Monday, February 28, 2022

A Fallen Cossack


Friends, some would accuse me of possessing a moral compass that points due south, more or less towards the depths of hell.  To which I say: it's a half truth!  Hell isn't south.  It's underground.  There's a world of difference!

Anywho...  Today I'm chagrined by the loss of the AN-225, called "Cossack" by NATO, the world's largest airliner of all time.  Apparently it was a casualty of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  This majestic, if corpulent, aircraft once hefted the Soviet space shuttle, called Buran, into the skies, when four Energia boosters weren't handy.  It was a marvel of modern technology, and part of the legacy of Soviet excellence in aerospace engineering that, I trust, Vladimir Putin and his ilk highly value.  The Russians and Ukrainians may not agree on much, but I daresay neither country would have wanted any harm to come to ole Cossack.  Here's hoping she wasn't too badly damaged, and that one day she may even fly again -- as I'm sure Ukraine, in one form or another, will rise from its present prostrate state and once more thrive.


In other news, noted academic/buffoon Nikole Hannah-Jones is condemning the media's fawning coverage of Ukraine's resistance to the Russian invasion guessed it: racist!  She claims the media wouldn't care a fig about Ukraine if all those Ukrainians weren't so blonde and lovely.  She omits to mention that the Russians are even blonder and lovelier, but that doesn't seem to stop us from portraying them as Satan's spawn.  But hey: to Hannah-Jones, when the sun comes up in the morning, it's proof positive that everyone but her is racist, racist, racist.  Now, if you ask me, Hannah-Jones is on to something in critiquing the coverage of Ukraine as highly disconsonant with the utter indifference that far worse violations of human rights seem to engender.  There's definitely some very selective moralizing going on here -- I'm looking your way, Red China -- but that doesn't mean that race is at the bottom of it.  What is at the bottom of it?  In my view, it's a reflexive Russophobia, leading to bad Western policy, which in turn excites the Russians' own paranoia and brings out the worst in them.  In other words, I'm inclined to blame the human condition.  Always a safe bet!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Hitting Below the Belt


Friends, the avalanche of pro-Ukrainian, Russophobic propaganda, public statements, and harebrained initiatives lately is getting hard to stomach.  I've kept an eye on Fox News's coverage of the war between Russia and Ukraine, and I have to say that any distinction between the tone of Fox's coverage and that of Ukrainian state media would be hard to spot.  Ukrainians are heroic, inspiring, and unstained by sin of any kind.  Russians, by contrast, are human only insofar as they struggle against Putin and align themselves, broadly speaking, with U.S. and Western foreign policy aims.  None of this is to deny real and justifiable moral qualms that many in the West have regarding the Russian offensive, but let's take a deep breath and remember that Russia's relations with Ukraine go back a long way and are complicated, to say the least.  Nasty things have been done, and said, on both sides, and for far longer than the USA has been a country.  Likewise, Russia has legitimate reasons, historical and current, to fear and mistrust the West.  So my advice is: stop luxuriating in jingoistic anti-Russian fervor and try to think of ways to contribute to the resolution of the current conflict.  After all, if we'd had something to offer the Russians in the last few weeks, besides insults, threats, and defiance, there might have been no war in the first place.

Taking first prize for petty Russophobia these days, in my opinion, are efforts to prevent Americans from purchasing Russian vodka -- all while Sleepy Joe allows, and in many ways encourages, us to guzzle Russian oil and gas by the barrel-full.  Talk about idiotic!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The New World (Dis)Order


Friends, my latest article, based on some of my reflections on the Russia-Ukraine mess over the last several days, laments just how much we've allowed the U.S.-Western dominated global order to unravel.  China was already a major question mark.  Now the estrangement between Russia and the West will complicate matters further.  You know, NATO has been the bulwark of Western security since the late 1940s.  It's one of history's most successful alliances.  It's also an alliance that's essentially never been tested.  Could it be tested soon?  Let's hope not, because I, for one, repose no great confidence in it, and I'm not at all sure that it hasn't outlived its usefulness.  Be that as it may, European politics are getting lively and interesting once more, after several decades of relative quietude.  That will keep us on our toes.

A Disaster of Our Own Making: How We're About to Lose a Lot More Than the Friendship of Ukraine

Let's begin with the obvious: Ukraine is toast. There is little or no chance that the country will be able to endure, given Russian military superiority. Thus, the Western “strategy”, such as it was, to tempt Ukraine progressively closer to NATO and the EU, all while shielding Ukraine against potential Russian aggression with (mostly idle) threats of “severe economic sanctions”, has failed, and spectacularly so!

The key question now is: what penalty will Russia pay for its impertinence, as the West sees it? And how long will it pay? Will sanctions be mild or severe? Will they last weeks, months, years, decades?

The U.S. and the West hesitated initially to place sanctions on Vladimir Putin personally. Moreover, Russia's access to the SWIFT banking system has not been curtailed. To me, though, the really important question is whether there will be any significant disruption to Russian oil and gas sales to the West. If there isn't – and early signs indicate that Russian sales of oil and natural gas will continue unabated – then Russia is likely to weather this storm just fine.

This (lily-livered) approach will minimize economic pain in the West, of course, by keeping energy costs down, but it will simultaneously send a clear message to Russia (and China) that the West's bark is worse than its bite. Simply put, we may pity those poor struggling Ukrainians, but we won't sacrifice our own material comforts to ease their plight. Not a chance.

It all makes you wonder what precisely we'd be willing to do if Putin marched into Warsaw or Riga (the capitals of NATO members Poland and Latvia, respectively)... The answer could well be: not much of anything! A sobering thought.

