Friday, April 30, 2021

Adequacy: Biden Nails It Again!


Friends, I guess Biden gave a speech?  Yes, he gave a a packed session of Congress.  Well, actually it was a sparsely populated House chamber, because most members of Congress weren't allowed inside (CORONA -- eek!).  Anyway, I didn't watch, because we all know what Sleepy Joe is going to say: "Trump: bad.  Me: good.  Free money for everyone!!!"  It turns out, though, that I wasn't alone in being nonplussed.  Sure, the people who watched loved it.  The people who watched were the same crabby, woke, self-satisfied octogenarians who sit at home ogling MSNBC all day.  Once in a while they triple-mask and sun themselves on their porches, but otherwise these people might as well be dead to the world.  They do vote, however, and without a doubt Biden and the Dems can depend on their support.  Low viewership numbers overall for a president's first speech to Congress are not exactly a good sign, though.  There's a big question looming over the Dems, therefore: how much of the enthusiasm that they generated in 2020 will endure into 2022 and 2024???  Based on the reaction to Wednesday night's big speech, the Left should be quaking in its boots.


I did watch South Carolina Senator Tim Scott's rebuttal to Biden.  I was modestly impressed.  Scott did what smart politicians do: he pitched himself as a "common sense" guy.  He told stories from his deprived youth.  He reminded Americans how good they had it under Trump (before the pandemic struck).  He didn't stoke the fires of any intra-GOP feuds either.  The Left didn't like it, of course.  They despise anyone who falls into their "protected classes" and dares to defy progressive orthodoxy.  Why?  Because the "antiracists" are the biggest racists of all, naturally! 

In other news, President Trump is still "100%" considering running for president.  I guess that means he's also 100% considering not running?  Oh my!  More intriguing is the fact that he has said that Ron DeSantis would be a viable pick as his running mate.  Ouch!  Mike Pence's ego must be mighty deflated right about now.  I agree that DeSantis would make a fine VP, but I'm leaning towards the view that he'd make an even finer president...  Could Trump's warm regard for DeSantis translate someday into an endorsement?  We shall see.


The media says that COVID is raging in India, and we all need to pitch in to save the wretched Indians, and to save ourselves, because anywhere that COVID is "raging" it can mutate, and then boomerang on those of us who are vaccinated only against known strains.  Well, there's a certain amount of logic here, I'll admit, but note that the pandemic has been harnessed to advance the agenda of the Left, writ large: big government, and greater global coordination of public policies.  Every crisis -- every single one -- is an opportunity for these hucksters to convince us to forfeit our freedoms.  That's why their media fellow travelers insist that we live in constant fear and loathing: because our anxieties and our animosities fuel the express train to Bolshevism on which we all find ourselves.


P.S.  The curious thing is that, for all the horror of COVID in India, that country, despite its huge population, has reported fewer deaths than we have.  Will that remain the case?


Finally, here's an insightful analysis of how poorly "socialized medicine" has fared in the context of the COVID pandemic.  Pavlich makes a fair point: the Canadians, who we're always told have the best and the most efficient and the most organized health care system in North America, are really struggling to vaccinate their people.  We rapaciously capitalist Americans, however, are doing much better.  Better still, of course, is the performance of the U.K., which does have a socialized health care system.  And then also worth considering is that the U.S. pandemic response is the result of a public-private partnership, and massive amounts of central government spending, not the "free market" left to its own devices.  What can one conclude from this mess?  Not much of anything. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Dem Denouement


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show expands upon one of my favorite recent themes: the wilting approval ratings for "President" Biden and how this portends major problems for the Dem agenda in Congress, and thus for Dem momentum in general.  Infrastructure is the thin edge of wedge, in my view, indicating a broader trend of Democratic/progressive impotence.

Brian and I also cover such themes as Cuomo's braggadocio in the face of ongoing assaults on his character (emanating mostly from his own party), calls for the resignation of John Kerry as climate generalissimo, and why so many young American are Bidenists.

When we get around to "This Day in History", Brian and I talk about the ouster of Charles De Gaulle in 1969, British reversals in the Mediterranean theater in 1941 and 1942, the significance of the Yalta Conference, FDR's New Deal and the ever-expanding federal government, the complicated legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Muhammad Ali and the draft.


Listen in right now! Now now now! 


In other news, this one is a must-read.  It's about the dilemma of how to confront the culture of masking, when individual action seems so futile, and collective action is so hard to organize in the absence of individual commitment and courage.  It really makes you think.


It's common knowledge that Americans have been fleeing mostly blue states for decades, moving to mostly red states where taxes are lower, regulations are less onerous, and job opportunities are more plentiful.  You'd think there would be a lesson in that for Democrats, right?  Nope.  Well, a few of them might be contemplating razor wire to keep New Yorkers and Californians from scarpering, but other than that they've got nothing. 

TIPP is a mainstream polling outfit, so its prognostications are inherently...untrustworthy, but be that as it may they've released this data about how few Americans trust, well, them, and I tend to believe it!  Generally, though, Americans' skepticism about the "news" is a good thing, because if they bought the bill of goods that the New York Times was selling them there would be no hope for the USA!!!  These days, if you want "just the facts" you have to go looking for them yourself.


