Monday, December 27, 2021

Nancy Pelosi's January 6th Bombshells Are Big Fat Duds


Friends, you can't blame the Dems for trying to distract us from the myriad crises besetting America and the world now that "the adults in the room" are back in charge, but their efforts to paint the events of January 6th as an "insurrection" and to tarnish the whole Republican brand as traitorous haven't gotten them very far.  The generic ballot polls we see every day are ample proof of that.  Of course, the Dems can always persuade themselves that the "smoking gun" is coming any day now.  Uh huh.  Sure it is.  Good luck with that.

Recently, Sputnik News solicited my views on the Dems' January 6th fiasco, and I really let Pelosi and her minions have it!  Check it out:


In other news, my prognostication that the Dems might destroy democracy in order to save it is getting some validation from Kam Kam herself.  She's opining that the alleged threats to American democracy -- voter ID?  only giving people a month to vote? -- are the biggest single threat to our national security.  And, in case it hasn't occurred to you, if your opponent in the democratic process doesn't play "fair", that raises the question of why you should continue playing the game...  Likewise, here's an article in Mother Jones about how despicable an institution the U.S. Senate is.  Again, such wild rhetoric can, and perhaps someday will, justify executive action to reformulate or abolish the Senate.


There was some good news in 2021: the mainstream media is attracting a lot fewer readers and viewers than in 2020.  That continues a long process of decline.  This article doesn't even consider, however, the rise of alternative media.  For instance, Fox's viewership is in decline, but Newsmax, OAN, and other unabasedly right-wing outlets appear to be surging. 

Remember when J. K. Rowling got pilloried for advancing the outrageous, heretical notion that there are only two genders?  It appears the vast majority of Americans agree, and among those who agree most strongly are black Americans!  If Republicans were smart (a big "if"), they would press hard on these social issues in the black community, because many blacks are not at all in sync with the "progressive" social-cultural agenda of the Left.


Speaking of protected groups, how would you feel if your school district started paying teachers differently based on their race?  Great idea, right!  Add in a little de facto segregation, and we're right back in the 1950s -- America's golden age!  The weird thing, though, is that it's the Left insisting on racial discrimination these days, to correct the wrongs of "systemic racism".  No thanks! 

Lastly, as bad as economic conditions may seem, it's worth reflecting on the fact that we live in the richest country in the world, and the richest country that's ever been.  What's more, the world as a whole has made incredible economic progress, thanks largely to the wonders of modern technology.  China and India, for example, which a few decades ago were impoverished backwaters, are now challenging G7 powerhouses like Britain, France, and the USA for economic supremacy.  By and large, this is a sign that we humans, for all our moping, are still achieving remarkable feats and exponential growth.  We're a plucky bunch!  We're so inventive and irrepressible, in fact, that even a plague of Democrats barely slows us down...


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: So glad to see your comments on Sputnik! I think the Jan.6 Committee is a product of unapologetic partisanship and hypocrisy powered by limousine leftist Pelosi's desperate
    "farewell" ( though she would not deign to grant her probable successor any good will) sojourne in this office immeasurably disgraced by
    her presumptuous and haughty disdain! Concerns about 2020 leftist violence, traitorous support for the enemy and bombing of the Capitol by surviving '60s radicals still feted in elitist Dem salons (no doubt Madame Pelosi's preferred ambience, yes? I mean, I have heard of no "undocumented" persons afforded food, raiment and lodging on her certainly closely guarded domains) are "as drost,dust" to HER!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: So VP Harris maintains our country "saddled" with obligation to the Taliban, as if those 7th century atavistic savages honor any such notion. But gee, I see in the administration of which she is heir apparent no regard for solemn obligations to Americans to be "saddled" with the Keystone Pipeline or the Wall!!?? And my, they were blithe to disown these agreements with
    these, merely their own, yes?!




  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: " Tne integrity of our political system" ,when expressed by leftists,is a completely disingenuous concern in that it has been their
    obvious objective for decades now!

    sts, is entirely derived from

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I meant, " their target for desgruction for fecades now. . . "

  5. Nick, white teachers and teachers of color are not being paid differently. Teachers are allowed to apply for grants that would pay them extra stipends for extra work, such as mentoring newly hired teachers of color. Granted, one of the programs is specifically designed for teachers of color to apply for, but, again, it is for additional work. The money is going to a good cause -- helping to retain teachers of color, who are underrepresented in the teaching profession.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: What kind of executive action could abolish the Senate? It would have to be unconstitutional but then again that would be possible with a leftist totaltarian regime. Dear Leader's word would more than suffice!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Mother Jones ehh? Thanx for posting that article; I would not otherwise access that far left screed. You know, I experience a rush of disgust whenever I see new leftists (eg.1960 on, so we can include Sanders) arrogate to themselves the mantle of the labor heroes of the early to mid 20th century. I worked in 1967 with veterans of the '30s steel industry and learned from them how very basic their needs were (eg. showers, protective gear, pay beyond subsistence level, union protection etc). I was repelled by tne actual sight of my NY State workers' union leader raising the leftist fist in exhortations to "resistance" against taxpayer concerns about a 3% raise. That, for a work force already with very generous taxpayer funded pay and benefits; that's not LABOR historical stuff. I'm going to guess that if Mother Jones were to come back she would tell those commie pukes at the publication which presumed her name to step off! She would probably tell them how unimaginably bad things were in her time and how VERY much better they are now and how very wrongheadedly evil is their support for those whose actions even in her time spelled only the worst of oppression for workers!

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Mother Jones article was prefaced by a plea for monetary contributions lest they lose their ability to stand bravely for ". . . democracy on the line". Let us hope their publishing tenure is close to an end. They say (we have). . . " a once in a lifetime chance to act on climate change". Why, if this so, is not democracy the reason for the chancy prospects for the Green New Deal? The article rages over the serendipitous nonetheless reality that one West Virginian blocks its imposition ( on a very dubious America) and then it urges the need to take advantage of a CHANCE! It decries Sen .Manchin's faithfulness to the those who democratically seated him. But, then absurdly inappropriate use of the term Democratic is a leftist staple, yes,perhaps even in our Congress.

  9. Jack, last I heard, Crazy Nancy was rethinking her intention to retire... I wouldn't be shocked if she stuck around to torment us for another two years.

    Rod, I'd prefer that school districts go out of their way to retain GOOD teachers, of any color, but I'm a dinosaur and I know it...

    Quite right, Jack. There's no constitutional way to abolish the Senate, unless the "Constitution" is reimagined at will, which it pretty much is on a daily basis anyway. The easiest way to push through major changes would be to purge the Senate, and that I suspect would be easy enough, if one had the cajones to attempt it. "Follow me, Mr. Cruz. We've got a nice barracks ready for you in Nome..."

    Jack, you should know by now that "democracy", when uttered by a leftist, means close to the exact opposite of what you and I mean by the term. Lest we forget, the communists loved (and still love) the word. To them, it means serving the people by commanding them. It certainly doesn't mean listening to them.

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack: It is entirely characteristic for the left everywhere to oppose the fundamentals of any institution which is not delivering for them. I mean, "what duh frig" as we in Buffalo say! "When we take over, the ONLY institution will be US" they say! Yeah but what about consistency we say. First there is a five year plan, then a great leap forward, then let a hundred flowers bloom, then a cultural revolution ( lit off by a murderous dreamer, who from the safety of his palace fomented "permanent revolution" in all its joy), then who the hell knows what or when? Presumedby the totalitarians though is this: " We are always unquestionably just and correct and any doubt of this is anathema". The American left is imbued with this conviction. "Tear down the Senate because it does not serve our ends". Absolutely characteristic that is and it very fairly predicts how they would RULE!

  11. Dr.Waddy from Jack: OK, yeah, I see what you mean: retain the nominal institution in order to suggest preservation of democratic ideals but gut it nonetheless to eliminate all, yes da,da da: DIVERSITY! Without any attempt at hyperbole, I am confident this is something the American left would do in a NY minute!

  12. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "Why (says the American left) how dare you saddle us with the now "inoperative" errors of the past! That we now embrace the Squad; that we empower one who says that present day American democracy is a fundamental threat, that
    we endorse those who

    propose emasculation of the Senate and Scotus, who think it meet to advance ideas in our national legislature altogether
    counterintuitive to tne majority common sense America;that this ehh, suggests ehh, perhaps
    near future further radical presumptions leading to radical
    denuoment, yes?


    concerns are unfounded! We are simp!y progressive Americans!

  13. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Let us resolve to defeat those who express such dreck

  14. Yes, the Left's contempt for the Senate mirrors their contempt for every institution/individual that dares to obstruct their agenda. The truth is, however, that the Senate isn't going anywhere under current circumstances. Ergo, the only way to dispense with it is to dispense with our constitutional order as a whole. Few lefty commentators seem to have realized that. That is, few are following their own arguments to their logical conclusion(s)...yet. (Purging personnel is a nice middle ground, though? Keep the current order intact, superfically, but empty of it of all dissent.)

  15. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That the left purposes the complete rejection of the inconvenient Constitution is obvious. It contradicts the arbitrary, intellectually elitist, totalitarian rule the left strives for and must, thus, be eradicated!