Wednesday, December 22, 2021

End of an Era


Friends, I'm sure we can all agree that communism was terrific and had basically no downsides.  Case in point: the majestic/hideous "Palace of Parliament" built by communist Romania's kindly dictator, Nicolae CeauČ™escu, although tragically he was shot by "pro-democracy" rebels on Christmas Day, 1989, and never got to see it completed.  


The sad fate of Romania's workers' paradise is one of our topics on this week's Newsmaker Show, and, in the rest of our This Day in History segment, we also cover the (rhetorical) formation of the "United Nations" in 1941, plus the subway killings attributed to (or blamed on, depending on your politics) Bernie Goetz, way back in 1984.

In our segment on current events, Brian and I hit all the high points: Joe Manchin's decision to plunge a dagger through the heart of the "Build Back Better" charade, DJT's plan to hold an (irascible?) news conference on the anniversary of the January 6th "insurrection", the politics of Trumpism and the COVID vaccines, Kyle Rittenhouse's legal options, the perils of inflation, the even greater perils of Dr. Fauci, and the future of the pandemic.

Holy moly!  Who could resist an action-packed show like that?  


Santa says: listen to the Newsmaker Show, or receive a lifetime ban from Santa's Village!


In other news, here's an interesting article written from a left-of-center perspective that forecasts that, slapped down in their ambitions to transform America legislatively, the Dems may go even further to the left, and may become even more unhinged.  I tend to agree! 

And here's yet another anti-SCOTUS article emanating from leftist circles.  It advises Congress to constrain SCOTUS's power, which of course becomes less likely by the day, as the Dems lose their grip on the House and the Senate.  That leaves only the executive branch to "stand up to" the high court.  And someday soon it may!


In COVID news, here are two articles indicating that omicron doesn't run rampant forever, and when it does infect people it is far less likely to send them to hospital and/or the morgue.  This is, in short, very good news...not that the MSM will spin it that way (unless Biden's poll numbers demand a change in course).


Meanwhile, the Church of England's pope-lite, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is advocating vaccination and decrying anti-vaxxers as sinners and as un-Christian.  This is, of course, part of the Anglican Communion's long-range plan to ensure that absolutely no one attends their services ever.  They're well on their way! 

And it looks like Pfizer's miracle anti-COVID pill will be coming soon to a pharmacy near you.  I wonder: will anti-vaxxers also take against this COVID treatment, or will they embrace it as a brilliant end run of the vaccines?  We shall see.


Finally, our old friend Elon Musk, Time's Man of the Year, is showing off his penchant for free-thinking once again.  This time he's denigrating CNN, the official news agency of leftists everywhere.  This guy's got moxie, people!


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Yipes! This is getting dramatic. Only within the last two weeks, you were the first commentator I know of to make plausible observations about the possibility of radical action by the miffed left. Senator Manchin may well have stung them to the quick.Mitch McConnell could become Majority Leader any day now. How much more insolence could the emotionally unbalanced left countenance? They ain't called radicals fur nuthin'. Is Red January at hand? Probably more like the Paris Commune!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Dems can't win for losing! As the Oliver Wiseman article notes, the apparent failure of the left's "fundamentally transformative" power grab is our political system working as it should. Their petulant and hyperbolic reaction to Senator Manchin's heresy appears to be reflexive. In that they give yet more evidence of their fundamental antiAmericanism. They really do intend to tear our country down to the ground and replace it with an entity guided by Marxism-Leninism and appear now not to give a good goddam who realizes it.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I rejoice at the thought that Nick Sandman and Kyle Rittenhouse are dealing with the MSM as per its just desserts. I hope those two courageous kids are scaring the H E double hockey sticks out of those vicious bullies. In doing so they would do our country a signal service.

  4. Jack, maybe I'm worried about a new tide of Bolshevism for no reason. Maybe they're all idle talk. I hope so! It is surely better to be prepared just in case, though.