Was the 2020 election fraudulent?  This is a much more difficult question to answer than you might think, because there are many ways to "cheat" in an election.  It's also fair to say that no election is perfectly fair, and no election is totally bogus (let's face it: millions of the Soviet citizens who "voted" for Stalin or Stalinism actually meant it).  In 2020, in any case, the Dems and progressives certainly manipulated the news and social media to promote Joe Biden and to hurt Donald Trump.  Was that "fair"?  I sure don't think so.  They also manipulated the voting process, violating laws about voting integrity in order to maximize the number of ballots cast by mail for Joe Biden.  Was that "fair"?  I certainly don't think it was.  Now, did they dial in to Dominion's home office with their 80s-era modems and rejigger the election results?  I doubt it.  Did they fabricate ballots in key urban and suburban counties, pulling them out of suitcases if need be?  I doubt that too, only because no definitive proof has emerged and no one has bragged about it or confessed.  At the end of the day, the election was tainted by flaws, at the very least, and given how close the results were in key states it's entirely plausible that our current reigning "president" was chosen not by the people, but by the elites and the election bureaucrats who gamed the system to ensure his victory.  Witness this intriguing article, which shows how different the signature rejection rates can be from one election to another.  What we've never seen is ballot or signature rejection rates by county or by local jurisdiction.  That would be interesting, no?  We simply can't allow election workers to decide, by how strictly or loosely they enforce election laws, how wins and who loses our elections.  This is a problem we Republicans need to get on top of. 

Finally, for those of you looking to escape blue tyranny and move to the heartland, there are more and more incentives to do so.  Small towns want remote workers, in particular.  Could one of these wholesome hangouts be right for you???

Monday, April 26, 2021

Biden's Bathos


Friends, slowly but surely, Biden's poll numbers are sinking, and his disapproval numbers are rising.  This is enormously important, because Biden's leverage to achieve real change -- as opposed to presidential posturing and virtue-signalling -- is predicated on his popularity, such as it is.  Can Biden put some spring back in his step?  We'll see, but being president ain't easy.  If I had to bet whether, say, in November 2022 Biden's poll numbers will be better or worse than now, I'd bet on worse!


In a clear sign that the Dems recognize their growing weakness, and the unpopularity of some of their extreme proposals, they're backtracking and beginning to take Senate Republican initiatives seriously.  In other words, they understand that, without some bipartisanship in the Senate, Biden may already have shot his wad, as it were, with the "American Rescue Plan". 

Is there anyone who can cut to the quick of American dysfunction quite like Victor Davis Hanson?  In this article, he exposes how the "antiracists" are really peddling a new form of straight-up racism, this time with whites as the "bogeymen".  That the "antiracists" are so often insulated from the consequences of their own derangement, not to mention from non-whites themselves, only makes their ramblings that much less credible.


Finally, you know you're doing something right when the Left starts to loathe you, right?  By that metric, Ron DeSantis is THE MAN!  "DeSantis Derangement Syndrome" (DDS) -- not to be confused with DDT, which I hear is also effective against pestilential Dems -- is a clear sign that in Florida's Governor we may have found the next GOP candidate and the next President of these United States! 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Bar for "Jim Crow" Keeps Getting Lower


Friends, from the 1870s to the 1960s, blacks in our Southern states felt the brunt of systematic segregationist policies collectively called "Jim Crow".  It was more than a mere policy, frankly.  It was, in effect, a way of life, and one over which much of the population (including poor whites) had no say.  Now, as you know, Democrats and progressives are constantly proclaiming that efforts to reform voting procedures in the Southern states (or in any red state) constitute the re-imposition of Jim Crow.  It's a crock, in simple terms, and a monstrous insult to Republicans, to democracy, and to America in general.  This article does a spectacular job of deconstructing Dem/leftist attacks on voter integrity measures like the one that recently passed in Georgia.  It's longish, but well worth your time.


In other news, it's one thing to support "gay rights", but it's quite another to elevate the celebration of homosexuality to equal status with a traditional virtue/principle like patriotism.  To put it another way, the gay pride flag has NO PLACE flying in front of any public building, and certainly not on the same flagpole as Old Glory.  The Biden administration recently flew the transgender flag (who knew there was such a thing?) at the White House, and now U.S. embassies throughout the world will be flying the rainbow flag ostentatiously, to demonstrate how woke we are as a nation.  Call me old fashioned, but I say the Stars and Stripes ought to be enough on their own.  Who's with me?  Or maybe, next time we Republicans win a presidential election, we should insist that Trump flags fly proudly in front of every public building...  Sure.  Why not.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Hate Is Enough


Friends, you'll hear a lot about hate crimes in the next, oh, few decades, because manipulating our perceptions of hate and violence is absolutely central to the Left's goal of winning and maintaining its grip on power.  Very little of what the Left claims re: hate is true, however.

For one thing, as you see above, even though the number of agencies contributing data on hate crimes has consistently risen, the number of reported hate crimes has remained relatively constant.  (Of course, a "reported" hate crime isn't always a hate crime either.)  That should tell you something.  Also, the offenders in hate crime incidents are not always white!  That would shock you if you were a CNN or an MSNBC viewer, needless to say, because they present the phenomenon of "hate" as though conservative white men had a monopoly on it.  Actually, whites are under-represented among (alleged) hate crime offenders, while blacks are over-represented. In truth, the prosecution of federal hate crimes is exceedingly rare...and there's no reason to believe that our country is in the grip of a massive surge in such offenses. Terrifying and misinforming the public has its rewards, though, especially if your goal is to "divide and conquer"...  Asian-Americans are the latest victims of the Left's scare tactics, but they weren't the first and they won't be the last.

