Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Donald Trump: Greatest Human Ever?


Friends, it's official: Barack Obama has been dethroned as America's most admired person!  Who edged him out?  You guessed it!  Our President-for-Life (fingers crossed): Donald Trump.  Maybe there's hope for America yet?


There's much, much more in the news today.  Keep an eye on this story.  If the Trump administration succeeds in excluding illegal aliens from "representation" in Congress, that in itself could blow the Dems' narrow House majority to smithereens in 2022.  One assumes that reversing this policy will be a top priority for Biden and friends. 

There's plenty that's fishy about the presidential contest in PA this year.  Add this one to the list: they can't even agree on how many people voted (nominally)!


If you enjoy irony, and apparently Democrats do, they have been moaning and groaning because Republicans have been trying to alter the supposedly sacred vote count in the swing states, so as to push Donald Trump over the top, but the Dems themselves are engaged in similar maneuvering in Iowa and New York.  In NYS, a judge is literally counting and recounting the votes ensure a Dem victory, one can confidently predict! 

Speaking of stealing elections, the Democrats are doing their best to purloin those two Senate seats in Georgia by allowing out-of-state residents to vote.  Thoughtful of them, right?  Maybe I should register to vote in Georgia, come to think of it...


Make no mistake: the Democrats have become THE party of our country's elite, especially its bi-coastal elite.  Take a look at this.  Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia has raised only 5% of his massive haul in campaign contributions in Georgia itself.  Based on his fundraising, in fact, if he wins, one might justifiably claim that he represents California more than he does his "home" state. 

This one is a must-read.  One of the most consequential stories of 2020 was the effort by the media and social media to outright ban information and opinion that contradicts their ideological and partisan preferences.  Free speech is, in fact, under greater threat now than at any time since the Red Scare.  No joke.


Lastly, I applaud Mitch McConnell, as I often do, for blocking those $2,000 checks that President Trump and many Democrats are pushing for.  He won't win much applause for holding the line against excessive spending, but it was the right thing to do for the country. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

Welcome Back, GOP!


Friends, as you know, the "browning" of America continues apace, as the number of Hispanics and Asians in our population skyrockets.  The bad news for conservatives has always been that most non-whites vote for Democrats, and by a large margin too.  The worse news is that non-whites are becoming a bigger and bigger slice of the electorate.  Now for the good news: blacks, Hispanics, and Asians all voted Republican in 2020 much more so than they did in 2016, and that's despite an unprecedented effort on the part of Democrats to monopolize the non-white vote, and to scare non-white voters into voting in huge numbers.  They're reminded constantly of the inveterate racism of Trump and Republicans, for instance, and of how precarious their existence is, given how half the country wants to reinstitute slavery and all...  Well, these efforts to paint the right as fundamentally racist have an effect.  They've damaged the GOP and conservative brands, without a doubt, especially among those non-whites who attend college, who are frightfully exposed to "woke" propaganda.  Be that as it may, charges of "RACISM!" grow less and less credible with every passing year, simply because they're repeated so carelessly by the Left.  It would appear that "progressive" identity politics is falling on deaf ears, in many cases, because a clear shift to the right among non-whites is discernible, even to the -- gasp! -- New York Times.  I hereby put the Democratic Party on notice, therefore: the "browning" of America is a fact, yes, but the rise of the Democrats, which is supposed to be its corollary, may prove illusory.  Here's a tip for our friends on the Left: people of color are often liberals (at first), but people of color are also people, and as such they can think for themselves.  Assuming they're in the market for white saviors, of course they'll turn to you, but should they ever be in the market for liberty, opportunity, and common sense, well, you're in a heap of trouble!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Sorrow and the Pity


Friends, it might just be time.  Time for what, you ask?  Time to deal with the elephant in the room: the fact that Joe Biden is about to become our President.  


Trumpian obstinacy notwithstanding, it's looking more and more as though our Fearless Leader has no trick up his sleeve that could reverse the putative outcome of the 2020 presidential election.  Was he cheated?  Sure.  Was the deck stacked from the beginning?  You bet.  Has evidence of the Democrats' chicanery steadily mounted?  No doubt.  Did Donald Trump win the critical states, assuming only valid votes were counted?  Absolutely.  


None of this matters, however, because the courts, Congress, and the state legislatures have utterly failed to do their duty and uphold the will of the people.  Moreover, Trump himself, who always, from 2015 to today, had only one card to play -- the ecstatic support of tens of millions of patriots -- failed to play that card when it still would have mattered.  


Trump could have announced that he would NEVER accept the results of a phony election.  He could have declared he would refuse to leave office under such a cloud.  He could have called upon his supporters to demonstrate in their tens of thousands outside every federal courthouse and every state legislative chamber where the critical decisions would be made about revising, or potentially revising, the results of the election.  


But those would be the actions of a fascist, you say?  Maybe...or arguably they would have been the actions of a man who believed exactly what he said: that he was the rightful winner of the 2020 election, and that the acceptance of any other outcome would drive a stake through the heart of American democracy.  


Be that as it may, President Trump didn't take any of the decisive actions that I've outlined.  Instead, he retreated to the White House, licked his wounds, berated his enemies, and waited for SCOTUS, or Congress, or the state legislatures, to ride to his rescue.  Well, they didn't, and they were never likely to do so.  Trump's only hope was to show backbone, and to rouse his legions of supporters to DEMAND an acknowledgement of his reelection.  In the end, therefore, the Republican Party, the courts, Congress, the state legislatures, the media, and plenty of other institutions failed Trump and the American people...but one might say, with equal accuracy, that Trump failed himself, and us.  He equivocated, and so he lost.

Having said all that, if Trump DOES have a master plan that has yet to unfold, well, I congratulate him on his deviousness, and I look forward to FOUR MORE YEARS!  That seems like an increasingly faint hope, however, so it's time to pick up the pieces and move on.