    Hear hear! The Sandmann-Rittenhouse effect is the best hope -- maybe the only hope -- of bringing a measure of sanity and self-restraint back to "professional" journalism in this country.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack:It is unjust that most commie leaders were not held to account for their sociopathic misdeeds. Ceaucescu was a nasty piece of work and was dealt with appropriately. Too bad Pol Pot didn't have to answerfor his almost unimaginable cruelty and his Marxist- Leninist presumption that he was justified therein.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Its unjust that so many commie leaders were not held to account for their sociopathic misdeeds. Ceaucescu was a nasty, venal little piece of work and he got his. Too bad Pol Pot did not have to pay in full for his unimaginably cruel and Marxist-Leninist "justified" presumptuous, hellish outrages!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: My understanding from NY newspapers to which I had daily access at the time when Bernard Goetz did his deed is this: He was a mild mannered guy who, by the testimony of one of his "victims" "looked soft". He had been threatened in the past. He had enough! He violated NY state's "tough on potential victims but not on thugs" laws and went armed. Was he seeking a confrontation? Who can say? I asked a criminal I knew in a prison I worked in about the fact that all his shootees carried sharpened screwdrivers. He said " that was just for prying things open. " They surrounded Goetz and "asked" if he had five dollars. I do not know if they brandished their innocuous "pry bars"
    but one of them had a long vicious criminal record. Its common sense to think they intended monetary, if not physical harm and that an experienced Goetz perceived this. So he took understandable action: I don't think he killed any of them.I do not know what caliber gun he used but some readily available powers virtually assure,ehh, very serious injury at such close range. One of them was permanently paralysed but thems the breaks in that line of work. With Goetz's conviction on a relatively minor charge which would not even have been a crime in the common sense real America, a major league NYC baseball crowd sported signs and made chants lauding "Bernie our hero". Gee, could have been that they were also outraged by official pandering to criminals and its predictable consequence, unbridled crime? And does this present insanely counterintuitive analogous time promise similar frustration? Oh, I think so!

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I would suggest that very serious defensive measures are appropriate when one's country faces an obvious effort by a Marxist-Leninist admiring nonetheless influential bunch to, ehh, "fundamentally transform" the country, if necessary by customary commie violence. I mean, that doctrine does have a questionable record.Oh yes, there are many in the Dem crew who cannot concede that their vessel is commanded now by a sociopathic crew. Well, it is! They have already endorsed violence in their defense of the 2020 riots and leftist takeovers of perhaps unwilling neighborhoods. Is it an inconceivable step for them to attempt consummate forceful takeover? Certainly they wish it; do they have the chutzpah to attempt it? They may. . .

  9. Jack, I must admit, I know virtually nothing about Pol Pot. He never faced any form of justice? Did he die in his bed?

    I don't prejudge Bernie Goetz's innocence or guilt. I wasn't there, and it comes down to whether he provoked his attackers, and more importantly whether he felt his life was genuinely in danger. In those days, I rather suspect everyone who rode the NYC subway thought his or her life was in danger!

    Well may you ask how much "chutzpah" the lefties have. Their rhetoric is scorching and self-righteous, sure, but their familiarity with violence is usually minimal. Ordinarily all they need to do is hector and irritate their adversaries into submission. Crushing the opposition definitively and terminating democratic freedoms once and for all requires a much higher level of ruthlessness, however, not to mention imagination. I'd like to think they lack both, but only time will tell.

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack: He died in 1998 under house arrest,eitherfrom cancer or suicide. He ws under sentence of life imprisoment.He may have simply returned to the infernal depths from which he been afforded a furlough to torment humanity. What a monster;a thoroughgoing exemplary Marxist-Leninist!

  11. House arrest! For killing a quarter of his people! Man, that Cambodian justice system is forgiving -- to a fault.

  12. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Perhaps only a country which has conquered a murderous regime hss the resolve to bring the monsters to justice. But then, post Saddam Iraq could be an example to the contrary.

  13. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I am wrong in that Rumanians brought their leftist dictator to justice entirely on their own!