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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Face of Hypocrisy


Friends, no one can deny that Stacey Abrams is the sexiest woman alive, but methinks she nonetheless has a credibility problem.  The Democrats, who, in the wake of the 2020 election, told us repeatedly that the integrity and reliability of our system of elections was sacrosanct -- that raising questions about the results of an election was tantamount to "insurrection" and "treason" -- are also unanimous in their unstinting praise for Stacey Abrams, who earned her fame by flatly rejecting the legitimacy of Georgia's gubernatorial election of 2018, which she lost.  Abrams never pursued her wild theories about how the election was stolen in court, mind you.  She simply never conceded to Brian Kemp, who won the Georgia Governorship, and to this day has maintained that hundreds of thousands of black Georgians were prevented from exercising their right to vote.  Keep in mind that preventing a single Georgian, of any race, from exercising his or her right to vote would be a violation of the law.  Criminal acts, last time I checked, usually result in prosecution.  No one has been prosecuted for electoral violations related to the 2018 election in Georgia.  Be all this as it may, the point is this: it's every American's right to question the legitimacy of whatever election they please.  Democrats can therefore believe to their dying day that Stacey Abrams was "cheated" out of the Georgia Governorship (she wasn't), and they can say so as often as they like, but what gets my goat is that they will champion the cause of an election skeptic (Stacey Abrams) one minute, and rail against the categorical wickedness of election skepticism the next (Biden's "win").  Sorry, Dems.  Sorry, Stacey.  That dog won't hunt!

Anyway, I forgot to mention it, but Abrams is running AGAIN for Governor of Georgia.  Good luck to her!  In 2022, which should be a very unfavorable cycle for Democrats in general, I don't rate her chances very highly.


In other news, the Supreme Court is considering the "viability" of Roe v. Wade, and it's high time they did so.  Will the Justices have the gumption to strike down this abomination, and restore to the states the authority to regulate abortion, more or less as they see fit?  I dunno.  Increasingly, though, leftists are making arguments for the retention of Roe that have little to do with the Constitution, and more to do with what they see as the "justice" of their cause, and with the carnage in the streets that they warn would be the consequence of curtailing "abortion rights".  SCOTUS will need to gird its loins if it intends to disappoint the Left and protect the rights of the unborn.  The hue and cry will be immense!


Finally, we all know that leftists excel in activism and especially in boycotts, which can be astoundingly effective at bending corporations and other institutions to the will of neo-Marxists.  There's a "stridency gap" that seems to prevent conservatives from organizing along the same lines.  Well, as we see here, 15 chief financial officers of 15 of our states are threatening to withdraw funds and investments held by major banks that refuse to serve the fossil fuel industry.  This is big news!  Liberals talk often of "debanking" conservatives, i.e. making it impossible for us to lead our lives and run our businesses, because the financial world will freeze us out.  Well, now conservative comptrollers are threatening to "debank" the banks themselves!  In other words, we're finally giving the Left a taste of its own medicine.  I say: bravo!  Let's have much more of this!


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I know people who have fled leftist dominated New York for Georgia. Leftists have obviously targeted Georgia for permanent incursion into a deep South which despises them. They think because they can dictate to common sense regions of such as N.Y. State, that they can do the same to Southerners. Not! Stacey Abrams' obvious stance was ( by all standards of decency and political correctness, I should have been elected and any result to the contrary was, by definition, unjust! Now, Georgia, I'll graceously grant you another chance to do right by me! ). Remember Virginia!

  2. Nick, that "face of hypocrisy" helped deliver two Democratic senators. She is one of the few Georgians who can get Democratic voters out to vote.

    Abrams will also benefit from the return of suburban women to the Democratic fold when SCOTUS upholds the MS law. Some suburban women in VA were taken in by Big Lie 2 (that Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools), but abortion restrictions will drive them back into the Democratic fold.

  3. Jack, I wish I shared your confidence re: the good sense of the people of Georgia! Georgia has changed. Its demographics have shifted enormously in the last few decades. So yes -- I like our chances of holding the Govenorship and state legislature there in '22, and of taking back Warnock's Senate seat. But no -- I don't think Georgia will ever again be part of the "Solid South".

    Rod! We missed you! Rumors of your death were greatly exaggerated... Well, a little exaggerated, at least.

