Saturday, January 30, 2021

Just the Facts, Ma'am!


Friends, in the good ole USA we don't kowtow to orthodoxies -- we follow the facts, wherever they may lead.  Joe Friday was right on that score.  Speaking of which, nothing that happened on January 6th, or since, changes the simple fact that the 2020 election was deeply flawed, and that its result is, was, and always will be questionable.  I agree with this article that a lot of claims made about election fraud don't stand up to scrutiny, and that we on the right have failed to substantiate them adequately.  Be that as it may, there are major problems with the way the election was conducted, and the way the votes were counted, that are staring us in the face.  Several weeks ago, more than 140 GOP Congressmen and Senators voted accordingly, challenging the results of the electoral college.  I'm glad they did, and we should not shrink from doing so in the future.  The Dems will claim any gainsaying of Biden's win is "sedition".  Well, nuts to that!


Everyone who knows me is aware that I have a bee in my bonnet about the Sunshine State.  This article admirably defends its performance in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, and it celebrates Florida's successes -- economically, socially, politically, and otherwise -- that reflect its conservative, Republican leadership.  Fact: Americans are leaving blue states and moving to red states.  Fact: many blue states will soon face bankruptcy if the Dems in DC don't ride to the rescue with bailouts.  Decide for yourself where you want to live: a bastion of freedom-loving, God-fearing Americans, or a cesspool of crime, stagnation, and authoritarianism.  Simple, right? 

The Left has decided to make Parler its whipping boy, alleging that the social media platform was used to plan and execute the "insurrection" on January 6th.  Well, that was always nonsense.  Parler is a target of opportunity.  Facebook and Twitter are brimming with "hate", as everyone knows, and yet they get a pass.  Outrageous!  But Parler will be back, and so will the right.


A major focus of conservatives' ire in the next four years will be the Biden administration's obsession with race, and their attempt to use racial discrimination in the form of quotas and set-asides to achieve theoretical "equity" between groups, even if individuals get the shaft.  This is, I daresay, a HUGE opportunity area for conservatives and Republicans.  As the article points out, even Californians don't like reverse racism.  The Dems could really be setting themselves up for a fall on this "third rail" issue. 

Meanwhile, BLM has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!  Sure, ten percent of its rallies lead to assault, arson, murder, looting, and the like...but don't make the mistake of assuming that the movement is in any way connected to violence.  Sometimes a burning building is just a cozy bonfire!  The Left's hypocrisy on the issue of political violence is jaw-dropping.  If ten percent of Trump rallies turned into riots, all Trump supporters would have been incarcerated years ago.  Anyway, double standards are the new normal.  Expect lots more in the years to come!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Rand Paul!


Friends, you won't want to miss this article, which celebrates Senator Rand Paul's recent tete-a-tete with a certain nameless ABC "journalist" regarding election fraud.  Paul has long been a key voice in defense of liberty.  You may have noticed that he's been rewarded with inclusion in the header of this very blog!  No accident.


In other news, the insanity on campus grows more acute by the day -- in this case, the campus of the University of Chicago.  I really feel for any conservative who fights the good fight at one of these elite institutions of higher ed.  The emotional and spiritual costs must be mighty high! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021



Friends, believe it or not, this lovely woman -- a champion of progressivism for decades! -- has been "cancelled" by the San Francisco School Board.  Senator Diane Feinstein (D - California) isn't alone.  Pretty much every Founding Father has been deemed offensive, and his name removed from any and every Frisco school that bears it.  In short, the Left's dragnet is being steadily widened, until even classic American heroes, even Democrats themselves, are put on the chopping block for their lack of ideological purity.  Granted, San Francisco has always been on the cutting edge of left-wing insanity, but you can be sure that this nonsense is coming to a school near you, and soon, if it hasn't already arrived.

Blue Dogs Are The Best Dogs


Friends, you won't want to miss my latest article, which talks about the need to tamp down GOP/conservative infighting, and the need to work with "moderate" and "conservative" Democrats in Congress.  We can save America, but only if we're willing to work with people who aren't 100% pure...

Blue Dog” Democrats: America's Best Friend?

These days, in conservative circles you often hear rash talk about how we need to purge the movement, as well as the GOP, of “Never Trumpers” and “RINOs” (Republicans in name only). You know, people like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Brian Kemp, Lisa Murkowski, John Kasich... Some even want to ditch Mitch McConnell, for his intemperate remarks about how President Trump “provoked” the Capitol Riot. Such talk is understandable, given the frustrations that have built up since Trump's “defeat” in the November election.

Be that as it may, now is the worst possible time for conservatives and Republicans to form a circular firing squad. The truth is that we need all hands on deck if we're to restrain the dastardly Democrats from implementing their expansive, radical agenda. In fact, to prevail, we'll need a little help from the Dems themselves.

Consider that Mitt Romney may be self-righteous, but he also voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. That vote may prove more consequential, at the end of the day, then any other vote he has ever cast, or any remark he has ever made.

Consider that Brian Kemp may have been a wet noodle when it came to preventing fraudulent votes in Georgia in 2020, but as Governor we'll need his assent if the legislature there is going to make meaningful changes to boost election integrity in the future.

Consider that Mitch McConnell may be stamping his little feet because he believes that Donald Trump cost him his position as Majority Leader in the Senate, but his Machiavellian genius will come in handy as we maneuver to block tax hikes, wasteful spending, the persecution of the fossil fuel industry, court packing, and other outrages.

Consider, further, that, even should all Republican officeholders unite against the most radical of the Democrats' schemes, even that won't be enough to stop them. Democrats control the Executive Branch, the House, and the Senate. They can, if they are bound and determined, push through almost any burst of Bolshevism they please.

What this means, if we're to keep our democracy from flying off the rails entirely, is that Republicans need to hold together AND they need to build coalitions, either episodic or semi-permanent, with “moderate” Democrats based on shared interests and principles.

I can imagine the natural response of many of those reading this article: “moderate” Democrats? Are there any? How can a Democrat be “moderate” when he or she reflexively votes for any impeachment that comes down the pike, as long as it targets the arch-villain Trump? Why would any “moderate” support Biden-Harris, the most extreme Democratic ticket in history? Why would a moderate coexist in the Democratic Party with socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC?

Those are all good questions, but the fact remains that there is a vein of moderation (relatively speaking) in the Democratic Party. Once upon a time, moderate and conservative Democrats were a major voting block in Congress. In Nixon's and Reagan's day, Republicans regularly partnered with open-minded Democrats to pass sensible legislation and to advance the national interest. This faction has been steadily winnowed down in subsequent decades. Most of the seats and states once represented by moderate and conservative Democrats have fallen to the GOP, but there are still Democrats, known as “Blue Dogs”, who make a point of emphasizing their pragmatism, their centrism, and their willingness, even eagerness, to work “across the aisle”.

With Democrats in a position of mastery in two of our three branches of government, and within striking distance in the third, now is not the time to spurn these Blue Dog moderates. Whatever favors they are willing to do for Republicans, whatever concessions they are willing to make, whatever deals they are willing to strike, we should greedily embrace. That is how Republicans stay relevant during the next two years, and how we prevent the complete conquest of the federal government by quasi-Marxists.

This week, we got a taste of what such a fruitful alliance can achieve. Previously, the king of the Blue Dogs, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, announced his opposition to ending the filibuster in the Senate — the same filibuster that now makes it impossible for Democrats to pass major legislation without Republican support. On Monday, Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema announced that she too would never support torpedoing the filibuster.

In effect, this means that the filibuster stays. It means, in fact, even more than that, because without ending the filibuster all the Dems' fondest wishes and wildest fantasies — packing the Supreme Court with leftists, adding additional (deep blue) states to the Union, creating a government-run health care system — are as good as dead. It means, in other words, that a Biden presidency will not usher in a left-wing authoritarian regime, and that American democracy has a little life left in it.

Conservatives and Republicans should applaud these developments. Yes, we may not always agree with the Never Trumpers, the RINOs, and the Blue Dogs about Trump's merits and demerits, or about all or even most aspects of policy or ideology, but we do share one overriding common interest: a love of this country, and a desire to ensure that its government reflects the will of the people, rather than the abstract ideology of a radical fringe. And that, for the moment, ought to be enough.

As a conservative, as a Republican, and as a patriot, therefore, I thank God for the Blue Dogs. The fate of our country is arguably in their hands, and happily they seem to be rising to the occasion. Long may it last.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at 


In other exceedingly good news, a "Trump judge" has blocked Biden's 100-day moratorium on deportations.  This means the judiciary is actually doing its requiring Biden to do his.  I couldn't be more pleased! 

Monday, January 25, 2021

A Major Blow to the Totalitarians


Friends, Senator Krysten Sinema may answer "All of the Above" on the important question of which gender lights her proverbial fire, but on the question of whether she supports ending the filibuster she's got a much narrower view.  She says, "Ain't gonna happen."  What this means is that, with Joe Manchin, Krysten Sinema, and Joe Biden all opposed to ending the filibuster, it stays...and with it Republicans' ability to block major legislation in the Senate.  Now, you might ask, what took Sinema so long?  Presumably, she held her finger up to the wind and gauged its general direction and velocity.  What she discovered is that America, and Arizona, aren't itching for a left-wing takeover.  They're moderate, middle-of-the-road, purple, and pragmatic.  Ramming progressive changes through Congress, come hell or high water, isn't what Sinema showed up in Washington to do.  She and I probably wouldn't agree on much else, but we agree of this.  I say: bravo! 

A Marriage Made in Heaven?


Friends, don't believe everything you read in the media (the understatement of the millennium), but according to "reliable sources" Donald Trump was talking about forming a third party, but now he seems more focused on purifying the GOP of Never Trumpers.


As a loyal Republican myself, I can only feel one way about this: ambivalent.  Probably it would harm the GOP immensely if Trump and his supporters were to "walk away".  Probably it would hurt Trump's chances of reelection if he were to give up Republicans as allies.  Probably.  The truth, though, is that the Republican Party might be better off if Trump...faded away.  No one can deny that.  Maybe we'd do better with a more disciplined, even conventional, candidate.  It's hard to say.  The Dems have some hard choices to make over the next four years, and so do we.


In the meantime, can we fix our broken system of elections?  Can we further reduce the potential for voter fraud?  Can we restore confidence in American democracy?  It's unlikely, because any electoral changes favored by Republicans will be opposed by Democrats.  C'est la guerre. I'm also not sure that the cure to what ails our elections lies in laws or legislators, because we've already established that election authorities can violate the law with impunity.  What may be needed is a vast, determined intelligence effort on that part of the GOP to root out and expose voters who aren't entitled to vote, or who are voting somewhere that they don't reside.  That would go a long way to boosting Republicans' chances in marginal contests.


Who exactly stormed the Capitol on January 6th?  The presence of Trumpers can hardly be denied, but the presence of other bad actors is increasingly obvious.  Will the current law enforcement dragnet directed at right-wing extremists be extended to bomb-throwers on the Left?  Don't bet on it, but it should be. 

Here's a great piece by Senator Josh Hawley about the threat of "cancel culture" and the persecution of conservatives in social media.  He's right.  If we don't stand up for the right to free speech and for open dialogue now, we may find that we never again have the chance!


Lastly, Big Tech's campaign of censorship grows more surreal by the day.  When Amazon favors mail-in voting one day, and opposes it the next, a conservative can be silenced for pointing out their hypocrisy.  In fact, merely restating their views is "incitement", apparently!  You can't make this stuff up, folks.  Any conservative who is still on Twitter needs to leave, ASAP.  Parler, come back soon!  You're missed. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Disappeared


Friends, Stalin and his propagandists were masters of what today would be called "airbrushing": doctoring photographs to eliminate references to those who became persona non grata, in this case because of the (hyper-paranoid) Purges.  Well, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, right?  Now the Dems are trying every trick in the book to make conservatives and Republicans disappear...for good.  Their latest tack?  Unable to convince 67 Senators to convict Donald Trump of "incitement of insurrection", the Dems are proposing that Congress can, by a simple majority vote, declare anyone guilty of "insurrection" and thus ineligible to hold or seek public office.  Trump is the obvious candidate for this treatment, but maybe they could throw in Cruz and Hawley for good measure?  If the Dems really get on a roll, maybe they'll exclude 75 million Trump voters from the voting rolls too.  I mean, why not?  If you're going to purge, then PURGE!  Of course, none of this is legal, constitutional, or (I hope) realistic.


In other news, the Dems appear to have won their battle over the Census.  Reapportionment of House districts will provide representation even for illegal aliens.  What a relief, right? 

Here's a warning shot across Mitch McConnell's bow.  Any Republican who perpetuates the lie that Donald Trump "incited" or "provoked" the attack on the Capitol will pay a steep price.


The idea that "As California goes, so goes the nation" is monstrously passé, needless to say, but the travails of Governor Gavin Newsom could prove politically significant.  If Newsom gets recalled, we'll know for a fact that the modest blue wavelet of 2020 is entirely played out.


Check out these stories, which document the Dems' difficulties in taming the Senate, despite their paper-thin majority in that august body.  The last story is the kicker: if they can't abolish the filibuster, they'll accomplish nothing of real import in the next two years. 

Finally, kudos to my hero and yours, Rand Paul, for standing up to the "lamestream" media and rejecting its oft-repeated whopper that criticism of the accuracy of the 2020 election results is "baseless":

Friday, January 22, 2021

"Trump Judges" To The Rescue?


Friends, now that the demoniacal Dems control the White House and Congress, the $64,000 question is this: how much will "conservative" judges, like those appointed by President Trump, serve as a check on the ability of so-called progressives to implement their radical agenda?  

Case in point: "President" Biden has decreed from on high a 100-day moratorium on deportations.  As you can see here, Texas says that's illegal and unconstitutional.  Is it?  That's, as always, a matter of opinion, and it's judges' opinions that count.  It will be interesting to see how the Biden admin fares judicially, to say the least.


In other news, President Trump says he'll be back "in some form".  Well, the Dems are going to try him in the Senate in some form as well.  The problem?  They're going through the motions, in the sense that it's increasingly unlikely they'll obtain a conviction.  Even "Moscow Mitch" is being warned against voting with the Dems. 


There's great news about the gradual rise of social media alternatives.  Parler will be back soon.  In the meantime, other tech newbies are growing fast, at the expense of Big Tech. 

Lastly, Senate Dems are pursuing ethics complaints against Senators Cruz and Hawley for voting against the certification of Biden's electoral college win.  I mean, how dare they!  "Insurrection" has a broader and broader definition every day, it seems.


What are the chances that Cruz and Hawley will be ejected from the Senate -- the only sanction that really matters?  Somewhere between "nil" and "virtually nil".

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Off With His Head!


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is, as always, worth a listen.  Brian and I discuss the unfair attacks on and shunning of President Trump, who is being blamed for violence that he neither controlled nor condoned.  We also talk about the purge of social media and the attempt to brand all Republicans as traitors and insurrectionists.  In addition, Brian and I explore the question of Trump's future, and we even ponder the challenge that "President" Biden will have in bringing the country together.  Good luck to him!

In our "This Day in History" segment, we cover the Iran Hostage Crisis and the important of the Iranian Revolution in upending U.S. policy in the Middle East; the decision of the Carter Administration to boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow; the rise of China, in the historical context of the Opium Wars of the 19th century; the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWI; and the fateful Wannsee Conference in 1942 that precipitated the Nazis' "Final Solution".

Check it out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Auf Wiedersehen, Drumpf!


Friends, today President Trump issued a "farewell address" to the American people, in which he defended his legacy, lauded his accomplishments, expressed optimism about our country's future, and wished the incoming administration all the best.  It was a surreal performance, given that just weeks ago Trump was telling us that succumbing to cheaters was unthinkable, and yielding the White House and Senate to socialists would sink the nation.  Be that as it may, everyone should listen to his remarks and decide for themselves:


I find myself in agreement with Citizen Trump that he accomplished some important feats, particularly in wrestling the southern border (and the reprobates who cross it) into submission, in curbing senseless regulations, and in renegotiating trade deals to the (modest) advantage of the American worker. Perhaps his signal achievement was in repopulating the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, with originalists and constitutionalists.  American democracy might be circling the drain as we speak if it weren't for Trump's election in 2016, since the loss of the federal courts to leftists would have, I fear, rendered all subsequent elections and lawmaking moot.

On the other hand, many of Trump's accomplishments will probably not stand the test of time.  "President" Biden will find it easy enough to reinstate most of the regulations, and repeal most of the executive orders, that Trump cancelled and invoked, respectively.  The border, certainly, can and likely will descend into chaos swiftly, if the federal government loses the will to enforce it.  A few years of Biden appointments will make the courts, once more, a menace to liberty and justice.  

Trump also missed many golden opportunities.  He railed against the press, while never developing any alternative to granting it unfettered access to him and his White House, thus rewarding, or at least condoning, its disrespect and its lack of professionalism.  He failed to capitalize on his fervent personal following to pressure journalists, lawmakers, and other elitists to adopt his policies, or even to respect his position as president.  In fact, the organized opposition to Trump was always more vocal, and arguably more effective, than Trump himself.  He manifestly failed to tame the Deep State, which frustrated him at every turn, and repeatedly connived to destroy his presidency.  Most damningly, in the end, he lost.  He made so many unforced errors and gaffes that, in a remarkably close election, especially considering the incredible headwinds he faced -- a pandemic, a recession, and an unprecedented firestorm of criticism -- he managed to fall short, thus handing over power to leftists and socialists increasingly hellbent on silencing and obliterating anyone who dares oppose them. Trump's loss in 2020, therefore, risks confirming the Left in power permanently, or at least semi-permanently, and is for this reason his most consequential legacy. For we must recall that Trump has spent no less than five years, and actually closer to five decades, telling us how great he is.  Well, if that's so, then why is his presidency ending with a whimper, and not with a bang?  Why is it ending with his followers and supporters feeling less certain of our country's prospects, and of their own futures as free men and women, than at any point in their lives up to now?

Despite all this, it's clear that Trump remains broadly popular with Republicans and conservatives, and indeed with the public as a whole:


And that may, in the final analysis, be Trump's most likeable and admirable trait: his sheer gumption and fortitude, in the face of blistering vilification.  Such a man, it's abundantly clear, is never out of the fight, so long as he believes he can get back in it.  For this reason, it would be naive and wrongheaded to imagine that Trump is incapable of making a political comeback, if that is the goal he sets out for himself.  Whether such a comeback would be in the national interest, or in the interest of the conservative movement, is another matter, which no doubt we will all be debating in the months and years to come.


Finally, a bit of good news: it seems increasingly unlikely that Senators Hawley or Cruz will face meaningful sanctions for their roles in questioning the electoral college results on January 6th (and 7th).  Mitt Romney is demurring on the issue, which is an excellent sign, and nor is he itching to convict Trump of "incitement of insurrection" either.  If Romney is wavering, you can bet that the Dems with Trump in their sights will have trouble mobilizing the 17 GOP Senators they will need to seal the deal on DJT's final humiliation and debasement.  What's more, absent a conviction, Trump will be free to run again, the mere prospect of which, one assumes, will make Democrats and leftists wake up in a cold sweat. 

