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Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Democratic Party Comes Full Circle


Friends, it's extraordinary to reflect on the fact that the Democratic Party, which was founded partly to justify and protect the institution of slavery, is now going well beyond the embrace of equal rights for black Americans to enthrone them as the key constituency that will choose future Democratic nominees for president.  Why do I say that?  The Dems have made the bold decision to put South Carolina first on their presidential primary calender going forward.  In the past, it's been Iowa and New Hampshire that have led off the presidential selection process.  The move to South Carolina is earth-shattering, insofar as the vast majority of Democratic primary voters in that state will be black.  Blacks are obviously an enormously important part of the Democratic coalition that, oftentimes, powers Team Blue to victory, but they aren't a majority of Democratic voters on the national scene -- not by a long shot.  The Dems are thus taking a calculated risk in giving blacks such an outsized role in their nomination process.  This change will naturally be to the advantage of Dems, such as Joe Biden, who, for whatever reason, have cachet with black voters.  It will be decidedly disastrous for those effete intellectual white liberal types, such as Pete Buttigieg, who couldn't light a black voter on fire with a gallon of gas and a box full of matches.  Suffice it to say that the Democratic Party will never be quite the same, and someday the Dems may have cause to regret this shift, which could just as easily hurt them as help them, in the grand scheme of things.


In other news, while polling indicates that Governor Ron DeSantis has a certain momentum on the right these days, he's still eclipsed by the towering presence of DJT.  Is Ron worried?  He doesn't seem to be.  Who knows -- the DOJ could come along to level the playing field...  Then again, a fistful of indictments might actually make Trump's poll numbers go up!  These days, all bets are off. 

Right now the lead story in conservative circles is Elon Musk's release of internal Twitter deliberations on the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 election.  My take is a little different than most: I see nothing all that newsworthy in these materials.  Sure, the Dems and the Twitter elite conspired to rig the discourse leading up to the 2020 election.  Duh.  We already knew that.  What would be truly interesting is if there was evidence that either prominent Dems or their pals at Twitter knew at the time that they were lying through their teeth.  On the contrary, the likelihood is instead that they believed what they wanted to -- that suppressing the Hunter Biden narrative was "responsible", appropriate, and in the national interest.  These people don't often lie, in my estimation, or commit fraud, for the simple reason that they wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face, which it often does -- uselessly, as it turns out.  Will heads roll?  Will indictments fly?  I seriously doubt it.  The dastardly Dems will get away with this outrage as they get away with almost all of them.  In the next election cycle, in fact, they'll probably be even more aggressive and shameless in manipulating "the news", because now they know it works, and they know that no harm will come to them when they do it.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

They Mean Well?


Friends, file this one under "the truth is stranger than fiction".  Kanye West, who is black (although the NAACP may revoke his blackness any day now), is praising Adolf Hitler, who was not black and didn't particularly like anyone who was.  Now, Kanye is right that not everything Hitler said and did was bad, but how many brownie points is anyone going to earn by coming to Hitler's defense?  Answer: not many.  I'll give "Ye" credit, though -- he really knows how to stir the pot!


In other news, as I predicted, the PRC is backing off on its "zero COVID" obsession, and none too soon if it wishes to keep its writhing multitudes in line.  The bigger problem for the Chicoms is that their country's economy, which was been going gangbusters since the late 70s, may finally be hitting the skids.  Ergo, their problems may be just beginning. 

The January 6th committee has had its fun trying to pin the dastardly "insurrection" on Trump and on Republicans in general, but now it appears that the House GOP is planning to turn the tables and put the committee itself under the microscope.  Bully for them!  The January 6th committee was a travesty from the start, and I'm sure many aspects of its behind-the-scenes machinations will be an embarrassment to the Democrats and to democracy itself, but did anyone on or around the committee break the law?  Let's find out, shall we?