The fate of Ukraine, however, or even Poland or the Baltic states, is not, and never has been, of paramount importance to the U.S. and its key Western European allies. In the midst of the carnage in Ukraine, we should at least try to see the forest for the trees. Small, weak, impoverished nations are but playthings in the hands of the great powers. What's far more important than events in Kiev, therefore, is the long-term arc of relations between the U.S., Russia, and China – the world's three biggest powers, by far.

What we appear to be witnessing on that score is the rejuvenation of Cold War tensions between Russia and NATO, on the one hand, and increasing signs of an alliance between Russia and China, on the other – and both of these developments are highly troubling and hugely consequential.

Russia's intense jealousy of Western dominance has been evident at least since Vladimir Putin took the helm of state. China, though, seems recently to be no less aggrieved by U.S. and Western hegemony, as its peevish communiques about U.S. policy and even domestic affairs prove.

It's important to recognize, though, that Russia's estrangement from the West, and its marriage of convenience to Red China, are the result of a long series of high-handed and harebrained moves on the part of a succession of U.S. and European leaders. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, we treated Russia like a pariah and like a threat. During the Trump presidency, the Left went as far as to make Russophobia a fashionable trend, and it became de rigueur among the woke.

Russia, over many years, got the message: it would never be respected by the West or welcomed into NATO, the EU, or the global establishment. Simultaneously, Russia got clear signals from both the Trump and Biden administrations that, while the U.S. applauded Ukraine's shift towards the West, we would under no circumstances actively commit ourselves to the country's defense. The Western shield over Ukraine, in other words, was 80% rhetorical, 15% economic, and maybe 5% military – consisting of desultory shipments of armaments and supplies that would never come close to altering the balance of forces in the region.

The predictable consequence? Russia has seen these Western protestations and “guarantees” for what they are: a farce. It has thus invaded Ukraine, and, in the long run, it will reorient its economy and its military away from the West and towards a pact of some kind with communist China.

And China may, as some have suggested, learn a thing or two from this crisis about the rewards for military aggression, especially strategic and reputational, and about the pusillanimity of the West, that will make the world going forward a far more dangerous place. After all, if the West's response to a Russian invasion of “sovereign” Ukraine is this timid, how much more feeble would be our collective opposition to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, which virtually the entire world recognizes as the rightful territory of the PRC?

All in all, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the events of the last days and weeks are highly injurious to U.S. national security and to the strategic posture of the West -- and that is doubly unfortunate, because almost everything that has happened in and around Ukraine, and between the swooning lovers Russia and China, is the result of U.S. and Western blunders.

There is, in the end, a strong argument to be made that, despite Russia's proprietorial attitude to its “near abroad”, the West and Russia ought not to be enemies at all. On the contrary, we are natural allies, based on our cultural and historic ties, against China, which promises to be the single greatest threat to the current, Western-dominated global order. Instead of circling our wagons and preparing to meet this unprecedented challenge, the West is reprising the essentially tribal rivalries and bloodletting that beset us, and our Russian cousins, during two world wars, and throughout the Cold War. A more congenial environment for the rise of communist China as a nascent superpower would be difficult to imagine!

A tantalizing opportunity has thus been lost – or, more accurately, squandered. Now, we and the Russians face a grim, uncertain future.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.

See this article also at Townhall:




Here's the latest on the tragic events in Ukraine.  I'm impressed that the Ukrainians are fighting so valiantly, but it seems to me that futile resistance is just that: futile.  I don't advise anyone to die for a lost cause. 

Did Biden's energy policies enable Putin to attack Ukraine?  Quite possibly.  The rise in oil and gas prices since Biden took office have given Putin financial leverage, without which he might well have decided that invading was too great a risk.


Finally, Sleepy Joe has announced his pick for SCOTUS.  She's a...(drumroll, please) black woman!  She's also a solid, reliable judicial leftist.  What a shock! 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Bigger Picture


Friends, there's oodles to say about Russia's long-anticipated invasion of Ukraine, but as always I like to at least try to see the forest for the trees.  In other words, I don't regard the fate of Ukraine, in itself, as all that important.  The rejuvenation of Cold War tensions, on the other hand, and the increasing signs of an alliance between Russia and China -- both of which are aggrieved by U.S. and Western dominance -- is highly troubling and hugely consequential.  I agree with the analysis of the fine article below.  Russia's estrangement from the West, and its marriage of convenience to Red China, is the result of a long series of high-handed and ill-conceived moves on the part of a succession of U.S. and European leaders.  Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, we treated Russia like a pariah and like a threat.  During the Trump presidency, the Left even made Russophobia a fashionable trend.  Russia got the message: it would never be respected by the West or welcomed into NATO, the EU, or the global establishment.  Simultaneously, Russia got the clear message from both the Trump and Biden Administrations that, while the U.S. applauded Ukraine's shift towards the West, we would under no circumstances commit ourselves to the country's defense.  The predictable consequence?  Russia has invaded Ukraine, and, in the long run, it will reorient its economy and its military away from the West and towards a pact of some kind with communist China.  And China may, as some have suggested, learn a thing or two about the rewards for military aggression, and the pusillanimity of the West, that will make the world a far more dangerous place.  All in all, I regard these developments as highly injurious to U.S. national security -- and doubly unfortunate, because almost everything that has happened in the last 48 hours is the result of U.S. and Western miscalculations.  The West and Russia ought not to be enemies at all.  On the contrary, we are natural allies, based on our cultural and historic ties, against China.  A tantalizing opportunity has thus been lost.  Instead, we face a grim, uncertain future.


