Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Chinese Bats Sue Fauci For Defamation


Friends, as you know, Chinese culture has a long history of honoring the noble bat.  At least I assume it does.  Chinese culture has a long history of everything.  That's why it makes so much sense that Chinese bats are up in arms about Western attempts to smear their hard-won reputations by blaming them for causing the COVID-19 pandemic.  Best of luck to you, bat plantiffs!  I think you've got a strong case.

The degree of culpability that should attach itself to Dr. Fauci, and other "experts", in misleading the public about the coronavirus and its origin is a subject that's being debated far and wide these days.  Naturally, it's a topic of discussion on this week's Newsmaker Show as well.  In addition, Brian and I talk about: the prospects for a Donald Trump House Speakership in January 2023, the increasingly precarious political position of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the Left's over-use of charges of "Racism!", the futility of Biden-Harris's efforts to undo the damage at the border, the possibility that the Chinese could become aggressive in retaliation for any punishment they receive for "concealing" COVID's true origin, and the lack of accountability for those who have smeared Donald Trump for the last six years.

When we get to "This Day in History", Brian and I tackle the historical legacy of the anti-communist, anti-Russian campaign of Senator Joe McCarthy in the early 1950s, and the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

Don't miss it!  Tune in NOW!!!  Right now.  I mean, this instant.  Do it!  Do it!  DO IT!!! 


In other news, here's a fascinating exploration of the decline and fall of meritocracy in America.  The consequences are only beginning to be felt.


Could the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade in the near future?  Maybe.  If so, it looks like about half of America will be pleased, and half will be incensed.  That's par for the course. 

Is inflation on the horizon?  Sleepy Joe says, "Nah."  Deutsche Bank says, "Look out!  It's coming right for us!"


Lastly, Democrats are jerks.  Arrogant jerks.  Arrogant, intolerant jerks.  What's more, they admit it freely!  Check it out: 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack:A Chinese attack on Taiwan: China would be taking some huge risks:war with us and the swift rearmament of Japan. I don't know if China purposes revenge for the 19th century and for the Japanese onslaught but I would guess those humiliating outrages are never far fromtheir minds. McCarthy overplayed his hand but he DID have some comprehension of what we now know to havebeen Stalinist presence in the U.S. government. Certainly his concern was sincere and as such far more supportable than the Dems' vacuous and disingenuous "Russia" assault on our President. Much of the oppression of Commies in the '50s was justified and the only reason today's left condemns it is because it was against the left. Their present day "McCarthism" is the scourge of our culture , our society and our polity.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: "Oh please Brer Bear, don't throw me in that briar patch!" . "Oh please don't run Trump again, why the very thought of another Jan. 6 has us reaching for our heeby jeeby pills! That's why our MSM friends are keeping it at the very forefront of public consciousness" (notice everyone knows what Jan. 6 means but what about the dates of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, murders of policemen etc? Somehow we don't hear as much about them). Truth is, the left is praying( but maybe that is the wrong word; why pray unto one's self?) for another Jan. 6.

  3. Jack, I seriously doubt we would go to war over Taiwan, BUT I don't doubt that the trade ramifications would be epic.

    You're right: the more "insurrections", the merrier, from the Left's perspective. Nothing will speed us on the path to Bolshevism more effectively than farsical manifestations of "right-wing extremism" like we saw on that day.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: OK, so Guatemala and Mexico are experiencing internal problems due to the transit across their countries of unfortunates for whom they are unwilling or incapable of help. Surely the personal ministrations of the American heir apparent has embued them with righteous determination to finally work their countries' redemption, since she will soon be the instrument of her reprehensible nation's "fundamental transformation" too. "Why of course the U.S. seeks to limit the understandable incursion of those who seem to occupy the least privileged levels of your society. " This is of course disingenuous and preposterous public humbug. She knows it is impossible for those countries to generate the degree of economic well being widely available in the prosperous US. She and her cohorts want veritable legions of those condemned to destitutionby their dysfunctional culturesto enter the US and fill out the ranks of the imagined unjustly done in our country. After they have served their revolutionary purpose of course, they would be treated to characteristic Marxist betrayal and uhh, "relocation", yes? YES!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Taiwan: China considers its 72 year history ( in the Chinese view of historical time, perhaps not so much) inability to control Taiwan a temporary anomaly empowered by the loathed Westerners who so savaged China from 1820 perhaps to the present: this time the Americans. They are historically patient, having restored China's traditional greatness. The US has, over decades, demonstrated a determination to defend Taiwan. Could China, at some point, ear!ier or later, perceive that that determinatio n no longer o btains? Might they conclude that war, if it came, even nuclar war, would be at sea, without attack on either ho meland and therefore unlike ly to cause a g e neral nuc lear exchange? I do not doubt at all that the Chinese leaders hip is fully educated o n past efforts, presupposing America n cultural weak ness and lack of resolve, hav ing badly missed the mark. Imperial Japan's mistakes cannot have escaped their close regard. Who can tell when the expansive Chinese view of historical time might allow them to cede lands they consider theirs?

  6. not "cede"; "take back"

  7. Jack: there's a perverse logic to the Left's approach to "border control", you have to admit. The plan: abolish all borders, mix the First and Third worlds together in a witches' brew, and by the time they're done there won't be any more "refugees" or boat people, because the whole world will be equally miserable. Problem solved!

    Jack, I'm as perplexed as the next guy re: China's intentions with respect to Taiwan. They're keeping their options open, but when they might choose to exercise the "nuclear option" is anyone's guess. My humble prognostication: they'll sit on their hands until they think the Chinese people need a good patriotic kick in the pants. An open question: how much does your ordinary Chinaman care about Taiwan?

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: My view: the left, anywhere and anytime ,has no compunctions about using any temporarily useful group
    for revolutionary purposes and then casually turning on it if it thinks it necessary. I would fully expect a triumphant American left to follow form. Ask the Krondstat Garrison. Ask the Kulaks of the Ukraine. Ask the Chinese peasantry, so exalted of Mao in his upstart days but forced by him to abandon farming for "backyard steel plants" during the "Great Leap Forward" which starved 20 millions of them. Today's Chinese government does not depend upon popular approbation but its embrace of antiMarxist economic realism has mwde it likely that any venture beyond Chinese shores will be widely supported. If their government says that Taiwan is of rights China's and has been heretofore unjustly denied China, I see little reason to foresee any organized disagreement to that assertion.

  9. Oh, that part I agree with, Jack: the Chinese people would surely go along with any CCP crusade to retake Taiwan. And, as long as the Chinese economy continues growing at 10% a year, the country's overlords have little to fear from their own people. On the other hand, if China faces real headwinds someday, I find it hard to imagine that some sabre-rattling over Taiwan will buy the apparatchiks much time.