Monday, January 31, 2022

The BLM President Stays True To His Roots


Friends, when the BLM-inspired protests/riots gripped the nation in summer 2020, most Democrats couldn't take a knee fast enough, and candidate Joe Biden was no exception.  If there's one demand that BLM kept insisting on, moreover, it's that America needs go beyond non-racialist, gradualist solutions to racial inequality, and instead we need to take measures that actively discriminate on the basis of race to advance the standing of African-Americans (because the standing of other minorities doesn't interest BLM in the least).  Biden's campaign promise to install a black woman on the Supreme Court was very much in line with this sort of thinking.  Now, unsurprisingly, "President" Biden is following through on his pledge: he's not even considering any candidates for SCOTUS who don't pass his racial/gender litmus test.  We shouldn't be shocked, therefore -- unless, that is, we're appalled that America elected a bigot like Biden in the first place.  That is a trifle mortifying, if we're to be honest.

Anyway, along these lines, I decided yesterday to modify my blog post about Biden and SCOTUS and submit it to Townhall.  And...voila!  Hope you like it.


Speaking of race, what's the easiest way to lambast your enemies and assail them with a baseless charge of "Racism!"?  Well you may ask.  Just change the definition!  The Anti-Defamation League is on the case. 


Here is a rather long, but very well-informed, analysis of the controversy swirling around Joe Rogan, who leftists badly want to censor.  The argument here is essentially that censorship and cancel culture are bound to get worse before they get better.  I tend to agree.


Well well!  We already knew that "President" Biden was unpopular, but is it time to impeach him?  A surprising number of voters say yes.  Impeach him for...what exactly?  Most voters probably don't care.  They equate impeachment with a severe censure of a public official who they don't like.  The prospect that he would actually be tried and removed from office must seem extraordinarily remote.  Sadly, that likely will be the pattern re: impeachment for the foreseeable future: we'll have impeachments galore, but none of them will amount to a hill of beans, except in terms of public opinion...

Sunday, January 30, 2022

An Even Playing Field


Friends, America is about a lot of things, but one of the things that defines us as a people is a passionate belief in fair play.  No one should start out with inherent advantages, right?  We should all be judged by the "content of our character" and our abilities, and let the chips fall where they may.  That's why our laws against workplace discrimination were drafted in the first place.  We were trying to ensure that every candidate for every position would be assessed as an individual, not based on their demographic profile.  


Needless to say, the recent decision of the Biden Administration to reserve a specific (and imminent) opening on the Supreme Court for a black female, is both un-American and -- let's just say it -- illegal and illegitimate.  Today I hope to explore the ramifications of that startling revelation.

First, I note with sadness (and more than a little disdain) that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham disagrees with my premise.  He doesn't regard a process that excludes anyone who isn't black and female as discriminatory, or even as "affirmative action".  Oh no, he says it's merely a noble effort to make the Supreme Court "look like America".  How nice!  I mean, why not have Biden's favorite black female judge dress up like the Statue of Liberty?  Then she'd look even more "like America"!  Graham prefers, incidentally, that the next Justice be a fellow South Carolinian.  As long as that's the case, he's fully satisfied.  Ugh!  It's one thing to be a RINO, folks, and it's another be a first-class idiot.  I just lost a lot of respect for Lindsey Graham.


But let's start with the obvious: disqualifying people from consideration for a job -- any job -- because of their race or gender is discrimination.  It's the very definition of discrimination.  It's discrimination in its rawest and purest form.  Doing it covertly is bad enough, but doing it overtly, as the Biden Administration is in this case, is especially egregious.  Even a majority of Democrats concedes that this approach is wrong in principle. 


When one makes hiring bias this obvious, however, one also makes discrimination -- for once -- easy to spot, and when it's easy to spot, it ought to be easy to...stop.  So let's consider that: is there anything that can be done about Biden's cavalier disregard for the principle of fair play, his blatant violation of employment discrimination laws, and his unconscionable race-baiting? 

Perhaps!  It's time to start asking some hard questions of the Biden Administration, such as: could a federal court issue an injunction against a judicial selection process that has been publicly announced to be discriminatory?  Could Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee protest Biden's obvious and shameful bias by refusing to make a quorum and report the nomination out of committee to the whole Senate (presumably not, with Lindsey Graham around)?  Could the confirmation of a black female nominee be invalidated by the courts, or by the Supreme Court, after the fact, because of the flawed and illegal method of selection?  Could SCOTUS simply refuse to seat whomever is nominated and confirmed, because the process was illegitimate, illegal, and arguably unconstitutional?  Could President Biden be impeached, after January 2023, by a Republican House of Representatives, for his self-admitted contempt for and violation of non-discrimination laws?  Could a non-black and/or non-female candidate for nomination to SCOTUS sue the Biden Administration, after the fact, based on their (illegal) exclusion from consideration, and if so could a judgement in their favor yield monetary damages, the incarceration of the guilty parties, or even a reversal, by the courts or by the Supreme Court, of the original confirmation?  Could litigation of any of these matters delay the Senate's consideration of a Biden nominee until after January 2023, when Republicans might find themselves in the majority in the Senate, and thus able to block Biden's illegitimate pick?

