Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Will the Savior of the Democratic Party Please Step Forward?


Friends, Jen Psaki assures us that Uncle Joe is running for reelection in 2024, but even most lefties are inclined to scoff at that idea, especially as the man's poll numbers plunge ever lower.  Thus, the speculation about who might arise to save the Dems' tarnished brand in 2024 is already underway.  Who would you like to see as the Dem nominee -- assuming, of course, that Beelzebub is unavailable?


The respected Heritage Foundation has created an "Election Integrity Scorecard", which I suppose our Dem friends would prefer to call a "Voter Suppression Scorecard", but hey -- to each his own.  Its findings?  The Golden State leads the nation in watering down election integrity measures.  No surprise there.  If there's a place where fraud really does run rampant, it's probably in California.  Be that as it may, if there's fraud to be found and punished, we have to admit that our side could be working a lot harder to do so.  Where's the beef, Trumpers??? 

Democratic rule=economic, social, and political collapse and dysfunction.  It's really that simple.  The residents of deep blue areas seem immune to experiential learning, but here's hoping the rest of America has more sense.


CNN has immense influence over America's perception of the news, and even over the world's perception of what's going on in America.  The irony is that, increasingly, no one in America watches CNN! 

Don Lemon recently asked why Jen Psaki condescends to allow Fox News reporters (ick!) to ask questions in the White House Briefing Room.  I pose the opposite question: why do Republicans dignify questions that emanate from the "mainstream media", which long ago ceased to practice anything resembling professional journalism?


Inflation really is the primary issue that could bring the Democrats to their knees in 2022.  What's worse, once a cycle of inflation commences, it can be very hard to get back under control.  Could inflation, coupled with slow growth, be America's (miserable) fate for years to come? I'm very concerned that it could be. 

Good news!  Vaccinations, which appear to be effective in preventing hospitalization and death related to COVID-19, but are strongly opposed by tens of millions of Americans, will soon no longer be the only arrow in our quiver to deal with the pandemic.  New treatments are about to be deployed that may make COVID-related deaths a thing of the past.  With any luck, the omicron variant, which appears to be remarkably mild, may also play a constructive role in ending our pandemic nightmare.  Fingers crossed!


Finally, you may have heard that Elon Musk has been named as Time Magazine's Man of the Year.  It's a bold choice, considering that Musk refuses to endorse the public health orthodoxy surrounding lockdowns and mandates.  Musk, for all his faults, is a man who thinks for himself and speaks his mind.  And somehow, despite those unforgivable sins (from the Left's perspective), he manages to be popular and successful!  Marvelous!


  1. Whoever the Democrat nominee is in 2024, he/she must be approved by The Government of The People's Republic of China.

  2. Nicholas, how difficult inflation is to control depends on its causes. This bout is simple supply and demand. Demand shot up too fast for the supply chain to handle it. Now that is starting to turn around. By November, inflation will be under 4% and inching lower.

    As for Biden's replacement, it will be Buttigieg. He's young, and is both the most intelligent and articulate candidate out there. He will benefit from being front and center as the infrastructure bill creates projects, so more people will get to know him. The tricky thing will be picking a running mate. Amy Klobuchar would be a good choice. That would be a formidable ticket. I would love to see Buttigieg debate Trump. Mayor Pete would slaughter him.

    1. Rod,

      Did you take your medications this morning?

      No matter what, Buttigieg and his running mate will still have to be approved by the Government of The People's Republic of China.

  3. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: My preferred Dem pretender is AOC. Let her and her pernicious convictions be fully exposed to the judgement of the real America for which she and her ilk express such juvenile contempt!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: AOC has been the honest exemplar of the essence of the Dem Party, far more than yet another fondly wished for Kennedy redux candidate, ehh, Mayor Pete!

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: You have done a solid by posting about the Heritage Foundation's effort to counter Dem disingenuousness on elections. Ithink that supporting formidable organizations like it, NRA and Concerned Women of America is a very effective way for us to get results. The Dems tolerate in their caucus individuals who would gladly end all elections except for ludicrous Potemkin formalities with, ehh, predictable findings.

  6. Ray, I couldn't agree more: the PRC must have an absolute veto over the choice of a future Dem nominee. An aside: I hear Sleepy Joe is paid directly in Yuan. Did you know that?

    Rod, thanks for explaining how inflation works. I'm pleased to learn that the HUGE expansion of the money supply in recent years had nothing to do with it. Whew!

    Buttigieg-Klobuchar in '24! I guess if your goal is the most unpronounceable ticket in American history, you're getting warm -- very warm. I can't imagine a ticket more perfectly designed to depress minority turnout, so you have my blessing. Proceed.

    Jack, I don't think the Dems are far gone enough to nominate AOC. I mean, they blanched at Sanders. What hope does AOC have? Then again, dynamics are shifting with shocking speed in lala-land...

    Agreed: supporting the Heritage Foundation, the NRA, and other stalwart conservative organizations may be a MORE effective way to bolster the cause than giving money to the GOP.