denied blacks the right to vote.  Well, it ain't.  Once again, the Dems are crying "Wolf!" when they're practically swimming in sheep. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Digging Biden's Grave


Friends, I've been remiss in writing articles lately.  Expect all that to change soon.  

There are several stories catching my eye.  One is SNL's recent pivot to mockery of Sleepy Joe.  Believe it or not, this could be the biggest political development since Jan. 6th.  Why?  Biden's "popularity", such as it is, is one of the only cards the Dems have to play in forcing their agenda through a divided Senate.  Biden's popularity, moreover, is undergirded by the extraordinary deference that journalists and opinion leaders have shown him.  They've treated him like a Faberge egg, as a matter of fact.  Sooner or later, their natural cynicism and meanness has to kick in.  When it does, Biden will wilt and stumble...and the progressive agenda will pass away like a fever dream.  Mark my words.


Why will Biden fail?  For many reasons, but first on the list is this one: he's ridiculous.  He's a semi-animated corpse, a tired old white guy, leading a party and a movement that hates the past, and white guys even more so.  Wise up, Sleepy Joe!  When they're done with you, they'll toss you aside without a second thought. 

Here's a FANTASTIC analysis of where we are in terms of race-baiting in America.  Why does the Left insist that everything is racist these days, and that the only way to combat racism is to hate white people?  Read on and find out.  The second article is telling: "color-blindness" has been turned into a sin instead of a virtue.  It's all part of the plan. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Look Out! It's a White Guy!


Friends, if there's one thing that the mainstream media has taught us, it's that white males are all that's wrong with America: we're racist, we're sexist, we're homophobic, we're Republicans, we're conservatives, we're Trumpers, and, to make matters worse, we're responsible for all the violence in this country -- or, at least, all the violence that's worthy of reporting.  No wonder people hate us!  This article exposes how empty and silly part of this narrative is: whites simply aren't responsible for even a proportionate amount of violence in this country.  We're remarkable only for our quiescence, in fact.


In other news, "President" Biden held a press conference!  I listened to a small part of it.  Sure, he's a national disgrace, but I found it interesting that at least the press was, uh, pressing him on a few points.  They seem to have forgotten about COVID -- Sleepy Joe's got that licked -- but the border crisis is finally on the MSM's radar, and they don't like how little access they're getting to migrant facilities.  Good for them!  Do your job for a change, you hacks!


Biden says he plans to run again in 2024.  Can you imagine?  Soon these press conferences will feature smelling salts and a fainting couch... 

Polls differ with respect to Biden's approval rating, of course, but most agree that it's headed down.  That's what you would expect, after all.  The honeymoon period is ending.  My take: without rising approval numbers, Biden's chances of strong-arming his radical agenda through the Senate grow dimmer and dimmer.


And even if Biden does tame the Senate, he'll have to contend with a federal judiciary stacked with Trump appointees.  Can we count on them to uphold the Constitution and stymie Bidenism?  Heck, no.  We can't count on "conservative" judges for anything...but there's always a slight chance that they'll have a good day and slow down the express train to Bolshevism a tad. 

Great news for those of you who are card-carrying members of the KKK (which I assume is most of you): Georgia has reinstituted Jim Crow!  About time, right?  Of course, I jest, but the apocalyptic rhetoric coming from the Dems because of Georgia's new election integrity measures really takes the cake...  I mean, Dems, why not compare Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to Super Hitler, while you're at it?

We got an unusual mea culpa from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently: he admits that Twitter's persecution of the New York Post over its reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop was a "mistake".  On the other hand, it was a "mistake" that went on for two weeks, and for which no one was held accountable, and which Twitter reserves the right to repeat, whenever the political interests of the Left demand it.  In other words, the standard for the suppression of tweets is...whatever Twitter says it is, moment to moment.  Of all the Big Tech slimeballs, I think Dorsey might be the King of the Slimeballs.

And here's an article that addresses how we can respond to, and even win a few victories against, wokeness and "cancel culture".  The upshot?  Don't give in!  In fact, give as good as you get.  Make them sweat, for a change.  I couldn't agree more, except for the fact that, sometimes, when you stand and fight, you lose.  On the other hand, when you surrender every time, you lose every time.  Food for thought.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

It's Open Season on "The Most Dangerous Game" in America's Cities


Friends, one of the biggest stories not being covered by the mainstream media (and there are many!) is the startling, unprecedented rise in murders in our cities.  Thousands died needlessly of criminal violence in 2020 in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles, and beyond.  Democrats like to talk about there being "two Americas": one privileged and prosperous and safe, and one downtrodden and poor and riddled with violence.  Well, they're half right.  There really are two Americas, but, contrary to popular misconceptions, urban America isn't poor.  Per capita incomes there are high, and cities are awash in revenue, compared to rural areas.  They certainly suffer from no shortage of government spending.  Nonetheless, they are cesspools of violence.  That's true for a number of reasons, but high on the list is chronic mismanagement by woke (and usually corrupt) bureaucrats, exacerbated by deeply ingrained hostility to police and the criminal justice system, stoked by politicians for selfish gain.  And the simple fact is that Democrats insist on making the rest of America -- our suburbs and countryside -- more like our cities in terms of public policies.  That would be the same cities they've already driven into the ground, and from which people are fleeing in droves.  And what's equally tragic is that most of the murders in these cities go unremarked by "progressives", because they aren't politically or ideologically useful.  I mean, unless you can blame a murder on a police officer or a conservative white male, who cares, right?  You can only shake your head at nonsense like this -- shake your head and pack some heat!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The More, The Merrier


Friends, there's awesome news today: thanks to the good folks in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there's now precedent for the legal recognition of polyamorous and/or polygamous relationships!  We figured this would be the next shoe to drop after gay marriage, and we were right!  This means I'm one step closer to the harem I've always dreamed of...  I have to admit, though -- I'm a little wary of marrying human females.  In my experience, they're highly overrated.  Can I marry a litter of puppies instead?  Puppies are adorable.  Alternatively, I'm keen on robot women.  They're way more compliant than "traditional" women...  Anyway, baby steps, right?