Our first instinct must, of course, to be to look on the bright side.  Yes, the GOP did far better in this election, at all levels, than most pollsters and pundits predicted.  Yes, our man, despite the recession, the pandemic, and an unprecedented wave of scurrilous attacks, came within a hair's breadth of reelection, despite Dem cheating!  That's something to be proud of.

So...we might say to ourselves: buck up, patriots!  We'll get 'em next time.  2022 and 2024 are a whole different ballgame.

As for me, I'd say 2024 might as well be a thousand years from now, because four years is an eternity in politics.  I have no idea who will run in 2024, or what the political dynamics will be like. 2022 is almost as mysterious.

What worries me, though, is this: all things being equal, OF COURSE Republicans can make a comeback and win in 2022 and 2024...but who's to say all things ARE equal?  Democrats gamed the system as never before in 2020, and they got away with it.  They ignored the law, they threw the canons of journalism in the gutter, and they weaponized a disease to undo a President -- and for their iniquity the American people rewarded them with power.  That's a poor reflection on the voters, needless to say, but that's just the beginning.  


Think of it this way: The American people can be won over.  In that sense, we would be justified in being hopeful, no?  But winning back the confidence of the American people only matters if our elections truly are "free and fair".  If the outcome of those elections isn't based on the will of the people, but is instead based on corruption, propaganda, and outright fraud, then, well, how are the forces of light ever to prevail again?  After all, if lying and cheating worked once, we can only assume that the Dems will double down on both...and let's face it: they're good at both!  If they're determined to win at all costs, and the media is determined to cheer them on and ignore any crimes or ethical lapses of which they may be guilty, then what's to stop them from ruling effectively unchallenged?  What's to stop them from ruling FOREVER?

It's a question worth asking as we begin the fateful year 2021, which may be -- let's face facts -- the year that American democracy dies.  All this will sound like hyperbole to Democrats, I'm sure, but we Republicans aren't spitting in the wind when we say this election was stolen.  We believe it.  We don't consider the process remotely free or fair, and we assume, based on your shamelessness, that things will only get worse.  A sobering thought, no?  


And remember, Dems, you love saying that we're fascists, that we're racists, that we're liars, that we're criminals, that we're gangsters, that we're monsters.  Should we doubt for a moment that you would be willing to cheat -- maybe just a little, at first -- in order to defeat us in the "most important election" of our lives?  Why WOULD you hesitate, after all?  And, given our unparalleled wickedness -- our "treason" and our "sedition" -- why wouldn't you do everything in your power to marginalize us, to silence us, and to render us politically harmless?  We EXPECT you to crush us, if given half a chance, and it sure seems like many of you are itching to try.  What's more, with the White House in your hands and with it the vast powers of the "Commander-in-Chief", the mischief you could get up to is virtually limitless.  You might even say that we are -- all of us -- putty in your hands.

Are circumstances indeed hopeless for us Trumpers and patriots, therefore?  No, of course not.  We have tools at our disposal, we have some residual rights and freedoms, and, perhaps best of all, we have the centrifugal forces within the Left itself, plus the Democratic Party's proven ability to shoot itself in the foot.  We can and, with God's help, we will defeat you, you lousy pinkos!  From this point on, we who love America need to start strategizing, therefore.  In the weeks ahead, I will offer my suggestions from how we can get the country back on track, and what role the Republican Party might play in that process.

So take heart, fellow Trumpers!  We have been forced to swallow a bitter pill -- four long years of "Democratic" misrule -- but hope springs eternal, and, with a whole lot of work, some determination, and a bit of help from the hapless Dems themselves, we can and will right the ship.  We have to believe that, because, if we don't, well, the Dems have already won.  I, for one, refuse to give them the satisfaction.

So let's get to it, shall we?  Let's take back America.  Let's show the leftists that Trump was just a warm-up act for what's to come: the definitive defeat of socialism, the rebirth of traditional American values, the flowering of American nationalism, and the re-institution of a constitutionally sound, limited government.  We can have all this and more, if we insist on it.

Who's with me?

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Giving the Gift of...Fiscal Responsibility?


Friends, my real gift to you this Christmas is...another life-changing article, rich with the heady aromas of rightness.  We've had a lot of fun pontificating together this past year, and now is the time to give thanks, to acknowledge the omnipotence and grace of our Creator, and to steel ourselves for many more forthcoming battles with the forces of iniquity.  In the meantime, here are my reflections on the latest COVID "Relief Bill," and why it's a symptom of what ails this country...

President Trump is Right to Veto the COVID “Relief Bill”

President Trump has announced his intention to veto the new $900 billion so-called COVID Relief Bill. That is a decision that I wholeheartedly support, but Trump's stated reason is the wrong one. Trump says that the $600 payments that most taxpayers will receive are insufficient. He wants the payments increased to $2,000! He forgets that our country's financial resources are not unlimited. We have already dug ourselves an impressive fiscal hole in the context of the ongoing pandemic. The last thing we should do is to make that hole deeper.

This year our country will shoulder its largest deficit of all time: over $3 trillion. The excuse that our political masters offer is that we face an unprecedented pandemic, and this necessitates unprecedented federal intervention and massive stimulus.

The fact, though, is that the scattershot approach to “stimulus” that the federal government is following is grossly irresponsible. Yes, more than 300,000 Americans have died, but consider that in a typical year around 3 million Americans die (of all causes), and meanwhile the vast majority of us will, in any given year, including this one, be left among the living — and we will be on the hook for whatever prodigal stupidity politicians engage in.

We simply cannot endorse maximum spending in response to every crisis. Our spending should always be proportionate to the emergency that presents itself, and it should be carefully targeted to alleviate that emergency, rather than to exploit it for partisan or corrupt purposes.

Consider that the so-called COVID Relief Bill just passed by Congress throws money willy-nilly in all directions. It sets aside billions for foreign countries, for illegal immigrants, and for federal programs that have no conceivable relevance to COVID itself. It plows money into deep blue cities and states that have overspent wildly for years, because they expected that the federal government would ride to the rescue and bail them out. It pays many American workers more in enhanced unemployment benefits than they would earn if they returned to work, creating a perverse incentive for them to sit idle, thus keeping unemployment rates high and slowing down the nation's economic recovery.

These are the actions not of statesmen trying to rescue America from its plight, but of craven politicians trying to capitalize on the pandemic to purchase the good will of the voters, of special interests, and even of our allies overseas.

The worst feature of the so-called COVID Relief Bill, however, is the very $600 payments to taxpayers that Trump, illogically, wants to increase to $2,000. While it is true that money that suddenly appears in ordinary Americans' bank accounts is likely to be spent, and thus to stimulate the economy, the facts are these: the large majority of Americans have not contracted COVID and nor have they lost their jobs. They thus have no pressing need for a lump sum payment, and tens of millions of them won't spend it. The distribution of cash payments to every American making less than $75,000 per year, and to every couple making less than $150,000, is the bluntest possible instrument to accomplish the stated objective of economic stimulus. It also happens to be popular, because everyone enjoys receiving an unexpected windfall, and it is outrageously expensive, adding to the deficit and to the national debt.

Worse yet, payments like these spread the cancer of dependency. What the advocates of socialism want, more than anything, is for typical, hard-working Americans to become eager recipients of government handouts. Socialists want us to see the federal government as the source of an inexhaustible supply of “free money,” which we can tap whenever a “crisis” arises. Heaven forbid that we should have to tackle life's challenges with our own resources, or, as the old saying goes, “save for a rainy day”!

Alarmingly, spending proposals offered by “President-Elect” Biden and his team are even more extravagant: they include blank checks to cities and states flirting with bankruptcy, indiscriminate forgiveness of student loan debt, subsidized child care, “investments” in infrastructure, rent subsidies, an expansion to Obamacare, and a down payment on the “Green New Deal”. In other words, Biden would make our fiscal emergency into a fiscal catastrophe.

All this makes the plan to send a $600 check to every American a horrific mistake. I count myself as one of those tens of millions of Americans who will receive such a check despite the fact that I have no need for it. But I understand, as apparently few Americans do, that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. Sooner or later, we, the taxpayers, will have to pay back the money that we are borrowing in 2020, and with interest. Interest rates are low, for now, and thus the temptation to spend wildly is strong, but we are approaching the point of no return after which reestablishing our country's fiscal health may be impossible. Soon, interest rates will rise, and our burden of debt may become insupportable.

Is this mere scaremongering? Consider the huge spike this year in the value of gold and of cryptocurrencies. These increases reflect a desire on the part of investors to find a refuge from the U.S. dollar, the future of which looks more and more shaky, given the fact that the “good faith and credit” of the federal government grows more illusory by the day.

We waste money by the trillions in America, and we have done so for years. In the context of the mass panic that has accompanied the coronavirus pandemic, however, this profligacy has only grown worse.

President Trump is right to veto the so-called COVID Relief Bill, therefore. Congress should get to work on a replacement bill — but it should be one that is smaller, more targeted, and more fiscally responsible.

That may not please the politicians, or even the voters, but it will please our children and grandchildren — you know, the ones picking up the tab?

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at Townhall: 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Newsflash to Beltway Insiders: Money DOES NOT Grow on Trees!


Friends, if you're not disappointed by the news that a new COVID relief bill has been passed by Congress, you should be.  Don't kid yourself: the Treasury fairy that leaves $600 (or more) in your bank account next week will take out that much and more in the years and decades to come.  From start to finish during this pandemic, we have spent money like it was going out of style, which is further proof that the one thing politicians in both parties can agree on is that it's fun and easy to buy themselves reelection...with our money!  I wholeheartedly condemn the profligacy of official Washington, and I applaud the tiny cohort of principled Republicans who voted "no" on the bill. 

Meanwhile, Peter Navarro has expanded on his claims about election fraud.  And, if he's fibbing, we should all ask ourselves: why have Democrats been stonewalling any and all attempts to audit the election?


The number of Republicans who appear willing to stand up for President Trump in Congress when it comes time to certify the results of the electoral college isn't large, but it's growing.  I wonder how many patriots will turn up in the streets outside the Capitol? 

And here's what everyone's favorite president has to say on the matter.  No sign of indecision on his part!

Monday, December 21, 2020

The Grandeur That Was...America?


Friends, President Trump, in a sign of good judgement and exquisite taste, has issued an Executive Order encouraging the construction of federal buildings that follow classical models.  He isn't a fan, apparently, of modern or minimalist architecture, and I must say I can relate.  The ornate and elegant buildings that dominate Washington, D.C., like the Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court, ooze American strength and stoic virtue.  Pretty much anything constructed since the 1960s, on the other hand, looks cheap, flimsy, and pedestrian, at best, and downright weird, at worst.  Note that this order does not FORBID innovation or originality in federal architecture, but it does suggest that we return to our classical and Victorian roots.  I second that!


As our building styles hearken back to the days of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, might our politics do the same?  The GOP Chairwoman in Arizona is encouraging Trump to "cross the Rubicon".  The relevance?  Julius Caesar famously crossed the Rubicon River in 49 B.C., bringing his army with him and thus violating the orders of the Roman Senate.  The result was the collapse of the Roman Republic, a civil war, and a lurch towards dictatorship and monarchy in Roman politics.  Was Kelli Ward thus encouraging Trump to become a dictator?  Maybe, although the phrase is commonly used to mean "take a big step", not necessarily "put your enemies to the sword".  You know how those lefties love to clutch their pearls when anyone (but them) toys with authoritarianism... 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

If At First You Don't Succeed...


Friends, while most of the GOP seems to have given up on reelecting President Trump, Trump himself seems as determined as ever!  Remember our discussion of "extreme solutions" to the contested election?  Well, recently Trump met in the Oval Office with General Michael Flynn, who has proposed instituting martial law in some of the disputed states and rerunning the election!  Could such a thing be done?  Needless to say, it hasn't been tried, so one knows for sure.  The Left takes it seriously enough to be outraged by the suggestion, but since outrage is the Left's knee jerk reaction to everything, that isn't necessarily a meaningful development.


Meanwhile, only a slim majority of the American public views Sleepy Joe as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election -- a fact that doesn't surprise me in the least.  It's all a question of where one gets one's news...


Trump, on the other hand, is denying that he intends to impose martial law:


One might reasonably ask the question: if the Dems believe their own rhetoric about Republicans engaging in "sedition" and "treason", might it not be "President" Biden instituting martial law, or jailing his critics, starting in January?  The shoe could soon be on the other foot. 

In other news, the federal government is preparing to make our record high deficit even higher, by authorizing yet another COVID-related stimulus bill.  Interestingly enough, it doesn't appear to include massive bailouts for cities and states, increasing the likelihood, as I've said before, that deep blue areas will soon face dire fiscal emergencies.


Take note that race and ethnicity are being considered as relevant factors in many states in the distribution of vaccines for COVID.  There are some fears that vulnerable seniors could be passed over, in fact, because they are "too white". 

Finally, it sure looks as though we'll be stuck with Governor Cuomo in NYS for a long time to come.  Reports indicate that he isn't on Biden's short list for Attorney General.  Of course, if Trump wins reelection, we can hope that Cuomo will be replaced by a military governor...  I nominate General Flynn!

Friday, December 18, 2020

All Hail Chairman Biden, "Dear Leader" of the People's Republic of America!


Friends, as we kiss our liberties and our constitutional system of government good bye, my latest article offers heartfelt congratulations to the incoming Commander-in-Chief, and our new dark lord, Joseph R. Biden!  The pivot to "WaddyIsLeft" can't be far behind, right?  Read on...

Congratulations to “President-Elect” Joe Biden!

Now that the electoral college has spoken, it is high time that we Republicans salute and recognize the next “President” of these United States, Joseph R. Biden — Delaware's favorite son!

Mr. “President-Elect,” you and your fellow Democrats proved one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt during the 2020 election cycle. When it comes to cheating, you have the GOP thoroughly outclassed. In fact, in fraud and malfeasance, you blew us totally out of the water. Kudos!

Just think about it: going into the election, you knew that, if the rules remained unchanged, and the votes were counted in the careful, deliberative, mostly legal way that they always have been, you risked losing. But you were having none of that!

Using a horrific pandemic as a pretext, you watered down the requirements for mail-in voting, ignoring state and federal laws and the U.S. Constitution itself, in the full knowledge that, well, your lawyers were better than our lawyers, we Republicans wouldn't dare to impede any American (dead or alive, real or imaginary) from exercising his or her right to vote, and — heck! — if we did have the gall to complain, the press would simply ignore it anyway.

You knew, in short, that you could game the system in your party's favor and get away with it...and so you went for it! Bravo! That's “the American way,” right? Keep your eyes on the prize, and let nothing, and no one, get in your way.

In addition, Mr. “President-Elect,” you notched another notable success: you corrupted the media as no presidential candidate before you ever has. Sure, the major newspapers and broadcast networks have always been biased in favor of Democrats, but previously they concealed their bias beneath a patina of professionalism and objectivity. No more!

You sounded the clarion call to every “journalist” to become, in effect, an unpaid Democratic Party activist, as well as an agent of the “Resistance,” proudly flying the banner of visceral Trump hatred. You challenged “journalists” and social media watchdogs alike not just to ignore stories prejudicial to your campaign, but to suppress them — free speech be damned!

In the process, you denied tens of millions of Americans who might otherwise have been on the fence about supporting you the news they needed to make an informed decision. By simultaneously maneuvering to keep third party candidates off the ballot, you contrived to give voters a simple choice: vote for Joe Biden, the genial, patriotic guy about whom the media says only nice things; or vote for Donald Trump, legendary super-villain, KKK member, and jailer of small children. Brilliant!

And, given that binary choice, by the slimmest possible margin in the battleground states, the voters reluctantly chose you. Hooray!

Sure, the media is now held in almost universal contempt, and Americans will probably never again agree on a common set of facts, but it was a price worth paying, right? Donald Trump got what he had coming!

But your triumphs don't end there, Mr. “President-Elect.” Before choosing to run for the presidency, you supervised an effort to monetize the Biden family name on an unprecedented scale, placing your troubled son Hunter, recently discharged by the Navy because of his drug use, at the helm. When stories about your ever-so-discreet involvement in Hunter's corrupt schemes threatened to derail your candidacy, you rallied your supporters and your confederates in the press to condemn the allegations as “discredited,” “baseless,” and even — this one takes the cake! — as “Russian disinformation.” Well played!

Hunter himself you kept hidden away, although you really needn't have bothered, since none of your pet “journalists” would dream of asking him a question anyway, unless maybe it was about his favorite flavor of ice cream...

As a consequence, you will become “President” despite being compromised by a host of contacts and deals with foreign enterprises and governments. But hey, what the American people don't know can't hurt them, right?

In fact, one could make the case that, as a swamp monster extraordinaire yourself, you'll feel right at home back inside the Beltway, cutting deals and cozying up to the very special interests that brought you to these dizzying heights. The Oval Office, in that sense, should fit you like a glove, Mr. “President”! One might even say, in the words of the greatest philosopher of modern times, Beto O'Rourke, that you were “born to do this,” right? After all, you've got 47 years of experience being a sleazebag. Who's better prepared for the presidency than you?

Lastly, Mr. “President-Elect,” kudos on being elevated to the highest office in the land despite your obvious and accelerating mental infirmities. Who would have thought that a 78-year-old man evincing senility could be electorally competitive in the first place?

You resolutely and wisely refused to answer questions about whether you were medicated or under treatment for your mental defects, and you likewise refused to disclose the results of any test documenting your mental acuity (or lack thereof).

Best of all, though, you showed up and delivered credible performances at key moments in the campaign — your acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention and the two televised debates, for instance. You didn't drool, you didn't soil yourself, and you seemed to remember who you were and what was being discussed. That's what we call a maximum effort, Mr. “President-Elect”! Well done.

The good news is that your perseverance and tenacity were rewarded by the voters, and now you can relax. With the electoral college and Congress in your back pocket, you can coast to January 20th, after which you can turn to jelly for all that the Democratic Party cares. You fulfilled your vital historical mission — the obliteration of Donald J. Trump — and now you can turn over the reins to your fellow swamp creatures. Whether you remain alert, awake, or even alive from this point on is a subject of little import.

So, in conclusion, congratulations to the man who will soon be acclaimed as our 46th President! No presidential candidate — let's be honest — has ever had the deck stacked more decisively in his favor, and you, Sir, managed not to screw it up! Hip hip hooray!

America may or may not be a functioning democracy from this point forward, but whatever it is, or chooses to call itself, you — by golly! — will be nominally in charge of it.

And thus we, your dutiful subjects, nominally salute you.


Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at American Greatness: 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Time To Send In The Tanks?


Friends, some of you are doubtless wondering whether Trump could consider, uh, extreme solutions to remedy the contested election just concluded...and, equally importantly, to retain his grip on the presidency.  In my humble opinion, in the past, when pressed to the wall, Trump has usually cowered before the combined might of the Swamp, but hey -- no one can say for sure how he'll behave in this situation.  He may view it as an existential question.  In other words, he may believe that, if he leaves office, not only is he doomed, and not only will his family be hounded and hunted, but the country itself may never recover.  If so, well...

Along these lines, Michael Flynn is proposing some radical steps, which he hastens to add he has no idea if Trump would even consider:


For what it's worth, CNN takes this talk seriously.  Of course, the people at CNN have been watching an awful lot of CNN, so their judgement is clearly flawed.  Now, as for the suggestion that Trump could be "forcibly removed" from the White House, I think that's the purest nonsense.  The military might well refuse to prop Trump up, but I strongly suspect it would equally well refuse to be a party to strong-arming or arresting him either.  I believe the same is true of the FBI, the Secret Service, and other federal law enforcement agencies.  The last thing anyone wants is a shootout at the White House. 

Why does Trump believe he won the election?  Possibly because he did, as per the "Navarro Report": 

Rand Paul seems to agree:


We may actually find out if some of our suspicions about the voting in Georgia are true, because the Secretary of State there, after much stonewalling, is agreeing to a statewide signature audit.  Funny how he waited until AFTER the electoral college had voted, huh? 

This is a pretty outrageous story.  Kansas has been blocked from requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote.  Why are we so hellbent on making it possible, even easy, for illegal votes to be cast?  Maybe because those votes invariably help "the good guys", as the swamp monsters see it?


Lastly, I sympathize with Russia, which has been denied the opportunity to compete, as a nation, in the Olympics until 2024.  This strikes me as an Orwellian solution to what may well be a real problem: Russia's non-compliance with anti-doping protocols.  Denying the athletes the ability to play for their own country, however, smacks of a violation of free speech and freedom of conscience, if you ask me.  Punish "Russia" all you like, but don't ask Russian athletes to pretend to be anything other than what they are: Russian.  I believe some reflexive, paranoid Russophobia must be operating here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Redcoats Are Coming!


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is as hard-hitting as ever!  In our "This Day in History" segment, Brian and I reflect on the Boston Tea Party and our national tradition of civil disobedience and rebellion.  Whoever wins our presidential election, I argue that much of the country will be hopping mad.  The question is: what will those millions of hotheads do about it?  Suffer in silence?  Give up on politics and retreat to a monastery?  Marshal their forces for the 2022 and 2024 elections?  Hurl grenades?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Responses will differ, but of one thing we can be sure: however Republicans behave, the mainstream media will say what it always says: that we're crazy and dangerous.  Funny thing is, they're usually at least half right (which half depends on which of us are at issue)...  

In addition, Brian and I talk about the Battle of the Bulge and the hopelessness of Germany's situation in late 1944 and early 1945, naval warfare in World War I and the future of American naval supremacy, President Clinton's diversionary air strikes on Iraq in late 1998, and the curious way in which the Korean and Vietnam Wars were fought (maximal killing, but minimal political/diplomatic investment and risk).

When we get to current events, naturally our focus is on the electoral college results, the prospects for a reversal of fortune, and the challenges that both parties will face in the next four years as they undergo identity crises.

It's top-quality OBJECTIVE analysis, as always!  You'd be a fool not to tune in.


Yours Truly -- that's me -- has been quoted once again by Sputnik News, this time in a piece about the resignation of Attorney General Bill Barr: 


And here's a great article on the high stakes for American democracy and Western Civilization, both of which may be hanging by a thread:


In a very bad sign for President Trump, Mitch McConnell, the second most powerful Republican in the country, has acknowledged Biden's "win". 

Intriguingly, a professional audit of the Dominion voting machines used in Antrim County, Michigan has strengthened the case that they were used to rig the election.  All this is outside my area of expertise, needless to say, but I remain doubtful that such fraud, if it occurred, can ever be proven to the satisfaction of the courts, Congress, or the American people.


Interestingly, a legacy of the pandemic may be that the bad business climates and spiraling tax burdens in blue cities and states will be exacerbated, and the flight to red cities and states will accelerate -- in turn making the economies of blue areas even weaker.  The Dems may need control of the federal government, because only massive bailouts could stanch the bleeding.   Assuming the GOP retains control of the Senate (and/or the presidency), those bailouts won't happen, and it will be financial armageddon in New York, California, Illinois, etc.\


According to the Hungary, mothers are women, and fathers are men.  Whoa!  That's hate speech! 


Lastly, it's clear that any Biden victory in the electoral college would be DISPUTED, CONTESTED, and, in the eyes of massive numbers of American, ILLEGITIMATE.  Biden can stamp his feet about it all he likes, but he can forget about any kind of "honeymoon"...  He better retain the favor of his fellow Democrats, because Republicans will never view him as anything but a pretender and a corrupt machine politician. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Has Sleepy Joe Jumped the Gun?


Friends, the mainstream media says that the electoral college voted today, Joe Biden won, and that's the end of it.  Of course, if we listened to the media, we would have concluded that the race was over many months ago.  Biden was destined to win, and Trump was destined to lose.  Well, as long as it's a free country, we'll decide for ourselves when we acknowledge anyone's victory or defeat.

Take note of the fact that, while Biden electors were crowning King Joseph I today, Republican electors were also casting votes...for Trump.  That's right!  Most of the battleground states will be sending two slates of electors, and two sets of results, to Washington, D.C.  Check it out:


This is a bold move, to say the least!  It will also come to naught, assuming that both Houses of Congress endorse Biden's electoral college victory on January 6th.  Certainly at this point it seems unlikely that a majority in either house could be mustered to alter the putative outcome of the race...but if more evidence emerged, who knows?  2020 has been a crazy year.  Who's to say that 2021 won't be even crazier?  In that regard, today's news about the impending resignation of Bill Barr might be significant.  It opens up a tiny window of opportunity for the DOJ to pursue allegations of fraud with greater vigor.


In other news, while the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against the Trump campaign's lawsuit today, it nonetheless also ruled that potentially tens of thousands of votes in that state could still be invalidated...and ought to be, under Wisconsin law.  It ain't over yet in Wisconsin! 

Finally, to what depths have loony liberals sunk in their abject Trump hatred?  Read this story, if you really want to know.  Or better yet, don't read it, and you might get a sound night's sleep.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Could King Cuomo Be Kicked Upstairs?


Friends, in the unlikely event that President Trump were to lose the 2020 election, and Sleepy Joe became President Biden, there are rumors to the effect that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could become Attorney General.  Personally, I doubt it, mainly because Cuomo is a legendary horse's ass, and thus, if I were Biden, I wouldn't want such a prima donna in my cabinet, and certainly not in an important role like Attorney General.  Nonetheless, Cuomo is a "centrist" (believe it or not), so choosing him wouldn't be out of step with Biden's overall philosophy.  We'll see. 


Coincidentally, Governor Cuomo has also been freshly accused of sexual harassment!  How about that?  It ain't easy being a Democrat: the purity tests never stop, and you're always one false move (especially if you're a white male) from annihilation.  Will this story stick?  Who knows.  Is there any truth to it?  I haven't the foggiest. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Time for Divine Intervention?


Well, the good news is that old Rod is grinning like the Cheshire Cat tonight.  He's on cloud nine, because the Supreme Court turned down the all-important Texas case, which argued that Biden's wins in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were invalid, because those elections were not conducted in strict adherence to state election laws.  SCOTUS's response?  Texas doesn't have "standing" to challenge another state's implementation of its elections.  Rudy Giuliani says all we have to do is send the case back to the high court courtesy of someone who does have "standing".  Maybe, but it's looking a lot like the Supremes don't want any part of this mess.  And who can blame them for that?  Well, we can, of course, but it won't do us much good.


Next steps?  It would still be very helpful to acquire additional proof of serious fraud. argument for firing Bill Barr and Christopher Wray still stands.  We also need those state legislatures to ride to the rescue and appoint alternate slates of electors.  That isn't looking very likely, though, given that there are all too many RINOs prepared to endorse Biden's tainted "win".  The bottom line?  Trump went after "the Swamp," and now the Swamp is back, bigger and badder than ever, and it wants payback!  It might get it too.


I'm not sure what Trump's next move will be, but as long as he has some fight left in him, then by golly so do we!  "Stand back and stand by," my fellow deplorables!  :)


Wanna hear an irony?  The Dems' mantra of "count every vote" applies only when it's to their advantage to count the maximum number of votes.  No surprise there.  Look how Obama became a State Senator: 

And, if the unthinkable happens and we have to put up with -- gulp! -- (illegitimate) President Biden, we have this to comfort us: the Democratic majority in the House will be darn near unworkable, and there's a very good chance that we'll control the Senate.  There's a conservative majority on the Supreme Court as well, although, as we saw today, that doesn't mean we can count on the Supremes to do our bidding...

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Stepping Up to the Plate...for America!


I'll keep it brief: GOD BLESS Texas and the 17 states that have so far joined Texas in suing Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin for violating the U.S. Constitution, federal election law, and their own state constitutions and laws, in the administration of this year's deeply flawed presidential election!  Finally, some real firepower is being deployed to defend American democracy, President Trump, and all those who voted for him in good faith.  The establishment may be inclined to scoff and shrug, but now the ball is in SCOTUS's court, and at least 18 of our states can say that they gave it their all.  Bravo!

From Fairy Tale to Cautionary Tale


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show features an analysis of the tragic marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as well as some commiseration with the royals in general, who face so many challenges and frustrations.  In addition, in our "This Day in History" segment, Brian and I consider the Cold War context of U.S. involvement in Somalia, the security of Soviet nukes at the end of the Cold War, the legacy of the Beatles, and the paradox of so many "anti-establishment" types now controlling the establishment.

When we get around to current events, we focus on the ongoing legal challenges to the 2020 election, including the new and probably decisive case brought by the state of Texas.  Buckle up!  Election 2.0 may soon be held in the chambers of SCOTUS.

Tune in and be informed!


And check out these great articles:


And why, you may well ask, are so few questions being asked about non-citizen voting in 2020, when it was THE big issue on everyone's lips in 2016? 

Monday, December 7, 2020

It's Time for Some Heads to Roll...


Friends, we're reaching the tipping point of our efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.  The Dems and their media allies are doing their best to ensure that Biden's win is so "baked in" and widely accepted that reversing it will be, if not legally or constitutionally impossible, psychologically unthinkable.  In other words, if we're to prove our case about fraud -- beyond Republicans, who are already mostly convinced -- we need to get busy!  My view is that the strongest possible proof can only be obtained by experienced, tough law enforcement professionals, who, in this particular case, have yet to be called upon, because the swamp monsters who give them orders have no interest in "election fraud" since, they assume, it doesn't exist!  My latest article, therefore, makes the case that the two greatest impediments to the exposure of the malfeasance in the 2020 election may well be Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray.  I am NOT calling for their death by guillotine, but I am challenging President Trump to fire them, if he is sincere in his belief that the election was "rigged" and further believes that the two chief law enforcement officers in the country are sitting on their hands.  In other words, if President Trump wants to play this game, he should play to win!

Here's the article, which will be appearing soon at World Net Daily:

Fire Bill Barr and Christopher Wray, Mr. President, If They Won't Investigate Election Fraud

I am a Trumper, but I am also a realist.

For this reason, I have always assumed that, even if Democratic electoral chicanery in 2020 went well beyond bending the rules for mail-in voting to the breaking point, proving naked and systemic fraud, like ballot stuffing in deep blue jurisdictions, would be very hard. After all, if election workers were themselves the authors of the fraud, why would they ever admit to their crimes? Surely, to accomplish that, the forces of law enforcement would need to lean on these reprobates very aggressively (or offer them some generous plea deals) to get them to "flip" on one another. Easier said than done, and virtually impossible when state and federal law enforcement is sitting on its hands, as it has been for the last month.

Well! I forgot about the fact that much of this fraud occurred in areas that would be subject to video surveillance, and now, thanks to that surveillance, we have compelling evidence of ballot stuffing on an industrial scale in Fulton County, Georgia. One wonders what sleight of hand the mainstream media will use to make this bombshell seem like a dud. As best as I can tell, their strategy is simply to give the story the Hunter Biden treatment: they refuse to cover it.

Democrats and so-called journalists have the luxury, for now, of pretending that their line about “zero evidence” is still credible. We Trumpers, however, can't sit back and wait for the tide to turn on its own. We need to be proactive. The video in Georgia gives us a window of opportunity to make further progress in documenting the egregious fraud that happened in this election cycle. We cannot afford to let this opportunity pass us by.

For one thing, we can confidently assume that, as we speak, election authorities throughout this country, and especially in deep blue Dem cities, are reviewing and deleting surveillance footage that shows similar criminal behavior. We need to act fast to scoop up as much of this video as we can, while it still exists.

Local, state, and federal law enforcement should swing into action to interrogate the election workers and supervisors involved in Fulton County, and, whenever there is probable cause (like the presence of multiple affidavits), the same “third degree” should be administered to election authorities in places like Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas. After all, statistical evidence of probable fraud is compelling, and so is witness testimony, but confessions from actual fraudsters are, well, virtually incontrovertible.

Another potential opportunity area is cellular communications and emails between election workers and/or Democratic Party operatives. Has anyone been reviewing such communications? Of course not. That would require subpoenas, and, as we've been told a thousand times, there's "zero evidence" to justify them. Well, now there is evidence in Fulton let's get on with it!

The problem we will encounter is that the fraudsters have already been given a month to cover their tracks. We simply can't afford to give them any more of a head start than that!

At the end of the day, to break this case wide open, press conferences and state legislative committee hearings won't suffice. What we need instead is to shine the alarmingly bright light of law enforcement in the startled faces of actual electoral villains. We need prosecutors to threaten those guilty of crimes with serious penalties and jail time, because only then will the guilty begin to play ball and reveal the big fish who ordered and organized the theft of the 2020 election.

While local and state police and prosecutors can be helpful, there's really no substitute for the active involvement of the DOJ and the FBI. Thus far, Bill Barr and Christopher Wray have been remarkably mum on the topic of election integrity, and in some cases their comments have even undercut the President's position. As far as we can tell, virtually none of the massive resources these men can bring to bear have been deployed to get to the bottom of what happened in this election cycle.

Surely, though, if the law enforcement machinery of the United States government can turn on a dime to investigate a decades-old and completely unsubstantiated (in fact, refuted) allegation of sexual assault against a model citizen like Brett Kavanaugh, it could also, in theory, bestir itself to examine whether the reported result of our recent presidential election was legitimate or not, and whether fraud was a significant factor or not.

My view, Mr. President, is that getting answers to these questions about election integrity is probably the most grave and pressing task that either Mr. Barr or Mr. Wray will ever tackle in the course of their long careers of public service. We have a right to expect that they will answer the call. If they don't, you should not hesitate to dismiss them and find someone who will.

After all, we're not telling Barr and Wray what to find. We're merely asking them to look and to keep an open mind.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


Voila!  The WND version:


And here's some more goodies for you:

The Trump Road Show is Back!


Friends, as you know, for the past month our beloved President has been licking his wounds in D.C., but as of yesterday he's back on the campaign trail, stumping for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in Georgia, and making the case that the Dems' electoral thievery in 2020 can't be allowed to stand.  "We will never surrender", he says.  Sounds ironclad to me!  The important thing is that Trump is reconnecting with his loyal followers, who are, and always have been, the best card he has to play in attempting to extract a minimal level of respect (or fear, which amounts to the same thing) from the establishment, a.k.a. "The Swamp".  If Trump keeps at it, he will remind Republican officeholders, in particular, that any of them who directly or indirectly recognizes Biden as the "President-Elect", or helps Biden ascend the presidency, will face the wrath of the GOP base.  My view?  Trump should go back to holding rallies all over this great country, and he should make it clear that he'll accept nothing less than this: every LEGAL vote should be counted, and every ILLEGAL vote should be cast aside.  And, as we all know, when that happens, FOUR MORE YEARS won't be just a slogan -- it will be a reality that even ornery Democrats will be forced to accept.  Listen in to the President's remarks and ask yourself: does this guy sound like he "lost" the 2020 election?  I don't think so! 


And here's a compelling argument that the 2020 election was "rigged" in another way: via disinformation, particularly the suppression of news stories critical of Joe Biden.


And are state legislatures getting closer to nullifying the bogus "certifications" of Biden wins in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona?  Could be.

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Tip of the Iceberg


Friends, I had always assumed that proving the certainty of substantial fraud in deep blue areas would be very hard, because, if election workers were involved, you would need to lean on them and get them to "flip" on one another.  Easier said than done, and virtually impossible when state and federal law enforcement is sitting on its hands, as it has been for the last month.  Well!  I forgot about the fact that much of this fraud occurred in areas that would be subject to video surveillance.  And here we have compelling evidence of electoral chicanery in Fulton County, Georgia: 

Obviously, what should now happen is that those involved in such fraud should be interrogated by law enforcement.  Will that, in fact, occur?  Maybe, but what is guaranteed is that, as we speak, election authorities throughout this country, and especially in deep blue Dem cities, will be reviewing and deleting surveillance footage that could show similar criminal behavior.  We need to scoop up as much of this video as we can, while we still can.  Another potential opportunity area if we wish to document electoral fraud is cellular communications and emails between election workers and/or Democratic Party operatives.  Has anyone been reviewing such information?  Of course not.  That would require subpoenas, and, as we've been told a thousand times, there's "zero evidence" to justify such investigations.  Well, now there is evidence in Fulton let's get on with it!  The fraudsters have already been given a month to cover their tracks.  We've given them enough of a head start, I'd say!  To break this case wide open, there's really no substitute for the active involvement of the FBI.  Christopher Wray, are you listening???

Some additional indications of fraud: 

And here's evidence that the state legislature in Pennsylvania is starting to do its job and take back control of the process, as well as the 20 electors at stake.


That's a good sign, but it will take a lot of backbone for all those Republican legislators to stand with President Trump.  More evidence would come in handy!


Finally, here's an article by Newt Gingrich that correctly points to the spectacular success that Republicans enjoyed in state legislative contests this election cycle.  How did Republicans do so well across the country, while Biden racked up massive, improbable wins in just a handful of big metropolitan areas?  Gee, I just can't figure it.  Can you? 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Giving Them Their Due


Friends, lest we forget, Democrats are people too.  Sometimes, therefore, we have to listen to what they have to say, if only to give ourselves a reality check and consider whether we've retreated into a thought so many of them have!

Consider this article that defends the fired U.S. Cybersecurity Chief, Chris Krebs.


They make a fair point.  When Krebs praised the 2020 election as being the most secure in our history, he was probably thinking of his own efforts to protect the networks of federal and state election authorities from foreign hacking.  Well, he may have done a good job in that respect.  The problem is that, aside from Sidney Powell, no one is much concerned about foreign interference in the 2020 election.  If you watched President Trump's speech yesterday, he made it clear that the election was corrupted not from without, but from within.  It's the election authorities themselves who may have stolen this election, in other words, so poor Chris Krebs may have been spinning his wheels.  Be that as it may, his firing may have been excessive.


And consider this article, which argues that Biden "won" in 2020 because Democrats managed to reduce the third party vote, and garner almost all the anti-Trump vote. 

The national results say that Biden got 51% of the vote and beat Donald Trump by 4 points.  And that, frankly, is the best argument for why we should accept Biden's "win" -- if you win nationally by four points, it's not implausible that you will squeak out narrow wins in the battleground states as well.  Fair enough.  But we should also ask how the Democrats marginalized third party candidates in 2020.  They did it by pruning the "news" of all coverage of third party candidates, except the coverage that mocked Kanye West, of course.  The Green Party's mere existence was not acknowledged by the mainstream media.  It's pretty hard to win votes when newsmen pretend you're invisible.  In addition, the media made the calculated decision to ignore any and all stories that made Biden look bad.  Hunter Biden?  Who's that?  Tara Reade?  Never heard of her.  By the end of the campaign, the mainstream media was one big press agent for Joe Biden.  That naturally suppressed the third party vote, because anyone not fond of Trump would vote for Biden automatically -- you know, that guy without flaws of any kind...  Lastly, the Dems cynically maneuvered to exclude the Green Party from the ballot in 2020 in many key states, like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  Why would the Dems not want voters to have options?  Duh!  It's because they wanted every Trump hater to have only one choice: Biden.  You may not have liked him, but you had to lump him.  So, in conclusion, the article is right that the Dems very successfully united virtually the entire anti-Trump vote in 2020, and that helps to explain why Biden performed so well.  The question that lingers many of those "votes" that Biden received came from people legally entitled to vote (once!)?

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The "Most Important Speech" Trump Has Ever Given


Friends, tonight President Trump released a video that features what he says was "the most important speech" he has ever delivered as our Commander-in-Chief.  I'm inclined to agree.  In it, Trump lays out some of the evidence that proves rampant fraud and irregularities in the election, many of them intentional and designed to steal the election for Joe Biden.  Trump made the point that all his accomplishments -- and you and I know there have been many -- pale in significance to the sacred duty he has to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the integrity of our democratic process.  If Biden won the election, then of course Trump has a duty to step aside on January 20th.  If Democrats stole the election, then Trump has an equally pressing duty to fight to hold on to the presidency, because a democratic system that falls victim to fraud once may never reestablish its integrity and credibility ever again.  He's asking Americans, including federal judges and justices and state legislators, to look at the evidence rather than dismissing it.  He's asking them to count only legal votes in determining who won the individual states.  He's asking that fairness and transparency should define our democratic process, rather than a rush to judgement.  And I'm asking, in turn: what kind of person would refuse any of these reasonable requests?  The answer: a person who cheated their way to victory, or who suspects, in their heart of hearts, that their fellow Democrats may have done so.  Well, there's too much at stake to sweep these matters under the rug.  We need the fullest possible audit of the 2020 results.  We need, for instance, signature verification in every battleground state, and in every contested race.  President Trump didn't mention it, but even the thin Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is suspect, given the degree of fraud that appears to have occurred in 2020.  Leave no stone unturned, I say!  And never, never turn over the presidency to a man who obtained the office by fraudulent means.  I encourage all of you to listen to President Trump's remarks, to examine the evidence, much of which I have compiled for you on this blog, and judge for yourselves...  One thing is for sure: based on this speech, it sure doesn't sound like President Trump is in a mood to concede, and nor should he be!  The battle goes on.


A little more evidence, for those of you keeping track: