Wednesday, March 10, 2021

That's My Governor!


Friends, months ago the media was tripping over itself to lavish compliments on "America's Governor," Andrew Cuomo.  Now, Andy's fair-weather friends in the press, not to mention his erstwhile political allies, are demanding his head on a pike.  Every day is a new adventure, huh?  Well, here at WaddyIsRight we take the long view, and, as you'll see in my latest article, for two very different sets of reasons I hope Governor Cuomo resists all those calls for his resignation.  Read on, and see if you agree...

Keep On Keepin' On, Governor Cuomo

Calls for the resignation of the Empire State's uniquely imperious overlord, Governor Andrew Cuomo, continue to proliferate. For years, conservatives have been groaning under his pedantically progressive (mis)rule. I am no exception. And yet, for both principled and thoroughly partisan reasons, I find myself hoping that Cuomo digs in and refuses to leave.

Why? First, the principle: Cuomo says that calls for his ouster are “anti-democratic”. He reasons that the people of New York chose him as our Governor. Ergo, the people should decide when he leaves office, not journalists, not a Twitter mob, and certainly not Albany insiders.

He has a point. Andrew Cuomo is a terrible Governor and a terrible man. He's also the bonehead that New Yorkers elected as, well, king of the boneheads. Isn't the essence of democracy the idea that the people get to decide such questions?

In addition, the campaign to blacken the name of Andrew Cuomo and compel him to turn tail and flee elective politics is following the same obscene playbook that was deployed against Donald Trump in 2016, against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, and against countless other (male) politicians and celebrities since the #MeToo movement began. Accusations seem to acquire “credibility” based on their timeliness and their frequency, and only secondarily on their seriousness or the degree of substantiation supporting them. And that, in case anyone remembers or cares, is the antithesis of American justice. We are all, last time I checked, innocent until proven guilty. Even — gulp! — Andrew Cuomo. The fact that no one, even his own mother (I assume), likes him is irrelevant.

Arguably, the charges that Governor Cuomo directed a cover-up of COVID-related nursing home deaths are more serious. I don't prejudge Cuomo's guilt or innocence of those charges...and that is the point, surely. Until proper investigations of Cuomo's actions are completed, it would be premature and irresponsible to call on him to resign in response to allegations which could prove, to borrow a phrase from our friends in the Fourth Estate, “baseless”.

These are all good reasons to hope that Governor Cuomo will have the courage of his convictions and will not allow himself to be bullied out of office. As I mentioned, though, I have a second set of reasons why I am rooting for Cuomo's survival that are, umm, less lofty and more selfish.

Given the controversy that swirls around Andrew Cuomo, and the long list of Democratic politicians who have abandoned “America's Governor” in his hour of need, the fact is that he is now among politics' “walking wounded”. Even that may be an optimistic gloss on his predicament, however. He might be better compared to a gubernatorial zombie, staggering jerkily and mindlessly through a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with hard-boiled adversaries eager to deliver the perfect head shot that will drop him to the tarmac once and for all. That's a florid way of stating the obvious: politically, Andrew Cuomo is a dead man walking.

As a New York Republican, I must say: zombie Cuomo is a beautiful sight! He gives the Empire State GOP hope that in 2022 we might mount a comeback, after many dark years in the political wilderness. Frankly, our state has turned such a deep shade of blue that only a self-destructive, thoroughly obnoxious, and potentially indictable Democratic Governor could breathe new life into New York's Republican Party and its anemic conservative movement. Should Cuomo hang on into 2022, he will at least complicate matters for his fellow Democrats, as they navigate a midterm election season in which one would expect Democrats to struggle anyway, as the party-in-power. The best case scenario for Republicans, however, would be if Cuomo endures in office and wins renomination as his party's candidate for Governor. Then, assuming the New York GOP puts forward a credible candidate, Cuomo could go down like a sack of potatoes. We'd be rid of him forever, and in the most “pro-democratic” way possible.

That's my hope, anyway: that Cuomo maintains his death grip on the Office of the Governor just long enough to drag his party down with him.

There's no question that he should go, but let's send him packing the right way.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.




In other news, here's a detailed analysis of the Governor's race in New York in 2022, which suddenly looks attainable for Republicans: 

It appears that Sleepy Joe's inactivity is beginning to cost him in the eyes of the voters, who assume, in large numbers, that he is "past it".  Duh!


Good news!  Beauty products will no longer advertise their ability to foster a "normal" appearance.  As you've no doubt guessed, "normalcy" is...drum roll please...RACIST!!!  Plus, in an age when our greatest heroes and most treasured role models are crossdressers, surely beauty products ought to be redesigned to create an abnormal appearance anyway, right?  Kudos to Unilever for realizing that beauty is all the in the eye of beholder, and since the beholder is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and probably even Christian (gasp!), it's high time we cultivated ugliness instead.