In other news, President Trump was asked to name the rising stars in the GOP, and at the top of his list was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis!  That shows excellent taste.  I still have a premonition that DeSantis could end up being the Trump-approved candidate in 2024. 

More good news: the U.S. military just got a little more fat-chick-friendly.  How, you ask?  It decided that, from now on, men and women will be judged based on separate standards of physical fitness.  No word yet on how many push-ups "trans" soldiers will be expected to do...  My guess is zero.


Mexico's leftist president is conceding the obvious: Biden's perceived laxity is fueling the migrant surge at the U.S. border.  It sure looks like the Biden administration is looking to Mexico to save it from its own stupidity and cowardice, too.  Good luck with that! 

I agree with President Trump that Mitch McConnell has outlived his usefulness, but he's making all the right noises when it comes to H.R. 1 and all the other horrible bills that the Dems are pushing right now:


Lastly, my hometown of Rochester, New York made the news today, as did the very grocery store where I shop!  Wow!  My neighborhood Wegmans was briefly besieged by BLM protestors, you see.  How exciting!  Wegmans is a cool store, as any Western New Yorker will tell you.  There are much worse places to be trapped... 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Off With Their Heads!


Friends, "cancel culture" grows more merciless by the day.  The latest casualty?  Western New York/Southern Tier Congressman Tom Reed, who has cancelled himself because of an incident between him and a young lady back in 2017.  Reed seemed set on running for New York Governor in 2022, and he had even moved substantially to the center politically in recent months to make that bid more realistic.  Reed was one of the first Republican Congressmen to endorse Donald Trump in 2016, so his descent into RINOism of late distressed many of his constituents -- and it didn't exactly endear him to me either.  Be that as it may, the destruction of a political career over a misadventure in a bar seems profoundly unfortunate.  Tom Reed may be incapable of forgiving himself, but I for one say he deserves a second chance, especially given how contrite he is about his mistake.  In any case, repairing his relationship with his loved ones is ultimately more important than running for any office.  I wish Congressman Reed and his family all the best.

The Great Delusion


Friends, no one can deny that hate and violence motivated by hate are real and extremely upsetting and frightening to people who may be targeted (and to plenty who may not be), but that doesn't change the fact that the recent media narrative about anti-Asian bigotry and violence is factually deficient in a number of ways.  A)  There's insufficient proof of a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, and such crimes are in any case very rare by any objective standard; and  B)  the media's consistent implication that hate crimes are invariably committed by whites is grossly inaccurate; and C) Asian-Americans are much less likely to be victims of any kind of violence than are members of other racial and ethnic groups.  Ergo, to fetishize "Asian hate" (committed by "white supremacists") is to to construct a narrative that explains very little of the violence in America, and very little of the violence and hate experienced by Asians themselves.  It does, however, advance the Left's master narrative, which demands the demonization of whites and the utter disregard of hate and violence perpetrated by anyone else.

This brings up a larger and more vexing question: how does one even begin to have a dialogue with people whose perceptions of the world and its problems are fundamentally at odds with the facts, and whose delusions are nurtured and sustained by a media that exists for no other purpose?  The "conversation" about "Asian hate" currently pursued by the mainstream media solicits one and only one response from the public: concurrence.  To question the narrative of "Asian hate" in any way would be, of course, to perpetuate "white supremacy", even if that narrative was deceptive and flawed to begin with.  The BLM movement was sustained by similar "logic": it was easier for almost everyone in America to nod knowingly and express sympathy for black Americans victimized by the police than it was for them to use their powers of critical thinking to question the idea that the police are really the problem.  The truth is, therefore, that the reality of hate and violence as it is experienced by Asians, and by non-Asians, in America is irrelevant to how leftists perceive it, which will always be in stark "antiracist" and therefore anti-white terms, not to mention in alarmist terms, despite the society-wide reduction in violence over the last several decades.  Until we change the media itself, and its agenda of fearmongering and race-baiting, we will never have a fruitful dialogue about how to reduce hatred and violence in this country.  Quite simply, the Left has poisoned the well, and anyone who drinks of it will be poisoned too.


In other news, the Trump Train is about to get rolling again!  President Trump has decided to build his own social media platform, and I for one eagerly await it.  I assume it will become an instant sensation on the right, and we desperately need an alternative to the Big Tech platforms, because it would appear that the wind went out of Parler's sails after Amazon's infamous efforts at sabotage.  Bring it on, therefore, President Trump!  The sooner, the better.


Well, it looks like the Biden administration's policy of denying the existence of a crisis at the border is crumbling under the pressures of (gasp!) reality.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that Biden intends to "fix" the problem of migrant detention by no longer detaining them.  That's right: in future, the Border Patrol will be a revolving door -- a processing agency only -- that exists to usher migrants to wherever they wish to go.  That will ease the troubled consciences of AOC and her ilk, whose hearts bleed for the detainees, but it will also accelerate the flow of migrants and assure them that illegal immigration is promptly rewarded in the USA.  In other words, things are about to go from bad to worse. 

