Monday, December 6, 2021

Farewell and Godspeed, Bob Dole!


Friends, Senator Bob Dole, the Republican standard-bearer in the Year of Our Lord 1996 (it seems like several lifetimes ago), has died at the age of 98.  In more ways than one, he belongs to a different era.  He was not, as our own era demands, an ideological firebrand.  He was instead a seeker of consensus, a moderate.  He was a World War II vet, in an age when a Vietnam-era draft dodger could easily win election as President, and then re-election (to our everlasting shame)!  He was also a man, as you see here, who could laugh at himself, and that frankly is true of fewer and fewer politicians, and fewer and fewer ordinary Americans.  We take ourselves, and everything else, deadly seriously, and our outrage meters are always turned up to maximum intensity.  Above all, though, I would like to congratulate Senator Dole for having the wisdom, foresight, and dedication and loyalty to the Republican Party NOT to condemn or disown Donald J. Trump.  So many Republicans of the old guard looked down their patrician noses at "the Donald", and secretly (or not-so-secretly) aided Biden and the Democrats in 2020.  Dole, however, understood that, while Trump's style may be coarse, he still represents conservative values and policies as well as firm opposition to wokeness and socialism, at a time when our nation can ill afford to knuckle under to either.  Kudos, Bob, for staying true to your beliefs, to your party, and to your nation!


In other news, New York City is once again ahead of the curve...the curve of left-wing authoritarianism, that is.  Mayor DeBlasio, in a clear sign that he's running for Governor (!), is insisting that all private employers require their workers to be vaccinated.  That's potentially hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, in other words, who could soon be out of work!  What a nice Christmas present, Bill... 

In case you haven't heard, Devin Nunes is leaving the House of Representatives to head up Donald Trump's brand new social media conglomerate, which seems like it will be making a serious effort to compete with Twitter and Facebook.  Hallelujah!  We need to break the back of Big Tech, and fast!


If you pay attention to the mainstream media, you know by now that the lefties are publishing a lot of articles and giving a lot of breathless interviews about how exasperated they are with how "political" and "partisan" the Supreme Court has become.  In other words, when the Left doesn't get its way at SCOTUS, SCOTUS is derided as an obstacle to progress and a servant of crypto-fascism.  The Left is honestly talking as though the high court is on the verge of forfeiting its legitimacy -- and thus its authority?  I mean, they better watch themselves, or someone might accuse them of....insurrection!


Republicans are feeling VERY optimistic about 2022, so much so that the NRCC is expanding the list of House seats it will try to prise out of Dem hands, from 57 to 70! 

Perhaps you've heard: David Perdue, former Senator from Georgia, has decided to challenge Brian Kemp, the sitting GOP Governor, for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  Trump is elated!  There's a very good chance that Kemp and his handmaiden Brad Raffensperger will both go down to defeat to Trump-backed candidates.  And that's probably for the best, because RINOs aren't going to cut it in terms of policy, and they aren't going to bring out the base, either.


You already knew it, but the Biden Administration has virtually eliminated the concept of "deportation".  As a result, almost every illegal immigrant, no matter how undesirable, no matter how many crimes he may have committed, can count on the fact that the Bidenists will allow him to stay in this country.  No wonder the flood of new illegal immigrants just keeps getting worse...  There's no sign of a meaningful change in direction at the top, either.  Biden can get away with this blatant failure to enforce the law because his friends in the media turn a blind eye.  Consumers of the mainstream media, in fact, barely know that anything has changed at the border, or in the lax enforcement of immigration laws.  They don't hear a thing about it. 


  1. The U.S.-Mexico Border issue can be resolved permanently. All the DemoNISTAS have to do is recognize the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 as unjust, and give the Southwestern part of the U.S. back to Mexico. The current U.S. Administration won't have to worry about the border anymore. Of course there will be a new border, but much further north, not to mention the immigration all those Americans who might not wish to be ruled from Mexico City, as opposed to Washington, D.C.

    This return of real estate to Mexico would consist of the following states of the United States: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, half of Colorado, and Mexico can have Texas back if they want. After all, border issues in Texas are what kicked off the Mexican-American War in the first place. And not only that, but Mexico gets to have The Alamo back.

    Think of the film industry and gambling in Las Vegas all of a sudden under the jurisdiction of Mexico. Sorry about The Mormons, but after all when Brigham Young dragged them out to Utah, there was a secret deal going with Mexico anyway.

    The return to Mexico of The Southwestern United States would also be a recognition of the fact that the white supremacy of President Polk who started the Mexican-American War was evil.

    Yes, the impact on The United States of America as we knew it would be tremendous. All that loss of revenue going to Mexico City, not to mention the drug cartels, which already operate heavily in The Southwest anyway.

    And best of all, millions of Latinos would no longer have to live under the repressive thumbs of all those Gringo Sons of Bitches any longer. The benefits of all of this are so great, they are mind boggling. And you know, as a bonus, I think that Oregon and Washington should be thrown in as a consolation prize. I know we would lose our Pacific Coast, but after all, that Mexican-American War started because President Polk wanted to buy California from Mexico. Also, I think Mexico would be able to deal with all those disturbances in Portland and Seattle in an appropriate manner, don't you.

  2. I think part of the fear of getting vaccinated has a lot to do with having to take the initial shots in the arm(s) instead of in our rear ends, which is where the current administration is sticking everything else to us.

    I suggest that in the future, Americans need to be vaccinated in their buttocks. In addition, tattoos would be required to identify the political affiliations of the individuals being vaccinated (voting age only), with a Donkey on the left buttock for Democrats and an Elephant on the right buttock for Republicans. Also, mooning would become popular again as people were vaccinated at drive thru vaccination stations.

  3. Nick,

    All my silly comments aside. Thanks for your tribute to Bob Dole. He represented my adopted state of Kansas for many years.
    Thanks again for your tribute.

  4. Don't worry! The United States is NOT going to give all that Real Estate back to Mexico, period. However, The Mexican-American War was an invasion of a sovereign nation by another sovereign nation. In this case, the U.S. invaded Mexico in 1846. Actually our Army marched clear to Mexico City. We won, paid Mexico some money and they signed a treaty. Anyway, there have always been substantial numbers of Hispanic peoples north of that border we have with Mexico, although it did not exist until 1848. Okay, it's all history. But I am always surprised at the number of Americans (even history students) who have never hear of that war.

  5. Ray, I apologize for not responding sooner. Busy busy! Academia is a harsh mistress...but I still vastly prefer it to the "real world" I've heard so much about.

    You're right, of course, that Mexico got the shaft in 1846-48, and by rights we ought to give them back their land. I guess, by rights, we probably ought to give the Indians back most of the rest of the country too, if only we could decide who "the Indians" are nowadays. I mean, Elizabeth Warren? Is that the best we can do? But of course your suggestion that we return all that land was tongue-in-cheek, and as you no doubt realize retreating further north would do NOTHING to give us control over our borders again. It's places like Mexico, after all, that the "migrants" are fleeing. If you move Mexico north, you'd simply move the migrants' "target area" further north too. They'd all be moving to the Yukon already, frankly, if there wasn't so darn much USA in the way. No, I think either we defend and enforce our border, or we're boned. It's that simple.

    Glad you enjoyed the tribute to Bob Dole. His style seems quaint by the standards of 2021, but he was a good guy, from an era when America was full of good guys. Alas, it no longer is.

  6. Nick,

    And if we did give Mexico back what we took in 1846-48 the drug cartels would become even more powerful than they are now. No thanks. Finish that Wall! If The real Republicans ever do get to run the country again, they will be deluged deporting all those illegals who got across the border under The BidenISTA Regime. ICE will be busier than ever.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Well and eloquently couched tribute to Bob Dole, as exemplary a representative of a hallowed generation as he was! Thanx also for your expression of scorn for Slick Willie, who, in a characteristic display of ignorant radical boomerism polluted our Vietnam Memorial, President Nixon's funeral (along with his Nixon wronging consort, Hillary),the 50th anniversary of the Normandy landings and now, painfully patriotic Bob Dole's posthumous honors. His presence there today was obsecenely presumptuous. Why did he not have the decency to refrain?

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: In having spent 20 years in close contact with criminals I became very cognizant of their attiude that the rules and the law are "reet petite" when they succor criminals but condemned when they dare not to. . . . The far left has long demonstrated such an attitude! Scotus was their darling for awhile but having now manifested regard for and devotion to, a rule of law (not the fiat of elites) from which the left instinctively recoils, Scotus is denounced unto heresy!

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That is good news from Georgia! Perhaps it also is experiencing an essential reaction to leftist presumptuous, patronizing and contemptuous foray into the patriotic South similar to that now turned back in Virginia. Consider what it took to cause the South to nevertheless become perhaps, along with the Mountain West, the most patriotic region of our country. Before any other region and most painfully to it , it realized that its treasured and esconsed Dem party had, in the words of former Georgia Dem Senator Zell Miller, left it and now held it in withering disdain. To what could it turn? Rightly, it has decided, to the party which recognizes and blocks the far left dominated totalitarian assault on ALL the South and the real America of which the South is a vital part, values!

  10. Ah, there I would have to disagree with you, Ray. If Trump gets back in office, I would be SHOCKED if he spent any political capital deporting significant numbers of Biden's "refugees". He didn't deport many illegals the last time around. No, I think he would build the Wall and deter further illegal immigration, but it would exceed ALL my expectations if he took meaningful action to expel the (12 million+?) illegals who are already here.

    Slick Willie was at Bob Dole's funeral? Well, of course he does enjoy a good party... I wonder if Trump was invited. Presumably not. Of course, he should have been. Dole was a self-admitted "Trumper"!

    Good point, Jack: if the GOP can make a comeback in Virginia, how much more so can we look forward to a RED WAVE in Georgia in 2022? I'm optimistic! Very!