And here are the details on Russia's invasion thus far: 

To my mind, Ukraine is toast.  There is little or no chance that the country will be able to resist Russian military superiority.  The key question, then, is: what penalty will Russia pay for its impertinence, as the West sees it?  And how long will it pay?  Will sanctions be mild or severe?  Will they last weeks, months, years, decades?  To me, the really important question is whether there will be any significant disruption to Russian oil and gas sales to the West.  If there isn't, and as you'll see below the early signs are that there won't be, then Russia is likely to weather this storm just fine.  This will also minimize economic pain in the West, of course, but it will send a clear message to Russia (and China) that the West's bark is worse than its bite.  Simply put, we may pity those poor Ukrainians, but we won't sacrifice our own comforts to ease their plight.  It kinda makes you wonder what precisely we'd be willing to do if Putin marched into Warsaw or Riga...  The answer could be: not much of anything!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Breathing New Life into the USSR?


Friends, it's often said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has an insidious plan to reestablish and rebuild the Soviet Union, making countries like Ukraine into vassals of Russia.  Maybe he does, and maybe he doesn't, but either way it's certainly never been clear that Russia has the will or the means to extend Russian hegemony much further than it already has.  I mean, nibbling away at Georgia, say, or annexing Crimea, is a long, long way from (re)birthing a superpower...  Anyway, Russia's ambiguous goals are one of the subjects Brian and I cover on this week's Newsmaker Show.  We also talk about the spread of "Freedom Convoys" to the U.S., the Dems' ongoing slump in the polls, and the trials and tribulations of Trump's new social media platform, "Truth Social".

In our "This Day in History" segment, we cover the U.S. conquest of Iwo Jima, the first polio vaccine in 1954, and threats to the life of President-Elect Abraham Lincoln in February 1861.

Listen in, comrade!  It's your duty to world socialism!




In other news, the omicron surge is now officially the omicron bust.  New infections are down about 90%.  Boy, that was quick! 

So whose bank accounts are being frozen these days in the People's Republic of Canada?  Is it anyone who's contributed to the "Freedom Convoy" movement?  In some cases, yes.  And the reaction of Canada's Justice Minister, which you'll read at the end of the piece, isn't exactly reassuring!  Basically, he says that those nasty "Trumpers" deserve what they get.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Canada Cracks the Whip


Friends, bolstering their well-deserved reputation for iron-fisted repression, the strongmen who rule Canada have decided to disperse the protestors occupying the area around Parliament in Ottawa.  Frankly, I don't entirely blame them for clearing an "occupation" that was disruptive of commerce and daily life, and clearly against the law.  In fact, I wonder why they didn't do it a lot sooner.  What's troubling, though, is how the tactics used by Canada's police state have been reflective of the (allegedly fascist) cause of the protests.  I mean, it's illegality that should dictate a police response, or the freezing or confiscation of funds, right?  That's to say: the law should be applied equally to all law-breakers, regardless of their ideology.  As we all know, however, the establishment Left loves to give us object lessons in how, when those who cherish liberty or conservative values protest or engage in civil disobedience, the crackdown will be fierce.  But when leftist agitators break the same laws, or when they go much further and engage in rampant criminal violence, the authorities will take a dispassionate view, and they will enforce the law sparingly, if at all.  If this "fair"?  Heck no!  But then we already knew that life isn't fair, so there's no reason to be shocked.  What's more, we need to factor in the two-tiered system of justice and law enforcement in place throughout the West, and plan our campaigns of defiance and resistance accordingly.  There are, undoubtedly, occasions when the law must be flouted, but my advice to you as a conservative is: never, ever cross that bridge lightly.  Unless we rabble-rouse very selectively, we will almost certainly do ourselves and our cause more harm than good.


It looks like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's decision to target the finances of Freedom Convoy protestors caused some ripple effects in Canadian banking.  Interesting.  I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that all conservatives should hide their cash in their mattresses, but I would say: if you've got a choice between parking your money in a big, woke, corporate bank, and a small, local bank, choose the latter! 

The U.S. government says a Russian invasion of Ukraine is more or less guaranteed at this stage.  Do I believe it?  I honestly don't know what to believe!


The good news?  Trump's new social media platform is about to launch.  The bad news?  Most people will access it through the Apple and Google Play app stores.  Apple and Google are probably both itching to, and planning to, remove Truth Social from their stores at the first sign of "incitement", or "white supremacy", or even "freedom" (which is almost as bad).  This will be a big challenge for Trump and his digital confederates.


As you must know by know, laws can't possibly be enforced when a disproportionate number of the people caught breaking them are BIPOC.  I mean, that would be racist!  The ideal solution: repeal the offending laws, and let society slide into a reassuringly equitable form of anarchy.  And we're well on our way! 

We here at WaddyisRight wish Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a speedy recovery from the ravages (and/or minor annoyances) of COVID.  On the other hand, now that the coronavirus is fashionable among the crowned heads of Europe, maybe the rest of us will want a generous helping of it for ourselves?  Monkey see, monkey do...

Friday, February 18, 2022

Climate Change Eschatology


Friends, climate change alarmists are MAD AS HELL!  It's not because the oceans are about to catch fire, either.  Oh no.  It's because COVID stole the limelight, and for the past two years hardly anyone has cared that "science" proves that climate change is gonna kill us all...and incinerate our carcasses, just to rub it in.  I mean, what's a lefty eco-scold gotta do to get a little respect around here?  Keep in mind that almost all left-wing activists are peddling one version of catastrophism or another.  Problem is, though, that there's only so much abject terror to go around...  It's a predicament, for sure.  The Left might need to start rationing paranoia.  How else are we to achieve neurotic equity?

Do I believe in climate change?  You bet.  I'm also open-minded enough to acknowledge that heat is not, contrary to what you might have heard, always a bad thing.  Nor is "change".  The long-term effects of a slightly warmer climate are, in fact, difficult to predict, but, as this article demonstrates, the medium-term impacts of climate change that have already occurred are mostly -- gasp! -- positive.  Food for thought, indeed!


