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Friday, September 24, 2021

ASU's New Slogan: "Whitey, Get Out!"


Friends, I'll be shocked if this story doesn't make your blood boil.  It's about students of color at Arizona State University trying to bully and shame two white students into leaving a designated "multicultural space".  In other words, black students demand segregation in ASU's academic facilities, to provide them with a safe space where they can escape the crushing burden of toxic whiteness.  Man, how times have changed, right?  These white students ought to file complaints against the black students who accosted them in what can only be described as a "hate crime", albeit one which the haters deliberately recorded, because they believe they were the victims.  Outrageous!  And this is the thinking that predominates on all too many of our college campuses...


Equally repugnant today were "President" Biden's remarks about the Border Patrol "strapping" Haitian migrants from astride their horses.  Will Biden face media pushback for spreading this "fake news" about our brave Border Patrol agents?  Of course not.  He will, however, be criticized for not rolling out the red carpet for every Haitian who wants to come to America. 


Madame Vice-President Harris, a.k.a Kam-Kam, is equally misleading on the issue: 

Have your doubts about whether Fox News is really on the side of conservatives and Republicans?  I don't blame you.  Stories like this one will make you want to cancel your cable subscription...


Finally, everyone knows that Sleepy Joe's poll numbers are on a ballistic trajectory aimed squarely at the number zero.  What's interesting in this poll is how much Democrats have lost faith in Biden, validating the thesis in my recent article! 

The Blue and the Gray Becomes...Blue Versus Blue


Friends, it's the moment you've all been waiting for: my latest article is finally ready, hot off the presses!  As you'll discover, I foresee a lot of self-inflicted wounds, turmoil, and backstabbing for our Dem/progressive adversaries.  In fact, I think they're about to self-destruct in historic fashion.  Read on and see if the picture that I paint can warm the cockles of your heart...

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Forget Robert E. Lee -- How Racist Was His Horse?


Friends, just when you think the Left has reached an all-time low in terms of woke idiocy, they always find a way to plumb new depths.  Witness the recent decision to end the use of horses by Border Patrol agents trying to manage the chaos in Del Rio, Texas.  Horses, as you know, when ridden by white people, are darn scary, and presumptively they are also tools of "white supremacy", fascism, Trumpery, yada yada.  That's why this decision makes so much sense.  Maybe next we could ban white men from serving in the Border Patrol?  That would also help the Dems improve the "optics" of their enforcement measures (such as they are).  And image is, needless to say, far more important to these Dummkopfs than national sovereignty.  Goes without saying.


Meanwhile, the DHS is curiously silent on the number of Haitian migrants who've been released into the general population.  I guess they're too busy not doing their jobs to count... 

Meanwhile, Biden's own envoy to Haiti has quit, because he views the deportation of any Haitians as inexcusable.  Thus, the Biden Administration is taking fire from both sides: from those who believe in border integrity, for allowing so many illegals to stream in, and from the "migrant advocates", for not allowing more to stay.  What's Sleepy Joe to do?  Sink like a stone in the polls, that's what!


There are some tentative signs that Gov. Abbott is getting off his duff (metaphorically) in Texas and taking action to defend the very same border that Biden and Friends have left unguarded.  Good!  We need much, much more of this, and if the courts want to slap the Lone Star State down, I say, "Bring it on!"  I just hope the Texas National Guard doesn't deploy any horses to the border, though.  That would be racist.  Those horses are incorrigible... 

There's evidence today that public opinion hasn't just taken a major turn against Joe Biden.  It's also taken a decisive turn in favor of Donald Trump.  People are beginning to think that Trump's tweets, while occasionally disagreeable, weren't as bad as Biden's gross incompetence.  Remember back when the United States was a country, with laws, borders, a military (subject to civilian control), a viable currency, and what not?  Yeah, let's go back to those good old days, shall we?  It can't come too soon.


Speaking of our hollowed-out, woke military, this article absolutely skewers our recent turn towards political correctness in the ranks.  Who would have thought that pregnant women would someday represent the tip of the spear, huh? 

Finally, the abrogation of journalistic standards by the mainstream media during our last election was obscene, as you all know very well by now.  The new editorial "standard" by which our newspapers, broadcasters, and news websites operate is very simple: if it smears Trump and/or Republicans, run it!  If it harms Biden or the Democrats, bury it...or blame it on Russia.  Disgusting!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Illiberal Education: The Decline of Free Speech on College Campuses


Friends, here are two articles about a fascinating new study on the extent of the threat to free speech on American unversity campuses.  The first details the steady rise in self-censorship among college students, as they perceive (correctly) that their heterodox views are unwelcome.  The second discloses a shocking statistic: most college students now believe it is appropriate to "shout down" a speaker with whom you disagree, and about a quarter believe it's acceptable to use violence to prevent someone from speaking.  And "the children are our future", people!  Yikes! 

What does the latest research say about racial differences in I.Q.?  This article lays it bare.  The writer isn't thrilled about the racial divergences that Charles Murray discloses in his latest book, but he doesn't dismiss them as "fake news" either.  The concentration of high intelligence among whites and Asians, if it's true, has massive implications for the Dem/progressive program of "equity" (at all costs), so these issues should be taken seriously...and discussed with the utmost delicacy, needless to say.


George W. Bush is going out on a limb for...Liz Cheney?  Really?  And Karl Rove is coming along for the ride?  Liz has raised a ton of money, and thanks to "Dubya" she'll rake in even more.  The problem?  Wyoming is a super-conservative, very Trumpy state.  I'm not sure Cheney would have much of a chance in any Republican primary anywhere in the country, but in Wyoming I don't like her chances one bit.  And I honestly don't know why any Republican worth his salt would support her.  Even if she's right, in terms of substance, about Trump's shortcomings and misdeeds, how on earth does it help the Republican Party to beat that horse to death, over and over again?  My prediction: 2022 will complete the evisceration of the RINOs.  Trump may or may not run, but almost all his enemies will have been chased out of the party by 2024. 

Finally, we've talked about it before, but the COVID strictures that have been enforced on children are both illogical and cruel.  Moreover, these "safeguards" are making our children sicker, lonelier, dumber, and, as you see here, fatter than they would be if we simply let them get on with their lives.  Many children may never recover from our well-meaning efforts to "save" them from a virus that barely threatens them in the first place.  It's beyond tragic.

Throwing the Border Patrol, and America, Under the Bus


Friends, Democrats and Bidenists are very concerned about the crisis on our southern border -- more specifically, they're concerned that we're not treating the endless waves of illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande with sufficient courtesy and mildness.  Heaven forbid!  That's what's behind the latest dustup over the "whipping" of Haitian migrants, despite the fact that no one was whipped, and there were no whips present.  Doesn't matter.  The "optics" offended the Left, and that's what counts.  Meanwhile, new cross-border invaders show up by the thousands every day, and the Biden plan to deal with this calamity is, by and large, let them stay!  What could go wrong, huh? 

In other news, here's a great article by a friend of mine.  He argues that Sleepy Joe's failures in Afghanistan will come back to haunt him, especially since they feed into a narrative about Biden's gross incompetence.  I agree that the theme of incompetence and failure will persist.  I'm not so sure that Afghanistan, per se, will be a big issue in 2022 or 2024, but all that could change if a major Islamist terrorist attack occurs on U.S. soil...


Justin Trudeau has been reelected as Canada's Prime Minister.  Yuck.  What are those Canucks thinking???  We should learn from the missteps of Canadian Conservatives, though.  They towed a relentlessly moderate line against Trudeau, and they went down to defeat.  Sometimes, taking a milquetoast approach doesn't cut it. 

The Space Force is getting closer to choosing a new uniform, and it may please those of us who think that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time.  So yeah, maybe America is going down the tubes, but we'll be well-dressed for the occasion, and isn't that a significant source of comfort?


Finally, check out these extraordinary poll numbers.  Most Americans have seen Joe Biden as more likeable than Donald Trump since time immemorial.  That's why the Democratic Party chose him as its standard-bearer in 2020.  It certainly wasn't because progressives love Biden!  Now, though, thanks to recent setbacks and a slight uptick in nostalgia for the golden age of Trump, DJT narrowly beats Biden in terms of favorability, and most Americans believe that Trump was a better president.  This is big, people!  Biden's fall from grace has been rapid and dramatic.  None of this guarantees Republicans victory in 2022 or 2024, but it does give us a huge opportunity.  If Trump plays his cards right, he may have a very good shot at reelection -- and if the Dem candidate is someone even less popular than Biden (Kam-Kam comes to mind), then Trump's chances go up even more.  And, if there's a major terrorist attack, or a flood of new "migrants", or more crime, or a neverending pandemic, or a recession, then Trump could even be the oddsmakers' favorite in 2024.  Imagine the Dems' horror!!!

Monday, September 20, 2021

The Silent Victims of Affirmative Action


Friends, the repackaging of racial quotas as "equity" isn't fooling me, but unfortunately it is fooling a broad swath of the American public.  As hiring and promotion decisions are increasingly based not on recognizing merit, but on achieving some "diversity metric" that shifts depending on leftist whims, more and more Americans will be left out in the cold.  They will be denied opportunities and recognition that they deserve, based solely on their race or gender.  And that, in case anyone has forgotten, is wrong, period.  What makes this insidious trend hard to combat is the fact that the vast majority of such decisions occur behind closed doors, and the vast majority of victims don't even know they are victims.  Occasionally, though, we achieve brief moments of clarity, as you'll see here:

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Can the Dems Ride COVID Hysteria All the Way to Victory in 2022?


Friends, many of you are responding to the Biden Administration's increasingly authoritarian, coercive approach to combating the COVID pandemic by asking, "What are they thinking?  Don't they know the American people won't stand for such tyranny?"  Well, you might want to start asking the opposite question: Are Dem mandates actually smart politics, designed to distract us from their policy failures and weaponize COVID, once again, against Republicans and conservatives?  It sure looks that way.  Consider that most Americans truly are scared out of their wits by the pandemic.  Polls show that strong majorities of voters support almost any COVID mandate you can think of.  Ergo, the Dems have decided that, if they can't beat COVID, they'll join it -- metaphorically, at least.  They'll utilize the opportunity that an ongoing pandemic affords them to expand government spending and oversight, to dictate massive changes to daily life in the name of "public health", and, above all, to blame Trump, Trumpers, and "right-wingers" everywhere both for initially causing the pandemic and for exacerbating it by failing to comply with the mitigation measures recommended by scientists and doctors.  It's a line of attack that worked pretty well in 2020.  Can it work again in 2022, even 2024?  We shall see.  The difference this time is that Americans are feeling some pandemic fatigue.  They're tired of being bossed around.  The other difference is that the Dems are now in charge of our pandemic response, broadly speaking, so our failure to contain COVID cannot but be seen as, in part, a reflection on Joe Biden's leadership, or lack thereof...


Here's another lefty analysis, this time about why General Mark Milley was right to assure the Chinese that, if Trump ordered an attack against them, he (Milley) would give them advance warning.  What a stand up guy, huh?  The rationalizations here are something.  Sure, avoiding war with China is a good idea.  I guess, by that logic, any U.S. Navy Captain who sails his ship into Shanghai harbor and surrenders it to the Chinese is a big-time patriot, because he's reduced the chances of naval warfare between our two countries.  Uh huh.  Milley is a scoundrel, and the fact that the Dems don't care is genuinely scary.  For them, Trump-hatred is the ultimate, and maybe the only, test of one's virtue.  Fidelity to the Constitution is an irrelevance, from their perspective, because Donald Trump was never really the legitimate president anyway.  Any military officer who refused to follow his orders was, in effect, a hero to the Left.  Is it time, therefore, to consider General Milley for the Order of Lenin?  I think so! 

And you can file this one under "we see (only) what we want to see".  The mainstream media is struggling mightily to conceal the mess on our southern border from the American people, and the worse that mess gets, the less attention they pay to it.  Is there a breaking point, however -- a point beyond which even the Bidenist hacks who run the mainstream media will have to acknowledge that, uhhh yeah, the border is kinda porous, after all?  We shall see.

Friday, September 17, 2021

The GOP: Trumpier Than Ever!


Friends, many of us suspect that RINO Trump-haters like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are not long for this world, politically speaking, because their outspokenness re: the "insurrection" dooms them to defeat in any Republican primary.  We shall see.  Anyway, yesterday Trump scored an easy win over another of his Republican critics: Anthony Gonzalez, the Ohio Congressman.  Gonzalez was among only ten House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump for "inciting an insurrection".  Seeing the writing on the wall, though, Gonzalez has decided not to run for reelection.  Good riddance, Tony!  Not every Republican has to love Trump, but casting your fellow conservatives and Republicans as traitors and slavering domestic terrorists isn't helping matters any.  We hope you enjoy your early retirement!  Maybe you can get a job as a commentator at CNN?


In other news, it appears that many restaurants in NYC aren't enforcing the ordinance there that insists that only the vaccinated can dine inside.  The legality of many vaccine mandates is iffy, to say the least, but even if they are found to be legal they may not be enforceable, in a practical sense.  How many policemen want to go around writing tickets for "failure to be vaccinated"? 

Finally, great news for anyone who believes in fiscal sanity: Senator Joe Manchin is sticking to his guns, and to his opposition to the Dems' pie-in-the-sky $3.5 trillion spending bill.  If he means business, then Biden's signature proposal, and the lynchpin of the Dems' plans to expand government, is sunk.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Are Conservatives Too Wimpy To Tackle the Left?


Friends, leading conservatives, and rank-and-file Republicans, have been accused for decades of wimpiness -- the suggestion being that we roll over, or at best we wag our fingers spinelessly, as radical leftists infiltrate all our institutions, cancel and humiliate their enemies and critics, and twist America into a neo-Marxist hellhole.  There's a certain amount of truth to the charge.  Conservatives are generally polite, deferential, compliant, and risk-averse.  And that's the point of the Dems' obsession with "white supremacy" and January 6th, after all: they're trying to bully us into silence, into crawling back under our rock and staying there.  And, in a distressingly high number of cases, those tactics will work.

All this is the subject of this fine article.  Check it out:


As the controversy over General Mark Milley's demi-treason intensifies, President Trump is reminding us that Milley didn't tell him anything about his overtures to China.  No kidding!  Why would he do that?  My response is simple: Milley is a disgrace and a political, partisan, ideological hack -- and, yes, a "nutjob" -- masquerading as an Army General, BUT he was also DONALD TRUMP'S CHOICE to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff!  And what does that tell you about Trump's judgement???  Nothing very flattering.  The truth is that one big reason that Donald Trump is no longer president is because his administration was shot through with closet Bolsheviks plotting against him.  The least we could have expected of Trump, if you ask me, is that he might have purged the highest ranks of the military and the bureaucracy of traitorous Marxists...and yet he didn't achieve even that.  If Trump wants another shot at the presidency, he better have a far better strategy for how to ensure the loyalty of his aides and advisors.  Otherwise, a second Trump Administration would be an exercise in futility. 

Much attention these days is focused on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who refuses to endorse the Dems' $3.5 trillion spending package.  Senator Sinema of Arizona is also a holdout, though, and, as Bernie Sanders admits at the end of this article, both of the Dems' big spending bills face defeat unless both Manchin and Sinema fall in line -- and fast.


Remember when Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the election -- probably handing a "victory" to Joe Biden, despite the story's complete accuracy?  Well, now they say, "The intelligence community made us do it!"  This naturally comes as no surprise.  OF COURSE lefty spooks would be helping Joe Biden in the election's 11th hour.  Turns out they were spreading "misinformation", but hey -- once the votes are counted, no one really cares, do they? 

Finally, if the 2024 GOP primary was held today, the winner would be...well, you already know the answer.  The interesting thing is how little progress other potential candidates for the nomination have made.  I even see signs here that Ron DeSantis's grip on second place in Republicans' hearts is loosening.  If it ain't Trump, I have no idea who it will be, but I'm pretty sure Trump wants it to be Trump, and so that's by far the most likely outcome.

TV: A Faltering Medium?


Friends, as you will no doubt know, the TV business ain't what it used to be.  Millions of Americans are switching off the goggle-box in favor of streaming services and other, more technologically advanced, entertainment options.  Broadcast and cable TV audiences have shrunk, in many cases, therefore, and what audiences remain are harder to measure than ever.  My latest article tackles the declining accuracy of the fabled "Nielsen Ratings", and what needs to be done to restore confidence in TV ratings, which are critical to advertisers, in particular.  It's not a partisan political issue, per se -- although the Nielsen Company is deplorably woke -- but it's an interesting one.  This article was published by "The Center Square", a news website I had never heard of before, but which I'm very glad to be featured in.