The drama, pageantry, and political burlesque that is Trump is ending, therefore, as of January 20th, 2021...or is it?  Time will tell.

Monday, January 18, 2021

The Irrepressible GOP!


Friends, if you're down in the dumps about the recent election and the impending scourge of Bidenism, you'll want to read my latest article double-quick!  It's an analysis of all the reasons why life is about to get hairy for those dastardly Dems, and why Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers shall rise again!

The GOP's Silver Linings Playbook

With the enthronement of President-Anointed Joe Biden, Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers have much to be chagrined about. There are, however, signs that all is not lost for America. Some of those signs are obvious and unambiguous. Others take a little more imagination to perceive.

For one thing, based on exit polls, President Trump got a higher percentage of the non-white vote in 2020 than any Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960. Considering the acidity and frequency of the Left's attacks on Trump and Republicans for being “racist”, this is a remarkable achievement.

The saying used to be, “As California goes, so goes the nation.” Today, however, it's Florida that, as an economic dynamo and as a magnet for domestic migrants and immigrants, encapsulates the future of this country. And Florida, lest we forget, voted solidly for Trump, and it padded the Republican edge in the state legislature and sent two new GOP Congressmen to Washington. As time goes by, therefore, as more Hispanics and Asians assimilate and join the middle class, and as the Left's hackneyed bellyaching about racism grows stale, we can expect Republicans to further expand their share of the non-white vote.

In addition, despite predictions of a “blue wave” in 2020, the fact is that the Dems barely “won” the key states, often by margins of less than 1%. Republicans also gained a net of 141 seats in state legislatures across the country, a net of two state legislative chambers, one governorship, and 15 seats in the House of Representatives. None of this suggests that the GOP is at death's door. Quite the contrary.

These signs of Republican strength and staying power have been noted by many observers, but consider these factors as well:

    • Democrats will no longer be able to unify themselves around a message of anti-Trumpism. They will now have to govern, which means making hard choices, which in turn means (inevitably) disappointing and frustrating some elements of their base.

    • The press, which has been simpering in the Democrats' direction since 2016 as it dedicated itself single-mindedly to the task of toppling President Trump, will now resume, in some fashion, its role as the “Fourth Estate”. It will by necessity begin to criticize some Democrats and Democratic policies.

    • Biden and his team have advocated an ambitious, expensive agenda, but they face the problem that federal finances are already hopelessly overextended. If they spend frivolously, they risk igniting a fiscal crisis and ushering in a severe recession or a depression.

    • Try as they might to ignore the issue, Democrats will have to contend with the fact that their new titular leader was not so much elected by the people as summoned from the crypt. A more incongruous face for modern leftism would be hard to imagine.

    • Even if little changes in terms of our political and partisan dynamics, history suggests it is highly unlikely that the “party in power” will gain seats in the House and Senate in 2022. Thus, Republicans can be hopeful that they will retake Congress in the foreseeable future.

But that's not all! I would like to suggest two additional considerations that should give Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers grounds for optimism.

On the face of it, the mass expulsion of many right-wing figures, including President Trump, from a wide range of social media platforms makes it difficult or impossible for them to compete with Democrats. In the short run, the Great Purge on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. does indeed hamper conservatives' ability to share their message(s) with the voters. The truth, however, is that Big Tech has been surreptitiously undermining conservative opinion leaders for years, by making it harder for them to build followings, to share their posts with a wide audience, and more recently by labeling and “fact-checking” information that conflicts with the Democratic Party line.

I would argue that, now that Big Tech's blatant bias and intolerance has been exposed, conservatives stand to gain. This is partly because the public will see Silicon Valley censorship for what it is — a naked power grab and an affront to democracy and free speech. It is also because Big Tech's influence depends on its monopoly position in various fields of information-sharing. Based on recent events, new social media platforms will arise, just as alternative news media sources have blossomed at the same time that the mainstream media has taken a hard left turn.

In essence, Big Tech has thrown down the gauntlet. It has declared its ideological and partisan preferences, and it has dared any American who thinks differently to take their business elsewhere. I already have. I won't be alone. As this transformation of the digital marketplace of ideas takes hold, Big Tech's power over public opinion won't increase — it will decrease. That's all to the good.

The last salutary development for Republicans and conservatives is also, on the face of it, a temporary setback. Many large corporations, in the wake of the “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, are suspending or canceling their donations to GOP politicians. Yes, money talks in American politics, and thus losing a formerly reliable source of contributions is problematic, but the truth is that direct corporate funding of political campaigns is much less important than individual contributions.

More importantly, the incipient “divorce” between the GOP and a long list of mega-corporations, coupled with the efforts by many captains of industry to ingratiate themselves with “woke” activists and Democrats, means that the Republicans have a tantalizing opportunity to finish the work that Trump began. They can (re-)define themselves not only as the defenders of free speech, but also as the only party that is both populist and nationalist. While the Democrats increasingly parrot the agenda of educated, privileged, globalist elites, the GOP can assume the mantle of “America First” and advocate for American workers, strong borders, law and order, staying out of foreign wars, and evading the perils of European-style socialism. As plenty of politicians have proved over the years, running against Wall Street and the rich, and articulating the hopes and fears of the “little guy”, can be the ticket to electoral success.

For all these reasons, then, Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers should take heart. Whatever the future of Donald Trump himself may be in American politics, he has laid the groundwork for a Republican Party and a conservative movement that are strong, dynamic, and growing.

Assuming that future elections are fair, or even reasonably fair, we have every reason to expect that the GOP will be back on top, and soon.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at American Greatness: 




Boy, I make a lot of sense, don't I?  In other news, Senator Josh Hawley has landed on his feet and found a new publisher for what sounds like an outstanding book.  Kudos, Josh! 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Great American Realignment


Friends, remember the days when corporate America was broadly supportive of the GOP, and Republicans, in turn, were watching out for corporate interests?  Well, as our economic elite aligns itself more and more with the Democrats and with "wokeness", they are cutting ties with the GOP, and nothing has accelerated that process more than the recent "insurrection" at the U.S. Capitol.  Many Republicans who voted to contest the results of the electoral college have seen corporate bigwigs castigate them and yank their donations.  As this article points out, what this will do is encourage the Republican Party to move even more aggressively in a populist, and arguably therefore a Trumpian, direction.  Corporate America may just have cut off its nose to spite its face, moreover.  It may soon find that it has no influence and a very poor relationship with a party that, history suggests, could someday soon be once again in the majority in the House and the Senate.  At that point, presumably, many CEOs would recalibrate their moral sense as needed!


Suggestions that Republican Senators and Congressmen who introduced, and voted to sustain, objections to the electoral college results on Jan. 6th were "insurrectionists" or "traitors" are deeply offensive, at least to me.  Exercising your right of free speech to criticize how an election was conducted IS NOT seditious or un-American.  It certainly isn't when Democrats do it!  Likewise, casting a vote on the House or Senate floor that Democrats find disagreeable is, believe it or not, still permitted under our Constitution.  Talk about removing various Republicans in Congress for their alleged "role" in the storming of the Capitol is therefore ridiculous.  Just because you share a political goal with someone DOES NOT make you guilty of whatever crimes that someone may commit in attempting to achieve that goal.  Is every Democrat guilty of shooting Steve Scalise, for instance?  That's the sort of idiocy that the Left is pushing these days, and I'm having none of it! 

Liz Cheney continues to experience considerable blowback from her vote in favor of impeachment.  Good!  I hope she gets knocked down a peg.


Among the Dems' highest priorities will be to put illegal aliens on a pathway to citizenship, and simultaneously to increase levels of legal immigration.  They can do both, to a point, with executive action alone, but fundamental changes would take legislation.  Expect a bitter battle in both houses over any such bill. 

Finally, apropos Ms. Cheney's plight, there's little sign that Donald Trump's sway over the Republican Party has been lessened by recent events.  Quite the contrary.  What remains to be seen is how Trump will get his message out and stay relevant after leaving office.  Does he have an appetite for reelection in 2024...and for facing all the slings and arrows that the Dems would throw at him in the meantime?  Will he be so harried by vindictive legal action that he won't be able to sustain a vigorous public role?  Will he launch his own social network, or TV network, to confirm the dominance of the Trump brand in right-wing politics?  Will he perhaps endorse Don Jr. as his political successor?  I don't have answers to ANY of these questions...but we can say for sure that, for the present, Trump is THE MAN in the GOP.  The Cheneys and Romneys of this world would do well to remember that.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Day That Will Live In Infamy


Friends, today something transpired that will reverberate in the annals of history for a thousand years.  I speak, of course, of the shuttering of the CNN Airport Network.  That's right!  You know that insipid news coverage that's beamed into almost every airport, and then poured down the gullets of passersby like molten lead?  Well, it's no more!  Hooray!  This is OUTSTANDING news (no pun intended).  Why?  Because it's a sign, and one among many, that the mainstream media's vice-like grip on the American mind is loosening.  Truth be told, it's been a long and steady decline, and conservative and alternative media sources are the clear beneficiaries.  That bodes well for America's future.  There's a reason, after all, that the MSM and Big Tech are fighting like mad to maintain (and, they hope, expand) their control over the public sphere: it's because they FEAR that public opinion is slipping out of their grasp!  And so it is.  Long may it last.


In other news, I guess there was another impeachment today.  Yawn.  Big deal.  "Impeachment" is the new "censure", apparently.  It can be deployed at a moment's notice to display the opprobrium of the House majority.  So be it.  The only real "news" here is that 10 Republicans voted in support of impeachment, including the Republican Conference Chair, Liz Cheney.  Now there are calls for her to resign that leadership position, which I wholeheartedly support.  I DO NOT support the expulsion of any Trump hater from the GOP or the Republican Caucus.  That would be silly.  We need all hands on deck if we're to slow down the express train to socialism.  Be that as it may, those who rashly cross President Trump, and his legions of Trumpers, cannot, in the short term, be leaders in the Republican Party.

Also, something to cheer you up in these dark times.  When you analyze the results of the 2020 election on a more granular level, you'll find that there's plenty of reason for Republicans to be optimistic about the future.  Despite Dem underhandedness, the GOP gained a net of 141 seats in state legislatures around the country.  Doesn't sound like much of a "blue wave", does it?  In the battleground states, Republicans more than held their own.  One assumes, therefore, that reports of the death of the GOP are greatly exaggerated and that, under more propitious circumstances, we can rally the troops and win solid victories in the years ahead.  A stumbling, mumbling, and possibly incontinent POTUS would probably bolster our case!,_2020:_State_legislative_seats_that_changed_party_control#Overview


 Finally, here's my latest contribution at Sputnik News:

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Yet Another Reason To Root Against The New England Patriots


Friends, we've known that Bill Belichick, the Head Coach of the New England Patriots, was Satan's bride for some time now.  This confirms it: he's refusing a Medal of Freedom offered by President Trump because Trump is, you know, "evil".  Boy, Trump sure is finding out who his friends are, and how few in number they are.


Bill Belichick isn't alone.  Many U.S. and international companies are getting on board with a boycott of all things Trump.  The PGA even cancelled its plan to hold the PGA Championship at a Trump-branded course.  Meanwhile, major corporations are stopping all donations to Congressmen and Senators who voted against certifying any of Biden's if their votes in themselves amounted to "insurrection"!  This is what we call a "full court press", and the Left has really mastered it!


It's possible, however, that the wide-ranging purge of social media of Trumpers may be backfiring, as a host of political leaders worldwide are condemning Twitter's lifetime ban of President Trump, specifically.  Twitter's stock price has tanked. 

File this one under "good news": Fox News is being beaten out in the ratings by CNN and MSNBC.  Hardly surprising, since leftists are glued to wall-to-wall coverage of the recent "insurrection", while conservatives are abandoning Fox in droves. 


Lastly, while you probably won't see many Republicans vote to impeach President Trump for his alleged role in the assault on the Capitol, you will see some.  That's a sign that his grip on the GOP is loosening.  Will there be an impeachment trial in the Senate?  If so, will many Republican Senators vote to convict?  Don't be shocked if they do: a lot of establishment Republicans have had it up to here with Trump.  If Trump is convicted after he leaves office, the only practical effect will be to prohibit him from ever seeking federal office again.  I can think of one or two Republicans who might support that idea!  Never mind, of course, that impeachment and removal is supposed to be a deliberative process, not a rush job.  In addition, the evidence linking Trump to the "riot" at the Capitol is weak.  Since when did evidence matter to Trump haters, though?