When the Dems' own polls are telling them that swing district voters believe they've gone way too far in pushing COVID authoritarianism, opening our borders, attacking the police, and promoting reverse racism, then you know the party has a major problem on its hands.  One option: change course!  That's an absurd suggestion, though.  Leftists don't make mistakes, and they certainly don't admit them.  Far better, then, to double down on accusations that all Republicans are treasonous, white supremacist, terrorist swine.  I wonder, has the saliency of those attacks been poll-tested?  I mean, I don't see much evidence that they've worked up to now... 

Could the enfranchisement of non-citizens in municipal elections lead inexorably to their participation in federal elections too?  That's a bit of a leap, since it would clearly violate federal law...but since when do election laws govern our elections?  It's elections bureaucrats who run the show, and their loyalties are suspect.  We need to keep a very close eye on the procedures that are in place to prune non-citizens from voter rolls.  There's nothing the Left would like more than to, uhh, stop enforcing the pesky requirement that you need to be a citizen in order to vote.  And they have demonstrated time and time again that they simply don't believe that the Constitution or the law are meaningful barriers to enacting their agenda.


The betting markets are saying that Donald Trump has the best chance of anyone to win the 2024 election.  That's nice, but they're also saying that there's a 75% chance that he won't be the winner.  Betting markets signify little at this stage, and polling signifies scarcely more.  Three years is an eternity in politics, and, what's more, our finely balanced two-party system almost guarantees that 2024 will be a nail-biter.  Don't kid yourselves: the GOP might win in 2022 by default, but 2024 will be a far bigger challenge.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Who's Laughing Now?


Friends, the recent revelations about the involvement of the Hillary Clinton campaign in efforts to "spy" on the Trump campaign and the Trump White House, while interesting, may ultimately signify very little, in terms of public opinion.  After all, the Dems seem to have gotten away with the whole Trump-Russia hoax, and they've never breathed a word of regret or contrition about any of it.  This poll, however, indicates that the American people are aware of John Durham's allegations and take them seriously.  That's heartening.  The Dems and their media allies are scoffing at the charges, when they're not simply ignoring them, but that doesn't mean voters will follow suit.  The fact that independents, in particular, are paying attention is politically significant.  Having said all that, I still maintain that the Dems won't face a true reckoning until some "big fish" land in jail -- and good luck with that, Mr. Durham!


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to label everyone involved with the Freedom Convoys "racist", "sexist", and Nazi and Confederate sympathizers.  Such rhetoric is inflammatory, sure, but it's also honest: this is exacgtly how leftists feel about anyone and everyone who dares to defy or criticize them.  I say: let those phony charges fly, Justin!  You're only making yourself look petty and ridiculous, and, assuming you ever do encounter an actual Nazi or a racist, when you call them out no one will take you seriously.  That's what happens when verbal diarrhea and ad hominem attacks replace legitimate, ratonal discourse -- people just stop listening.  Lefties, take note!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Keep On Truckin'!


Friends, did you know that all truck drivers are Satanist, fascist, white supremacist terrorists?  I didn't!  Luckily the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is enlightening me...  Thanks, Canada!

This week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil covers all the hot button issues, including the squabble over Ukraine, the controversy surrounding "Freedom Convoys", the deterioriating economic picture, and the outrageous revelations about Clinton campaign spying on President Trump.

When we get to "This Day in History", we analyze the role of the United Nations in the Korean War and the Cold War as a whole, the legacy of the Tet Offensive, the saliency of historical comparisons to "Watergate", the significance of the U.S. campaign against the Barbary Pirates, and the difficulties in exciting historical curiosity in college-age Americans.

What a lineup!  Could it be the greatest radio broadcast of all time?  It's definitely top-ten!  That's why it's so imperative that you listen and experience it for yourself:




Here's the Wall Street Jorunal's take on John Durham's recent allegations about Dem spying on the Trump campaign and Trump White House.  They're not scoffing, as you'll see: 

Finally, DJT is getting one step closer to launching his HUUUUUUUUUUGE new social media platform.  He's gonna rock your world!  Gird your loins, people!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Bill "I'll Do Anything For a Couple of Yuan" Gates


Friends, you may be wondering how it is that the Chinese can invent a virus, unleash it on the world, kill millions, and get off scot-free...  It's simple, really: you just buy off and/or collude with all the major opinion leaders and power brokers in the free (and un-free) world.  The Chicoms have developed an impressive knack for subversion, almost all of it, I hasten to add, completely legal, and most of it publicly admitted.  Here's a fine article about Bill Gates that details his long-standing relationship with various organs of the party, military, and state in Red China.  And ask yourself this: if one of the world's richest men can be "bought and sold" by China, what chance do rank-and-file businessmen, academics, scientists, journalists, and politicians have?  Heck, Trump once boasted that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and still maintain the full support of his loyal base.  The Chinese aren't just boasting about it: they're actually doing it!  They're killing their own people, and ours, by the millions...and all the world has to say about it is: thank you, Chinese Sir, may I have another?


The Left is redefining seemingly innocuous terms all the time, and their latest trigger word is "freedom", which of course those nasty, nasty truckers have misappropriated.  The next time you hear someone say, "I love freedom", you'll know what they really mean is: "I love Hitler and slavery and AR-15s and fossil fuels and Fox News".  And knowing is half the battle, right? 

As per the CDC, having babies is passé, but even more so is having babies while married.  Having babies while married to a person of the opposite sex is practically unthinkable.  My, how times have changed.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Last Appeal to Reason


Friends, my latest article lays out an argument for why we should avoid war between Russia and Ukraine, and possibly a new Cold War between Russia and NATO (or worse), by giving Russia what it wants: a guarantee that Ukraine will never be admitted into NATO.  Why not?  We don't want Ukraine in our exclusive club anyway.  See if you agree with my analysis:

Sleepy Joe: Shelve the UnRealpolitik, While There's Still Time

To those who follow the news, it's become increasingly clear that Russia doesn't want Ukraine in NATO. Fair enough. It's also clear that NATO doesn't want Ukraine in NATO. I mean, it's a failed state. All things being equal, we'd prefer that Ukraine wasn't even in Europe... So, given that Russia and the West are in rare agreement, why not...go to war over it anyway? Brilliant! And, with visionary leaders like Joe Biden at the helm, what's to stop us? Full steam ahead!