Lastly, I know some of you don't care for these coronavirus vaccines, but personally I'm glad to have received my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine and I look forward to my second.  There's still a lot we don't know about COVID, but one thing is clear: it's better NOT to have COVID than it is to have it.  The vaccines seem to do a good job of protecting people from that specific threat.  Be that as it may, the Biden administration is claiming credit for the increasing availability of COVID vaccines, but the fact is that the Trump administration laid the groundwork for their development and production on an industrial scale and at "warp speed".  We will soon, in all likelihood, be in a position to get back to "normal" in this country, and it will be as a result of the leadership of Donald Trump and Mike Pence when we do.  Despite all the media naysaying, the United States handled the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic better than many other countries, as Europe's current agonies amply prove.  We might be justified, therefore, in giving ourselves a tentative pat on the back.  While we're at it, let's tip our hats to DJT as well.

Friday, March 19, 2021

The New Normal Isn't Normal At All


Friends, the "trans" agenda has gone way, way beyond allowing people to redefine their gender identity.  It's now about insisting that you, and all of us, must agree with and support anyone who is "trans".  Failure to do so is "hate", and expressing disagreement is "hate speech".  Check out this article about a father who is facing jail time for resisting the court-ordered "transition" of his daughter into masculinity.  In fact, not only is he unable to prevent this transition -- he's not even allowed to speak out about it!  Granted, that's Canada -- a socialist dystopia if ever there was one -- but if you think this sort of thing can't happen here you're in for a rude awakening!


The national and international politics surrounding access to coronavirus vaccines is getting darn interesting!  So far Israel, the U.S., and the U.K. are the world leaders in providing their populations with the vaccines.  Countries that are lagging are starting to confiscate the limited supply, therefore.  It appears we're using our stockpile of AstraZeneca vaccine to strong-arm Mexico into deterring Central American migration.  And this is just the beginning!  If there was ever an object lesson in why you DON'T want to be dependent on other countries for critical medical supplies, this is it.


This piece is full of nonsense.  It's an argument for slavery reparations.  It's worth a read, however, because it attacks the issue from a direction that could be fruitful for the Left.  Giving giant checks to every descendant of slaves in America is probably infeasible.  Changing the ground rules for everything from education, to hiring, to health care, to welfare, to government-backed loans is eminently feasible.  Basically, instead of cutting checks the government could mandate discrimination -- "positive" discrimination in favor of blacks.  And, if in favor of blacks, why not in favor of every "protected category" that lefties so admire?  This is the future, folks: "antiracism" requires us to treat whites as second-class citizens...and anyone who objects is a white supremacist.  Simple as that. 

Don't look now, but "President" Biden just pulled a Jerry Ford: he stumbled on the stairs leading up to Air Force One.  Quick, reporters: look away!  Wanna take bets that SNL will start making fun of Biden for his clumsiness?  Yeah, right.  They wouldn't dream of it.


The rapidity with which the Left was willing to blame the recent killings in Atlanta on "white supremacy" is enough to make your head spin!  These people define the term "rush to judgement"... 

"President" Biden has made it clear: all men accused of sexual harassment are presumptively guilty...except, one assumes, Biden himself.


And this one is well worth a few minutes of your time.  The Left is peppering major corporations with shareholder proposals to advance their agendas of "climate justice", "racial justice", "trans justice", and other forms of justice which are, of course, the opposite of justice.  Why is it only the Left, or mainly the Left, using these strategies?  How about a shareholder proposal to ban race preferences?  I'd like to see that!  How about you? 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Windy City Waddy


Friends, I've long since grown weary of lording it over my fellow Western New Yorkers: their fawning obsequiousness fills me with ennui.  Ergo, it's time to conquer new worlds.  Case in point: I was recently interviewed by the hosts of "Chicago's Morning Answer" on AM 560.  The topic was my article on Gov. Cuomo and why he should remain in office -- until New Yorkers throw him out in November 2022.  Listen in and experience the unbridled eloquence!


In other news, "President" Biden may be looking for a way out of the looming cataclysm at the border.  As I predicted long ago, the only way for Biden to play Mr. Nice Guy at the border AND keep the numbers of migrants vaguely under control is to outsource enforcement to Mexico.  Moreover, the only way to convince Mexico to play "bad cop" versus the Central Americans is to give it something it wants.  Turns out that "something" is COVID vaccines!  The New York Times puts a nice spin on it here, but this is at bottom a very cynical gambit by the Biden administration.  If it fails, a full-blown humanitarian and political disaster will ensue. 

Good news!  While the NYPD has given up looking for murderers and what not (that's "racist", as you must know by now), it's determined to root out meanness and "hurtful" behavior.  Whew!  That's reassuring, because the only kind of trauma that truly moves progressives is psychological trauma, presumably since, safe in their gated communities, they can't imagine any other kind.


"Making liberals cry again" always was the number one reason to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.  Well, the election didn't quite work out as we planned, but there's an upside: since Trump left office, CNN's ratings are circling the bowl.  Hooray! 

In response to "President" Biden's accusation that he is a "killer", President Putin of Russia recently advised Biden to "stay healthy" (wink wink?), and he furthermore challenged Biden to a live debate.  Presumably, Putin wishes to underline the fact that Biden is a) old and feeble, and b) incapable of (coherent) dialogue.  Could this be just the beginning of verbal (and literal?) fireworks between our two countries?  It's sad to say it, but half of America will be rooting for Putin in this contretemps.  Count on it!


It appears that, in effect, Dan Bongino has been chosen as the heir to the radio empire of Rush Limbaugh.  Congrats, Dan!  I enjoy your website immensely, and I'm sure you'll deliver a good thrashing to the lefties every weekday.  Take no prisoners!!! 

