Thursday, December 23, 2021

To Jab Or Not To Jab?


Friends, as the Dems and their desiccated standard-bearer sink ever lower in the polls, they take some comfort in the fissures that beset the GOP and the conservative movement.  For instance, they hope that we will spend most of the next three years fighting over the legacy and the future of one Donald J. Trump.  Heard of him?  Yeah, he does tend to get people riled up.  They also hope that our pro-science and anti-science wings, as they see it, will go at each other.  And we have to admit: they have a point.  There is significant disagreement in the Republican Party about the efficacy of the vaccines.  Most of the GOP establishment is thrice jabbed and proud of it, while many rank and file conservatives are avoiding the vaccines as though they were the plague.  Trump himself figures in this dichotomy, as he proudly asserts ownership, politically speaking, of the vaccines, but demurs on the question of whether people should be compelled to take them.  The Dems are clearly hoping that COVID, one way or another, will be the stumbling block that prevents the GOP from flourishing in the months and years ahead.  The bad news for them is that the thought processes of American voters are mind-numbingly simplistic: if things are going badly, then the party in power suffers for it.  The voters, especially in 2022, probably won't care much what Trump does or says, and all the COVID hysteria in the world won't persuade them to vote for a party that fails to deliver on its promises.  But perhaps the key word there is "probably".  No one knows for sure.


As Elon Musk stretches his legs rhetorically and defies woke orthodoxy, we on the right are inclined to praise him.  So be it.  It's worth remembering, however, that Musk didn't get rich by flying in the face of the global elite at all times.  For one thing, he's a friend of Red China, as you'll see here:


Finally, in case you've wondered how all those bogus stories about Trump-Russia collusion blew up in the mainstream media, a lot of it has to do with the insidious connections between elite "journalists" and Democratic hacks.  Read all about it (if you dare): 


  1. I find it very interesting (for lack of a better word to describe it) that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote a book "The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health". Of course Fauci has denounced Kennedy as "disturbed", as if Kennedy wasted his time. Someone is a liar to be sure.

    A prime question should be: How Many times do you have to get vaccinated? Basically, the vaccine is not completely tested, and was rushed into production, and now is being forced on the unwilling as a mandate by Biden and his Commissars.

    These mandates are being made by a bunch of mediocre politicians with no medical degrees, and it looks like a few doctors are working for the regime to reinforce the imperial decrees.

    Someone on a blog I will not mention, has suggested that the unvaccinated are the "New Jews" complete with cartoon type illustrations depicting Holocaust Jews wearing masks being loaded into cattle cars. Not funny, and a poor analogy, but the unvaccinated are being isolated are they not?

    Also of interest are all these prime time types on stations like Fox who don't hesitate to tell you how much they hate mandates, but are equally quick to tell you they got "vaxxed" without really telling you why. Fear?

    In any event, this pandemic came along at just the right time to be used as a tool to control and manipulate people through fear and threats. My guess is that it will be used at least for the next three (3) years to do exactly the same.

  2. Uh oh. Ray saw his shadow, and that means three more years of COVID... Yikes!

    It's amazing that this craziness has lasted as long as it has. At this stage, I can't discount the possibility that we'll still be dealing with the pandemic in the runup to the 2024 election, as horrifying as that must sound.

    Are the unvaccinated the "new Jews"? Not really, but they are being lavishly villified in some quarters, and quite a few people are pontificating about how much they deserve to die...or how little they deserve to live. That's darn ugly, even if it's not HOLOCAUST ugly.

    Is the fear of COVID partly irrational? You bet. From my point of view, though, so is the fear of the vaccines. I mean, when was the last time hundreds of thousands of people got killed by an injection of modern medicine? Yet we know that many are dying of COVID. Following the consensus view of doctors seems prudent to me -- especially when the alternative is getting one's medical expertise from YouTube. But hey, I say: to each his own. Unlike the sanctimonious ultra-vaxxers, my view is that the unvaccinated are almost exclusively hurting themselves. And hurting yourself is, and ought to be, allowed in a free society.