These are all questions that we should be asking, and asking pointedly and urgently, lest the Biden Administration succeed in its malign efforts to balkanize the Supreme Court of the United States and turn it into a plaything of leftist ideologues and identity politics extremists.  Normally, Democrats themselves are the loudest proponents of non-discrimination laws and of the criminalization of racial and gender bias. In this case, they appear to feel entitled to practice both. Let's show them that they're wrong.

Friday, January 28, 2022

China Joe


Friends, the article below contains A LOT more details on the financial ties between the Biden family and Red China.  It's eye-popping stuff.  The media's complete indifference to it is remarkable too, since we all know what would happen if anyone with the last name of "Trump" was cutting deals with shady Chinese oligarchs...  But hey: no one ever said life was fair!


Here's a terrific piece by a pal 'o mine, who rightly insists that, if the Supreme Court rules race preferences unconstitutional, academia is well positioned to circumvent that decision.  How?  They're well on their way to abolishing all objective measurements of academic merit.  By the time they're done, admissions criteria will be so fuzzy that they'll be able to admit whomever they like. 

Here's a full-throated denunciation of the discriminatory move by the Biden Administration to reserve the recent opening on the Supreme Court for black females only.  It makes the case, very convincingly, that Biden's action is unprecedented, and deeply unwise.


This article lays out a path by which Senate Republicans might be able to block the advancement of a Biden nominee for SCOTUS.  It's a precarious path, and it would require a lot of gumption on the part of every Republican who sits on the Judiciary Committee.  As such, I don't like its chances of being implemented...but it might depend on the nature of the nominee Biden choses.  One thing's for sure: any GOP opposition to Biden's pick will be condemned as RACIST!!!  But what else is new?

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Non-Blacks Need Not Apply


Friends, today our "President" made it clear that, in his eyes, the Supreme Court of the United States is a segregated amenity.  That is, the upcoming vacancy on the high court has been designated as "for black women only".  This ought to disgust and mortify any American who believes in equal treatment and equal opportunity, needless to say.  De facto demographic tunnel vision in hiring has long been a feature of political appointments at the federal level, of course.  I remember back when President Bill Clinton chose a white woman to be his Attorney General.  Well, she went down in flames, so he picked another white woman...and she too was a dud.  So naturally he picked...another white woman: Janet Reno.  Granted, Reno was a woman only by courtesy, but Clinton clearly had decided that the Attorney General's office occupied a specific niche in his diversity portfolio, and he wasn't going to budge, come what may.  Now, President Biden has made this sort of prejudiced thinking, totally beholden to "identity politics", explicit and overt.  And shame on him for doing it!  Hopefully many Americans will be disgusted by this brazen act of employment discrimination, and they will respond accordingly: by sending the Democrats packing in November.  Unfortunately, though, it's highly likely that Biden's chosen nominee will end up on the Supreme Court.  That's beyond sad.  It's tragic.


Speaking of those race-obsessed lefties, see what this indignant member of the Virginia House of Delegates had to say: 

Did you hear?  Denmark has decided, despite the omicron surge, to terminate ALL of its COVID restrictions.  Wow!  Given what happened in the U.K., this is now officially a trend.  Will it eventually reach American shores???


Finally, SNL is famously irreverent towards American Presidents, but -- and this will surprise precisely NONE of you -- it has mostly pulled its punches when it comes to current "President" Joe Biden.  Admittedly, SNL has started to make fun of Sleepy Joe a teeny tiny bit, which is progress, but its overall strategy is clear: insulate the Bozo-in-Chief as much as humanly possible from anything resembling criticism.  And you thought the point of SNL was to be "funny"?  Ha! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Perennial Battleground


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is as eye-poppingly insightful as ever!  Brian and I have a long discussion of the brewing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, its historical basis, and whether NATO and the U.S. can play any constructive role in it (don't bet on it!).  We also cover the constitutionality of Governor Hochul's mask mandates and the medium-term future of the COVID pandemic, plus the astonishing weakness of Biden and the Democrats in recent polls.  If those lefties thought they were going to ride COVID paranoia and January 6th outrage all the way to victory in November 2022, they appear to be sorely mistaken!

When we turn to This Day in History, Brian and I discuss the Franco regime in Spain, the horrific ordeal of U.S. POWs in North Vietnam, the bitter fighting in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France in the closing months of WWII, and Ukraine's (futile) declaration of independence in 1918.

All this -- and more! -- awaits you should you choose to click on the link below and let the wisdom of Waddism bathe your brain in brilliance.  Who could say no to an offer like that???


Here's a holistic analysis of the Dems' polling woes, which ought to set off alarm bells at DNC headquarters!


And here's Tucker Carlson's take on U.S. adventurism in Ukraine.  He says that only China benefits from a potential conflict between the U.S. and Russia.  He makes an excellent point (as usual)!


Good ole President Biden doesn't appreciate it when journalists ask him hard questions.  I mean, you can see where he's coming from -- no one in the Washington press corps would have dreamed of asking the man a hardball question during the 2020 campaign...  And now, all of a sudden, these "reporters" start doing their jobs?  What the heck! 

And, if the Dems are tempted to declare victory over COVID and coast to electoral triumph in November, they should remember that plenty of other problems are high -- and, in this one case, higher -- on voters' list of concerns.  Inflation may well break the back of the Democratic Party in 2022.


One of the biggest stories of 2022 so far is the decision of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, meaning that "President" Biden will get to name his replacement.  The Dems have already decided on the race, gender, and ideology of the appointee.  The personal details hardly seem relevant.  The bad news, of course, is that we'll be living with this judicial monstrosity for decades -- and, if Trump had prevailed in 2020, he would have gotten the opportunity to further entrench conservative domination of the judicial branch.  Talk about a missed opportunity! 

Fox News ran an excellent piece last night about the immense pressure on scientists in the early stages of the pandemic to reject the lab origin theory of COVID's genesis.  Basically, it was unpalatable to point fingers at the Chicoms, so anyone who did so was lambasted as a conspiracist.  As usual, the truth was a casualty.


Finally, are our Dem-run cities cesspools of atavistic violence?  You betcha! 

Monday, January 24, 2022



Friends, speculation is building re: a potential conflict between NATO and Russia over Ukraine.  The problem?  The U.S. attempts to deter Russian aggression aren't especially credible.  Moreover, our European partners, which can exert much greater economic leverage over Russia than we can, are even less credible in their posturing than we are.  Now, I don't minimize the challenges in convincing Russia to leave Ukraine well enough alone.  Russia has a deep, abiding interest in Ukraine, and we can barely find it on a map.  Nevertheless, Mike Pompeo may have a point when he says that the foreign policy weakness of the Biden Administration has been the catalyst for the current crisis.  Where it will all lead is beyond me, but if I had to guess, I'd say: either Russia will back down, having obtained a fig leaf of a Western communiqué to justify its retreat, OR Russia will invade, and we will wag our fingers and levy some economic sanctions that won't do anything for the people of Ukraine, but may precipitate a low-grade Cold War for a decade or two.  All in all, I'd say the chances of WWIII are pretty low. 

In other news, Liz Cheney is one step closer to retirement.  Hooray!


And, lest we forget, inflation is still shaping up to be the premier issue in the midterm elections: 

We had some very good news today: SCOTUS has agreed to consider the constitutionality of race preferences in college admissions.  My hope would be that the Justices will take this opportunity to slap down racial discrimination once and for all.  And make no mistake: anti-white, anti-Asian discrimination is rampant throughout the U.S. economy, even if it's usually covert.


Finally, I don't know if this report is true, but, if even parts of it are true, it's a scandal that, had it manifested itself in the Trump family, would have attracted 24/7 media coverage and gasps of outrage galore.  It's good to be a Biden, apparently!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Beginning of the End?


Friends, if you read the tea leaves, and I know you do, there are some signs that the medical and scientific establishment, which is naturally closely connected to the political, cultural, and economic establishment, is preparing to mount a strategic retreat from COVID hysteria.  Not only is the omicron variant milder and seemingly in retreat, but there's a growing realization that the powers-that-be have milked the pandemic for all it has to offer them, in terms of power, wealth, and moral suasion.  Resistance to pandemic mitigation measures, in other words, is getting stronger by the day, and no longer can "our betters" depend on our coronavirus anxieties to keep us in line.  What does that mean, in practical terms?  It means that it might be time -- high time, some would say -- for the global elite to declare victory over COVID-19, and to allow all of us to get on with our lives.  This does not mean, of course, that they will give up trying to manipulate and control us.  It just means that their methodology will change.  I, for one, look forward with bated breath to the next chapter in the establishment's ceaseless campaign of subterfuge and coercion.  I also quite look forward to shedding my mask, filing away my vaccination card, and taking a bite out of life!  Will the know-it-alls who've been hounding us about social distancing, masking, vaccination, and the like claim credit for our (entirely accidental) victory over the coronavirus?  Probably.  That's to be expected.  They always claim credit, and they never admit fault.  The important thing, though, is that, at least for a while, a few of our liberties will be returned to us.  What a treat!


In other news, Sarah Palin's libel lawsuit against the New York Times is going to trial.  I wish her all the best!  Legal pressure on the MSM may be one of our only hopes of ever compelling them to desist from bald-faced lying, since it's a sure bet that their moral and professional "standards", such as they are, won't help us much.


Poor Kyrsten Sinema has been formally censured by Arizona Democrats.  This won't come as a surprise to her.  Presumably she's playing the long game, assuming that, by the time she runs for reelection in 2024, lefties will have forgotten all about these so-called "voting rights bills" and will care about only one thing: defeating the Republican candidate for president.  In that assumption, she may well be proven right. 

Good ole Devin Nunes is spoiling for a fight with Big Tech over the future of free speech online.  Well, so am I, and so are you, I'd wager.  It's a little unclear when exactly Trump's social media platform will launch in earnest, but, as Nunes says, it's more important to get it right than it is to get it done fast.  We need a genuine alternative to the digital dictatorship of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, and their ilk.  Let's hope Trump can make it happen.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

America's Photo Finish


Friends, my latest article discusses in stark terms just how close America came to forsaking pluralistic, multiparty democracy in 2020-22.  It isn't because of the inveterate "fascism" of Donald Trump, either.  It's because of the electoral success of Democrats, and the determination of Democrats to refashion the ground rules of democracy to their (permanent) advantage.  The recently defeated election takeover bills were just one arrow in their quiver.  So, yes, we've held the barbarians at the gates.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that they're still swarming the ramparts, and sooner or later they may well get the chance to wreck our democracy once and for all.  Beating them decisively in 2022 and 2024 gives us our best, and possibly our only, hope of avoiding that miserable fate.

Read all about it at World Net Daily!

A Narrow Escape

Conservatives are celebrating the defeat of the Democrats' “voting rights” bills on Capitol Hill. They ought to, since these bills were a brazen attempt to federalize election administration, in clear violation of the Constitution, which gives power over elections to the states, and they would have watered down election integrity safeguards to a level that most genuine democracies would find laughable – or alarming. We can thank our lucky stars that Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin stood up to a storm of abuse from members of their own party and did what they felt was right for our nation. As a result, the filibuster, and our electoral norms, live on, even if both grow more shopworn by the day.

Our celebration of this victory, however, should be tempered by a realization of how close we came to a mammoth defeat. Sinema and Manchin's votes were only determinative of the outcome because the Democrats failed to win an outright majority in the Senate in 2020. Instead, Democrats and Republicans both have 50 votes in the chamber.

Imagine instead that Democrats had “won” in 2020 by the sort of margins that they and pollsters expected. Imagine that the Democratic majority in the House had grown instead of shrinking to next to nothing. Imagine that the Democrats could command 53, or 54, or 55 votes in the Senate. These are not unreasonable suppositions, after all. As recently as 2009, the Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate!

Had the Democrats won more robust majorities in both houses, it's a foregone conclusion that their election takeover bills would have passed – and, in fact, Democrats probably would have been emboldened to make them more ambitious, which is to say more imperious and dismissive of state authority. Only the Supreme Court would have stood between one political party and its complete domination of the rules of the game of American politics. We know that the Democrats would have rewritten those rules to make the detection and deterrence/punishment of election fraud and election law infractions virtually impossible – since, from their perspective, it's a racist myth that violations of election laws occur in the first place. Democrats would have ensured that everyone was registered to vote, and that every voter received a ballot in the mail regardless of whether they wanted one or not. And, undoubtedly, most of that veritable mountain of ballots would have found its way back to counting rooms in boards of election across the country, regardless of who filled them out, making it difficult, if not exactly impossible, for Democrats ever to lose an election again.

Had the Democrats possessed the safe majorities in the House and Senate that we talked about above, though, the transformative changes to our government would only have begun with election law reforms. Democrats want to add additional states to the Union – all of them, needless to say, reliably blue – giving them permanent, guaranteed control of the Senate. Democrats want to ramp up federal gun control laws, imperiling our Second Amendment rights. Democrats want to expand government intervention in health care to the point where the distinction between a public and private system – between socialized medicine and free market medical care – becomes largely academic. Democrats want to use the FCC, woke social media companies, and speech codes on college campuses to censor and silence conservatives. Democrats want to unseat members of the opposition party in the House and Senate and exclude them from running ever again in federal elections. Worst of all, Democrats in increasing numbers favor packing the Supreme Court to ensure that a majority of Justices will blindly support whatever further authoritarian measures progressives deem expedient. That would eliminate any check on the ability of Democrats and liberals to impose their will on the American people.

All of these horrors, which, in sum, really would amount to the extinguishing of American democracy, could easily have come to pass – if only Democrats had been a little more successful in the 2020 elections than they were. In other words, in 2020, we survived the effective end of competitive, multiparty, pluralistic democracy by the slimmest of margins...but not for the reason that the partisan January 6th Committee claims.

Conservatives should celebrate our historic victory over Democratic schemes to manipulate our elections, therefore. But we should also be thoroughly chastened and downright horrified by the fact that the opposing party has warmly embraced two very dangerous ideas: one, that the GOP has lost all legitimacy and is a racist, sexist, fascist cabal, “a dagger at the throat of America”; and, two, that the overturning of virtually any past democratic norm and/or constitutional principle is justified in order to prevent Republicans from retaking power.

It doesn't take a genius to intuit where such views can lead: to tyranny and oppression. And they will lead us there, and in record time, unless the Democratic Party is defeated in 2022 and 2024. With any luck, those defeats would force Democrats to rethink their extremism and their betrayal of American and Western political traditions, and to return to some version of democratic normalcy.

Think of it this way: just a few years ago, Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, the presidency, and the courts, including the Supreme Court. Despite possessing that kind of sweeping power, they never seriously considered radically transforming the ground rules of our democracy. They supported the filibuster, even though it inconvenienced them, and they bowed respectfully to the edicts of the Supreme Court. They accepted, in short, that even a seeming monopoly over the levers of federal power does not convey unlimited authority or permanent dominion.

Now, a few years later, the Democrats show no such restraint. They are a party bent on entrenching itself in power and eliminating the opposing party as an effective political force.

That is why they must be beaten at all costs.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9. 




In other news, Virginia's new Governor is attempting to redefine "diversity, equity, and inclusion", and among the changes he hopes to make is deemphasizing race and replacing "equity" with "opportunity".  This is a welcome change in tone, but one has to wonder whether any of the "diversity" professionals out there will take any notice. 

New York City is turning its back on Teddy Roosevelt.  No surprise there.  The only question is when Franklin Delano will bite the dust too!


Our old friend Robert Reich is in hot water because of his fierce rhetoric targeting Senator Kyrsten Sinema.  Poor Bobby.  I just hate to see such a nice guy besmirched... 

The lasest Trafalgar poll contains oodles of bad news for the Dems, including an almost 14-point deficit in terms of the generic ballot question.  Ouch!  Do I believe that margin will hold?  Not a chance.  Do I believe the Dems are in big, big trouble in 2022?  You better believe it!


Finally, natural immunity against COVID has been deprecated by Democratic politicians and the scientific/medical experts alike, because, as you may have heard, nothing matters but those precious vaccinations.  Well, now it appears that natural immunity is arguably superior to vaccination when it comes to battling the delta strain of COVID.  My guess would be that omicron is even more vaccine-resistent.  That doesn't make vaccines useless, of course, but it does limit their usefulness, and it makes our discrimination against COVID "survivors" positively absurd.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Take That, Lefties!


Friends, I just couldn't resist posting this outstanding declamation by Jordan Peterson, erstwhile Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.  Peterson eloquently laments the rise of intolerant wokeness, plus diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives (to which he applies the apt acronym DIE).  He calls on professors, artists, corporate CEOs, and other people in culturally, politically, and economically influential positions to stand fast against the tide of neo-Marxism.  I defy you to read this article and not come away deeply impressed.


And there's a big story out of the U.K. today.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ending most COVID restrictions, because of the waning reach of the dreaded omicron.  Bravo, I say!  Britain's conservative government was, unfortunately, at the forefront of oppressive COVID mandates.  Now it's at the forefront of the restoration of liberty.  That's an improvement, needless to say. 

An Excess of Enthusiasm


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is stimulating, titillating, and probably a few other things that are illegal in the state of Arkansas.  Don't let that deter you, though.  It's still permissible (and ever so gratifying) to listen in...

When Brian and I address current events this week, we focus in particular on an innocent woman caught up in the Trump-Russia hoax, and how much damage the hoaxsters caused (and how little accountability they're ever likely to face).  We also cover Rand Paul's denunciation of DirecTV, what the U.S. can do (realistically) to protect the people of Taiwan, and the Democrats' about-face on the filibuster, plus their hyperventilating about "voting rights".

When we turn to "This Day in History", Brian and I discuss Howard Dean's infamous "scream", which brought his upstart, progressively-minded presidential campaign to a screeching (pun intended) halt in 2004.  I suggest that this incident was just one more instance of the Democratic Party machine sabotaging and betraying its own left-wing base.  We also ponder the legacy of Indira Gandhi, female Prime Minister of India, plus India's rapid rise and very consequential democratization in recent years.

Can you really analyze ALL THAT in under 30 minutes?  You can!!!  And I did.  Listen in, and I'll prove it.


In other news, you might want to read this excellent article about the zeal and enthusiasm that lefties are mustering for the imposition of authoritarian measures targeting dissenters, i.e. us.  The blinding self-righteousness of the Left has many of us asking: what rights would these people NOT violate, in the service of their sacred cause?


Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin has raised a bunch of money to support his run for Governor of New York.  He'll need it, given the complexion of the state.  Here's hoping that he, or someone similarly conservative, can win an upset victory!


Who do Democrats hate even more than Republicans?  The answer may be: Democrats who refuse to toe the line and support the entirety of the left-wing, neo-Marxist agenda.  Ergo, poor Joe Manchin is now facing a flurry of ads run against him by his fellow Democrats.  You'd think he'd start to wonder if he's in the right party... 

Monday, January 17, 2022

The Rich Get Richer


Friends, Oxfam is lamenting the fact that the ongoing pandemic has supercharged the already vast fortunes of the world's richest men, most of them American tech billionaires.  Now, normally I'm not in the least bit troubled by the success of my fellow fat cats, but in this case, given the profiteering from lockdowns and other infringements of liberty, and given the pro-Biden, anti-Trump sympathies of many of these men, I hereby join Oxfam in manning the barricades against capitalist oppression.  Down with the bourgeoisie!  Up with Marxism-Leninism!  Gimme my "equity", I say!  And make it quick.


In other news, speculation continues about the use of the 14th Amendment to bar Donald Trump (and others) from seeking or holding federal office in the future.  One assumes that, at some stage, the federal courts will need to weigh in on this question.  The sooner they slap down these leftist fever dreams, the better! 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

CATS! Coming Soon to a School Near You


Friends, do you often find yourself wondering whether you've taken a wrong turn and entered a parallel dimension, in which up is down, right is wrong, and the Democratic Party platform masquerades as "common sense"?  Well, don't discount the possibility that you may be right!  Witness this story, about a substitute teacher fired because she reacted with befuddlement (and mockery) to a student who insisted on being "identified" as a cat.  Yes, you heard that right.  Male and female aren't the only choices on your menu anymore, folks!  You don't even have to settle for homo sapiens, in fact.  The sky's the limit!  And anyone who doesn't play along is, naturally, the scum of the earth.


In other news, the People's Republic of Australia has finally decided to deport tennis star Novak Djokovic, on the theory that his unvaccinated status might encourage anti-vaxx sentiment.  I must say, their logic holds up rather well: if you let even one person dissent, others may feel emboldened to speak their minds and follow their hearts too -- and we can't have that! 

Glenn Youngkin has been sworn in as Governor of Virginia, and we here at WaddyIsRight are officially tickled pink!  Congrats to Youngkin and to the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, who have long deserved better than demi-socialist misrule.


The battle over the future of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to rage in the Republican Party.  RINOs like Mitt Romney adore him.  DJT continues to trash him.  In the meantime, McConnell is doing great work in blocking the Dem agenda in the Senate and building bridges with moderate Dems like Manchin and Sinema.  If the GOP retakes the Senate in 2022, though, McConnell may well have to go hat in hand to Trump and ask for forgiveness for some of his past statements.  Otherwise, the Republicans in the Senate will need to look elsewhere for leadership -- and would that really be such a bad thing? 

Few lefties are more passionate and (devilishly) persuasive than Robert Reich.  I met this little Marxist troll once upon a time.  He didn't impress me, but the simple fact is that his artful demonization of Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers is having a profound, if thoroughly toxic, effect on millions of our countrymen.  Take this article, for instance.  Reich pivots from condemning Republicans in Congress as "seditionists" to accusing any corporation which doesn't support the Democrats EXCLUSIVELY as seditionist too.  Sure, we all know that corporate America leaned heavily left in 2020, and in fact $400 million from Mark Zuckerberg was almost certainly the difference in the election, but to Reich that's not even close to good enough.  Corporate America must renounce the fascistic GOP entirely, or else it risks incurring the wrath of the progressive mob.  Corporate fat cats, you've been warned!


Speaking of corporate America and its anti-GOP, anti-Trump bias, President Trump, in his recent Arizona rally, drew attention to AT&T/DirecTV's decision to stop airing One America News.  Luckily, cable is slowly dying and most of us can access the news we prefer online, but the efforts to silence conservatives continue nonetheless.  They are insidious and unAmerican! 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Don't Worry, Be Trumpy

Friends, yet another thing to be thankful for: you're not a depressed, self-loathing leftist!  Studies are backing up what you probably already know -- that "progressives" are angry, intolerant, and profoundly unhappy people.  I mean, if you watched CNN all day, you would be too!  So spare some pity for these melancholic mopers.


No doubt you've heard about the 11 men being charged with "seditious conspiracy" because of their alleged misdeeds surrounding the January 6th "insurrection".  Now at least one of them is speaking out, denying any involvement in sedition OR conspiracy, and vowing to prove his innocence.  Interesting!  Could federal prosecutors fall flat on their faces?  Stay tuned!


Finally, check out this fascinating poll.  As you'll see, support for vaccine mandates has slipped recently, as has confidence in "President" Biden's anti-COVID policies and the leadership of Dr. Fauci.  Nonetheless, a majority of Democrats still support draconian measures to stamp out (ha!) the dreaded virus, including confining the unvaccinated in their homes!  Yikes. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Get the Jab...Or Else!


Friends, the pressure on Americans to get vaccinated has been intense.  As you can see here, even the Statue of Liberty is swaddled in face masks and eager to jab everyone in sight.  Now, though, the vaccination mafia has experienced a notable legal/constitutional setback.  The Supreme Court has blocked the Biden Administration's vaccine/testing mandate for large employers.  Granted, many employers will probably still require vaccination, and, granted, many states and localities may impose their own blanket mandates, which are likely to be upheld.  Be that as it may, the federal government isn't empowered to force every worker to get jabbed, according to the Supreme Court.  I approve of this ruling!  As you know, I'm vaccinated myself, but I see no compelling justification for forcing the vaccines on unwilling Americans.  Please yourself, I say!


Breaking news: federal prosecutors have filed the first "seditious conspiracy" charges against January 6th defendants.  This is interesting!  Of course, charges don't always produce convictions, but these legal developments will give the "insurrection" fairy tale a shot in the arm.  The political implications?  Expect the hue and cry from the Left to intensify...and expect the Dems to go down in flames in November 2022 regardless.


Finally, more and more studies are underlining the virtual non-existence of omicron fatalities.  There are increasingly strong arguments, therefore, for why we should declare victory over COVID, or at least dial down our pandemic anxieties and countermeasures.  Will this happen?  It's hard to say.  It depends on political calculations as much as it does on medical judgements. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022



Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show covers a lot of ground, because there was a lot of ground to cover!  We dissect the growing movement on the Left to declare Republican candidates for federal office ineligible because of...INSURRECTION!  We also talk about the political implications of the omicron outbreak, the odds of (and alternatives to) a Trump presidential run in 2024, the Biden-Abrams spat, and the prospects for the Dems' "voting rights" bills in Congress.

When we arrive at "This Day in History", Brian and I discuss the Siege of Leningrad, the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, the failures of the Paris Peace Conference, the decision of the U.S. to rely on nuclear deterrence in the Cold War, and the 1981 premiere of the primetime soap opera Dynasty.  Were those the days or what???

Listen in!  I dare you!

Speaking of efforts to exclude Trump-supporting Republicans from federal elections, look at what's being said about and done to one of the earliest targets: Madison Cawthorn.


And this poll ought to send shivers down your spine: most Democrats favor online censorship to ensure that "some people" (probably Democrats!) aren't "offended".  Democracy isn't likely to survive THAT! 

One of the biggest threats to our democratic system is the private funding of elections, which the Left would ordinarily find mortifying, but, since most of this money boosts their favored candidates, for the moment they say, "Corporate sponsors, we love you!"


Finally, this poll is extremely interesting.  Its questions about January 6th are "leading", to say the least, but its most critical finding is this: only 33 percent of Americans approve of the job Joe Biden is doing.  Dems, think insurrection fever will save you from those kinds of numbers?  Dream on! 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Defaming Democracy


Friends, I think we can all agree that American democracy peaked with Nixon-Agnew's 49-state landslide victory over McGovern-Shriver in 1972.  Since  We've been limping along.  Now, though, the denouement of American democracy is gathering pace.

Witness the flurry of alarmist articles from leftists below.  In shrill, panicked tones, they declare that our constitutional system is on its last legs because of Republicans' "deceitful and violent effort to end American democracy".  Only David Brooks injects a note of rationality: he points out that a lot of Democratic talking points are focused on matters like voter ID, which survey after survey show has little effect on voter turnout or the outcomes of elections. Brooks, though, finds the efforts of Republican legislatures to take control of election administration and the certification of election results deeply troubling.  He needn't.  State legislatures and Governors have always had important powers over our elections.  Almost never do they exercise those powers to try to influence the outcomes of the electoral process.  And, lest we forget, none of them did so, or tried to do so, in 2020.  That's because what undergirds the integrity of our elections is not the laws and procedures that govern them, but their widely heralded legitimacy, and the force of public opinion, which, up until now, has seldom doubted that the person who gets more votes is the rightful winner of any election.  What's different about America in the 21st century, however, is that suddenly neither party has real confidence in the electoral process -- and thus the true believers in both parties claim (with a straight face) that the opposing party is gaming the system, at best, and subverting democracy itself, at worst.  Ergo, it is just a matter of time before one of our parties contests an election more successfully than Trump did in 2020, and at least some state legislatures, judges, and Governors actively participate in a "scheme" to overturn an election.  And then all this handwringing about the fate of "American democracy" will seem a lot more relevant than it does now!


Republicans, to their credit, are starting to push back hard against Democrats' claims that their election integrity bills are designed to prevent minorities from voting.  If that's true, then such efforts have been spectacularly unsuccessful over the last couple of decades, since voter ID measures have proliferated, but minorities have voted at increasingly high levels regardless.


In other news, future House Speaker (?) Kevin McCarthy is saying that he'll boot several Democrats off their committees should Republicans take over the House in January 2023.  That's an understandable reaction to similar purges initiated by the Dems under Nancy Pelosi, but I believe that "tit for tat" is bad policy, in this particular case.  I say the voters get to choose who will represent them in Congress, and if they select incompetent, boneheaded hacks, so be it.  Those hacks should be representing their constituents, not only by voting on legislation but also by serving on committees.  If we continue to follow the logic of stripping certain Congressmen of their rights, it's only a matter of time before controversial members are simply unseated altogether, and then our democracy will look even more threadbare than it already does.


And here's a little food for thought: in 2020, we managed to virtually abolish the phenomenon of rejecting absentee/mail-in ballots because they failed to meet all the criteria established under law.  In other words, EVERY ballot, no matter how flawed, was counted, because most of those ballots (duh!) were bound to be votes for Joe Biden.  Now, though, that the dynamics have shifted, the rejection of mail-in ballots is once again occurring much more often, and in some cases at amazingly high rates.  This should make any sensible person think twice about the legitimacy and fairness of the process in 2020...and today!  The counting of votes ought to be CONSISTENT from one election cycle to the next, after all. 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Democracy Dies in Dumbness


Friends, concocting false narratives to make Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers look bad is what some people are good at.  It's their passion in life, not to mention a pretty decent livelihood.  For a while, the lefties had a field day with "Russia collusion".  The new flavor of the month, however, is "insurrection".  It's the buzzword that's on every progressive's lips.  The scary part is not so much that the Dems are at it again, making mountains out of molehills, but that they genuinely believe their own nonsense, i.e. that democracy came close to collapse on January 6th, that thousands of Trumpers pre-planned an "insurrection" but somehow forgot to bring their guns, and that DJT's (alleged) failure to condemn the Capitol Riot soon enough and vociferously enough is the same thing as staging a rebellion.  The worst delusion of all that has gripped the Left, though, is this: they claim that even to question an election is the same thing as, say, braining a policeman with a fire extinguisher.  Ergo, every Republican who supported, in any way, shape, or form, Donald Trump's effort to contest the 2020 election results should be thrown out of Congress (if they currently sit there) and prohibited from seeking federal office ever again.  Because "insurrection", in case you haven't heard, is a VERY BIG DEAL!  The BIGGEST, in fact!  Well, my latest interview with Sputnik News reveals the asininity of all this pearl-clutching.  Read it and judge for yourself:

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Elon Musk's Tesla: Driven to Enslave?


Friends, the world's richest man might seem like an unlikely cheerleader for Maoist tyranny, but these days commerce makes for some strange bedfellows!  My latest article, soon to appear at American Greatness, takes Elon Musk's electric carmaker to task for its "see no evil, hear no evil" policy re: potential genocide in China's mostly Muslim Xinjiang province.  Sorry, Elon -- I calls 'em as I sees 'em!

Elon Musk: Leading Candidate for Slave-Driver of the Year?

Many conservatives cheered Elon Musk's recent recognition as Time's “Person of the Year”, especially since Musk has been outspoken in refuting pandemic orthodoxies, criticizing big government, and even brazenly insulting “Uncle Joe” Biden. Musk's willingness to speak freely and think outside the box, in an age of cancel culture and rampant censorship, is laudable, but his business practices often leave much to be desired. And Musk is, lest we forget, a businessman, first and foremost. His leading-edge tech companies are among the world's biggest and most influential.

In addition to relying heavily on government largesse and dodging tax obligations that mere mortals like you and me have no choice but to pay, Musk and his companies are under increasing pressure because of his and their cozy relationship with communist China. Recent articles have exposed how deeply invested Musk, Inc. is in Red China, and how extravagant Musk has been in his praise of China and its leadership.

On one hand, none of this should come as a surprise. Since the toppling of President Trump and his replacement with Washington insider par excellence Joe Biden, our political, cultural, and economic elite has distinguished itself by its fecklessness and its indifference re: China's misdeeds.

For instance, despite the fact that it is increasingly obvious that the Wuhan virus was engineered in a Chinese government-run lab, and accidentally or intentionally released at the cost of millions of lives worldwide, and untold trillions in damages, few Western leaders have been willing to call out the Chinese for their role in the catastrophe, and their shamelessness in denying responsibility – not to mention their propagation of conspiracy theories to shift the blame elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has mostly kept promises to deescalate America's trade war with China, and major media organizations, social media companies, and big corporations like Disney, Nike, and Coca-Cola have been toadying to the Chinese communist elite and shielding them from criticism. In this day and age, therefore, the coddling of Red China is not the exception, but the rule, and that's throughout the Western world. Musk embodies this pernicious trend perfectly.

The most recent sign of Musk's tone-deaf approach to Chinese outrages is the decision by his electric car company, Tesla, to open a showroom in China's Xinjiang province. This is the same province now legendary for an allegedly genocidal, and certainly cruel and tyrannical, government program to intimidate, reeducate, and even enslave the local Muslim population.

China's violations of human rights in Xinjiang are so flagrant that the U.S. Congress recently voted, on a bipartisan basis (!), to adopt Senator Marco Rubio's proposed ban on the importation of goods produced by forced labor in Xinjiang. President Biden, surely no enemy of Red China, even deigned to sign the bill into law.

Musk, however, and his avaricious electric car company, see only dollar signs (or is it yuan signs?) in Xinjiang. And so, for Musk, it is business as usual as he looks the other way and profits indirectly from Chinese communist barbarity. And it isn't the first time, by any means. Tesla and its suppliers have been accused of benefiting from slave labor in China and elsewhere before.

Considerations like these place in a new and troubling light Elon Musk's supposedly irresistible impish charm. Musk may well have the world of commerce on a string, and he may have dazzled much of the global elite with his faux-nerdy magnetism, but the bottom line is how real human beings are impacted by Musk's technologies and his business practices. In Xinjiang, at least, it appears that Musk is part of the problem, and is in no way part of the solution.

More and more, American consumers are asking themselves whether the capitalist enablers of communist rule and Maoist oppression are people we want to do business with – and whether it's necessary to build every vital piece of modern tech in the world headquarters for slave labor and genocide. If you believe the answer is an emphatic “no”, then think twice before you buy a Tesla, or hitch a ride on the next SpaceX rocket.

Actions have consequences, after all – for Musk no less than for you and me.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at American Greatness: