Saturday, June 26, 2021

Straight to the Moon!


Friends, Sputnik News has once again blasted Dr. Waddy and his basketball-sized ego into the stratosphere!  Specifically, I recently weighed in on the sheer outrageousness of the New York State Appellate Court's suspension of Rudy Giuliani's law license.  It's viewpoint discrimination, in my opinion.  Check it out:


Isn't it funny how Democratic lawyers/politicians never "lie" in a way that harms the public interest?  Uncanny, when you think about it...


In other news, socialism is on the rise, and leftists are thrilled, especially with its popularity among the young.  Apparently our neo-Marxist educators are doing their jobs with aplomb! 

Happy Birthday to "climate change", which turns 33 today!  And guess what?  33 years after "our betters" began to hector us about climate change, carbon emissions are still going up, thanks to China, India, and the Third World in general.  Nice work, tree huggers! 


Trump rallies are BACK!  Presumably, this presages an intensification of Trump's outreach to voters, leading up to...another run at the presidency in 2024?


Trump has taken one major step in making himself a viable contender in 2024: he's decided to use Rumble instead of YouTube, where he is of course banned because he poses such an imminent threat to public safety.  Frankly, I'm surprised it took DJT this long to settle on a revised social media strategy. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland is suing the great State of Georgia because of its recent modest reforms to its election laws.  They're "racist", naturally!  Let's hope those Trump judges give this lawsuit the boot ASAP.


Finally, a would-be cop-slayer has been caught in Georgia.  He appears to be associated with several black separatist groups.  Black "hate groups" are surprisingly common in this country.  The Southern Poverty Law Center used to keep track of them, until it discovered that it was more "woke" to pretend that only white people and conservatives can be racist.  Trust me, you'd hear a lot more about these black "haters" if the media reported, well, "the news", but not much hope of that.


  1. No surprise about Rudy at all. I was certainly expecting such to happen, and much earlier. Good article in his defense, but it won't help Rudy. Not sure why he hangs around New York, and especially after this. His best bet would be to move elsewhere, and perhaps he can practice law in some bright Red state. I would think he has the assets to make such a move. Also, I'm sure he saw this coming. In any event, the man is a fading light in U.S. politics. His day has come and gone.

  2. Yeah, the Left truly let him have it...and he didn't stand up to the scrutiny all that well. Even Trump got tired of him. In his defense, though, he was advancing a case that was hopelessly diffuse, and that was presumably at Trump's insistence. They should have concentrated on the innumerable violations of state election laws from the start.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Love that picture of a Russian booster. You might be amazed to know how astonishing such a picture would have been to us in the early '60s, when the Soviets denied us all such views.

  4. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack:Its time the left comes up with another reflexively counterintuitive rationale for yet another hellish journey to utopia with the left at the wheel. I mean, some of them actually believe in what sprang from their foreheads 33 years ago! But what? Well, it must fly in the face of common sense; it must discredit America; it must exalt the irrefutable woke folks; it must sneer at the use of energy sources to eliminate back breaking labor and provide life enhancing leisure and it must be simple minded. I know, lets give AOC an all expense paid trip to have audience with the Delphic Oracle! Whatever revelation she returns with, we must resolve to embrace it and condemn all who doubt! That's the ticket but dang, I hope no leftists are reading this; my forehead is really rumbling just nowand I keep getting visions of Mt. Olympus.

  5. Jack, the genius of the Left is that they attack on all fronts simultaneously! COVID, climate change, race, gender, sexuality, income inequality, fascism -- heck, even building codes! If one of these tacks doesn't panic us into voting for socialism, they always have a Plan B.

  6. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack:That's true but they also seem to always have a flagship issue which presents them with various means of advancing their ever and always goal: totalitarian control.Undeniably purposeful and evil human responsibility, stemming from yet perfectable human nature, forclimate change, affords them all sorts of keen opportunities for increased control. That, once fully and forcefully imposed, together with their highly concentrated unchallengeable wisdom and lofty justness, will ensure justice in ALL matters (since nothing will be allowed outside their purview) and a real end to history.

  7. Hmm. I wonder. What's the Left's "flagship issue" these days? Globally it might be climate change, but nationally I'd say it's race. That's where they always go when the chips are down. Your view?