Sunday, June 20, 2021

Law and Order: Back in Fashion?


Friends, it's a given that the Dems aren't likely to embrace the law enforcement community, or lose any sleep over the lawlessness washing over urban America, anytime soon, but ordinary Americans, and especially independent voters, may feel differently.  Consider the pusillanimity of Democratic politicians when it comes to enforcing the law (against anyone other than political conservatives), coupled with the frightful rise in violent crime in many urban areas.  Surely, any sane citizen-voter would want government to protect him from this upwelling chaos, would he not?  If I were the Dems, I'd be nervous.  Sooner or later, people might start to notice what Democratic rule actually leads to! 

Poor old Mike Pence is still trying to square the circle of his desire to become the standard bearer of the GOP in 2024, coupled with his poor relations with Donald Trump and Trump supporters.  At best, one could describe the attitude of most Republicans towards Pence as "ambivalent".  That's simply not good enough.  The star of Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, seems to be rising still.  In fact, more Republican activists are comfortable with a DeSantis candidacy in 2024 than a Trump candidacy.  Pence is on the list of contenders, yeah -- he's just near the bottom. 

Finally, I'm half-inclined to commiserate with former Senator Rick Santorum, who was fired by CNN merely because he spoke the truth about the minimal influence of Native Americans on the broader American culture.  Duh.  We're not speaking Navajo right now, are we?  On the other hand, CNN paid Santorum as a GOP contributor for one reason only: because he would regularly badmouth President Trump.  Santorum was, from CNN's perspective, a useful idiot.  Now he's just an idiot.  That's progress.


  1. Chances of Pence making a "comeback" in any capacity have the same chance as that of Spiro Agnew.

  2. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: I'm a Trump supporter and I like Pence alot. For the most part he was a loyal Vice President to one whose boisterous personality was much the opposite of his. I'm confident he is solidly representative of the real America and I would rejoice to see him elected ,as I would President Trump or DeSantis.

    1. Jack

      I appreciate your support of Pence. I think he is basically a decent person, but I do have my doubts about him running for president. But these days, you never know. Also, someone completely unknown to any of us now could appear, and run for president on the Republican ticket. All sorts of surprises out there.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Wnen people are seriously injured they often go thru rehabilitation to relearn basic skills. Our country was terribly injured by the attack on common sense advanced by theretofore shunned campus Marxists convinced that the Depression thoroughly discredited capitalism and democracy and the disastrously naive boomers they roped in when they flocked to college campuses, from 1964 on. Why of course its just common sense that when you tolerate crime and/or criminals (seeing them as Marxists do, as a "revolutionary class") that cynical , often sociopathic, criminals feel freed from constraint to, well... COMMIT CRIME! And organized denigration of the police, again its common sense to know, delights criminals, for whom the police are their consummate enemies. How appalling it is to have to assert that, as to oppose it should be completely counterintuitive for any sound society. We are a wounded culture, betrayed in large part by our most fortunate generation: far too many of the credulous early boomers.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Just as a victim of physical injury must be purposefully retaught fundamental skills, so very much of our society must relearn COMMON SENSE!

  5. Ray, if you think Mike Pence is in the same league with my hero Spiro Agnew, I'll have to pay him way more respect going forward... He's a force to be reckoned with!

    Jack, it's good to know that you have confidence in both Trump AND Pence. Obviously there's some tension between them, but it's significant that Trump DOESN'T post long tirades against Pence. He's outspoken when it come to McConnell or Cheney, say, but not Pence. Ergo, there's room for reconciliation?

    Jack: I wouldn't gainsay for a second your view that modern America lacks common sense. I might, however, question how common "common sense" has ever been. I also wonder how much education, or should I say "education", tends to negate common sense. In fact, arguably that's its purpose. Formal learning replaces the wisdom gained through real world experience with expert analysis and elite-sanctioned "high" culture. Maybe, therefore, the more we go to school, the less common-sensical we become?

  6. Ray from Jack: I think doubts about Pence are creditable. We don't know for sure if in office he would remain faithful or become an apologetic conservative. I'd bet he'd remain true but we are constantly reminded of how some conservatives are willing to disengage the ratchet whereas leftists would as lief sit on a nail!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The higher education goes, the more concentrated it becomes and perhaps removed from the sources of horse sense. Besides, as I know you know, present day higher education, especially at the Graduate level, often has as its purpose the inculcation of doctrinal conformity, with attention paid to the fell consequences of dissent. Education at that level requires considerable devotion of time, effort, stress management and finances and participants are understandably hesitant to risk its waste. Of course some are convinced. For Marxists, a type not unknown in higher education, reflexive iconoclasm is expected and that includes very widely understood maxims borne of common sense. Eg. criminality, bad; lawfulness good! "Oh no, very much the opposite and shame on you for even thinking it".

  8. Jack, my main concerns about Pence are that he appears conventional, establishment-oriented, and dull. In a different environment, that could be the profile of a low-risk and thus a winning candidate, but nowadays I feel as though a more aggressive and direct approach is a necessity. In that respect, I believe Trump had it right.

    As you know, intellectualism often involves a level of deatchment from reality. Personally, I love ideas, but I insist that they stay grounded in practicality...otherwise, what's the point?