Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Russkies Are Coming!


Friends, don't look now, but it's not just Guatemalans charging across our southern border.  It's also "migrants" from every corner of the globe, including South America, Asia, the Middle East, even Russia!  When you fling the door wide open, surprise surprise -- a motley crew of international rejects stumbles in.  Many of the Biden Administration's missteps will be relatively easy to reverse, once we restore "responsible government", but chances are we'll be saddled with millions of additional (illegal) residents and their progeny for generations to come.  Is this part of the Dems' evil plan to win a "demographic victory" over the GOP?  Maybe.  One can argue that the plan is working, too!


We hear shockingly little about the COVID situation in other countries, because we're too busy being afraid of our own shadow here at home, but the fact is that some countries are just now bearing the full brunt of the pandemic.  Vaccination clearly hasn't shielded the world from some pretty severe impacts, and there isn't much reason to think that COVID will be defeated soon, either. 

Biden is struggling with every segment of the U.S. population, but of particular interest is the disillusionment of young Americans with our Geezer-in-Chief, since young whippersnappers supported Biden and Harris overwhelmingly in 2020.  This poll also reveals that most millenials and...sub-millenials believe that America's democracy is sick.  They're right!  They also assert that America isn't the "greatest country in the world".  Oh yeah?  On that score, they're grossly mistaken.  For all our ills, we still kick butt, and in a big way.  I mean, all those babushkas wouldn't be toddling over our southern border if the good ole USA didn't have a lot to offer, right?


Finally, you gotta love it when woke, self-satisfied academics expose themselves as hacks and cretins.  Once again, a phony study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.  It made the cut because -- how shocking! -- it told the eggheads want they wanted to hear: that nasty, wicked conservatives are taking over everything...  What a joke!  Literally. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Societal disintegration within could serve the intent of Ameican Marxists, which is to convince a decisive majority that we are as degraded as to be beyond hope, sans "fundamental transformation. The entity Russia still existed in 1917 but it was eviscerated by misfortune. Commies took full advantage. I think our Bolsheviks are fully aware of this latter day invasion of escoria - "trash"(as Castro named them when he flimflammed pore 'ol Carter into taking the sweepings of his nonpolitical criminal population). But I think a VERY big reaction to the insane deference for criminals perped by the criminal lovers is close at hand in the real America.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Do they really believe we are taking over? What a fascinating view that is in that it may well reveal weakness in those so very eager, it seems, to fundamentally transform a great nation, as if that was an easy task. One would think such people would be possessed of iron will, unquestionable conviction and determination to prevail by any means necessary! Are they actually not fully cognizant of the existential threat their bustling has generated over the last now some 55 years? If not, they may in that reveal (gasp) DOUBT as to their assumed moral aristocracy or of their Marx guaranteed eventual triumph. Let us drive tanks through their loopholes (to quote my wonderful 9th grade social science teacher who was a second generation apparently anti Marxist Soviet emigre).

  3. Chaos can indeed serve the malign purposes of the Left, Jack. Then again, chaos could also put wind in the sails of the "far right" (that's the regular right, to you and me). I don't think the Left is united by any stretch of the imagination on questions of tactics, or on the "inevitability" of their triumph. Most of them are gloomy Guses. And so, as your social science teacher advised, let's exploit those doubts, divisions, and inconsistencies to the hilt!