Monday, March 8, 2021



Friends, right on cue, Mike Pence is emerging from seclusion to try to solidify his standing as, 1) Donald Trump's presumptive running mate in 2024, and 2) Donald Trump's presumptive replacement as the presidential nominee in 2024.  He's giving a speech in South Carolina to his evangelical cronies, and he's narrating a Fox News tribute to Rush Limbaugh.  The latter honor is especially significant, because whomever Fox favors in 2024 will get a ton of airtime.  Take note! 


Furthermore, Pence has come out as a strong opponent of "H.R. 1", the Democrats' "voting rights" bill that would greatly expand opportunities for fraud.  Here's Pence's (eloquent and emphatic) take, as well as a primer on why the bill is BAD BAD BAD:

In other news, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is hanging on for dear life, as allegations about bad behavior swirl around him and more and more Democrats call on him to resign.  He's a tough hombre, though, and I must say he has a point when he claims such calls are "anti-democratic".  The people of New York did choose Andrew Cuomo as their leader (to their everlasting shame), so why should a Twitter mob and a bunch of self-interested politicos get to decide when his time is up?  I sincerely hope he hangs on, mainly because I believe he'd be a weak candidate in 2022 and thus might pave the way for a Republican resurgence in the Empire State. 

Lastly, for those of you looking for a way to navigate "the internets" without proffering your soul to the Devil (of Big Tech), this handy guide might prove useful...


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That is a very well taken point about a completely discredited Cuomo dragging his party to defeat. It wouldbe hard to endure that insufferable ego that long but it could be fun, in a degraded way.Imagine him attempting another of his psuedo Shakespearian State ofthe State prerorations now! Imagine the protestors, so tortuous to his Zepplinesque sense of self, confronting him in the magisterial haven of "his" palace, uhh, State Capitol. It would be high/low comedy, intensely farcical!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: If he creeps away in assuredly unapologetic yet nonetheless withering disgrace, what then? Buffalonian Kathy Hochul, a self effacing person, as Governor. Surely she would be considered foe election but could / would she stand up to Marxist Attorney General James. James would surely see this as her intended portal to the power to transform New York State to a model totaltarian state within these benighted real America mobs.

  3. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: Cuomo will probably be driven out of office in well deservec disgrace. What then? Buffalonian Governor Kathy Hochul, a self effacing person of common sense vs Marxist Attorney Generzl James inthe 2024 election.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack : My mistake, 2022 election.

  5. That's right, Jack: stalking a wounded Cuomo could be great sport for us Republicans. On the other hand, he's diabolical enough that he might recover his strength and win in 2022. Nothing is impossible, especially when the voters are dolts.

    Hochul v. James in a 2022 primary would be interesting. Does Hochul have the chops to be an effective Governor? I just don't know. My guess is we'll never find out, because Emperor Andy will cling to power as though his life depended on it. And to think -- this man was widely thought to be the favorite for Attorney General!

  6. It’s March 2021. The gubernatorial election is 18 months from now.

    While it’s hard to predict if Cuomo will get a 4th term, I will predict no Republican will be governor. You can’t beat somebody with nobody.

    1. Rod,

      It appears that we can agree on occasion.

      I understand that Tom Reed is planning on running for governor, but Tom is despised by his own constituency at this point for his infidelity, he won't achieve jack-shit.

      As long as Andrew Cuomo is not offered a more palatable primary challenge, he will be the governor until he doesn't want to be.


  7. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: "hard to predict" if he will get a fourth term in office; that is insupportable.Surely he is finished politically; his insufferable personality has made him persona non grata.He may get a term alright, in state green or federal blue. Maybe that is why he has been cultivating the prison population. "Nothing" huh? That's what they said about former Governor George Pataki when Cuomo the elder similarly disgusted the state with his patronizing imperiousness. This haughty dynasty, we may celebrate, is deposed!

  8. Rod/Lee -- I would concede that the odds in 2022 favor Cuomo over any Republican, depressing as it is to admit that. My only point is that Cuomo's agonies give the GOP a chance which it wouldn't otherwise have. Pataki won back in 1994 because it was a "wave year" for Republicans. Could that be true in 2022? All things are possible.

    Jack, I see you believe Cuomo's goose is cooked. Maybe. As Rod and Lee suggested, Cuomo faces a more formidable threat from within his own party. Right now I wouldn't like his chances in a Dem primary...but the primary won't be held now, will it? I would handicap it thusly:

    Chances of a Dem other than Cuomo winning in 2022 -- 51.3%
    Chances of Cuomo's reelection -- 26.2%
    Chances of a GOP Governor -- 22.5%

    Sorry I can't be more exact, but my crystal ball is on the fritz. Now, if Cuomo manages to stonewall long enough, and the media is distracted by any of a thousand shiny objects that might pop up at a moment's notice, Cuomo's odds would obviously improve.