Monday, July 31, 2023

I Know You Are, But What Am I?


Friends, we here at WaddyIsRight bid a fond farewell to Paul Reubens, better known as "Pee-Wee Herman" of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse", a pop culture smash in the 1980s.  Did I watch any of it?  Heck, no.  I thought it was weird beyond belief.  Having said that, Reubens made a lot of people laugh, and that's nothing to sneeze at.  It's a messed up, depressing world we live in, in so many ways, so you can either laugh or cry, I figure, and laughing is a lot more fun.


A subtle but extremely important change is underway in the Russia-Ukraine War.  Ukrainian attacks inside Russia are increasing in frequency (and audacity), and the Ukrainians are trying a lot less hard to deny involvement.  In fact, they're saying that the Russkies deserve what they get.  Well, maybe so, but it strikes me that the Ukrainians will only get away with these tactics as long as their strikes inside Russia are meaningless pinpricks.  As soon as they become a substantial threat to Russian security, or a substantial embarrassment to President Putin, Russia can and might retaliate massively.  It bears repeating: Ukraine cannot defeat Russia.  Russia, by contrast, can and might obliterate Ukraine.  If I were Ukraine, I'd be looking to deescalate -- but what do I know? 

Finally, Ron DeSantis makes a good point here, and I'm surprised it isn't having a greater impact with the Republican base.  Okay, Trump is being pursued relentlessly, and ruthlessly, by the Deep State.  Plus, Trump says he's against the Deep State and promises to bring it to heel if he gets another term in office.  Well, the problem is...he was already president!!!  We've heard all these promises and idle boasts before.  Even when he was president, the Deep State ran rampant.  It actively underminded him and sought his eviction from office, and it got exactly what it wanted!  What's more, the Deep State insiders who plotted against Trump in no case got their comeuppance.  On the contrary, they all prospered and today are rich, "respected", and crowing about their roles in restoring "decency" to our federal government.  Bottom line: Trump took on the Deep State before, and he failed.  How is that an attractive resume for our next potential GOP presidential nominee?

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Trump or Bust?


Friends, both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis appeared at a major Republican dinner in Iowa last night, and Trump claimed -- not for the first time -- that only he can beat Joe Biden.  Of course, DeSantis says the opposite.  Interestingly, polls have revealed very different results on this question.  Some have DJT performing better than DeSantis.  Some have DeSantis with a definite edge over Trump.  No doubt this reflects differences in polling methodology.  Right now the RealClearPolitics polling average has Biden one point ahead of Trump and two points ahead of DeSantis -- suggesting there's a pretty good chance that either one of them could beat Biden, or lose to him, or tie (if such a thing is possible).  Anyway, all the polls right now reflect a substantial number of undecided voters, and both sides probably feel that these will break decisively their way.  Bottom line: we don't know, and can't know, given all the imponderables (like felony charges) which GOP candidate stands the best chance of winning.


Here's an excellent and comprehensive look at the question of whether Hunter Biden should have registered as a "foreign agent".  He didn't.  Lots of people get in legal hot water in those circumstances.  Not Hunter, of course.  He's got the golden ticket. 

The criticism that Sleepy Joe has received for not acknowledging the existence of one of his grandchildren must have stung, because he recently decided to wish the little girl well.  Bravo!  I nominate Joe Biden for Grandfather of the Year!

Friday, July 28, 2023

Knives Out for Joe Biden


Friends, there's a lot of scuttlebutt these days about impeaching Joe Biden.  It's a very important question that the House GOP will need to weigh carefully.  I would say we're not "there yet", in terms of the evidence, but, politically, there are some distinct upsides to a potential impeachment inquiry.  You'll find all my Machiavellian thoughts in my latest article:

Impeach Joe Biden – But Not For the Reasons You Might Think

A fierce debate, or at least a steady murmur, is building on the Republican side about whether it would be a good idea to impeach Joe Biden. There are many strong arguments on both sides of this question, but ultimately it must be borne in mind that impeachment is an essentially political process, and an essentially political question, and thus whether the GOP caucus in the House crosses the Rubicon on impeachment should be based on a practical assessment of whether it is likely to do Republicans – and the country – any good.

We should make one thing clear: an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, leading ultimately to a vote in the House to impeach him, is extremely unlikely to lead to his removal from office. Two-thirds of Senators would have to vote to convict him of whatever offenses the House “indicts” him for, presumably bribery, abuse of power, or something closely related. Democratic Senators showed absolutely no appetite to convict Bill Clinton all the way back in 1999, even though they almost unanimously conceded that he was technically guilty of committing the relevant crimes. They simply didn't care and were inclined to dismiss the charges as politically motivated. In this day and age, by contrast, levels of partisanship and ideological acrimony are much higher, and thus it is highly improbable that a significant number of Democratic Senators would cross the aisle to betray a sitting Democratic president. It is conceivable that, if they viewed such a president as fatally compromised, they would conspire to force him to resign, but impeachment and removal by constitutional means is a virtual impossibility.

Ergo, as Republicans and conservatives, we must ask ourselves: why begin the process of impeachment against Joe Biden when it is almost certainly doomed to fail? Would it “feel” good to drag Biden through the mud? Yes. Would it rally the Republican base, at least as long as the impeachment inquiry and/or the Senate trial lasted? Probably. Would it insulate some House Republicans from the danger that they would be “primaried” by a more vehemently anti-Biden candidate to their right? Perhaps. Would it, however, fundamentally alter the political realities in America, or lastingly damage (or improve) Joe Biden's standing with the public? Based on Bill Clinton's and Donald Trump's experiences with impeachment, that seems highly dubious.

One could argue that the House is morally and constitutionally obligated to impeach Joe Biden because he has engaged in nefarious, self-interested activities that are, in fact, impeachable. Justice demands, therefore, that he face scrutiny, and ideally punishment, for his infractions. This argument is weak, however, because Biden always faces scrutiny, at least from the conservative press, and the House, by itself, is incapable of enforcing any kind of punishment against the President of the United States that would be meaningful. It can rake him over the coals, but, as Adam Schiff's recent censure demonstrated, this is a gambit that is just as likely to help its target politically as hurt him. So, again, what would be the point?

I humbly submit that there is a practical purpose for going forward with the impeachment of Joe Biden, and one which could entirely and easily justify the endeavor, from the perspective of Republicans, conservatives, and patriots. Impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, a vote to impeach him in the House, and a trial in the Senate, would be lastingly important only in one sense: they would affect public opinion. They would not, in all likelihood, affect the views of Republicans or even independents about Joe Biden. According to a Rasmussen poll, most Americans in both groups already believe it is “at least somewhat likely” that Biden has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” since taking office, and many of them support, not surprisingly, a (futile) impeachment inquiry against him. Their anti-Biden views would be vindicated, perhaps, by an impeachment inquiry, but they would not be changed.

On the contrary, the people who would truly be galvanized by such an impeachment effort are Democrats. As of May, 71% of Democrats opposed a Biden impeachment inquiry. If President Biden was subjected to the full scrutiny of the House, and a trial in the Senate, it is extremely likely that the mainstream media, and most Democrats, would rally to his defense. Much as Donald Trump has prospered politically recently, not despite, but because of, the innumerable felony charges that left-wing prosecutors are laying against him, Biden too would benefit, especially in the short term, from the political side-effects of a Republican campaign to remove him from office. Right now, Democrats are just beginning to ask questions about Biden's political viability, and to explore seriously the option of replacing him as the Democratic Party standard-bearer. Impeaching him is the best way to put wind in his sails, at least among Democrats, to quiet any and all doubts about him on the Democratic side, and to ensure that he will be, regardless of his many defects, the Democratic candidate for president in 2024.

Republicans should ask themselves, therefore, before they commit to pursuing the impeachment of Joe Biden, whether they want to help him become the Democratic nominee and ensure he runs for reelection. Since there is a very strong argument to be made that he's a weak candidate – and could be made even weaker if more evidence can be amassed that he engaged in a bribery scheme with his family members – then the only reasonable conclusion that can be reached is that, yes, Republicans should impeach Joe Biden, both because he's deserving of it, and because it will forestall any possibility that an internal Democratic Party coup will remove him from the equation before 2024.

Put another way, an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden would be, in effect, the biggest and most decisive contribution that we Republicans could possibly make to the Biden-Harris ticket – and, if we're to be honest, on its success may hinge our own. So, to the “hard-right” GOP House members currently clamoring for Joe Biden's impeachment, I say: bring it on!

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at World Net Daily: 




In other news, I don't know if you've been following the scandal in the U.K. surrounding the "debanking" of Nigel Farage, but it's a very big story.  To make a long story somewhat shorter, banking heads are starting to roll over the persecution of Farage, and the U.K. looks like it might criminalize politicized debanking.  Interesting!  You can bet your bottom dollar that these issues will become much more pressing in the U.S. as well. 

We're learning more about how collaboration between the Biden White House and Big Tech works when it comes to censorship -- and it's not a pretty picture.


Finally, everyone knows that the Biden Administration and establishment Democrats hate hate hate RFK, Jr.  What we didn't know is that they are inclined to withhold Secret Service protection from him, potentially putting him in grave danger.  Now that's petty!!!  Or is it more calculated than petty? 

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

USA Rules, China Drools!


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show reflects on two fascinating stories re: the People's Republic of China.  One, China's Foreign Minister inexplicably disappeared and has since been replaced.  Can you imagine if Joe Biden or Antony Blinken suddenly went missing, and all of a sudden some DNC hack took their place?  We can only hope...  Story number two: China is no longer America's top trading partner!!!  That's an economic sea change.  Now, Mexico is #1, Canada is #2, and China is #3!  Wow.  U.S. companies are thinking twice about betting their futures on the stability and economic buoyancy of the PRC, and I can see why.  China's (relative) decline isn't all good news, though.  A China that is struggling is, perforce, a China that is dangerous.


In addition to China's woes, Brian and I contemplate the global kerfuffle over Israel's judicial reforms and what it says about the Left's obsession with maintaining its grip on power.  We also talk about Musk's audacious rebranding of Twitter, the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, the outrageously false Dem smears against RFK, Jr., and the outrageously false Dem smears against Ron DeSantis and Florida's new black history curriculum.  Historically, we also ponder the impact of the Suez Crisis and the early 20th century founding of what became the FBI.


What a lineup!  What a masterful survey of everything that matters in the here and now (and the came and went)!  Listen in -- you won't be sorry.




In other news, the Hunter Biden plea deal is at least temporarily on hold, although I would be shocked if Hunter didn't manage to wiggle out of his present legal predicament.  No one really cares about Hunter, of course.  The $64,000 question is whether his dirty dealings can be tied definitively to "the Big Guy".


Republicans, including Donald Trump, are increasingly coming to the conclusion that they need to support early voting and absentee voting efforts if they want to have a prayer of winning in 2024 and beyond.  I agree.  I would underline the fact, however, that the lack of action on these fronts in 2020 and 2022 largely explains our losses in those years, and our country may never recover from those serious tactical errors.  In other words, Trump and many Trumpers are late to the party, and the party may in fact already be over.  I have grave doubts about whether the 2024 election will be fairly conducted, or whether, even if Trump wins, he would be allowed to take office. 

Republicans are bloodthirsty lunatics, right?  Whereas Democrats love the rule of law and democracy, right?  Well...  It isn't quite that simple, as you can see in these polling results.  An increasing number of Dems and progressives are "mad as hell" about Republican/conservative wins on issues like abortion, and they'd be happy to even the score by violent means.


Finally, things are about to get interesting in the Black Sea, as Russia steps up its efforts to impose a naval blockade on Ukraine -- and, presumably, Ukraine steps up its efforts to sink Russian ships (with NATO aid).  I predict that, if there's ever to be a direct clash between NATO and Russia, it will probably start at sea.  I hope it won't, because it might end with several hundred mushroom clouds... 

Vroom Vroom, Sucker!


Friends, is there anything quite as liberating as getting in your car and driving wherever you want to go?  We like to think of our cars as extensions of our personalities, and emblems of our personal liberty, but the sad truth is that they are rapidly becoming tools in the hands of corporations and the Deep State that allow our "betters" to keep tabs on us and tyrannize and exploit us all the more effectively.  My latest article assesses the danger that modern, networked cars can pose to our privacy and our liberty, and what if anything can be done about it:

In other news, Fox News just got a little less satanic!  Good for them.  The occasional empty gesture in favor of traditional values is greatly appreciated.


Have you heard about the absolutely scurrilous distortions that Dems are peddling about Florida's new black history curriculum?  They're claiming that the land of DeSantis endorses the view that slavery was good for blacks.  What utter nonsense!  How low will these people go? 

Speaking of those dastardly Dems, they've never been as hostile to the concept of free speech as they are today.  The vast majority of Dems and progressives now favor censorship, which underlines why we no longer, or seldom, call them "liberals" nowadays -- any connection between the Left and "liberty" was severed long ago!


Finally, either Joe Biden is a louse of a grandfather, who denies the existence of one of his granddaughters, or, more charitably, he has trouble counting to the number seven.  Either way, he's unfit to be President of the United States, in my book.  On the other hand, if you ask how much the Democratic Party base cares about Joe's corruption, mendacity, and warped "family values", the answer would have to be: hardly at all!  He's doing such a bang-up job at purging America of Trumpism/dissent that you just have to give him four more years... 

Monday, July 24, 2023

Tenney's Tenacity A Tonic to Taxpayers


Friends, Democrats are proceeding, as per usual, on the assumption that the federal government can spend unlimited amounts of money on any worthwhile cause, including health care, most of all.  Well, as long as you don't mind unlimited increases in inflation and interest rates, I guess that's true.  For those who prize fiscal sanity, even a little, by contrast, it's way past time to ponder how to get spending increases under control, and, above all, that means taming medical inflation.  As it turns out, Claudia Tenney, my esteemed Congresswoman, is championing a bill that has exactly that goal.  It's the subject of my most recent article, appearing in the Olean Times-Herald:


In other news, we here at WaddyIsRight extend our heartfelt congratulations, and our profound admiration, to the government of Israel and its supporters in the Knesset, who have defied leftist bullying and passed a landmark bill reforming that country's judiciary.  Bravo!  The battle is far from over, as the Left won't stand idly by, and even the high court itself may try to save its own bacon by attempting to nullify the law stripping it of legal supremacy, but this is, any way you slice it, a major victory for, well, democracy.  "Democracy", you see, Demo-rats, is the notion that the people should decide on how the government works.  Look into it! 

This isn't an easy time to be a corporate executive.  For one thing, Republican lawmakers and state attorneys general are pressuring you to be colorblind and to end race preferences and quotas.  Meanwhile, the Biden Administration, Democrats, and blue state AGs are telling you to discriminate...or else!  What's a corporate fat cat to do???


Something extraordinary is happening in the realm of international trade.  China is no longer our number one trading partner!  In fact, all of a sudden, it's in third place!!!  Wow.  Maybe Chinamen won't inherit the earth, after all.  It appears that an increasing number of U.S. companies are practicing "nearshoring", meaning that they want to outsource manufacturing to areas close by instead of across the Atlantic or Pacific.  There are good economic reasons for this trend, but it's also an attempt to diminish U.S. reliance on communist China.  I say: great idea!  Let's keep up the momentum.


Finally, we all know that the open wound of white supremacy continues to fester in the American body politic, as CNN and MSNBC remind us every five minutes.  Well, not only are white people racist, but so are...wait for it...dogs!  Probably cats too.  They've got that shifty look on their faces.  Fear not, though!  WaddyIsRight will be unveiling a special program of sensitivity training for domestic animals in the months ahead.  Mostly this involves convincing people of color to coat themselves with peanut butter.  The rest of the program kind of runs itself.  Beta-testing is underway!

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Biden: The "Chosen People" Better Choose Carefully!


Friends, the Left resolutely opposes the use of violence and illegality as political tools -- except, of course, when violence and illegality are wielded by leftists, to advance "progressive" causes.  Likewise, the Left's perspective on judicial independence is entirely situational and opportunistic.  In the United States, leftists demand that the "right-wing" Supreme Court be dethroned, and perhaps expanded so that it can be stacked with cronies of Joe Biden.  In Israel, the judiciary is leftist in orientation, so its independence -- nay, its supremacy -- must be jealously guarded against encroachments from the people's elected representatives.  Of course, we expect leftists to be hypocrites and to care about nothing so much as the conquest of power, and the maintenance of their iron grip on that power, but to see an American president intervene in internal Israeli affairs and undercut the sitting government is extraordinary.  Then again, the extraordinary is rapidly becoming ordinary, and, before you know it, no norm will be left standing.  The only question is...who will be in a position of dominance when this increasingly farcical game of musical chairs we call "democracy" ends?


In other news, here's some fascinating perspective on Jeff Bezos' stewardship of The Washington Post.  Is it making money?  Not even close!  Naturally, that's not the point... 

Speaking of pillars of mass media, in this case social media, Elon Musk seems intent on totally rebranding Twitter.  In fact, it's not even going to be called "Twitter" any longer.  Interesting!  Facebook's transition to "Meta" didn't go so well, and frankly I have my doubts about whether Twitter's transition to...whatever Musk pleases to make of it...will go any better.  The bottom line for the titans of the mainstream media and Big Tech is that Elon Musk can't be trusted to suppress all the content that they deem offensive, and therefore Twitter (or whatever you choose to call it) has to go!  It's going to be awfully hard, in the final analysis, to convince advertisers to take on the reputational risk of doing business with Musk, and without advertisers any app is in big trouble.  Of course, Musk, somewhat incredibly, still does plenty of business with the federal government, so maybe there's hope for The-Company-Formerly-Known-as-Twitter.  What's more, I wouldn't be shocked if Musk at some point rebranded himself...into a progressive.  It wouldn't be that much of a stretch.


Finally, belief in various religious "entities" is in decline in America, as is religiosity in general, but interestingly big majorities still believe in God, angels, and even hell and the Devil.  Theism still has a lot of appeal in this country, whereas in Europe all these numbers are far, far lower.  In the Netherlands, for instance, even belief in God can't claim majority support.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Humans? Who Needs 'Em!


Friends, you've probably heard of transhumanism, which posits that human beings can transcend their biological limitations and become...something greater and better than what we are, mainly through the magic of technology.  Well, that's intriguing, if weird and disturbing, but now there's anti-humanism, which posits that human beings are tawdry, useless, and doomed, and the sooner we all drown ourselves in a lake, the better!  Whether that's true, morally, spiritually, or philosophically, you have to concede that this article makes a lot of powerful points: our ability to live as (successful) social animals is waning, and we increasingly discount the value of human life and promote and embrace death.  More to the point, our enthusiasm for procreation, which is an essential function of all life, is in what appears to be terminal decline.  Now, perhaps in the bright, A.I.-powered transhumanist future that some have imagined, machines will do all the tasks of reproduction for us, including fertilization, gestation, birthing, nursing, and even parenting.  Of course, at that stage you might legitimately question what the purpose of human existence would be...but we've been struggling with that conundrum for several centuries regardless, or at least those who've cut the cord with a higher power have.  The bottom line: it really is a brave new world out there, and, just like in the book, the implications are both exciting and horrifying.  Welcome to the 21st century!


And here's a fine piece of sophistry.  Basically, it argues that the Supreme Court's recent ruling on affirmative action doesn't entirely settle the question of whether race preferences are always illegal and unconstitutional.  And, it suggests, in any case colleges and universities can continue to explore various inventive means to discriminate in favor of groups they like, and against groups they don't.  No kidding!  Bias is alive and well in American higher education, and indeed throughout our messed up excuse for a society, and that should surprise no one, given the motley crew we've chosen as our "elite". 

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Crazy Like a Fox (News Plant)?


Friends, RFK, Jr. made an explosive and memorable appearance before the House of Representatives' "weaponization" committee, a portion of which I'll link below.  Among other things, my main man Bobby called on Americans to stop silencing one another and to start listening.  I can't think of any message more perfectly calibrated if you wanted to enrage a Democrat -- unless RFK, Jr. just read from the phone book...  That would get their goat almost as effectively.  The bottom line: Bobby's running against Joe Biden, and that's simply not acceptable!  "Democracy" demands deference!!! 

On this week's Newsmaker Show, Brian and I discuss RFK, Jr. and his impolitic views of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  We also cover Tucker's allegations of tyranny against the Zelensky regime, the likely contours of a Russia-Ukraine peace settlement, the Western establishment's obsession with censorship and deplatforming, the looming January 6th-related indictments against DJT, the evolving case against the Biden crime family, the struggles of the DeSantis campaign, and the 2024 Veepstakes.  July 20th also offers us a wealth of historical interconnections, and we get as far as talking about the assassination of Leon Trotsky, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, and Ronald Reagan's military misadventure in Lebanon.

Wow!  You get all this top-drawer political and historical analysis...for free???  Very hard to believe!  We here at WaddyIsRight really need to reevaluate our business model...


Finally, here's an article about a species of "American exceptionalism" that won't fill you with pride: we're exceptionally dependent on public debt, and we show no sign of shaking off our addiction to deficit spending.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Trump Keeps Rolling


Friends, DJT dominated the Turning Point Action Conference straw poll, drawing 87.5%!  Wow.  That's impressive.  Poor Ron DeSantis finished third, behind some guy I've never heard of.  That's...not impressive.  It's hard to deny that Trump has all the momentum at the moment.  Will it last?  I mean, it's lasted for eight years already (as far as Republicans are concerned), so maybe so!


Trump is claiming that he can end the Russia-Ukraine War "in a day", just by commanding Zelensky and Putin to "make a deal"...  That would be a neat trick!  Note that Trump says that, if Putin doesn't play ball, he might actually escalate U.S. support for Ukraine.  Long story short: I'm still trying to figure out Trump's position on Ukraine, and whether there's any coherence to it, or if he's just patting himself on the back, as per usual. 

After much gnashing of teeth, the great state of California has embraced "equitable" math.  What a relief!  Assuming standards are set low enough (hardly a stretch), they might even achieve their goal, i.e. every California public school student will be equally stupid!


Finally, hearty congrats to Carlos Alcaraz, who beat tennis superstar Novak Djokovic to become the new Wimbledon gentleman's singles champion.  It wasn't easy, by any means, but quite incredibly it was Alcaraz who played with more poise and confidence.  He deserved it, and it was nice to see the King of Spain on hand to support him.  Maybe that's where Serbia went wrong.  They abolished their monarchy...back in 1945, to appease their communist overlords.  Tsk tsk.  (Djokovic is a Serb, for anyone who didn't understand the relevance.)  I say: any nation that refutes the Divine Right of Kings deserves what it gets.  I'm looking at you, America!!! 

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Ivy Has Lost Its Luster


Friends, public confidence in American higher education is dropping like a stone.  That's par for the course, since confidence in all of our institutions is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  It's also deserved, in many ways, given colleges' and universities' embrace of unAmerican, neo-Marxist values and priorities.  It's also predictable, given the fact that many tertiary degree programs aren't worth what people are paying for them (and by "people", I mean taxpayers, in a lot of cases).  Having said all this, as a professor myself, and as a lover of Western Civilization, it saddens me to see these august institutions of higher learning dragged through the dirt.  How is our civilization to propagate itself if its accumulated wisdom is defiled in the minds of ordinary people, and its (allegedly) wisest citizens are seen as kooks, at best, and subversives, at worst?  It's not a pretty picture, and I certainly haven't got any workable solutions in mind.


Tucker Carlson had his way with a number of GOP presidential hopefuls recently, and apparently poor Mike Pence is looking somewhat worse for wear.  Utterly unscathed was DJT, who simply refused to show up! 

Finally, Democrats are sweating!  Not only do many head-to-head polls show Trump beating Biden, or much too close for comfort, but when you throw in third party candidates Biden really starts to look like a weak sister.  As this article suggets, the more candidates, the better, from the right-wing perspective!  And, heck, isn't democracy all about giving the voters choices, and letting them make up their own minds about which choices are best?  Someone ought to remind the Dems of that.  They seem to understand the concept of "democracy" only in an oxymoronic sense.

Twilight of the Gods in Hollywood


Friends, a flurry of strikes in the U.S. entertainment industry have me hoping against hope that Hollywood will destroy itself via self-sabotage.  Since COVID hit, the movie business certainly isn't what it used to be, but video streaming is going strong.  Now, as a consumer of some of this programming, I enjoy the fruits of Hollywood's labors, but, morally and spiritually, almost everything these degenerates touch is corrosive and vile.  I hope the big studios collapse in on themselves, and we get more diversity (of opinion and taste) and a wider range of choices in what we watch.  If all else fails, I'll watch classic movies and TV, from the pre-woke era.  Heck, I might even read a book!  I'm that old-fashioned.


In other news, the $64,000 question is whether the Supreme Court's abolition of affirmative action in college admissions means that corporations and other organizations will stop using (overt or covert) racial quotas in hiring and promotions.  They might even back off their new obsession with DEI, given the controversy generated by such efforts.  Personally, I doubt whether the momentum of "anti-racism" will be blunted all that much, but it sure would be nice to see some big companies sued for (anti-white or anti-Asian) discrimination, for a change!


Donald Trump is admitting that nominating Christopher Wray as the Director of the FBI was "probably" a mistake.  He quickly pivots, though, and blames Chris Christie -- who wasn't even in the Trump Administration -- for the error.  Man!  That places Harry Truman's old axiom that "the buck stops here" in a whole new perspective.  For Trump, everything that goes wrong is always someone else's fault.  What's more, we're supposed to believe that his second term won't be riddled with the same kinds of mistakes that marred his first term.  Oh yeah?  The first four years were just for practice?  You're saving all your best decisions for Act Two?  Sure, Donald, sure! 

The viciousness (and inventiveness) of leftist attacks on sitting Supreme Court Justices nowadays is shocking, especially when, just a few years ago, SCOTUS was one of the few institutions left in which most Americans reposed trust and confidence.  Well, the gloves have come off, and I very much doubt they'll ever be put on again.


Tucker Carlson appears to be gearing up to found and captain a new media company.  I find that very interesting, and I hope he succeeds where others have failed.  It sure looks like Fox is on the downslope as a conservative media conglomerate, which makes it all the more urgent that new right-wing media outlets arise to fill the gap.  For a while I thought Trump would become a media titan in lieu of running for president again, but Truth Social didn't exactly make the earth move.  Maybe Tucker can turn the media world upside down.  I hope so!


Finally, you know Joe Biden's problems are getting serious when you start to see stories on the CNN website about his stumbling campaign.  Now, the purpose of such articles is probably just to light a fire under Biden and his top advisors, so that they understand that the natives are getting restless and act accordingly.  Then again, negative chatter about Biden could -- and I emphasize could -- convince an ambitious Democrat or two to consider running against him in the presidential primaries (I mean, a Democrat with a prayer of winning, unlike RFK, Jr.).  Remember how Hillary was supposed to cruise to the nomination in 2008?  Along came the upstart Barack Obama, and, before you knew it, Hillary was crying into her piƱa colada (I have no idea whether Hillary Clinton consumes human beverages, but we can't rule out the possibility).  Bottom line: confidence in Biden's electability is somewhat fragile on the Left, and it's hard to say what could pierce their collective delusions and convince them to jump ship...  Once the rush to the exits starts, though, it could snowball very quickly.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

World War 3.0


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show reflects on Joe Biden's "Art of War" (an instant classic), and the strange logic that's propelling the West closer and closer to direct conflict with Russia. NATO, for example, can't give up the fantasy that Ukraine will someday join the alliance, although no NATO country shows the slightest inclination to fight alongside Ukraine.  Curious, no?  In addition, Brian and I discuss the maverick presidential campaign of RFK, Jr., Trump's legal headaches and the 2024 race, the (limited) impact of the Hunter Biden scandals, what a biased media can and can't achieve, the upcoming GOP presidential forum in Iowa, hosted by Tucker Carlson, the Gal Luft accusations against the Biden family, and the potential impact of Cornel West's campaign for president.

Man, oh man!  This week's show was so packed with riveting insights on current events that we didn't even have time for history...  How about that???




In other news, the FBI has been helping the Ukrainian version of the CIA suppress the ability of Americans to criticize U.S. government policy with respect to the Russia-Ukraine War.  Sounds like a great idea to me!  I mean, Zelensky walks on water, from what I hear.  That's the kind of guy you want to get behind! 

And here's some good news, for a change: it appears that U.S. inflation is gradually lessening.  Let's face it: any improvement in the inflation picture will help Joe Biden win reelection in 2024.  On the other hand, easing inflation may be coupled with a cooling economy in general, i.e. lower growth and fewer jobs, which, in turn, will hurt Biden's reelection chances.  How will the public perceive the economy in November 2024???  Your guess is as good as mine.  (Not really, but you know what I'm getting at.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Where No Pig Has Gone Before


Friends, my latest article satirizes Jeff Bezos, a.k.a. the guy who brought you Amazon and your talking transistor radio.  More accurately, it satirizes the U.S. Senate, which is considering a totally unnecessary budgetary gimmick that will enrich Bezos at considerable cost to you and me.  What else is new, huh?

(Capitalist) Pigs...In...Spaaaaaaaace!

If there's one thing that defines the Biden Administration and the modern Democratic Party (and the modern Republican Party too, but who's counting?), it's this: throwing money in all directions!!! Since it's not their money, but your money, you can see why this strategy would be appealing. It purchases our valiant politicians goodwill, either from valuable constituencies rich with voting power, but poor in, uhh, money, or from super-rich donors, whose chief goal in life is to get considerably richer at taxpayer expense. In other words, when the pork starts to flow, everyone's a winner – except the downtrodden middle class, but who cares about them?

A case in point: the U.S. Senate, in its infinite patrician wisdom, is considering a subtle change to the National Defense Authorization Act (usually known as the NDAA). The purpose of this ever-so-minor tweak, which is opposed by the Air Force and the Space Force, is apparently to expand the list of companies eligible to supply launch vehicles for highly-sensitive military missions. The military says the optimal number of private companies that should be involved in sending our most super-secret and critical payloads into space is two. The Senate is inclining to the view that it ought to be three instead. Now why, you ask, would our esteemed elected representatives second-guess the experts in the military itself, especially when doing so would cost, according to the Space Force, something like an extra $5 billion? Curious, no? It doesn't seem to add up...

And yet it does – politically, if not fiscally. The company that would almost surely benefit from this change in the NDAA is called “Blue Origin”, which just happens to be owned, solely and completely, by an obscure fellow named...Jeff Bezos.

Now, you may have heard of old Jeff. He's the bald guy who lost $38 billion in a nasty divorce back in 2019, and today scrapes by on a mere $154 billion fortune. Ouch! He also founded a little company called “Amazon” that you may or may not have done business the last hour (and which sustains its domination of e-commerce by soliciting massive tax breaks and subsidies). Rounding out his C.V. would be ownership of a rag called The Washington Post, which apparently carries quite a bit of weight in the world of (what now passes for) print journalism. Long story short: Jeff is doing pretty well for himself!

Given Jeff's status as the world's third richest man, given his past generosity in terms of political contributions, and given his considerable influence over the media, it only makes sense that the venerable statesmen in the Senate would want to throw several billion dollars in the general direction of his own personal rocket company. Not only does Jeff love money, but he also loves space, and it would truly tickle his fancy to be awarded major contracts by both the U.S. military and NASA to underwrite his sci fi fantasies, including the (repeatedly delayed and technically dubious) heavy-lift “New Glenn” rocket program.

I know what you're thinking: can we, as a country, afford to spend money unnecessarily on over-sized rockets, merely to stroke the ego of a megarich megadonor? Heck, we haven't run out of money yet, have we? Have we? No, as of this moment, we haven't, although interest rates have doubled because of government profligacy, but, as yet, the politicians haven't suffered for it, so everything is under control.

Ergo, let me be the first to congratulate Jeff Bezos on his additional billions! I suppose there's a chance – just a small one – that cooler heads might prevail in the Senate, or even more likely in the House, but, given the way that Washington works, I like old Jeff's chances of cashing in one more time on big government's abject stupidity.

Assuming everything works out for Jeff and his over-priced roman candle, I plan to show up to the inaugural launch of “New Glenn” (realistically, in 2082?) wearing a t-shirt that says: “my elected representatives gave Jeff Bezos $5 billion (and counting), and all I got was this lousy rocket!”

You think I'll get my picture in The Washington Post?

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at Townhall: 




Meanwhile, in other news, El Presidente Trump is asking for a delay in his federal trial for retaining secret documents.  Trump's lawyers question whether he can get a fair trial in the midst of a presidential campaign.  Ya think???  All of Trump's legal entanglements have been meticulously timed to coincide with the height of politicking in 2024, needless to say, so even if this trial gets delayed there'll be plenty more to mesmerize the nation at a critical juncture.  The Deep State knows its business! 

The Ukrainians are miffed because NATO, although it assures Ukraine of eventual membership, can't or won't provide a timeline.  Hey, Ukraine, I can clear this up for you right now: when will NATO come rushing to your defense, and fight arm in arm with the brave Ukrainian people?  When pigs fly, that's when!  Pinning your political and strategic future on the West and its fat checkbook (but yellow belly) was always a bad idea.


Machinations are machinating for Tucker Carlson to host several GOP presidential candidates at a "forum" in Iowa. Notably absent would be Donald J. Trump.  Oh, conservatives -- your capacity for self-sabotage and internecine strife is infinite!!!  Trump apparently takes the view that, since he's got the GOP nomination sewn up, why should be bother to debate anyone?  Class act, isn't he?

Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Wild, Wild West


Friends, I wouldn't take the poll below all that seriously, but it does suggest something interesting: when you give Americans the choice of voting for Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or...someone else, quite a few people choose someone else.  That's hardly surprising.  In this case, it's Cornel West that's getting the "Option C" treatment, but it could just as well be someone different.  The takeaway?  The 2024 election is one that could very easily be determined by the presence of third party candidates.  That is to say, the "spoilers" could be the deciding factor.


In other news, for those who care about the Supreme Court's abolition of affirmative action in college admissions, these articles give you some good context on what race preferences have achieved, up to now, and what institutions of higher ed are likely to do to salvage their DEI efforts.  In many ways, we've seen this dog and pony show before, with efforts to restrict the number of Jews attending elite schools in the early 20th century.  Today's Asian-Americans are, not unreasonably, sometimes called the "New Jews".  Interesting, no?


Finally, conservatives have been celebrating the decline in Bud Light sales, because it indicates that "right-wing" consumers are finally have an impact on corporate decision-making.  So how chastened is corporate America?  A tad.  It's mostly continuing its bowing and scraping with respect to progressive causes, but at least it's having some second thoughts.  Note that this article totally dismisses the idea that companies could simply keep their mouths shut about politics and stick to making money.  Oh yeah?  Why the heck not? 

Friday, July 7, 2023

Love Letters from AOC


Friends, AOC may be an idiot, but she sure is a lot easier on the eyes than, say, Diane Feinstein.  Let's give credit where credit is due.  


Well, the A.P. is excited because AOC has "endorsed" Joe Biden for reelection, "sending a strong signal of Democratic unity".  Aww.  How sweet!  Problem is, if you read what AOC actually says about Biden, it's more of an "ehh" than an accolade.  To quote from the article:

Ocasio, when asked about whether she’d support Biden, said: “I believe, given that field, yes.”


Wow!  What a ringing endorsement, huh?  AOC prefers Sleepy Joe over Marianne Williamson and RFK, Jr.  No kidding!  Of course she does.  The question is: would she stick with Biden if a "real" progressive alternative got into the race?  Don't bet on it.  You have to hand it to the Associated Press, though.  They really know how to put lipstick on a pig.

In other news, some explosive accusations are being made about the Bidens and about the DOJ/FBI coverup that's been (allegedly) mobilized on their behalf.  Can any of this be proven?  I dunno.  Does it matter?  I'm pretty sure it doesn't, because the mainstream media would never cover it in a million years, except to drag the Bidens' accusers through the mud.  Now, if the Dems ever decide to cut the Bidens loose, then I'd say the whole family could be in for a rough ride...


Finally, we talked earlier in the week about high housing prices.  This article updates that storyline by describing how home prices are actually easing (slightly), but, because of higher interest rates, mortgage bills are WAY WAY up!  Bottom line: the median monthly payment is now $2,165.  Just two years ago it was $1,321!!!  Ouch.  Talk about Bidenflation...

Thursday, July 6, 2023

No One Ever Said Life Was Fair


Friends, would you like to know what ails America?  I'll tell you, in very simple terms.  What happens, I ask you, when the Left decides it truly hates a figure on the right?  Well, that's easy: he gets hounded out of office, excoriated, and indicted dozens of times for no good reason and never knows a moment's peace ever again.  What's more, even his kids are hunted like prey.  Now, what happens when us right-wingers really hate someone on the Left?  That's easy, too: they can pontificate and prevaricate all they like, they can break the law and enrich themselves as corruptly as their heart desires, and, if we even try to fight back, they'll wear our futile gestures of disapproval as a badge of honor, and use our accusations and insults as leverage to raise themselves into positions of even greater influence, wealth, and power.  Exhibit One: Adam Schiff, whose campaign for U.S. Senate got a big shot in the arm from (feeble) efforts by House Republicans to "censure" him.  Note that no news story about Schiff's campaign, or the censure vote, even bothers to address the substance of Republicans' charges against him, or the truth or falsehood of his many claims about Trump's "collusion" with Russia.  That's because no one in the media cares about the misdeeds of leftists, because, from the perspective of their fellow leftists, only actions that hurt "the cause" are morally questionable, and Schiff has been, whatever else you might say about him, a loyal foot soldier in the progressives' war on Trump.  And so, not suprisingly, he will receive his earthly reward: a Senate seat, and -- who knows -- perhaps a cabinet post or more, in the fullness of time.  The bottom line is this: what leftist has ever, in recent memory, been held accountable, genuinely accountable, for anything?  Well?  I'm waiting...

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

SCOTUS and Its Discontents


Friends, as the Supreme Court stretches its (mostly "right-wing") muscles, and the lefties fume and plot their revenge, this week's Newsmaker Show naturally takes on the latest decisions at the high court, all of them very consequential (although not nearly as dire as the Left would have us believe).  In addition, Brian and I talk about the ongoing strength of the Trump campaign, the carnage on French streets (and how little it troubles leftists), and the decline in real wages under Joe Biden.  When we get to "This Day in History", we discuss the (strangely neglected) Korean War, Germany's "blank check" to Austria-Hungary in the summer of 1914, and the ethical issues that arise with cloning and with what amounts to the selective breeding of human beings.

It's a spectacular and varied menu of brain food, as per usual!




In other news, a Trump-appointed federal judge (see, Trump did a few things right!) has issued what could be a democracy-saving ruling restricting the ability of federal officials to communicate with social media companies and to encourage them to practice censorship.  The collusion between the feds and Big Tech, especially during the 2020 election and the COVID pandemic, was extensive, and it almost solely targeted government critics, vaccine skeptics, and political conservatives.  Going forward, if the government can effectively decide which views can and can't be shared in this country, our First Amendment rights won't count for much.  We needed this ruling as a shot across the bow of the S.S. Biden, and ultimately we need SCOTUS to back this judge up. 

According to the Left and the media, the destruction and injuries caused by the rioters in France is no big deal.  It's just a massive, bloody, $1 billion "cry for help", and it ought to arouse our sympathy and make us all the more sensitive to "systemic racism" throughout the Western world.  I say: nuts to that!  The Left is using political violence as a matter of course to advance its agenda, and excusing the practitioners of this violence even as it castigates "right-wingers" for demonstrating peacefully (during the pandemic), carrying a sign (into the U.S. Capitol), and posting comments on social media that hurt liberals' feelings.  Well, enough is enough!

Monday, July 3, 2023

It Ain't Right!


Friends, exciting news: 63 new moons of Saturn have been discovered.  Wow!  My question is: with the amount of real estate in the solar system constantly expanding, why are rents so high, and why does the median house in America now cost $436,800???  I say it's a conspiracy among property developers and government regulators to make Americans pay through the nose.  Funny thing is, I'm right, despite the fact that I'm out-of-this-world bonkers.  My advice: beat "The Man" at his own game.  Build your next split-level ranch on Titan.  Land is cheap, and you won't hear a peep out of your neighbors.


In other news, the calls for "reform" of the Supreme Court are growing louder and louder on the Left.  Gee, what a surprise.  What I wonder is: if SCOTUS is in a position to decide the result of the 2024 election, and it easily could be, then what would the leftists and the Biden Administration be willing to do to curb its "authoritarian" tendencies?  Answer: virtually anything! 

Saturday, July 1, 2023

If At First You Don't Succeed...


Friends, if there's anything I love love love, it's diversity!  Why, I wish we had more in higher education.  Like, for example, I wish 90% of my colleagues weren't blinkered, self-satisfied neo-Marxists.  Hey, if wishes were horses, right?  In that case, higher ed would smell a lot like horse sweat, and maybe that wouldn't be such a win, after all.  Anyway, my latest article is an expanded version of my post from Thursday, analyzing in depth why the Supreme Court's ruling on affirmative action isn't likely to deter the Left from its project of shoving a highly curated version of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" down our throats.

DEI Will Never Die

Thursday, June 29th, 2023 was a very good day for the Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution. On that day the high court struck down "affirmative action" and disallowed race preferences in college admissions.

Way back in 1978 the Supreme Court, brimming with good intentions, left open the door to race-conscious admissions, and we've been dealing with the fallout ever since. In practice, every elite institution of higher learning currently discriminates, covertly but systematically, against whites and Asians, in order to diminish the number of white and Asian students it is obligated to admit, and to maximize the number of Hispanic and black students.

The magnitude and scope of this discrimination is not exactly minuscule either. For instance, an Asian-American college applicant must generally score 140 points higher on the SAT than a white student, and 450 points higher than a black student, to have the same chance of admission to a private college. What's more, a vast DEI (“diversity, equity, and inclusion”) infrastructure has been fostered in American higher education that supports this grossly biased and unfair approach to admissions and in general views “whiteness” (though not “Asianness”) as a blight on society that only “anti-racism” (which looks an awful lot like racism) can overcome.

The big takeaway today, therefore, unfortunately, is how far we still have to go to make this a truly colorblind country. The Left is, as everyone knows, obsessed with race, gender, and sexuality. They are determined to drive this country apart, into special interest groups and "protected classes", and to hand out favors to these groups based on totally subjective considerations of "equity".

To illustrate the ambiguities of equity, consider the case of the (Ivy League) University of Pennsylvania. What would an “equitable” percentage of black students in Penn's student body look like? Penn is an institution of national prominence, so perhaps black students should be 13% of the student body, to mirror their percentage of the national population. Then again, blacks are only 11% of Pennsylvania's population, so perhaps that is a reasonable figure. Then again, Penn is located in the city of Philadelphia, in which blacks are 38% of the population. On the other hand, in greater Philadelphia only 19% of the population is black. So, in short, which is it? Which metric would satisfy the conception of “equity” that the Left is advancing? And, if equity is not essentially numerical, then how are we to measure it at all?

The sad truth is that the Left need not, and will not, pin itself down in defining the specific factors that produce “equity”, or which define “diversity” or “inclusion” either (if it's a question of including anyone they don't like, you can bet that they'll forget about inclusion in a heartbeat). This ambiguity allows them to shift constantly the battlefield on which the struggle for equity is fought – and it further permits them never to admit that the battle has been won, and thus to hold “diversity, equity, and inclusion” as cudgels over the heads of their putatively racist, sexist, and homophobic enemies forever. Meanwhile, members of protected classes are informed that “Nazis” are hiding behind every bush, and only the tender mercies of big government and the DEI apparatus can protect them. You can call it "divide and conquer" or "social justice" or whatever you like, but it's the heart and soul of the progressive movement nowadays, and it isn't going away simply because the Supreme Court says so.

In fact, colleges and universities have long since developed contingency plans to deal with a SCOTUS ruling like the one we saw on Thursday. Downplaying the importance of objective tests, like the SAT and ACT, is a big part of higher ed's fallback strategy. This allows admissions decisions to be made based on much more subjective factors, which gives colleges and universities the wiggle room they crave.

In many parts of the country, because of local and state laws that already prohibit race preferences, colleges and universities have already shifted gears to supposedly race-neutral admissions policies that still, in practice, promote the interests of one race over another. At the University of Texas, for example, the policy is to let in the top 6% of every high school class . Never mind that you might come from the worst high school in recorded history -- you're in! The object of this approach was, of course, to promote "diversity" at the cost of academic rigor and personal merit. And it's working.

Another neat ruse to boost the numbers of black and Hispanic students, and to stymie white and Asian applicants, is to place a very high value on subjective factors such as character and likability, and then to find whites and Asians deficient in these qualities en masse. Harvard has been accused of doing exactly that, and such strategies will proliferate in the wake of the recent SCOTUS decision. Indeed, the majority opinion, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, practically recommended such an approach: “...nothing in this opinion should be construed as prohibiting universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected his or her life, be it through discrimination, inspiration, or otherwise.” If, therefore, one assumes (systematically) that black and Hispanic students have superior “grit”, because they have had to shoulder their way through “systemic racism” all their lives, whereas whites and Asians have lived lives of idle privilege, then a new, superficially “race-neutral”, form of discrimination might be permissible.

Expect, therefore, almost every institution of American higher education to reach deep down into its bag of tricks to ensure that this Supreme Court ruling has little or no practical effect on the demographics of the students who attend our colleges and universities, nor on the background of faculty, staff, and administrators, all of whom will continue to grow less white (though not necessarily less Asian), by the day, as leftists insist they should and must. This is the “social justice” ideology to which almost all colleges and universities are implacably committed. It would mortify them, by contrast, to see any demographic indicators move in the “wrong” direction. And so they won't.

What's more, institutions of higher ed are beholden to accrediting bodies, and other oversight authorities, which are captive to the DEI agenda. Any college or university that actually practiced colorblind admissions or hiring would quickly find itself in big trouble with accreditors, with the federal Department of Education, and with the media and the donor class. This assumes, of course, that some institutions of higher learning might actually dissent from DEI orthodoxy. There is precious little evidence that any of them do.

Ergo, don't expect one Supreme Court decision to dent, even slightly, the culture of identity politics that infuses the progressive movement, the Democratic Party, and American education as a whole, including colleges and universities. These forces in America all have one thing in common: they view meritocracy as analogous to white supremacy, and they demand that government and other powerful institutions act to promote the advancement of disadvantaged groups, even at the cost of fairness to individuals. We can expect them to act accordingly.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at American Greatness: 




In other news, the Wall Street Journal is asking a question that every American may be asking a year or so from now: why would you reelect a president who has presided over declining real incomes?  Joe Biden, needless to say, is very impressed by his own economic stewardship, but the American people are not.  This didn't help the GOP nearly as much as expected in 2022, but much in 2024 will depend on whether economic conditions get better or worse in the months to come.  Inflation appears to be slowly abating, but the danger of a recession remains acute. 


France is ablaze, as you might have heard, and as usual the media is handling it in a very specific and biased way: they are blaming the police, and giving the people terrorizing France's cities a pass.  Once again, we see that the Left's supposed opposition to violence is marred by some major blind spots.  Violence and illegality never reflect poorly on individuals and groups that the Left likes.  In fact, when those individuals or groups lash out, it's somehow the right that is to blame.  C'est la guerre (politique).


Finally, Ukraine's offensive is still struggling, and naturally the Ukrainian brass is blaming the West for not doing enough.  Good ole Mark Milley responds: "We are giving them as much help as humanly possible."  Now, that's just a bald-faced lie.  We could be fighting alongside the Ukrainians, and, if we believed our own inflated rhetoric about saving "democracy" from Putin/Hitler, we probably would be.  Of course, we haven't the slightest intention of breaking a sweat in this war.  It's the Ukrainians' job to be cannon fodder, and so far they're obliging.