Wednesday, August 30, 2023

What's Good for the Goose?


Friends, given the Deep State Dems' decision to slap 91 felony indictments on DJT, it's understandable that he's fuming and contemplating revenge.  He recently declared that he would have "no choice" but to go after some leading Dems criminally if he becomes president again.  Now, whatever you may think of this approach, politically or ethically, such declarations have one major effect, in the near term, it seems to me: they make it much less likely that Donald Trump will ever be president again.  Look at it from Joe Biden's perspective, or the DNC's perspective: if they believe that Trump, as president, would hold them to account, and far more effectively and ruthlessly in his second term than in his first, then why would they EVER permit him to win reelection?  "But that's not for them to decide!" you might respond.  Isn't it?  Who's going to evict Joe Biden from the White House, if he refuses to go, and especially if the media and most of our institutions implore him to stay -- to prevent the complete collapse of American "democracy", which is what they would view the reelection of President Trump as?  There's no MAGA shock army that could overcome the combined might of the Washington, D.C. and Capitol Police, the Secret Service, the FBI, and the U.S. military -- that's for sure.  You think these forces would mostly plunk for Trump, and fight in the streets to reseat him?  You think SCOTUS would save Trump's bacon?   I don't.  Only if the Democrats willingly surrender power to Trump -- probably, because they think they can once again play for time, subvert him, and obstruct his ability to govern -- will he ever again be president.  And, thus, the more openly he talks about revenge, the more he talks himself into a (meticulously-engineered, but all too real) "defeat", which will, in the bargain, guarantee the effective end of American "democracy", to the extent that we have any of it left.  Mark my words: publicly plotting vengeance, at this stage, is counterproductive.  Trump's only hope is that the Dems consider such bluster mere "hot air".  With any luck, they will.

In other news, you may scratch your head at the idea that anyone would willingly vote for Joe Biden (of all people!) in 2024, but the leftist elite and establishment views him and his presidency as a success.  What it boils down to is this: Biden saved them, and the nation, from Trumpism -- and that's a resume that most any progressive can get behind, especially with Trump on the ballot again in 2024.  The bad news is that 40+% of the country thinks this way, and views beating, and humiliating, Trump as the essence of "democracy" and virtue.  The good news is that most of the key swing voters who will determine the outcome of the election aren't raging Trump-haters.  They may be averse to Trump, but they're averse to Biden too, and thus they are persuadable.

The media's castigation of Ron DeSantis has been elaborate, coordinated, and extremely thorough.  Unfortunately for DeSantis, leftists' disdain hasn't necessarily translated into Republican and conservative support for his presidential campaign (ordinarily, you would expect that it would).  Anyway, the tired old progressive refrain that conservatism=RACISM, and every racist is a conservative, and every conservative is a racist, is once again on every Democrats' lips, because of the recent racially-motivated shooting in Jacksonville.  This hackneyed nonsense would be funny, in fact, if it weren't so deadly serious, and depressingly persuasive to many people of color.  C'est la vie.

In international news, Australians are considering the creation of a separate representative body for their indigenous population, who used to be called "Aboriginals".  Some call such a move "divisive", but of course those people are themselves divisive and despicable, according to the BBC.  Picking up on the BBC's trendy brand of segregationism, I say it's about time we considered a separate house of Congress for black people.  Oh, wait -- since I'm a conservative, that suggestion is, ipso facto, "racist".  Okay okay.  I relent.  How about we just make the House and Senate blacks-only?  I think maybe the Dems and progressives could live with that!

Christianity ain't what it used to be, but then what it is?  Most Anglican priests would now like to give the moral/spiritual thumbs-up to premarital and gay sex.  The extent to which the progressive mindset and way of life has infiltrated even seemingly "traditionalist" institutions and groups is quite astounding.  With priests like these, who needs atheists?  Am I right?

Finally, there's been a military coup in Gabon.  Now, many of you probably remember a time when coups and military conflicts were a dime a dozen in Africa, but the truth is that there's been much democratic progress and increased political stability on the "dark continent" over the last several decades.  Recently, though, in Gabon, in Niger, and elsewhere, we've seen some backsliding.  Could it be that "democracy", which is looking so tenuous in its Western heartland, will inevitably falter in the erstwhile "Third World" too?  It would not surprise me, but it would be a real shame, because, say what you want about democracy's faults, but an open society, pluralism, and the protection of individual rights all make the world a better place.  Don't believe me?  Try living without them.  No, really -- try it!  You'll get the chance all too soon.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Today you get another Waddy Newsmaker to titillate and arouse you (intellectually, of course)!  We cover a lot of topical topics (the topicalest!), including the state of the polls, the escalating attacks on free speech and dissent, the fallout from the first Republican debate, where the GOP stands (or doesn't stand) on Ukraine, and more!

Monday, August 28, 2023

Danger, Will Bidenson!


Friends, in a sign of potentially mortal danger to the reelection hopes of Joe Biden, an Emerson poll shows him losing to Donald Trump -- and losing even more definitively if Cornel West is added into the equation.  Yikes!  What I'd like to see is a poll giving voters the option of Trump, Biden, West, RFK, Jr. (as an independent), Joe Manchin (as the "No Labels" standard-bearer), or the Libertarian nominee, whomever that turns out to be.  I suspect voters will have a wealth of options in November 2024, and I further suspect that many of them will want to avoid voting for either Trump or Biden, which, I even further suspect, will be a bigger problem for Biden than for Trump.  Cornel West is just the canary in the third party coal mine, if you will.

In other news, Joe Biden is old.  More damningly, from a Democratic perspective, people are starting to notice that he's old, and it's creeping most Americans out.  Are the Dems will to shackle themselves to a corpse?  So far, yes they are!

There's a massive scandal gripping Spain right now, and believe it or not it concerns a celebratory kiss that a soccer executive gave to a female soccer star.  Kissing women on the lips is probably a pretty bad idea these days -- I mean, who can even tell what a "woman" is anymore -- but the drama that this incident has kicked up seems totally out of proportion to the stakes involved.  One wonders, for instance, what the reaction would have been if a female soccer player had planted a smooch on another female soccer player ("consensual" or otherwise), or whether there even would have been a reaction.  My advice to Luis Rubiales: now would be a good time to become trans!

In case you haven't heard, Red China isn't nearly as much "in the green" as it used to be, which is to say that China's economy is increasingly weak.  The New York Times dismisses the idea that this could make China more aggressive...but I sure don't!

Finally, this article correctly observes that Dem/progressive/establishment efforts to criminalize political speech and dissent, and efforts to delegitimize the Supreme Court, are linked.  The truth is that the Dems can toss us right-wingers in jail all day long, if they've got tame prosecutors and juries to assist, and they assuredly do.  Only SCOTUS will be able to inject some sanity into these criminal proceedings and thus keep American democracy on life support.  Ergo, sooner or later, the Dems will have to bring SCOTUS to heel.  Will they play the long game, by gradually replacing conservative justices with liberal ones, or will they get impatient and pack the court, or simply give it the finger?  We may find out sooner than you think!

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Speak Your Mind (If You Dare)


Friends, there's a theme to today's top headlines (as chosen by me): the declining scope for "free speech" in America and beyond.  Be afraid!  Be VERY afraid!

First, in what appears at first glance to be a victory for free speech, President Trump has decided to resume posting on Twitter (a.k.a. "X"), where he was a major presence before his eviction from the platform early in 2021 (for reasons all too familiar).  DJT has apparently decided that Truth Social won't cut it if he's to make effective use of social media in the 2024 election cycle.  So what's the downside, free speech-wise?  Just read this NPR article about Trump's return to Twitter.  It's dripping with contempt for Trump, Twitter, and Elon Musk.  It's part of an elaborate, global campaign to delegitimize one of the most popular social media sites going -- and ultimately to destroy it, because it has dared to deviate from establishment orthodoxy.  Demonetizing Twitter, by intimidating most advertizers into abandoning it, is just step one.  As the EU and the U.S. Department of Justice have made clear, sooner or later the app faces punitive lawsuits, adversarial prosecutions, and even outright bans.  It's all part and parcel of the global Left's campaign to monopolize control over the terms of public discourse...and it's working!


As if to confirm my analysis (and how!), a German court has just pronounced sentence against a German judge.  You heard right: a judge was put on trial for making a ruling that was considered, by leftists, a "perversion of the law".  His crime?  He found against mask mandates and social distancing and virus testing requirements for schoolchildren.  Can you imagine?  He not only questioned COVID orthodoxy -- he ruled that the law protected the rights of schoolchildren not to comply with fascistic governmental edicts on public health.  What cheek!  That the judge would be overruled is, of course unsurprising.  That his career would be ruined, and that he would face the loss of his pension and possible prison time, all for doing his job, as he saw it, is outrageous.  It speaks to the determination of the modern Left to criminalize dissent.  Trump is Exhibit A, sure, but there are plenty of others in the same boat. 

Finally, at least one poll shows that Ron DeSantis is the biggest beneficiary of the recent Republican presidential debate.  I'm pleased to hear it, although it's looking increasingly likely that all these bogus prosecutions of Trump will achieve their main objective: they will ensure that Trump is the GOP nominee, so that the Dems can (they expect) pick him apart and sail to victory in 2024.  We'll see about that last part.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Great Minds Think Alike?


Friends, yesterday was mighty eventful.  First, there was the initial Republican presidential debate (from which DJT courageously absented himself).  Polls say it was largely a draw, although arguably DeSantis performed well enough to solidify his status as a distant second to Trump.  Not all that many people watched, which will blunt the debate's impact.  A few things stood out to me: I expected the whole field to hammer away at DeSantis, since he's the obvious alternative to Trump, but no one did that.  On the contrary, Christie, Pence, and Haley all went after Ramaswamy.  Curious!  Have they decided that DeSantis is a has-been, and Ramaswamy is the flavor of the month?  I guess so.  In any case, it seemed counterintuitive to me.  I was also taken aback by Pence's aggressiveness, but I can see why he might think he needs to outperform to keep his campaign alive.  Christie and Hutchinson were placed on the far left of the debate stage, and, true to form, they laid into Trump.  Haley is reasonably effective, but her establishment, hawkish views do nothing for me.  Scott is okay, but I find it hard to imagine him as anything other than a candidate for V.P.  All in all, I expect Trump was reasonably happy with how the debate went, because no one stood out as a clear winner, or a clear loser, and thus the field will remain frozen in place (and in size), and he can pick off his enemies one by one. 

Trump, true to form, undermined the debate by simultaneously releasing a taped conversation between him and Tucker Carlson, which naturally got way better ratings than the debate itself.  I was looking forward to this interview, because I have great respect for Tucker Carlson, and a clash between him and one of the great bloviators of our time seemed bound to be full of drama.  Alas, there was no clash, and there was no drama, as Tucker lobbed softballs at Trump, and Trump engaged in the usual mix of self-congratulation and excoriation of his enemies.  Other than an amusing diversion into the history of the Panama Canal, I learned little or nothing.  I wish Tucker had asked Trump what his plan is to deal with the growling list of criminal charges against him, or why, since he's been cheated out of the presidency once, he won't simply be scammed again, no matter how universally beloved he may be.  At one point Tucker asked Trump why, if election rigging and adversarial prosecutions come up short, the deep state wouldn't just kill him and be done with it.  Trump seemed genuinely taken aback.  Perhaps it hasn't crossed his mind that he could be assassinated, or jailed for real.  Well, Donny, I suspect the best case scenario for you is that you'll lose, because then the Left might lose interest and let you fade away.  If, however, you win, or even look like you could win, I expect they'll nip you in the bud, permanently.  Food for thought.


Speaking of nipping Trump in the bud, he was booked yet again today, this time in Fulton County, Georgia, where he is charged with masterminding a "criminal conspiracy" to negate the "free and fair" results of the 2020 election.  Let the games begin!  The variables to each of these upcoming trials are so numerous that no one can say how they'll turn out, but, as I've observed before, the outcome isn't really the point.  The purpose of these prosecutions is to ensure that, come November 2024, everyone is voting yea or nay on Trump, and Biden is a mere afterthought.  And it could easily work out that way, too. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Spoiled for Choice?


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show includes a pulse-pounding preview of tonight's first Republican presidential debate.  True, DJT is taking a pass, but I still say the stakes are high, because at some point the race for the nomination will resolve itself into a battle between Trump and an anti-Trump, and, depending on the breaks, the non-Trump candidate could have a legitimate chance to win.  Then again, if he (or she) is a dud, Trump will cruise to his rematch with Biden.  For Ron DeSantis, the stakes are especially high, because he's trying to reclaim the status of Trump's nemesis.  I'll be watching.  Will you?

In addition to the debate, Brian and I discuss RFK, Jr.'s role in the presidential race, the outrageousness of the latest charges against Trump (and 18 others, guilty of nothing more than engaging in politics), the state of the Russia-Ukraine War, and so much more!

It'll be the most edifying 20-25 minutes of your day -- OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!




In other news, the Wagner boss who briefly mounted a coup against the Putin regime in Russia appears to have died in a plane crash, which in turn may or may not have been caused by a most unfortunate collision between the plane and an anti-aircraft missile.  What were the chances???  Pretty high, actually.  I must say, old Yevgeny lived longer than I expected after crossing everyone's favorite dictator, Vlad the Prevailer.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Donny Reb Can't Run


Friends, as if four separate attempts to throw Trump in the slammer via felony charges weren't enough (combined with a revived libel suit from E. Jean Carroll), now the Dems are dusting off the tired old argument that DJT is ineligible to run again for president because he engaged in "insurrection" against these United States, and the 14th Amendment says that's a no-no.  Their evidence?  The January 6th Committee declared Trump an outlaw, and ergo he is one!  Hard to argue with that flawless logic, isn't it?  You and I view this argument as utterly bogus, but make no mistake that most Dems and quite a few RINOs take it very seriously.  One or more blue states WILL attempt to exclude Trump from the ballot, and this question will be litigated all the way to the Supreme Court.  I'd like to think that SCOTUS will frisk this anti-democratic nonsense aside with the appropriate contempt -- but, even if they do, the Dems will just say "the fix was in" and those Trump-appointed judges saved his bacon.  The big takeaway?  There's little or nothing the Trump-haters won't do to keep him out of the Oval Office.  And they're just getting started!!! 

In other news, Trump will surrender to authorities in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday, and the terms of his bail will include a prohibition against the "intimidation" of witnesses or court officials via social media.  Well, good luck with that!  I believe it's very likely that the Fulton County court will hold Trump in contempt, and may try to jail him or impose a gag order that prevents him from communicating in the midst of the '24 campaign.  Things could get ugly, and, once again, it will be up to the federal courts to protect Trump's right to free speech.  (Even if they do, I strongly suspect that Google and Facebook may pull the plug on him.)


I don't know much about this Ramaswamy guy, but I like the fact that he's willing to molest some sacred cows on the way to the White House.  What do I mean?  He's saying that U.S. aid to Israel should be reconsidered, and he's absolutely right.  We give over $3 billion a year to a country that's rich, powerful, and isn't meaningfully threatened by its neighbors and hasn't been for decades.  Why?  Because no one in Washington, D.C. is willing to take on the Israel lobby.  Well, that's silly.  Let's give money to people who actually need it (for a change). 

Finally, as everyone knows, mortgage payments have gone through the roof, and car prices and car payments are no different.  For now, home sales and car sales remain robust, but you have to wonder how long consumers can stay in the game.  Personally, I think it's always been foolish to buy a new car, or even a late model used car, unless, I suppose, you've got more money than sense, as some people do.  There are some wonderful cars available for well under $10k, so...why pay more???

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Must See TV


Okay okay -- my title is a tad deceptive.  No one watches "tv" anymore, least of all me, but it now appears that DJT may skip the upcoming Republican presidential debate and instead sit down for an interview with Tucker Carlson, albeit not on tv but online.  The "must see" part is genuine, though.  I would be fascinated to learn how Tucker would handle Trump, and how Trump would handle Tucker.  Both men must have misgivings about the other, but both might be inclined to stifle those doubts in the interests of presenting a united front against Bidenist tyranny.  Perhaps.  There's really only one way to find out...


Then again, since the report comes from the New York Times, maybe it's 100% FAKE NEWS!

Thursday, August 17, 2023

As Israel Goes, So Goes the USA?

Friends, as promised, I've written an expanded analysis of Israel's looming constitutional crisis, with bonus analysis of how it may presage the unraveling of our own sickly democracy.  See if it doesn't chill you to the bone!

Democracy's Denouement: Is Israel Blazing a Trail That America Will Soon Follow?

Israel, usually a beacon of democratic stability in a region blessed with precious little of either, is careening towards a constitutional crisis, as the establishment left and the populist right vie for control of the Jewish state.

To make a long story short, the country's supreme court is gearing up to invalidate the actions of the Knesset (Israel's parliament), which recently voted to make the legislature sovereign and to pare back judicial authority. Israelis may soon face the dilemma, therefore, of obeying either the (conservative and elected) Knesset and Prime Minister, or the (progressive and unelected) judges of the high court, with both sides claiming to wield ultimate power over the Israeli state.

These days, most "responsible", and therefore establishment-approved, voices insist that the conservative government of Israel should back down and let the judges have their way with Israeli "democracy". At best, judicial and constitutional reform should be pursued with agonizing slowness, and with deference to judicial prerogatives.

That's certainly the perspective of the Biden Administration, which, shockingly, has sought to intervene directly in Israeli internal affairs, wagging its highly influential finger at the Netanyahu government. For some reason, American progressives, who are increasingly contemptuous of the U.S. Supreme Court, assailing its alleged corruption and tyranny, get awfully pious when discussing the powers and legitimacy of the Israeli high court, which regularly strikes down laws and appointments made by conservatives due to their “unreasonableness”. It's hard to escape the conclusion that, from the leftist perspective, what makes a court, or any institution, legitimate in the first place is whether it does their bidding.

Be this as it may, what's really at stake in the present battle is whether Israel will be a left-leaning, mostly secular social "democracy", in which the people are subordinated to an all-knowing progressive elite and expert class, or whether it will be a right-leaning, mildly theocratic Jewish state, in which parliamentary elections choose governing coalitions with broad powers to, well, govern, even if they choose to do so in ways that make progressives groan.

Critically, it's the right that currently holds most of the cards, democratically speaking, since it prevailed in Israel's last parliamentary election. It thus has the ability to assemble a parliamentary majority in favor of fundamental reforms of the judicial system.

The Left, accurately sensing the peril it is in, is doing its best to put its finger on the political scales to alter the outcome of a process over which it has lost democratic/parliamentary control. Establishment figures and progressives have agreed on a strategy that essentially holds the country hostage, by threatening that anything less than surrender on the part of Netanyahu and his conservative allies will produce political, economic, and social chaos -- which, since the leftists will be orchestrating and inflicting the chaos, is quite believable.

Among the tactics that the Left is already pursuing, or is actively considering, are: a general strike, global economic boycotts against Israel, street violence, blocking major highways, and even the refusal of Israeli Defense Force reservists to fulfill their military obligations. The goal is to push the Israeli economy into recession, to make Israeli society increasingly fractious, to threaten Israeli citizens' basic sense of security, to make ordinary commerce and daily life more challenging, to ruin Israel's international reputation, and to jeopardize Israel's national security – all to prevent the elected government of the country from functioning as a normal government would.

The question of the hour is: will Israel's elected leaders submit to leftist/establishment intimidation, or will they press on?

There is another question, though, that we in America might want to ponder: does Israel's current predicament presage the unraveling of our own constitutional and democratic system, which both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and progressives, seem to expect, even though both sides assume that their partisan and ideological enemies will be ultimately responsible.

Consider that the Left and the establishment have spent years trying to undermine, by legal, legislative, diplomatic, economic, and cultural means, the decision of the British people in 2016 to pursue “Brexit”, i.e. an exit from the European Union. Not for the first time, progressives and establishment types interpreted “democracy” as necessitating the negation of the people's freely expressed, democratic will. By some accounts, the establishment has succeeded in frustrating the process of Brexit and rendering Britain's exit from the EU so “soft” and conciliatory that it accomplishes little in terms of reclaiming British sovereignty and independence.

Consider that, in the wake of Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 election, progressives, Democrats, and some RINOs worked feverishly to prevent Trump from taking office, to limit his powers once he assumed office, to delegitimize him in office, and to evict him from office as soon as possible, and on the flimsiest of pretexts. The “will of the people” hardly entered into the equation.

Consider that, in 2020, establishment forces in the Democratic Party, government bureaucracies, the media, social media, corporations, the education system, non-profits, the courts, and other key institutions worked in concert to “protect” the 2020 presidential election from Trump and his alleged dirty tricks, meaning that the terms of the election, and the ways in which information was shared about it, were changed to guarantee one party – the Democrats – victory. What's more, some of these forces jointly planned mass BLM-style unrest to force Donald Trump from office, if he proved hesitant to go.

When the U.S. faces its own inevitable “constitutional crisis”, therefore, perhaps in the wake of the 2024 election, or perhaps in the form of a Democratic Party effort to “pack” the Supreme Court with pliable leftist judges, what are the chances that we too will face similar tactics of intimidation, lawlessness, and politically-engineered chaos, designed to bully us into accepting permanent leftist hegemony?

Israel's present crisis should, thus, be seen for what it is: a proxy war between the global, establishment Left, and the global, populist right. The Left is, in essence, fine-tuning its menu of tactics and strategies to reverse, or render irrelevant, the outcome of democratic elections that it deems unfavorable. If the establishment Left succeeds in Israel, and if Netanyahu and his colleagues ultimately back down, you can bet that Democrats can and will adopt the Israeli opposition's playbook here.

When the fateful hour arrives, we will see, at the very least, strikes, severe economic turbulence, international boycotts, civil disobedience, mass protests, and (“righteous”) political violence. Given the recent actions of the Biden Administration, we can safely assume that the Democrats' game plan will also include arrests and selective, adversarial prosecutions, the imprisonment of dissidents, censorship of opposition figures, and direct collusion with a compliant media and social media. We may or may not be able to fight back effectively against such a ruthless, multifaceted program of anti-democratic actions by the establishment Left, but we owe it to ourselves to see it coming and to do our best to prepare.

Democrats, progressives, and their fellow travelers in the political, cultural, and economic establishment tell us very frankly that their campaign of vilification against Donald Trump and his populist “ultra MAGA” movement are part of an “existential” battle for “democracy”. As we have seen, the “democracy” part is mere rhetoric. The “existential” part, however, is utterly sincere, and leftists and establishment figures worldwide are increasingly willing to do whatever it takes to protect their grip on power. The question now isn't what will they do to beat conservatives into submission, but what won't they do?

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at World Net Daily:



In other news, something truly miraculous happened today: CNN fact-checked Joe Biden!  It pointed out a number of "false personal anecdotes" that Biden included in a speech about the economy.  Granted, if Trump had delivered the same whoppers, CNN would have called them "lies", not "false...anecdotes".  Speaking of which, how can an "anecdote" be "false"?  If it's made up, it's not an anecdote!  It's a fairy tale.  Anyway, luckily for Sleepy Joe he and his fellow Democrats are never held accountable for their mendacity, stupidity, illegality, corruption, or general bad behavior.  This, too, will be swept under the rug.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

A Fateful Phone Call


Friends, remember the good old days, when we would use our rotary phones to dial each other up, and we almost never got indicted for doing so?  Well, it's a brave new world out there, and one little phone call by Trump to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger may now serve as the pretext for the snuffing out not just of Donald Trump's 1st Amendment rights, but your rights and my rights and the whole architecture of American democracy too.  If any political effort that the Dems dislike can be reframed as a "criminal conspiracy", as the Fulton County prosecutor alleges is the case, then we're all screwed -- Democrats included, sooner or later.  Polticized prosecutions are the absolute negation of justice, and now you're seeing Republicans talking about repaying Democrats in kind.  This won't end well!  

My latest article addresses the pickle that Fulton County has placed us in:

Fulton County versus The United States: Why the Latest Trump Indictments Are An Assault on Everything We Hold Dear

The Fulton County DA's legal vendetta against Donald Trump is remarkably audacious in two respects.

One, it pulls 18 additional defendants into the leftist/establishment dragnet, some of them guilty of nothing more than publicly questioning the fairness of the 2020 election, or of asking for someone's phone number on Trump's behalf. Thus, the Georgia trial, if the prosecutor follows through on her intention to try all 19 defendants together, will be a judicial and media circus on a scale not seen since the O.J. Simpson murder trial. It will be, from the perspective of almost every Republican and conservative, a new low in American jurisprudence.

Two, the Georgia case is also uniquely atrocious in that it posits that all the defendants are part of a broad criminal “conspiracy” to mislead the American public, to subvert government officials and institutions, and to overturn the result of a free and fair election. Because this was allegedly an organized conspiracy to violate the law, RICO charges have been brought against the defendants, including Trump, meaning that they will be treated like mafia bosses and will face potentially tougher penalties and longer sentences. The substance of the crimes themselves – charges like “false statements and writings” and “solicitation of violation of oath by public officer” – will be accentuated by the prosecutor's decision to frame them as an organized criminal enterprise.

This begs the question, of course, of why the Democrats' exceedingly organized effort to challenge Florida's certified presidential election results in 2000, and thus overturn George W. Bush's victory over Al Gore, were not also a criminal conspiracy against truth, justice, and the American way. We might further inquire why the shadow campaign conducted on the Left in 2016 to convince members of the Electoral College not to honor their pledges to vote for Donald Trump was not also an anti-democratic conspiracy. We might then ask whether Stacey Abrams' refusal to accept the results of the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia, and countless Democrats' and progressives' declarations that she was, despite her certified loss, the legitimate Governor of Georgia, was not also an organized conspiracy to subvert the democratic will of the people of that state, as well as the legitimacy of the rightful governor, Brian Kemp. We might further demand to know whether Democrats' and progressives' aggressive peddling of false accusations of Trump-Russia collusion was not similarly an organized conspiracy to overturn (indirectly) the results of the 2016 election, by fraudulently soliciting the impeachment and removal of the duly-elected president.

We could ask any, or all, of these questions, in light of the Fulton County prosecutor's brazen attempt to criminalize the questioning of election results only when it is done from the political right, but we would be, presumably, wasting our time, since the concept of equal justice under the law does not compute for people who view the purpose of the law, in the first place, as the destruction of their political enemies.

Republicans and conservatives ought to ponder, however, just how sweeping the implications of the current prosecutions are, and how potentially chilling for any and all future efforts to oppose and/or criticize the establishment Left's reign of error.

If the criticism of the 2020 election was a vast criminal conspiracy, that means that anyone connected to it, or supportive of it, is also a criminal. I, for instance, who wrote articles questioning the fairness of the 2020 election, thus engaged in behavior not so different from that of some of the defendants soon to be tried in Fulton County. My, uhh, obscurity would not, legally speaking, mitigate the seriousness of my “crimes”.

What's more, millions of Americans contributed financially to the Trump campaign, which was deeply involved in efforts to question the election results and to try to overturn them. Presumably, every one of these donors was a cog, however small, in crime boss Donald Trump's elaborate election-busting machine. It need not matter, moreover, whether support was given to the Trump campaign before or after the election, because Trump's and Republicans' (supposedly illegal) efforts to criticize the terms and fairness of the election began well before voting commenced. Furthermore, given the breadth and brazenness of this “conspiracy”, one could even argue that all 74 million Americans who voted for Trump share criminal responsibility for the damage that he, his campaign, and his administration did to American democracy.

That's right, dear reader: YOU were in on it all along! You too, when the Democrats bestir themselves to expand their dragnet still further, could be subject to prosecution and severe criminal penalties.

How can one criminalize voting, you ask, or political donations? Why, free speech is the first and most important right guaranteed by our Constitution. If the mere exercise of that right can be turned into a crime, then it stands to reason that anything can.

In short, the temerity and dangerousness of the Georgia prosecutions are difficult to overstate, and perhaps the most shocking thing about them is that their horrifying implications seem not to have occurred to a single figure on the Left – or, if they have, they seem not to be troubled by them. But then, why would a party that has embraced censorship of oppositional speech, and the persecution of dissidents in and by the private sector (with the helping hand of federal authorities), blanch at taking progressive authoritarianism to the next level: the criminalization of the democratic process itself?

That is how low we have sunk in this country, and that is how close we now are to losing, for all intents and purposes, the right and the ability to fight back against leftist tyranny.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at Townhall: 




In other news, my latest interview on the Newsmaker Show is awesome!  What a shock.  It covers Trump's legal woes, America's democracy woes, RFK, Jr's abortion woes, and series of other woes.  Woe is YOU if you don't tune in...   

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Oh No You Didn't!


Friends, in a move that has brought cheers from leftists and Democrats, the Fulton County D.A., a diehard progressive Dem, has brought 13 charges against DJT related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.  What's more, she's charged 18 other Trump supporters with similar crimes, on the theory that all of them were participants in a vast right-wing criminal conspiracy.  The sheer moxie of this woman is impressive!  In essence, the Left is aiming to criminalize political speech that it disdains.  Will the trial go ahead?  It's very possible, and, boy, will it be a circus!!!  You'll find an expanded analysis from me on this subject tomorrow.


In other news, you may have heard that RFK, Jr. briefly endorsed restrictions on "abortion rights" after the first trimester of pregnancy...and then hours later his campaign insisted that he was merely confused and actually he loves abortion and encourages everyone to get at least one. 

It ain't easy bein' Ron DeSantis!  Even though Biden and Trump are runaway favorites to be their respective parties' presidential nominees, it's DeSantis who's getting targeted by negative ads more than both of them put together.  Why?  DJT is trying to nip his chief rival in the bud.  So far he's doing a good job of it, but then pretty much everyone had written off Joe Biden early in 2020 too, and how did that turn out?


Finally, in a legal dispute emblematic of the times we live in, a transgender "woman" is suing "her" ex-boyfriend for the prompt return of "her" ex-testicles, now reduced to popsicle form.  Who gives someone their testicles and then demands them back???  Talk about an Indian giver!  Oh man, now I've really crossed the line, haven't I?  I meant "Native American giver", naturally.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

The All-New Race to the Moon


Friends, once upon a time, the world was riveted as the U.S. and the USSR competed to achieve historic firsts in space, and eventually to land a man on the Moon.  Well, I'm not sure how all that turned out, but now there's a new race to the Moon!  In the short term, it involves India and Russia, both of which have probes with a good shot at making the first soft landing at the Moon's south pole.  More importantly, as this article describes, the U.S. is gearing up to land a woman and a person of color on the Moon (presumably chosen for their physical attractiveness and dogged loyalty to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and, to a much lesser extent, their professional abilities).  The U.S. is also partnering with a long list of countries, including key European allies, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and India, who will assist us in the effort to open up the Moon to exploration and settlement.  Even Ukraine is in on the deal, so you know funds will be plentiful.  The Russians and Chinese, however, have cobbled together their own rival lunar pact.  Most interesting.  Could we be seeing the key alliance systems of the future take shape, first on the Moon, and, soon enough, here on Earth?  Perhaps!


In other news, Israel may be careening towards a constitutional crisis, with the country's supreme court preparing to invalidate the actions of the Knesset (Israel's parliament), which voted to make the legislature sovereign and to pare back judicial authority.  Israelis may soon face the dilemma of obeying either the Knesset and the Prime Minister, or the judges of the supreme court, both of whom may claim to be in control.  This article argues, as most "responsible" establishment voices do these days, that the conservative government of Israel should back down and let the judges have their way with Israeli "democracy".  What's really at stake is whether Israel will be a left-leaning, mostly secular social "democracy" (in which the people are subordinated to an all-knowing progressive elite and expert class), or whether it will be a right-leaning, partly theological Jewish state, in which parliamentary elections choose governing coalitions with broad powers to, well, govern.  The Left is doing its best to hold the country to ransom, suggesting that anything less than surrender on the part of Netanyahu and his confederates will produce political, economic, and social chaos -- which, since the leftists will be inflicting the chaos, is quite believable.  The question of the hour remains: will Israel's elected leaders submit to leftist/establishment intimidation, or will they press ahead?

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Jack Smith's "X"-Rated Peep Show


Friends, the story of how Jack Smith got Donald Trump's direct messages and private data from Twitter, now known as "X", is most interesting.  The last sentence is probably the key here.  It's highly unlikely that all this Twitter dirt will inform the prosecutions of Trump in any meaningful way.  We all know precisely what Trump was up to in 2020...because he kept telling us all about it.  The real purpose of raiding his Twitter account is to find embarrassing morsels that they can selectively leak to make Trump look monstrous.  Expect stunning "revelations" in the weeks and months to come, and no accountability for those who thus abuse our justice system to disparage their enemies.


In other news, farewell, John C. Calhoun!  You're the latest in a long line of dead white males to be cancelled, and naturally you're going to be replaced with a woke hero/heroine chosen to make lefties swell with pride (and just a little malice). 

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Lay Off Poor Jerry!


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show includes a consideration of the little-discussed presidency of Gerald Ford, who, if you recall, was brutally lampooned by Saturday Night Live.  This was back when SNL was funny, although Jerry Ford might not always have been laughing along.  My view is that Ford did the right thing in pardoning Richard Nixon, and he was, despite what the media would have you believe, neither a klutz nor a nincompoop.  The country would have been far better off had Jerry pulled out a win in 1976, and he very nearly did.

Brian and I don't only discuss the 1970s.  We also cover the politics of gambling and sin taxes, the past, present, and future of Mitch McConnell, why DeSantis is struggling and whether he can right the ship, Trump's looming battle to preserve his right to free speech, whether any minds have been changed about January 6th (since January 6th), the significance of a mano-a-mano debate between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis, the salience of third party candidates in 2024, and the all-important politics of impeachment.

Whew!  What a menu of tasty analytical treats.  I say: dig in!

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

it Ain't Easy Bein' Mitch


Friends, it's hard not to feel sorry for poor Mitch McConnell.  He's old, he's sickly, and he's even having trouble making words come out of his mouth.  What's worse, he's almost universally hated.  That is to say, both Democrats AND Republicans loathe him, and that's not an easy thing to achieve in this day and age.  I mean, usually, what they like, we hate, and what we like, they hate.  Not so with old Mitch.  He's on everyone's sh** list.  Now, even those of us who aren't big fans, and who think it might be time for him to retire, have to admit that he's been very effective on occasion, in a purely tactical sense.  But, since tactics often yield important strategic victories, like our present super-majority on the Supreme Court, you have to give Mitch credit.  He ain't all bad.  And that's the point of this Wall Street Journal article, which, of course, is predictable in its point of view, since the WSJ is basically a Fox property.


Well, we Republicans have done it again -- we've managed to lose an important election in a red state!  Issue One has failed in Ohio, which would have made it harder to alter the state constitution.  The reason this is important: a pro-abortion measure is favored to pass in November that could turn Ohio into an abortion-friendly state, despite Republicans' iron grip on its legislature and the Governor's mansion.  In other words, the dastardly Dems are still doing a great job of weaponizing the abortion issue and of getting their voters to the polls.  This isn't good! 

In other polling news, here are some Arizona numbers that tell us two interesting things: one, Trump is highly competitive with Biden, and, two, adding Cornel West into the mix doesn't appear to alter greatly the balance of forces between Biden and Trump.  The upshot may be that many voters are desperately looking for someone else to vote for, and that could benefit either major party candidate, frankly, and it may give an advantage to Trump in some states, and Biden in others.


China's economy is really starting to hit the skids, and that's especially true when one looks at imports and exports.  This is good news for anyone who wants the U.S. and the West more broadly to end their reliance on Chinese industry.  It's bad news, however, for anyone who wants to keep the peace between China and the West, because a China that is struggling economically is a China that may lash out in any number of ways.  You can bet those Chicoms will be looking to change the subject! 

There's a nasty rumor that all librarians are Bolsheviks.  Well, I dunno about that, but the leader of the American Library Association sure is.  We know that because she brags about it!


Finally, the point of all these indictments against Trump isn't to convict and incarcerate him, per se.  It's to hobble him as a general election candidate in 2024.  To that end, we can expect many of these prosecutors, and perhaps some of the judges, to try to muzzle Trump, and we can expect Trump to give them the finger in response.  The key question is: who will win in this political/legal/constitutional face-off?   On this question may hinge the outcome of the election, after all.  I personally think that SCOTUS is much more likely to weigh in on Trump's 1st Amendment rights than they are on the substance of the charges against him.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Hillary's Crocodile Tears


Friends, today I recommend to you this fascinating (and long-winded) article by none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman who was supposed to become our president in January 2017, but whose providential destiny was denied by that big meanie DJT.  Hillary's analysis of how our country got into its present predicament -- inches from fascist dictatorship -- is Clintonite through and through: self-pitying, gushingly partisan, pompous, and totally blind to the role that progressives and their top supporters in the media, social media, Hollywood, and beyond have played in creating exactly the conditions she decries.  Having said all that, if you cut through all the crap, Hillary has the kernel of a very profound point: Americans are increasingly isolated and lonely, and that makes them vulnerable to manipulation.  It would never cross Hillary's mind, ingĂ©nue that she is, that a DEMOCRAT could be just as good, if not better, at manipulation as a Republican, but I'll let you decide on that little wrinkle yourselves.  Anyway, see if you can't find something redeeming in what Hillary has to say.  If nothing else, you'll walk away from her article with a complete understanding of the self-aggrandizing mythology that undergirds modern progressivism. 


In other news, whether we'll ever prove that Joe Biden participated in an illegal bribery scheme I certainly can't say.  What's very evident at this stage, however, even to many Democrats, is that the entire Biden family has been working furiously for years to monetize Sleepy Joe's renown, such as it is, and particularly in communist China and among rich Chinese connected to the CCP elite.  Now, whether laws were broken or not, ask yourself this: how would the media treat such close contacts in a generally hostile foreign power in a top-tier politician if he happened to have, say, an "R" after his name instead of a "D"?  With a yawn...or with a howl of outrage?  You tell me.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

West of Eden


Friends, this might be one of the most consequential polls you've seen so far this year.  There are endless polls telling us what we already know: that Biden leads among Democrats, that Trump leads among Republicans, and that a potential Biden-Trump rematch would probably be very close.  But here's something you didn't know: adding Cornel West into the mix has a decisive effect, particularly in the battleground state of Michigan.  Trump gains a lead (albeit a small one) if West makes it onto the ballot.  That's not hugely surprising, given that West will steal a certain number of black and progressive votes from Biden.  It's not inevitable, either, since West may or may not stick it out until next November, and Democrats may or may not succeed in keeping him off the ballot.  After all, for Democrats, "democracy" means giving voters as few choices as humanly possible -- preferably, just one!


And here's an interesting story about a Democratic proposal to ban "assault weapons" surreptitiously by imposing prohibitively high taxes on their purchase.  Now, you needn't take this proposal seriously in the short run, but, in the long run, if Democrats ever seize control of the White House, both Houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court (and they easily could), a "solution" like this very well might be imposed on the country, and I predict that, in general, financial leverage will play a central role in the Left's plan to implement its agenda and crush anything and everything resembling an opposition.

Friday, August 4, 2023

The One-Armed Bandit Strikes Again!


Friends, there's nothing quite as pathetic as geriatric slot machine zombies -- that is to say, seniors who spend all day in front of a video screen, frittering their Social Security checks away.  That may sound flippant, but the truth is that "problem gambling" is an affliction that is doing immense harm in America, and it's a dysfunction that's growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to greater social acceptance and less and less political oversight and criminalization.  My latest article takes on many localities' and states' "addiction" to revenue that's generated by marijuana sales and gambling.  Specifically, I urge the state legislature in North Carolina to proceed cautiously.  See if you don't agree with my take...


In other news, the AP learned its lesson when it was sharply criticized for relenting to pressure from the state of Florida and making alterations -- improvements, actually -- in its curriculum on African-American history.  Obviously, giving Ron DeSantis a "win" is totally unacceptable for any organization connected to higher education, so this time, where the AP's course on psychology is concerned, it's saying that it will forgo Florida altogether, and Florida students are out of luck because DeSantis is a big meanie.  That sounds a lot more like the AP we know and love, doesn't it?  The goal, of course, is to make Florida look like a land of loonies and fascists.  Among Democrats, the strategy is working like a charm, needless to say. 

And in your Russia-Ukraine report for today, here's an extensive analysis of how poorly Ukraine's counteroffensive is going, as well as a story about the Metropolitan Opera's smear campaign against, and "banning" of, Russian soprano Anna Netrebko.  All Russians are intrinsically suspect, as you know, and, if they don't pledge their undying hatred for Putin/Hitler, they're non-people.  Of course, you could argue that opera is technically about the...singing?  I know -- I'm so naive, right? 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

It's the Battle of the Also-Ran vs. the Didn't-Run...Or Is It?


Friends, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom have decided to debate each other.  One is running for president (and not getting a lot of traction), and the other desperately wants to run, if only the desiccated corpse of Joe Biden would get out of the way...  It could be a night to remember!  You may be inclined to scoff, but neither DeSantis nor Newsom can be dismissed as a potential major party nominee.  Biden and Trump look like cinches now, but a year (+) is a very long time in politics, and in life.


DJT promised to tame the Deep State, and, last I checked, the Deep State is kicking his a**.  He'll be wiling away his last days in federal prison while those Deep State bureaucrats are collecting fat pensions.  Now, Ron DeSantis says he can put the Deep State in its place.  How?  Why, he's going to "start slitting throats on day one".  What a felicitous choice of words -- NOT!  Many Republicans would love to see Washington insiders garotted, but it's probably not a policy proposal that's going to win over a lot of undecided voters. 

In other news, DJT was arraigned today on a number of (specious) charges that amount to criminalizing his free speech rights and his (utterly futile) efforts to overturn the 2020 election.  Funnily enough, many people have tried to "obstruct" many elections in the last few decades, but only one has been charged with these (very imaginative) crimes.  I know a lot of Republicans are thinking, "Ha!  Now Trump can use this trial to expose the corruption of his enemies."  Poppycock!  Trials are run by judges, and this one won't let Trump do anything except twist in the wind.  Don't expect tables to be turned on the Deep State.  Expect a show trial, albeit one that, if there's any justice in this world, may expose the villainy of its authors more than the alleged "crimes" of Donald J. Trump. 

Much as Ralph Kramden seemed to feel otherwise, there's new data suggesting that married people are, by and large, much happier than single people.  I can believe it, in the sense that we're a pair-bonding species.  We're meant to form into couples and procreate.  Those who don't obey this programming are bound to experience negative side-effects.  On the other hand, modern people are such egomaniacs that it's hard to imagine how they could live side-by-side for decades and not come to resent and even despise one another.  Perhaps the real takeaway isn't that marriage, per se, is the answer to everyone's problems, but that a good marriage is, in many ways, the key to happiness and fulfillment.


Lastly, here's a follow-up to last week's revelations about the Secret Service's refusal to offer protection to RFK, Jr.  Apparently the Left tried to dismiss his request as a coded neo-Nazi transmission to America!  Wow!  Anything to avoid the substance of the issue, huh?

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Day After


Friends, good news (if you're a cockroach): WWIII is closer than ever!  That's because the Ukrainians are getting extremely comfortable with the idea of attacking Russia directly.  Granted, their attacks are pathetically weak, but they're doing their best to wreak vengeance on Mother Russia.  The fact that, in doing so, they're bringing the world incrementally closer to direct NATO versus Russia conflict doesn't seem to bother them.  Somewhat incredibly, the fact that they're inviting nuclear retaliation on their own homeland doesn't seem to faze them either.  Presumably, they're counting on the fact that Russia will laugh off their pinprick strikes.  Maybe so.  In many ways the bottom line is that the great warlord President Zelensky is simply out of his depth.  He was promised that Western miracle weapons would bring him victory.  It turns out, though, that Russians aren't pushovers.  Gee, who saw that coming?  Zelensky's recent strikes against Russian targets, therefore, should be seen for what they are: tacit admissions of weakness.  Of course, that doesn't make them any less incendiary.

All this and more is discussed, in breathtaking depth, on this week's Newsmaker Show, along with other breaking news items, such as: Nigel Farage's bold and incredibly consequential battle against political "debanking", the latest on the Biden scandals and their political impact, the Biden Administration's refusal to grant Secret Service protection to RFK, Jr., whether the fix is in for Joe Biden on the Democratic side, the politicization of the strategic petroleum reserve by Sleepy Joe, and the state of the race, head-to-head, between Biden and Trump.  Finally, in our "This Day in History" segment, we look back on the Gulf War of 1990-91 and its short-term and long-term impacts (which were wildly different).

It's another hard-hitting radio show, packed with stellar commentary and unique insights.  You'd be downright nutty to miss it!




In other news, you might have heard that this Jack Smith guy isn't a big fan of DJT.  In fact, he's leveled a whole bunch of additional charges at him, which could even carry the death penalty!  Oh my.  I doubt Donald Trump will be hanged by the neck until dead, although there's no doubt that this legal onslaught is designed to choke the political viability out of him, and probably out of the populist wing of the GOP too, once and for all.  Will it work???  That's the question of the hour, which won't be fully resolved until the 2024 election, and beyond, if my guess is right.  That is to say, the results we get on election night may have less to do with who ends up as president than you might think!


In what could be the beginning of a (very drawn-out) downward spiral for U.S. public finances, a major ratings agency has downgraded the creditworthiness of the U.S. government.  The Biden Administration in incensed!  Of course, the Biden Administration also says that our government came within inches of being overthrown on January 6th, 2021, and, just a few years ago, we were governed by a guy who loves Nazis, breaks the law for fun, and who is presently tied with the incumbent in polls for 2024.  So...we should worry A LOT (!!!) politically, but not at all financially?  Uh, sure.  Plus, according to the Biden camp, we can keep on borrowing massive amounts indefinitely, so lend us money at rock bottom rates and learn to like it, you stupid foreigners!  Good luck selling that bill of goods, Sleepy Joe.