My latest article addresses this topic and makes clear my opposition to hate crimes legislation (by contrast, my fulsome support for laws that criminalize actual violence is a matter of record).  See if you view things the same way...

Republicans Shouldn't Cave on “Hate Crimes”

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri and I have one thing in common: we're effectively alone in opposing the recent “Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill” passed by the U.S. Senate, 94-1. On one level, the bill is fairly inconsequential, since it revolves around the tracking of hate crimes, and the training of police officers, and not on the punishment of actual acts of violence. On another level, though, the bill is an affront to American justice and liberty, and it continues a dangerous trend of addressing crimes differently — sometimes wildly differently — based on their motivations.

Let me be clear: I do not support or condone acts of criminal violence against anyone, of any race or ethnic origin, for any reason. Why, then, would I waste what little political capital I possess, you may well ask, in opposing a popular and bipartisan bill aimed at deterring hate crimes?

Simple! Hate, although it is almost always senseless in its origins and repugnant in its real world effects, is not, and never should be, against the law. Every American, in fact, is free, under the First Amendment, to be as hateful and as biased as he so chooses.

Leftists make regular and copious use of this freedom, in fact — many of them are positively dripping with hate for those who think differently than they do, and often they betray unthinking bias towards groups, like men, white people, and Christians, who offend them, for one reason or another. Such feelings, however, and such beliefs, are not illegal. They are a permissible, if ill-advised, exercise of every American's constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of conscience. I will defend with every fiber of my being the right of leftists to hate and to deride anyone and anything they please, including me, because that is the essence of American freedom.

For this reason, all “hate crimes” legislation is a terrible mistake. When we weigh a person's guilt or innocence of, say, assault or murder, their actions, and their actions alone, are what should determine our final verdict. Their thoughts and beliefs, and our opinion of those thoughts and beliefs, are irrelevant.

Thus, whether or not a wave of “Asian hate” is washing over this country — based on the actual incidence of violent crime, it seems much more accurate and relevant to say that there is a surge in offenses, especially in our biggest cities where police forces are most cowed, in which black Americans are both the victims and the perpetrators — the fact is that every time that Republicans and conservatives surrender to the fashion for labeling “hate crimes” as such and punishing them with special severity, they reinforce the threat that such laws pose to our liberties. They also increase the danger that, in future, violent acts will become secondary to the phenomenon of “hate crimes”, and thus legislators will make haste to punish the thought crime of “hate” (selectively defined, of course) in itself. And that would be a very dangerous development indeed.

The other unfortunate aspect of Republicans' foolish endorsement of hate crimes laws is that all such efforts add fuel to the fire of Democratic/progressive efforts to popularize the idea that America is a fundamentally hateful country, and that “hate” (always correlated with conservatism — imagine that!) is a constantly escalating threat.

Whether more “hate” abides in Americans' hearts now than, say, five years ago is almost impossible to say, but that police departments have been given perverse incentives to catalog crimes motivated by “hate” as “hate crimes” is beyond questioning. Likewise, the mainstream media will stop at nothing to perpetuate the twin myths that “hate crimes” are common and that they are almost uniformly committed by conservative white men, even though neither assertion is anywhere close to the truth. “Hate”, though, has become such a key organizing principle on the Left — hating the haters is de rigueur — that the show must go on, no matter how hollow and contrived.

Lastly, consider that, for leftists, “hate” increasingly typifies all conservative and Republican activism. Moreover, most conservative rhetoric is “hate speech”. Meanwhile, the vast reservoirs of hate on the Left, symbolized by BLM and Antifa but by no means exhausted by them, are studiously ignored by leftists and their media acolytes. Their criminal violence is “mostly peaceful”.

The obsession with tarring all conservatives with the “hate” brush is so ingrained among progressives, in fact, that words themselves — not just “hate”, but “racism”, “insurrection”, “infrastructure”, etc. — must be redefined to fit the paradigm. Don't agree with leftist doublethink? Then you must be a white supremacist/climate denier/sexist/Christian fundamentalist/anti-vaxxer/redneck/transphobe/domestic terrorist! Plus, you and your spouse and your kids and your dog and your cat are probably ugly and stupid too. Might as well step on the gas when you're cruising down the highway, right?

Are these, then, the people we want defining and punishing “hate crimes”? I think not!

For all these reasons, it is disappointing that Senate Republicans took the bait and voted en masse for the recent “Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill”. If they thought that, in doing so, they would reduce the aggregate amount of hate or violence in America, they were mistaken. If they thought that, in doing so, they could somehow put a dent in the blistering hate that leftists feel for Republican Senators and for ordinary conservatives, they were monstrously naive. Either way, they were in the wrong, and Senator Josh Hawley was alone in being right.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred, and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480.


