Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Leave It To...Zuckerberg?


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show covers an enormous amount of ground (what else is new?), including the factors that determine the American people's selection of presidents, our industrial decline, Facebook's (long overdue) reinstatement of Donald Trump's account, the strengths and weaknesses of America's rising generation (Gen Z), the removal of Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee, the first rallies that DJT has held as a presidential candidate (for the '24 cycle), and so much more!  There's a theme that runs through this week's program, in my view: the importance of the family, and the fact that so many of our nation's problems come down to indifferent/incompetent parenting.  Anyway, it's a great show, in my humble opinion, so give it a listen...


In other news, how does the "Deep State", including the National Archives, bend the narrative to damage conservatives and shield leftists?  Here's a case in point:

The SUNY DEI course referenced below is actually one that I teach, believe it or not!  At first, here at Alfred State, it was called "Global Perspectives," but it's been reworked as "Global and Diverse Perspectives" to appease the DEI crowd.  I will say, however, that a course description has, in practice, relatively little impact on how a course is taught, or on what subject matter is covered.  I doubt that SUNY will compel me to teach the class in such a way that I would be forced to endorse any particular ideology.  Ergo, the question people ought to be asking is not so much "What courses are on the books?" as "Who is teaching them?"  Everything is ultimately a matter of perspective, and it's beyond obvious at this stage that the vast majority of college professors agree with the leftist, neo-Marxist paradigm.  Thus, their courses are going to be filled with nonsense, regardless of what the course description says.

Lastly, I've opined before on the potential upsides and downsides of A.I., but here's a MAJOR pitfall: A.I. "learns" from the internet, and especially from those online sources that it is told are "reliable".  It should come as no surprise, therefore, that most forms of A.I. will parrot the ideology of the digital Masters of the Universe who run the internet, and of the woke techies who program A.I. in the first place.  This is, or ought to be, a very serious concern.  A.I. is destined to wield significant power in our society.  In fact, it already does.  It already manages most social media censorship regimes.  We can safely assume, moreover, that it will exercise this power in a biased fashion, and maybe even with genuine hatred or contempt for "right-wing extremists" like ourselves (but without any form of compassion to mitigate its disdain).  You've been warned!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Queen is Dead! Long live the...Airbus???


Friends, today we bid a tearful farewell to the Boeing 747.  This afternoon Boeing made the last commercial delivery of the aviation mainstay.  The 747 is an iconic American jet that harkens back to the late 60s, when the United States was an industrial colossus that bestrode the world.  Back in those days, men were pilots, women were stewardesses, and everyone was smoking like a chimney -- but, more to the point, our country was confident, grounded (morally, not aeronautically), and optimistic.  The world was our oyster, and the 747 was the vehicle that, more than any other, would take us wherever we wanted to go...  And look at us now: we're stuck in the economy section of an Airbus A319, paying extra for hand luggage and a Diet Coke!  How the mighty are fallen, indeed.  Godspeed, Jumbo Jet!  We had some good times together, and you'll be missed.


In other news, the constant fluctuations in the eternal battle between Trumpism and Bidenism are fascinating to watch.  To make a long story short, as long as the Dems and their media allies can get the American people to forget that Biden exists -- and to concentrate instead on the WORST PERSON EVER (you know who...) -- they can perform well in the polls and at election time.  On the other hand, Biden is, well, the President, in case anyone's forgotten, so conjuring him out of existence, in terms of public opinion, ain't easy.  Are they up to the challenge?  We'll find out in 2024. 

The privatization of our election infrastructure that happened in a big way in 2020 is by no means a thing of the past.  Big money is flowing in "philanthropic"circles to underwrite efforts to "improve access" to the vote.  Some red states have pushed back, and that's a good first step, but much more needs to be done to prevent the private infiltration of public boards of elections.


This is an interesting take on the long-term impact of A.I.  The author argues that millions of skilled professionals will soon be out of work because their jobs can be done by supercomputers, and, if that's true, it's going to create a massive new constituency for Republicans, who are the party of Americans who feel "left behind" by social and economic change.  It remains an open question which will be the bigger concern in the 21st century: a worker shortage, caused by demographic decline and the, uh, uselessness of so many modern humans, or a worker surplus, caused by automation and artificial intelligence?


What's the chief goal of the Fed right now?  To reduce the size of your paycheck -- duh!  Higher interest rates are designed to cool the increases in wages and benefits that we've seen of late, and which the Fed views as unsustainable.  So there's good news...for bankers: wage gains are now significantly below the level of inflation, meaning that real wages are trending down.  That's bad for you, Average Joe, but it's good for corporate profits, and thus for the Masters of the Universe.  See, everything works out in the end... 

