Thursday, June 24, 2021

Five Years On: Britain is British Again!


Friends, on the five year anniversary of the Brexit referendum that resulted in a surprise victory for the "Leave" faction, WaddyIsRight applauds the courage and steadfastness of the British people!  The elite tried every trick in the book to manipulate/intimidate the Brits into staying in the E.U. -- and they replied, "Sod off, globalists!"  Bravo.

Here's a brilliant analysis of the legacy of that glorious day:


Today we got word that Rudy Giuliani will no longer be allowed to practice law in the State of New York, because his supposed falsehoods about the 2020 election "damage the proper functioning of a free society."  Ha!  And what of Democrats' falsehoods about Jan. 6th, or about election integrity bills introduced in various states, or about the results of the 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia?   Do they jeopardize our sacred democracy?  Nah.  Dems never lie.  That's a given. 

Shockingly, a socialist is set to become the next Mayor of Buffalo.  I deplore this travesty, and I sincerely hope the good people of Buffalo will find a way to avert this catastrophe.  If necessary, a write-in campaign should be mounted to reverse the rising tide of Bolshevism.


DJT is throwing cold water on the idea that he might be the next Speaker of the House.  I can't say I'm surprised.  Donald Trump presumably sees himself as our country's past and future president.  All other offices pale in comparison. 

Finally, given the horrors of our recent "insurrection", it's surprising how few people have been convicted of any crime.  This story catches us up on the legal mechinations surrounding some of the accused.  Note that one defendant, in pleading for leniecy from the court, essentially declared that she was voluntarily undergoing reeducation and attempting to purge herself of Trumpism.  Sad to say, but that's probably an effective strategy if one's desire is to avoid jail time.  Nonetheless, the American people may well get to render the ultimate verdict on Trump, Trumpism, and Trump supporters.  2022 and 2024 will tell the tale.


  1. Apparently, of all the alternative presented to Buffalo, socialism was the best choice. Given the state of Buffalo, India Walton can't do any worse.

  2. Time for The White People of Buffalo, New York to relocate to Buffalo, Wyoming.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That was a very comprehensive and persuasive article. Hooray for the Brits; I love'em and the article establishes a significant place for the Brexit movement in the glorious evolution of British democracy. I was a little troubled by reference to "opposition to Westminster" because I see Westminster as the center of parliamentary, rather than bureaucratic law. But of course there was much manifested determination in Westminster to thwart the expressed will of the British electorate. Referendums will do that and our own incipient totalitarians must needs fear that truth. I was in Pariament Square,in Jan.2019 as a tourist, right among those demonstrating the conviction of "Leave means leave!" just before one of the decisive votes and its the second time I've witnessed history there. What a thrill! The disdainful and presumptuous leftist elite CAN be overpowered and the Brits showed it!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Guiliani! These leftists have no limits. The far leftist AG is exemplary of that. Whatevah works! Its ironic that the NYC he rescued from complete criminal domination is once again returned to the shameful anarchy he so sensibly remedied!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But that is the leftist objective, soon to be e visited upon Buffalo. Criminals, welcome! Lawful, beware!

  6. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: Actually Buffalo has been doing relatively well in recent years due in part to a couple (the Pegulas)who achieved wealth from capitalism and oil. They have made massive investments in Buffalo assets like the waterfront and the Bills.The waterfront languished for decades as a prospect for beneficial development in a downtown which had begun to resemble post war Nuremberg. Lots of talk, no results; it took the horse sense and competence of dedicated businesspeople to accomplish the remarkable transformation which has turned the waterfront into a multifaceted attraction.And the Bills are doing great too, which really does help in a small wintry city. But now that's all under a pall cast by the enthusiastically admitted socialist soon to be Mayor. "Why 'the workers' have not benefitted" ("and you better believe I'll deal with that! "). Of course in the 20th century socialist saviors have worked incalculable evil misrepresenting "the workers".

  7. Ha! I think that was a tacit admission by the Rod Squad that Democratic rule has utterly failed our major cities. Kudos, Rod!

    Ray, you know there aren't any white people left in Buffalo. I suspect the current City Fathers wear white flight as a badge of honor.

    True, Jack: Brexit shows that populist action is not entirely futile. Once in a while the people's voice is heard!

    Giuliani's fall from grace is remarkable. Having said that, the ability to practice law in the State of New York may be incidental to Giuliani's future...and to America's. It strikes me that these efforts at persecution are often more pathetic than intimidating.

    Jack, it's true that many inner-cities have blossomed in recent years. Or, to put it another way, they hit rock bottom and are finally on the upswing again. The George Floyd-inspired crime wave threatens to derail all that progress.