And here it is at American Greatness: 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Deplatforming For Thee, But Not For Me


Friends, as part of Twitter's ongoing campaign to prove itself inveterately evil and indubitably Satanic, it is refusing to take any action against LeBron James, who recently tweeted a disgustingly inappropriate and transparently threatening remark directed at a Columbus police officer.  Keep in mind that President Trump, before he was ejected from Twitter for life, made no threatening or violent comments of any kind.  Twitter merely objected to his lack of vociferousness in his condemnations of the Capitol rioters.  Twitter also took the position that virtually anything Trump says in the future, no matter how superficially tame, could be interpreted by someone, somewhere, as a call to commit violence.  So, naturally, LeBron James...gets a pass.  Incredible.  Twitter's hypocrisy is on full display, as if we needed any confirmation, right?


In a clear sign that LeBron and Twitter are on the wrong side of history, even O.J. Simpson, noted multiple murderer, is chiding LeBron for not "picking his battles" more judiciously and for not waiting for the facts to emerge.  Darn right, O.J.!  You never want to go off half-cocked...

Woke Chicks Gone Wild


Friends, remember the good old days, when the craziest thing young women and girls got up to was pillow fights in their jammies?  Well, I sure do.  Good times!  But I digress.  Nowadays young women are at the leading edge of wokery, and they're also, relatedly, among the most mentally unhinged people in our society.  It's very sad what's become of our young women, in fact.  Leftist nonsense has a lot to do with it.  Witness the shocking correlation between mental illness in women and girls and progressive ideology.  It's often said that we conservatives need to create a beachhead among the young, if our movement is to survive long-term.  Sure, that's true.  It may also be the case that we need to save young people from progressivism for the sake of their own mental health and emotional/spiritual well-being!  Reaching out to the young and potentially woke is thus an act of charity.


Many of you are focused on the outcome of the trial of Derek Chauvin in Minnesota.  I'm not.  That's because the whole George Floyd/Derek Chauvin circus was little more than media sleight-of-hand, in my estimation.  Sure, it's always tragic when someone dies before his or her time, and it's extra tragic when someone sworn to uphold the law and keep the peace is arguably responsible for his or her demise.  That doesn't change the fact that, if black lives REALLY mattered to BLM and the Left in general, they would perk up a bit when thousands upon thousands of black Americans get murdered -- routinely -- by criminals.  Our perception of the problems of racism and violence in America are now so warped by intentionally deceptive, anecdote-driven media coverage that we're in danger of setting off a race war at a time when racism (of the anti-black variety) has never been rarer.  Whatever happens to Chauvin also doesn't change the fact that the police are, and always will be, THE ANSWER to the problems of black America.  They're not the problem itself.


In other news, along with the dismantling of many urban police departments, we're also witnessing a corresponding decline in the willingness of urban district attorneys to prosecute laws of which they disapprove.  In San Francisco, you can now shoplift all you want, as long as the total value of goods is under $900.  (Thus, a vacation in Frisco could really pay off!)  In New York, you can now hire all the prostitutes you like.  (Bonus points, naturally, if they turn out to be transvestites.)  Somehow, the Left has convinced itself that the non-enforcement of laws will usher in an egalitarian, libertine paradise.  Wanna bet?


Meanwhile, remember how, back when the Bidenists seized power in January, I predicted that one of the biggest threats we conservatives would face would be dismissal from our jobs because of our offensive views (and the "danger" we allegedly pose to the community)?  Well, it's starting to happen, although thus far it remains a rarity.  It's not surprising that the Left is starting with an effort to purge urban police departments of "right-wing nutjobs".  Don't think for a moment that the Inquisition will stop there.


Lastly, just in case anyone is keeping track, our budget deficit is SOARING.  Based on his recent negotiations with Republicans over "infrastructure" spending, even Biden may be coming to realize that the American people are worried about runaway expenditures.  That doesn't mean he'll rein them in, of course.  He's only looking to co-opt a few RINOs to give him political cover. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

A Country Worth Fighting For?


Friends, as you know, the 1619 project is all about, well, blackening the name of the United States of America -- portraying us as a country founded on racism, oppression, and hatred.  Well, that's part of the American story, but it takes some really creative editing to make that the substance of the entire American story, especially over the last 150 or so years.  Here's an excerpt from an address by a black scholar who believes that blacks need to rediscover their love for, and appreciation of, America:


Believe it or not, I disagree with Marjorie Taylor Greene, and other conservatives, that Rep. Maxine Waters should be ejected from Congress because of her encouragement of potential riots in Minnesota.  The fact is that Waters walked a fine line between justifying "confrontational" protests and supporting illegal, violent activities.  More to the point, I'm sick and tired of the fashion in American politics for "canceling" the people's elected representatives.  You want Maxine Waters' head on a platter?  One, you won't get it.  Two, be careful what you wish for, because dozens of Republican Congressmen could meet the same fate for -- real or imagined -- violations of "civic integrity", to use the parlance of Big Tech.  No Congressman should be removed from office, or removed from his or her committee assignments, except after conviction for serious criminal offenses, in my view. 

Finally, there's major progress being made in our vaccination campaign.  We're way ahead of the Europeans, although still behind the Israelis.  If we keep up the pace, this pandemic may shrivel up and die in time for all of us to enjoy the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!  Yay!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Mark Zuckerberg, Super Vilain?


Good day to you, friends.  Your news update today concentrates on the evils of Big Tech.  So many to choose from!

Mark Zuckerberg famously plowed hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort to expand voter participation in 2020.  Do you suppose he funded such measures in Republican and Democratic areas equally?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Don't be so naive.  No, it appears old Zuck knew exactly what he was doing...


Meanwhile, Facebook is selectively enforcing its rules -- and even pulling new rules out of a hat, if need be -- to protect its favorites, like this BLM bigwig: 

If only Facebook was the only social media company in thrall to Lucifer, right?  No, Twitter is just as bad, if not worse.  It's systematically deplatforming conservatives.


At least there are options these days.  Rumble, for instance, is an alternative to YouTube.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed up with Rumble.  Smart move, because it doesn't take a genius to figure out that his days on YouTube are probably numbered. 

The truth, though, is that Rumble is not, at this stage, a viable PR alternative to YouTube.  The audience that Big Tech has is immense, and if conservatives can't access the mainline social media platforms they will be at a vast disadvantage in the marketplace of ideas.  And that's the point of all the censorship and deplatforming, after all.  We have yet to find a solution to this vexing problem.

Lastly, check out California's new take on math.  2+2=4, you say?  You racist bastard!!!  The only math problem that we can solve with any confidence these days is this one:

America + white people = SAD FACE 😔

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Sick Man of...America?


Friends, remember when the Ottoman Empire and China were considered "sick" countries, bankrupt civilizations, prostrate before the might and ingenuity of the West?  Well, neither do I, but it was once so!  Now, it's the United States of America, so recently mistress of the globe, that is limping along, apologizing for her infirmities and failures.  Newt Gingrich puts it all into sharp perspective for us:


Here's a case in point.  "President" Biden's U.N. Ambassador is reminding our friends and allies just how low we Americans tend to sink: 

And now for some more cheerful news...  Crazy Nancy is deferring, for now, the question of whether the Supreme Court should be packed.  Smart move!  Such a bill has a very slender chance of making it through Congress anyway.  Know your limitations, Dems!


Also, the House is considering a range of measures to rein in Big Tech.  Me, I'd say almost anything that hurts Big Tech helps America.  The best part is that the Democrats and Republicans agree on the fact that these companies endanger our democracy and our free market system, even if they don't agree on why. 

More good news!  There are very, very few cases of fully vaccinated people catching COVID-19, and even fewer who die of the disease.  Ergo, vaccination works!  This ought to mean that an end is in sight to the punitive pandemic-related restrictions that have been imposed universally.  It ought to mean that, but it probably doesn't.

Lastly, the U.S. has thought better of sending two destroyers into the Black Sea to thumb our collective nose at Russia.  Of course, changing our minds makes us look weak, but sailing in circles while Putin conquers Ukraine would REALLY make us look weak.  Deescalation sounds like the right strategy to me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Blog Post To Remember


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show will knock not just your socks, but possibly your bloomers, off.  In terms of current events, Brian and I cover the recent "pause" in the administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, the tragic death of Prince Philip, the silencing of President Trump, Senator Joe Manchin's seemingly indefatigable resolve to uphold the filibuster, the viability of boycotts as a strategy to advance conservatism, the vile MSM attacks on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and much more!

In our historical segment, Brian and I tackle the German invasion of Norway in April 1940 and its earth-shattering political consequences, the Nazi roundup of foreign Jews in France, the last, fateful night of R.M.S. Titanic, the Allied victory in North Africa in 1943, the dastardly Vietminh, the Catch-22 of the U.S. opening to China, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and the brilliant military and political career of Dwight David Eisenhower.

Sure, you could miss this week's show...but would you ever forgive yourself???  I think not!




In other news, Mitch McConnell is trying to be the "bigger man" when it comes to his feud with Donald Trump (kind of a low bar).  I'm no fan of Mitch, but I question the usefulness of Trump's barrage of insults against him.  Unless, that is, Trump thinks Mitch can be persuaded to retire? 

Big corporations are doing more virtue signalling on the issue of "voting rights" -- unsurprisingly -- but their statements are so vague as to be arguably ineffectual.


Lastly, there are signs that voters are starting to punish the Dems for their embrace of open border policies.  This will be, in all likelihood, one of the determining factors in the GOP's push to recapture the House and Senate in 2022. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

True Religion in 21st Century America


Friends, here are, believe it or not, two articles with the same title, published on the same day.  Not surprisingly, they cover much of the same ground, but with some subtle differences that make both of them well worth reading.  In simple terms, both focus on the new "secular religion" of the Left: identity politics and "wokeness".  I leave it to you to decide whether the zealotry of these "true believers" will earn them salvation. 

Here's some more truth-telling, straight from the hip.  It's a piece that analyzes how the New York Times, which currently views any protestations about voter fraud as (racist) misinformation, for years took the very same problem seriously and reported on it extensively.  It's yet more evidence that, for the Left, reality truly is what one makes of it.


Finally, as America has become depressingly blue (which is to say: Bolshevik red), West Virginia has gone in the opposite direction, becoming one of the most GOP-dominated and culturally conservative states in the Union.  It's like the land that time forgot.  In our circles, that's a high compliment!  Well, now you too can become a West Virginian...and the state might even pay you for the privilege! 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Back to the Future?


Friends, everyone should read this stimulating analysis of "Bidenomics".  It proposes that Biden is essentially returning to the big spending, inflationary policies of the 1960s and 70s.  If so, he risks steering us into another bout of "stagflation" -- possibly much worse than before, because, once we've printed and borrowed our way into an historically deep hole, we won't have the equivalent tools to rescue ourselves.  Anyway, Pinkerton's article merits our attention.  See what you think.  BTW, he glosses over just how Reagan got us out of the stagflation mess.  He says it's all about tax cuts.  He doesn't mention that Reagan raised taxes after he cut them.  In addition, he doesn't mention the punishingly high interest rates we suffered under in the late 70s and early 80s.  He doesn't mention the influence of oil prices either.  He doesn't mention a lot of things, but he nevertheless provides food for thought.

Friday, April 9, 2021

A Prince Among Men


Friends, today we bid "Adieu!" to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, consort to Queen Elizabeth II.  There's much to be said about Philip and the extraordinary life he led, but I will confine my remarks to this: he was, in a sense, a good stand-in for most men of his generation, insofar as he was, by all accounts, a man's man, but a man who lived day-in-and-day-out in the shadow of a woman.  And that, it bears mentioning, is not so easy a thing to do.  Philip's role was never clear, and the contours of his responsibilities changed as social mores evolved, or degenerated, depending on your perspective.  Certainly life taught him the importance of humility and of the infamous "stiff upper lip".  One thing Philip never was for even a split second was a whiner. And for that, and for much else, I salute him.


Prince Philip may always have deferred to his wife -- who to her immense credit seldom belittled him in the bargain -- but he still spoke his mind, sometimes to the immense consternation of "the Palace".  My favorite Philip-ism?  To Alfredo Stroessner, dictator of Paraguay, "It’s a pleasant change to be in a country that isn’t ruled by its people."  Quite!


In other news, there's much gnashing of teeth and rending of (gender-neutral) garments among lefties today because of Senator Joe Manchin's recent disavowal of efforts to "weaken or eliminate" the filibuster.  As Chris Cillizza, a lefty true believer if ever there was one, says, Joe Manchin's obstinacy means that progressives' fondest hopes and most heartfelt desires, vis-a-vis the Biden presidency, are officially kaput...unless, of course, they can get themselves some bigger majorities in 2022.  Good luck!


The movers and the shakers in the GOP are getting together in South Florida to chart the future of the party, and that means that potential 2024 nominees are auditioning.  Notably absent will be Mike Pence, who presumably feels uncomfortable standing in the shadow of his former boss. 

Here's some witty advice for parents seeking to insulate their kids from the perils of wokeness.  It ain't easy!


And, finally, there's nothing sadder than a young person walking down the street with a mask on.  I mean, get a grip, man!  The coronavirus poses little danger to the young, AND you're freaking alone, AND you're outside, where infection is virtually impossible.  Such behavior ought to laughable.  Well, we'd laugh if we weren't crying (on the inside), anyway. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Boycotts, Boycotts, Boycotts!


Friends, you may have noticed that lefties love to protest injustice and boycott anything and everything that offends them.  President Trump says we conservatives need to get in on all the fun.  I'm not so sure.  I propose an alternative to the politics of (feigned) outrage...  It's all in my latest article, soon to appear at Townhall.  Enjoy!

How Conservatives Can Avoid the “Nice Guys Finish Last” Trap

Left-wingers have always had a knack for activism. In the 60s and 70s, they were the ones flooding the streets, protesting civil rights violations and the Vietnam War. Now, they're conjuring Twitter mobs out of thin air, organizing boycotts galore, and hectoring politicians, celebrities, corporate CEOs, and even their family members, friends, and neighbors, in response to any and all perceived violations of wokeness. Leftists seem always to be poised on a hair-trigger, ready to pounce on their enemies, and when they do...God help whomever bears the brunt of their searing wrath.

Often, we hear the argument on the right: why can we be as organized, as shrill, and as relentless as the Left? Why are corporate boards and advertisers, for instance, seemingly unafraid of offending us, when they blanch in terror at the first sight of a progressive with an upraised fist?

The answer, as usual, is staring us in the face: no one is afraid of us because we aren't scary in the least. Conservatives are mild-mannered (by and large), law-abiding, church-going, family-oriented, and usually polite and deferential. Heck, most of us even have jobs, which makes throwing rotten produce, or hurling digital invective, at those we find disagreeable difficult to reconcile with our busy schedules.

President Trump recently encouraged conservatives, and not for the first time, to follow the Left's playbook and begin boycotting companies that publicly condemned Georgia's new voting law. Let Coke, Delta, and Major League Baseball have it! “Don’t go back to their products until they relent.”

And, in response, you guessed it: Coke, Delta, and baseball didn't bat an eyelash. In fact, the MLB Commissioner wasted no time in moving the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver. Meanwhile, have Coke, Delta, or Major League Baseball's profits withered overnight? Hardly. In fact, we have no reason to suppose even that President Trump has given up his beloved Diet Coke, which for him is the elixir of life.

The lesson here? Conservatives will simply never be as ruthless as progressives. We don't believe in the politicization of every consumer decision. We don't seethe with rage in our spare time, waiting to be told who and what to hate next. Besides which, we're not naive enough to believe that, if Coke, Delta, and Major League Baseball occasionally knuckle under to leftist intimidation, that makes Pepsi, or United, or the NFL any better. Give them time: they'll disappoint us with their cravenness too.

The answer, I suggest, is to organize conservatives as much as possible not around protests, boycotts, and upsurges of outrage, as around positive demonstrations of solidarity with those rare — very rare! — politicians, celebrities, corporations, organizations, and ordinary citizens who make themselves conspicuous by their decency, their rationality, and their patriotism. If the symbol of leftism is the clenched fist, then why not make the symbol of conservatism the high five?

The most successful demonstration of such constructive conservative “activism” in recent years was the failed leftist boycott of Goya Foods, and the much more effective right-wing “buycott” that followed it. When Goya CEO Robert Unanue, a Hispanic, triggered liberals with his praise of President Trump in July 2020, they vowed to bring his company to its knees. Conservatives, however, rallied, and many, including me, bought Goya products for the first time in our lives. Goya sales soared.

Americans of all stripes already know that leftists can be powerful, implacable, and vicious enemies. There's no need for conservatives to demonstrate the same malice and fanaticism. Instead, let's show that we can be loyal and generous friends to those who have the courage to stand up to the Left's incessant tirades and bullying.

After all, as Ben Franklin once reminded us: you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at Townhall: 




In other news, I've spoken on many occasions about how deluded leftists are about race in America.  The less prevalent racism is, the more breathless their condemnations of omnipresent white supremacy become.  Here's a landmark study that deconstructs the Left's narrative on race and racism...not that a single progressive will ever read it, of course. 

Tucker is giving United Airlines a rhetorical broadside for its declaration that future pilots will be hired partly on the basis on race and gender.  Good for him.


The Republican Party is growing!  The GOP has a golden opportunity in Nevada, where the Dem party apparatus has been captured by socialist radicals.  Let's turn Nevada red! 

Things keep getting worse at the border, because...Trump!  That's the line the Biden administration is taking anyway.  Good luck with that.  I learned something new from this article: Mexico is unwilling to accept the deportation of "family units" including children under 7.  That means it's not just "unaccompanied minors" that we are saddled with nowadays.  Any toddler will do as a "Get-Into-America-Free" card for his parent(s), guardian(s), or kidnapper(s).


Lastly, at least in a political sense, this story is among the most important you will read today, or this week, or this month.  Our democracy is largely in the hands of avuncular, folksy Joe Manchin, the Democratic Senator from West Virginia.  If he and Krysten Sinema from Arizona agree to ditch the filibuster and pass a cornucopia of extremist bills, well, we're boned.  Manchin is a bit mercurial, but he's still making noises about how devoted he is to the filibuster, and thus to bipartisanship and respect for his Republican colleagues.  As long as that remains the case, most of the "Biden agenda" isn't going anywhere.  That's good!  Above all, we need to keep Sleepy Joe's approval numbers on the downslope, because if we do Manchin is highly unlikely to cave.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Flying the Friendly (If Chaotic) Skies


Great news, friends!  In future, commercial airline pilots won't be chosen for their experience or ability, but to satisfy some woke fussbudget's notions of "equity".  United claims that 50% of its future pilots will be women and minorities, which would represent a huge and rapid increase in their representation, presumably only achievable by re-imagining what it means to be a "pilot".  For example, is it really necessary to land the plane safely 100% of the time?  Psh!  I say 80-85% is pretty good.  That's a "B", right?  Very respectable!


Coke is facing criticism because of its...criticism of Georgia's new voting law, but will that flak translate into lower demand for Coke, or a diminution of Coke's profits?  That remains to be seen.  Probably the key question is: will President Trump find a substitute for his beloved Diet Coke?  One option: purchase grocery store brands of soda.  They're often indistinguishable from national brands, they're cheaper, and local grocery chains seldom weigh in on national politics. 

Politics is, in large measure, a numbers game.  Right now, "President" Biden's approval numbers are good but not great.  They've mostly been trending down slightly, as you see here: 


Now, in general we would expect a president's approval numbers to fall back down to earth after their post-inauguration "honeymoon" period.   Rod would doubtless tell us that Biden's numbers are bound to shoot up once the post-corona boom starts to bite.  I have my doubts.  Biden clearly didn't expect illegal immigration to be as much of a headache as it has become, and doubtless other obstacles and challenges will emerge, many of which we can't even imagine at this stage.  In any case, as this analysis demonstrates, not only are Republicans justified in expecting to pick up the House in 2022 -- if the circumstances are right they could win back the Senate too.


It would appear that reports of Kamala Harris's leading role in resolving the current border crisis were greatly exaggerated.  Harris is barely engaged with the crisis, and the press doesn't seem inclined to "press" her on the issue.  That's just as well -- who would want to take responsibility for this fiasco? 

And here's an analysis of the media's disdain -- nay, visceral detestation -- for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  Methinks they doth protest too much?

Monday, April 5, 2021

Giving Ron the Business


Friends, if you're a fan of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and you're rooting for him in 2024, here's the bad news: the mainstream media is increasingly choosing him as their favorite whipping boy.  Their attacks on the Governor are escalating.  And here's the good news: their attacks are escalating.  In other words, they take Ron seriously -- deadly seriously -- as a contender in 2024, and they want to head him off at the pass, i.e. destroy him preemptively, as they did once upon a time to Chris Christie and many other Republicans angling for the presidency.  Will they succeed?  Who knows, but I have a sneaking suspicion that DeSantis is up to the challenge.  Anyway, CBS's recent hit piece is the latest MSM contribution to the anti-DeSantis, anti-Florida campaign.


Meanwhile, another Floridian is defending himself from an avalanche of mostly personal, ad hominem attacks: Rep. Matt Gaetz.  It remains to be seen whether Gaetz's enemies can deliver the goods...or if they're hoping that a "narrative" alone can slay him.  Stay tuned. 

Justice Thomas is right: Big Tech's decision to ban Trump from their all-important platforms stinks to high heaven, and if we don't find a way to rein in these social media titans, future U.S. elections are going to anything but "free and fair".


Mitch McConnell is saying something reasonable for a change!  He's pointing out that businesses that go along with the demands of woke activists risk alienating their conservative customers...and permanently damaging their brands.  Well, that's true, but only if conservatives punish these companies for their outrageous conduct in some measurable, meaningful form.  Right now corporate America is about a hundred times more intimidated by the Left than it is by the right.  Unless we change that equation, these cultural battles are lost to us before they even commence.


For his part, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is signalling his disapproval of the politicization of baseball.  My guess is that MLB ratings will sink ever lower in 2021, partly because of this odious wokeness.  Does the League even care?  I guess we'll find out.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Waddy = Freedom! Un-Waddy = Un-Freedom!


Friends, my (metaphorical) musket is always trained on the enemies of liberty!  Recently, I sounded off on the evils of Big Tech, which is seeking to silence voices of which it disapproves, including that of President Trump.  I told Sputnik News exactly what I think of that kind of Bolshevist thought control!


Meanwhile, the battle continues to rage over Georgia's Voter ID law and the Dem/progressive campaign to make Georgia pay for its insolence.  President Trump is calling for Republicans, conservatives, and patriots to boycott companies like Coke and Delta which are buckling under to leftist pressure.  I'm torn, personally.  I hate the politicization of everything, even soda pop and air travel, but the truth is that the squeaky wheel really does get the grease.  If the Left leans on corporate America and the right sits on its hands, well, you do the math...  Anyway, it's nice to see Georgia standing up for itself and standing by its new law, and it's refreshing that the PGA, at least, is refusing to cave.  Baseball is officially no longer "America's game", if you want my opinion!  The good news is that these small-minded boycotting tactics may well backfire: Georgians don't appreciate the "punishment" that the Left is now inflicting on them.  I predict Georgia will be back in the red column in 2022!


In other news, there's some confusion about whether the U.S. is seeing another coronavirus "surge", but there's little doubt that there is a surge in other parts of the world that are lagging in vaccine distribution.  Perceptions of risks relative to the dreaded virus continue to have little to do with actual patterns of risk, however. 

Could Republicans be competitive in New Mexico's upcoming House special election?  Don't bet on it, but if the GOP candidate were to win, it would show that the Dems are in very serious trouble in 2022.


I don't know what to make of the latest DC sex scandal involving Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.  He denies all the charges, so we just have to hope that the DOJ investigation will be (uncharacteristically) fair. 

The "beauty" of cancel culture is that eventually it leads to the cancellation of everyone and everything.  Even Robespierre eventually got Robespierred!  I believe it's called a "purity spiral" or something to that effect?  Anyway, it's nice to see Barack Obama get dinged for his insufficient wokeness...


Now here's an intriguing story.  What do you suppose would be the media reaction if a troubled member of the Proud Boys, or just a wide-eyed Trump supporter, drove his car into a barricade around the U.S. Capitol and killed a police officer?  Would tempered analysis of the perils of mental illness ensue?  Yeah, right.  The media would beat the drum of "right-wing extremism" and "white supremacy" for days, if not weeks.  Curious, then, that the partly political and racial motivations of the recent attacker at the Capitol don't seem to trouble the press or the reigning Democrats at all... 

SUVs for me, but not for thee?  Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg got caught staging a photo op.  He wanted to be seen arriving at a Cabinet meeting via his eco-friendly bike, instead of a fleet of SUVs.  You gotta love these people!


Finally, heed the words of Charles Barkley.  The modern political and media environment really is designed to foster hatred, bitterness, vengeance, and anxiety.  It's toxic, simply put.  Here at WaddyIsRight we know this and try to analyze politics and cover the news more responsibly.  Sure -- we mock the Dems and their acolytes.  A good laugh at their expense is more than called for.  But hate Joe Biden?  Despise the woke SJWs?  Froth with rage at the decline of Western Civilization?  No thanks.  Life is too short.  Plus, I've met plenty of leftists.  They're arrogant and blinkered, but very few are bad people.  Cut off the constant flow of misinformation that deludes them, and most would return to sanity and decency in short order.  That's why Trump's number one error was not damming up the rivers of bile flowing out of the mouths of "journalists".  But I digress.  America just isn't such a bad place, and Americans aren't such bad people.  It's a shame, however, that our two-party system and our media is expressly designed to conceal these essential truths from us.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Have a Coke and a...Scowl?


Friends, Coca-Cola ain't what it used to be.  What is?  The iconic American brand has gone full "woke", or so it seems.  On Wednesday, the company bowed to pressure to condemn Georgia's new voting law, perpetuating the myth that it's racially discriminatory and designed to impede Americans from exercising their right to vote.  What's worse, the company remained silent until left-wing calls for a boycott became deafening, making it crystal clear that Coke was bullied.  On the upside, all this mealy-mouthed talk seems exactly that: TALK, backed by no meaningful action.  Still, it's depressing to see this kind of leftist group think infiltrate corporate America.  Truly, the world has gone mad, and the Left is running rampant.