Monday, October 4, 2021

Could the "Yang Gang" Reelect Donald Trump?


Friends, Andrew Yang was quite the curiosity in the 2020 election cycle.  He loved "math" and prattled on about a universal basic income...and got crushed in the Democratic primaries.  Now, though, he's taking the bold step of leaving the Democratic Party and founding his own political movement, called the "Foward Party".  Spoiler alert: there isn't much danger that the next occupant of the White House will be a member of the Forward Party, BUT there is a real chance that the proliferation of credible, or even vaguely credible, third party candidates could help reelect Dear Leader Trump.  Trump turns off a lot of centrists and independents, as we all know, and that means he struggles to get close to 50% of the vote nationally.  In a divided field, though, 46% or 47% of the national vote (which he got in 2016 and 2020, respectively) would be quite sufficient to win the election, and to win handily in the electoral college.  That's how Boris Johnson and the Conservatives won an historic victory in December 2019.  Johnson was a polarizing figure too, but the leftists and the Europhiles were split between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.  Ergo, we saw a great big win for the good guys.  Could it happen here?  Stay tuned!


In other news, SCOTUS is about to start a new term, and some of the cases could result in historic shifts in the constitutional landscape.  Brace yourselves!  There might be some mighty irate lefties out there... 

Good news!  SNL ratings are circling the drain.  Good!  I saw SNL's recent opening skit, and, while it did make fun of the Democrats, technically, it mainly berated Manchin and Sinema for daring to oppose all the marvelous spending that Joe Biden and progressives are proposing.  SNL, as this article states, just isn't funny anymore.  Woke ain't funny.


There's a controversy brewing about just how intrusive and aggressive leftist activists can get in pressuring the aforementioned Manchin and Sinema into voting for the Dems' cherished $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.  Joe Biden says that following a female Senator into the bathroom and haranguing her while she tinkles is all "part of the process".  That's a relief!  Thanks for explaining, Sleepy Joe.


Finally, since we're on the subject of women and their lady parts, take note: it's now politically incorrect to refer to "pregnant women".  That's because it makes all the pregnant men out there -- or should I say pregnant "men"? -- feel excluded.  Well, I have news for YOU, Washington Post: your idiocy offends half this country, but you certainly won't be pulling any punches to spare our feelings.  Bottom line: you have no moral authority to tell jounalists, or the rest of us, what we can and can't say.  Then again, anyone who tries to work for, or publish in, the WaPo probably deserves what they get.


  1. Dr. Nick

    Let your next article(s) (if possible) be largely devoted to the arrival of 60,000 Haitians at our border with Mexico, whose passage from South America to us has been largely facilitated by the drug cartel. Of the current administration has neutered the Border Patrol and ICE, to the extent that the Governor of Texas has called out the National Guard. But like I said before, this is the reason we need an "Iron Curtain" militarized border on a PERMANENT basis. Not likely to happen of course with people getting paid off and the open border leftists currently running the government.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Nixon won in '68 with a similar plurality. You are right!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: the "anonymous" above was not I but I agree. A walled and militarily enforced southern border is indispensable.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The WaPo has earned itself the honor of serving as an indispensable, irrefutable, reverse barometer of common sense. Henceforth, let it serve, sans doubt, as the exact, dependable, opposite of that which reasonable people consider when examining public issues. Why, is the National Enquirer no more? You must strive, WaPo, to take its place; you are well qualified!

  5. Ray, what would I say in such an article? "Man, that's a lot of Haitians!" You and I both know that 15,000 begets 60,000, and 60,000 begets a few hundred thousand more, etc etc. The only interesting question is whether Biden will ever decide that his open borders policy has become a political liability... My guess would be: not until after Nov. 2022, at the earliest. So, in short, I hope you like Haitians!

    Jack, the George Wallace effect in '68 was unusual, to say the least. I still say that the best thing any truly diabolical conservative billionaire could do would be to bankroll the Green Party BIG-TIME!!! They have the capacity to sink the Dems.

    1. I do like Haitians, and I know Joe likes them too, or he would not have invited them here. I have also heard that they have some really good recipes for some very tasty food. I think Joe will enjoy some original Haitian cooking, and most of them can be resettled in Delaware where Joe can visit them a lot, and also keep an eye on their progress with his progressive ideology. After they all get here, Haiti can be used as a penal colony for regressive whites.

  6. Ha! A brilliant suggestion, Ray. I'm pretty sure none of these Haitians will be going near Joe Biden, though, or any of his rich friends, unless maybe they get jobs as gardeners or nannies...