Sunday, June 27, 2021

How the Mighty Are Fallen


Question: What's the difference between one of America's most respected prosecutors (and most successful mayors) and a disgraced attorney chased out of the legal profession for his rabble-rousing mendacity?  Answer: Five years of Trump.  Why "five years of Trump"?  Because our nation's jarring experience with Trumpism was enough to convince leftists to throw all notions of fairness and tolerance out the window, and to dedicate themselves to the obliteration of their political enemies by any and all means necessary...including disbarring their rivals for exercising their right of free speech, and obstructing the access of conservatives to legal representation.  It's part of the Left's scorched earth approach to self-empowerment and totalitarian dominion.  Worse, it's just beginning, and we can expect even more egregious acts of persecution to follow.

Jonathan Turley is no fan of Rudy Giuliani, but he's as troubled by New York State's harsh measures against "America's Mayor" as I am, and for many of the same reasons:


In other news, Trump is back!  Trump rallies have resumed, and they look a lot like they did in the 2016 and 2020 election cycles.  The media will be thrilled!  Finally, they have someone to hate again...and someone to juice up their sagging ratings.


Those "Trump judges" have come through for us on a few important occasions since "President" Biden took the helm.  They failed us after the November 2020 election, of course.  Will they deliver major wins on race preferences, abortion, or election integrity going forward?  Stay tuned. 

Finally, the Dems and lefties love to remind us how beset our country is by "systemic racism".  How do we know that racism is there?  Well, people of color are poorer, sicker, less educated, and more ensnared by the criminal justice system than white people -- ergo, RACISM!!!  In fact, the Left feels comfortable in assuming that any policy or organization that doesn't produce agreeable outcomes for people of color must, perforce, be saturated with white supremacism by default.  Voter I.D., for instance, applies equally to people of all races, but, because Dems insist that it's harder for non-whites to obtain I.D. (for some reason), voter I.D. laws impose a disproportionate burden on people of color and are, therefore, RACIST.  Simple, really.  


Well, consider the irony: countless Dem and leftist policies impose similar burdens on non-whites, disproportionately.  Who is most affected by "defunding the police" and "depolicing"?  People of color living in crime-ridden neighborhoods, of course!  Does that make BLM "racist"?  Well, duh.  BLM was already racist.  It's right in the name.  But I digress.  Consider the recent tidal wave of "lockdowns" that washed over our country, which were harshest in blue states and deep blue cities.  Evidence shows that these lockdowns harmed people of color disproportionately.  Well well!  I guess the Democratic Party really hasn't learned any lessons from its long history of support for "systemic racism", has it?  It was the enemy of the Black Man 150 years ago, and it still is today.  Only its rhetoric has changed.  I mean, the Dems' own perverse "logic" convicts them!


I jest, in part.  The point I wish to make is that "racism" can be inferred into almost anything and anyone, if one is of a race-obsessed frame of mind.  In fact, though, in a free and just country like ours, every one of us, and each of our institutions, should be assumed innocent of racism and discrimination until proven guilty.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Lockdowns, then, were, generally speaking, a bad idea for Americans of all races.  Those lockdowns obviously weren't conceived with any racist intent, however.  And that ought to mean something.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I am happily among the myriads who revere Guiliani. First, because of his consummately, physically courageous decimation of the mob ( for which of course the left cannot chide him because, after all,to them, mobsters, being nominally members of the leftist exalted criminal class, are yet culturally conservative - "I mean ya know, they all have traditional marriages and they like Sinatra and Jerry Vail"). BUT, when he dared to confront street crime as the product simply of low lifes who prey mostly on those as "unfortunate" as them, he committed gross heresy! So called criminals they see as such because of their actions, "which are the product of desperation in the face of unre!enting oppression". He went on to objectively demonstrate that criminals relent only when faced with determined, unapologetic force since criminals blithely regard leftist sympathy for them as folly, to be taken at cynical advantage. In doing this he merely transformed a shamefully disgraced massive "world capital city" into a miracle of lawful redemption, returned to its former greatness.For that, thoroughgoing radicals such as NY's Attorney General are determined to destroy him. In that they prove once again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, for all who are wi!ling to SEE, their faction's totalitarian essence.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Trump rallies! Tne real America needs them to sustain our morale thru the dark, counterintuitive, yet still highly hopeful interlude in which we find ourselves .Do not despair, our companions! Reagan was right. Democracy is only a generation away from destruction. Its never been more demonstrably true, with the precipitate rise of the totalitarian left in our country. Its hard to consider but we must accept the challenge therein to ALL we honor, value and cherish by these disdainful, determined and convinced opponents!

  3. I don't have anything for or against Rudy. However, and to be fair, as a Westerner, he has no particular interest to me. The man is a New Yorker, and basically did his great things in the state of New York. I'm sure he is smart enough to know that something like this would happen to him. The man is not unfamiliar with revenge. He just had to see this coming. In any event, he was never mayor of my town, and as a national figure he was still marginal. Likewise, Trump is essentially an Easterner, although he has managed to capture the interest of people all over the country. Some people have the ability to do that. Trump is one of them, but Rudy is not. Also, I like DeSantis from Florida, but he is after all a Floridian, so as a citizen of the Midwest (for now) he is still, in a sense, a "marginal" political figure. I can identify with Pompeo a lot more than DeSantis, but Rudy not at all. Anyway, good luck to the man.

  4. Excellent point, Jack! Giuliani's very SUCCESSES as Mayor of NYC now condemn him in the eyes of leftists. They are a constant reminder of their own manifest failures.

    I agree with you about the Trump rallies, Jack, whether or not we ultimately agree about Trump. They buttress the morale of the "real America" as very little else could. They are also a vibrant testament to the Left's failure to silence and intimidate us. Trump's greatest triumph is his very survival, after all, in the face of relentless efforts to destroy him.

    Ray, it might surprise you, but we Western New Yorkers feel almost as distant from the affairs of the Big Apple as you do. I couldn't care less about NYC, per se. Giuliani became a national figure only because of 9/11, and frankly I don't give him much "credit" for that. Jack is right, though, that he brought law and order back to what is arguably the world's greatest city (and certainly not its most governable), and that's no small feat. As Trump's lawyer he was a lot less effective...but then Trump doesn't make the job very easy.

  5. Dr. Nick

    Of course this should not have happened to Rudy, but I hope it serves as another lesson for The Right, that if you want to win, you have to play dirty with The Left at all times.

  6. Dr. waddy et al from Jack: Yes, but Rudy did all that could be expected of one human in his salvation of NYC! I think he knew full well of the left's ruthlessness. Ah, but what is that to one who faced the primitive, savage, threat of the mob! Rudy is an hombre!

  7. Yeah, he's an hombre, all right, but Ray is right that the Left's campaign of retribution was utterly predictable, assuming their victory in 2020. Trump and Rusy had one mission in 2020: WIN!!! They fell short.