Finally, the Dems, in a rare act of magnanimity, have decided they were wrong to suggest that any election result, once it has been certified, should be viewed as sacrosanct, and any attempt to overturn it is tantamount to "insurrection".  In fact, they've discovered that certified election results are utterly bogus -- when they indicate that a Republican has won.  Boy, I'm glad we cleared that up!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Whither the Filibuster?


Friends, the filibuster, a venerable Senate tradition, has a long and checkered history.  Its most fervent champions were Democrats who used it to obstruct civil rights bills in the 50s and 60s.  Now Democrats are its most impassioned enemies.  The filibuster requires a degree of bipartisanship in order to advance bills and pass legislation.  The Dems have an ambitious progressive agenda that enjoys virtually no Republican support, however, and they'd like to pass it, thank you very much, and bipartisanship be damned!  There are three obstacles to their plan: Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona), and the U.S. Supreme Court.  Since SCOTUS is unlikely to be determinative, it's really down to those two lonely, "moderate" Dems.  My advice, therefore: write a letter to those two Senators praising their devotion to the ground rules of democracy and their commitment to working across the aisle.  They need support, now more than ever!

That's one of the topics that Brian and I discuss on this week's Newsmaker Show.  We also cover the Cuomo debacle, the Newsom debacle, the Tucker Carlson-Pentagon kerfuffle, the COVID Relief Bill and our looming fiscal calamity, and Mike Pence rising like a phoenix from the ashes.  So, that's two debacles, one kerfuffle, a calamity, and a mythical bird.  You heard it here first!  In addition, in our "This Day in History" segment, we cover the abdication of Nicholas II in March 1917 and the tragedy of the Bolshevik Revolution, the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, and the legacy of President Lyndon Johnson's "War on Poverty".

It's a humdinger, folks!  Tune in ASAP!


In other news, "President" Biden is politely asking illegal immigrants to...illegally immigrate later, at a more convenient time.  Whew!  This guy is TOUGH, no? 

Biden is also encouraging changes in the nature of the filibuster, although he doesn't (yet) support its abolition.  My prediction: the filibuster will eventually die, but it will be a death of a thousand cuts.


President Trump says he will wait until after the 2022 election to decide whether he's running in 2024.  Why wait, I wonder?  Strategically, I suppose that freezes the rest of the field and keeps Trump in the news.  He's like a modern-day (non-fictional) Hamlet.  It's equally likely that Trump isn't announcing a 2024 run because he hasn't decided yet whether he wants to attempt one.


A Facebook insider is taking credit for Joe Biden's "victory" in 2020, and with good reason: Facebook buried and censored stories prejudicial to Biden, and it registered millions of new (Biden) voters.  If ever there was an argument for breaking up Big Tech, here it is! 

If you want to know what's wrong with America, and what's wrong with the Left, this story puts it in a nutshell: identity politics.  It's the rocky shoal on which the American experiment may well founder.


Finally, everyone should read this article and consider its arguments carefully.  Are public schools doing more harm to America's children than good?  Would we be better off placing responsibility for education in the hands of parents, rather than bureaucrats?  Is our current socialist model the only viable model for the management of elementary and secondary education?  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

It's Official: The Left's Cuomogasm Is OVER!


Friends, these are tough times to sport the last name "Cuomo".  After being feted by the press and by people-in-the-know for most of 2020, Andy is now hanging on for dear life.  Interesting wrinkle, though: New Yorkers are hardly unanimous in demanding his resignation.  Cuomo's enemies may have to sustain a long siege of Albany if they want to browbeat "America's Governor" into retirement.


Linda brought to my attention the outrageous and thoroughly unprofessional attacks that senior members of the U.S. military are mounting against Tucker Carlson.  Now Ted Cruz is taking up Tucker's cause.  Actually, it's not Tucker's so much as America's.  Whatever you might think about Tucker Carlson, we simply cannot have the military taking sides in political debates.  We're flirting with banana republicanism here, folks! 

You won't be shocked to hear that fewer young Americans are going to college these days.  After all, dorms have become holding cells, and classes are hardly ever being offered in the classroom.  The question is: will recent enrollment declines be sustained even after COVID recedes?  There's reason to think they might.  The practical value of a college education is not what it once was, and the expense has skyrocketed.  Of course, since the Dems are throwing money at higher ed, it may not matter.  Who needs students when you've got federal subsidies?


Things are getting interesting in the Golden State, where Yours Truly was born in the Year of Our Lord 1974.  Governor Newsom will almost certainly be subject to a recall election, and polls indicate that it could be a close contest.  The national and even the state GOP have so far put virtually no resources into this effort, but sooner or later Republicans will have to decide whether to go all-out in an attempt to win back control of the Governor's mansion in Sacramento.  Maybe Arnie would like to reoccupy it?  He wouldn't be my first choice, ideologically speaking, but I wouldn't say "Hasta la vista, baby" to his face, either. 

Friday, March 12, 2021

Joe Biden=Pied Piper?


