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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Party Hearty in 2024?


Friends, it's time to start contemplating not just whether Donald Trump will run again for President in 2024, but what the political landscape will look like by then.  Among the most important related questions is: will any third parties emerge to challenge Dem-GOP dominance?  I believe it's possible.  The level of dissatisfaction with our political elite has never been higher.  That provides opportunities for outsiders.  As this article explains, however, since the 1850s the results achieved by third parties in federal elections have been meager.  Could 2024 break the mold?


In other news, did you know that encouraging people not to get vaccinated is tantamount to "insurrection"?  Makes sense.  Just thinking impure thoughts is "insurrection", according to many leftists.  I hope they've got A LOT of space in those reeducation camps!


This article asks the $64,000 question about the Dems' reconciliation bill: can they satisfy the whims of Manchin and Sinema AND preserve the support of progressives for the plan?  Maybe not.  Frankly, this article doesn't even begin to answer this all-important question, but at least it points us in the right direction. 

You've probably heard the rumors that Nancy Pelosi is considering retiring immediately after her glorious $3.5 trillion expansion of "social spending" is passed.  She denies it, of course.  This article proposes that there could be upside for the Dems in such a plan.  I'm not buying it.  Holding the entire Democratic caucus together to vote for the bill will be mighty tough, and with Pelosi halfway out the door her leverage will crater.  Whether the rumors are true or not I don't know, but I relish the Dems' confusion and frustration.


File this one under "progressive surrealism".  An Oberlin student is offended that "cisgender" white men are permitted to do maintenance work in a designated "safe space" for women and transgender students.  I agree wholeheartedly!  Only transvestites should be allowed to repair critical infrastructure at Oberlin from now on.  What could go wrong? 

Finally, signs are accumulating that the economy faces real headwinds.  Industrial production is declining, consumer sentiment is way down, and the backlog of container ships anchored outside some of our ports is downright bizarre.  Now, the good news is that COVID cases and deaths are down again, but the media may not permit anyone to find this out.  I mean, we can't let the American people breathe easily for once, can we?  Anyway, the critical question is: what are the chances of a recession in the next 6 months?  My view: the chances are high.|New_case|select

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Putting America on the Back-Burner


Friends, remember when Superman stood for "truth, justice, and the American way"?  Well, now he stands for bisexuality (or maybe pansexuality?) and "a better tomorrow".  Might as well make it "a woker tomorrow," while we're at it.  This is Reason # 27,381 why the USA and Western Civilization are going down the tubes.


Identity politics is making hiring and promotion decisions into a minefield in this country, and nowhere is that truer than in our big cities, where leftist ideologues insist that police officers, for example, "represent" various ethnic groups proportionally, AND that each racial/ethnic group be patrolled primarily by law enforcement officials from the same background.  Well, a) that's racist, and b) it's a recipe for the complete abandonment of MERIT in the formation of police departments (and fire departments, and every other public service agency you can think of).  Moreover, these days virtually no one even wants to be a police officer in a big city.  Black, white, or polka-dotted, they all know they'll receive zilch in terms of support from elected officials, the media, and most ordinary citizens, when the chips are down.  No wonder law and order are falling apart in our urban areas.  The Left seems determined to make the problem worse. 

President Trump is mocking the Biden crime syndicate -- err, the Biden family, I should say, and specifically Hunter Biden's new career as a painter.  DJT does have an acid wit, does he not?

Saturday, October 16, 2021

No Time To Cry


Friends, last night I saw the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, and I'm still pondering my reaction.  I won't spoil it for you, if you haven't seen it yet, but suffice it to say that the future of the Bond franchise is shrouded in mystery.  Bond appears to have taken a turn -- in what direction remains to be seen.  For me, this is distressing, because Bond has always been something of a hero of mine.  He's the archetypal gentleman rogue: dapper, dashing, and always one step ahead of his adversaries, not to mention completely irresistible to the ladies.  In a nutshell, Bond is a paragon of masculinity, and thus it seems fitting that, in an age when masculine virtues and men themselves are under such relentless attack, Bond himself should be flailing a bit.  Even his survival is cast in doubt.  A lot of men feel similarly.  Women, especially young women, indoctrinated by the #MeToo movement and the public schools, seem to regard us as the enemy.  Boys are struggling, and are being outperformed by girls according to almost every metric (except violence, of course).  Statues of prominent men are everywhere being defaced and even toppled, wherever their subservience to the ideology of the Left is less than total.  It's enough to make any man question the wisdom, frankly, of persisting in his manhood, when the siren song of transgenderism warbles so sweetly in our ears.  I mean, all we have to do is take off our Levi's and put on a skirt, and all our problems are solved!  Presto: we're no longer dinosaurs or pariahs -- we're Heroes!  Moral exemplars!  Heralds of a New Age!  Ahh, but no.  As tempting as it is to run up the white flag and surrender my masculinity, I, for one, plan to dig in my heels and await the next Bond (with hope, if not confidence).  Even if the motif of the gentleman rogue is on life support, I implore Hollywood not to abandon it entirely.  Heck, if need be, they should wheel out my personal favorite, old Roger Moore, for one more spy caper -- prop him up in a mobility scooter, if absolutely necessary, but make his private nurse a stunner, pretty please!  Masculinity may not be what it once was, after all, but femininity still has its charms, surely.  Hey, it's the 21st century -- the Epoch of Wokeness -- so we'll take what we can get...

In other news, here's a terrific summary of the various headwinds now affecting the economy.  There's a good chance a recession is on the horizon.  Be ready. 


You know inflation has started to bite when the "Dollar Tree" becomes the "Two Dollar Tree", am I right?  It's happening, like it or not... 

The war between Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and progressives is heating up!  The Left is really getting crabby.  Could outright violence be far behind?


And here's a great piece that captures the scope of the Left's war on merit, especially in our public schools.  Civilization is all about standards, my friends, and when you abandon your standards in favor of "equity", or any other phantasm, the collpase of civilization will soon follow. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Knives Come Out


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is a tour de force.  Naturally, we could say that every single time, but this time it's 7% truer than usual!  Brian and I consider the blistering negativity that now constitutes Dem/progressive rhetoric about Republicans and conservatives.  It's no mystery to me: the lower their poll numbers go, and the more they screw up the country, the greater the urge/necessity to "go negative" and turn their opponents into inhuman monsters.  Expect a lot more Trump-hatred and Republican bashing in general in the months to come.

In addition to analyzing the Dems' pathological hatred of all opposition, Brian and I also talk about the fate of the reconciliation bill, the struggling economy and the dangers of a recession, the politics of Columbus Day versus "Indigenous People's Day", and the escalating labor force disruptions caused by vaccine mandates.  

When the conversation turns to history, Brian and I ponder the foundation of America's first navy and the current state of our naval hegemony, Italy's decision to switch sides in World War II, and more!

Tune in and listen in, folks!  Apparently the Newsmaker Show is topping the charts on Rumble these days.  Finally, the American people are waking up!


In other news, Captain Kirk has gone into space!  It's about time.  Now he won't have to skate by on his superlative acting talent alone...


Did you know that Halloween is -- drumroll, please! -- racist???  Of course it is.  Everything is.  Everyone is.  Frankly, though, I always thought Michael Myers was the epitome of the anti-racist.  I mean, he'll chop you up no matter what your race is, am I right? 

Lefties are getting seriously worried -- not just that Trump will run again, but that he will win "fair and square", as this article puts it.  What's more, progressives consider this an existential threat to American democracy, and they aren't shy about saying so.  In other words, there's nothing less democratic, in the eyes of the Democratic Party, than the voters exercising their democratic rights and choosing...wrongly.  All this makes me wonder: what if Trump does win in 2024?  Would the reigning Democratic president at the time (Biden?) accept Trump's win?  Would there be an orderly transfer of power?  Or would the Dems cry bloody murder and roll tanks into the streets -- would they stop at nothing to prevent their nemesis DJT from recapturing power?  I honestly don't know.  Surely, it would be a mistake to underestimate how neurotic/psychotic many leftists have become...


Here's an interesting tale about a school district covering up a sexual assault because the assailant was transgender.  I can't confirm any of the details, but it sounds as if school officials tried to sweep the incident under the rug, and then they recategorized the transgender perpetrator as a "boy" to avoid offending the forces of wokeness.  Stay tuned to this story, folks. 

Are large numbers of illegal immigrants being released into the general population -- in other words, being rewarded for their lawlessness?  You betcha.  It could easily get worse, given the great mass of humanity that's currently shambling towards the border.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Election Fraud 101


Friends, maybe you think you know how the Left stole the 2020 election, and how it thrust Sleepy Joe into a starring role in our political system -- a role for which he has proven utterly unfit.  The fact is, though, that many of the underhanded ploys used by Dems, progressives, and their allies in the political, legal, cultural, and economic establishment to influence the outcome of the 2020 election are still shrouded in mystery, even to many conservatives.  Check out these articles, which explain in detail how over $400 million of Mark Zuckerberg's money almost certainly tipped the scales for Biden and the Democrats.  It's a complete outrage, and anyone who believes in democracy -- that is, rule by the people -- should be adamant that such chicanery will never be permitted again. 

Rumors abound that the next James Bond may be black, or possibly female, or even black and female.  It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Superman is now bisexual.  What can I say, except that...times have changed!


Good news: the Department of Homeland Security won't be arresting illegal immigrant workers on the job site anymore.  I mean, we wouldn't want them to feel unwelcome in this country, would we?  Perish the thought! 

The legislative/fiscal sausage-making re: the Dems' reconciliation bill is getting messy, as per normal.  Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden seem happy with a figure closer to $2 trillion, instead of $3.5 trillion.  Could Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema live with that number?  Maybe.  What I'm beginning to think may be the sticking point, though, is the progressive caucus in the House of Representatives.  They feel betrayed by Manchin and Sinema's opposition to their massive "social spending" agenda.  What's more, they don't need to worry about reelection.  They're all from safe districts, in most of which the Republican Party barely exists.  If enough of them decide, therefore, that tanking the reconciliation bill and the infrastructure bill would serve the Dem leadership right, and teach the party a lesson about the need to "swerve left or else", then the whole effort to push trillions in new spending through Congress could collapse.  I hope it will.  Our country's fiscal health demands that it do so.  Just as important, if the Dems fail to pass these wretched bills, they will be widely perceived, and may even perceive themselves, as failures and as incapable of governance.  Sounds about right to me. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Abbondanza, America!


Friends, Italian-Americans have experienced the peaks and the valleys of what America has to offer.  Lately, mostly the peaks.  At first, mostly the valleys.  Still, they never lost sight of all that this country has to offer, and they never whined and moped about their misfortunes.  They "got on with it" and made the best of life in the greatest country on earth (not too hard, when you think about it).  Now, though, their trademark holiday, Columbus Day, is under assault.  I guess being Italian-American just isn't PC enough these days.  Heaven knows it isn't a "protected class"!  Anyway, if you've ever wondered how Columbus Day came to be, read all about it here:


Are the Dems in bad shape, according to the polls?  Yes!  Could they be in even worse shape than the polls indicate?  Double yes!  Check it out: 

You thought 15,000 Haitians made a mess?  There are a lot more on the way, so our border headaches are only beginning, sad to say.


Add LEGOS to the list of toys you don't want to buy for your kids and/or grandkids this Christmas.  In fact, play it safe and avoid the major toy retailers, and toy manufacturers, altogether.  Buy vintage toys!  Or, better yet, buy little Johnny and Susie a broom and a mop (respectively) and put them to work.


So voter fraud doesn't exist, right?  It's all part of the "Big Lie"?  Well, of course it exists.  Here's a story that proves it.  The question is whether it exists on a scale sufficient to determine the outcome of a close election.  Maybe.  Personally, I think the bigger scandal in 2020 was the hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes cast and counted in violation of election law.  That's "fraud", if you ask me, because every illegal vote that's counted dilutes the impact of legal votes.  There's no question in mind that, from this perspective, Joe Biden's 2020 win was illegitimate.  Based on the Rasmussen poll you see below, most Americans agree.  Note that the poll asks about "cheating" -- a vague, umbrella term for electoral shenanigans, many of which the Dems engaged in.  Heck, the Trump-Russia hoax was one big effort to undermine our electoral process, and its legitimate outcome: the presidency of Donald J. Trump!


Finally, there are worrying signs that the U.S. could be flirting with a recession.  In particular, the mood of consumers has turned strongly negative.  Given all the other headwinds we face economically, don't be shocked if we get a taste of that "stagflation" that everyone's talking about in 2021 and 2022.  That doesn't mean the inflation will be horrific, or the economic contraction will be long and deep...but all that remains to be seen. 

Schindler's Pissed!


Friends, tonight I bring you an outstanding article by a conservastive of my acquaintance.  He argues that we all go through the motions of opposing oppression, racism, and bigotry, but we don't necessarily confront these menaces when they rear their ugly heads in our daily lives.  Thanks to the Left's identity politics, we know that whites, men, Christians, Southerners, and other groups are often categorically condemned and despised, and by respected authorities like journalists, professors, and corporate executives, too.  Many of us don't like this, but do we openly refute it, even at great personal cost, and in company where our own views are likely to be repudiated?  And -- let's face it -- even when we do dare to reject the Left's characterization of these maligned groups, don't we often play along, by, say, hiding behind voices of reason that belong to people in "protected categories"?  As an example, as conservatives, don't we often shove figures like Tim Scott, or Nikki Haley, or Marco Rubio, to the fore, because they, as blacks, or women, or Hispanics, have inherent "credibility" in the eyes of the public?  In other words, aren't we tacitly endorsing the notion that whites, and men, and Christians, and Southerners, and gun-owners, and police officers, and military veterans, etc. etc. truly are tainted and "deplorable"?  Think about it.  And think too about how much you would be willing to risk, willing to lose, to uphold the principle that "all men are created equal"...


In other news, California is trying to mandate that toys be sold by major retailers without regard to the gender of children.  That is, no more army men for boys, and no more Barbies for girls.  Now it's gender-neutral SJW action figures for boys, girls, goys, birls, and every other gender that comes to mind.  Thanks, California!  This is the news we've all been waiting for... 

Finally, employees are starting to push back against vaccine mandates, flexing their muscles and bringing commerce to a grinding halt.  Southwest Airlines is feeling the pinch.  Who will be next?

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Waddy Strikes Again! Readers Electrified


Friends, my latest article is but an expanded version of the scintillating analysis you got on Thursday regarding the feud between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell -- and yet it's packed with additional insights, such that you won't want to miss out.  Here it is at World Net Daily:


Holy moly!  That was brilliant, no?  When it's sunk in, check out this fascinating story about John Stossel's lawsuit against Facebook.  I always liked Stossel.  He was a straight-shooter back when he worked at ABC (and that's saying something).  Now he's cheesed off because Facebook's "fact checkers" are putting words in his mouth and misrepresenting his views on climate change.  I don't blame him, and I wish him well. 

Think Fox News is any better than Facebook?  Guess again.  Fox has rehired the same lefty analyst who called Arizona for Biden on election night, 2020.  Given how close Arizona turned out to be, that call was grossly irresponsible...and it entirely changed the narrative of the election coverage that night.  It almost certainly prevented Trump from declaring victory, and thus permanently altered Americans' perception of the election.  This is a big deal, folks!  If people believed on election night that Trump was the winner, changing their minds would have been tough.  Instead, the Dems (and their fellow travelers) were able to sow plenty of doubt, and then inch the public mindset in the direction of a Biden win day after day.  Time was on their side, and they knew it.  It was Arnon Mishkin who gave them that time.  And now he's back at Fox.  Disgusting.


Mitch McConnell is saying he won't participate in any more votes to raise the debt ceiling.  Gee, that's what he was saying several days ago...right before he voted to raise the debt ceiling.  No wonder Trump is rolling his eyes! 

Poor Jon Gruden is taking it on the chin for racist remarks he made...ten years ago!  Apologies aren't enough, needless to say.  He'll need to be raked over the coals.  Good luck to him.


This election forecast is most interesting.  Basically, what it's saying is that the Republicans have a big, built-in advantage in elections for the Senate, mainly because their voters are more widely distributed around the country, and in a larger number of states.  Makes sense.  What it means, in practice, is that, in a typical election cycle, the Dems need to win the overall popular vote for the Senate in a big way just to keep control of the same number of seats.  If the GOP pulls even in the number of popular votes, on the other hand, they gain seats, and probably a bunch.  No wonder the Dems want to abolish the Senate! 

Good news!  NYC is abolishing its special program for gifted and talented students in the public schools.  It's about time.  Way too many of those smarty-pants jackanapes are white and Asian.  Ergo, we hate them and hope they die!  (I'm channeling my inner-leftist.  Can you tell?)

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Trump v. McConnell


Friends, an important dynamic in the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections will be the ongoing tension between the two most powerful figures in the GOP: Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.  McConnell just agreed to a deal with the Dems that raises the debt ceiling temporarily.  Essentially, it gives the Dems -- who run the country, after all -- a couple months of breathing space.  Trump harshly criticized this move, which is, in fact, a retreat from McConnell's previous position.  He had argued before that the Dems should use the reconciliation process to raise the debt ceiling themselves, which is within their power.  Anyway, whether McConnell's latest move turns to be smart politics or boneheaded wimpery remains to be seen.  I personally think McConnell might be in the right.  A default on the debt would be fairly catastrophic, and arguably the Dems are doing a pretty good job of shooting themselves in the foot already.  Basically, McConnell and the Congressional Republicans are getting out of the way and allowing the Dems to finish themselves off with internecine squabbling and chronic indecision.  We'll see how things develop, but one thing is for sure: Trump will keep sniping at McConnell for the foreseeable future, since we can safely assume that neither Trump nor McConnell is going anywhere.


Here's an interesting analysis of the massive legal fees some colleges are incurring in the effort to suppress "offensive" conservative speech.  The financial situation of a lot of colleges and universities is already parlous.  One wonders whether the federal bailouts can continue indefinitely, and, if they can't, a major reordering of the priorities of higher ed may be necessary.  Among other things, a lot of woke stupidity will have to go. 

It turns out the U.S. has had a small military presence on the island of Taiwan for about a year, helping to train that country's armed forces.  Interestingly, this presence started under Trump and has continued under Biden.  The politics could get messy: the PRC is extremely sensitive about Taiwan and its status as a "renegade province".  I can easily imagine the leaders of Red China going berserk over this news.


Breaking news: Justin Trudeau is a fool.  You heard it here first. 

Lastly, Google and YouTube have decided to crack down on "climate denialism".  How they define that term is, of course, where things get a little iffy.  Like, if I deny that climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, am I a "climate denier"?  Well, I guess if this blog disappears momentarily, we'll have our answer!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

When Your Donkey Just Won't Budge...


Friends, those stubborn Dems just can't help themselves -- they're doubling down on failed, unpopular policies that have already driven approval of Sleepy Joe and the Democratic Party as a whole to shocking lows.  The numbers here are interesting, in particular the public's two-to-one dissatisfaction with the Biden Administration's handling of the border.  Do you suppose anyone at the White House actually reads these polls?  Do you suppose they might consider changing course?  For their sake, they better, and soon! 

The fate of ESPN on-air personality Sage Steele, who I don't know from Adam, is interesting.  She makes some fair points, if you ask me.  We are judged based on how we dress, like it or not, and Barack Obama is one of the least genuinely black black men you'll ever meet.  But then...we can choose our gender, so why not our race?  It's all a game to accentuate our precious victimhood, anyway.


Steele's worst offense was questioning her employer's vaccine mandate.  Oh no you don't, Sage!  Meanwhile, more and more Americans face termination because of their refusal to get vaccinated.  Critical sectors of our economy could soon be facing severe staffing shortages.  Does anyone care?  Not yet, but just you wait!


Finally, wily old Mitch McConnell is offering the Dems a higher national debt ceiling, which will facilitate more borrowing, BUT he wants a hard limit on how much money can be borrowed -- presumably one that precludes passage of the Dems' wacky $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.  Who will outmaneuver whom?  Any guesses?