Finally, I mentioned demographic collapse earlier.  Well, Italy is way out on the frontier of the baby bust.  Its birth rate is derisory, and, unlike us, it's also on the wrong end of a brain drain.  If these trends continue, Italy could find itself joining the Third World before long.  I guess there's an upside: your next getaway to the Amalfi Coast could be a steal!

Sunday, January 29, 2023



Friends, my latest article upbraids the West for what I regard as a wildly unrealistic and dangerously provocative form of intervention in the Russia-Ukraine War.  In particular, I regard Germany's (soft) belligerence as a huge mistake that is almost certain to goad Russia into herculean efforts to crush Ukraine once and for all.  See if you don't agree with my point of view...




In other news, Ronna McDaniel is keeping her job as Chair of the RNC.  That blows the minds of many conservatives and Republicans, given that the GOP has underperformed (by some measures) in three election cycles in a row, but then again McDaniel has presided over big Republican gains in terms of fundraising and voter mobilization.  It isn't so much that Republicans have done badly in recent elections.  It's that Democrats have done better, or at least they've made maximum and very judicious use of their resources, and they've got motivating their base, even when their own candidates are duds, down to a science.  Anyway, we're stuck with Ronna, so let's hope she can figure it all out by 2024. 

Thursday, January 26, 2023

A Win for Democracy


Friends, in a democracy, we wouldn't expect everyone to like Donald Trump, would we?  I mean, taking issuing with our leaders is an American birthright!  Likewise, however, our leaders have the right to, well, take issue with us.  They have a right to speak and be heard, by those who wish to hear them.  Donald Trump has been denied that right by the high muckety-mucks of Big Tech for far too long.  Today, Facebook is taking a step back from the brink of totalitarian dystopia by allowing our former president to...speak his mind.  Bravo!  I stopped using Facebook for political purposes a long time ago, because of their disgusting bias and intolerance, but a win is a win, and I'm very glad to see that Twitter and "Meta" are once again moving in the right direction.  Google -- all eyes are on YOU!


In a clear sign that the battle for free speech is far from won, Twitter appears to be censoring journalism critical of the leader of India.  Not cool, twits! 

I tend to agree with our former president that sending tanks to Ukraine is a terrible idea that will further escalate a war that we have no realistic hope of "winning".  What's worse, the longer the war drags on, the greater is the danger of World War III.


Finally, while we may be poised at the threshold of recession, we aren't there yet.  That's both good news and bad news.  It's good news, because economic decline might still be avoidable.  It's bad news because there's every reason to believe that things can and will get worse. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

What Could Go Wrong?


Friends, when people ask me, "What's wrong with Eastern Europe today?", I invariably answer: "Needs more German panzers, obviously!"  Thanks to the wisdom of NATO, Ukraine is about to be overrun with German tanks, and I'll bet that will settle those Russians right down...  In fact, I can tell by the look on Putin's face that he's itching to surrender.  What a relief that's going to be!

Ukraine's hunger for Western tanks, which is about to be satisfied, is just one of many scintillating topics that we cover in this week's Newsmaker Show.  Brian and I also consider the balance of forces in the struggle between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the prospects for Joe Biden's reelection bid, China's demographic stumbles, the future of the Washington Post, the political preferences of Gen Z, and the omnipresence of wokeness.  

Man oh man!  Is it possible to find any other radio program that packs so much insight into such a short span of time each week?  I doubt it!  Prove me wrong, people...


In other news, keep an eye on that explosive free speech case against the Biden Administration coming out of Missouri and Louisiana.  I'll be extremely disappointed if the Supreme Court doesn't weigh in on this issue in the next few years.  We need to know, once and for all, to what extent the federal government can participate in, and foster, censorship online.

Finally, undoubtedly the most important story of 2023, and perhaps that of 2024 too, will be the looming recession.  Maybe it will be in our rearview mirror by the time Americans vote in our next presidential election?  Perhaps.  The severity and duration of the downturn, more than any other factor, will determine Sleepy Joe's fate...

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

"M&Ms" Stands For "Monsters and Mass-Murderers", Don't Ya Know?


Friends, a cursory perusal of the new "woke" configuration of the M&Ms "spokescandies", as of last January, reveals the obvious and shocking truth: the new look was designed to foment a race war, a massive spike in global terrorism, the melting of the polar icecaps, and subsequent genocide, armageddon, and beer shortages.  That's why we at WaddyIsRight are so pleased to learn that the spokescandies will be temporarily "paused", while Maya Rudolph takes over the important role of Chief Candy Hawker.  Whew!  We really dodged the bullet there, didn't we?


In more lighthearted news, the U.S. has decided to escalate its involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war by providing M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.  Although the article doesn't even mention it, this will almost certainly lead to WWIII and thus to the death of everyone reading this article -- but Mitch McConnell likes the idea, so, heck, I say give it a shot! 

Finally, I like to keep track of the leftist ramblings of Robert Reich, because a) he's so adorably tiny, and b) he's an effective spokesman for hardcore "progressive" intellectuals and party insiders.  That being said, does Reich support Biden for reelection in 2024?  Not very emphatically, as you'll see here.  That could signify real challenges for our Gerontocrat-in-Chief...

Monday, January 23, 2023



Friends, one of the most troubling and exciting fields these days is A.I. -- artificial intelligence.  Its capabilities are, quite simply, growing by leaps and bounds.  The best supercomputers can now complete complex creative tasks that previously only high-qualified geniuses (like me) could manage.  Yikes!!!  It is frankly foreseeable that supercomputers will soon be preferred over professors by many college students.  Supercomputers are continuously updating and expanding their knowledge and skill sets.  Unlike stick-in-the-mud professors, who only know how to teach in one style, supercomputers can modulate the form of knowledge delivery based on the preferences and attributes of the pupil.  Best of all, while one supercomputer teaches you English Lit, another supercomputer can write your term paper for you -- and it can probably make that paper more transcendently beautiful than a Shakespearean sonnet, or, if you prefer, exactly like a Shakespearean sonnet.  Neat-o!  Will the need for the human intellect evaporate altogether?  That seems unlikely.  What does seem likely, however, is that, just as much unskilled work has already been rendered obsolete by mechanization, in the future much skilled work, even highly specialized work, will get the same treatment, courtesy of A.I.  Fewer and fewer actual humans will be required to produce not only goods but also great works of literature, artistic masterpieces, and even stirring editorials and presidential addresses.  The bottom line is that we are likely to enjoy more leisure and prosperity than ever before -- and, thanks to our friendly neighborhood supercomputer, we will be able to use that leisure and prosperity to create for ourselves not just islands of material abundance, but also virtual and actual oases of aesthetic and intellectual brilliance.  Want, for instance, to spend your afternoon chatting with Einstein about relativity, or St. Augustine about sin?  A.I. has you covered -- and might frankly do a better job of it than Einstein or St. Augustine ever could (especially in their present states of decomposition)...  It truly is a brave new world!!!


(My advice: if you're worried about robots and supercomputers putting you out of a job, get rich and quit your job preemptively!  Whatever technological changes bedevil us, I guarantee you that the owners of capital will do just fine, thank you very much!) 

In other news, here's an excellent article by a pal-o'-mine about the ethical questions raised by Sleepy Joe's document controversy.  Did Biden mishandle secret materials?  Duh.  What may be more interesting is the corrupt world in which he, his family, and his associates moved in the years before he became president.  The more we learn about Biden, Inc., the more revolting it sounds.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

He's Still Got It!


Friends, as the USA teeters on the brink of default (yawn!) and as the moral/spiritual foundations of Western Civilization steadily erode (eek!), we should make time to celebrate "the little things", like astronaut Buzz Aldrin's recent marriage (his fourth) at the age of 93!  Holy moly!  He wed a woman 30 years his junior, who looks more like she's 50 years his junior -- not that ole Buzz is nearly as wizened as you'd expect, mind you.  The takeaway here is: if you're wondering what it takes to get a hot date these days, try walking on the moon.  Chicks seem to dig it...

Friday, January 20, 2023

"May the Best Woman Win"?


Friends, Donald Trump is currently the only declared candidate for president in either party, but it sure sounds like a lot of Republicans, including Nikki Haley, think he's vulnerable.  Haley appears, in fact, to be inches from announcing her own candidacy.  As she says herself, "Stay tuned"!  My take: I'm certainly not opposed to a woman president, assuming she's a steely alpha female like, oh, Margaret Thatcher, but Haley didn't last long as U.N. Ambassador, and I'm not yet convinced that she's ready for the world's top job.  In the meantime, I wish her well.

In other news, the House will be investigating the circumstances under which Joe Biden stashed numerous secret and confidential documents in his office and his home, but of perhaps even greater interest is the fact that the DOJ apparently was content to keep these questions entirely under wraps.  What's more, that raises the tantalizing issue of who spilled the beans, and why.  Do I think Sleepy Joe will be held accountable for his criminal acts?  Heck no.  He's a Democrat, which means he always gets the benefit of the doubt.  His political future, on the other hand, may well be in jeopardy.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Nowhere to Go But Down


Friends, my latest article is a reflection on all that is going horribly wrong for China's leaders, who heretofore seemed to be enjoying a charmed existence.  China is entering a new phase of its history, when its seemingly inexorable rise to greatness is replaced by a series of giant question marks, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.  See if you don't agree...

