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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Putting America on the Back-Burner


Friends, remember when Superman stood for "truth, justice, and the American way"?  Well, now he stands for bisexuality (or maybe pansexuality?) and "a better tomorrow".  Might as well make it "a woker tomorrow," while we're at it.  This is Reason # 27,381 why the USA and Western Civilization are going down the tubes.


Identity politics is making hiring and promotion decisions into a minefield in this country, and nowhere is that truer than in our big cities, where leftist ideologues insist that police officers, for example, "represent" various ethnic groups proportionally, AND that each racial/ethnic group be patrolled primarily by law enforcement officials from the same background.  Well, a) that's racist, and b) it's a recipe for the complete abandonment of MERIT in the formation of police departments (and fire departments, and every other public service agency you can think of).  Moreover, these days virtually no one even wants to be a police officer in a big city.  Black, white, or polka-dotted, they all know they'll receive zilch in terms of support from elected officials, the media, and most ordinary citizens, when the chips are down.  No wonder law and order are falling apart in our urban areas.  The Left seems determined to make the problem worse. 

President Trump is mocking the Biden crime syndicate -- err, the Biden family, I should say, and specifically Hunter Biden's new career as a painter.  DJT does have an acid wit, does he not?


  1. I almost spat our my coffee this morning when I read Trump's response, "Hunter has inspired me to begin painting." So very funny. I was reading the comments on Breitbart and one comment in particular got me, "I am more qualified than Uncle Joe to be President & I’m a moron." LOLOL-just my wicked sense of humor. grin

  2. We choose to laugh rather than cry, right? Eminently sensible, if you ask me. I think Trump should start finger-painting. I'd pay a pretty penny for an original Trump masterpiece!

  3. Should anyone be interested, there is an M.A. Thesis (posted online as downloadable) written by a Lauren N. Karp at Oregon State University (2009) titled "Truth, Justice, and The American Way: What Superman Teaches Us About the American Dream and Changing Values Within The United States". Well, there it is. Yep, someone did a thesis on Superman, which means that someone else might have also done the same.

    I should also imagine that someone has probably done a thesis on Batman and Spiderman too. Yep, entire generations have grown up with fictional heroes. Maybe that's the reason our society is so dingbat now, when people can't tell the difference between fiction and reality.

    In addition, lots of school kids were fed large doses of Daffy Duck, and Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck and you name it. Such fantasy never ends. Such nonsense! At least Roy Rogers was a real person. Ha!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think it certain that the left does wish to exacerbate societal problems, many of its own making, in order to hasten the dissolution of our society to open the door to their totalitarian ascent. They see their present efforts as a win/win deal. Either they take over incipiently or their absurd enacted convictions bring the whole house crashing down. No Enlightenment apostles they; the Enlightment rejected unassailable truths as the bases for beneficial deduction. Once the left emotionally embraces an idea it becomes a fountain of unchallengeable "truths". Eg. "global warming is happening and humans are to blame!"

  5. Dr. Waddyfrom Jack: ANY manner of counterintuitive dictation is held justified to combat such undoubted wrongs.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The Dem party has brought to power some of the most disgraceful persons in modern history: Cuomo, Spitzer, perpetually sneering Schumer, ultimate disdainful limousine liberal Pelosi, THE CLINTONS! In a partnership grotesquely ironic when compared to their open public parody of the institution of marriage, that "couple"degraded OUR White House beyond measure in their shameful and thankfully short circuited presumptuous sojourn. The Obamas:0nly their enjoynment of Presidential luxury restrained their leftist convictions; they did try to turn Scotus but Mitch saw them off!Now the Biden effect: Joe himself is far too feckless to be held maliciously intended but he has pusillanimously opened the door of power to very ill intended sorts, including his very own. Some seek personal gain, some seek national destruction. Who is next; the rising Squad!? There is a pattern in current democratic politics which belies the moniker " Democratic party". That party is captured by antidemocratic devoted totalitarians! So what is next in their presumptuous sagittary's campaign to pollute our republic? The Squad? Why pish tosh, so many of good will say. How very recently did they regard Sanders, AOC, CRT, etc so?!

  7. Ray, I don't hold it against certain academics that they study superheroes as cultural icons. Fables do yield important insights about the people who write them, and even more so about the people who read them. Like it or not, fiction constructs reality as much as reality constructs fiction. We are ruled by our imaginations, are we not? I mean, look at wokeness. It's founded in a worldview that is mostly imaginary/false...but no less powerful for that.

    Jack, I don't deny that some leftists want society to fall down in a disordered heap, so that they can start over from scratch, but others (beneficiaries of the status quo) fear rapid change, for the very good reasons that they may lose control over it and/or it may lead in unpredictable directions. Look at Trump. He is in many ways a fulfillment of the spurning of social and political norms that the Left pioneered. And so, recoiling, they turn back to the dull, ossified "center" in the person of Joe Biden. I'd say that, overall, the Left's tactics are flexible. Sure, they want transformational change, but most of the time they're smart enough to pursue it incrementally. That's what makes them so dangerous.

    Jack, I watched SNL's opening skit for the season (probably the last one I'll ever watch), and it portrayed Squad members as -- hold on to your hat! -- voices of reason! Egad!

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We expect cows to do that which they do with redolent regularity; so it is with SNL!

  9. Hey now -- your comparison insults the noble cow!