Sunday, March 29, 2020

Is Socialism the Answer to COVID-19?

Friends, before you get the vapors, rest assured that the title of this post is tongue-in-cheek.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, a socialist.  Be that as it may, something interesting is happening in Europe: one of its most socialist, progressive countries -- and the one country that every leftist points to as heaven-on-earth -- is not following the party line on the coronavirus.  In Sweden, there is no lockdown.  Schools are open, restaurants are serving customers, and life, such as it is in a bleak socialist hellhole, goes on!  Moreover, Sweden's objective performance in handling the pandemic is actually better than many of its European peers.  Food for thought.

In other news, the presidential race remains close, but a critical enthusiasm gap has opened up between Trump and Biden -- and remember that Republicans haven't even begun to tear Biden a new one as yet!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Pot Calling the Kettle...Unprepared

Friends, the Dems have been making a lot of political hay by charging the Trump administration with gutting the CDC and NIH of funding ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that no such thing ever happened.  It turns out, moreover, that the cuts that Trump proposed to the CDC were not dissimilar to cuts the Obama-Biden administration proposed.  And yet, as usual, the coronavirus is all Trump's fault!  Ridiculous.

It looks like Trump is now considering a revised approach to the pandemic that targets the areas most badly affected...including New York!  I approve.  The idea of a travel ban impacting the entire state is disagreeable, to say the least, because much of the state isn't suffering unduly from the virus.  Be that as it may, a more targeted approach probably would have been preferable from the beginning.  NYC should have been locked down a long time ago, if you ask me.  Now, it may well be too late.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Florida (among others), who are now dealing with a surge in coronavirus cases.  I nonetheless approve of Gov. DeSantis's strategy, which allows localities and counties to crack down, but spares the least affected parts of the state from a blanket lockdown.  Hear hear!

Friday, March 27, 2020

On Second Thought...

Friends, there are some very interesting news stories today.  First, Governor Cuomo is backtracking.  He's doubting the wisdom of his initial orders for schools and colleges to close, for businesses to be shuttered, and for everyone to stay home.  Why?  Because, inadvertently, these orders may increase contact between the most vulnerable, especially the elderly, and their younger relatives.  Interesting point.  It's also rather flabbergasting that Cuomo is admitting he may have made a mistake.  He's also telegraphing a willingness to show flexibility on future policies with respect to the containment of the pandemic.  He admits, in other words, that shutting everything down isn't sustainable.  In effect, he's sounding a lot more like President Trump!  Presumably, Cuomo is feeling so confident in his public standing right now that he thinks he can afford to engage in a little introspection, and even in some self-criticism.  Whatever the cause, I applaud Cuomo's preparedness to rethink our coronavirus strategy.  Locking down an entire state, when parts of it are in dire straits, and other parts are so far unaffected or barely affected by the virus, never made much sense.  The United States as a whole, and New York in particular, needs to get more rational and more targeted in its approach to COVID-19.  Does that mean that everyone can go their merry way by Easter?  Not necessarily, but it could mean that some restrictions ought to be lifted -- and, perhaps in some places, new ones imposed.

In other news, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the dreaded virus!  Luckily, Boris is a warrior and a prince among men (even more so than Prince Charles?), so we can be confident that he will recover fully, and in record time.  Stay strong, Boris!

A Pandemic Side-Effect: The Dems Become More Unhinged and Shameless Than Ever!

Friends, there's lots in the coronavirus outbreak to give us pause, but let's not lose sight of one of its very worst features: it's proven that there's nothing, nothing, that unites us as Americans anymore and causes us to put partisanship aside. The TDS-addled Dems are proving that day in and day out.  My latest article addresses this disturbing phenomenon.  Check it out at World Net Daily:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

What We Don't Know About COVID-19

Friends, so far we've been operating on the assumption that relatively small numbers of people in the West have been exposed to the coronavirus, and we need to isolate those people -- in fact, we need to isolate everyone -- so the virus doesn't spread any further.  That may be true.  There are also theories, however, which suggest that the virus has already spread to half or more of the population, but that in the vast majority of those affected it produces no symptoms.  In this case, isolating those already infected from others who are already infected is...pointless, and containing the virus in any sense is beyond hopeless.  Needless to say, it matters a great deal which of these models is the correct one.  That's why it's so inscrutable why no country has done systemic, randomized testing to try to ascertain how much of the general population is infected.  Luckily, we may soon remedy this oversight.

I would add that, if the latter model (of mass infection) is the more accurate one, it begs the question of why more people aren't getting sick in China, Japan, and South Korea.  If the virus really does spread like wildfire and goes under the radar for weeks or months before it's noticed, then half or more of Asia should be infected too...and quite a few Asians (millions?) ought to be sick.  And yet they're not.  So maybe, in the final analysis, the truth is somewhere in-between the extremes of these two models.  What that would suggest about public health policy is above my pay grade.

In other news, this week unemployment claims surged to 3 million, an all-time record.  That's clearly not good news, but frankly I'm surprised that the number isn't much higher.  After all, half the country's population is under house arrest.  The number of unemployed could be in the tens of millions.  That it isn't, yet, probably means many employers are doing their best not to give their workers their walking papers.  Good for them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Next President of the United States...

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is full of interesting tidbits.  Naturally, Brian and I tackle the coronavirus pandemic, comparing the U.S. response to that of various European countries, and lamenting the fact that, in this moment of peril, all that half the country seems to care about is taking down our Commander-in-Chief.  There used to be times when the country would always come together.  No more.  Brian and I also consider whether Biden might implode, or explode, and thus need replacing as the Democratic presidential nominee.  If so, could coronavirus rock star Governor Andrew Cuomo fit the bill?  As you see in the image above, he's got a certain charisma -- clearly most members of the press corps would happily buy a bottle of hand sanitizer from him...

Once Brian and I exhaust ourselves with the coronavirus, we then take on This Day in History.  We cover Martin Luther King, Jr's opposition to the Vietnam War and the persistence of public support for the war effort, even after the "turning point" of the Tet Offensive; the Soviet withdrawal from Iran in 1946 and the early dynamics of the Cold War; and more!

Don't miss it.  Listen in right now!

In other news, Prince Charles and the presumptive heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary both have the coronavirus.  If being a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha or a Hapsburg doesn't protect you, what chance do the rest of us have???

Finally, you've heard a lot of speculation about whether the current plague might abate in warmer weather.  There's some indication that it could:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Chinese Virus: How Culpable is the PRC?

Friends, persistent rumors are circulating that the current pandemic is based on a strain of coronavirus developed in a Chinese lab, and either deliberately or accidentally released by Chinese authorities.  Sinophobia is, of course, a common phenonmenon in the West.  So is Sinophilia -- often generously rewarded by the Chinese, who have the means and the desire to manipulate Western elite sentiment and public opinion.  Be all that as it may, the question of whether the relevant form of coronavirus is a "designer" virus or a bio-weapon should be answerable by scientific means.  According to Fox News, it has been.  The answer will come as a disappointment to those of you inclined to blame China, or to impute a sinister motive to the current pandemic.  Maybe you will reject the findings of the study.  So be it.  Nevertheless, it's important to consider the facts as they emerge.  Of course, none of this absolves the Chinese of responsibility for the initial failure to recognize and contain the outbreak...

Monday, March 23, 2020

Apocalypse Now? Maybe Next Week?

Friends, it's time to reflect on the apocalyptic nature of so much rhetoric these days -- and I'm not just talking about the coronavirus.  Many people seem to think that climate change, automation, plastic straws, or (you guessed it) Trump will finish us all off.  It's ironic, given the fact that life for most people has never been better...

Check out this article, and then tell me your thoughts on the "end of the world".  Is it...nigh?  Un-nigh?

And, while you're at it, if you haven't already you should take a look at the global scorecard for coronavirus cases and deaths.  And, yes, I said scorecard, because, to the media, that's what every disaster is: a game conducted for their amusement.  Note that, by any rational standard, the U.S. is doing far better than our supposedly superior and more progressive European rivals.  Interesting, no?

And now no doubt you've heard the line that the Trump administration is "doing nothing" to help Americans weather the coronavirus storm -- that all the hard work is being done by heroic blue-state Govenors.  Well, think again:

Saturday, March 21, 2020

America on the Brink

Friends, anxiety is rising.  Store shelves are bare.  School and work are cancelled.  Guns and ammo are selling like hotcakes.  We all know why.  It's simple...

WaddyIsRight hasn't published a new article since March 2nd!!!  No wonder civilization is close to collapse.

Fear not: help is on the way!

My latest article, which will soon appear at American Greatness, shares what I think will be one of the primary lessons of the coronavirus pandemic: globalist, supranational institutions are ill-equipped to deal with real emergencies, and, pressed to the wall, people still look first to their compatriots and to national, state, and local leaders to save the day.  That's as it should be.  It's a powerful confirmation of what nationalist conservatives have been saying since the 19th century: national identities are true, visceral, and meaningful, whereas internationalism is, oftentimes, a dangerous fantasy.

Read on, and see if you agree:

Will the Pandemic Lead to Vindication for Trumpian Nationalism?

