Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mask Up, You Stupid Trumpers!


Friends, the latest Newsmaker Show addresses what has become a big issue once again for New Yorkers, Californians, and many others: the dreaded mask mandates.  Will they be enforced?  Can they be enforced?  We'll have to wait and see.  As I opine, however, public opinion has started to shift, and fewer and fewer Americans are appreciating the Democrats' COVID authoritarianism.  Perhaps we've turned a corner?  In addition to mask mandates, Brian and I also cover the Dems' "insurrection" fairy tales, inflation, the rise in violent crime, and the lack of serious engagement on the latter two issues coming from the political elite and the mainstream media.

When we turn to This Day in History, Brian and I cover the "official" end to the Iraq War in 2011 -- how well did that turn out, Obama? -- the Carter Administration's recognition of communist China in 1978, where we stand as a country with our precious, but tattered, Bills of Rights, and the 1998 move to impeach Bill Clinton.  


It's a veritable flurry of top-flight analysis!  Tune in today.


  1. Speaking of Carter's recognition of The PRC, Nixon and Kissinger with their balance of power B.S. are still responsible for setting us up as a target of the most ruthless dictatorship in the world. Much the same as those Lefties in the FDR administration set us up for The Cold War by recognizing the Soviet Union in the early 1930s, and under Stalin at that. Millions dead because of an ideology dreamed up by a bearded dingbat back in the 19th Century.

  2. Ray from Jack: YES! Marx was a monumentally and tragically WRONG dreamer who has been completely discredited by any objective historical measure. And that ,I think, relegates any as sociopathic as to support or advance his (not coincidentally murderous anti Semitic) musings to that place reserved for at least the intellectually shamed and, in prospective power, those to be most despised, condemned and prevented.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Again, so much of substance in the broadcast: yes, Jan. 6 was deleterious to the conservative movement but only because the MSM and limousine liberal Pelosi hastened to exploit it. "Why an attack on our Capitol, oh fie"!Ehh, what about the Dem embrace, including that of Obama, of those who bombed the Capitol during the Vietnam era? Ooops! Some of them experience adulation in the extensive (eg." university") settings in which they are feted today by the very same who "LAMENT!, yes tear their very hair, over the outrageous and blasphemous offense done to that which they (oh surely)cherish" on Jan. 6! Trump did ask the rioters to relent; did Maxine Waters and her apologists do the same in 2020 to restrain those who blithey destroyed the hard earned establishments of so many who lead positive lives in leftist excepted places like (well ,Seattle and Portland which are of course condemned for their overall political heresy)?

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think it apparent that Dem concentration on Jan.6 has but one object: the prevention, under the 14th Amendment, of Donald Trump's return to the Presidency! Oh how they fear that! To them it would be "chaos is come again!" Why, because President Trump sees right through them and will have had 8 years of their presumptuous excoriation to brood upon and to motivate him to unapologetically pursue their destruction, as the real America urges him to do; they are right to beware of him!

  5. Ray, I think you exaggerate the significance of diplomatic recognition. Our active military alliance with Uncle Joe during WWII was about a million times more significant. Likewise, when we played footsie with the Chicoms back in the 70s, it had no meaningful effect on their wealth and power. China's rise came later, when we decided to open the spigots of technology and trade.

    Quite right, Jack: when the Left deigns to denounce ALL rioting and lawlessness, then we will take their pearl-clutching re: Jan. 6th more seriously.

    And that is a perceptive point that the bottom line for the Dems is the prevention, AT ALL COSTS, of a second term for Trump. Enumerating those (potential) "costs" is the subject of my upcoming article.

    1. Nick,

      But BECAUSE Nixon recognized the PRC "the spigots of technology and trade" were able to open". Everything usually follows with official diplomatic recognition.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think our recognition of the Soviet Union in the '30's stemmed in part from wishful thinking generated in part by successful Potemkin style Soviet flim flamming of leftists empowered by the Roosevelt Administration but also by intent to support a countermeasure in Central Europe to the prospective emerging Nazi monster. Some say that the administration harbored fears of communist revolution in the U.S. because of the Depression. Perhaps recognition was an attempt to disingenuously say: " oh no, we have nothing against that worker's paradise in Russia! They have some good ideas, yessiree bob! "

  7. I take your point, J & R, that recognition often leads to...other sins. It's a gateway drug, as it were.