Red China is on the Ropes – Beware!

Chicom haters (like Yours Truly) will be chuffed at the recent spate of bad news for China's hard-line communist leaders, but at the same time the world as a whole must view these developments with a certain amount of trepidation, simply because adversity is a foreign country, as it were, for many Chinese bigwigs, and how they will react to disappointment and frustration is anyone's guess.

Most recently, the Chinese government announced that the country's population is, for the first time since the 1960s, falling. What's more, ultra-low fertility rates mean that the Chinese have reached the same demographic dead end that we face in the West: unless we import oodles of immigrants, our population levels will soon enter a death spiral, and able-bodied workers (or factory drones, as the Chinese prefer to think of them) will be hard to find.

In addition, supply chain disruptions, COVID craziness, and international mortification over Chinese tyranny have all combined to stifle China's economic growth rates, which have, as everyone knows, been incredibly robust for decades. China's GDP grew only 3% in 2022, putting the country in the same economic doldrums that we face here. This begs the question: will the Chinese people continue to accept CCP hegemony/thuggery when the party loses its trump card of never-ending and rapid improvements in the standard of living?

The Chinese leadership, in the wake of massive, nationwide protests, recently found the courage (or was it the cowardice?) to abandon its insane “zero COVID” policies, permitting the Chinese people much greater freedom. Its reward was a huge spike in COVID cases and COVID deaths. China is thus facing a reckoning with COVID, in the here and now, that most Western countries had months or even years ago. Its medical infrastructure, which was never all that strong, is straining to cope.

Communist China is also facing unprecedented levels of criticism and scorn internationally. According to a Pew poll, 82% of Americans now view China unfavorably. Not since the era of Mao has Red China been held in greater contempt in the West. What's more, this onslaught is bewilderingly multifaceted, from the Chinese perspective.

China's government is blamed for everything from the genesis of COVID, to pollution and carbon emissions, to ravaging the civil liberties of its citizens, to exterminating the Uighurs, to pilfering Western government and corporate secrets and technology, to corrupting and/or intimidating politicians, celebrities, and opinion leaders worldwide, to threatening the peaceful people of Taiwan, and much, much more! So far, none of this criticism has led to meaningful sanctions, much less to serious preparations for military conflict, but it is leading to countermeasures against Red Chinese influence operations, espionage, property acquisition and corporate takeovers, and, perhaps most alarmingly for the Chinese themselves, it is causing some mega-corporations to question whether they want to do business so extensively within and with a country whose reputation is so checkered, and whose future is so beclouded with uncertainty and dread.

All in all, things aren't looking so hot for the Chicoms, who until recently seemed to be on one of history's greatests “rolls” of all time. For those who have tended to view the rise of China and the expected global hegemony of the Chinese Communist Party with apprehension, verging on horror, these developments seem overwhelmingly positive, at first glance. Perhaps it was always inevitable that China would come down to earth, at some stage, and probably it is for the best that it has, BUT...

The giant caveat to the humbling of Red China is this: a cornered animal is always a dangerous one, and thus it is possible that the Chinese leadership will respond to all the aforementioned headwinds in an aggressive or destructive way. Stripped of its legitimacy, its reputation for competency, and the aura of historical inevitability that have shielded the CCP for so long, party leaders may lash out militarily in an effort to refocus Chinese public opinion on external threats, or they may greatly intensify efforts aimed at internal repression, which could cause even greater revulsion in, and estrangement from, the world community.

In the worst case scenario (or is it the best case?), even the social and political stability of China could be jeopardized, with essentially incalculable, but deeply sobering, ramifications for the global economy and for world peace. Lest we forget, China has enormous leverage internationally, given its financial and manufacturing strength, and it has vast arsenals of shiny new weapons, including ICBMs, which, heretofore, the Chicoms have felt no compelling urge or need to utilize. If China implodes, however, all bets are off.

One is reminded of the old saying, “May you live in interesting times”, because Red China's current stumbles are the very definition of “interesting”: indeed, the fate of all of us is bound up in the decision-making of a small band of corrupt, pseudo-Marxist, and decidedly peculiar party bureaucrats in Beijing, who – God help us! – could easily steer their massive country, and the world as a whole, into an abyss, if they and we are not very careful.

Fingers crossed!

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.

And here it is at Townhall: