Monday, March 29, 2021

Digging Biden's Grave


Friends, I've been remiss in writing articles lately.  Expect all that to change soon.  

There are several stories catching my eye.  One is SNL's recent pivot to mockery of Sleepy Joe.  Believe it or not, this could be the biggest political development since Jan. 6th.  Why?  Biden's "popularity", such as it is, is one of the only cards the Dems have to play in forcing their agenda through a divided Senate.  Biden's popularity, moreover, is undergirded by the extraordinary deference that journalists and opinion leaders have shown him.  They've treated him like a Faberge egg, as a matter of fact.  Sooner or later, their natural cynicism and meanness has to kick in.  When it does, Biden will wilt and stumble...and the progressive agenda will pass away like a fever dream.  Mark my words.


Why will Biden fail?  For many reasons, but first on the list is this one: he's ridiculous.  He's a semi-animated corpse, a tired old white guy, leading a party and a movement that hates the past, and white guys even more so.  Wise up, Sleepy Joe!  When they're done with you, they'll toss you aside without a second thought. 

Here's a FANTASTIC analysis of where we are in terms of race-baiting in America.  Why does the Left insist that everything is racist these days, and that the only way to combat racism is to hate white people?  Read on and find out.  The second article is telling: "color-blindness" has been turned into a sin instead of a virtue.  It's all part of the plan. 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Uhh, frankly I see nothing amiss in the frequency with which you post. I appreciate the effort it takes to write and to support your views with relevant links. I'm sure aslong as Joe serves in his place as a somnolent political El Cid he will not be shown the door by his leftist handlers. He's so precious, he is, that he makes a perfect political flak deflector ( my plague on SNL on any issue, though your comment makes much sense). And this allows the Squad, Schumer/Pelosi/Harris and the radical boomer rump to concentrate on hastening the day when insolent opposition will be no more.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Yes, but the MSM never bared their fangs at the sacred Obamas. I suspect they have all their ducks in a very neat row. They are devoted, first and foremost and with a vengeance to be visited upon all who doubt but especially on recalcitrant colleagues in their thoroughly compromised "profession", tothe total, total triumph of those who would in power summarily cancel them. The quotation marks are well deserved because their conduct betrays the expressed objective principles they cynically bleat!

  3. Jack, sure -- Biden has been a useful idiot thus far. I suspect his life expectancy will dramatically decline as soon as his approval number noses below 50%, though. These lefties don't stand on ceremony! The interesting question is: is Kamala the REAL intended successor, or just a stalking horse? Giving her the illegal immigration remit is almost like giving her six months to live...

    I disagree that the media was never critical of the Obamas. I remember hearing that coverage in the Obama years was 50% negative, compared to 90+% under Trump. I believe it. The media exalts in spitefulness and pomposity. Maybe they steered clear of Obama himself, most of the time, but his administration was far from off limits. Now the rules have changed, so I expect Biden will be treated with greater deference (partly because he's so self-evidently fragile), but I strongly believe Biden's honeymoon is coming to an end. Even 20% negative coverage may be more than he can endure.

  4. Nick, you underestimated Biden in the campaign -- and he won by over 7 million votes. You underestimate him now. He got the rescue package passed and will likely get the infrastructure bill through. In another couple of months, the border situation will be taken care of. Conservatives are criticizing the negotiations with China, but success is not measured in how loud one side is (which was the Trumpian way), but in terms of how things get done. Trump would have issued more tariffs, which we all would have paid for, not the Chinese.

    Biden is a quieter guy than Trump (thank God), and has compassion. Plus, so far, unemployment is declining, COVID deaths are declining, vaccinations are going up and the stock market is going up.

    So, you can attempt to smear him by saying he is fragile and in decline. But he is getting things done.

    1. Rod

      Thanks for this update on our wonderful leader President Joe Biden. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's clear to me now that I was absolutely wrong about what I thought I saw. My eyes were definitely playing tricks on me. How silly of me to think that his behavior during a recent press conference shows a man with a fast-progressing cognitive decline. I also noticed what I thought were some incoherent verbal skills and a feeble physical posture. He seemed to be looking down a lot going through his notes. He seemed to be forgetting names of people, places and agencies, and forgetting topics that had just been discussed seconds before. How silly of me to have noticed things that simply are not true. Thanks again for the update Rod. I feel so much more secure now, and will have a good night's sleep. I now know that our glorious president is strong, fully aware, fully in control, and fully capable in every way of performing his duties as president. God Bless you Rod.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I can just see it: "Oooh, you say I'm President? Well I'll be; you know I've always wanted to be President! But you say I ought to take a break and temporarily let, now what IS her name, fill in, just by signing this little note to the Se cratary of State, uhh, Kiss a ger isn't it ? Well, OK then, I could use a break from. . . .?"

  6. Rod, I may have underestimated Biden from time to time -- I was genuinely impressed by the fact that he got through his convention speech and two debates without embarrassing himself -- but I never underestimated the left-leaning establishment that was Biden's ace in the hole. The forces that shield Biden from serious criticism are among the most powerful that have ever existed. Ergo, Biden's "win" is and was hardly surprising.

    As for Biden's accomplishments, most of them are down to the successful containment of the dreaded virus that was set in motion by Trump. He'll take the credit, but I don't see Biden doing anything much except spending ungodly amounts of money, none of which is coming from his pocket. His failures, on the other hand, like the collapse of the border, are entirely his own. "In another couple of months, the border will be taken care of." Ha! That's funny. The only way that will happen is if we hire the Mexicans to herd the Central Americans back where they came from. We're giving it a try, but I fear that, as long as we reward those who make the trip, this problem isn't going away.

    Jack, Kissinger? Try Seward!