    Yeah, Abrams seemingly got a lot of Georgians to vote in 2018 and 2020, but in case you missed it a lot of people voted in those elections EVERYWHERE. I'm not sure that Abrams is the be-all-and-end-all of voter participation.

    You set a lot of store on the (anticipated) repeal of Roe. First, I would wait for it to happen before you start reaping the benefits. Second, you're right that some suburban women will be riled by it, if it happens. Will that change the fact that voters fundamentally judge the party in power based on its perceived record...and the party out of power almost always gains in an off-year election? I seriously doubt it. Plus, remember that, in most states, access to abortion won't change all that much simply because of the fate of Roe. Local dynamics differ.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Hooray for those State Comptrollers. Luv that real America! Great to see the left hoisted on its own petard. Hit ' em in the breadbasket and keep on swinging. Its the only thing they understand!

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think the essence of the Dem dominant far left's dread of a lawful decision in the abortion case is that their totalitarian hold on the nation on a key issue, arguably their flagship issue, will be broken. Being totalitarians and convinced of the inevitability of their triumph, this is unbearable for their, ehh, delicate psyches. Yes,many people of good will have made a principled, painful decision to support a right to kill unborn babies, in understandable defense of any human's right to control their bodies ( but with some defensable limits: I allowed the Gov't to control my male body for six years of justified military obligation. There is also to consider, yes, the bodies of fetuses, incidentally approx. half of whom are female) these well intentioned people have allowed the far left, including those who publicly celebrate this ghoulish "right" and who promise mayhem should they be denied, especially by the rule law they loathe whenever it is insolent enough to disagree with them;these good people have allowed lowlifes to speak and act for them. Take comfort, you of the radical mien; benighted states like NY and CA will hasten to WELCOME you! But you will no longer be able to use a court to force your views on the majority of us (and consequently kill untold hundreds of millions of innocent unborns as you have already). Don't like it? Then do the right thing and petition Congress but ehh, good luck there. You people aren't very popular across the vast extent of this common sense nation and unfortunately for you, that does show in Congress. The ultimate, closest to complete safety and all embracing love for any human is to be found in the womb but as you would blithely enable and have enabled the convenient and hellish invasion of that sanctum you are the very definition of the long since 20th century proven sociopathic core of your horde.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Is Georgia that much changed? I know you have much experience of the South. Has Atlanta that much polluted the real America Georgia? The election of those Senators is a powerful argument that it has. But: I would expect Stacey Abrams' obvious sense of entitlement to generate much opposition to her!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: In having plainly displayed the attitudes you noted in their current defense of a "right" (when has that word ever been more disgraced) to kill unborn babies at will, the far left has revealed itself. They have long hidden behind a cynical and disingenuous argument of Roe v Wade having given them the support of the rule of law . They have only withering contempt for the rule of law unless it happens to do them advantage. Now they expect and dread that this Scotus will apply rule of law standards and will find their precious Roe v Wade to be what IT IS: AIR! And so they are reverting to form and making argument based on their arbitrary "irrefutable"justice. As for threatened mayhem; that is of course standard procedure for refuted far leftists. Their continued defense of the fetal holocaust suffered since one man, one man only, Justice Anthony Kennedy, cast the deciding vote in Roe v Wade and condemned millions of complete innocents to the incinerator, puts them in full league with past leftist mass murderers.

  8. Darn right, Jack! I don't know what took those comptrollers so long... They have the potential to be a voice for conservatism that speaks far, far louder than any one of us ever could.

    You raise an important question: would repeal of Roe be regretted by the Left because it genuinely cares about the "right" to kill the unborn, or would it mortify them more accurately as a symbolic defeat for their ideology and a glorious affirmation of the right's wisdom in embracing President Trump? I honestly don't know the answer, but it seems to me that A LOT of lefties care more about winning than they do about substance.

    Georgia is in flux, for sure. Consider the demographics. Not so long ago it was a state that was 75% white. Now it's 50%. That's a huge shift! It's all about immigration...

    It wasn't Anthony Kennedy who cast the deciding vote in Roe, however. As you can see, it was 7-2, and that was long before Kennedy's time. Kennedy did cast the deciding vote to uphold it, I think.

  9. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Thank you for correcting me. I relied on memory and am schooled now to be ever careful on that! What did you say your name was?