Thursday, June 3, 2021

The Barbarians Are At The Gates


Friends, get to know these two faces: they're Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D - Arizona) and Senator Joe Manchin (D - West Virginia).  They are the sole reason why the Dems haven't mustered the measly 50 votes needed to end the filibuster and thus push through every bill on progressives' wish list, from transgender rights, to mandatory mail-in voting and the prohibition of voter ID, to tax increases, to D.C. statehood, to court-packing, and more.  Put another way, because the Dems underperformed in the 2020 Senate elections as a whole (thanks, Donald Trump!), they need total unanimity from their Senate caucus to get much of anything done, including ending the filibuster.  So far, Kyrsten and Joe aren't willing to blow up the rules of the Senate, and end any and all chance of bipartisanship, in order to ram the Dems' radical agenda through.  THANK GOD!!!  Understandably, though, the Dems and progressives are getting antsy, as you can see in this article here.  They feel as though leftist hegemony is so close they can taste it...and yet these two recalcitrants just won't budge.  It's enough to make them go batty!  It's also enough for Sleepy Joe to express his irritation publicly.  As the article says, it probably won't do any good.  Quite the opposite, in fact: it might cause Sinema and Manchin to dig in their heels.  Let's hope!


The premise of the above article is what Democrats all across America are saying: Republican voter ID bills, and bills restricting mail-in voting, early voting, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, and the like, are EXISTENTIAL THREATS to American democracy.  The article actually has the temerity to claim that abolishing the filibuster is needed to "save American democracy".  This is hyperbolic language, even for neo-Marxists.  The truth, of course, is that the changes to election laws proposed by various GOP legislatures are modest, at best.  They certainly don't take away anyone's right to vote, and their effect on voter turnout would likely be infinitesimal.  Even if the bills pass, moreover, many blue states will still have more restrictive voting laws in place than red states!  The Dems are living in a dream world, as usual, but that doesn't mean that they don't believe their own nonsense.  They assuredly do.  The sad reality is, therefore, that, when we arrive at the 2022 election, both sides are probably going to expect to lose, because they expect to be cheated out of victory.  At least one side has got to be wrong, I hasten to add... 


  1. I predict that in 2022 and 2024 more dead people everywhere will be voting. These "Cadaver Ballots" will decide who wins. May the best cadavers win!

  2. In fact, Left leaning parents are already registering their new born babies as Democrats, and they will vote as a coalition to be known as "Babies for Biden". No doubt in my mind that the DemoCRAZIES will retain The House and The White House for some time to come.

  3. Planning ahead, I would certainly like to see Portland's (Oregon) World Naked Bike Ride at Biden's Inauguration Parade. Portland is my favorite Leftist City, and that annual parade needs to be revived in DC, no matter how damn cold it is. Which reminds me that AMVETS is way too patriotic and right-wing, so to replace them, how about Buck Naked Socialist Bikers for Jesus, with a women's offshoot, Cycle Sluts? It's just a thought, but it would be nice to see those Portlander Oregon people doing their thing in DC. And don't forget that Portland gets the prize when it comes to burning, looting, and murdering. In fact, I think Portland's downtown area is probably the most progressively destroyed city center in our soon to be (in 2024) United Socialist States of America. Power to The People!!

  4. Ooo. Zombie voters. Why not... Zombies are people too.

    In all seriousness, I don't think there's much evidence that large numbers of ballots are cast by the dead. Not a ton are cast by non-citizens either, but there the numbers start to get interesting. How many people vote in areas where they don't actually live is a question worth getting to the bottom of, and I hope that efforts like the audit in Maricopa County may allow us to do exactly that. At the end of the day, though, PROVING large-scale voting fraud would entail FINDING AND PUNISHING large numbers of fraudsters. So far we've come up empty.

    "No doubt" in your mind, Ray, that the Dems will keep the House in 2022? I'm not convinced of that. Now, if we fail to take the House, I might give up hope, move to the hills of West Virginia, and watch Andy Griffith reruns until the electricity stops flowing. Stay nimble -- that's my philosophy.

    Portland sure is a mess! I suspect the only people naked in downtown Portland these days are the homeless after a bender. So, yeah, still plenty of nakedness.

  5. Dr.Waddy fromJack: I delight in thinking about the frustration West Virginia's own Joe Manchin and still mostly common sense Arizona's Kristin Sinema are causing the King of Sneers- Schumer! They dare to insolently derail his greatest moment, the legislative confirmation of far leftist control of an ignorant (i.e. non New York) nation after a brief,regretable Trumpian common sense interlude.It takes guts doesn't it because Charles does have his ways of reacting to apostasy.Ask his factotum, Kirsten Gillebrand, who once even acknowledged the presence of NY state above NYC polluted Westchester Co. No more!

  6. Good point, Jack: Schumer must be fit to be tied these days. He really is SO CLOSE to remaking the American polity in NYC's warped image. If 2022 goes his way, of course, he could yet accomplish his mission.