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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The "Yellow Peril", Then and Now


Friends, it's no secret that Asian-Americans were, historically, subject to rampant and intense discrimination.  It's also no secret that they've transcended those obstacles and become, on average, more educated and wealthier than whites.  As our nation's most successful citizens, Asians ought to view this as a land of opportunity.  They ought to want to maximize their individual liberty, minimize government regulation and the burden of taxes, and emphasize individual achievement so that they will be rewarded for their hard work and exceptional merit.  In other words, Asian-Americans ought to be conservative Republicans.  Instead, the vast majority of Asians vote for Democrats.  In fact, the GOP's share of the Asian vote has declined since the 1990s.  The recent surge in media coverage of "Asian hate" is naturally designed to reinforce this trend.  Leftists want Asians to be as fearful of "white supremacy" as humanly possible, and for all the obvious reasons.  The fact is that, by not competing vigorously for support from Asian-Americans, Republicans are blowing one of the great opportunities they have to make inroads among racial minorities.  Fortunately, there's hope.  In California and beyond, Republicans are starting to target Asian-American voters.  They need to continue to do so, and they need to do it on a much larger scale.  Democrats want to lure every non-white population group onto the same metaphorical plantation of government dependency where, sadly, most blacks now live.  We can't let them do it.  The future of the GOP -- not to mention the future of the country -- relies on our ability to attract higher and higher levels of minority support, and our ability to prevent the dastardly Dems from gaining a monopoly on the political allegiances of non-whites.  Let's put our backs into it, shall we?


This fine article exposes the hollowness of the DOJ's lawsuit targeting Georgia's recent election integrity bill.  Why, it's racist because...everyone knows Georgia is racist!  Sure, the provisions are unremarkable and in fact commonplace in American elections, but we all know what happens when white Georgians pass laws and such: white supremacy!!!  Yeah, right. 

As this article suggests, the Dems are taking some BIG risks by pressing ahead with their massive spending plans, despite the uptick in inflation.  They're betting that unlimited federal spending won't ever have a fiscal downside...and I guess they must be assuming that, if we have serious inflation, they'll find a way to blame Trump for it, or maybe they'll weaponize our economic insecurities in order to lure us even deeper into the morass of socialism.  On that score, they may be right.


Tucker Carlson says that the U.S. government is spying on him.  Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't, but it's the kind of charge that makes someone look loony, so I would be careful, if I were him.  In effect, though, Carlson and other conservative journalists have to act with extreme caution at all times, because it's a given that powerful forces in the establishment are always trying to silence and/or destroy them.  Personally, I think it's a small miracle that Tucker is still on the air, and Fox News is still clinging to its semi-conservative worldview.  You better believe that the lefties are working diligently to change all that. 


  1. The threat of China (PRC) from a religious perspective, is well summarized in an article by the late Tim LaHaye at the "Pre-Trib Research Center" site, and is titled "The Prophetic Significance of the Rise of China as a World Power".

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I have had much contact with East Asians. On the whole, they have a very strong work ethic. This flies in the very face of the American left's fully demonstrated determination to take from the productive (who are by definition, from birth simply privileged) and give to the unproductive (who are by definition, frok birth, simply unprivileged). So many Asian Americans have witnessed (or their parents have) the incalculably evil consequences of the murderous assertion of this principle in
    their lands? Why do manyAsian Americans support the left? Many of their second generation were "educated" in leftist polluted American schools. I saw that first hand in the '70s. Their elders, sensitive to oppression and unused to our politics ,may have believed big city Dem disingenuous description of the GOP as intolerant and dismissive of their hard work and family centered values. Well, ask East Asian students turned away from some of the best American universities because they tend to dominate in the admission process, due to their proven culturally embued positive and constructive attitudes.

  3. Ray...are you saying that China's rise presages the "end times"?

    Jack, the fact that Asian-Americans continue to support a party that is working feverishly to create and sustain programs of discrimination AGAINST ASIAN-AMERICANS is baffling. Most Americans really are clueless about reverse discrimination, though. We need to change that.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Ithink the left seeks to discredit all those young who accomplish much, often through hard work or the support of united families and cultural norms reflecting shame on perceived deliberate underachievers. So many Asian American students demonstrate consummately positive study and work habits and its apparent these qualities generate bias against them in admission procedures designed to embrace those who are perceived to have heretofore underachieved simply because of purposeful or ignorant oppression. Once,in getting nominating petition signatures from yet registered Republican voters in a Rochester, NY suburb, I was asked by an obvious immigrant from a Chinese land, "do I have to sign?" . He may well have been concerned that he was required to do so and that refusal might earn him the distinct disadvantage he would have expected in his homeland. Understandab!e lack of knowledge of our politics may cause people coming from authoritarian settings to fear if they dissent. And the left may well have played upon this concern in its affirmative approach (eg through their youth in many of the universities they attended before their achievements gained the basilisk gaze ofthe
    left for its political incorrectness, when they were seen as yet another generic oppressed minority ).

  5. Jack, if simple confusion explains Asian-Americans' consistent leftism, I'd be surprised. Sadly, it seems almost certain that the progressives have partly succeeded in inculcating Asians with the "besieged minority" fallacy that has blacks in its steely grip. The other consideration is the increasing correlation between education, affluence, and leftism. The "haves" arent't the country club conservatives that they used to be!