Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Guess What, Joe? We're Laughing At You, Not With You


Behold!  As promised, I bestirred myself to write an article, and here it is!  I analyze how SNL's recent satire of Biden portends real problems for Sleepy Joe, insofar as, even hermetically sealed in his protective bubble, he's only been modestly popular.  Exposed to the light of day -- and to comedic, not to mention editorial, scrutiny -- he'll wither instantly.  It won't be pretty either.  I predict that Biden's average approval numbers will soon dip below 50%, and with that decline all hope the Dems have of passing most of their harebrained agenda will go up in smoke.  In short, things are looking up!  See if you don't agree...


In other news, you might enjoy this preview of Governor's races in 2022.  In 2022, control of the House and the Senate will be on the ballot, for sure.  In addition, we need to keep our eye on races for Governor and even Secretary of State, because these state-level officials help to oversee elections, and as we all know unless the 2024 election is fair we haven't a snowball's chance in hell of winning it...which we need to, if this country is to avoid falling into the pit of Bolshevik despair.  Ergo, these state-level races matter! 

Here's Tucker Carlson's (characteristically brilliant) take on the legacy of George Floyd's death.  In essence, the politicization of Floyd's demise, and the demonization of law enforcement, have led inexorably to a rise in violent crime and the consequent victimization of thousands of innocents.  So, if the goal of BLM and its fellow travelers was to kill as many black people as possible, so far they're doing a bang-up job!


Finally, if you listen to liberals (and I'm not sure why you would), you've heard that Georgia's new election law is just like "Jim Crow", i.e. just like early 20th century segregation in the Deep South, which systemically denied blacks the right to vote.  Well, it ain't.  Once again, the Dems are crying "Wolf!" when they're practically swimming in sheep. 


  1. If the so called Republican Party (RePOOPlicans is a better description) get the country out of the leftist shit it is in now (no pun intended), then they can change their name to The Houdini Party. Remember Harry Houdini?

  2. Ray, I didn't realize you were personally acquainted with Houdini! I figured you for a prominent member of Alexander the Great's entourage, but Houdini?

    I jest, but on a more serious note: the GOP is, in its present form, incapable of saving America. Only if the party was reinvented by a populist nationalist could it do more than slow down our country's decline. We await our (secular) savior...

    1. From a religious standpoint it looks like we might have to "await" until The Rapture. Ha! So now, the only question is, will The Rapture be Pre-Tribulation, mid, or post. Ha! Ha!

      Actually I was Grand Vizier to Sultan Suleiman "The Magnificent".

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: He is at hand: Donald Trump!

  4. Dr. Waddy fromJack: The 2022 and 2024 elections will NOT be fwir unlesswe stymie the Dems in their guaranteed campaigns to compromise them. I think it plain they think the end game is at hand for their 50+ year drive to totaltarian sway and nothing in the way of principle will dissuade them.we must show them up for the amoral prospective tyrants they are! Their present legislative campaigns will help in this.

  5. Ray, I can totally picture you as Grand Vizier. There's no one I'd trust more with the silken cord... That's what's missing in DC, if you ask me: not enough strangulation!

    Jack, I'd say Trump had his crack at saving America from the establishment, and the establishment kicked his butt. He had all the tools at his disposal to beat them, and failed to do so. Try, try, try again? I'm not convinced that's the best path.

    True, the Left senses that it is tantalizingly close to total dominance. Luckily, that means, in practice, it is tantalizingly close to shooting itself in the foot.