Even in the grip of virus-related panic, most liberals are demonstrating a remarkable ability to remain focused on what they regard as Job One: trashing Donald Trump. Nevertheless, in some quarters on the Left, one can perceive glimmerings of uneasiness. In addition to ordinary human concern over the fate of themselves, their friends and family, and mankind as a whole (from which liberals, despite their neurotic fixation on Trump, are not immune), this uneasiness has two primary causes.

First, liberals are beginning to perceive the danger in Trump's newfound status as, in effect, a wartime president. Trump is leading America's — and, to a point, the world's — response to an unprecedented crisis. These are circumstances in which a chief executive can bolster his image greatly, unless he fumbles the opportunity in legendary fashion. Liberals and the “gentlemen of the press” are working diligently to create the impression that Trump is indeed floundering, but unfortunately for them the relative success of the United States, versus the Euro-socialists, in containing and managing the pandemic, makes these smears less than credible. There is compelling evidence that Trump is plowing right through the blizzard of misinformation and connecting with the American people in a positive and reassuring way. Once the “curve” really does get bent, and infections and deaths begin to decline, it's very hard to imagine that President Trump will not be credited with helping to rescue the American people from a terrible threat.

Second, and less obvious in the heat of epidemiological battle, is the fact that, worldwide, the response to the crisis has not followed the pattern that leftists would prefer. While global and supranational coordination of the virus response has been important, the most critical decisions about how to respond are occurring at the national, state/provincial, and even local levels. The Left has been laboring for decades to create a world that is seamlessly interconnected, that is borderless and multicultural, that is devoid of ethnic and nationalist prejudices, and that transcends as much as possible the concept of the nation-state and national sovereignty in favor of the construction of a new world order in which bureaucratic, corporate, and academic elites enact progressive change on a wide, regional basis, at a minimum (think: the E.U.), and on a global scale, if at all possible (think: the U.N.). The coronavirus pandemic has scrambled these assumptions and aspirations, to say the very least.

While liberals would like for Americans, and others, to think of themselves as members of a “global village,” in the current climate of high anxiety, things have moved quickly in the opposite direction. President Trump was criticized, from a globalist perspective, for his early decisions to cut off airline travel with China, and then with the European Union. Days later, the very Euro-socialists who had chided him were acceding to the implementation of identical policies in their own homelands. Everywhere we look, countries are closing their borders, denying entry to foreigners, forbidding the exportation of critical medical supplies, nationalizing vital industries and infrastructure, and raising the proverbial drawbridge of global oneness. It would seem that, alarmed by the rapid, transnational spread of the virus, most people's reaction has been, understandably, to focus first and foremost on “taking care of one's own”. Even Germany, arguably the headquarters of internationalism, is rapidly reconstructing and securing its borders
Not surprisingly, under these circumstances, some Europeans are beginning to ask the question: if the E.U. (not to mention the U.N.) is so powerless and useless in a moment of crisis, and if most people turn instead to their national leaders for guidance and protection, then what is the bloc's future? And what is the point of pursuing internationalism even as an ideal, when interconnectedness itself exposes us to such serious risks? After all, the pandemic would have been far easier to manage if cross-border trade and travel were not so pervasive — if people, all along, had stuck closer to home. These are perfectly reasonable and natural questions to ask right now. They are also questions that the Left has done its level best either to ignore or to suppress for decades.

As always, the Left has attempted to achieve its long-term ideological goal — the obliteration of nationalism and the creation of an globalist mass consciousness — in a gradual, insidious manner. In many ways, their project has been crowned with remarkable success, at least if the widespread opposition to border protection, to the enforcement of immigration laws, and to the pursuit of trade fairness and reciprocity is any indication.

The headwinds of the coronavirus pandemic threaten to derail the Left's anti-nationalist program in a serious, and perhaps in a permanent, way. As Nigel Farage declared recently, in the Age of Corona, “We are all nationalists now.” 
If he's right, President Trump's reelection prospects will start to look much brighter — and the sneering know-it-alls who have shoved the E.U. and the U.N., and much else besides, down humanity's collective throat for the last 60+ years may finally be forced into a strategic retreat.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480.

And here it is at American Greatness: 

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Left's Worst Nightmare

Friends, despite four years of concentrated, vitriolic attacks on President Trump, his popularity has never sunk so low that Democrats and liberals could feel confident of evicting him from the White House in January 2021 (or sooner, which of course is what the Russia hoax and impeachment were all about).  Why has Trump weathered the storm so well?  Partly it's because conservatives know that, even though Trump himself is not without flaws, he has achieved numerous and notable successes: a tax cut, strong economic and job growth, better border protection, a huge reduction in regulatory burdens, a more muscular and at the same time more judicious foreign policy, more advantageous trade deals, and, last but not least, the appointment of several hundred marvelous judges to the federal bench.  Why would any conservative deny Trump his or her wholehearted support, when he's, well, WINNING on so many crucial fronts?

The Left and the media have not succeeded in separating Trump from his base, therefore, but the constant drumbeat of attacks has succeeded in depressing Trump's overall approval rating, turning the House of Representatives blue, and energizing Democrats.  The Democratic Party is on course, therefore, to winning the 2020 election.  I'm not saying that's inevitable, by any means, but it's possible, maybe even more likely than not, simply because Trump's negatives remain stubbornly high.

The worst nightmare of the Left has always been that events and circumstances would short-circuit their carefully choreographed parade of anti-Trump narratives.  What if Donald Trump, despite the tidal wave of criticism, rose to the occasion in a moment of national crisis and fulfilled the duties of the presidency in an exemplary way?  If that were to happen, then the eyes of the nation, turned momentarily to the facts, rather than to the dark parody of the "news" ordinarily broadcast by the media, would be genuinely impressed by Trump's leadership.  The media itself might even be shamed into admitting that Donald J. Trump, for all his foibles, simply isn't wrong 100% of the time.  In short, a defining moment, like the current pandemic, could offer Trump an opportunity to shift the narrative in a decisive way, and to prove his mettle to independents and open-minded Democrats, who otherwise would be inclined, based on biased reporting, to dismiss him as a "gangster," a buffoon, or a fascist.

There is evidence that something along these lines is indeed happening.  For one thing, despite the fact that the press has attempted to shift blame for the pandemic to Trump from the start, no reduction in his approval rating has materialized.  More importantly, the public's assessment of Trump's response to the pandemic is growing steadily rosier.  And remember -- we are still in the early stages of the crisis.  In all likelihood, the number of infections and deaths will climb for several more weeks.

And that, my friends, raises the question: if the American people currently approve of Trump's handling of the crisis, even under the present dire circumstances, how much more will they approve once we (inevitably) get the virus under control, the number of cases starts to shrink, and we can (begin to) declare victory???

As I said, all this is the Left's worst nightmare.  President Trump, who is already a success as president, is on the cusp of achieving another victory, and in many ways a greater victory than any he has ever notched in his long life and career: he will soon be, I predict, the man who led America, and to a point the world, away from the coronavirus abyss, and back towards safety, security, and good health.  One has to wonder how the Democrats and liberals will spin that.  No doubt they're already working on it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Brave New World

Friends, don't miss this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil.  And yes, I called it in, so no radio germs for me!

Brian and I talk first about my experience on one of the last cruises to take place in the Age of Corona.  We then move on to a great discussion of several historical themes, including: the Stamp Act and Rand Paul; the U.S. bombing of Cambodia and the prickly question of national sovereignty in wartime; the War Relocation Authority (i.e. Japanese internment in WWII) and its implications for civil liberties; and the checkered reputation of Harry S. Truman as a Cold War President.

Listen in!  Hey, what else have you got to do???

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Straight Talk on the Corona-clysm

Friends, there is a lot of inaccurate and misleading information circulating on the dreaded Coronavirus, leading to panic in some quarters.  I strongly suspect that virus-related paranoia is directly correlated with CNN viewership, but that is a story for another day.  For today, I recommend that you read this article, which contains both some alarming truths about the seriousness of the pandemic, and some reassurance about our long-term capacity to handle it.  Not surprisingly, this fine analysis comes to us courtesy of American Greatness:

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Trump Has The Coronavirus On The Run?

Friends, I've been largely incommunicado for the past week, but from what I can tell President Trump not only met the Coronavirus face-to-face, and punched it in the nose, but he and Vice-President Mike Pence are also leading a successful, coordinated response to its ravages.  I'm no medical expert, but I do know leadership when I see it, and I'm relieved that we have such a great team at the helm.  Cutting off travel from Europe was not an easy call, and there may be even tougher calls ahead. This much is clear, though: Trump doesn't have the virus, I don't have the virus, and my apartment is fully stocked with toilet paper!  I'd say all that equals a job well done!

How are you faring?  Do any of you have the virus, or do you know anyone who does?  Are you concerned that it might spread in your community...or do you regard the current panic as unwarranted?  Sound off, if you please, and catch me up on all the craziness that I missed while I was sunning myself in the Bahamas and soaking up the historical charm of Charleston...

Friday, March 6, 2020

Time for a Great Wall of Thrace?

Friends, before I hit the dusty trail, let me just say this: kudos to Greece and -- believe it or not -- to the EU for holding the line against the latest refugee invasion emanating out of Turkey.  The EU apparently has the good sense to realize that another tidal wave of "migrants", as the continent experienced in 2015, could potentially break the bloc into a million pieces once and for all.  I condemn Turkey's weaponization of these unfortunates, and I commend Greece for shouldering the brunt of the burden when it comes to maintaining the integrity of Europe.  Keep up the good work!

Wish You Were Here

Alas, dear friends, I will be mighty scarce for the next week or so, because your conservative hero is headed to Charleston, South Carolina, and from there I will take a cruise to the Bahamas.  Believe me, there's nothing I would like more than to take the whole WaddyIsRight crew with me.  Maybe next time?  You can fight among yourselves to decide who gets to be captain of the ship, executive officer, etc.  Anyway, in my absence, I trust you'll keep the flame of conservatism, patriotism, and faith burning brightly.  And don't let ole Sleepy Joe get you down.  He's nothing to be afraid of.  He's more an object of pity than anything else.  We'll send him into retirement soon enough!  Take care of yourselves.  Auf wiedersehen!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Ultimate Power Couple

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show, featuring me and Brian O'Neil, focuses mainly on some riveting historical themes: the presidencies of FDR and Lincoln, neither of which get a thumbs-up from me; the U.S. Constitution (then and now); the incarceration of Martha Stewart; and the storybook marriage (and political partnership) of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.  Good stuff!

In addition, Brian and I wade into the rapidly evolving dynamics of the race for the Democratic nomination for President.  A week ago, many people had decided that Bernie had it in the bag.  Now, many say the same of Biden.  I ain't over until the fat lady sings!  Am I speaking metaphorically, or will a brokered convention actually draft a fat lady to run for President?  Ah, wouldn't you like to know?  All will be revealed in the next few months.  I, for one, anticipate a bumpy ride for the Dems, and I don't think we've seen our last momentum shift by a long shot.

Check it out:

And, for those of you hungry for more accurate news about the coronavirus, check out these articles:

Monday, March 2, 2020

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Friends, my latest article hits Liz Warren mighty hard.  We all know that for years she claimed to be "Native American" on the very flimsiest of grounds.  Well, it turns out that, all across this country, other people are claiming to be what they're not -- usually, to make money in one way or another.  Group preferences, after all, make minority group status potentially lucrative.  Read on to learn how federal taxpayers are often the losers in these games people play with "identity politics".  Luckily, Liz is going nowhere, but we can still learn from the cautionary tale that is her life and career...

What a Tangled Web They Weave

Friends, the antics on the Democratic side get more and more interesting by the day!  Mayor Pete and Amy "Never Merited a Nickname" Klobuchar have dropped out.  My my!  That was unexpected, as far as I'm unconcerned.  I thought they would stick it out until the Super Tuesday results rolled in, if not longer.  After all, if the expectation in many quarters is for a brokered convention, then ANY candidate who scrapes together a sizable number of delegates could become the nominee -- or could at least emerge as a kingmaker in Milwaukee. 

Be that as it may, the moderates are dropping like flies, presumably to make room for Joe Biden as the anointed one of the establishment.  The lone exception is Bloomberg, who's still plugging away and could easily amass a treasure trove of delegates in the next few weeks.  Will he too be persuaded to join in the coronation of Biden?  We shall see.

One of the most interesting dynamics in the race now is Elizabeth Warren, who is pointedly NOT dropping out, and seems to regard herself as a credible candidate for the nomination, especially in the case of a brokered convention.  Perhaps she intends to capture the middle ground between Sanders and Biden and recast herself as a compromise choice?  What's even more curious is the fact that millions of dollars are now pouring into the coffers of a Super PAC supporting Warren -- who previously derided Super PACs as corrupt!  Where is this money coming from, and what purpose does it serve?  Warren too may amass a decent collection of delegates in the weeks ahead.  Is it possible that the establishment wants to keep her in the race in order to weaken Sanders' grip on progressives?  If so, is she merely their stooge, or is she a willing participant in this anti-Bernie conspiracy?  So many intriguing questions.

Here is info on the mysterious Super PAC:

Lastly, you might want to read this article, which will be music to any Republican's ears.  It condemns the Democratic establishment for its anti-Bernie machinations, and it frankly calls for the demolition of the Democratic Party in consequence!  Hear hear!  The Dems are indeed treading on some very dangerous ground.  They seem to be itching to turn their famous talent for intolerance on one another, and to go down in 2020 guns a-blazin'...  Needless to say, if Bernie and Biden want to settle accounts with pistols at dawn, I'd be happy to "second" either of them -- or both at once!