Monday, January 11, 2021

Let Them Eat Cake


First of all, friends, let me make clear that I in no way endorse the hackneyed smear that Marie-Antoinette ever said, "Let them eat cake" in reference to the French people.  She was neither that callous nor that dumb...but that's neither here nor there.  The fact is, haughty disdain for the "peasants" is the demeanor that most of our elite politicians have adopted, and with the unwarranted castigation of President Trump we're now seeing, plus the attempt to silence alternative voices in the media and social media, what we are witnessing is the final, decisive attempt by that elite to secure itself in power.  Never again do they wish to deal with an upstate populist like Donald J. Trump.  The question at stake is nothing less than: who rules this country?  The stuffed shirts of our (America-hating) leadership class, or the people?

Saturday, January 9, 2021

How To Avoid Getting Flattened By The Leftist Steamroller


Friends, take a good look at the images above, because you may well be looking at your own future. 


The first picture is of a modern-day hobo, panhandling in preference to selling his body on the streets.  If the "progressives" hound you out of your job, or insist on docking your Social Security checks as "reparations" or as a penalty for your inveterate Trumpism, well, you too could find yourself riding the rails or relying on the kindness of strangers.  


The second picture is of a family of "Okies", refugees from the Dust Bowl in the Great Depression era.  These poor whites, from places like Oklahoma, fled their homes and resettled in places like California, looking for opportunity and battling for mere survival.  Could this be you?  Could this be me?  Don't scoff.  Punitive treatment of Trumpers may force many of us to relocate, especially if the persecution we're already seeing escalates.  Instead of fleeing to California, needless to say, we'll probably head to Florida, or Texas, or West Virginia, or Wyoming.  We've got options, thankfully, but let's not sugarcoat it: our lives are about to get much more complicated, and the flimsy protections we've enjoyed thus far, thanks to the Trump administration, are about to be yanked away.

My latest article considers the question of how we Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers can best navigate the living nightmare that will be the Biden era.  I hope you'll find in it some constructive suggestions for how you can get by in the harrowing days, weeks, months, years, and possibly decades that lie ahead.

A Survival Guide for Trumpers

Now that all the ambiguity has been removed, and Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters are confronted with the stark reality of — gulp! — the Age of Biden, the time has come to consider just how bad things will get, and how we can muddle through for the next two to four...years? Generations?

First, how bad it is? Pretty darn bad. Consider the fact that, even with Donald Trump in the White House and Mitch McConnell holding court in the Senate, leftists were predominant in every other consequential institution nationwide. They dominated the federal bureaucracy; primary, secondary, and higher education; the media; social media; Hollywood, and the arts and letters in general; corporate boardrooms; athletics — you name it, and they ran it. As a result, “the resistance” to Trump's presidency was always stronger, and louder, than President Trump himself. Arguably, he, and those of us who supported him, never had a chance. That we got as far as we did was a small miracle.

Now, at any rate, “progressives” (God help us if we “progress” much further!) will narrowly control both Houses of Congress, and thanks to Sleepy Joe they will be in charge of the Executive Branch as well. In other words, the only major institution left in which some version of “conservatives” will hold sway will be the federal courts. We had better hope that those “Trump judges” show some backbone, because they are, in many ways, our last line of defense. In the event that they defect to the Left, as so many Republican-appointed judges do, or they gradually recede in significance given fresh appointments made by Biden, even our judicial Trump card (no pun intended) will be unplayable.

To make a long story short, therefore, Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers are about to find themselves living in a country utterly dominated by their political enemies. Moreover, these are not just people with whom we politely disagree. These are, by and large, crypto-Marxists who hold us in total contempt. When they call us racists, sexists, traitors, fascists, and the like, make no mistake — they mean it! We can confidently assume, therefore, that they will use their newfound power and privilege to persecute us. As always, our silence is the least of their demands. Most of them would prefer to see us bullied, humiliated, fired, evicted, and more than a few would like us to be incarcerated or hanged from the nearest lamppost. Of course, you can't have everything that you want in life, but they sure will try!

How can we navigate this depressing landscape?

First, conservatives can expect that previously innocuous forms of speech will be proscribed, to the best of the Left's ability to do so. For instance, if you profess support for President Trump, advocate strong borders, criticize BLM, or count off all the genders on your hand without running out of digits, you can safely assume that you will, henceforth, be accused of “hate speech”. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media behemoths are cracking down on conservative speech as never before. It's fairly clear that Trump himself will soon be banned from these platforms, and it would be naive to think that his supporters will be any more welcome. The best that Trumpers can hope for from Big Tech, in fact, is that our comments will be merely censored, rather than expunged.

Luckily, there are alternative platforms, like Parler and Rumble, where conservatives can communicate and share information. More and more, we should abandon the social media mainstays that so despise us and relocate to venues where those of our “kind” are treated with respect. This won't always be easy, since the “transaction costs” in terms of lost connections and friendships can be high, but it has to be done. Frankly, if we don't make the choice ourselves, it will sooner or later be made for us. For my part, I plan to send my final Tweet in the coming days.

Already, for years, conservatives have been turning their backs on the mainstream media, which has become a cesspool of “activist” journalism. This process must continue, and if anything it must and will accelerate. I have said it before, and I will say it again: not only should conservatives cease to patronize and consume the mainstream media — they should also, if they are public figures themselves, cease to interact with it. Why would any Republican, conservative, or Trumper give an interview to the New York Times or appear on CNN? Unless they are masochists, such behavior makes no sense. We should always remember that “progressive” reporters talk to conservatives for one reason and one reason only: they want to make us appear stupid and/or evil. Why give them the satisfaction?

I fear conservatives will experience much more adversity in the coming months and years in the workplace. Not only will their public and private speech be scrutinized by management, but in many cases we will face subtle retaliation, overt “discipline,” and even termination for our beliefs. Some states have laws that are designed to protect workers from discrimination based on ideology or partisan affiliation, but just as laws against racial discrimination are never used to protect whites, we can safely assume that law enforcement and prosecutors won't be bending over backwards to protect the peace of mind and the livelihoods of Trumpers either.

My suggestion: those of us who cleave to the right path (you know the path I'm talking about) should watch out for our comrades-in-arms, many of whom will become casualties in the Left's war on the truth. What I mean is this: if you are a person of means, or if you own a business, be aware that thousands, and perhaps even millions, of innocent conservatives will soon be destitute. Many of them will be experienced, hard-working, even brilliant in their fields, but they will be hounded out of their jobs for no better reason than that they refused to toe the liberal line. Try to reach out and support them, in whatever way you can. We should have each other's backs, no?

Lastly, for the sake of your mental, emotional, and spiritual health, not only should you disconnect from the mainstream news media — give Fox News a wide berth, since it's been lost to us for a while now — you should also think long and hard about your “entertainment” options. If your idea of a fun time is imbibing the toxic swill that gushes out of Hollywood's oh-so-glamorous sluice gates, you can guarantee that you will be peppered evermore with left-wing propaganda and the constant denigration of America, God, family, and conservative and traditional values of every stripe. Instead, why not burrow yourself in the culture of yore: watch old tv shows and movies, made before Marxism-Leninism became de rigueur among the creative elite. Listen to music made in those bygone eras when adding a blunt “Up Yours!” to conservatives wasn't mandatory in every song. Play board games with your family and friends. Indulge in a little healthy athletic competition. Take a walk. Read a book (preferably one written before 1960). In short, find ways to live outside the mental prison of wokeness that the Left is striving to build for us. Uncoupling from the malignant culture of modernity isn't easy, but once it's done you'll be glad of it, I promise!

This leaves one final question to ponder: should we, as conservatives, continue to vote? Here I respond with an emphatic: yes! Now, it's true that I can't guarantee that your vote as a conservative or as a Trumper will be determinative of our country's future. Far from it. In fact, I can't even guarantee that it will be counted in the first place. But what I can say with absolute certainty is this: as soon as conservatives stop voting and running for office, the Left will have captured a monopoly over all of our vital institutions that will not be broken for decades, and maybe not for centuries. Voting is one of the few ways in which we can register our disdain with the powers-that-be. Will they cheat? Will they game the system to ensure that our votes are diluted, or even obliterated? Maybe. Probably, but you know what? We might as well force them to go through the motions of electoral thievery. At least that way they will know that their “Democratic” Party was a farce.

I hope that this advice will prove useful as Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers swallow the bitter pill of political, social, and cultural marginalization. Remember: there's hope, no matter how faint, that the first wave of persecution that we face will evince in those “moderate” Democrats and independents out there some glimmer of sympathy. Maybe they will see the writing on the wall. Maybe they will understand that, sooner or later, the progressive purists will demand their head on a pike too. Perhaps, in that case, there will be a backlash against leftist tyranny in the near future, and we can reverse some of the gains that liberals made in 2020.

If not, though, never forget, my fellow Trumplicans, that you're not alone. 74 million of us voted for America and against socialism this year. That may not have been enough to hold the Swamp and the Marxist horde at bay, but it's certainly a solid foundation for a sizable sub-culture of godliness, patriotism, and common sense. We may not rule the roost, but we'll be mighty hard to uproot altogether.

And, if worst comes to worst, if America won't have us anymore, why, we could all move to Cuba or Venezuela, couldn't we? 74 million Trumpers would spruce up those socialist hellholes in a heartbeat!

We have options, my friends. One thing's for sure: our “kind”, rather like cockroaches, is invasive and remarkably tenacious. If I had to bet, I suspect we'll still be here centuries hence, long after the leftists have exhausted themselves and, more to the point, one another.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


Here it is at Townhall: 


And here are some articles that document the rising tide of intolerance that we conservatives are already facing:

Friday, January 8, 2021

This Guy Gets It!


Friends, George Orwell, pictured above, gave us a glimpse of totalitarianism in his brilliant novel, 1984, and now, in January 2021, Big Tech and our woke thought masters are giving us a taste of our own dystopian future.  It's official: Twitter has banned President Trump -- one of their best customers! -- permanently, and other social media platforms are itching to destroy conservatism root and branch. Meanwhile, Parler, which has become a haven for conservatives, is facing unprecedented assaults.  BTW, Parler already bans speech that incites violence.  Anyone who claims otherwise is ill-formed or is intentionally misleading you.  Note Twitter's twisted logic in banning Trump.  None of his tweets today directly or indirectly encouraged anyone to do anything violent...but they could, according to Twitter, be "interpreted" that way if one really tried hard, so off with his head!  This, frankly, may be a blessing in disguise, because all of us who believe in liberty should probably be done with Big Tech anyway.  I plan to say adieu to Twitter imminently.


Even Senator Hawley is on the chopping block.  Apparently his objections in Congress were tantamount to firing potshots at his colleagues. 

One wonders whether any free speech will be left when this insidious purge is over.

Meanwhile, there's some evidence that Antifa figures may have been involved in the melee at the Capitol, although no one can deny that Trumpers were also implicated.


Dem and leftist hypocrisy on the subject of politically-motivated violence stinks to high heaven.  I don't have to tell you that.  But just in case anyone needs proof, here it is: 

And props to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who is opposing the call for pointless, wasteful $2,000 checks for every American:


Finally, we have to start wondering: when will Blogger, which is part of the Google imperium, decide that WaddyIsRight is dangerous and subversive?  How long will this blog be active, in other words?  I wish I was joking, but I'm genuinely curious.  If the worst should happen, and Blogger pulls the plug, most of you have my private email, but in case you need it in order to keep in touch, it's:  (That's assuming Yahoo doesn't ban me as well.)


Hey, America -- it was fun while it lasted, right?  I'm sure totalitarianism will have its moments too.  No more agonizing over who to vote for, no more confusingly contrary points of view...just one world, one voice, one ideology.  I can't wait.


WaddyIsLeft!  WaddyIsLeft!  WaddyIsLeft!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

"Mobs" Are Back!'s been an eventful couple of days!

Here are some of my thoughts:

First, on the subject of the Georgia runoffs, I'm disappointed, as you can imagine.  Frankly, I think President Trump bears some of the responsibility for our losses.  He refused to concede, which may have been the right thing to do, but it left the status of the Senate in limbo.  Had Georgia voters understood that to vote for Ossoff and Warnock meant giving unfettered control of the federal government to one party, I suspect the outcome might have been different.  Trump also raised the issue of the $2,000 checks at the 11th hour, putting his own party on the back foot.  Presumably, he did so because he was trying to purchase the good will of the voters and thus ensure his own reelection, but if that was his goal it was a very naive strategy.  And of course we have to hand it to the Dems, who poured money into Georgia and mobilized their voters very effectively.  I wouldn't, however, jump to the conclusion that we were beaten "fair and square," because all the imperfections that plagued the vote in Georgia during the presidential election were operative in this contest too.  Similarly, the Republicans were ahead, until the last counties to count their votes did so, which just happened to be counties that were heavily populated and heavily Democratic.  Naturally, by that stage, they knew just how many votes they needed and -- surprise surprise! -- they came up with the right numbers.  Was there hanky panky (I mean, besides out-of-state voters, non-citizen voters, dead voters, etc.)?  We may never know for sure.  I hope what we're seeing isn't a pattern of malfeasance, because if that's what it is then we may never see another Republican Senate, or another Republican President, in our lifetimes.  Of course, our lifetimes may be pretty brief under Marxist rule anyway, so that's the good news!?!!  To summarize, then, I'm disappointed in the voters in Georgia, I'm disappointed in President Trump, who helped to precipitate our loss, and I'm disappointed in law enforcement and the media, which, because of their animus towards Republicans and conservatives, never seriously investigated questions of election integrity...and they never will, unless and until doing so would benefit Democrats, of course.  I'm increasingly dubious that our democratic system will endure, therefore, and I'm not even sure it's still operating now.  That's dispiriting, to say the least.  It's one thing to lose an election.  It's another to lose the LAST election and to know (or suspect) that you'll never have a shot at holding power again.

As for the mayhem at the Capitol yesterday, naturally I reproach anyone who violates the law or attempts to advance a political agenda through violence.  For most of 2020, it was the Democrats who fit that description, as we all know, and who have faced nothing in the way of a reckoning for their repeated violations of democratic norms.  Be that as it may, yesterday it was Trumpers running riot, and they did their cause and their beloved leader no favors.  Trump has been condemned for not disowning the rioters more forcefully or earlier in the day, but the fact is that he didn't call on anyone to storm the Capitol or to use violence, and he didn't speak approvingly of those who did.  He's certainly guilty of inciting people to anger and to protest, but he didn't call for or condone a riot, and that's an important distinction.  Nonetheless, if Trump was hoping that a mass demonstration outside the Capitol would deflect Congress from its stated intention of certifying Joe Biden's "win" in the electoral college, that was always extremely unlikely.  Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers need to accept a harsh truth: the rules for leftists and for right-wingers simply aren't the same.  A movement like BLM can spawn massive amounts of violence and property destruction, but, in the eyes of the establishment and of the media, the justice of its cause is unaffected by the mayhem it unleashes.  More often than not, that mayhem will simply be ignored.  If necessary, it will be blamed on someone else, like false-flag white supremacists, or it will be excused as the inevitable consequence of generations of systemic racism and oppression.  In other words, when the Left is violent, the establishment and the media will shrug and say, in effect, America had it coming.  The important point, though, is that the use of violence on the part of leftists can be EFFECTIVE, and therefore, in a sense, even arguably morally defensible, because our elite culture is already sympathetic to its aims, and thus will forgive its methods.  For conservatives, however, violence is ALWAYS self-defeating, because it will automatically be stigmatized, and it will be used to paint the entire right as extreme, bloodthirsty, irrational, and dangerous.  There simply is no logical or moral case for the use of violence by conservatives, therefore.  It benefits no one, and it especially harms the movement itself.  I, in any case, do not blame President Trump for all the excesses of the rioters yesterday.  I doubt very much that he had a riot in mind, since it would be hard to imagine how he would benefit from such a melee.  Trump did, however, cause a large group of angry Trumpers to be deployed outside the Capitol, and one has to ask: what was the purpose?  There was no chance that Congress would change its mind about who won the election, and Trump has given us every reason to believe that, despite repeatedly airing his grievances, he is willing to leave office on January 20th...or at least he has never had a coherent plan to remain in office, if Congress, the Vice-President (as President of the Senate), or the courts didn't facilitate it.  One could certainly argue, therefore, that Trump's actions over the last few weeks have been futile, at best, and destructive, at worst, because he created the conditions for a riot at the Capitol and the loss of the Republican majority in the Senate, without achieving anything of value in return.  And that, I fear, is the most damning attack that any conservative is likely to level at President Trump: he appears, all too often, not to know what he is doing, or why.  Since November 3rd, his strategy, such as it was and is, has been to complain...and to hope that his complaints lead someone, somewhere, to give him what he wants: four more years.  Perhaps, if he had been bold enough, Trump himself could have solidified his grip on power, but he clearly has not known how to do so, and nor has he had the courage to follow through on some of the more extreme proposals that have been aired.  Just to use one example, if Trump believes that it is in the gift of the Vice-President, as President of the Senate, to disqualify any contested electoral votes, then why did not he not insist on Mike Pence's resignation WEEKS AGO, to ensure that someone pliable would do exactly that?  That is, after all, what a diabolical super-villain or an aspiring dictator would do, is it not?  But Trump never rose to those heights, or sunk to those lows, despite what his critics might allege.  The last four years have featured a lot more stumbling than subjugating.  We might as well be honest about that.

And so we come to the end of a long, strange trip, with Donald J. Trump at the helm of the Republican Party, the conservative movement, and the United States of America.  Soon, the Swamp will be back in control.  Truth be told, it was never out of power anyway.  Donald Trump achieved the hardening of the U.S border with Mexico, a few feeble jabs at the PRC, and little else, save for the confirmation of a slew of conservative judges.  Those judges, one suspects, will be his brightest legacy.  They may slow down the evisceration of Western Civilization just a little, which is probably the best we can hope for these days!  Trump also deserves credit for restoring nationalism to our political lexicon, and putting issues like illegal immigration and trade fairness back on the agenda.  He also disproved once and for all the idea that the Dems can win elections simply by calling everyone who opposes them "racist!" and "sexist!".  Trump was pummeled with those derogatory terms, and plenty more, for five long years, and he withstood the assault remarkably well, as did his movement and his supporters.  They toppled us in the end, sure -- but we made them work for it!  There's some satisfaction in that.  But if we ask ourselves: did Trump fundamentally change the direction of the country, or even of federal policy, in the main we would have to acknowledge that he did not.  The tide against which he was swimming was just too strong.

What are your thoughts?  You may well be feeling as despondent as I...  Whatever your reactions to the present state of affairs, as always, I want to hear about them.  Chin up, fellow "fascists"!  We'll live to see another day.


Here are Trump's latest comments, which needless to say you won't see on Twitter or Facebook!


However you feel about Trump, it's worthwhile to consider Ann Coulter's perspective.  As always, she pulls no punches!