Friends, what's going on at the border is truly alarming, and it's despicable, when you consider the cynicism of the Biden strategy on immigration.  First, keep in mind that Biden has made it clear: if you're under 18, or if the government can't prove that you're over 18, you will be allowed to stay in the United States.  Thus, anyone who is a minor, or who is the parent of a minor, knows that our laws against illegal immigration simply don't apply to them.  That sets up the conditions for a sharp increase in the amount of illegal migration, needless to say.  It also puts migrant children in grave danger, of course: it puts them in the hands of the "coyotes" who smuggle them across the border, who are also often engaged in the drug trade and extreme violence.  It also turns children into a commodity: they are essentially "get into America free cards", which are naturally leveraged by many adult migrants to increase their chances of staying in this country.  What becomes of these children once they are released into the general U.S. population with their parents, or their "parents"?  Who knows -- and little do the Democrats care.  That's because all this illegal immigration also provides Democrats with a critical opportunity.  There's no question that non-citizens vote in our elections.  If the Dems' harebrained election scheme, H.R. 1, passes, then many more will do so.  But even if non-citizens don't vote in sufficient numbers to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections, the Dems have decided that "demographics is destiny": they believe that revolutionizing the ethnic makeup of the U.S. population, and thus, in the long term, of the electorate, will guarantee them permanent political domination.  They're wrong, because Hispanics and Asians (not to mention blacks) are not the progressive automatons that Democrats assume them to be, but their calculations may be sound in the short and medium term.  Look at Georgia: it's domestic and international migration that has transformed it from a red to a purple state.  Look at California: it's immigration that transformed it from a purple to a deep blue state.  Make no mistake, therefore: Democrats may genuinely care about migrant children (ignoring the suffering that their own policies engender), but they also see them as pawns, as tools that they can manipulate to achieve and maintain political control.  We owe it to those children, and to our own, native-born American children, to create a system of immigration based on the rule of law and on the integrity of borders, because ultimately all of us benefit from both.

Anyway, check out this article, which examines Biden's policy dilemma from a "progressive" perspective.  From their point of view, the massive numbers of illegal immigrants don't yet register as a problem, but the "challenges" in providing necessary services to those migrants do.


This article reinforces my view that political opportunism underlies what appears to be rank incompetence in the administration of our border policy: 


Here's an eloquent exploration of the link between illegal immigration and rising crime, and the Dems' failure to take either problem seriously.

This one is important, folks.  Although polling on Biden's job performance generally puts him above 50%, if NBC is showing him underwater, that's significant!  Biden is handing out stimulus checks like they were candy, and still the American people are nonplussed.  When the honeymoon is over, it sure looks like Biden won't be a popular president -- sorry, I meant "president".


Remember all those high-handed edicts that emanated from governor's offices and the federal government during the pandemic?  Your business must close.  Your loan payments are suspended.  Your rent is NOT due.  Well, now the courts are beginning to weigh whether the government had any such authority to begin with.  About time!!! 

Finally, no one doubts that, in the midst of a pandemic, the government may incur some unusual expenses.  So be it.  However, the amount of spending that has gone on in the last year is completely outrageous and will do serious long-term harm to our nation's fiscal soundness.  There's also been an incredible amount of waste.  As taxpayers, you ought to be indignant!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

That's My Governor!


Friends, months ago the media was tripping over itself to lavish compliments on "America's Governor," Andrew Cuomo.  Now, Andy's fair-weather friends in the press, not to mention his erstwhile political allies, are demanding his head on a pike.  Every day is a new adventure, huh?  Well, here at WaddyIsRight we take the long view, and, as you'll see in my latest article, for two very different sets of reasons I hope Governor Cuomo resists all those calls for his resignation.  Read on, and see if you agree...

Keep On Keepin' On, Governor Cuomo

Calls for the resignation of the Empire State's uniquely imperious overlord, Governor Andrew Cuomo, continue to proliferate. For years, conservatives have been groaning under his pedantically progressive (mis)rule. I am no exception. And yet, for both principled and thoroughly partisan reasons, I find myself hoping that Cuomo digs in and refuses to leave.

Why? First, the principle: Cuomo says that calls for his ouster are “anti-democratic”. He reasons that the people of New York chose him as our Governor. Ergo, the people should decide when he leaves office, not journalists, not a Twitter mob, and certainly not Albany insiders.

He has a point. Andrew Cuomo is a terrible Governor and a terrible man. He's also the bonehead that New Yorkers elected as, well, king of the boneheads. Isn't the essence of democracy the idea that the people get to decide such questions?

In addition, the campaign to blacken the name of Andrew Cuomo and compel him to turn tail and flee elective politics is following the same obscene playbook that was deployed against Donald Trump in 2016, against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, and against countless other (male) politicians and celebrities since the #MeToo movement began. Accusations seem to acquire “credibility” based on their timeliness and their frequency, and only secondarily on their seriousness or the degree of substantiation supporting them. And that, in case anyone remembers or cares, is the antithesis of American justice. We are all, last time I checked, innocent until proven guilty. Even — gulp! — Andrew Cuomo. The fact that no one, even his own mother (I assume), likes him is irrelevant.

Arguably, the charges that Governor Cuomo directed a cover-up of COVID-related nursing home deaths are more serious. I don't prejudge Cuomo's guilt or innocence of those charges...and that is the point, surely. Until proper investigations of Cuomo's actions are completed, it would be premature and irresponsible to call on him to resign in response to allegations which could prove, to borrow a phrase from our friends in the Fourth Estate, “baseless”.

These are all good reasons to hope that Governor Cuomo will have the courage of his convictions and will not allow himself to be bullied out of office. As I mentioned, though, I have a second set of reasons why I am rooting for Cuomo's survival that are, umm, less lofty and more selfish.

Given the controversy that swirls around Andrew Cuomo, and the long list of Democratic politicians who have abandoned “America's Governor” in his hour of need, the fact is that he is now among politics' “walking wounded”. Even that may be an optimistic gloss on his predicament, however. He might be better compared to a gubernatorial zombie, staggering jerkily and mindlessly through a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with hard-boiled adversaries eager to deliver the perfect head shot that will drop him to the tarmac once and for all. That's a florid way of stating the obvious: politically, Andrew Cuomo is a dead man walking.

As a New York Republican, I must say: zombie Cuomo is a beautiful sight! He gives the Empire State GOP hope that in 2022 we might mount a comeback, after many dark years in the political wilderness. Frankly, our state has turned such a deep shade of blue that only a self-destructive, thoroughly obnoxious, and potentially indictable Democratic Governor could breathe new life into New York's Republican Party and its anemic conservative movement. Should Cuomo hang on into 2022, he will at least complicate matters for his fellow Democrats, as they navigate a midterm election season in which one would expect Democrats to struggle anyway, as the party-in-power. The best case scenario for Republicans, however, would be if Cuomo endures in office and wins renomination as his party's candidate for Governor. Then, assuming the New York GOP puts forward a credible candidate, Cuomo could go down like a sack of potatoes. We'd be rid of him forever, and in the most “pro-democratic” way possible.

That's my hope, anyway: that Cuomo maintains his death grip on the Office of the Governor just long enough to drag his party down with him.

There's no question that he should go, but let's send him packing the right way.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.




In other news, here's a detailed analysis of the Governor's race in New York in 2022, which suddenly looks attainable for Republicans: 

It appears that Sleepy Joe's inactivity is beginning to cost him in the eyes of the voters, who assume, in large numbers, that he is "past it".  Duh!


Good news!  Beauty products will no longer advertise their ability to foster a "normal" appearance.  As you've no doubt guessed, "normalcy" is...drum roll please...RACIST!!!  Plus, in an age when our greatest heroes and most treasured role models are crossdressers, surely beauty products ought to be redesigned to create an abnormal appearance anyway, right?  Kudos to Unilever for realizing that beauty is all the in the eye of beholder, and since the beholder is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and probably even Christian (gasp!), it's high time we cultivated ugliness instead.


Lastly, I realize there's a news blackout of any information about the coronavirus pandemic that would tend to lighten the public's mood, but buried in the headlines is this gem: deaths are way down!  As the vaccines proliferate, and as the most vulnerable are thus protected (at least from the virus itself), we can expect these trends to solidify.  Could, uh, "normalcy" be around the corner???  We shall see. 

Monday, March 8, 2021



Friends, right on cue, Mike Pence is emerging from seclusion to try to solidify his standing as, 1) Donald Trump's presumptive running mate in 2024, and 2) Donald Trump's presumptive replacement as the presidential nominee in 2024.  He's giving a speech in South Carolina to his evangelical cronies, and he's narrating a Fox News tribute to Rush Limbaugh.  The latter honor is especially significant, because whomever Fox favors in 2024 will get a ton of airtime.  Take note! 


Furthermore, Pence has come out as a strong opponent of "H.R. 1", the Democrats' "voting rights" bill that would greatly expand opportunities for fraud.  Here's Pence's (eloquent and emphatic) take, as well as a primer on why the bill is BAD BAD BAD:

In other news, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is hanging on for dear life, as allegations about bad behavior swirl around him and more and more Democrats call on him to resign.  He's a tough hombre, though, and I must say he has a point when he claims such calls are "anti-democratic".  The people of New York did choose Andrew Cuomo as their leader (to their everlasting shame), so why should a Twitter mob and a bunch of self-interested politicos get to decide when his time is up?  I sincerely hope he hangs on, mainly because I believe he'd be a weak candidate in 2022 and thus might pave the way for a Republican resurgence in the Empire State. 

Lastly, for those of you looking for a way to navigate "the internets" without proffering your soul to the Devil (of Big Tech), this handy guide might prove useful...

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Finally! The Left Clarifies Its Position: Sexual Assault Laws Should Apply to ALL Mammals


Friends, no doubt you've been asking yourself: can a giraffe be racist?  Can a lemur be homophobic?  Can a skunk commit sexual assault?  Of course, the answer to all these questions is an emphatic: HELL YES!  The Left is determined to protect us from all real and potential violations of our sacred human rights.  Uh, scratch that.  Mammalian rights.  Moreover, violations of wokeness shall be punished with severity no matter the species of creature involved.  Case in point: Pepe Le Pew, the world's most famous skunk, and a Looney Tunes character famous for his, hmm, "aggressive" pursuit of his beloved Penelope (a kitty cat), is now being added to the ever-growing list of CANCELLED cultural icons.  Thank heavens!  I was considering getting fresh with a feline myself, but now that the Paragons of Virtue have sounded off on the issue, I'll leave Princess Puss-Puss well enough alone.


The dangers posed by Critical Race Theory and cancel culture are naturally concentrating the attention of a great many conservatives these days.  That's as it should be, because these ideas threaten to drive us permanently from the mainstream -- in fact, that's their point.  Check out these articles that lay out the stakes, and discuss how we can rally to the colors of Western Civilization while there's still time.


You ain't seen nothin' yet -- at the border, that is.  The Biden administration is making it increasingly clear: if you're under 18, or you show up at the border with anyone else under 18, you're going to be released into the general population of the United States.  As this settles in amongst the world's poor, you better believe the numbers flooding across the southern border are going to spike, and far more than they already have.  Get your spare bedroom ready, folks!  It's going to be occupied soon, whether you like it or not. 

Well, we saw the writing on the wall several weeks ago, I think.  The Biden COVID "Relief" Package is going to become law, and thus we're $2 trillion closer to bankruptcy.  Yay!  What's more alarming is that the Dems still haven't given up on scrapping the filibuster and passing everything else on their progressive wish list: from the "Equality Act", to election reform (i.e. fraud expansion), to infrastructure spending, to gun control.  Senator Manchin isn't 100% reliable on these issues either.  Remember, he said he wouldn't support a COVID Relief Bill that wasn't bipartisan.  How long did that position last?  Surrendering the White House to Biden was bad enough.  Letting the Dems pass any legislation they please through Congress would be MUCH, MUCH worse.  Our only hope then would be that SCOTUS would nix the worst of these new laws.  Friends, my advice: write to Senators Manchin and Sinema.  Give them the courage of their convictions, and encourage them to uphold the filibuster.  Our country's future may depend on it. 

It's official: Lisa Murkowski will have some big guns pointed at her when she runs for reelection in 2022.  I'm speaking metaphorically, of course.  President Trump has announced that he will campaign for whomever emerges as the bonafide conservative challenger to Murkowski.  I say: let 'er have both barrels, Mr. President!  We can surely do better.


More proof that "anti-racists" don't have a sense of humor:


And a hearty bon voyage to Nigel Farage, who is retiring from elective politics on a high note, having helped Britain win its independence from the European Union.  So far, I'd say Brexit has been a resounding success, although in the thick haze created by COVID it's a little hard to tell. 

This one is interesting: DJT is asking the Republican Party and its fundraising arms to "cease and desist" from using his name to drum up donations.  More accurately, he's asking that the GOP seek his permission before trading on his name.  That's fair enough.  It's clear that there will be a grand battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party, after all, and Trump wants to play a part in it.  The least we can grant him is ownership and authorship re: his own voice.


Is Mitch McConnell thinking about throwing in the towel?  Not necessarily, but he is considering how his successor will be chosen in Kentucky.  That's good.  We need all hands on deck in the U.S. Senate, so the last thing we would want is Kentucky's Democratic Governor choosing a McConnell stand-in. 

Lastly, perhaps you, like me, assumed that Mike Pence was toast in the GOP.  Well, Trump himself seems to think otherwise.  Jason Miller claims that Pence is still the odds-on favorite to be Trump's running mate in 2024.  I dunno if I agree with Trump's logic, but at any rate it would be silly to dismiss Pence out of hand.  He could still be our V.P. selection in 2024, or even our presidential nominee.  He wouldn't be my first choice, but there can be no doubt that he'd be a huge improvement on Sleepy Joe.  That's a low bar, admittedly.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Horton Hears a...Racist?


Friends, just when you thought the Dems and their beloved cancel culture had hit rock bottom, they always find new ways to plumb the depths.  Case in point: their recent inquisition against Dr. Seuss.  Now, I have no idea whether any of Seuss's books really do contain "racist" content, and I couldn't care less, because, well, that would be a good reason to read them critically to children, but not a very good reason to erase them from public memory and blast every known copy into space.  Are we honestly so fragile these days that any speech, any form of entertainment, any book or article, that contains a word or a phrase to which someone (on the Left) takes offense must be eliminated?  Good grief!  Kudos, therefore, to the New York Public Library, which is taking a stand for free speech and simple sanity.  We need more Americans to do the same!


Speaking of free expression, it's heartening to see the great State of Texas get on board with efforts to rein in Big Tech. 


Apropos of my post last night, there's a new poll that bunches Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, and Ted Cruz at the top of the heap of potential GOP presidential candidates in 2024, should our beloved leader and demi-god DJT decide not to run.  This is interesting, because these results vary significantly from the CPAC straw poll.  They also indicate that the more establishment-oriented and evangelical Mike Pence still enjoys considerable support, as does Ted Cruz, the unofficial Mayor of Cancun.  I guess what all this means's a wide open race. 

As predicted, our border crisis, which the Biden administration insists isn't a crisis, continues to escalate.  One has to wonder whether the Dems are even alarmed, or whether this was part of their plan all along.  Maybe eternal Dem rule really is as simple as: 1) encourage tens of millions of the Earth's poor to come hang out in America, and 2) pass H.R. 1, federalizing elections and making it impossible to detect whether a would-be voter is eligible or not, thus facilitating non-citizen voting.  It's a bold gambit, but when you control the media and reality is, for leftists, a choose-your-own-adventure story anyway, it might just work! 


President Trump is reacting to the "tsunami" of "refugees" at the border with a statement strongly critical of the Biden administration's policies: 

Now, you might argue that failure to respond adequately to a crisis is a betrayal of the American people.  Okay.  You might also argue that overreaction to a crisis, or the exploitation of a crisis, is ALSO a betrayal of the public.  Well, the sad truth is that the advocates of big government have used almost every crisis over the last 500 years to move the dial a little bit (and sometimes a lot) in the direction of more centralized, bureaucratic power and more governmental spending.  The COVID pandemic is no exception, and the spending, rest assured, will outlast the virus -- as will the associated debts!


Have you heard about how forward-looking the Chinese are when it comes to "green energy"?  Boy, we could learn a lot from them, right?  NOT!  The Chinese are the biggest blights to the environment going, and they show no sign of cleaning up their act.  Propaganda to the contrary is just that -- propaganda. 


People are starting to scratch their heads and wonder why, oh why, is Joe Biden hiding from the voters and even from the (thoroughly domesticated and obedient) press corps?  There's evidence that his poll numbers are starting to slip, as the honeymoon period winds down and criticism inevitably begins to mount.  Is there something grievously wrong with Biden that makes releasing him into the wild too risky?  Your guess is as good as mine...


I'm not sure if you heard, but there was supposed to be another insurrection yesterday, a coup d'├ętat of QAnon supporters and rabid Trumpers.  The streets of Washington, D.C. were sure to run red with blood.  So how did that turn out?  Can anyone tell me?  I'm curious.


Finally, the Donald is up to his old tricks, slamming RINOs, the Wall Street Journal, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP establishment in Georgia.  In many cases, he makes fair points about his enemies, but one has to wonder how often Republicans can violate Ronald Reagan's hallowed 11th Commandment -- "Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Any Fellow Republican" -- and prosper politically.  Much of this angst is natural after the loss of a close election, but let's hope that GOP luminaries can let bygones be bygones by Fall 2022.  That would be in their, and the country's, best interests. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ready for Primetime?


Friends, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is strongly suggesting that, if Donald Trump doesn't run again in 2024, he will instead.  Now, I find myself at a disadvantage here.  I don't watch the news, so I've never heard Pompeo speak.  I know he makes Democrats and progressives hot under the collar.  That seems like a good start, but I'd be interested to hear your impressions of him.  Is he a solid enough conservative and patriot?  Could he win a national election?  Should he be considered, therefore, an A-list candidate?  Tell me your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Nice Country You Got There. Be a Shame If It Got Ruined.


Friends, there are some fascinating books and articles to be written on the topic of how similar government is to organized crime.  Taxes, protection rackets, rules (spoken and unspoken) -- both have them in spades.  And looming behind both is the threat of violence if the will of the president/godfather is defied.  Both also demand "respect", or legitimacy, if you will.  Neither thrives on chaos, per se.  Both promise order, of a sort, but at a price.  Always at a price.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reflecting these days on how the federal government has become a tool for the redistribution of American wealth.  Of course, it's always been that, but now it's being used on an even wider basis to buttress the finances of deep blue areas -- areas that, based on their chronic mismanagement and their willful disavowal of the iron laws of economics during the coronavirus pandemic, find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy.  But Sleepy Joe has the answer ready to hand: federal subsidies, of course!  Uncle Sam to the rescue!  And most Americans seem only too happy to rubber stamp "President" Biden's $1.9 trillion boondoggle (the first of many, we hear).  I mean, why not?  We won't be paying the bill.  It's our hapless children and grandchildren who will get the shaft...and who cares about them?  Surely, they owe it to us.  I mean, we live in the worst of times, right?  Viruses, systemic racism, "Mr." Potato Head, Trumps galore.  If now isn't the time to slather the balm of federal largesse on America's gaping wounds, what is???

And so...back to my main point.  Organized crime and government have one more thing in common: an ingrained habit of diverting money from those who have earned it, by hard work, self-discipline, and careful stewardship, to those who manifestly have not, but who, by virtue of their connections, their brutality, their ambition, or their self-importance, can bully or wheedle their way to power and riches.  There's an even simpler way to view such relationships, of course: it's the dynamic between parasites and their hosts.  Such relationships are common -- in fact, very nearly universal -- in nature, but the key question is always: how much life energy can the parasite suck out of its host, before the host itself is compromised, and both organisms are destroyed?  Well, the federal government has been devouring the wealth (and the liberties) of decent Americans for a long time.  Biden and his pals certainly didn't invent that game, that rampant parasitism, but they do seem determined to push it to its logical conclusion -- to test the limits of the free market and of American strength and thus to find out exactly how much freeloading a seemingly healthy economy and society can take.  It's an experiment, if you will, and we are all, whether we know it or not, Biden's lab rats.  Don't like being poked and prodded?  Don't like having tens of thousands of dollars borrowed in your name and spent on heaven knows what?  Heck, I feel your pain, but the fact is that we were outvoted in 2020, by our fellow Americans (real and imagined), who were snookered by Boss Biden and browbeaten by his thugs.  They overlooked the lies, the threats, and the shakedowns, in favor of the complimentary Christmas hams and the free tickets to the ballgame.  Or, as the Romans liked to call it, bread and circuses.  Oh well.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  Either America will fight off this latest infestation of parasites, or it will succumb to them.  So be it.  Call it "the cycle of life".

I digress.  Boy, do I digress!  Anywho, here's Ron DeSantis's take on these matters, and proof positive that the federal government has become a redistributionist Ponzi scheme.  Despite what the Dems may tell you, the goal of this racket isn't to aid the less fortunate at the expense of the well-off.  It's to pad the pockets of the well-connected at the expense (albeit the deferred expense) of all the rest of us.  In simple terms, the bad news, America, is you're about to get fleeced!  The good news, however, is that you may not notice it until your pocket has been picked clean.


In other news, the Dems are proposing scads of terrible bills, most of which, thankfully, stand little chance of passing through Congress, so long as the filibuster remains intact in the Senate.  High on this list of legislative abominations is HR 1, which would amount to a Democratic/progressive takeover of local and state election authorities, with the goal of gaming all future elections in the Dems' favor.  The keystone of this effort would be the unilateral disarmament of election authorities in the face of would-be fraudsters.  Future elections, in other words, would be conducted on the honor system, and we all know how much honor prevails among (election) thieves.  The truth is we already do a terrible job of detecting and punishing election fraud in America...but occasionally we do find and prosecute it.  That offends the Democrats.  They want it established once and for all that there is no cheating in American elections -- that, in short, "there's nothing to see here".  That would give them license to cheat, ad infinitum, from here on out.  Why else would they howl in protest in response to simple election integrity measures that are commonplace in healthy democracies across the globe?  Why else, indeed?  You know why...  Because fraud, however much there may be in our system now, accrues to their advantage, and they know it.  Ergo, they want more.