In case you couldn't decipher my sarcasm, let me be more upfront: there is no good reason for the current brouhaha between NATO and Russia over Ukraine. Ukraine has been, for a millennium or so, deep inside the Russian sphere of influence. In effect, Ukraine is Russia's little brother – headstrong and resentful, but destined to live in the shadow of big, strong Rus, come what may. And we in the West, for some reason, think it's our business to take Ukraine's side (of late), and to upbraid Rus for his highhandedness, insisting that he treat his little brother like an equal. What's more, we expect to get our way not by bopping Rus on the nose, in the time-honored manner in which bullies are generally brought to heel, but by waving our arms in a pantomime of outrage, and, if pressed, by threatening Rus with a cut in his allowance. Little do we realize that such tactics are tailor-made to infuriate Rus, to goad him to acts of aggression, and in fact to make little Ukraine's already complicated life absolutely miserable. The simple fact is that we interfere with this age-old fraternal bond at our peril, and even more so at the peril of the very people we claim to want to help.

Arguably, our useless chiding of Russia, and our even more useless cheerleading for Ukraine, might be defensible, if Ukraine itself was worth fighting over. It isn't. It probably never was, and it certainly hasn't been since we and the Europeans acquired the ability to produce more food for ourselves than we could possibly eat. Once upon a time, Ukraine was a breadbasket, and rich agricultural lands are worth a pitched battle or two. Now, though, Ukraine is an impoverished backwater, a cesspool of corruption, and strategic dead weight. Winning its allegiance, or defending its independence, is about as useful to the West as staking a claim to one of Jupiter's moons, or annexing broad swathes of the fourth dimension. Ukraine ought to be absolutely, positively unthinkable as the ground over which World War III could be fought, with all the dreadful portents for nuclear annihilation that such a war would bring with it. Think about it: the West and Russia, despite some close calls, have successfully avoided major wars for 75 years. That's three whole generations! And now we're contemplating throwing away that legacy of peace and prosperity for...the sacred sovereignty of Ukraine? No! A thousand times, no! The very prospect should send chills down our collective and individual spines.

Better than all the blustering that's characterized our approach to Ukraine thus far would be some genuine dialogue and a little common sense. Russia is contemplating an invasion of Ukraine for one reason and one reason only: because the West has pushed the boundaries of a hostile alliance, NATO, closer and closer to Russia's historic and strategic heartland, ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Moreover, we show every sign of nibbling away further at Russia's “near abroad” until, having secured all of it for ourselves, we can start destabilizing Russia herself, encouraging her people to turn against their leaders, and thus make our conquest of our ancient enemy complete. Why else would we have maintained the NATO alliance in the first place, once the Cold War was won, and why would we have made its relentless eastward expansion its principal mission?

We can, however, diffuse Russia's anxiety, and forestall a seemingly imminent invasion, by a simple expedient: we make Russia a promise, either explicit or implicit, that Ukraine will never be a candidate for NATO membership – and, in fact, that the era of NATO expansion has come to an end. By doing so, we would not only bring the present crisis to a happy conclusion, thus securing peace and prosperity for ourselves and for the Russian people, but we would also have conveyed these inestimable blessings to Ukraine. The Ukrainians' sovereignty would be intact (if a little frayed around the edges), and all for the sacrifice of one absurd fantasy: that Ukraine could ever be a member-in-good-standing of the Western alliance. We, the Ukrainians, and the Russians will all be better off when this dangerous illusion is set aside.

“President” Biden, I realize that, as a loyal CNN/MSNBC viewer, disparaging and antagonizing Russia comes second nature to you, but, please, give up these strong-arm tactics before you get someone hurt – and, by “someone”, I mean everyone!

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.




In other news, there's been a significant decline in public support for the death penalty, even among Republicans.  Methinks this has a lot to do with the media blackout concerning violent crime.  According to the MSM, we're not supposed to notice when homicidal maniacs, oh, rape and/or murder us, because a lot of those maniacs are BIPOC victims of white oppression, and it would be mean and racist to carp and moan about a few minor criminal infractions, right?  Bottom line: the press ought to be covering the crime wave.  If it did, support for capital punishment would rise in short order! 

Inflation has consumers in a really foul mood.  Poor consumer sentiment, moreover, is often correlated with recessions.  Could one be on the way?  


You thought it was rough being a Democrat now -- just imagine what their poll numbers would look like if the economy headed (further) south!


Freedom convoys are catching on -- even in Buffalo, which is mere steps away from the Rochester headquarters of the Waddist movement.  Oh my! 

Maybe you've heard: John Durham is alleging that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid I.T. whiz kids to infiltrate Trump Tower and the White House in order to find dirt, or anything that could be spun as dirt, on DJT.  You'd think that would be kind of a big deal, but no -- the media is rating it "not newsworthy".  That's par for the course.


Our old friend Robert Reich is at it again: he's saying that nasty rich oligarchs are in league with super-racist Republicans.  As usual, his latest article is artfully misleading.  He doesn't point out that the vast majority of donations from corporations and the ultra-rich in 2020 went to Democrats, and he also leaves out the clincher: it was Dem-supported lockdown policies that helped produce massive gains in wealth for the already-filthy-rich.  The idea that the Democratic Party is the party of the "little guy" is getting more laughable by the day. 

Finally, here's a really good article about the weight of evidence supporting the lab leak theory of COVID's origins.  I defy you to read it and not conclude that the Chicoms got away with the crime of the century!

Friday, February 11, 2022

Don't Forget to Procreate!


