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Friday, December 3, 2021

T.G.I.W. -- Thank God It's Waddy!


Friends, the end of the work week brings with it the promise of rest and recuperation...and more time to engross yourself in all things Waddy!

Speaking of which, I'm quoted extensively in this Sputnik News piece about why President Trump (rightly) held the intelligence community at arm's length.  Check it out:


In other news, Democratic soft-on-crime policies are costing thousands of your fellow citizens their lives, and most of the victims are, in case anyone has forgotten, people of color -- the very people whose interests the Dems claim to be championing!  Their response to this carnage?  Sweep it under the rug.  Only crimes in which white men figure as perpetrators/suspects are of even remote interest to the mainstream media.  All other criminals are, in fact, victims!  The police should give them a wide berth, and, if they happen to run afoul of the law, they should be released without bail ASAP to continue their ravages. 

Meanwhile, Mayor Pete and Kam Kam enjoyed a big bear hug together recently, symbolizing their mutual descent into ridiculousness.  It's instructive that the White House needed to arrange this public display of affection between the two, just to tamp down speculation that Harris is soon to be ousted and replaced by the Wunderkind.


In case you're keeping track, it's now official: the GOP recaptured the House of Delegates in Virginia in last month's election!  Virginia is a "blue state", you say?  We might start to redefine that term, or at least apply it very differently, in the near future...


Lastly, the American people are rolling their eyes at the "January 6th" charade being foisted upon them by House Democrats (and their fellow travelers, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger).  Voters rightly perceive that the "insurrection" is being milked for maximum partisan political advantage.  But hey -- you can't blame the dastardly Dems for trying to change the subject...  Smooth move, lefties. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I have been for the last four days in ultima lala land NYC visiting my relatives who , I know, love the place. I do not gainsay them that; it is a great city and they have plausible reasons for treasuring it. I only wish our state was not commanded by it! Let us go our separate ways, freely.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Having been in close contact with the State Capitol steersmen of the NY State Corretions Dep't for 20 years I knew them to be polluted by leftist apologists for "the guys" (incarcerated thugs). Is it so today? How could it not be under the supervision of such limousine liberals as Spitzer and Cuomo when they were not attending to their now some criminal, with their sanctimonious endorsement, ehh, amorous,proclivities? I heard today on a radio report that NY is the ONLY state to disallow judges from considering the potential danger posed to the public by suspects with violent histories, in assigning or denying bail! This is utter madness and is the fruit of now proven reckless reconsideration of criminals to anything other than the victimizers they are! Are their victims condemned because they did not similarly succumb to the siren call of gain free of responsibility? That is plainly and evidentially proven in the trust NY State has placed in "governors" of any rank in their disdainful, elitist and of necessity, detached, perverse reverence for criminals. Lenin would have approved!

  3. Jack, welcome back to God's country! You were missed -- but not by God, I trust, who is with us always.

    Yes, the sympathy the Dems have for the criminal class is the cause of endless mischief and suffering, and most of the Left seems a long way from realizing the futility of its soft-on-crime approach, as they did (temporarily) back in the 80s and 90s. We can't rule out the possibility of another epiphany, though. A few more sharp electoral rebukes would do the trick. Above all, the Dems like to win, and so, if we want them to learn their lesson, we have to teach them that lesson -- the hard way!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Thanx! It was good to be with our beloved kin in NYC but its also good to be back in God fearing America! I would suggest that the left has never changed its mind about criminals; its, (well, I'll say it because this is what it amounts to) quasisociopathic sympathy for thugs. This is a commonly observed syndrome in prisons, I saw it many times,mostly in incidental visitors to that strange world. I even personified it in my early career as a prison librarian: " Why, these guys aren't so bad! They are friendly and courteous". Sancta Simplicitas! It is true that so many of them have been raised up in intensely negative and dysfunctional settings. So too are many of their victims. And believe me, there are also plenty of stone cold victimizers in the criminal population, some with no pathological backgrounds. I met some of them at very close hand and have heard their expressions of pleasure and lack of remorse at having grievously hurt people and their keen desire to read graphic descriptions of similar outrages (after I learned, they found me no help in that regard and its worth noting that earned me the scorn of some in the hopelessly liberal library profession).

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack. In my opinion, the left was simply overpowered by the heroic fortitude of Rudolph Guiliani (the most physically courageous U.S. politician of today) and his stalwart police Commissioners and those who emulated them. Meanwhile, the left retired into temporary exile in order to foster and nurture the poisonous festering of its insanely counterintuitive views on crime and criminals. But its back! And so is unrelenting crime; surprise, surprise! For the hard core left which criminally uses the pathetically liberal, the obvious advantage of this, ehh, naivete, is that it promotes the destruction of our society and polity which is of course their objective! They see pistol whippers, those who delight in seeing victims lose control of excretory functions, who completely reject any departure from their predatory lifestyles; they actually consider them a "revolutionary class" to be employed until the final triumph and then suppressed (totalitarians are always good at clearing street trash, afterall)).

  6. Jack, experience obviously taught you to be wary of the charms of the criminal class, so one wonders why the Left remains so stubborn in its refusal to acknowledge the truths conveyed by its own senses. I mean, many convinced leftists, and apologists for criminals, are not in the least inclined towards violence themselves. So why do they carry water for those who are? You're right that some lefties see thuggery as a tool -- sometimes useful, sometimes embarrassing -- but I don't think that describes most of them. The leaders of the Left may be cynics, but not the foot soldiers... In the end, their myopia baffles me.

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack:For people of good will who display unwarranted sympathy for vicious thugs (eg in the 1988 campaign and I don't mean Dukakis himself; he should have known or cared better),its ignorance. Former Philly Mayor Frank Rizzo said " a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged". Society must take criminals in hand and give them to understand that their cynical and heartless presumptuousness is utterly unacceptable and WILL be held to their unendurable disadvantage. Otherwise those any healthy society assures protection: senior citizens and children,will be in danger intensely shameful to any society which countenances it, as ours does!Some criminals can be dealt with by informed empathy and some compassion, PROVIDED, that they DEMONSTRATE willingness, grudging or no, to live lawful lives. But some are irredemable and must be permanently restrained.