Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"America's Dad" Beats the Rap


Friends, we here at WaddyIsRight convey our hearty congrats to Bill Cosby, who today was freed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  What Cosby did or didn't do to all those women I haven't a clue, but I'm a fan, as you know, of the "innocent until proven guilty" paradigm of American justice, and it certainly appears as if, in this case, Cosby was the victim of prosecutorial misconduct.  Of course, in the grand scheme of things, he hardly got off scot-free.  His reputation is shot.


In other news, here are TWO articles about the mainstream media's relentless (and most futile) assaults on Ron DeSantis.  Ron is the new Don, you might say!  I assume he takes it as a compliment.


Here's a chilling analysis of the faults of America's youth: they seem remarkably blasé about working...and they seem to have a boundless sense of entitlement and a great reverence for socialism.  All in all, it sure looks like a recipe for the decline and fall of Western Civilization!  Of course, we would have said the same thing about the "Flower Children" of the late 60s and early 70s...and America survived them, did it not?


The NSA is denying that Tucker Carlson is a "target" of their investigations...but it isn't denying that it has read or is reading his personal correspondence.  Interesting!  Of course, all the NSA needs is a "suspicion" that Tucker is communicating with shady foreigners, and...presto!  They're in business.


Here's a wonderful reminder that all those trillions we spent during the pandemic were, in fact, "the greatest wealth transfer in history," and it will turn out to be mostly a transfer from the have-nots to the haves.  So much for "reducing income inequality", huh?  That was always a crock. 

Finally, those "migrants" at the border are really starting to pile up!  It's not a "crisis", though.  Oh no.  Nothing to see here!


  1. Two great decisions yesterday -- one legal and one cultural. First, a federal judge blocked the FL social media law on First Amendment grounds. That was basically a legal lay-up.

    Second, the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reversed itself and awarded Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure. Hopefully, this signals a turning of the tide in the made-up Critical Race Theory controversy.

  2. I wouldn't crow too loudly about either of those decisions, Rod. The Florida case was decided by a "Clinton judge". True, all liberal judges can be relied upon to allow whatever persecution of conservatives is expedient for the Democratic Party. Republican-appointed judges, however, might be more circumspect.

    And, while I congratulate Hannah-Jones on her conquest of academia, that's like shooting fish in a barrel. (She frankly could demand the presidency of UNC and probably get it.) You won the debate about CRT in higher ed years ago -- whether you'll win it in terms of public opinion is a completely separate question. Right now, I'd say you're losing ground.

  3. Dr.addy fromJack: DeSantis will of course be taken to task over the condo disaster:"why did he allow it? why did he slight the victims? why has he not commanded the rubble to rise? etc, etc, ad nauseum, de riguer for the MSM. But the inevitable MSM politicization of the disaster will provide him practice in dealing with the MSM calumny the intensity and presumptuousness of which will rise in direct proportion to the rise in his popularity and possibilty.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: We may have survived the flower child brats but their baleful influence? We may be a very long time recovering from that. For one thing , comically in a grim sense, my generation has arrived at a brand new revelation! That is: old age, which has never been experienced before. Actually that is a dodge because we don't like to think about the injustice we did to the older years of the preceding generation (eg. our very own Slick Willy, yeah, johnny on the spot at the 50th anniversary commemorations of D Day, events which he defiled and blasphemed with his ignorantly presumptuous presence, just as he casually polluted our Vietnam Memorial). But yeah, the ad people seem to think it resonates well with my generation to emphasize our destructive reflexive iconoclasm: " oh yeah, I'm still defiant but hand me those mass produced medications I need now, no thanks to those socially unenlightened technicians who developed them over the now 50+ years since our glorious advent). And in those institutions thoroughly corrupted by our doings (eg. "journalism") we will live on! Besides, we still have a few votes left in us."

  5. Jack, one thing's for sure: by 2024 DeSantis will have gotten LOTS of practice fending off unfair attacks. Either he will have been crushed under their weight, or he will emerge some kind of political Ubermensch!

    Jack, the polls say your (admittedly imperfect) generation is a whole heck of a lot more patriotic than the youngsters of today. If that's so, either the young are truly lost causes, or your generation became a tad wiser with age. Maybe a bit of both.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I should always make this clear whenever I criticize my generation: only a portion of it, quite possibly a minority, manifested the presumptuousness and ingratitude I well appear to have attributed to all boomers. I was in that portion for awhile. There were so danged many of us that even that portion had an onerous effect on our country. No doubt some of us have relearned common sense and together with the boomers who have always lived positive lives, we may account for those polls.

  7. Jack -- as history has proven time and time again, even a small number of people can have an outsized influence. Leftist true believers have always been a tiny minority, but that doesn't provide much consolation for the 100 million (and counting) who they've killed...