Friends, here's an interesting article about humanity's demographic future, which almost certainly involves a peak human population on the planet in the next 50 years, and then a precipitious decline, caused by crashing fertility rates and a general indifference to the biological imperative of procreation.  There's a strong argument to be made that we should be meeting this challenge by implementing far more aggressive pro-natalist policies and reorienting our culture in a less materialist and more familial fashion.  The irony, though, is that the global elite is so seduced by leftist nonsense that they regard homo sapiens as a plague infecting Mother Earth.  They view people as the problem, and thus we're not likely to put up much of a fight as our species shrinks demographically to a vanishing point.  Oh well.  Humanity was fun while it lasted.


The big story that this blog hasn't been covering as much as public interest warrants is INFLATION!!!  Inflation is the elephant in the room that may well doom the Democrats in November pretty much regardless of all the other stories and narratives we may bandy about.  Inflation insidiously eats away at the buying power of ordinary Americans.  More to the point, it scares the financial crap out of them, which means the party in power has some major explaining to do!  The fact that Biden and the Dems were initially dismissive of the problem won't help.  And, as Lester Holt proved this week, if you remind Biden of his past statements on the issue, he gets mighty cranky.  That is, he gets even crankier than usual. 

Good news!  "President" Biden has declared that his Supreme Court nominee will have "mainstream" views on the Constitution and the law.  How reassuring!


Most of us have assumed that the purpose of the January 6th committee is straightforward: it exists to impugn the honor, the patriotism, and the law-abidingness of conservatives and Republicans, and thus to help Democrats win the midterm elections.  All that's undoubtedly true, but could there be more to the story?  Matt Gaetz claims that the agenda of the committee might be to produce a "finding" that Trump, and maybe a short list of other high profile Republicans, engaged in "insurrection" or "sedition".  Such a finding could be used to exclude Trump, and these other Republicans, from the ballot in 2022, 2024, or in perpetuity, based on the provision in federal law that prohibits anyone who has been an insurrectionist from "holding any office".  We've speculated on this possibility before.  Would most states or local boards of election respect such a finding?  Probably not, but what if some did?  What if Trump really was barred from appearing on the ballot in enough places in 2024 that it was impossible for him to win?  Would the federal courts, or the Supreme Court, step in to rescue him?  Maybe they would, and maybe they wouldn't. These days, you can't rule anything out!


Finally, many of you have been keeping track of the Freedom Convoy(s) in Canada, which are giving poor Justin Trudeau fits.  Similar protests, characterized in part by civil disobedience, are cropping up elsewhere, including in -- of all places -- New Zealand!  Many people believe that similar protests will soon snarl our highways too.  On the other hand, many COVID restrictions are being terminated, seemingly at the very moment when the public's patience with them is running out.  Quite a coincidence!  It's almost like "the science" follows "the polls"...  Hmmm. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Ukraine and Russia: Attached at the Hip?


Friends, a lot of this week's Newsmaker Show reflects on the close historical and cultural ties between Ukraine and Russia, and asks how wise it is for the West to interfere in that relationship or to try to safeguard Ukrainian independence.  Twice in the 20th century, conflict between Russia and the West (namely Germany) created an opportunity for Ukraine to break free (briefly) from Russian overlordship.  Both times, once circumstances quieted down, Russia tightened its grip and Ukrainian sovereignty was forfeit.  Could history repeat itself in 2022?  Maybe.  Is there any great reason in the West for us to care?  None that I can think of.  We have bigger fish to fry, as American and Western power declines precipitously, in global terms, and China nips at our heels and makes a play for world domination.  My take?  The future of Ukraine is hardly worth fretting about.

In addition to the Russia-Ukraine brouhaha, Brian and I tackle the rapid pivot in blue states away from COVID mandates, the RNC's decision to censure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (and the meager political capital the Dems have earned to date from exploitation of the January 6th "insurrection"), the symbolic confrontation between American and Russian power in Venezuela, the rising tide of Biden skepticism on the Left (and where it may lead), and how to tell if someone is a "communist".

Sounds mighty stimulating to me!  Listen in and judge for yourself:




In other news, here is RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel's outstanding refutation of media attacks against the Republican censure of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.  The GOP is not pro-violence -- it's pro-Constitution, fairness, and the rule of law.  There's a big difference! 

Which mega-corporations are most compromised by ties with, and sponsorship of, China's "genocide Olympics"?  Good question!  Find out here:

Monday, February 7, 2022

It's Official: There's Not Going To Be a Joe Biden Centerfold in Playboy


Friends, am I the only one starting to notice a resemblance between Sleepy Joe and the one-foot-in-the-grave version of Hugh Hefner, the grandsire of the Playboy empire?  Perhaps.  Be that as it may, my commentary on Brian Karem's article on the growing Dem disillusionment with "President" Biden has just been published by American Greatness.  Karem, in case you've forgotten, was Playboy's senior White House correspondent, so he's a man you'll want to pay close attention to.  The bunny ears alone demand respect.  Enjoy!


In other news, here's an article by a lefty who argues that the RNC's recent censure of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger means that Republicans are running scared.  What are we afraid of?  We're concerned that the January 6th committee might "deliver the goods" and prove that Trump, his inner circle, and all 74 million of us who voted for him are a bunch of insurrectionist domestic terrorist bastards.  Uh huh.  That's a big worry, all right.  I jest, but the article does have a point: we conservatives have a decision to make about how much we "engage" with the committee itself, how much we acknowledge or ignore Cheney and Kinzinger's pearl-clutching, and how much we seek to change the subject and talk about immigration, on inflation, or Russia Russia Russia, or something else entirely.  By and large, it's in the interests of Republicans to keep the public focused on the failures of the Biden Administration.  Then again, what Cheney and Kinzinger are doing by defying the will of their conference, and by trying to drag people totally unconnected with the Capitol Riot into their "insurrection" fairy tales, is downright dangerous and deeply divisive.  Maybe it merits a summary condemnation?


Speaking of which, what will happen to the January 6th committee when (not if) the GOP takes control of the House in January of next year?  There's a world of possibilities, and some of them could cause lefties' jaws to drop... 

Kudos to Coca-Cola for maintaining a consistent line on the morality/profitability of Olympic sponsorships.  They didn't let Nazi genocide rain on their Olympic parade in 1936, and they're every bit as indifferent to the fate of Uyghurs in China now.  And yet, as this article points out, Georgia's minor voting reforms required immediate and pointed criticism from Coke's CEO.  Now that's a company with its priorities straight...


Finally, as you can see here, the revocation of COVID restrictions isn't just a trend in Europe.  It's starting here too.  Long may it last!  One has to wonder which restrictions will remain in place by the time of the November midterm elections...  Democrats appear to be figuring out what the polls have been saying now for a while: COVID paranoia is a political liability.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Thin Blue Line Is Getting Stretched Thinner


Friends, a career in law enforcement was never the "easy" choice in life.  Far from it.  Conditions under which police officers labor have only gotten worse in the past several years, however, particularly in the wake of the "defund the police" movement.  Few cities disbanded or even substantially reduced funding for their police forces, but almost everywhere public and political support for the boys in blue sagged, with mass retirements and general demoralization the result, not to mention "depolicing", the decision by police to pull back from crime-infested neighborhoods because of their fear that aggressive efforts to enforce the law would only yield more public scorn.  We know that this pernicious trend has led to thousands of additional murders, mostly in our biggest urban conglomerations, and now we're hearing that more and more police officers are falling in the line of duty, quite a few of them to ambush attacks.  The Dems, for their part, have largely stopped kicking the police in the teeth, but they're a long way from giving them the support and encouragement they need.  And who, I ask you, would want these days to be a police officer in New York City, or LA, or Chicago, or Philadelphia?  Not me, that's for sure!  One wonders how bad the problem needs to get before the Dems stop howling about "equity" and start and order.


According to the media, war between Russia and Ukraine gets a little closer every day.  Of course, the media doesn't have a great track record, so we'll see about that.  One reason that Russia may ultimately decide to pull the trigger is the dissension within NATO and the mixed signals coming from major Western powers like Germany.  Germany says, in effect, "all options are on the table" in the case of a Russian invasion.  Well, one of those options is "wag your finger and otherwise do nothing".  If I were Putin, that's the one I'd bet on. 

Friday, February 4, 2022

Damned If You Do, and Damned If You Don't


Friends, I highly recommend this article to you.  It's by Brian Karem, formerly Playboy's Senior White House correspondent -- so you know he carries a lot of weight, morally and intellectually speaking, among Democrats and progressives.  It's what's being said in the article that counts, though, not who's saying it.  Karem argues that, by naming Joseph R. Biden as Generalissimo of the Left, progressives may have...erred!  Can you imagine???  That almost sounds like, well, criticism!  I mean, you can't bad-mouth Joe Biden, right?  He's fighting a noble battle to "restore the soul of America" and save it from Trumpian fascism.  Heck, he's the anti-Trump!  Why would any leftist call him out, therefore?  Politics, especially in a two-party democracy, is a zero-sum game.  Any harm done to Biden and the Democrats is, almost by definition, helpful to Trump and Republicans.  What gives?

The answer is that Brian Karem is this thing called a "journalist".  Journalists are supposed to tell it like it is.  They're supposed to investigate, ask questions, look under rocks and see what's crawling and squirming there.  For two years, mainstream journalists have resolutely refused to do their jobs, as we all know, when it comes to Joe Biden, the Biden family, Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party.  They've given all Dems and progressives a pass when it comes to scrutiny and criticism.  In fact, they've even joined in the mammoth effort to suppress, censor, demean, and intimidate any one who does scrutinize or criticize Biden and his ilk.  They've done so, as Karem more or less admits, with one overriding goal in mind: the defeat of Donald Trump and the GOP.  While painfully aware that Biden and the Democrats do have flaws, they've long since decided that these minor imperfections pale in comparison to the racism, sexism, lunacy, and treason that, they say, characterize the political right.  And, if you believed everything that these people believe about Trump and Trumpers, you'd probably think and say exactly the same thing. Now, though, that Biden is the President of the United States, and the Democratic Party is -- gasp! -- the governing party, these activist journalists feel like maybe, just maybe, they should return to their professional roots and subject the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats to a little bit of constructive criticism.  In fact, the time may even have come to ask the question that no one on the Left was allowed to ask for two long years: is Joe Biden really the best that the Democratic Party can come up with?  Is he, more to the point, the right man to lead progressives, the United States of America, and the free world?  I mean, he is an old white guy (Karem calls him "patriarchal"), which is inherently suspect.  He's also tanking in the polls, and he can barely string a sentence together at times.  Makes you think, right?

If you read Karem's article, and I hope you will, you'll notice that he spends far more time insulting Donald Trump and Republicans than he does critically analyzing the leadership of Joe Biden.  And that's to be expected.  At first, any faultfinding re: the "savior" of "America's soul" will be apologetic and tentative in nature.  Poor Brian Karem isn't quite sure if he's allowed to say anything bad about Joe Biden.  Not yet.  He's painfully aware and deeply afraid that he may be pilloried as an enemy of progressivism for doing so.  He writes: "It seems almost perverse to criticize the current president for anything, compared to the batshit craziness of those on the other side of the aisle." And yet, Karem feels that ultimately the time has come.  He thus cites some back channel communication among Democrats and leftists about Biden's, uh, foibles.  He quotes one Dem insider saying, "We don't know — when he shows up, are we going to get someone barely there, or someone who's on his game?"  Ouch!  Karem goes on to write that recently he posed a question to Biden himself, and his "answer made no sense, and he took no follow-up questions. He walked away. That's part of his problem.  Many members of the press have long complained about the lack of communication from the president".  So Biden isn't just erratic and incoherent -- he's also aloof and unaccountable, and the press really hates that, as you can imagine.  Double ouch!  Karem concludes that "The trick for us in the press corps is framing the narrative. While Biden deserves criticism, it isn't on the same level as the outright outrage leveled against the former president, who remains the driving force behind an effort to overthrow our government."  Get that?  It's okay to criticize Joe Biden, just as long as you remind your readers, viewers, and listeners that Trump is still a million times worse.  Interesting.  And yet, for conservatives, this represents real progress.  It represents a rediscovery by the press of its foremost obligation -- to seek out and expose the truth -- even if their execution of that sacred charge leaves much to be desired.  It represents, for Republicans, an opportunity, even a golden opportunity, in 2022 and beyond, when, for the first time since 2019, and arguably since 2015, the mainstream media feels like it can direct some of its belligerence, scorn, and disrespect at both parties, not just one of them.  Wow!


So pay close attention to articles like Brian Karem's.  They represent a sea change in the media environment, and in the framing and construction, if you will, of public opinion, that could and probably will herald major gains for Republicans in the midterm elections.  They also represent the seed of what could become, if Biden continues to lead his progressive confederates into the political wilderness, an outright rebellion against old guard, Bidenist leadership.  Karem talks about "whispers" against Biden on the Left.  Well, every campaign of vilification starts out with soft-spoken barbs, and it usually ends with vitriolic shouts.  Expect, as night follows day, that the denigration of Joe Biden will escalate steadily. And if, as most observers predict, the midterm elections turn out disastrously for Team Blue, expect calls for Biden's ouster to become a popular refrain -- with long-term consequences for Democrats and progressives that we can only guess at.


And, just for the record, Brian Karem started it.  He may never live it down! 


In other news, here's a great defense of Realpolitik and spheres of influence in international affairs, which, as the author points out, we ignore at our peril! 


The RNC has formally censured Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for defying the consensus of the party and the Republican caucus in the House, for endangering Americans' rights to free speech and due process, and for prizing a vendetta against Donald Trump over the national interest.  Hear hear! 


Michael Avenatti, once the darling of CNN and MSNBC and one of fiercest Trump critics around, is heading to jail.  And that's ironic, because he garnered fame and praise on the Left mainly by assuring anyone who would listen that DJT himself was prison-bound.  Guess he missed the mark! 


Finally, how nuts is critical race theory and the people whose brains have been addled by it?  Pretty nuts!  Here's a woke Hollywood actress apologizing for being black-ish, or, in other words, not black enough. 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

White Men Can't Judge


Friends, in case you were wondering, the Biden Administration may be shamelessly racist, but it does practice one important virtue: consistency!  As you'll see in this Wall Street Journal article, the Biden team has been adamant that female judges and judges of color should be appointed en masse to the federal bench.  White male judges, by contrast, are essentially obsolete, in the eyes of Biden and his cronies.  The figures speak for themselves.  It's a no-brainer that these decisions are not being made on the basis of qualifications, or even judicial philosophy, but based solely on a desire to achieve some kind of numerical "equity" in the judiciary.  Expect more of the same.  Biden, Breyer -- does it ever strike you as ironic that you serve a party that categorically despises people like you?  I guess not.


Donald Trump, Jr. is deriding Lindsey Graham for multiple instances of RINOism.  As for Graham's insistence that the Janaury 6th "insurrectionists" be punished, no one objects to reasonable punishments that reflect actual crimes committed, but the political persecution and selective prosecution of Trumpers is inexcusable, and if Trump saw fit once reelected to favor some of those targeted by the Left with commutations or pardons, that would be okay by me.  It would be righting a wrong, after all.  I hasten to add that Lindsey Graham, for all his faults, is still a fine Senator 90% of the time.  He even learned his lesson about crossing Trump!  You better believe he won't make that mistake again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

"Uncle Joe" Stalin: A Nice Guy When You Get To Know Him?


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show breaks new ground.  In particular, you won't want to miss our "This Day in History" segment, where I (seriously) entertain the notion that we might have gotten along better with those commie bastards (said with love) if only we made more effort to talk out our problems.  Who knows -- a good bear hug might have worked wonders on Stalin!  Okay, okay -- maybe not, but the fact is that many Russians fear us in the West, even to this day, and we need to do what we can to assuage their paranoia.  It's in their interest, and ours too!

In addition to the estrangement between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. in the early stages of the Cold War, Brian and I talk about the role of American air power in the Vietnam War, and the degree of corruption in U.S. politics.  I argue that "corruption" is all in the eye of the beholder, and that much of it has been legalized in our political system, making it all the more pervasive.

When it comes to current events, Brian and I cover a lot of ground.  We consider the vendetta that New York Attorney General Letitia James is pursuing against the Trump family, the growing list of countries that are abandoning COVID mandates and lockdowns, the political machinations surrounding Congressional redistricting, and the obscene bigotry of "President" Biden's approach to filling the latest vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Whoa!  That's a lot of top-flight analysis in just one show.  You'd be crazy NOT to listen in, don't you think?  No?  Well, who cares what YOU think -- you're crazy!!!


And here's an article that addresses one of my key points in the Newsmaker interview: that we need to try harder to communicate constructively with Russia.


And, believe it or not, I side with Whoopi Goldberg, the world's least likeable person, on the issue of whether her recent suspension is justified.  I mean, come on!  We all know what she was trying to say, and she has a point, even if she somewhat overstated her case.  Sure, Whoopi deserves to be fired, not suspended, but let's do it for the right reasons: because she's insufferable!