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Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Russkies Are Coming!


Friends, don't look now, but it's not just Guatemalans charging across our southern border.  It's also "migrants" from every corner of the globe, including South America, Asia, the Middle East, even Russia!  When you fling the door wide open, surprise surprise -- a motley crew of international rejects stumbles in.  Many of the Biden Administration's missteps will be relatively easy to reverse, once we restore "responsible government", but chances are we'll be saddled with millions of additional (illegal) residents and their progeny for generations to come.  Is this part of the Dems' evil plan to win a "demographic victory" over the GOP?  Maybe.  One can argue that the plan is working, too!


We hear shockingly little about the COVID situation in other countries, because we're too busy being afraid of our own shadow here at home, but the fact is that some countries are just now bearing the full brunt of the pandemic.  Vaccination clearly hasn't shielded the world from some pretty severe impacts, and there isn't much reason to think that COVID will be defeated soon, either. 

Biden is struggling with every segment of the U.S. population, but of particular interest is the disillusionment of young Americans with our Geezer-in-Chief, since young whippersnappers supported Biden and Harris overwhelmingly in 2020.  This poll also reveals that most millenials and...sub-millenials believe that America's democracy is sick.  They're right!  They also assert that America isn't the "greatest country in the world".  Oh yeah?  On that score, they're grossly mistaken.  For all our ills, we still kick butt, and in a big way.  I mean, all those babushkas wouldn't be toddling over our southern border if the good ole USA didn't have a lot to offer, right?


Finally, you gotta love it when woke, self-satisfied academics expose themselves as hacks and cretins.  Once again, a phony study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.  It made the cut because -- how shocking! -- it told the eggheads want they wanted to hear: that nasty, wicked conservatives are taking over everything...  What a joke!  Literally. 

Friday, December 3, 2021

T.G.I.W. -- Thank God It's Waddy!


Friends, the end of the work week brings with it the promise of rest and recuperation...and more time to engross yourself in all things Waddy!

Speaking of which, I'm quoted extensively in this Sputnik News piece about why President Trump (rightly) held the intelligence community at arm's length.  Check it out:


In other news, Democratic soft-on-crime policies are costing thousands of your fellow citizens their lives, and most of the victims are, in case anyone has forgotten, people of color -- the very people whose interests the Dems claim to be championing!  Their response to this carnage?  Sweep it under the rug.  Only crimes in which white men figure as perpetrators/suspects are of even remote interest to the mainstream media.  All other criminals are, in fact, victims!  The police should give them a wide berth, and, if they happen to run afoul of the law, they should be released without bail ASAP to continue their ravages. 

Meanwhile, Mayor Pete and Kam Kam enjoyed a big bear hug together recently, symbolizing their mutual descent into ridiculousness.  It's instructive that the White House needed to arrange this public display of affection between the two, just to tamp down speculation that Harris is soon to be ousted and replaced by the Wunderkind.


In case you're keeping track, it's now official: the GOP recaptured the House of Delegates in Virginia in last month's election!  Virginia is a "blue state", you say?  We might start to redefine that term, or at least apply it very differently, in the near future...


Lastly, the American people are rolling their eyes at the "January 6th" charade being foisted upon them by House Democrats (and their fellow travelers, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger).  Voters rightly perceive that the "insurrection" is being milked for maximum partisan political advantage.  But hey -- you can't blame the dastardly Dems for trying to change the subject...  Smooth move, lefties. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Face of Hypocrisy


Friends, no one can deny that Stacey Abrams is the sexiest woman alive, but methinks she nonetheless has a credibility problem.  The Democrats, who, in the wake of the 2020 election, told us repeatedly that the integrity and reliability of our system of elections was sacrosanct -- that raising questions about the results of an election was tantamount to "insurrection" and "treason" -- are also unanimous in their unstinting praise for Stacey Abrams, who earned her fame by flatly rejecting the legitimacy of Georgia's gubernatorial election of 2018, which she lost.  Abrams never pursued her wild theories about how the election was stolen in court, mind you.  She simply never conceded to Brian Kemp, who won the Georgia Governorship, and to this day has maintained that hundreds of thousands of black Georgians were prevented from exercising their right to vote.  Keep in mind that preventing a single Georgian, of any race, from exercising his or her right to vote would be a violation of the law.  Criminal acts, last time I checked, usually result in prosecution.  No one has been prosecuted for electoral violations related to the 2018 election in Georgia.  Be all this as it may, the point is this: it's every American's right to question the legitimacy of whatever election they please.  Democrats can therefore believe to their dying day that Stacey Abrams was "cheated" out of the Georgia Governorship (she wasn't), and they can say so as often as they like, but what gets my goat is that they will champion the cause of an election skeptic (Stacey Abrams) one minute, and rail against the categorical wickedness of election skepticism the next (Biden's "win").  Sorry, Dems.  Sorry, Stacey.  That dog won't hunt!

Anyway, I forgot to mention it, but Abrams is running AGAIN for Governor of Georgia.  Good luck to her!  In 2022, which should be a very unfavorable cycle for Democrats in general, I don't rate her chances very highly.


In other news, the Supreme Court is considering the "viability" of Roe v. Wade, and it's high time they did so.  Will the Justices have the gumption to strike down this abomination, and restore to the states the authority to regulate abortion, more or less as they see fit?  I dunno.  Increasingly, though, leftists are making arguments for the retention of Roe that have little to do with the Constitution, and more to do with what they see as the "justice" of their cause, and with the carnage in the streets that they warn would be the consequence of curtailing "abortion rights".  SCOTUS will need to gird its loins if it intends to disappoint the Left and protect the rights of the unborn.  The hue and cry will be immense!


Finally, we all know that leftists excel in activism and especially in boycotts, which can be astoundingly effective at bending corporations and other institutions to the will of neo-Marxists.  There's a "stridency gap" that seems to prevent conservatives from organizing along the same lines.  Well, as we see here, 15 chief financial officers of 15 of our states are threatening to withdraw funds and investments held by major banks that refuse to serve the fossil fuel industry.  This is big news!  Liberals talk often of "debanking" conservatives, i.e. making it impossible for us to lead our lives and run our businesses, because the financial world will freeze us out.  Well, now conservative comptrollers are threatening to "debank" the banks themselves!  In other words, we're finally giving the Left a taste of its own medicine.  I say: bravo!  Let's have much more of this!

One Death Among Many


Friends, the Newsmaker Show is reaching new levels of excellence this holiday season.  This week, Brian and I tackle some scintillating topics, such as: the changing of the guard at Twitter and what it means for free speech, the CIA's recent broadside against the Trump presidency, the rumblings on the Left about replacing Kamala Harris as V.P. with Pete Buttigieg, the leftists' ongoing crusade again Kyle Rittenhouse, and more!

When we turn to "This Day in History", we cover the treaty that demilitarized Antarctica in 1959, Rosa Parks' instigation of the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955, the completion of the "Chunnel" in 1990, and the murder of Sergei Kirov in 1934, which touched off Stalin's Purges in the Soviet Union and ultimately killed millions of innocents.

Boy, oh boy!  You'd have to be crazy to miss a show like that!  You're not crazy, are you???

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Cowgirls, Watch Out!


Friends, your favorite gunslinger and all around rough, tough hombre, Dr. Nick, bids you greetings from Greater Tucson, Arizona, where he is currently luxuriating in thankfulness, friendship, and sunshine.

In other news, you may have heard that there's a new COVID variant that's almost certainly going to kill you.  Oh well.  You had a good run.


Unrelatedly, there has been a slight spike in COVID cases nationally, led by blue states.


Peronally, I think it's high time we stopped focusing on "cases" and looked more at excess deaths, which is where the rubber meets the road, after all.


You might find that this article, even though it's written by a leftist, will give you a more upbeat, optimistic perspective on the world this holiday season: 

Finally, this one is interesting: Alabama is fining municipalities that remove Confederate monuments, on the theory that history, whether we like it or not, is worth preserving.  Bravo, Alabama!  At least someone, somewhere is trying to hold back the flood tide of cancel culture...

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Trumpsgiving, America!


Friends, my latest article isn't about Trump so much as it's about you, the beleagured American conservative, and why, even in this, our season of discontent, we right-wingers should be thankful for what America is, and how well our country has weathered the storm of socialism and wokeness.  It's a bit of good cheer that I hope will inspire you and yours this holiday season.  You can read it soon at World Net Daily.  You can read it right now here:

A Deplorable Thanksgiving

During this season of thankfulness, it can be all too easy for conservatives to sink into an attitude of lethargy, compounded by despair. After all, since March 2020 we've seen government spending and the power of bureaucrats explode as never before – in reaction, allegedly, to the coronavirus pandemic.

Worse, just one year ago, we suffered a humiliating triple defeat in the 2020 election, with the dastardly Dems capturing the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Conservatives differ on whether, or how much, this election was “free and fair”, but almost regardless of the answer our loss was still a tragedy of gargantuan proportions.

The fact is, however, that we “deplorables” have much to be thankful for.

Just with regard to the 2020 election and its ramifications, we can count our lucky stars that President Trump motivated 12 million extra Americans to vote for him and for GOP candidates (compared to the 62 million who supported Trump in 2016), because that surge of enthusiasm on the right kept the Democratic majorities in the Senate and the House paper-thin. That has made it well nigh impossible for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to push through “transformative” legislation, and it has given the few “moderates” left in the Democratic Party substantial leverage over the Biden agenda, such as it is.

In short, the damage that a Dem-led Congress has done could have been far worse. There is even a very good chance, increasing by the day, that the dreaded reconciliation bill, rebranded as a “social spending” measure or as the “Build Back Better Bill”, will die an ignominious death at the hands of Joe Manchin.

We can also be thankful, in a perverse way, that Joe Biden was elected President, or “President”, as some skeptics might prefer it. Biden is inarticulate, out-of-touch, and profoundly uninspiring and disappointing – and that's according to Democrats! Biden was always a poor representative of the fire-breathing, hyper-woke modern Left. He's also proving to be even less competent and politically astute than Democrats feared, and Republicans expected. His poll numbers have tumbled with historic rapidity, and in time to drag Terry McAuliffe, among others, down to defeat in 2021, serving notice to the whole Democratic Party that it faces electoral armageddon in 2022.

Let's be honest: a different Democratic President – a more persuasive, appealing leader, and perhaps a more subtle one – would have posed a far greater danger to Republicans, to conservatives, to Trumpers, and, most importantly, to the country. Biden has proven such a disaster, in fact, that no leftist/mainstream media attempt to change the overarching narrative (“Insurrection!”) has had any appreciable effect.

Despite all this, Jen Psaki tells us that Sleepy Joe “intends” to run for reelection in 2024. Now that is the best news I've heard in years! Trump will be elated.

Finally, we on the right can and should be thankful that, although the Biden Administration is smashing, like a wrecking ball, into the superstructure of America, the fact is that our nation's foundation remains intact.

Americans are stubbornly adhering to their traditional “family values” this holiday season, gathering with relatives to celebrate God's grace, America's bounty, and their love for one another. Every Thanksgiving meal, in fact, is a rebuke to those leftist nags who say we ought to be masked, alone, and watching CNN this year, instead of sitting around the dining room table and sharing a meal with loved ones.

And, somewhat miraculously, given the abuse it takes from parasitical socialists and arrogant bureaucrats, our capitalist economy has proven to be extraordinarily resilient. Try as they might to deaden Americans' work ethics and entrepreneurial zeal with the entitlement mentality and by endlessly playing the victim card, Democrats have not yet driven a stake through the heart of the free market system. Inflation will wound the U.S. economy, and the living standards of ordinary Americans, but there is every reason to believe that, when the storm of socialism passes, Americans are ready to get back to work, to innovate, to invest, and to embrace a governing philosophy based on the idea that a great country should, first and foremost, live within its means.

The immediate future may not be bright, therefore. In fact, significant pain and sacrifice lies ahead, as Democratic mismanagement compounds the various crises we already face. Nonetheless, we can tell by the crestfallen faces on the Left that the radical transformation of America, and the evisceration of our values, that they hoped to achieve will not come to pass.

Was it our wisdom and perseverance on the right, or the Dems' sheer imbecility and bull-headedness, that worked this miracle, this narrow escape from the jaws of neo-Marxism?

Who knows. Either way, America is back.

Thank God!

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at WND: 




In other news, it's looking increasingly likely that the murder suspect in Waukesha, Wisconsin was motivated, in part, by animus towards white people.  We all know, of course, that the media would happily jump to conclusions about an alleged murderer's horrific racism, if the murderer was white and the victims were black.  Alas, the reality of anti-white racism barely registers with the mainstream media.  Given how critical race theory teaches millions of Americans that whites are inherently racist, and America is inherently evil, however, it would hardly be surprising if anti-white bias were surging.  Do "white lives matter"?  To the relatives of the victims, no doubt they do.  To the press and to our political elite, though, the victimization of whites by black offenders only produces discomfort and denial.  Expect, therefore, that the Waukesha incident will be quickly forgotten, and Darrell Brooks will be written off as a lone kook. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Sleepy Joe Strikes Oil!


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil is replete with legendary insights.  Brian and I hash over the Biden Administration's (hypocritical) decision to release oil from the strategic reserve in order to lower gas prices, Jen Psaki's laughable claim that Biden "intends" to run again in 2024, the implications of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, and much, much more!

In our "This Day in History" segment, Brian and I discuss the public's ongoing love-hate relationship with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, the fate of the "Hollywood Ten" cited for contempt of Congress way back in 1947, the collapse of international tourism in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby, and the consequent shortcircuiting of the search for justice regarding the JFK assassination, and more!

It's a show That's up to our usual incredibly high standards.  Don't miss out!


And, in other news, check out this morsel of hilarity from the "Women's March": they're apologizing because recently their average donation was $14.92, which of course is a RACIST number!  Ha!  You can't make this stuff up, folks. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Twelve Not-So-Angry Men and Women


Friends, many on the right are chuffed about the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial.  I happen to know the fellow who wrote the following article, and I agree entirely with its analysis: the Rittenhouse trial wasn't about race or ideology or gun rights.  It was about the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.  Kyle Rittenhouse may well have made some poor decisions on that fateful night, but that doesn't mean it was, or should have been, easy for prosecutors to prove him guilty of murder.  If there's a reasonable doubt about whether he acted in self-defense, then, according to our system, the jury had to find him innocent.  And they did.  So kudos to Kyle Rittenhouse and his lawyers, but, even more so, kudos to the Rittenhouse jury, which was under horrific pressure to lock the boy up and throw away the key, but instead discharged its duty and found him not guilty.


Joe Biden, in case you haven't heard, is "angry and concerned" about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.  Why?  He doesn't say, but we can assume the answer: Kyle Rittenhouse is a white male who resisted the BLM mobs in the midst of a riot.  Ergo, his guilt is something we ought to take for granted.  In other words, Rittenhouse was guilty the second he emerged from his mother's womb with the wrong skin tone. 

Things are getting wild in the Bay Area!  Rampant shoplifting was just an appetizer, apparently.  Be glad that you don't live on the Left Coast!


Finally, file this under "the biggest news stories that rarely make the news".  Having children -- which the more sophisticated among you might refer to as "procreation" -- is becoming more and more passé.  For a variety of reasons, almost all of them stupid, the most successful, intelligent, and responsible people in Western societies are deciding not to have children.  The least successful, intelligent, and responsible among us, on the other hand, are still cranking out offspring like there's no tomorrow.  Socially (not to mention genetically), this simply can't end well.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Happy Birthday, Sleepy Joe!


We here at WaddyIsRight wish "President" Joe Biden a VERY Happy 79th Birthday!  You don't look a day over 100, and that's the truth.  We trust you'll have lots of birthday cake, and -- who knows -- maybe some starry-eyed kids will rub the hairs on your legs...for a treat!  You deserve it, old man.


In other news, President Trump is sounding off on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.  Personally, I don't prejudge or pontificate on criminal trials.  I mean, I wasn't there in Kenosha, for the shooting or the trial, so there's a ton I don't know about Rittenhouse's guilt or innocence.  One thing I do know, however, is that, in America, we're all innocent until proven guilty.  Thus, we all need to take a deep breath and remember: just because we don't like someone (and heaven knows the Left HATES Kyle Rittenhouse), that doesn't make them guilty of any crime.  Want to move the goalposts and assume everyone guilty until proven innocent?  Then I say: be careful what you wish for! 

Finally, wokeness has infected our schools in countless ways, some subtle and some not so subtle, but check out this article about how teachers essentially try to recruit middle-schoolers to the LGBTQ+ "team".  And it appears to be working: a huge percentage of youngsters now idenitify as gay, "non-binary", and the like.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

China's Favorite Son


Friends, you may well ask: is this man (Joe Biden) working directly for the People's Republic of China?  Sometimes it sure seems that way.  As this outstanding op-ed argues, China and the U.S. government appear to be implicated in the genesis of the coronavirus, and Sleepy Joe seems utterly uninterested in getting to the bottom of it.  Virus?  What virus?  Never heard of it.


Speaking of the dreaded virus, a recent poll indicates that fewer and fewer Americans have confidence in the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.  I can't say I'm surprised.  The party line these days seems to be: get vaccinated...and then, uhhh, get re-vaccinated, but keep your mask on, because the vaccines don't work all that great.  Encouraging?  Not really.  Be that as it may, I'm triple vaccinated myself, and I'm not dead yet! 

How low can Sleepy Joe go?  36% approval is the new record, but I feel sure that our Commander-in-Chief can plumb new depths.  Just you wait!


Finally, in case you were inclined to believe Biden's fairy tale that the "Build Back Better" Bill, a.k.a. the reconciliation bill, costs "zero dollars", well, you're a certifiable moron, so you probably won't even be able to read this article refuting your delusions, but still...