Lastly, I realize there's a news blackout of any information about the coronavirus pandemic that would tend to lighten the public's mood, but buried in the headlines is this gem: deaths are way down!  As the vaccines proliferate, and as the most vulnerable are thus protected (at least from the virus itself), we can expect these trends to solidify.  Could, uh, "normalcy" be around the corner???  We shall see. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: There is very much merit in your assertion that the people of NY should decide Cuomo's governmental fate. But, didn't the people, in the NY State constitution ,recognize, in providing a procedure for challenging his/her continued tenure, the possibilitythat his/her administration might, for the good of the public, needto be ended prematurely? With that assumption as a precedent, is it not reasonable to employ extragovernmental means to depose a Governor who poses an immediate danger of arbitrary executive action satisfyinb only his own convictions, needs and desires?

    Dr. Waddy from Jack: Your views on the merits of the ppres

  2. Dr.Waddy fro Jack: After all, we have a readi!y accessible Lt Gov., who has not displayed any of the dictatorial intent so obvious in Cuomo . He is not indispensable though he surely thinks he is so. Also to be considered: the left would NEVER/EVER allow such principle to deter its excoriation of anyone exciting its disapproval! They would look on such restraint with withering contempt!

  3. Nick, the key sentence in your piece is:"Then, assuming the New York GOP puts forward a credible candidate, Cuomo could go down like a sack of potatoes."

    Though Reed, Zeldin and Stefanik might be able to get adequate fundraising, they are so tied to Trump that they would not be able to defeat Cuomo. It is more likely that Cuomo would get primaried than he would lose to any of those three.

    Democrats might be turned off enough so as to not vote for Cuomo in a primary, but they will hold their noses and vote for him over a Trumpster in the general.

    Plus, as I have said before, the election is in Nov. 2022. A lot can happen between now and then.

  4. Dr. Waddy et al: Your cited Politico article cites the (relatively, and in NYC dominated NYstate, anyone right of Rockefeller)Pataki's triumph and rightfully so. It could happen again! The Cuomo Elder, Spitzer and Cuomo Younger dynasty mayhave succeeded in disilusioning even downstate NY state, NYC's bullpen.

  5. Dr. Waddy from JackIn Congressman Reed has pioneered a productive form of cooperation with scarce reasonable Dems which bears comparison with Pataki's winning strategy. And he is not despisedin his district. We know him to be a smart politician who hasbeen true to our common sense views! But he would not be running against Andrew. Sure!y even the Dems could not stomach him(though I wish they would!)

  6. Jack, sure -- impeachment (and conviction/removal) is a constitutional process. I'm not opposed to it, but it should always be a last resort. It depends on whether Cuomo has genuinely broken laws, or just norms. That I don't know the answer to.

    And you're right, of course: the Left wouldn't hesitate to impeach and remove ANYONE, so long as their agenda was served by doing so. For reasons I outlined, though, I believe the agenda of the right is best served by leaving Cuomo be -- for now.

    Rod, I agree -- November 2022 might as well be a thousand years from now. Anything could happen (although I note that your circumspection doesn't seem to extend to the Dems' chances nationally). A key question is whether your assumption that anyone "tied to Trump" is political dead meat is sound. I doubt it. That wasn't true in 2016, or 2018, or 2020. Why would it be true now that Trump has become significantly less powerful and relevant? If you want my advice, and I know you do, waging the 2022 campaign on a platform of TDS would be a big mistake.

    Is Reed still "the man" in the Southern Tier, or is he persona non grata? That depends on who you ask. But, like Rod and Lee, I have my doubts about his electability statewide.

  7. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: As usual your argument is well reasoned and supported. Yes it is almost irresistably tempting to allow one's loathing for Cuomo to lead one to rejoice at his discomfiture and the distinct possibility of his complete disgrace. One who has been so scorneful of any who disagreed with his pedantic wisdom, who so visibly gloried in their sometimes defeat,it is sweet to behold his increasingly comprehensive condemnation. You have cited the principle that (part?) of the essence of American justice is that one is innocent until proven guilty. Just so, before the law this must be! But is not the court of public opinion sometimes creditable? When it is manipulated by plainly partisan powers such as the present MSM or skilled party PR efforts, it is compromised yes. But today it was announced that a commanding majority of NY's Dem Congressional delegation wasurging him to resign. Surely they do this in recognition of widespread conviction even among their constituents that he must go!

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Today he broadcast yet another elite profession to freshmen (including an elementary Clintonesque parsing of the word "serious)" of his determination to resist this profoundly unjust impeachment of his unquestionable justice and virtue. Dr. Waddy, I agree with you in that a Cuomo '22 would be unelectab!e. Why you could run the Ole Man from the Mountain against him and recover your gambled savings!

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Most hilarious,most comic, he broadcast today a lamentation of "cancel culture" and maintained he is a pitiable victim of its injustices. He, a reflexive advocate of that syndrome! Consider a proposal to put a stautue of Lincoln on " (his) state capitol grounds. Oh no! I respectfully ( and with you I do so willingly) suggest that Cuomo of own freely chosen actions garnered a degree of confirmable public distrust sufficie nt to justify his departure. Your argument that his continued tenure could yield favorable results for lawful New Yorkers is very plausible but what about the damage and dishoner he might yet cause in office? Eg. How many more victims made so because of his executive enactment of love for vicious criminals?

  10. Nick, McSally, Perdue and Loeffler tied themselves closely to Trump. They lost. GQP candidates who tied themselves to Trump and won (like Taylor Greene and Cawthorne) were in districts that were solid Trump country. The seats that flipped had candidates who were pretty silent on Trump.

    You're correct that running against Trump is not a winning strategy for Dems. But, running on beating COVID and a growing economy will pay major dividends for the Dems in November 2022.

  11. Dr. Waddy et al: The walls of Cuomo's imperious personal fortress are breached and the end is close at hand. He has retreated to the inner keep, like Macbeth, to wield the terrible swift sword of his increasingly ridiculous histrionic oratory and his self centered reasoning. Why, even Schumer/Macduff and the N Y Dem horde are inthe van. Cuomo's valedictory sermon may well soon be ours to, well, endure! "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. . ." Yeah, I'm being hyperbolic but its appropriate in toying with Cuomo's hyperinflated ego, with which we have been burdened so long in this occupied state

  12. Jack, you're certainly right that Cuomo's plummeting approval numbers are correlated to his declining support among Democratic politicians...but I have little faith that either phenomenon is tied to the truth or falsehood of the allegations against him. If we tried accused criminals in the "court of public opinion", could we rely on the verdicts to be fair? I doubt it, personally.

    Will New York be substantially better governed if Cuomo departs? I dunno. I guess Hochul could be an improvement? Much as you might hate Cuomo, Jack, the fact is he counts as a "centrist" in today's neo-Marxist Democratic Party. I doubt Hochul's policies would be meaningfully different from his.

    Rod, you're right that McSally, Perdue, and Loeffler lost. You were wrong in predicting that Ernst and Tillis would lose, despite their Trumpism. Pretty much all those races were very close. What can we conclude? Not much of anything.

    My guess is that "beating COVID" will be old news by Nov. 2022. The economy, as always, will be front and center. If it's strong, the Dems have a fighting chance. If it's shaky, you're in deep doo-doo.

    Cuomo certainly is alone at the top these days. If I were him, I'd still stick it out. If he leaves office now, he and his legacy are kaput. If he carries on, then maybe he can pull a Clinton.

  13. Well, Hochul is pro choice and pro LGBTQ etc...not sure if she will be any better. Thanks Jack for the Macbeth reference. smiles

    I think folks in general have had enough of the lockdowns etc. However, there are still quite a few who are hanging on to every word and trusting the government. Nope, sorry, I don't need permission to do whatever. I do believe there are evil intentions in keeping with the Covid Pandemic going.

  14. Linda, there's no question that COVID has been harnessed to the broad agenda of the Left favoring more and more government. Anyone can see that...except apparently Republican politicians, who've supported COVID spending and the associated power grabs to the hilt.

  15. Dr. Waddy et al: Those who blithely wield political correctness and, its being essentially totalitarian,its inevitable adjunct, cancel culture, should pay heed to Cuomo's predicament. He has gloried in excoriating those who excite his ire by doubting his unquestionable justice ( " they are just a vocal minnahritty") he sneered. Now he is ensnared by, among other well deserved trials, the full force of empowered political and cultural bigotry characteristically directed by the totalitarian left. He hashampioned this tactic, eg in his vicious assault on President Trump, even unto direct and provocative disobedience of The Immigration Law. But now he doth chide and he bleats for deliverance from its scourges. This is th

  16. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That the leftist presumption which now vexes him will be the lot of us all, in VERY local judgement, if the far left takes over, as it bids fair to do RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW, should be obvious. Their direction of pore ol Joe is manifest and they will take full executive control through Kamalafornia, whenever they wish.

  17. Dr. Waddy from Jack: There has been much plausible commentary about Cuomo being "moderate" or perceived as such. I must disagree in that I see him as a consummate far leftist limited in his reach only by his always and now surely blasted national ambition. Leftist revolutions always devour their own, along, we know from history, untold millions.

  18. Jack, Cuomo's anxieties re: cancel culture certainly are ironic! One wonders whether he perceives the irony. I doubt it. There aren't many on the Left who seem to have the imagination required to perceive that they, too, could someday be targets of leftist presumption and arrogance, not to mention brutality. They clothe themselves, after all, in the armor of hyperbolic pomposity, and stout armor it is!