Finally, artificial intelligence is on the way, whether we like it or not.  So too, one imagines, is the synthesis of human intelligence and computing.  That is to say, sooner or later, people will have their brains hooked up to computers, which will enhance their memory, perception, and/or cognitive function.  Polls say most people aren't thrilled about this prospect, but when you consider how many millions of Americans are more or less symbiotic with their smartphones already, I suspect our doubts will quickly fade.  It's a brave new world, friends, and it's about to get a whole lot braver.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Musk Besieged


Friends, having seeded the mainstream media with stories about how Twitter is collapsing as a company, and how the Twitter-verse is overrun by fascists and white supremacists, Twitter's Big Tech rivals, Google and Apple, may smell blood in the water and decide to axe Twitter once and for all -- from their app stores.  This would make it darn near impossible for many people to access Twitter, and, combined with a massive reduction in ad revenues from woke companies, could spell doom for Musk's latest venture, and for all semblance of free speech and pluralism in social media.  I tend to agree with this commentator that the stakes in Musk's impending battles with Google, Apple, and in all likelihood the U.S. federal government, are enormous and weighty.  After all, if the world's richest man can't carve out a place for free expression on the internet, what chance do you or I have?  Arguably, these questions are fundamental to the survival of our democracy -- much more fundamental than, say, who won or lost in the midterm elections.


In other news, there's no reason to think that Governor Ron DeSantis will announce a presidential bid anytime soon, but he is issuing an autobiography, and the timing is darn suspicious.  It's almost like he's planning something big... 

Monday, November 28, 2022

The Not-So-Good Book?


Friends, for the last, oh, two thousand years, you would generally struggle to find anyone in the West willing to condemn the Bible and/or spit directly in the face of God, but the 21st Century is a brave new world in which almost all established norms, and even some rules of nature, are being flouted by leftists hellbent on "transforming"...everything and everyone.  Case in point: the Left has become adroit at charging anyone who says something they don't like with "hate speech".  Remember, hate speech is speech that makes someone (who leftists give a damn about) feel bad.  Well, there's very little that we conservatives say and do, by this definition, that isn't HATEFUL to the core.  And that which is hateful, lest we forget, can be banned, criminalized, and punished.  That appears to be happening with the Bible itself in England, as you'll see here.  And this is just the thin edge of the wedge.  Much more is coming.  One wonders how Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are currently handling invocations of the Bible to criticize homosexuality?


There's more bad news on the morals front: marijuana use continues to escalate among young people, which can come as no surprise, since the cultural elite has long since decided that cigarettes are icky, but pot is cool.  Personally, I say, if you're an adult, imbibe whatever you like -- but don't expect me to pat you on the back and give you a medal!  And be prepared for the negative consequences that your decisions entail, because you own those decisions and the aftereffects -- or at least you ought to. 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

China on the Brink?


Friends, I'm not naive about the Chinese government's comprehensive apparatus for the suppression of dissent.  Ergo, the recent protests, even though their scale is unprecedented in recent decades, are unlikely to lead to regime change.  Nonetheless, China's CCP masters have been placed on notice.  Of course, it's high time that their corrupt, heartless tyranny faces a reckoning, but the causes of this unrest are simpler ansd more straightforward than any heady demand for "democracy" or "freedom".  Basically, China has been locking people up for no good reason except President Xi's paranoia about COVID, and ordinary folks are getting tired of being incarcerated as a public health measure.  COVID has disrupted daily life and economic activity in China much more than it has here, and that's saying something, as you will know!  Will the Chinese regime back off and embrace a more realistic COVID policy?  My guess would be yes.  The more interesting question is where a new "dialogue" is opening up between the CCP and the Chinese people that could lead to further reforms...or further unrest and destabilization.  And, as I've said a million times, a scared Chinese leadership is a dangerous Chinese leadership.  If I were Taiwan right now, I'd be sweating.


It appears that Gavin Newsom is ruling out a presidential bid in 2024 and supports a second term for Biden.  Excellent!  The Dems are succumbing to collective insanity -- or should I say collective senility?  Either way, I like what I see. 

Elon Musk is getting behind the potential candidacy of Ron DeSantis.  That's not overly surprising given DeSantis's drift to the right, but note that he, like so many "centrist" Americans, isn't rushing to endorse four more years for Trump.  DeSantis just isn't toxic like Trump is -- not yet.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the Dems are working on ways to change that.  Musk's statement also raises once again the intriguing question of how long DeSantis should, or can afford to, keep his powder dry for '24.  There are arguments to be made that he should get in the game ASAP.  There are also arguments to be made that it's in his interests to let Trump take all or most of the Dems' incoming fire for as long as possible.


Remember how the Dems called for, and got, the prosecution of several Trumpers who defied subpoenas from the January 6th committee?  Well, their attitudes to Congressional subpoenas are changing already.  Now a subpoena might not mean much if it isn't "valid" or "legitimate".  Surprise, surprise.  This is one of many reasons why the hearings that House Republicans are planning may fall flat. 

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Be Thankful, Or Else!


Happy Thanksgiving, to one and all! May you enjoy wonderful fellowship with your loved ones today, and, if you have the time, please read this analysis of the first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. At a time when the Founders are being relentlessly denigrated, it's good to arm ourselves with knowledge about what these men and women were really all about.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Axis of Empty Suits


Friends, the passionate history buffs among you might recognize Marshal Ion Antonescu, the fascist dictator of Romania during World War II.  He arises as a topic of discussion between me and Brian O'Neil during this week's Newsmaker Show, when we consider the minor powers that joined up with the Axis mainstays of Germany, Italy, and Japan.  Long story short: when your BFF is Ion Antonescu, you probably aren't in a position to conquer the world at will.  Plan accordingly!  

In addition to the Allies versus the Axis, Brian and I talk about President Reagan's encouragement of the "Contras" in the early 1980s, when nipping Latin American communism in the bud seemed advisable.  That's in our "This Day in History" segment.  When we get to current events, we hash over the limitations under which the new Republican House will operate, and the prospects for an epic clash between DJT and Governor Ron DeSantis.  Finally, Brian and I debate the merits of Sleepy Joe's giant checks to Ukraine and the Global South (in the form of climate crisis "reparations").  Hey, money grows on trees, so why not, am I right?

Don't miss out on all this broadcasting gold!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Wake Up, Sleepy Joe! It's Your Birthday!!!


Friends, on behalf of everyone here at WaddyIsRight -- so, me -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOE BIDEN!!!  You don't look a day over 130.  May you continue to function at an incredibly high level, delivering progressive change to the American people, whether they like it or not.  And please, please run for reelection in 2024.  The Dems would be lost without you!

In other news, I've penned my latest article, which is a red hot analysis of what the new Republican House is likely to accomplish in the next two years, and what will remain out of reach.  See what you think, and enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Our Inevitable Fate: Lunar Exile?

 Trump needs private space companies to return to the moon. They don't want  to go.


Friends, kudos are due to NASA, which finally got its act together and launched its new Artemis rocket and its Orion capsule in the general direction of the moon.  We're told this presages a return of human footprints to that barren moonscape in the next few years -- probably footprints chosen for their exquisite racial diversity and maybe even their gender dysphoria -- followed by the construction of habitats on the moon and a lasting human presence there.  One has to wonder: will we "deplorables" end up exiled to the lunar surface -- a place so lifeless and remote that no wifi signal can reach it?  Don't scoff!  It's either that or turn us into Soylent Green, and most of our bitterest political enemies are vegans, so eating us simply isn't an option.


In other news, here's a great, data-driven analysis of what went wrong and what went right in 2022. 

Here is an exceptionally hostile, but occasionally insightful, look at what a Trump v. DeSantis matchup in 2024 could be like.  I agree that Ron DeSantis is no Jeb Bush, but on the other hand I think the hacks at Politico are way too hasty in writing off Trump as "weaker than he's ever been".  I guess they don't believe in reading polls over there.


It's official:Trump and his innumerable "crimes" will be the focus of a special prosecutor.  To me, this means that the DOJ wants some political cover from what comes next, but in essence it also means that they are deadly serious about nailing Trump to the wall. 

Returning to Twitter would be a great victory for DJT -- a form of vindication -- although it might also hasten the demise of Twitter and Trump's competing platform, "Truth Social".  Personally, I'd like both social media companies to live long and prosper, but we now have to accept that, for the Dems and the Left, killing Twitter and Truth Social are existential fights that may be, in the cosmic sense, more important even than who wins a (temporary) House majority.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

The "Go Figure" Election


Friends, this article is a must-read if you want to get to the bottom of what happened in 2022.  In a nutshell, what happened was pretty weird, both when you consider how low President Biden's approval numbers are, and how much better Republicans did in the national popular vote for the House than in 2020.  In that year, we lost the popular vote for the House by three points and got about 212 seats.  This year we'll win the national popular vote by three or four points and gain, if we're lucky, just ten seats.  What gives?  When there's a swing to the Rs of +7, we expect to see BIG gains in seats, right?  The Senate ought to fall in line with the broad national trend and go Republican too.  Well, we all know how that conventional wisdom worked out.  Sean Trende begins the process of unpacking all these mixed signals and making sense of them.


In other news, Nancy Pelosi's reign of terror/error is over!!!  Maybe it wasn't a "big red wave", but it knocked at least one 82 year old lady over, and that's something...