Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Nice Country You Got There. Be a Shame If It Got Ruined.


Friends, there are some fascinating books and articles to be written on the topic of how similar government is to organized crime.  Taxes, protection rackets, rules (spoken and unspoken) -- both have them in spades.  And looming behind both is the threat of violence if the will of the president/godfather is defied.  Both also demand "respect", or legitimacy, if you will.  Neither thrives on chaos, per se.  Both promise order, of a sort, but at a price.  Always at a price.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reflecting these days on how the federal government has become a tool for the redistribution of American wealth.  Of course, it's always been that, but now it's being used on an even wider basis to buttress the finances of deep blue areas -- areas that, based on their chronic mismanagement and their willful disavowal of the iron laws of economics during the coronavirus pandemic, find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy.  But Sleepy Joe has the answer ready to hand: federal subsidies, of course!  Uncle Sam to the rescue!  And most Americans seem only too happy to rubber stamp "President" Biden's $1.9 trillion boondoggle (the first of many, we hear).  I mean, why not?  We won't be paying the bill.  It's our hapless children and grandchildren who will get the shaft...and who cares about them?  Surely, they owe it to us.  I mean, we live in the worst of times, right?  Viruses, systemic racism, "Mr." Potato Head, Trumps galore.  If now isn't the time to slather the balm of federal largesse on America's gaping wounds, what is???

And so...back to my main point.  Organized crime and government have one more thing in common: an ingrained habit of diverting money from those who have earned it, by hard work, self-discipline, and careful stewardship, to those who manifestly have not, but who, by virtue of their connections, their brutality, their ambition, or their self-importance, can bully or wheedle their way to power and riches.  There's an even simpler way to view such relationships, of course: it's the dynamic between parasites and their hosts.  Such relationships are common -- in fact, very nearly universal -- in nature, but the key question is always: how much life energy can the parasite suck out of its host, before the host itself is compromised, and both organisms are destroyed?  Well, the federal government has been devouring the wealth (and the liberties) of decent Americans for a long time.  Biden and his pals certainly didn't invent that game, that rampant parasitism, but they do seem determined to push it to its logical conclusion -- to test the limits of the free market and of American strength and thus to find out exactly how much freeloading a seemingly healthy economy and society can take.  It's an experiment, if you will, and we are all, whether we know it or not, Biden's lab rats.  Don't like being poked and prodded?  Don't like having tens of thousands of dollars borrowed in your name and spent on heaven knows what?  Heck, I feel your pain, but the fact is that we were outvoted in 2020, by our fellow Americans (real and imagined), who were snookered by Boss Biden and browbeaten by his thugs.  They overlooked the lies, the threats, and the shakedowns, in favor of the complimentary Christmas hams and the free tickets to the ballgame.  Or, as the Romans liked to call it, bread and circuses.  Oh well.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  Either America will fight off this latest infestation of parasites, or it will succumb to them.  So be it.  Call it "the cycle of life".

I digress.  Boy, do I digress!  Anywho, here's Ron DeSantis's take on these matters, and proof positive that the federal government has become a redistributionist Ponzi scheme.  Despite what the Dems may tell you, the goal of this racket isn't to aid the less fortunate at the expense of the well-off.  It's to pad the pockets of the well-connected at the expense (albeit the deferred expense) of all the rest of us.  In simple terms, the bad news, America, is you're about to get fleeced!  The good news, however, is that you may not notice it until your pocket has been picked clean.


In other news, the Dems are proposing scads of terrible bills, most of which, thankfully, stand little chance of passing through Congress, so long as the filibuster remains intact in the Senate.  High on this list of legislative abominations is HR 1, which would amount to a Democratic/progressive takeover of local and state election authorities, with the goal of gaming all future elections in the Dems' favor.  The keystone of this effort would be the unilateral disarmament of election authorities in the face of would-be fraudsters.  Future elections, in other words, would be conducted on the honor system, and we all know how much honor prevails among (election) thieves.  The truth is we already do a terrible job of detecting and punishing election fraud in America...but occasionally we do find and prosecute it.  That offends the Democrats.  They want it established once and for all that there is no cheating in American elections -- that, in short, "there's nothing to see here".  That would give them license to cheat, ad infinitum, from here on out.  Why else would they howl in protest in response to simple election integrity measures that are commonplace in healthy democracies across the globe?  Why else, indeed?  You know why...  Because fraud, however much there may be in our system now, accrues to their advantage, and they know it.  Ergo, they want more. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: In twenty years working in state prisons, I became familiar with a commonly encountered criminal type: the prober. He/she would sally forth, seeking weak spots but upon resistance retreating and protesting no fell intent. But this retreat was only temporary and ground gained was NEVER given up.!Your comparison of the American left to a criminal enterprise, in that sense particularly, rings most true with me.


    1. Right you are JACK, and all the more so, because Marxism is a criminal ideology. I doubt most Americans know that, even the ones who push that ticket. However, Europeans had a dose of it for most of the 20th Century. And of course, China borrowed Marxism, with Mao giving it that "special touch." Yep, Marxism (The Left) has always been a criminal enterprise since the Communist Manifesto was published in 1848. Actually, it is worse than organizations like the Mafia because it poses as doing nice things for people. Our Democrats of course have filly embraced this ideology, with which they are wreaking havoc on our society.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: DeSantis hit it on the head. Of course the purpose of the present left is to artificially support blue states and cities which advance economy destroying policies. They are Marxists and mean to destroy our economy! Plus, these blue entities enforce po!icies which suppress opposition to leftist tota!itarian takeover and must needs be preserved!

  3. Remember:

    1) The Iron Law of Oligarchy.
    2) The Pareto Principle.
    3) You can't vote your way out of your murder.

    The Classical formulation of jus ad bellum was rendered by Saint Aquinas as follows:
    1) A properly instituted authority must condone or approve the war.
    2) War must occur for a good and just purpose.
    3) Peace must be a central motive.

    With all that in mind, we merely await the call to arms from some properly instituted authority at this point. Of course Leo XIII stated that the Family is a properly instituted authority, whose rights are equal to those of the state, so several triggers could constitute a legitimate use of force independent of state authority, including:
    - Coercive disarmament
    - Direct attacks on family structure
    - Direct attacks on worship

  4. Jack, I suppose much of life is characterized by "probing". We all do it. That's why the enforcement of agreed-upon rules is so important. Otherwise the probing will never stop, and no one will ever know where they stand. Civilization requires the rule of law.

    Marxism=criminal ideology. Hmm. I guess, insofar as classical Marxism advocates lawlessness to the point of revolution, that's literally a true statement, Ray. Now, though, Marxism doesn't seek to overturn the legal order so much as subsume it. At the end of the day, though, whether Marxists or mafiosi are in charge, the results are pretty similar: brutality, irrationality, theft, vulgarity, etc.

    Jack, I'm not sure that Democrats do intend to "destroy our economy". My guess is that they are naive enough to think that they can "modify" the free market as much as they like, and it will always be an inexhaustible piggy bank to finance their neo-Marxist schemes. Then again, maybe for them the bottom line is power. A depression might empower them even more effectively than a boom, after all.

    Lee (I'm guessing that's you, Lee) -- interesting thoughts on the legitimate use of violence. Would you argue that the banning of in-person church services or the "confiscation" of children to undergo sensitivity training (or even radical surgery) in line with the "trans" agenda justifies violence against the state? Maybe so, but I think there's an ingredient you missed: feasibility. Maybe that's implied by "War must occur for a good and just purpose". Even if one's cause is just, surely the use of violence is wrong, or at least highly suspect, when it inevitably results in the obliteration of the good guys and no harm to the bad guys...

    1. Nick,

      Sorry, I forgot to tag my name, yes, that was me.

      Feasibility is why I think local political control is integral. It's the means by which we may legitimately oppose tyranny. If we surrender our local government, we surrender legitimacy, and feasibility. If we retain local government, we virtually guarantee both.


  5. Anonymous from Jack: I'm glad you cited Catholic thought. That alone will provoke spasms of reflexive vituperation from the omniscient,omnirighteous American left. Can't blame 'em I suppose. They are still stung and shamed by the way the Church discredited Marxism in Eastern Europe! The poor dears; forever dreaming sweet totalitarian reveries.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: True, there are many rational Dems of good will and they may think Marxlight to be workable. But the perhaps dominant hard, determined faction of their benighted party does not fear economic upheaval. No Kommunalkas and cabbage soup for them. They are the exalted cadre and deserve much better and judging by the onerous history of Marxism triumphant, they will get it,until, that is, until they inevitably fall out of favor with the monsters. My view that is.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yeah, you are right about the universality of "probing" But I think the execrable history of Marxism in power justifies the epithet "criminal".

  8. That's a good point, Lee. So long as we control the organs of local and state government in much of the country, we will be able to resist federal tyranny, at least to a point. Personnel matters a great deal too. If your local police officers, school teachers, clergymen, etc. are conservative, Christian, and patriotic, then your community will be inoculated against the worst excesses of neo-Marxism. Safety in numbers, right?

    Jack, true -- there are higher laws than the laws of men, and Marxism violates most of them. Truth be told, Marxism might be a fine ideology...for the imaginary creatures that Marxists imagine humans to be. But for actual humans, no thanks.