Monday, June 7, 2021

Texas: Redder, Despite Being Browner


Friends, we reflected before on the victory of the GOP mayoral candidate in Ft. Worth.  It turns out that Republican wins in the Lone Star state went much further, and there are encouraging signs that Hispanics are continuing their rightward drift.  Long may it last!


As you know, lefties say that the filibuster is...racist!  Of course, they say everything is racist, so that's not news.  Here's an interesting article that explores the long, complex history of the filibuster, which of course Democrats have been happy to use to their advantage in the past, and which they now find monstrously inconvenient. 

Joe Biden is -- gulp! -- riding high right now, but for various reasons, as this article suggests, he's likely to have hit his high-water mark.  Even assuming the economy and market remain robust (a big assumption), it's going to get harder and harder for Sleepy Joe to enact his agenda.  This article suggests that, if he gets his precious "infrastructure" bills passed, he can consider himself a success.  I disagree.  No one cares about infrastructure.  The Dems had big plans when they sailed into Washington as its new lords and masters in January.  If all they get out of it is a few bridges and subsidizied child care, they will have come up practically empty.  ** Note: there's a bonus insight at the end of this article: the Speaker of the House need not be an elected member of the House.  Wow!  Ergo, Trump could emerge as Speaker after January 2023 even if he doesn't run at all. **


Good news: Jeff Bezos will soon be blasted into space!  The jokes practically tell themselves, right?  Here's hoping that the vast majority of Big Tech tyrants join him in the vaccuum of space very soon. 

The "progressive" attacks on poor Joe Manchin are growing more strident by the day.  Of course, this comes as no surprise.  Failing to end the filibuster and shove wokery down America's throat is tantamount to "white supremacy", dontcha know?  If Joe is smart (and I wouldn't go that far), he'll join Team GOP, and quick!


Finally, good ole Liz Cheney is at it again.  Anyone who meets with or humors Donald Trump in any way is "inexcusable", in her eyes, because he was guilty of "provoking an attack on the Capitol".  Note to Trump: maybe it's time to consider running for the House from the great state of Wyoming???  Just sayin'...


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think you are right:President Trump entering the House race with either his declared intention of running for Speaker or a widespread perception,which the Dems and their own MSM would trumpet, that he harbors that intention, might well upset a dynamic which looks very favorable for us. If weget those seats, Pelosi goes - mega plus! Lets speculate about if he doesn't run yet still seeks the Speakership after a GOP victory, thereby perhaps avoiding his possible prevention of GOP victory in the election; I didn't see in the article an explanation of the procedure by which this could be done; but why would he? Fears of the GOP heir apparent being a Rino? At first ,in 2015, I thought he was running just for the hell of it. No more! He's a soldier and a hero who has more than proven his devotion to the real America in his courageous happy warrior endurance to intensely vicious personal assault, calumny and consummate expressed hatred, suggestive even of physical hazard and in ACTION he has advanced to prove his understanding of our concerns. He would not harm our cause for his personal satisfaction; he has earned our trust in that!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Manchin; a fascinating political factor. I think him a very principled representative of real America WVa. He was elected, I think, by people in that state who still think the Dems stand for working people (but they don't; they are liars) That the national Dem party is captured by environmental radicals who would gladly eliminate all union coal mining jobs, all union mining jobs, all enterprises which in any way threaten crawdads or 3 inch fishees: Joe Manchin thinks he can in effect,correct the influence of his almost certainly far left compromised party.And in fulfilling that he is presently mounting a courageous stand in the Senate against factotum Biden's extremist proposals, environmental, cultural, political.And he is having a momumental national effect. Thank you to him! He is one of us.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Texas! Ever our capital!The unapologetic champion of the real America!

  4. Nick, if November 2022 was this month, then I would be concerned about TX, and the prospects for Democrats in other states. But, the elections are 17 months from now -- an eternity in politics. If the economy continues to be strong, Dems should be in good shape. The House will be tight, but the GQP is unlikely to run the table on all the purple seats Dems flipped in 2018. More importantly, prospects are really strong that the Dems pick up two Senate seats. While vulnerable in GA and NH, Dems will easily pick up PA and WI. If Josh Mandel is the OH GQP Senate nominee, Tim Ryan will kick his butt. Rubio is in real trouble running against Val Demmings in FL, and Trump's endorsement of Ted Budd (who is barely known outside of his district in NC) opens up opportunities in that state.

    If Dems hold the House, and then net two more Senate seats, Sinema and Manchin become irrelevant, and Biden will get more of his agenda through.

    Again, there's a lot of time, and things could hurt the GQP or the Dems. But, the GQP picking up a mayor's office in McAllen TX 17 months out is interesting, but hardly a trend.

  5. Dr.Waddy: Manchin: He may be as principled as to say "I was elected a Democrat and at least until I run again I should stay one." If he were to be subjected to the Schumerite onslaught he might perceive in that a morally supportable reason to switch. I would not put it past him to say " Uh Charles, if I were you I would be wise, if you know what I mean" I could see a guy like him going truly independent. He doesn't agree with us on everything; if he joined us he could yet be a gadfly to us too. Schumer would wring his neck if he could afford to; I delight in the hold Manchin has on Schumer's totalitarian impulses. The Dem party has had a deep historical influence in steel,coal and mining labor intensive Wva. Gads how the modern Dems have betrayed it! If Joe does switch, Schumer will be put backin his place and that is a huge plus. Maybe, just maybe, best if he stays Dem for now. He and Sinema are doing a good job of it just now.

  6. Above from Jack

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: If the Dems lose the House in 2020: AOC, would she make a try at Minority Leader, especially if her candidate wins the NYC dictatorship (as it surely would be under one of her frantic radical ilk, as opposed to the old Bolshevik in office now)? Probably sooner, not later, the radicals who for now use the Dem Party as their vehicle, will make their power grab and AOC will bear their
    "flag". She may make an Obamaesque try in 2024, should she send Schumer back to the real world. If not, maybe 2028 but it will come.It is not in the self righteously convinced, promised upon power totalitarian nature of the radical left not to make the attempt. The real America must expect it!

  8. Boy, Jack -- if you think Trump would never harm our "cause" out of spite or for other purely personal reasons, you have more faith in him than I do! I don't think Trump wishes the GOP ill, but neither would I trust his judgement in matters where his own honor, dignity, and reputation are at stake. I think he's very capable of sinking the GOP in 2022 -- by accident, sure, but that would give me little comfort.

    Is Manchin "principled"? I'm sure on some level he is. As you say, he's doing the country great service. In a way, he may even be helping his fellow Dems, insofar as he's putting the brakes on the party's headlong rush to Bolshevism. Someday the Dems may thank him -- but assuredly not today!

    Interesting analysis, Rod. I don't dispute that all the races you mentioned can and probably will be competitive, but I'm certainly not ready to write off PA or WI. As you say, it's much too early to draw any conclusions. You assume the Dems are likely to be in a stronger position in Nov. 2022 than they are now. Frankly, I'd be shocked if that were the case. History argues against it.

    You're right, though, that the country is balanced on a knife's edge, and thus, if you did well in 2022, you would be in a position to push through some VERY consequential bills. Then it would be down to the Supreme Court to hold you lefties in check.

    Jack, I have no idea how likely it is that Manchin would switch parties. Probably not very -- it's a rare enough occurrence. I would further assume that Trump's antics will serve to keep many Dems "on side", even though ideologically they may feel increasingly alienated from their confederates.

    As for AOC's plans, they're a mystery to me, but you're right to ask the question: whither the Dem caucus in the House, if it loses its majority? Many progressive firebrands have accepted their own marginalization as the price of capturing and maintaining power. If there's no power to be had, then presumably they would grow much more irate and uncontrollable. The best case scenario for the GOP has ALWAYS been that the Dems would destroy themselves, akin to what's happened to Labour in the last few years... Fingers crossed.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Theseyoung radicals in the Dem party lack the experience and(shall I say it?) relative forebearance of veteran subversives like Sanders and Pelosi. They might be tempted to try a push (putsch?) for dominance of their party. "OK you 1960s know it alls:Despite all the progress we made in 2020 in dissembling this reprehensible country,we let you have it your way. Well, you haven't delivered; you are letting a rube from the heart of American darkness play hob with you. You had your chance; from now on its our way!" An electoral setback in2020 might prompt such an attempted power grab by the Squad and their paralysed apologists.

  10. Jack, I really, really hope you're right! A takeover of the Democratic Party would be tough, though. The establishment is well-entrenched. More realistic might be primary victories by a bunch of Bolshies in 2022, leading to notable defeats, and then a far-left presidential candidate in 2024, leading to even more notable defeat!